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We’re going with a short post today, I’ve had time to think on what we’re seeing at Arsenal, and clearly, it’s not good enough.

If I’m going to be consistent, then I have to hold Arteta to the same standards I’ve held the previous two managers. My view is you need to see progress. Whatever the vision, at some point, you need to see it consistently. At 18 months, I want to see an identity, even if it fails. I want some 5-0 wins even if its at the expense of some bad losses.

Football is about performances.

Winning ugly only matters if you’ve shown the world you are capable of winning with beauty.

Arteta hasn’t found the formula. It’s mostly rigid and ugly. Good managers work with the tools they have, our guy is not doing that.

We rarely win with glory.

We often lose with pain.

At some point, bum mistakes need to be levelled at the person in charge.

Villareal, regardless of what the Spanish tell you, are not a good side. We had the players to do something interesting and we fucked it up.

Our squad didn’t show up. Good players, well rested, with only one thing on their agenda. There’s no excuse.

The tactics were poor. The team selection was average. The performance was absolutely awful.

We came away with hope because one of our stars won an extremely dubious penalty.

Arsenal are now at the stage where we might win the game in the second leg inspite of Arteta, not because of him.

The energy was low, the performance was bland, the team selection was bad galaxy brain in the worst of ways.

Arteta chose to play Xhaka at left back, despite giving Cedric a 4 year deal. He chose to play Chambers over Bellerin despite having zero pace in his back 4. He thought the best option was to leave Martinelli on the bench.

Those were awful decisions.

We’re at the point where his approach doesn’t even have a nuanced excuse. It’s just pure terribleness an amateur could fix.

Thomas Partey was awful, he’s been here 10 months, you can’t hide behind ‘adaptation’ away in Spain. He’s been there for 8 years, this was his moment.

Every Arsenal fan KNEW Ceballos was going to be sent off because he’s shite and lacks maturity. Earlier in the season, he was mean to the kids in training, which caused a fight between him and David Luiz, because the exChelsea man wouldn’t tolerate it. Arteta knew he was a dick, but he was given the game.

Chambers played right back again when Hector was fit. The Spaniard might be off, but he’s a pro and he can at least run. Chambers is a centre back. Why did he start, he was awful?

Xhaka has done a good job, but he’s not a left back. Cedric is a good full back, certainly capable of playing against Villareal. Why didn’t he start? We gave him a 4 year deal. We need Xhaka as a centre mid in big games, even his detractors can see that.

There’s no identity.

There’s limited effort.

We are shocking, even with good players starting.

It’s time to questions the process.

We’re now at the point where it’s fair to ask if this project is worth the juice, because rookie mistakes aren’t one offs now, they’re now part of the deal.

Does a Europa win change the mess? It wouldn’t have for Emery. Now I’m worried it won’t for Arteta.

Arsenal are woeful. There’s no peak. The best we can hope for is bumming our way to the final… then what?

Arteta picked the slowest defence in Europe. He chose to bench Martinelli. He tried a front 4 we had now clue about. Emery beat him tactically.

It was miserable.

There’s still 90 minutes to rectify this, my concern now is what happens if he does sort it? What does next season bring? Are we extending the inevitable?

I’m pissed. Arteta didn’t make a minor error, he dropped a major. Where do we go from here?

What do you think? Let us now in the comments.

P.S. It’s just me an Johnny on the podcast. Take a listen. x

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Morning people.

Kesses gunner



A game full of head scratching moments. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Kesses gunner

Whether miraculously tet wins europa the board still needs welds the axe,frankly he is out of his debt,you cannot justify not starting gabi over newbie false 9 in the club biggest game of the season,it is looking bleek cavani and co are sharpening their knives


Has Pedro got one foot on the Arteta our bus? Tempting to think so but it will probably pass.

Seriously though, a ‘false 9’.

You have to wonder who else in the football world would that thought that was a good idea. And how many times have we said it’s ESR or Ode, not both?

Rocket science it isn’t.


*out not our.


