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Here we go. The big one. Unai Emery has his chance to seek out vengeance against his ex-club. The Emeryista are sharpening their cuck talons, the #ArtetaOut brigade are penning tweets to save into their drafts, the whole world is watching for what happens at the Ceramica stadium this evening.

The importance of the tie cannot be underestimated.

A loss won’t see Arteta out of a job, it’ll just mean he loses vital fan capital in the stadium next season.

A win doesn’t claw back the love, but it goes a long way towards repairing the shame of this season.

The game is two legs, but it won’t be treated like that by the fans. There will be no ‘well, the second leg is more important.’ Tonight needs a massive performance. We’ve sputtered in the league for the last 6 weeks. There have been some bright moments, but not many.

We’re roughly 18 months into this project, there needs to be some joy. A shot at silverware is the Fairy liquid to the tarred wings of this season. Trophies have a way of making you forget, like parents with money after they’ve spanked you in a Tesco car park in front of your friends FOR SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T EVEN DO. They are a managerial elixir.

Arteta knows this, I think the players do as well.

Unai Emery has conducted himself well since he left. He called Arteta and offered his team an offboarding meeting, which is rare in football and very professional. He also tried to sell him a house, which is very Del Boy, but also quite amusing.

Emery is a god in this competition, he’s a master over two legs, he’ll fancy himself this ebening.

Arteta needs to show that he’s the better coach. He needs a smarter plan, better-motivated players, and some decisive moments to go our way.

Barcelona abused the backline of Villareal at the weekend. Good movement with variety will unlock chances… but that openness comes with problems up the other end. They have nimble players that can break at speed and unlock crowded boxes. They’ll also be a danger from setpieces.

Key to tonight, we need to have a calm opening 20 minutes. From there, we have to take the game to them. We’re not good enough to play for a 0-0 and a 1-1 would be VERY worrying

Off topic.

I did hear some rumblings that Arsenal is sniffing around Coutinho again for a potential loan move next season. That’s worrying on a few levels.

  1. It indicates that Odegaard might not be coming back.
  2. It shows that the club has NOT learned its lesson with older players
  3. It would show that we’re not even doing the basics like assessing injury records.

Now, the flipside of this is that Coutinho, however you cut it, is absolutely top drawer as a player. He shoots, he scores, he assists, he can control… and he’ll have a chip on his shoulder.

BUT… since April 24th 2020, he’s missed 233 days due to injury. He’s barely managed 10 games worth of minutes this season. If you want to make an impact in the Premier League, you need to be fit.

Barcelona has been trying to rid themselves of him since they bought him.

We have been here over and over and over again, are the club really going to go down this path again? Have we learned nothing?

We’ll see.

Let’s make it through this evening before we get too worked up about a rumour that is painfully believable.

See you in the comments.


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  1. raptora

    Can’t believe how Arteta hasn’t improved us and more importantly, he hasn’t improved himself one bit.

    Remember when we lost to Olympiacos last season? We were losing 0:1 at home and on our way to playing Extra time. Arteta’s subs were 72′ Torreira for Ceballos, 84′ Willock for Bellerin, 103′ Sokratis for Mustafi and all the way in 105′ Martinelli for Lacazette. This was Arteta needing to score to go through. Ofc Martinelli was at the center of Auba’s goal 8 mins after he came in.

    Today – zero progression from Arteta. Horrendous starting 11. Literally every decision he took in that starting lineup fucked us in the arse. How clueless can he really be?! 10th in the EPL says enough. Garbage manager dragging us down to a cliff.

  2. MidwestGun

    The thing about…. Arteta should be trying experimental shit in the league…not in the Europa.. He has it completely backwards. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  3. RockyRoe

    A 19 year old giving the generational Muppet a lifeline.

    And someone go tell the Muppet he needs to learn how to make subs before he goes all intellectual with a stikerless system. Fucking idiot.

