Arteta drops an injury madness?

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There I was, sitting on my computer, all depressed… then BANG… Mikel drops an injury surprise for the ages.

Kieran Tierney > in contention

Auba > in contention

LACA > in contention

What in the damn name of horse placenta wizardry is this?

Now, who knows if any of them start, but someone did send me some information on Kolo that stated he was fit a week after contracting malaria. Auba as a #9? Oof… sexy times at the Hotel Ceramica.

Those three players, regardless of the start, give the Villareal tie a whole new dimension this Thursday.

I caught a bit of all the games at the weekend. It is worth noting that not one club in the semi-finals mustered a win. All played out drossy games. Roma lost to relegation fodder Cagliari. United drew to Leeds United with the title still on. Arsenal lost to Everton. Villareal lost to Barcelona.

I watched some of Unai Emery’s offering at home to Barcelona. It wasn’t great. Clearly, it’s going to be a tougher game than the Slavia Prague one. If we show up like we’ve won, we’ll come away with nothing. That said, we have the quality to win, of that there is no doubt.

Barcelona got in behind them with ease an uncomfortable amount of times in the opening 25 minutes.

Their defence didn’t look particularly organized, they’ve conceded over a goal a game this season, so not really a shock. Villareal’s off the ball work felt very much like it did when Emery was at Arsenal.

The two goals they conceded had a soft, warm, comfort I was familiar with. Goal #1 was a long ball over the top, Griezmann a sublime chip to finish. The second was an Arsenal special, a poor defensive back pass that slipped in Griezmann for #2.

We’ll cause problems with our movement. Ideally, we’ll go there with pace through our #9. I’d certainly weaponise the pace of Gabriel if it’s on offer. His runs and explosive energy could be bothersome. If we have Auba available, we need to surround him with energy and ideas. Nicolas Pepe would be well suited to a team you can get in behind. So would all the younger forward players we have. We need intelligence in there though, ESR, Saka and Odegaard pulling strings and interchanging positions will be a lot for them to handle. We will absolutely create chances.

Arsenal will have to really think about the way they defend. Villareal have ideas from set-pieces, it’s almost classic English football at times. They created 3-4 really good opps and Chukueze really is a live wire, the sort of player that can create something out of nothing. His pace up against Xhaka would be a very big concern for me. Emery, a man who has very little love for Granit, will no doubt be hoping that’s how we line up.

Our approach has to be about goals, no 0-0s or playing for one goal. Take advantage of the away goals, don’t leave with a result that puts us on the back foot. If we score 3, it’s going to be very tough for them to come back into the game. I don’t think that is beyond us.

What is not beyond this Arsenal side is a dull and lifeless performance with an early error.

I really hope the flat performances in the league are because the players are thinking about making a Cup Final. We need to leave everything on the pitch, Arteta needs to have the players fired up, the fans need something to feel good about.

No one wants to spend the next week wondering if a 1-1 draw is enough.

Unai Emery is a beast in this competition. We all watched him out-think Klopp a few years ago. He let Liverpool explode at them for 60 minutes, then turned on the afterburners when they were knackered.

We are not beyond a beating on Thursday night. There’s something extra on this for Unai. He’s a wounded animal, we need to be fucking sharp.

The press conference gave me a bit of heart. Arteta doesn’t look phased. He’s confident, he was using words like ‘excited’ to describe the atmosphere and he seemed very at ease. Not the look of the man we saw before the Chelsea game.

Hopefully, our players are feeling it. The fact that Tierney, Lacazette and Auba are all in contention tells you this: the players are behind the project. Putting your body on the line when you could easily sit the game out is a real boost as far as I’m concerned.

So let’s do it. Let’s get through this week in good spirits and finish the job next Thursday. We need a big effort from minute one to whenever the game finishes out. We are good enough, let’s see that convert on the pitch.

Finally, Daniel Ek spoke to biz news about his desire to buy Arsenal. I’d love to think he had a chance, but the main question he can’t answer is ‘how do you make non-sellers sell’ and there’s not a view on it. Publicly gunning for KSE doesn’t feel like a strategy married to who they are as people. But hey, who knows, I’m not a billionaire, so I’ll leave it ot them.

Right, listen to my podcast then get in the comments.

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  1. Tony

    The only person you need to worry about is Arteta.

    Do you trust him to make the right selection and tactics (handbrake?) and in game management?

  2. Gonsterous

    I really want to trust the process under arteta but his process involves only the transfer window. No idea on how to develop younger players or get the most out of his team.

    In typical pep lite fashion he needs a 100m in the next window and even that does not guarantee us anything.

  3. Dream10

    Need a result tonight. My guess is that Arteta will go for a conservative lineup. Lacazette as the #9 with Willian and Saka as the wide guys.