First 10


Must have been painful to type that out Pedro, but you are bang on with every point. Arteta seems to have gotten to the point where he won’t do the obvious because he wants to show that he can go against the grain and be a success. Much like Wenger in the latter years, but at least you could argue he has earned it and proved he was a winner. Arteta has proved nothing, apart from he is woefully out of his depth. I honestly believe he kept Cabellos on hoping that he would have a moment of brilliance so… Read more »


Some days back, I said won’t it be ironic if it was Emery that would make Pedro switch to the dark side.


Arteta would win Europa. You heard it hear first.

Let see what he and Edu can do with a champions league budget.


If we all agree,then it’s time to push Arteta out. We can’t continue to live with his miserable approach to the game anymore.Its so sad to the eyes what we’ve turned out to!


Villarreal cut through our midfield numerous times in the first half by just running through with pace. Cellabos did not have the pace to keep up and chase down. How he was not subbed at half time is beyond me!! I couldn’t believe it when he waltzed back out for the 2nd half! Clear as day he was off the pace and Arteta did nothing. A pub team manager would have rectified that flaw in our set up!


The King has spoken!
Send Diet Pep to the gallows!


I also said some weeks back that Arteta is a manager that needs all players to be tactically sound. He’ll do well in a club like PSG that can afford the best in every position.


Pedro you are right in what you say and unfortunately there is no hiding this was on the coach in what should have been his moment he was piss poor the selection was awful the Arsenal coach beat Arsenal not Villareal would really like to know what on earth the guy was thinking , forcing ODE into the selection and playing ESR as a floater fucked both ESR and Saka at the same time ESR naturally wants to go in the 10 position where the static ODE was not doing a lot so he tries to find space that just… Read more »



From the very beginning I told you Arteta wasn’t anything special.

You told me he was going to be Man City’s next manager…. remember that?

First Gazidas, now Arteta. You’re not on a good streak are you?

Remember that next time you’re tempted to jump headfirst into a bandwagon, young Peter.



Back to the Ode/ESR issue. As Pierre was often pointing out we struggled without a #10 for a long while (Ozil not being fit for purpose any longer). Suddenly we have two options for the #10 role. The obvious thing to do would be to rotate them (and with so many subs available these days we’d always have the second available if the selected player didn’t perform or got injured). So what did we do? Kept trying to shoehorn both into the starting XI to the point where one got injured and the other was completely knackered. Did MA learn… Read more »

Henley Gooner

Not only doesn’t Arteta pick Martinelli, but he when does play him, he’s nothing like he was. Nothing like he was under Emery. What has Arteta done to Martinelli? As someone posted earlier, he just seems to run around like a headless chicken. Under Emery he was brilliant from his debut – I can’t even remember how he played/what position he played then, his current form is so poor. Or maybe it’s everyone else on the pitch not having a clue and just drags him down to their level?


Good honest post Pete. I’ve said it before but Arteta’s backroom team needs to be examined. The lack of any track record of top level achievement put in behind a rookie manager is on Edu and the club. Arteta as an appointment was very risky, were seeing that now. It was a cheap appointment but with high payoff potential. The backroom appointments were also bland and cheap. Whats unforgivable from the club is to put a load of nobodies in with him, then then further to that let Arteta hire a load 30 year old kids last summer. When Steve… Read more »


Incidentally the plonker last night who kept insisting that MA had no choice other than pick his eleven best players and try and fit them into the team really should brush up a bit on his football basics. You put out the best TEAM not the best eleven players. Quite often there’s a big difference between the two.

Sean M

LOOOOL. Not slagging you off, It’s good you’re finally seeing the light Pedro. Where are the “underlying” metrics you were telling us about after we won three in a row?? I thought we were moving in the right direction? And next season would be better cause of a tiny sample size from December? Why don’t we hear about “the table since December anymore?” What happened to your “GeNeRaTiOnAl CoAcH” propaganda?? It’s time to clean up the club. Let’s get rid of Vinai, Peter Silverstone, Edu & Arteta if this is a serious club it needs to be done at the… Read more »


As I said the other day, even if by some freak of nature Arteta wins the Europa League and we regain entry into the Champions League he needs to go.

