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We’re going with a short post today, I’ve had time to think on what we’re seeing at Arsenal, and clearly, it’s not good enough.

If I’m going to be consistent, then I have to hold Arteta to the same standards I’ve held the previous two managers. My view is you need to see progress. Whatever the vision, at some point, you need to see it consistently. At 18 months, I want to see an identity, even if it fails. I want some 5-0 wins even if its at the expense of some bad losses.

Football is about performances.

Winning ugly only matters if you’ve shown the world you are capable of winning with beauty.

Arteta hasn’t found the formula. It’s mostly rigid and ugly. Good managers work with the tools they have, our guy is not doing that.

We rarely win with glory.

We often lose with pain.

At some point, bum mistakes need to be levelled at the person in charge.

Villareal, regardless of what the Spanish tell you, are not a good side. We had the players to do something interesting and we fucked it up.

Our squad didn’t show up. Good players, well rested, with only one thing on their agenda. There’s no excuse.

The tactics were poor. The team selection was average. The performance was absolutely awful.

We came away with hope because one of our stars won an extremely dubious penalty.

Arsenal are now at the stage where we might win the game in the second leg inspite of Arteta, not because of him.

The energy was low, the performance was bland, the team selection was bad galaxy brain in the worst of ways.

Arteta chose to play Xhaka at left back, despite giving Cedric a 4 year deal. He chose to play Chambers over Bellerin despite having zero pace in his back 4. He thought the best option was to leave Martinelli on the bench.

Those were awful decisions.

We’re at the point where his approach doesn’t even have a nuanced excuse. It’s just pure terribleness an amateur could fix.

Thomas Partey was awful, he’s been here 10 months, you can’t hide behind ‘adaptation’ away in Spain. He’s been there for 8 years, this was his moment.

Every Arsenal fan KNEW Ceballos was going to be sent off because he’s shite and lacks maturity. Earlier in the season, he was mean to the kids in training, which caused a fight between him and David Luiz, because the exChelsea man wouldn’t tolerate it. Arteta knew he was a dick, but he was given the game.

Chambers played right back again when Hector was fit. The Spaniard might be off, but he’s a pro and he can at least run. Chambers is a centre back. Why did he start, he was awful?

Xhaka has done a good job, but he’s not a left back. Cedric is a good full back, certainly capable of playing against Villareal. Why didn’t he start? We gave him a 4 year deal. We need Xhaka as a centre mid in big games, even his detractors can see that.

There’s no identity.

There’s limited effort.

We are shocking, even with good players starting.

It’s time to questions the process.

We’re now at the point where it’s fair to ask if this project is worth the juice, because rookie mistakes aren’t one offs now, they’re now part of the deal.

Does a Europa win change the mess? It wouldn’t have for Emery. Now I’m worried it won’t for Arteta.

Arsenal are woeful. There’s no peak. The best we can hope for is bumming our way to the final… then what?

Arteta picked the slowest defence in Europe. He chose to bench Martinelli. He tried a front 4 we had now clue about. Emery beat him tactically.

It was miserable.

There’s still 90 minutes to rectify this, my concern now is what happens if he does sort it? What does next season bring? Are we extending the inevitable?

I’m pissed. Arteta didn’t make a minor error, he dropped a major. Where do we go from here?

What do you think? Let us now in the comments.

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  1. G.Giarlis

    If you notice Southampton was playing with 10 man from the start.
    Who told you that I support Arteta?
    I was just pointing out that the German is far superior to Brendan

  2. Guns of SF

    And Brenda just rejected the Spurs.
    Another Plus 1….

    Trust me, if we come calling, I am sure he would consider….
    No offense to Leicester who I feel are a superbly run team. Maybe Brenda can give some advice to Edu and co on how its done

  3. TheLegendaryDB10


    So much so that MA learnt zilch from these games.

    I haven’t seen any improvement in the grand scheme of things, as last night’s game has shown.

    Arteta’s comfort zone will be at a big club where big money can be spent. Making the most of the squad he has in front of him is definitively not his forte.

    He is a rookie. He needs experienced people around him to help him. He skipped the basics of 101 management and went straight for a big job instead of learning the ropes step by step at a smaller club.

    If he was a total genius, I wouldn’t mind the losses here and there. He is very far from that I am afraid.