    Cedric Holding Mari Xhaka
    Partey Ceballos
    Willian ESR Saka

  4. Tony

    Some people are content with going with the flow and see the FA cup as something that covers all future club incompetence from top to the pitch.

    Others like me demand competent senior management, sound decision making processes born out of well thought out and data driven player acquisition fitting the team identity for a balanced squad with a cohesive winning mentality.

    My life is just fine, thanks and will be even better when Arteta has left the building.

    Just to reiterate fell free to skip my posts.

    Like every fan I’m praying for a win, but that doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy about the shit show going on at the club on and off the pitch.

    Enjoy the game.

  5. DigitalBob

    I’d settle for a 1-0 tonight. Important not to head into the second league needing to score. Preferably Laca upfront with Auba off the bench in the second half to run at a tired Villarreal defense.

    Probably vital that Tierney plays as Xhaka will be targeted if he’s playing left back again.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    I have just read your post suggesting that Kroenke’s motive for owning Arsenal is “profit”.

    Arsenal has not made a profit since Kroenke took over owning the club in August 2018. Indeed he spent more money on buying the club than any other owner in world football.

    So I don’t think that Kroenke’s main motive is profit and his drawings from the club since
    he took control are minimal.

    Personally I think that his main motive for owing the club is the “Arsenal Brand”, which
    despite all the negatives frequently posted on Le Grove is rated one of the best in World Football.

    Kroenke is not going to sell the club anytime in the foreseeable future UNLESS someone of
    real substance makes an offer which he cannot refuse. The Co-owner of Spotify is not that
    person. It would take someone with far deeper pockets than him to convince Kroenke to

  7. englandsbest

    Only a global financial disaster would persuade the Koenkes to sell the Club – but such a disaster would wipe out wot-the-Ek too. So let’s get real, we are stuck with Stan. Time was when an empty Emirates might have driven him out. But that was pre-pandemic.

    On the other hand, I believe the Kroenkes have finally cottoned on. Emiratestroller is right, Stan bought the Club for its ‘brand’ name. ButAn Arsenal out of the elite is like Coca-cola without the fizz.

    I am an optimist so I”m expecting a win tonight – maybe 3-1 – provided Tierney is playing.

  8. Guns of Brixton

    “”Daniel Ek is expected to submit an offer of £1.8bn to buy Arsenal within the next few days (sky) ,””

    Insane to refer to 1.8 bn as not being enough. Football has become the plaything of the extremely wealthy.

    Anyhow this won’t nudge Kronke a millimetre. We need Bruce Wayne to try bid for Arsenal.

  9. Valentin


    The Kroenke do not care about the brand. If they did, they would have put more effective people in charge of the commercial arm of Arsenal. Our commercial deal have mostly been poor, especially when you compare to Spurs, Bayern. The biggest help for growing commercial revenue is success on the pitch.

    Like I wrote before, Kroenke is an asset accumulator.
    He is not interested in assets generating a vast income, because he is already a billionaire. He just want assets that long term will grow irrespective of what he does with it. Property asset is his specialty.

    The problem he is facing is that he took a massive gamble on a property deal with the Rams in LA, just as the market started to plateau. COVID inflicted further massive pain on the project.

    Add that the Arsenal side project that was supposed to an easy run is now showing sign of running aground. The ESL is dead for the next two years, simply because there is no easy way to bypass the UK, German, French current political will to keep the status quo. The Spanish and Italian clubs may still be dreaming of it, but their counterparts know that right now they can’t win that battle.

    So he may be facing a cashflow issue in a couple of years. No or lower revenue for two years while he has to repay that $500 millions emergency loan will put him under pressure to divest some of his assets. Arsenal may be the easiest to sell.

    If you listen to Daniel Ek interview, it is clear that he does not expect the Kroenke to sell right away. However he is going to stalk them for the next two years. By publicly stalking them, he gains popularity, but more importantly he puts in the mind of the bankers that there is a credible buyer. So if the Kroenke encounter serious cashflow issue, their bankers may put pressure on him to negotiate.

    It is exactly the same process that the so call boardroom hedge fund activists do. They incite 800lbs gorilla (bankers, pension funds, …) to put pressure on the 600lbs gorilla (massive company, …).

  10. Rich

    Will Spotify last?

