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Here we go. The big one. Unai Emery has his chance to seek out vengeance against his ex-club. The Emeryista are sharpening their cuck talons, the #ArtetaOut brigade are penning tweets to save into their drafts, the whole world is watching for what happens at the Ceramica stadium this evening.

The importance of the tie cannot be underestimated.

A loss won’t see Arteta out of a job, it’ll just mean he loses vital fan capital in the stadium next season.

A win doesn’t claw back the love, but it goes a long way towards repairing the shame of this season.

The game is two legs, but it won’t be treated like that by the fans. There will be no ‘well, the second leg is more important.’ Tonight needs a massive performance. We’ve sputtered in the league for the last 6 weeks. There have been some bright moments, but not many.

We’re roughly 18 months into this project, there needs to be some joy. A shot at silverware is the Fairy liquid to the tarred wings of this season. Trophies have a way of making you forget, like parents with money after they’ve spanked you in a Tesco car park in front of your friends FOR SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T EVEN DO. They are a managerial elixir.

Arteta knows this, I think the players do as well.

Unai Emery has conducted himself well since he left. He called Arteta and offered his team an offboarding meeting, which is rare in football and very professional. He also tried to sell him a house, which is very Del Boy, but also quite amusing.

Emery is a god in this competition, he’s a master over two legs, he’ll fancy himself this ebening.

Arteta needs to show that he’s the better coach. He needs a smarter plan, better-motivated players, and some decisive moments to go our way.

Barcelona abused the backline of Villareal at the weekend. Good movement with variety will unlock chances… but that openness comes with problems up the other end. They have nimble players that can break at speed and unlock crowded boxes. They’ll also be a danger from setpieces.

Key to tonight, we need to have a calm opening 20 minutes. From there, we have to take the game to them. We’re not good enough to play for a 0-0 and a 1-1 would be VERY worrying

Off topic.

I did hear some rumblings that Arsenal is sniffing around Coutinho again for a potential loan move next season. That’s worrying on a few levels.

  1. It indicates that Odegaard might not be coming back.
  2. It shows that the club has NOT learned its lesson with older players
  3. It would show that we’re not even doing the basics like assessing injury records.

Now, the flipside of this is that Coutinho, however you cut it, is absolutely top drawer as a player. He shoots, he scores, he assists, he can control… and he’ll have a chip on his shoulder.

BUT… since April 24th 2020, he’s missed 233 days due to injury. He’s barely managed 10 games worth of minutes this season. If you want to make an impact in the Premier League, you need to be fit.

Barcelona has been trying to rid themselves of him since they bought him.

We have been here over and over and over again, are the club really going to go down this path again? Have we learned nothing?

We’ll see.

Let’s make it through this evening before we get too worked up about a rumour that is painfully believable.

See you in the comments.


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  1. Habesha Gooner

    Being lucky doesn’t excuse all the shit decisions arteta has made all night. He needs to go at the end of the season. If it was up to me I would cheer him on to win the Europa league and fire him at the end. Like Louis Van Gaal at manure.

  2. Elmo

    How many times has Partey turned the ball over in our own third, piling pressure on our defence and specifically Xhaka?

  3. Kegunner

    Challenge is Arsenal lacks midfielders that can think quickly and hold onto the ball Aouar at any price was required this season. Might have gotten more with party.

  4. Lacaqualidie

    Zimmie – the problem is that’s all they can do from that side as we’ve just witnessed. If Chukwueze could use his right foot for more than stopping him falling over he’d have got a dangerous cross in.

  5. vickingz

    Can’t stand watching leno, he’s such a useless player, he would rather have the ball and be watching than to quickly play a counter

  6. Elmo

    Under the circumstances we have to be very happy with the result. Every chance to go through against poor opposition. Emery will be furious.

  7. Matt

    Partey doesn’t have the quality around him. How long is that excuse going to run for. Who he has plying with him has no bearing on his ability to bring a ball under control or make simple five yard passes.

  8. Graham

    Elneny and Willian – Arteta is actually just trolling us now.

    Hopefully the last thing he ever does and his intern programme is ended tomorrow.

  9. Lacaqualidie

    We could have smashed that lot with a decent line up and a manager who didn’t try to micro-manage what’s going on on the pitch.