  4. Mr Serge

    Azed god I hope that does not happen if we win Europa we should have enough funds to improve this team immensely
    Then there is nowhere to hide for the manager it’s prove yourself of bust

  5. Thank you and goodnight


    We’re already solidly a mid table team 😀 sorry but it’s true. And I’m fairness it’s not all Arteta’s doing. The kroenkes have done a fantastic job of putting us back on top. I’m just fucking thankful avram grant isn’t available or they’ll be ringing him up next

  6. Cazorla

    I was more disappointed with our performance after it was 10 v 10 the chance was there to square up. Wel’ll do these jokers next week 100%

  7. Captain Tierney


    Had to Google father ted only to find out the show launched a good few years before I was born 😂

    We HAVE to get Tierney available for next Thursday to stand any chance. I have no doubt we will concede at home, the key will be to win 3-1 or 4-2 or whatever. With Xhaka at LB, our attack becomes very bland. Our system is very dependent on Tierney overlapping and providing the width on the left hand side. Xhaka cannot do that.

  8. Mr Serge

    I don’t trust our board to do the right thing they should have gone all out for Naglesman or Rodgers after the Emery debacle
    But no they took a month to decide MA was the man

  9. SWG

    The whole thing is a fucking mess. Consistently fucking up from 1-11.. attack has zero conviction, defence is painfully slow and vulnerable to any form of through pass. Playing suicidal football with the calamitous players in the league all season when it’s been failing week after week or sometimes getting away with it is a sackable offence for Arteta. Not to mention his mind boggling team selections.
    This group of players are seriously lacking something upstairs, the discipline and errors is like a comedy sketch most weeks.
    Even in attack we look clueless, when a defence sits and we play in front of them, we don’t have a clue what to do with it. Plus our counter attack is piss poor! The passing is crap, when it looks “on” then we just pump the ball into touch. We are fucking bang average, it’s really that simple. We feed off scraps and pray on a penalty or the odd piece of brilliance from a 19 year old which again is fucking embarrassing.
    The neglect of Martinelli is getting beyond a fucking joke as well. Managers at other top clubs should be looking at him and I would not blame him if he wanted to leave, he ain’t progressing under arteta!

  10. Valentin

    Keown and Freddie let it known that Arteta decision to bench Martinelli was not done for football reason.
    Clearly they don’t want to burn their bridge and publicly criticise Arteta, but they are tiptoeing around that line.

  11. Ishola70

    ” your memory that short? Olympiacos mate.”

    Olympiakos are big compared to Villarreal. Villarreal are a village team in comparison.

    Seriously we should be taking these out in the second leg. Not only were they average for most of the match but they showed they are also douches by squandering that 2-0 lead with Arsenal down to ten men.

    If we can’t take these out then we are not just average. We are average/shit with a shit manager to boot.

  12. Swkmoon

    Don’t like Ceba either…. hopefully Ode….who was shit…will rediscover some form….and get Xhaks back in Midfield…

  13. azed

    Think about it for a second guys,. Is there any Villareal player that would get into our team?

    That’s how poor they are yet we were worse than them.

  14. Dissenter

    Good thing that Ceballos has taken the decision away from the morons running Arsenal.

    Now that he’s said he wants to return back to Spain, there’s no chance we sign him for half our summer budget.

  15. Guns of SF

    In the EL it seems Mike loses one leg or ties it all the time.

    Here we go again… would love to just smash teams 2 in a row … but no, he enjoys giving the fans anxiety attacks

  16. TheLegendaryDB10

    Just saw that Manure have scored 6 against Roma.

    Their spot in the final is almost guaranteed.

    If, and that is a big If, we beat Villarreal, we will have Manure to contend with.

    Winning the EL is looking bleaker and bleaker by the minute.

  17. Ishola70

    Shit run of form though for the raw liver eating Werewolf with only 2 wins in 10 matches but even so he has to take this Spanish village side out in the next leg.

    Has to.

    Not only are they a village side they are managed by the bum of bums.

  18. Dissenter

    Captain Tierney
    “I thought Ceballos was having quite a good game before he went on and conceded a red card for a silly stamp.’

    You got that wrong
    Ceballos was having a poor game before he was unfairly sent off for a “stamp”
    It was a coming together, where’s he supposed to put his foot when running, is he supposed to freeze in real time and levitate?