    We’ve gone from vinyl to cassette tapes, to CD’s, to downloads through the Apple store, and now there’s Apple Music + Spotify

    The market moves

    Stan Kroenke is worth $10 billion and has fixed assets, his wife is from one of the richest families on the planet, and like it or not, that brings a certain amount of security

    KSE have been a disaster for Arsenal, but past performances are no guarantee of future results

    There’s nothing to say KSE won’t pull a couple of visionaries from somewhere, even if it’s more through luck than judgment

    There’s nothing to say a new owner wouldn’t use club revenue in order to meet interest or capital repayments, that they wouldn’t look for dividends, or saddle us with even more debt, and there’s no guarantee they’d be more competent either

    We shouldn’t fall into the trap that new automatically equals better

    I’m definitely open to a new owner, but it’s got to be the right one, someone who brings the right level of expertise, drive, energy and innovation, but who also has a large amount of financial clout behind them, not so much for investment, because smart people will find a way for us to be competitive within our resources

    But as security in a volatile economy, and in an industry where revenue is highly malleable

    Emirates stroller

    KSE paid roughly £1,050,000,000 for Arsenal, the club is valued at around £1.8 billion

    But could fetch more than £2 billion

    KSE have made roughly £750 million from their 14 year association with Arsenal, but would likely cash out with over a billion profit if they put the club for sale today

    Not bad work if you can get it

  11. shaun

    Valentin you should not have to spell it out time and again
    “Kroenke is an asset accumulator.
    He is not interested in assets generating a vast income, because he is already a billionaire. He just want assets that long term will grow irrespective of what he does with it. Property asset is his specialty.”
    that should be clear and pretty accurate as to what Kronke is about so please no more stupid questions better to talk about the game tonight with is of more interest

  12. andy1886

    Billionaires are only interested in one thing. A ‘brand name’ without a monetary benefit means nothing to them. What Stan wants is an appreciating asset. If a long term decline sets in to football as a whole he wuld probably sell but as long as club values continue to increase he’s going nowhere.

    According to Angry of Islington who did an excellent breakdown of all share purchases made by Stan as he became the sole shareholder he spent a total of £1.029 billion ($1.436 billion USD) on the club. The actual club value to date is obviously whatever someone is wiling to pay for it but according to Forbes who produce rankings of these things Arsenal is currently worth (as of 12/4/21) $2.8 billion or £2 billion GBP.

    So it’s pretty clear that Stan’s investment has approximately doubled in value in a relatively short period and I’m sure he expects it to increase further despite any short term covid related impact.

  13. andy1886

    Rich, looks like we’re singing from the same hymn sheet on this one.

    As an added bonus if someone where to buy the club they would still have to pay off the loan that Stan is owed, as you say not bad work at all.

  14. shaun

    and that’s why it should be pretty obvious the spotty guy is having a laugh , he needed an opening offer of 2.5 BIL to even get a side glance from the krownies

  15. Rich

    If I had to take a punt on someone buying Arsenal

    I’d say that Wenger would be behind it, he’s brilliant at networking, likely knows a lot of extremely wealthy people

  16. Chris

    “ Will Spotify last?We’ve gone from vinyl to cassette tapes, to CD’s, to downloads through the Apple store, and now there’s Apple Music + Spotify”

    As off topic it’s an interesting question. I read some time ago a speculative article that in the future a chip would be planted somewhere in the body and it would store all your favourite music, it then interacts with AirPods/whatever’s is new at the time. You could be certain Apple would have their mitts over something like that.

    Otherwise where else is there for ‘personal stereo’ tech to go? Anyone now can have access to millions of songs wherever they go at any time.

    Anyway the only music I want to hear later is ‘good old Arsenal’!

  17. andy1886

    Rich: We know Wenger’s negotiating style, if the club is worth £2Bn he’ll open with an offer of £500m and a book of Green Shield Stamps (kids ask your parents).

  18. Terraloon


    Following ES posing about Kronke not in it for profit I did some back of a fag packet calculations

    In Nov2011 KSE at most had paid £460 million for his 62.89% share. The reason I say at most because it’s difficult to know exactly how much he had paid for his initial shareholding. Arsenal at that point was valued as being worth £731million.

    The value at this point for each share in his bid document was £11700 .

    InAugust 2018 he paid Usmanov £550 million for his shareholding of 30% of the overall shares so Usmanonov sold KSE approx 18665 shares so that was circa £29400 a share which at that point valued the clubs value at around £1.83 billion

    Exactly when he purchased the other 7.11% isn’t straight forward but let’s say he paid the same £29400 for those 4423 shares at most that’s another £ 130 million. It’s likely that 0.89% of the overall shares was sold at £11700 so the likelihood is it’s under a£100 million rather than £130.

    So at most it’s £460 million, £550 million+£ 130 million= £1.14 billion. I suspect Angry has spent more time on tracking sell dates but what’s a£111 million between friends

    Huge growth on his investment or potential profit !