  4. SAGG

    Hypotethically speaking

    what about if Arteta with the help of all gods and the biggest miracle ever manage to win the EL, then stay and put the team at the border of relegation next season, but at the same time makes another miracle of biblical proportions and wins the CL

    What should be the correct way to measure that? Win back to back the major european trophues and at the same time have 2.of the worse league seasons of the last 50 years.

  5. UTarse

    The clown owners missed out on pep and Klopp hanging on to wenger way past his best….hired the TK Maxx Emery when Allegri and Naglesman should have been courted…. hired an absolute novice in Arteta when yet again Allegri and Ancelloti were free and Naglesman could have been persuaded…. and now if they fire the arrogant twat there’s not much out there… the kroenkes are unashamedly amateur and ruining Arsenal FC.

  6. Tony 2

    First loss at Emirates 1st game 0 1 WHU Zamora I think. However I’m a lil confused we lost 1 -3 v Villa at Emirates also. That could have been our 1st game at our new home or 1st game of new season. What I do remember bout the villa loss was 1st game for Anthony Taylor as ref an yep he’s from the Midlands da bald c u next Tuesday

  7. Valentin

    What most people forget about the false 9 is that it was not devised as a great attacking ploy but as a remedies to Spain lack of talented classic No9 strikers at the time.
    When you have talented strikers not using them is not a smart move. Thursday night team selection was total hubris by Arteta.

    Also Tiki-taka only with great central midfielders who can keep possession while under pressure. Players who can dribble their way out and/or make defence splitting passes. None of our midfielders on show yesterday have those characteristics. Ceballos is no Iniesta and Partey is no Busquets. We are not talking hubris anymore but complete delusion of grandeur.

  8. Tony

    Have to apologize for my son’s inaccuracy claiming you weren’t a complete wanker.

    You are in fact a 24 carat, 100% wanker and clueless about management, and in particular football management judging by your posts here.

    Fortunately, you are in a minority here if you’re able to read people’s disdain for Arteta and their suggestions to Arteta’s replacement.

    Enjoy your trolling here but if you can count you’ll see you are very much the minority with your Arteta love.

    Maybe you can have a whip round with yourself and buy Arteta a watch.

    Try supporting the club and not the worst manager in our history who thinks he’s bigger than the club.

    This does not bode well for any football intelligence you claim to have over others.

    Tell you what, go to the first game fans are allowed in the Emirates with an I Love Arteta banner and see how many fans shake your hand and bowing to your football mastery and foresight?

    Then as others have told you, leave with Arteta when he gets unceremoniously fired.

    You are a fan version of Arteta. Always right no matter what.

    You use the royal “WE” where talking about how you and fans believe in Arteta.

    Simple genuine question.

    Do tell how you arrived at “WE”? What metric did you use? How many fans polled?

    Excellent post calling out Cazorla.

    Shame he doesn’t have the same intelligence level to truly understand what and why you posted your measured and well explained post.

    Seems Cazorla has a PhD in belligerence and gross stupidity probably from the same university as Arteta went to.

    People generally with the same character flaws support each other no different with the AKBs here.

    As Cazorla posted yesterday saying in 2031 Cazorla will still support the team/Arteta if they were relegated to lower divisions. His meaning is he’d do nothing and stand by and watch it happen blindly supporting the club as it happened.

  9. China1

    Cazorla lol at calling me a sheep when you just got wrapped up on the arteta propaganda train and are now too far in to easily backpeddle when it’s demonstrably not that good.

    Even Pedro who is founder and grand wizard of the cult of arteta has admitted he’s underachieved thus far.

    I’m really genuinely quite curious what arteta could possibly do to convince you that he’s not the one. Apparently tanking us to mid table, embarrassed in the FA cup, out of the league cup and hanging on by a thread in the EL vs an average team managed by Bummery is perfectly acceptable to you

    I think that says more about you and your standards than anyone else

    Arteta started well. Then he ranked this season with so many mistakes, bad decisions, bad performances, bad results, poor man management etc that it’s not even funny that we still have people on here acting like he’s been doing something great

    If this is good then what is David moyes, or Carlo ancellotti, or sarri, or brenandan rogers etc etc etc right now?