    The referee was very bad. God thing his incompetence helped us get a penalty

  19. Cazorla

    Matt we need to win the game. Simple. Are you actually saying we can’t beat these lot?

    We won’t play as bad as this next week. Players will be back and we’ll put these to bed.

  20. Vintage Gun

    This team clearly lacks drive, determination and conviction on top of self belief. Not enough parts of the team connect and combine, no control or cohesion at all,

    I’m just glad we’re still in with a chance of making the final as it clearly means more to us fans than most of these players.

    Can’t wait for the season to end. Honestly

  21. Cazorla

    Let’s not start sucking off United either. Roma are woeful they were battered over two legs vs Ajax they only got through via a small miracle and var obviously.

  22. Captain Tierney

    Need to re-watch the move but from the replay it seemed intentional to me.

    And yes the referee was pretty bad.

    Juan Foyth did his hammy when Villarreal were on the attack. He let the attack happen. The ball didn’t go out, as soon as we started our move, the ref stopped the game. It was not a head injury and so the play should just go on.

    Also, I dont think it was a foul on Coquelin when we scored from the indirect FK but the ref had already blown his whistle.

    But the award of the biggest muppet has to go to the guy sitting in the VAR box.
    He couldn’t even give a handball against Pepe. That was ad blatant as it gets. No way he was overturning the Saka pen.

  23. Cazorla

    Ishola MA like a Spanish mum? Did you see the state off Emery? Looked like a mental patient on day release.

    Don’t miss that greasy mess in our dug out.

  24. Words on a blog

    Pretty dismal football tonight, courtesy of Mikel and Unai.

    Two woeful sides playing for the chance to meet a pretty average but free scoring United for the Europa final.

    Will we squeak past Villareal?

    And if we do can we find a way last United?

  25. raptora

    Anyone saving criticism after a woeful display of “football” doesn’t want the club to improve. Arteta is on course of placing us 10th. I guess I should support him like the rest of your impaired simpletons.

  26. Matt


    Of course we CAN beat them and on paper we should beat them, but I don’t know what makes you confident we will after watching 90 minutes of that crap. The best spell we had was 10 minutes playing 10 v 11. The rest of the game was an absolute joke and Arteta not taking Cabellos off was the sort of decision a manager makes if they are trying to get sacked! Completely impossible to understand.

  27. BacaryisGod

    This feels like a 55-45 tie right now in Villarral’s favour.

    The good news is that Ceballos won’t be playing. Tierney might be back and we can move Xhaka to LCM.

  28. Mysticleaves

    “Re-watched the incident. Really nothing Ceballos could have done there.
    Just a very poor decision”

    Not really. It was a spot on decision. The fact there was no intention to hurt doesn’t excuse the action. Deserved yellow

  29. Cazorla

    Matt I’m confident because we’ve played very well in more than enough games this season. Consistency has been our issue. Tierney back, Auba up top and xhaka in the middle we’re bending these lot over.

  30. LeMassiveCoq

    No escaping the fact that we played shit. What looked like an exciting attacking line up actually turned out to be poor judgement of their ability to press with a high line.

    We need to thank our lucky stars that Foyth picked up an injury because we could not handle him.

    ESR needs to be a CAM and not a false 9. Odegaard didn’t impress, Partaay had a shocking game, Ceballos thankfully won’t be near the first 11 due to the red. I pray Tierney is fit.
    The MF anchor needs to be Partey and Xhaka with Pepe, ESR, Saka behind Auba

  31. raptora

    Cazorla: “I’m confident because we’ve played very well in more than enough games this season.”

    Is this guy for real?! Our worst season in decades. You must think we are sitting comfortably in top 4 at least. We are bloody 10th!!!

  32. Matt

    I actually hope Zidane has a plan for MO because I don’t think he improves is enough. Yes he has had some good games for us, but he is just so one footed it limits his effectiveness. In that position you need to be able to do more with your weaker foot than just stand on it.

  33. Moe

    I’ll bet anyone that we got this one in the bag, notwithstanding Arteta of course. The lads will maul Villarreal next week…….3-0 guys.