He is nowhere as good as he thinks he is. Plus,his back room staff is sadly deficient to challenge him and to cover his blind spots.

Needless to say if he bombs out of this competition he needs to go. No ifs ands or buts.

Sean M

Pete put some respect on Ole’s name!!

The disrespect you give that guy is really unjustified. Mileeeeees better coach than Arteta!


Last night was a shocker, for sure. I’m not sure Arteta has a way back from here. Like Pedro said, even if we somehow win the Europa I don’t think it’s necessarily enough to justify keeping him. Too many ROOKIE mistakes. I’m talking mistakes that even the likes of us could’ve prevented. No striker? Keeping Ceballos on when every Arsenal fan in the world could see he was going to get himself sent off? Actually the only thing I disagree with Pedro on is Chambers – I prefer him to Bellerin. But he was ineffective yesterday because his strong point… Read more »


Pedro has taken the defeat badly.

“Arsenal are now at the stage where we might win the game in the second leg inspite of Arteta, not because of him.”

tbf this has been the case for quite a while now.

“What does next season bring? Are we extending the inevitable?”

Yes we are I’m afraid. Time will always catch up with those that are not the real deal.

Guns of Brixton

I wouldn’t say its game over for Arteta yet.

That would be around the October and November and pushing it xmas if we are outside the top 6.

If he can manage to flip the script here and get us to the finals it ll do a lot for the goodwill.


In the words of Bricktop- “You are on very thin ice Arteta”, the decisions made last night were too baffling for words and I can’t be arsed. We are so luck to still be in this but the club is in an awful state.

El Gooner

Yep, so I thought Arteta was the long term solution any plan, long or short term has to have milestones to show you are on target. Can’t see any. Same way it’s the sign of a poor manager who does an annual sales budget and stacks all the growth in the last quarter. If you’re not on plan by October you’re not delivering in December. Many of the “WTF” that were in my head have been discussed above If Partey does not deliver away in Spain it’s not a question of adaptation, which to be fair for someone who has… Read more »

It really was painful to watch. Maybe his level is just a good squad coach rather than a manager. Maybe his methods work with better players. I don’t know. But we can all see it’s not getting better after 18 months into the job, then it’s time for the board to replace and try something new.

Captain Tierney

‘We came away with hope because one of our stars won an extremely dubious penalty.’ And another of our stars made a world class save. Just completing the sentence. Dont agree with the Chambers slander. He is twice the player Hector is. And lets not go on about pace because Hector lost his pace the moment he did his ACL. Ishola Arteta ‘loves’ control and space does not equal to me saying – we played well. We were poor over the course of 90 mins and the first 45 was horrendous. Yesterday’s loss was all Arteta. He is trying to… Read more »


My only conclusion is Arteta is trying his hardest to get the sack…


How to sum up Arteta:
With 10 seconds left he brings on Elneny and Willian to take a corner.
One of the saddest moments in Arsenal’s long history.


Guns Of Brixton

“That would be around the October and November and pushing it xmas if we are outside the top 6.”

From what I have seen of Arteta the manager so far I would say he is unlikely to break into the top six of the EPL next season.

Only if Arsenal have a very good summer transfer window would he be capable of getting into the top six. A very good one.


I will keep on repeating myself on this blog. Arteta continues to destroy natural player combinations i.e those that complement each other in order to seem like a progressive coach. The reason why Martinelli, Saka, Partey ESR and even Aubameyang suddenly seem to be out of form is because he gets them to play within patterns and combinations that go against their natural instincts, which any coach worth his salt would always try to enhance within his system, not subdue those talents to fit his poxy ideas. Hence the moment you introduce a sub par player like Ceballos, El Neny… Read more »



As you mentioned the problem with Arteta is that he has brought no identity to Arsenal.
I can take a loss with a team that shows me they have an identity but not a team that don’t have a clue on the pitch and that i believe comes down to Manager.

I despise and hate the way he make us play because i believe we have the most exciting crop of youngsters in the league at the moment.