    This season is a disgrace and it’s time people stopped apologizing for artetas failures and just call it what it is

  10. China1

    Btw who was it on here about two years ago who was saying arsenals direct rivals should be Aston villa (who were in the championship at that time), west ham and Leeds rather than Chelsea utd and city???

    At the time I laughed hard at that but damn that claim has come to fruition! Whoever that was needs to team up with darian0 and Sid for syndicated betting because you all will be rolling in wonga with all those wagers

  11. China1

    I wonder if arteta read that claim on here years back and has teamed up for some insider betting by tanking us on purpose

  12. Tony

    Just sick of the Arteta excuses.

    Back in the late Wenger days when Pedro had a firm grasp of his senses and reasoning, we did all we could to banish Wenger from our club.

    There were some AKBs I had a lot of time for, such as Dark Hei, and Wallace – a true gentleman (hope you’re well) and Pierre with his trolling and baiting banter. Even Charlie come over to the dark side in the end after some legendary colossal opposing views arguments with WOBs.

    It kept us all sane in Wenger’s dogmatic madness.

    However, with Arteta , I’d be happy to read and reply to any measured articulation explaining Arteta’s reasoned good points as our manager that would point to specific well thought out, attainable and time bound strategies that would lead us out of the dark ages football we’re stringing together now.

    Problem is the he-needs-time, he’s-a-rookie so will make mistakes could be attributed to last season – not this one – not after winning the FA cup. The evolutionary development this season post FA cup win should have seen us at least in the mix for another EL cup season.

    The way I see it is I got 100% behind a manager I never wanted and pointed out his pitfalls before they came to fruition. The same as I got behind Emery before Arteta until he lost the EL final. That was when Emery should have been fired.

    I’m just not the kind of fan who can stomach sheer repeated incompetence from a cowardly manager who bullies the kids who don’t kow-tow to him, and who doesn’t have the confident guile or the experience to manage a fallen top club trying to get back to its winning ways again.

    Said before Emi being sold was going to be Arteta’s undoing and the beginning of the end of Arteta, at the beginning of this season. Then the royal fiasco getting the Chelsea pensioner and giving Auba his ridiculous contract that wasn’t bonus loaded ensued with Arteta not selling players bid for.

    I knew it was going to end in horrendous style because 35 years in successful management corporate and my own companies’ experience could see the frailties of Arteta.

    Didn’t take long to denote Arteta as an assistant manager being Arteta’s highest attainable ceiling.

    Wasn’t far wrong was I?

  13. China1

    Guns I find it comical, especially if someone insults me

    I didn’t want arteta before he joined but emery had me willing to accept him last year. As with any new manager I gave him a fair chance. He did well in his first season and it wasn’t until a couple of months of tanking this season that I turned.

    If you go back to October or so last year I was on here arguing with people that they were jumping way too soon on the arteta out bandwagon because he’d done well last year.

    But how much time can you give?

    The only reason things started to pick up at Christmas was because arteta was saved from himself by injuries and suspensions to his favourite bums. If he hadn’t had his hands tied he’d have already got himself sacked by January. If the fans were in the stadium it would’ve been even sooner.

    The guy just isn’t the level we need. Thanks (genuinely) for the FA cup. I love this competition from the bottom of my heart. I fucking hope he can somehow blah us the EL. Then we can part ways. We get to choose a more suitable manager and he can walk away with a resume that says 2 trophies in 2 seasons and probably land a solid role elsewhere. Everyone’s a winner

  14. Guns of SF

    China and Tony

    Good points. I think most of us either didnt think he was qualified enough (me) but the cup wins made for a great end of season and a turning point. Even I felt like, ok, maybe I was too quick to judge but by winter I knew it was over.

    This man has an ego the size of the stadium. At least Wenger, tried to do things the right way… albeit in his latter days, he failed on multi levels.

    Arteta if he had the experience, even with other teams, before he came to us would have got more rope from me. However, he was deemed a chosen one, and pushed hard on this blog. I think its time for all to see, he is not the one. He does not even have his “own” style or way of playing. He is constantly tinkering. That is the sign of a coach who is not confident in who he has as players and his own coaching methodologies

    Wenger played great breath taking football. Attacking all the time. Outscore the opponent. Its in our DNA. Players like to attack. Create. Its fun, for them and the fans!