  34. Aussie+Gooner

    WoW! Over run by a team of rejects – Foyth, Capoue, Coquelin and Emery etc., subing in Elneny and Willian with seconds to go and chasing the game, not starting with a striker leaving Martinelli on the bench, bringing on a recovering Abu who has done little this season to justify ‘super sub’ status, 2 goalkeepers on the bench with no sign of impact players like Balogun or Azeez, having a right back on the bench but choosing a CB instead, leaving the liability Ceballos on to get sent off when even my cat could see that comming – the club that keeps on giving! When is it going to end????

  35. Gazza

    Aussie Gooner – I agree Arteta is either totally clueless or just stubborn enough to keep it going with his crazy decisions & not changing or learning from his numerous mistakes

  36. Pierre

    The decisive move from Arteta was taking off Odegaard and moving Smith Rowe into the CAM position.
    Martinelli came on, but in all honesty he did very little on the ball , it was more his energy and Smith Rowe playing as the no.10 that put us on the front foot .

    Partey had a decent enough game, very good positionally, kept it simple, and in general retained possession well although there were a couple of loose passes.

    Xhaka did well , he stuck to his task manfully against a tricky winger..
    Odegaard struggled to make any impact and I just hope that Arteta learns his lesson and plays Smith Rowe in his best position, though I do have a feeling that Arteta will play Odegaard regardless..

    Leno’s save in the 2nd half was a turning point as it kept us in the game…3-0 and it was all over.

    I was disappointed that we appeared to settle for 2-1 when they were also down to ten men.
    We should have continued to push on in the last 10/15 minutes as Villarael were there for the taking.

    Sometimes a manager needs luck and maybe Arteta gets the luck in the big games…we looked dead and buried when Ceballos was sent off but the soft penalty kept us in the game.
    Ceballos red card was also soft
    Villarael red card was the correct decision
    The first penalty was rightfully disallowed as pepe clearly handled the ball..

    I’d be surprised if we don’t progress to the final as Villarael looked nervous once we put them under pressure.

  37. Leedsgunner

    Why doesn’t Arteta learn from his mistakes?

    At every step of the knockout stage in this competition we have underperformed in the first leg.

    Against Benfica, Olympiokos, Slavia Prague and now against Villarreal…

    We can’t always rely on the second leg to rescue us… especially when we so easily concede such soft soft goals. Who organises our defence at set pieces? Anyone?

    I couldn’t stomach his excuses tonight. What did he say after the match? Which platitude did he give this time?

  38. Leftside

    I don’t find this United side daunting at all. Some good attacking players but nothing to fear. It’s not even a guarantee we make it past this absolutely average Emery led side. They will probably score next week.

  39. Guns of SF


    That is Saka for you. he takes on 2-3 players regularly. Think about all the players who do this… they tend to win penalties.
    fast and technical players who enter the penalty box, even though contact is minimal.
    The fact is that they tend to get fouled plenty in the course of a game and sooner than later, the odds will go into their favor …
    It was minimal if any contact but i will take it. Saka was proactive and tried to make something happen… so Ill take it. He had like 3 defends surrounding him

  40. Guns of SF

    Speaking of Dani, he is a hot head. I think he has become more so this way this season. last season, he seemed to be more under control and finished the year strong.
    This year, he has reverted to playing wild, and not as good. This was no way to impress the folks in La Liga to take him back.

  41. WengerEagle

    ‘This was the first time a former Arsenal manager (Unai Emery) had beaten the Gunners since George Graham’s Tottenham side won 2-1 at White Hart Lane in a Premier League encounter in November 1999.’

    It also was the first opportunity since, climdick.

  42. TheBayingMob

    Everyone clamors for Martinelli but every time he plays I don’t really see what all the hype is about. He has drive and energy but he rarely creates or looks like he is going to make much of a difference …

  43. TheLegendaryDB10


    I am guilty of this.

    I don’t know whether he needs more playing time to sharpen his senses or whether he is just a high energy speed merchant with no end product.