Im just thinking what would Bielsa do with them if given the opportunity


Are we extending the inevitable?

Yes, we are. It ends badly.


I said this yesterday and I’ll say it again and again. We need to get a non-Spaniard for our next manager. Their obsession with tiki-taka passing around the field and around the back is killing us.


Arsenal fans are confident going into any game with Arteta in charge and I am afraid the damage is already done , only way he wins the Europa is if the Madrid boys are taken back now Tierney is fit
Cedric, holding , Gabriel, tierny
Saka , ESR pepe
that works and let an interim manger step in for the game those players really step up and we have a chance , Arteta should be removed what ever the outcome , I for one am not confident about any of the remaining league games either


Arsenal could turn this particular tie around.

But they will be very much underdogs for the final and as for next season don’t expect anything of great significance in the EPL.

This highlights completely the “progress” that the team has undertaken since Arteta arrived.

None. More minus.


April 30, 2021 09:44:30

My only conclusion is Arteta is trying his hardest to get the sack…

Spot on there is no other way to describe this. Suicidal decisions and btw if Tierney does not make the 2nd leg play Saka at LB to match the winger with pace my heart can not hold out another 90mins of Xhaka at LB again.. wE must have had the slowest back 4 in the history of football on show.


The reality is that Arteta will likely never manage again at the top level after he leaves Arsenal. He’s had plenty time and although there were flashes of interesting ideas – some of which even planned out like AMN and Tierney overlapping – you can only use a gimmick once. You need the regular game management to work most of the time. Compare Arteta’s development with that of Gerrard at Rangers. Gerrard has ideas and structure that made the existing players better straight away. He systematically overhauled the squad to address deficiencies. Where Rangers were losing nearly every game to… Read more »


There are no words for anything that happened. That was for everything, I mean fucking everything on the line. AND THAT IS BEST WE HAVE TO OFFER.

Let’s experiment with the line up today. Yes today would be a great day to play men out of position. You know it might motivate them and yet confuse the opposition.

A ship at sea with zero direction or destination still. Lost at sea for decades now.


Mari did not cover himself in glory either Holding was much much better in my opinion and I am not his greatest fan It’s the first time I have seen Mari that poor just seemed to stand there watching the game most of the time


Nice one, even though I feel there is too much sauce in the criticism. You’re correct in much of it, but I can’t help comparing OGS in United with Arteta in Arsenal. Progress takes time. We knew that. Who’d thought OGS could take United to 2nd in the EPL? Not me. They signed Fernandes and it all changed drastically. He’s one of a kind, but United was shit before his arrival. Our team has 3-5 good players, the rest is not good enough or very young. We need key players to get the train going, before it’s even possible to… Read more »


Elite sport requires an element of ego to make it.
Its not a surprise to see someone digging in and going against the grain. His ego/ self pride will be his undoing.


Pedro, my dear man, is that you? Well better late than never i suppose. And kudos on finally using the same yardstick. If ANYONE still has ANY doubt on why arteta is the wrong man, here is a an arteta greatest hits list/ -We are 10th in the table -Everton did the double on us. -We have won 13/33 matches. -Burnley beat Arsenal at home after 46 years -Leicester beat Arsenal at home after 47 years -Aston villa beat arsenal at home after 92 years – The brain dead moron keeps thinking having 2 keepers in the subs bench is… Read more »


As some have noted before there is the suspicion that the writer of this blog is different to the person on the podcast.

Just a few minutes into the podcast and Pedro is singing quite a different tune to this blog entry.

Pedro is playing us. He’s fishing for anti-Arteta’s on this blog entry.


“Pedro, my dear man, is that you?”

No it’s not him.

Or if it is it’s Pedro with a cloak on carrying a fishing rod.


Pedro’s inconsistency is now plainly seen for instance i am sure i have read one of his posts where this ‘Chambers played right back again when Hector was fit. The Spaniard might be off, but he’s a pro and he can at least run. Chambers is a centre back. Why did he start, he was awful?’ was close to this ‘Hector played right back again when Chambers was fit. The English man might be a centre back, but he’s a pro, tall and he can at least deliver a good cross. Hector is off form. Why did he start, he… Read more »


The pitch wasn’t watered well enough before kick off.