    Yes he has tried to solidify us defensively, but sacraficed attacking and that is what did our season in. The predictable left side of the attack was snuffed out by Nov by opponents who over loaded that side. We had a non existent right side attack

    Anyhow, too much has gone on this season for anyone to reasonably say, rookie mistakes, or bad luck. Its just bad coaching and management.

    We deserve so much better. The fans have suffered so much.

  15. Tony

    Amen China1. Good posts.

    The AKB stragglers will soon see the light and their misguided beliefs dissipate.

    The irony here is that Cazorla has been condemning Arteta’s tactics by explaining what different selections and tactics Cazorla would have done.

    Another earlyish game for us tomorrow at 8pm my time. Any thoughts predictions?

    Thankfully, it’s not a home game, so I’ll go with a score draw. Why that prediction? Apparently Arteta says he’s main focus is Thursday night’s EL semi game.

    Enjoy your weekend China.

  16. Guns of SF

    I can see a draw or loss at Newcastle.
    Where is the motivation now in the league? We have tanked that.
    I do hope, that we see Azeez and Balogun, let them please have game time! What is there to lose now in the league. time to bleed in the new blood until end of season

  17. Guns of SF

    I think to be fair, at City he hardly did anything with the attacking side of things.
    The players they have , can do that naturally.
    He is said to improved Sterling or Sane or both… however, we have nothing remotely close to that.
    I wonder how much was already there for Mike to work with. Compared to us, he had the ocean, and were like the desert.

    However, any good coach worth his salt could pivot and change and quickly realize things. In game management, and team selection is so important. Mike has made that clear by his incompetence. I used to take this for granted but I see how it can literally doom you from the first whistle

  18. Rambo

    Pedro show some regret and apologise to the Arsenal community for the damage you’ve done enabling Arteta for two years

  19. Sid

    In my line of work i have interacted with tens of thousands of personalities, i interact with several hundreds daily, i can smell a charlatan a klick away.

  20. Tony

    I don’t think there are any among us who at some time or other tried with run before they could walk.

    It’s a natural thing for ambitious people to want to try.

    Arteta went from club captain with zero PL league winning experience and one SPL win to Man City assistant manager with a club with unlimited funds and facilities at his disposal.

    Pep probably kept blowing smoke up Arteta’s arse as only Pep does with people.

    Even now Pep is full of glowing Arteta remarks to anyone who will listen in the media. Why? Because it helps keep a non performing manager at a big potentially rival club taking it backwards.

    Pep said it so it must be true.

    I have always felt that as successful manager as Pep has been and watching the City series that Pep is at times disingenuous in his public praise of people.

    With all the razzmatazz generated by City and Pep, and with Arteta already driven by a narcissistic ego felt he was far too good to be working with lesser clubs outside the PL. Arteta decided his next management step was a top 4 PL club because he was working for a PL winning club that had filled Him with a false sense of entitlement and ability.

    Essentially, Arteta was a legend in his own mind and no one could deter Him from that.

    Funny, though, Arteta was pretty much anonymous in the City series: seen but not heard in the background. It was all Pep.

    And the rest is history as they say. History that we fans didn’t want in any shape or form.

  21. China1

    Tony did you stay up for the EL with your boy on Friday morning? I asked yesterday but didn’t log in much to see if you replied

    And yep nice early game this time. Fingers crossed for a good performance

  22. Tony

    No we watched it at 6:30 in the morning as I’m always up early.

    Generally get the matches on the above apps the next morning one I’ve got rid of the pop ups.

    My wife has a 4-day holiday now, so I wanted to us be able to enjoy this together.

    Like you, we’ll watch the final live if we get that far and hope it’s not too traumatizing for us.

  23. Tony

    I read a while ago that a naturist was walking though a field on the way to a naturist beach when as he walked past a donkey, the donkey burst into tears.

    Guessing that was you as the person wasn’t named.

    if so, please be kinder to donkeys and horses.

  24. Sid

    Something similar happened to me @Tony, the difference was it was an elephant, i could tell it was thinking, why is my trunk near my anus.

  25. Tony

    ‘the difference was it was an elephant, I could tell it was thinking, why is my trunk near my anus?.’

    To put buns up that dark crevice any elephant knows this. Elephants have the best memories, Sid.

    Just in case you haven’t tried this go with the long soft rolls rather than the big round crusty rolls.