  10. Habesha Gooner

    I will admit he had a bad game today. But he will come good. This is like the 4th month he has played with us. If he doesn’t come good at the start of next season I will hold my hands up. Continuity and consistency with his passing will come with rhythm. Just give him till the end of the season.

  11. TeeCee

    Absolute dross. Yet another dire game, after god knows how many dire games we’ve played this season. It’s utter shit, no defending it, we are piss poor and after a year and a half, Arteta has sorted NOTHING. Allardyce would do better than Arteta, it’s a disgrace he is still at the club.

  12. Samir

    Shit game. Arteta is to blame. We could have won had he chosen the right line up / made some subs.

    Same shit every game. He should be sacked.

  13. Time up

    At least we gave ourselves a chance now in spite of the Con Man with his stupid selection and not subbing Ceba and chambers for Martinelli and Cedric in the second half.

  14. Danny

    Decent 2nd half, 1 nil at home will do the job if Arteta selects a proper starting 11 and not like he did today.

  15. Jim Lahey

    It is amazing how far this club has fallen.
    Even if we do squeak through to the final it will be an absolute mauling by United. It will be Baku, but worse.

  16. Dissenter

    Why make an experiment in the biggest game of the season

    He could have done dry run against Everton . He didn’t but he chose tonight to roll the dice

  17. Kegunner

    Partey had a great midfield at Athletico. Arsenal need to buy at the centre of the park. For one the best midfielder at the club is Smith Rowe.

  18. JOEL

    In the end it looks close…could even have snatched a draw….but frankly they were a shambles and there is only one person to blame for that…

  19. TheLegendaryDB10

    Elneny and Willian …. guffaws all around as these 2 clowns collect whatever money for being played.

    Well that’s that.


    A mountain to climb and a generational manager to oversee the climb.

    Can he do it and win it? Will it be his final hurrah???

    Unpredictable with Atrteta with his constant tactical changes.

  20. Buzzy

    Im surprised with the lack of outrage here against Arteta…have we seriously fallen so behind to have such low expectations?

  21. Trask

    Awful game awful officials

    Ceballos is utterly garbage
    Dont know who’s worse at this point. Him or Arteta

    Villareal are fucking average its pitiful yet Arteta goes the cautious route Instead of pressing them from the off

    He should be managing Everton or some other mid table team.thats his level

    Oh wait…

  22. Matt


    I’m not sure. I think technically he has issues and mentally he isn’t there and that can’t be blamed on time in the league. Can you imagine vieira letting someone ghost past him like Partey did for the second goal.

    As always, I hope I’m wrong because otherwise we have another dud. He has his moments, but the jury is well And truly out for me.

  23. Time up

    The average Le Grover was screaming 10 mins before Ceba got send off, we can all see it. The only man could not see it was the Con Artist our manager.

  24. Paulie

    Martinelli needs to start producing when he gets these opportunities. He’s a headless chicken running all over the place, totally overrated by everyone on here.
    Ps. Fuck off Arteta

  25. Danny

    One word lads and one word only: SAKA
    Without him we’d be absolutely nowhere this season.
    One of our greatest ever players we are witnessing.

  26. Ishola70

    Well that’s got to feel like a victory after being 2-0 down and down to ten men.

    The Leno save at 2-0 down to prevent 3-0 down could prove the golen moment.

    Bummery’s team are bang average and you have to ask why we found ourselves 2-0 down in the first place to such an average. Maybe because we are quite average ourselves.

    Credit to Saka for making something happen with his run that led to the penalty. He showed maturty beyond his years there looking for that Villarreal touch in the box.

    These lot can be taken out in the second leg.

    Aubameyang showed at the end there what he could do to them if he starts the second leg.

    Overall not a high quality game but given how it was looking for Arsenal at one point a very satisfactory fresult.

    So we can take them out in the second leg but we may also ask how can we actually lose a match to Bummery the lowest of the Bums.

  27. WengerEagle

    I mean after the way we shat the bed at home to Olympiacos last year, you’d be a brave man backing us to beat Villarreal next week even in spite of how bang average they are.

  28. Champagne Charlie

    Tierney will be huge if he can make next week, Xhaka needs to be back at CM with Partey, hopefully with Laca through the middle.

    We need to improve our potency tenfold or it’s bye, bye.

  29. Trask

    Saka should have been penalised for that blatant dive.