    Hard to say at the moment but it’s not doing him any favours that he is not scoring.

  44. WengerEagle

    Re Martinelli.

    He has played 500 minutes of football all season, literally about 5-6 games worth. Vast majority of which have been minutes here and there, his last two starts vs Sheffield Utd [scored] and Fulham [Whoscored MOTM] he has played well. Chelsea back in December from the start as well he was excellent.

    I’m willing to bet that they are the only 3 matches that he has started this season.

    He scored 10 goals last season as well. Including against Liverpool [x2] at Anfield and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

    He has shown a hell of a lot more than Eddie has, that’s for sure.

  45. WengerEagle


    Ya boi bottled that big time tonight, Gramps.

    2-0 up with 11 vs 10 to a side with a glorified Cone-setter for a manager and his team shit the bed and concede, he’s a joke just like your other man-crush Ospina.

  46. HerbsArmy

    For those attacking Martinelli, I question their football intelligence.
    Young players improve by having better players around them, players who lead and show the way through their own level of professionalism. There is a vacuum of those type of personnel at Arsenal.
    Another way they improve is by having good professional coaches who dedicate their time and knowledge working to improve on every aspect of his game. Again, Arsenal refuse to employ these people.
    I don’t know who, if anyone is advising him, but I’m very surprised he hasn’t asked his agent to get him the hell out of Arsenal.
    A club mired in mediocrity, and rather than address it with any sense of urgency, the clubs hierarchy are embracing it and piling shit on top of the existing shit.
    Not sure I have the energy to care anymore, no-one at the club wants to take football seriously.

  47. Nelson

    “I was disappointed that we appeared to settle for 2-1 when they were also down to ten men.”
    The team had no more energy left. Fighting against 11 men wasn’t easy.

    I saw three major problems in today’s game.
    – Our midfield can’t link up with the forwards. TP and Xhaka is a better midfield pair.
    – We pressed with only one forward. Odegaard did some pressing in the 1st half. Martinelli did it in the 2nd half. The other forwards just dropped back. Emery’s team pressed very well. It forced Leno to kick long.
    – Our FB didn’t support the attack. We need a balanced attack. Today, we only tried to attack through the middle. Chambers moved up a few time. He didn’t seem to have chemistry with Saka.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    As Pedro and some others expressed earlier today Arsenal were realistically not in good shape in the last few weeks because a number of key players were out injured or had been ill.

    Before yesterday’s game it was announced that most of them were now fit to be selected. Pedro expressed the view it was high risk to play them in a key match against Villereal and I agree with him.

    Only Odegaard of those out injured was deemed fit enough to start and Aubameyang was
    selected to come on from bench very late in game.

    What we lined up with was frankly a hotchpotch and inadequate team and highlighted the weakness of our team/squad when certain key players don’t play.

    Let’s be clear none of the players selected for backline would have been picked a couple of months ago. The backline would have been Bellerin or Soares at right back, Tierney at left
    back and Luiz and Gabriel at centre back. Frankly the defence we are playing is weak.

    In midfield we are playing Ceballos. Okay he does produce periodically some nice touches,
    but he is defensively lightweight and useless and offensively produces neither goals or assists. His red card was justified and quite unnecessary.

    The selection of our attack was also questionable. Should we have gone into the game without a proven striker? Let’s face it our team is not Man City who can score goals from
    any position and has played many games without conventional centre forward. The only
    player selected who scores goals with any regularity was Pepe and he is erratic. So our
    team went into game basically on back foot.

    The 2-1 loss gives us a chance of getting back into the tie, but only if we put out next week
    a better balanced and team capable of putting Villereal under pressure. They need to be put
    on Blackfoot.

    My view is that we should be playing the following starting X1 next week: if match fit.

    We should have on the bench to be used if required:

    It is imperative that we play offensively as we did against Sparta Prague in second leg. Frankly we have nothing to lose.