That’s why Villarreal go into the second leg with an advantage.


Anybody got any suggestions to Partey about his shooting? He must have the worst shot in the world as a pro player. Having said that, Holding’s pretty fuckin’ shit at goal attempts too!


The most ridiculous of all Arteta errors last night was the subs of Willian & Elneny coming on with 20 seconds left WTF


Think Emery was too negative 2-0 up playing against shit and he puts Coq on for his striker very odd


Think Arteta has just about run his course. Pains me to say because I was oh so hopeful. Pandemic or not he’s just not the mustard. Can see why he was so good at City, didn’t have to deal with all the extras that come along with being head honcho. Add to that the unnecessary promotion and think he was scuppered. At this point this all feels like common knowledge amongst us. He’ll still be with us next year. The pandemic gives him another run as far as I can see. The board is full of meek individuals, owners VV… Read more »



Yep – Emery’s incompetence in sitting on the lead at HT by taking off Alcacer was our salvation. Down to 10 and with Villareal as dominant as the 1st half, it could have been a 5-1 type scoreline if they had gone for the kill.

El Gooner

“Anybody got any suggestions to Partey about his shooting? He must have the worst shot in the world as a pro player. Having said that, Holding’s pretty fuckin’ shit at goal attempts too!

LOL – been thinking the same for a while – what comes first

– Luiz scores from free kick
– Partey gets a shot on target from outside the box
– Hell freezes over

Mr Serge

We all saw it last night Dani should not have started the second half and he should have moved xhaka in cm and put Cedric on LB if all is amateurs could see this why did he not ?
Is it arrogance ? Is it naivety ?
I also agree with a lot of posters that we should be seeing progress.

Like I said last night where is the pattern of play ? Where is the tactical change to a game that’s sliding beyond us ? We are arsenal those 3 things should be standard


I want some 5-0 wins even if its at the expense of some bad losses.

Isn’t that what you castigated Wenger for?


Way too late to salvage your credibility Pedro I am afraid


@ RockyRoe 10:06:06 Your list isn’t ever concise… its nowhere near – some of the records Arteta has achieved under his tenure have been simply diabolical!! Your list (which is less than a summary if we’re being honest) should have seen Arteta sacked months ago. What Pedro wrote today was true of Arteta 6 – 8 months ago… probably more. ARTETA HAS BEEN WAY WORSE THEN EMERY EVERY WAS, FOR THE LONGEST WHILE NOW PEDERO – What are you on about?? He doesn’t do in game management at all, he doesn’t do subs at all well, his team selections are… Read more »

Mr Serge

We need to see progress my worry is we have to start again and we are in the viscous cycle of choosing the wrong manager and sacking them 18 months down the line I do not trust the board or the execs to make the right choice I mean Vinai looks gormless and useless most of the football execs that negotiate would pull his pants down Edu is a joke Josh kronke wtf The lawyer fella knows fuck all about the game Basically there is not one football person on the board Where are the ex players that can show… Read more »


Gonsreous“We have a team full of international players who represent their teams every time a friendly or tournament is played.”Leno Palyed for Germany just 8 times. Isn’t close to first choice Really ? Cedric played once of Portugal since 2017 Bellerin played once for Spain since 2016 Holding never played for England Chambers hast played for England since 2014 Gabriel never played for Brazil Luiz hasn’t played for Brazil since 2017 ESR.Never played for England Willian hasn’t played for Brazil since 2019 Lacazette hasn’t played for France since. 2017 Mari never played for Spain Martinelli never played for Brazil Nketiah… Read more »


Some hoping and praying for things to get better
But SID know it a go get worse, so much worse
Signs of the times are getting clearer, lord, lord

Words on a blog

“Zaborra”: Basque for trash, garbage, rubbish.

Applies to both Arteta and Emery.

And definitely applies to Arsenal.