    One of my wife’s cousins is a mahout at an elephant sanctuary told me when I asked him what brings tears to an elephant’s eyes during a visit.

  26. MuddyGooner

    I’m pretty sure we lost our 1st home game of the season about 8 years ago to Aston Villa. I remember there being a huge outcry after the game and famously triggered off the Arsenal Fans TV popularity.
    The board in response splashed out £40 million on a certain number 10 from Real Madrid.

  27. Aussie+Gooner

    Emery zone? I think we are way past that and headlong into the Twilight Zone! I half expect to hear Rod Serling utter the immortal words

    “There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call The Twilight Zone.”

    Honestly, anyone that still thinks Arteta is a credible manager and not a masquerading charlatan needs to have a long hard look at themselves! I can’t even be bothered to start debating his long list of dubious decision making, team selection, youth destruction, morale sapping etc, etc. He needs to go now before we self destruct any further. !

  28. Aussie+Gooner


    “6000 rave bin dippers when to a legal rave last night.

    Why then no fans in our stadiums?”

    A rhetorical question I believe? I think you already know the answer to that – it would only take one to end our misery!

  29. Tony

    Aussi Gooner
    To be fair they are talking about I think 10,000 fans back in stadiums this month.

    See what happens I’m sure Mikel will be looking forward to having fans back in the stadium.

    I know I am and I live 6000+km away from The Emirates.

  30. Aussie+Gooner

    Sid a prison officer??? Hardly – Sid in a prison would be on the other side of the bars! And, being hung like a donkey, would be very popular with the boys in there!

  31. Aussie+Gooner


    Like you I am a long way from the Emirates but can’t wait for the fans to be allowed back in! We have a big derby AFL game in Perth tomorrow and 45,000 will be allowed in! Go the Dockers!

  32. Pierre

    Arteta’s first and biggest mistake was discarding Mesut Ozil.

    The fans first and biggest mistake under Arteta was supporting this decision.

    I’m afraid the fans have now got the manager they deserve due to their short sightedness for celebrating a decision that showed a total lack of respect for an Arsenal player.

    The poor decisions that followed from Arteta were a consequence of the Mesut Ozil decision and the fans acceptance of this humiliating act by Arteta..

  33. Emiratesstroller


    For goodness sake give it a break.

    Ozil was past his sell by date and it is time that you accept this.

    The mistake was that we gave him a new contract, which has cost Arsenal a bucketful of money, which could have been better spent elsewhere.

  34. Pierre

    You’re missing the point stroller.

    By the club and fans allowing Arteta to act so arrogantly regarding Ozil , it gave him the power to make many more poor decisions that were detrimental to the club.

    And that’s my point.

  35. Ishola70

    Pierre was absolutely loving the Arteta appointment at first.

    And why did he love it so much?

    Simply because Arteta was linked to Arsene Wenger having been an ex-player of his.

    But then he started to go off him because he continued to dump which previous managers did as well Mesut Ozil. Mesut Ozil the Wenger player.

    All roads lead to Arsene Wenger in most of Pierre’s posts.

  36. Pierre

    If the club had showed some balls and stood up to Arteta then I guarantee you that his behaviour would have been more respectful to the players and the team would not be languishing in the bottom half of the table.

    Talking about Guendouzi, Sokratis , Torreira, Saliba , AMN and the momentous decision to sell Martinez when he should have guaranteed him the no.1 spot after his exploits the previous season in our cup run .

  37. Pierre

    I support Arsenal not wenger/ozil.

    If the team i support is the only unbeaten team in Europe domestically in 2020 prior to lockdown with Ozil an integral part of the team , then I as a supporter I should be able to question a decision that is obviously not a footballing decision.

    The fact is , in the 12 months since Ozil was discarded , we have regressed alarmingly on the pitch , which no one can deny.

  38. Time up

    What really worries me about The Generational Con Man is that, he damages the club further if he stays.

    Losing Guen, Saliba and Martinelli would be a disaster, would set us back few years. Also, AMN, Willock, Eddie and Nelson under different manger could develop to do a good job for the team and help us with the EPL home grown rule. It can’t be a coincidence all our youngsters struggle under this man.

    I’ve heard for a while that Arteta not in speaking terms with most of our younger players or he disrespect them completely and only talk good about them in front of the camera. Now his having an issue with some people f the older players.