  49. MD-Gunner

    Ah, the Good Ebening man gave Arsenal fans a fit or was it the generational Arsenal coach. Couldn’t recognize the Arsenal line up and after I saw that, didn’t even bother watching the game because I know the frustration level would go through the roof. So, I took my new iRobot Roomba 8+ from Costco ($100 off) and watched it map the house. Much more interesting how clever this little thing is finding the room size and shape. No frustration just cheering on the little iRobot fellow and not frustration levels watching a miserable Arsenal match. How long can you guys stand this? Amazing!.

  50. Chinagunner

    Performance is a shamble. Arteta has not progress the club. We are still suffering from the same legacy issues

  51. China1

    Damn Tony I hope you and the boy didn’t stay up for that one?

    I’ve been stung way too many times to know it was a bad idea 😁

  52. Pierre

    “It is imperative that we play offensively as we did against Sparta Prague in second leg. Frankly we have nothing to lose.”

    I’m not sure you realise but apart from Odegaard for Lacazette, today’s line up was the same as the 4-0 victory v Prague that you were so impressed with.

    I can’t remember you saying that side in Prague was, and I quote “frankly a hotchpotch and inadequate team and highlighted the weakness of our team/squad when certain key players don’t play.”

    The away performance in Prague has been widely recognised as one of our best , if not the best performances this season..

  53. cheffy

    azedApril 29, 2021 22:26:14
    Think about it for a second guys,. Is there any Villareal player that would get into our team?That’s how poor they are yet we were worse than them.

    Rounded it off best here. We were anaemic in production again. Again and again it’s like this. I definitely do not see an upward trend in performance to kick us on to 2021/22. We’ve hired Emery mkII with supported by a meeker version of Raul.

  54. Pierre

    “Frankly the defence we are playing is weak.”

    Will just point out that the defensive line up on show tonight have played together 4 times in all and conceded 3 goals, one of which was the howler by Leno at the weekend.

    Of course Tierney will improve the back line.

  55. izzo

    Bunch of denial bitches thinking we’re winning EL or the second leg for that matter. I’ve gone back to not watching matches anymore. Arsenal is dead led by the owner and this clown wannabe manager being paid and propped up to drag us down. What exactly are you supporting at this point? This blog needs to take a break. A lot are taking breaks from these social media platforms in protest. Take care of your mental health.

  56. Guns of SF

    you bring up a good point. I thought of this to today.
    Why play with no striker in one of the most critical games of the season.
    I realize that Pepe in the middle offers some more movement and threat but he is a light weight striker. A strong wind can take him down.
    We are not city. I wonder if Mike called pep or simply tried to copy his mentor with this line up?

    We could have used Eddie or even Auba in limited mins. WE needed a proper striker out there today.

    And NO, we will not see Martin play striker. Mike already hardly plays the kid, let alone as a striker.

    So Im scratching my head. Mike being risk averse, took a big risk today, and got it wrong, but we got a goal, so I think we were fortunate. If they hit a third it would have been curtains.

    I wonder sometimes about what he is thinking… did he think that Emery did not know who Pepe was? I am sure that must have gotten a chuckle out of him seeing our line up

    We have to do better than this. Mike is not the answer.
    If we get by, then we simply cannot lose to Manure in a Euro cup final of this magnitude. Mike needs to get his shit straight with his players and line up

  57. Tony

    Just watched this game at 6:30 this morning, as we have a long weekend holiday for 4 days so lots of quality family time to enjoy.

    I think we’ll adopt your thinking and watch the final live only, assuming we make the final.

    Arteta’s selection and tactics got us 2 shots on goal (one a penalty) for the game with Emery’s 6 shots on target.

    Just groundhog day with Arteta at the helm.

  58. Tony

    Joke Friday:

    “No Jim we won’t. We’ll have a proper cf and an actual cm partnership that can control the midfield.”

    Take a bow after you’ve taken your rose tinted specs Cazorla you have become the resident comedian here calling fans names like a little schoolgirl.

    Clearly you have little understanding of the modern game my son said to me after reading your posts here sitting quietly reading Le-Grove after watching the match.

    I said to my son you have Arteta PTSD so emotions getting the better of you.

    So I explained it in more detail regarding fans and their feelings when emotions are running high.

    You know what my son said?