Arteta’s biggest issue is his use of subs. I get he has a limited squad to choose from, but when you can see the players are tired and you do nothing…

Mr Serge

We are on a slippery slope is MA and the board the team to get us off the slope ?

Danny S

I still think gabriel and Mari would be our best CB pair.

Arteta needs to get over this opposite foot fetish he has.

Danny S

I honestly think if we had no fit RF centre backs, we’d see elneny next to mari before we see Gabriel there.


Diet Pep is a charlatan, tries to imitate Guardiola to prove he is thoughtful tactically,

Willian/ESR as false 9, Ode is best for that role.
Thinks Partey is Yaya Toure, he’s a pure DM.
Lets not go into the Xhakalson left sided CB nonsense.


I see a major problem with Arteta. He somehow believes that he is generational. He had to do something extraordinary to justify the honor. There was a game he suddenly started Auba on the right. It didn’t worked and he corrected it after 20 mins. He tried Willian as false 9. Yesterday, when the whole season is on the line, he played ESR as a false 9. He didn’t even make any change after the 1st half when it was so obvious that his generational idea was shit.


Get knocked out MA has to go simple as, had my way he would be gone by now anyway.

His heads gone


If you are going to play ESR uptop have Pepe next to him in a 352 with wingbacks .


Whilst I have advocated that Arteta should be given the chance to prove himself until end of year I think that should Arsenal fail to win the Europa Cup his position at the club could be terminal at end of season. Our defence is a complete mess with no stability. A successful team/manager changes its backline only when it is absolutely necessary either on account of injury or perhaps periodic resting of players. We are changing our backline every 5 minutes and frankly no-one knows anymore which should be the preferred selections. The only player who is an automatic first… Read more »

Ernest Reed

The only reason that Arsenal actually has a chance to win this is down to Unai Emery being Unai Emery. It will have absolutely nothing to do with Mikel Arteta, who once again has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is not anything other than an assistant coach or caretaker manager at best.

It was like watching Arsenal take on Arsenal yesterday.


Pedro the guy on the pod is very good, geezer who is knowledgable with great point. More please .


Coupled to get a steam yesterday kind of glad really but I kind of know already how the game went.

I thought it was Pepe up front I was kind of ok with that even though I thought the shape was mad.

But no it’s esr, false 9 can only be pulled off by very very good technical teams.

Fuck me spain with silva xavi iniesta took an entire euros to make it work before sparking Italy in the end.

You can’t expect a cobbled together team to pull it off. Arteta is stinking this joint out

Time up

Good post Pedro 👍

Arteta reminds me of another Spanish Con Artist. Roberto Martinez, he talks a good vision, motivation, well presented, looks honest, hard working and both won the FA cup against the odds.

Martinez managed to land the Belgium national team Golden generation with KDP and Hazard among other world class players and messed them up.


The crucial question, which needs to be asked of both Edu and Arteta is which players currently on our books would be considered good enough to make starting X1 at a top 4
EPL Club.

My guess is that only 2 players on our books would be considered at that level specifically Saka and Tierney. Most of the other players would also struggle to get on the bench.


Calamity, chaos, catastrophe, all down to Arteta, unbelievable team selection and tactics. Just plain unbelivable. Taxi for Arteta please.


Do any of you see Viera toying with the chance of taking the team to EL final with that kind of approach Arteta exhibited yesterday?.
Well Fick or flick is leaving Bayern Munich, Arsenal should go for him, we all saw what he did with Gnabry and some of the young players at Bayern, if we want to turn our young players to superstars and have the teams playing good football, then there is no need to keep wasting time with Arteta.


Wenger trusted his players too much, and the lack of accountability hurt him Arteta doesn’t trust his players, and he’s probably right not to trust them, but it’s not healthy Imagine a highly qualified professional, having their boss micromanaging their every move, and screaming over their shoulder all day It would get tiering really quickly So many people have gone so much further than they ever thought they could, just because somebody else believed in them But so many people have been let down, because they naively placed trust in people who didn’t deserve that trust I’m not sure what… Read more »


Saliba martinelli, these guys are our talent and frozen out.