    How VAR allowed that to stand ild never know

    Ceballos second yellow was not one. He was only stretching for the ball and wasn’t intentionally stamping. Still is average though

    Capoues cards were not

  30. Lacaqualidie

    Well there we go, it is what it is. I should be excited that we are in with a chance of getting to and winning a EL final, but I’m more excited to see what Mike and the Wheeler Dealer team are going to do to a car…… and I’ve seen the episode before.

  31. Captain Tierney

    Leno save keeps us in the tie.
    What was Mari doing in that move. He was very poor throughout the game
    Martinelli energy up top was crucial to our goal. He also won 2 aerial duels against 6’2″ in in that phase to keep the move alive.

    Arteta tried to copy Pep’s no striker strategy and it fell straight on his face. What a freaking disaster of a first 45.

    Ceballos has made 4 errors leading to goals in the Europa and then he unnecessarily stamps on Parejo. What a freaking idiot. And he was having a good game up until then. Seriously needs to be kicked out.

  32. vickingz

    @paulie, martinelli should be waiting for balls? He should be doing better with what balls? How many times did he get passed to?

  33. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t think that is down to technical ability. I see him rushing his passes. He can play. You can see it with the timing of his defense splitting passes. I see him making rushed decisions. I think I see the same with his shots too. Technical ability is all there. Remember that laca goal at Sheffield. He won’t be kanye covering every grass though. At the start of next season, hopefully with a new manager you will see a more consistent Partey.

  34. SAGG

    Best thing of lose to Villarreal in the semis next week

    1- Avoid being battered by United in the final
    2- Clear fact that Emery is better than Arteta
    3- No CL or EL so we can get rid of Willian Pepe and Auba
    4- All season campaign Kroenke Out like.never before
    5- Bye Bye Arteta
    6- No Laca renewal

    A lot of positives if we fail now, but if we fail in the final Arsenal. will have all. the excuses. in the world, just like Baku.

    So if we are not going to win the cup, then I prefer to lose next week.

  35. Buzzy

    The sweetest sight will be seeing Arteta being humbled when he eventually gets the sack and seeing his sorry face when he’s managing a Burnley or a West brom

    He talks about wanting egoless players. What about the cunts own ego?

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s squad looks exceedingly thin and it showed in the first hour.

    Our defence without Tierney looks vulnerable on the left side and I am sorry but the idea that we are forced to play Ceballos in our starting lineup continues to highlight how weak our resources in Central Midfield really are. Ceballos is an absolute “nothing player”.

    Aubameyang had a decent chance at end of game, but to be hones he looks exceedingly “haggard” after his bout of malaria. I think that it will take time for him to recover from his

  37. Ishola70

    All players now look for the touch from defenders to go down in the box.

    That’s why I don’t give a shit about VAR.

    The whole thing is a circus.

    I say credit to Saka for playing the circus.

  38. LeMassiveCoq

    Starting to doubt..

    We’re lucky Foyth injured as he was tearing us apart.

    If we can get Tierney fit for next week..we might have a chance.

  39. Matt

    In a season of strange decisions, Arteta outdid himself today.

    We always, always make it more difficult for ourselves. If we’re not fucking ourselves with individual mistakes, Arteta is fucking us with baffling decisions.

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    There is a plan. Usually consists of getting our wide and crossing it in to our strikers who are no good in the air. Funny thing is the best header of the ball we have upfront is Martinelli, and Arteta won’t start him for some reason

  41. Ishola70

    Come on.

    If we can’t take out a side that fucked up being 2-0 up against ten men then we must noit just be average but rank bad.

    Aubameyang will take them to the sword in the second leg.

    They are only a small club Villarreal. They have small town mentality.

  42. Dissenter

    “Told y’all arteta would outsmart himself, didn’t he? He just loves complicating simple issues

    Yes, he makes the beautiful game so ugly.
    He’s not growing into the job.

  43. SAGG

    Mr Serge

    It is reality. We are shit. We will lose 4-0 against United in the final they just battered Roma, a tema much better than Villarreal in every single aspect.

    So why do we need to go the same painful road again being ashamed in an European Final and why do we need to let Arteta keeps his job just because he reached that final? Repeating the same absurd thing that happened with Emery but worse because that time we were 5th in the league now we are 10th