    He said, so this Cazorla isn’t a complete wanker then.

    That made me laugh as much as you calling me the ‘Fun Sponge”

  59. Tony

    Just watched the Manure Roma highlights.

    Roma are 7th in the league 24 points behind the league leaders: Inter Milan.

    We are 10th and 31 points behind City at the top and 21 points behind Manure in 2nd.

    Squeaky bum time then if we get past Villareal and perhaps hope for the same hotel chef who managed to serve Lasagna food poisoning the Spuds the night before a crucial last game of the season against West Ham for 2005/2006 CL qualification.

    I just feel we will need all the luck and footballing gods on our side to win the cup.

    Not saying we can’t beat Manure in a cup final just saying the odds are stacked against us with Arteta making the team selection, and his very poor in-game management.

    Sure to be red cards in that game.

  60. Habesha Gooner

    Just watched Arteta’s press conference after the game. The sheer arrogance is why he will probably fail. He doesn’t admit mistakes. He just brushed off playing in a false 9 by saying it was a decision I made and that is it. And he also pointed out that we didn’t score goals with 3 strikers on the pitch this season.

    Well that decision was shit. He never learns from his mistakes. And he believes he doesn’t make any. We need to get him out. Last night was just pure luck and Saka’s never give up attitude. There was no plan or way to win it We could easily be down 3 0 for the return leg. And whatever the result till the final, Arteta isn’t the guy for us. I see it fully now.

  61. Kegunner

    Reading Arsenal managerial history. The club made tentative offers to Ferguson but installed Graham. Just imagine if the club had Ferguson then Wenger.

  62. Guns of SF


    Its his arrogance that caused a lot of issues in the first half of the season. His non negotiables, his rigid style, his unable to adapt, man management, and the list goes on. Even now, his set up and in game management are still shit. no progress.

    I never wanted him and want him out. He is not the one for us. Get us a Rodgers or someone with better experience…. and who can manage and find good talent

    Never understood the love in for Arteta… our record speaks for itself. he has the luxury of excuses. like covid, like taking over mid year from emery, like not having a full 2 years and the list goes on.

    Im just tired man…

  63. Habesha Gooner

    I wanted him out after that horrible run before December. But I sat on the fence after that because we would have great performances once in a while. Like the away leg at Slavia Prague. And I was hoping he could translate it to a lot more matches. But he hasn’t been able to. And what annoys me most is there is preferential treatment for certain players. He doesn’t do what makes sense. I would actually understand if he made a logical decision and we lost. But no he has to try to act and decide like pep. It is pure arrogance. Pep is a genius at finding spaces to attack. Even he overcomplicates things at crucial times. Arteta sadly can’t even be half as good at finding ways and spaces to win matches. Either we bite the bullet at the end of the season or we will learn the hard way down the line that he isn’t pep the 2nd. He is just average Arteta.

  64. Tony

    Habesha Gooner
    That’s why I wanted Arteta to be fired before the Villareal game.

    Arteta has myopic vision and only sees what he does as good while others like you and me see the real damage he has done and continues to do to the club.

    Sociopath or just plain stupid seems to fit the description for the generational one as neither is going to admit to their mistakes.

    What baffles me is how do the AKBs feel Arteta does no wrong?

  65. Guns of SF

    next year he plays martin as a 9 and we win more games.
    Its what we have been saying all year…. he is just to prideful to go with what most of the world sees. He must be different or show that he is not moved by what is popular with the fans… Like he is just too smart, too good and the rest of the world are idiots

    Never understood the hype about him… in no way are we better than last year. We were so shit this yaer, that when we began to get better, it seemed like a great improvement but in reality its nothing special.

    He was a boring player, and a boring manager. He is likely a boring person too

    We need someone dynamic who can play attacking football. Make us fun to watch and the players enjoy playing. id rather lose 3-4 than 1 nil ….

    Im not feeling that great about the EL now… but I think we can get by next week. Its the final that is already making me have anxiety

  66. GS88

    Haven’t posted on here from since about December.

    At first I was willing to give Arteta a chance. But we cannot afford to carry a rookie manager, who is still learning on the job.