  39. Time up


    You weirdo old grandad, still not giving up on Arsene who’s a has been without a club, and Ozil who’s playing Sunday league football lol.

  40. Time up


    Pierre was never an Arteta in, he always maintained his dislike for Arteta after freezing Ozil out.

    All he was waiting while sitting on the fence, the bad result to drop and he would pour his grief out about the bad treatment Izil and Wenger got from us knowing nothing lol.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Think the only one with egg in his Face is you. In fact you’re face must be smeared in egg as you’re mate Arteta has failed awfully at his audition terribly. Shockingly poor manager. Fucking clueless

  42. Tony

    Time up
    Granddad is a bit harsh and untrue.

    I could be wrong but I think Pierre’s 2 sons haven’t produced an heir to Pierre’s Le-Grove famed master-baiter crown as yet.

    No trouble hooking them were led to believe like he hooked a response from you.

    Pierre’s having a good day.

  43. Aussie+Gooner


    Pray enlighten us – what bigger picture do you see that validates keeping Arteta on as manager? For I have not seen visions like that since the 70’s after dropping a lot of acid!

  44. Matt

    Ozil can’t even cut it in the Turkish league, yet binning him off was Artetas biggest mistake? Absolute definition of an obsession you have going on there Pierre.

  45. Tony

    You can half talk some utter bollox- stupidity of the highest order.

    Still keep on with your Arteta caped avenging crusader agenda, it’s really funny at times and complete fantasy for the most part.

    I’d say for a person to come to a blog with anti views to most of the readers and posters is someone attention seeking in the extreme.

    I’ll let you into a little blog secret, we all desperately want to win the EL cup. Just that most here want management change regardless of the outcome.

    Stick around you might learn something or not.

  46. Tony

    Aussi Gooner
    I think that’s a question far too difficult for Cazorla to answer.

    Requires thinking something Cazorla isn’t well versed at.

    Got any easier questions to help the poor lad out?

    He is a gooner after all, just misguided at the moment.

  47. HerbsArmy

    Come on Pierre, Ozil wasn’t the player we needed when he was signed, and he still wasn’t that player when Wenger was sacked.
    MuddyG is right, Arsenal went into the 2013-14 season having failed to secure the top quality striker we all knew was needed, and lost the opening game at the Emirates to Aston Villa.
    With fans raging, Wenger was looking to pull a rabbit out of the hat and completely got it wrong.
    Ozil may have played for Arsenal, but there can’t be many Arsenal fans who will look upon him as an Arsenal player, he was more often a mercenary fish out of water with an ego, who was grossly overrated, and whose importance to Arsenal was fanatically over exaggerated because of the damage he was doing to Arsenal financially.
    Arsenal were so ridiculously generous to Ozil, he essentially semi-retired at Arsenal.
    And you should be intelligent enough to see this Pierre.
    His signing and his time at Arsenal are just one example of crazy unregulated opulence that has Arsenal lurching from crisis to crisis with no-one having a clue how to steady the ship.

  48. China1

    You’re absolutely right I don’t see the bigger picture cazorla

    Kindly elaborate what this is. Go ahead and make a prediction about where we will finish the season and what will happen next year

    Very glad to be convinced of this bigger picture you speak of

  49. Pierre

    Herbs Army
    “Come on Pierre, Ozil wasn’t the player we needed when he was signed”

    It’s no coincidence that we started winning trophies again the year Ozil arrived at the club after something like 8+ barren years.

  50. Pierre

    I never agreed with the ozil contract, the club acted
    like a bunch of amateurs by first giving him the contract and then employing a manager (Emery) who’s football philosophy is totally different to Ozil.

    And the same can be said of Mhkitarayan and Aubamayang who arrived at the club the se time as Ozil signed the new contract.

    Mhkitarayan, quality player that he is, was never going to fit in under Emery and it was only the fact that Aubamayang s scored at a fantastic rate that left him in the team as he is another who’s football philosophy doesn’t suits Emery.

  51. Br0wnie

    I agree RSPC. Split time between Eddie and Flo. Bench Ceballos for Azeez. That kid deserves a look. Rest Martinelli or give him some minutes to stretch his legs then start him on Thursday. Make sure the team is rested and ready for the second leg. Come on boys