It’s gross negligence, destroying the balance sheet has no excuse of results and performances are this average


A team with Holding as the captain is not a serious team.


Read somewhere that we have not won a single knockout tie at home in the EL this season. Will that change?

Time up

Ernest Read,

I agree, Emery sub at the start of the second half handed the game to us.

However, at 2/1 with 10 v 10, they were there for the taking, Arteta decided to take off Saka for Auba, he let them off the hook. It should have been Chambers for Auba, moving Saka right back with Martinelli ahead of him to attack their 35 year old defender with pace from the right on the last 10.


MA is arsehole lucky there are no fans at the Emirates. We all rightly want Stan out but this guy needs to go we have/are getting worse. I know we couldn’t afford his demands but I would love to see Allegri as Manager, him or Rodgers that’s it for me.

Gooner Steve

Blimey Pete, how many times are you gonna flip-flop about Arteta this season? This is you just 14 days ago: “If you came here expecting TRUST THE PROCESS propaganda, you’d be absolutely correct.” Now we’re supposed to believe Arteta has turned into Emery?! I thought we were trusting the process? Everybody – including you – needs to calm the f**k down. What we saw last night was a rookie manager making rookie mistakes. Your points about team selection and tactics were absolutely right and Arteta got everything wrong last night. Only a bit of luck (which we’ve absolutely been due… Read more »


Reiss Nelson was glued to the bench for age. He must have forgotten that he is a footballer.

Time up


What’s this players poverty got to do with yesterday’s game? We weren’t playing top class team. None of the VR team would get in the top four.

We’re talking about losing in the last few weeks to Olympiacos, drawing with Fulham losing to an average Everton team with a has been manger and shot performance at home.

We’re not mentioning the humiliation of City and Liverpool at home to start with your players poverty excuses and Arteta the next Fergie.


So Pedro as the podcast goes on basically impies he is done with the “process”

Next manager please.


Time up

A good manager should use all his five subs when it was 10/10. He used only two subs. Only at the end of the game, he suddenly realized that he had more subs available.


We have no athleticism in the team also- pay Brighton 40m for Bisouma and put him next to Partey, the guy has been disappointing of late but seems so overworked in the middle it is ridiculous. Apart from Sak and Pepe last night there was no pace in the entire side.


“Whilst I have advocated that Arteta should be given the chance to prove himself until end of year I think that should Arsenal fail to win the Europa Cup his position at the club could be terminal at end of season.”

See it didn’t take you that long for a 100% swing in opinion.

Just a few days in fact.


Nelson should have been out on loan for the last two seasons

He’s completely wasted two years of his development

And we’ve completely wasted the opportunity to either develop a big young talent for our first team, or to pump his value, and put him in the shop window


As The Cochrane says on the latest podcast.

There are just too many red flags in relation to Arteta going into next season.


Seeing Manure is now in high gear. The chance of us winning the Cup looks so remote. I am really depressed.



I have not changed what I have posted previously one jot.

1. I said that he should be given two years to prove himself.

2. I said also that if Arsenal failed to qualify for Europe the club might decide otherwise.


Pedro is now #ArtetaOut. Who would have guessed.


Only two wins for Areta in his last ten matches.

Against Sheff Utd and Slavia Prague.

Not good is it.

The Bard

Fantasy outstripping reality. We’re a midtable side, with mostly young or bang average players. What do expect ? Barca style. Last night is what you get with a mediocre side. Playing Gabi or Bellerin or Cedrix will make little difference. The rebuild will take a few seasons. If Arteta isn’t the man then who else ? Howe, Benefiz, Pullis, Roy Hodgson. The idea that there are a queue of top managers waiting in the wings is ludicrous.

Far to many red flags. Guendozi mocks an opponent and has words with Arteta, he’s banished from the club.
Cabellos bullies youth players and squares up to luiz, yet he’s given game time when his ability doesn’t warrant it. He’s so called non negotiables, the signing of Runnarson, I mean the list is endless. End this experiment now

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