    It feels like he is making it up as he goes along. He is not Pep, and will never be Pep. He’s been here 18 months now and apart from the FA Cup, he hasn’t done anything.

    I’ve got nothing against the guy, but even if we win the Europa League (unlikely), he has to be removed from his duties.

  67. Thank you and goodnight


    His management skills are a la mourinho circa 2003-2012, problem is footballs moved on and belittling players, dropping them from games to keep their ego in check etc etc doesn’t work in 2021. It’s why these last 5 years Maureen is struggling. Arteta is a fuckwit. Surely nobody can make excuses for him now. The guy is an imbecile, 18 months on and diet Pepe has forgotten we’re not city and haven’t got players to play false 9

  68. Leftside

    He’s not very bright (in football management at least), literally a few minutes before Ceballos got the red card my friend texted me to say that he should come off before it’s too late. Everyone on here said the same thing, yet when the inevitable occured, Arteta was on the sidelines behaving surprised. His in game management is terrible.

    There was no viable reason to play without a striker, not in a game that our horrific season relied on. Yet, thats how we lined up. After a few minutes when it was clear it wasn’t working Arteta should have changed it up. There’s no need to try to be too clever, when your not even that smart to begin with when it comes to football management.

    FA Cup aside, Arteta has been an egomaniacal disaster. He replaced Emery who for all his faults took us to 5th (a couple off the CL) and since we’ve had Arteta our standards are falling lower, our league position is, but the excuses from him and people who support him are at an all time high. We got a very risky appointment incorrect.

  69. Thank you and goodnight


    You couldn’t make it up, problem was fergie would of come to us if they’d allow him to come after the World Cup . He was Scotland’s interim manager ( I think) . Arsenal being arrogant and incompetent ( remind anyone of our current board and owners ) refused and opted for GG instead. At least that’s story I’ve heard as well. Don’t know how true it is really

  70. Ishola70

    Just looking at their goals again.

    Xhaka wasn’t at fault for the first goal and to be fair to him he stood up pretty well throughout the match at LB even if he looks uncomfortable at times. Ceballos was the main culprit for that first goal. He done his duty in getting back to help Xhaka but when he arrived on the scene he failed with a weak ass tackle.

    Second goal the great Rob Holding was in no-mans land and got too easily beaten for the flick-on that saw their defender connect to and get their second goal.

    On both goals conceded Partey is very slow to react in his own penalty area to danger. Both goals.

  71. TeeCee

    Odegaard offers very little, 1 good game since he joined. It’s a massive mistake to push ESR wide to allow Ode to play, Arteta continually damages Arsenal by his desire to not only play his favourites but also by NOT playing those who deserve a chance.
    Arteta out!!

  72. Bishans

    Arsenal this season:
    Matches played ▪︎▪︎ 51
    No of wins ▪︎▪︎ 25
    No of draws ▪︎▪︎ 9
    No of losses ▪︎▪︎ 17
    Yes!! You read that right. we have lost seventeen games in all competitions. We still have 6 more games to play and you wouldn’t bet against the generational one to probably break another record by losing 3 more games.
    There was no process to trust with this clown.
    In any system, the inputs = outputs.
    We have put in rusted iron and we’re expecting 18 Karat Gold.
    Get the arrogant senile fraud out.

  73. Tony

    You genuinely got to feel for Pedro.

    I think if we win the cup (huge if), then Arteta leaves or is fired, it gives Pedro some credibility to hang onto: 2 cups and a Micky mouse shield., would have to be a break even for everyone.

    New manager and we all start again united for once I hope.

  74. Foxy

    As I mentioned a while back Arteta is the David Brent of football management. Read all the books, sounds intelligent, but is in fact a complete wanker. We are a Sequel to the Office called the Club😬

  75. Captain Tierney

    Arteta made a big mistake with the lineup yesterday but people who are saying Bellerin should have started over Chambers, either
    1- Havent watched Arsenal for the past few months
    2- Dont have a football brain or
    3- Just despise Arteta so much, will say anything to berate him