  19. Rich

    The other thing to look at is the exchange rates

    The pound was trading at $1.22 last May, it’s now trading at $1.39

    So if he sold the club for £2 billion last May, that would have been $2,440,000,000

    If he sold it for £2 billion today that would be $2,780,000,000

    The spending spree Biden is about to go on threatens to further decrease the value of the US $

    Any money KSE currently invested into the club, would potentially be worth significantly less than it was just 12 months ago

  20. Rich

    If KSE want to invest their own money into Arsenal it’ll cost them significantly more

    Unless they have multi currency accounts with a lot of £’s in it

    A £40 million investment into the club would have been €48,800,000 last May

    Investing £40 million into the club today would cost them $55,600,000

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Yes the Kroenkes are asset accumulators, but his track record is to buy only the best. By all
    accounts he is a connoisseur of wine and has bought one of the finest vineyards in Burgundy. He has also bought one of the most historic and largest ranches in USA.

    Like many super rich people of his background I do think that he has appreciation of what he bought with Arsenal.

    There is some evidence however that since he took full ownership of the club that he is now
    willing to invest in the club. The real issue with him is that he lacks personal understanding
    of the English game of football and in consequence he has inherited or recruited the wrong
    people to run the club and advise him.

    My guess is that he was seriously stung by the recent criticism about how the club handled
    ESL negotiations and what has ensued.

    I think that he will authorise this summer an uplift in spending on the team. Hopefully the
    money will be properly spent on quality players to improve team.

  22. Foxy

    If we fail to get into the CL of EUL next season and continue to post losses then the value of AFC could fall significantly and keep declining until somehow we can get back to the top table. If we win the EUL then Kroenke will stay put, if we don’t then they may be tempted to sell high why they can.

  23. Rich

    I don’t necessarily buy the argument we need “huge” investment into the team

    Our biggest issue is our squad is far too big, we pay average players far too much, and they don’t want to leave, and our squad lacks balance

    We’ve invested big wages into players with no resale value, expecting to see that return on investment on the pitch

    But those investments into senior players with no resale value has been a disaster

    It’s a buyers market, the concern is when I see links with Coutinho

    Another Kia special, for a player who’s almost 29, on extortionate wages, will hold no resale value, and has been injured all season

    We need to identify talent on the way up, not established talent on the way down

    We need players who won’t cost us the earth in wages, and who’s values we can increase rather than investing in players we’ll likely end up having to pay to leave

  24. Grouvillegooner

    Kroenke’s position is that he views football in the same way as the NFL which is why he was so keen on the ESL project. The problem for Stan is the relegation and promotion issue. Until he invests in the team it is unlikely that Arsenal will get back in to the Champions league apart from the occasional season when we might come fourth. Without champions league football we will remain as the “new” Everton comfortable in the Prem but never a threat for anything. Our “brand” value will decrease slowly but will still have premier league status/value. The ESL was his “get out of investing further for free card”. He is not going to sell in the short term at least.
    He probably has now to make a stick or twist decision concerning his investment.. On track record my hunch is that he will stick, on the basis that he is still making a reasonable return on his investment in the long term which is not good news for us supporters and the unusual European idea of blowing money on transfers and uncapped salaries will not appeal.
    Stan is not in it to make annual profit or drawings from the business he is in it to make a capital return which he will do by merely sitting on the shares and waiting for Prem league club values to go up.

  25. karim

    « As off topic it’s an interesting question. I read some time ago a speculative article that in the future a chip would be planted somewhere in the body and it would store all your favourite music »

    It’s already there mate, I read, like 2 years ago, that some damn fools in a Barcelona nightclub had already had one planted into their wrist so that they can get their drinks faster.

    In addition, more and more companies are trying to have their staff members get one just to enter the building where they work…

    Brilliant, ain’t it ?

  26. Captain Tierney

    Ek seems like a fan of the club and I would love to have a fan owner but his 1.8 Billion probably wont even be looked at by the Kroenkes.

    It is however a win-win for Ek and the fans as well. Ek has been publicly calling out the ownership at Arsenal (indirectly).
    The Kroenkes wont sell, that is near certain but what this takeover attempt will make them do is take notice.

    There have been reports in recent days that Kroenkes will be investing in the first team this summer. If we make CL + get an additional 40-50 mil help from the Kroenkes we could go out and buy 3-4 first team players propelling us from mid table obscurity to a top 5 team at least.
    If we don’t make the CL, then a Kroenke investment will be a necessity if we are to have any hopes of finishing in the top 6 next season.

    The current squad is not good enough. We are relying on a 19yo, a 20yo and a 22yo loanee to win us every game. Our 3rd choice CM options are Ceballos and Elneny. These guys wont even get into 5 of the current PL sides. Not good enough.

    We are rejoicing the return of David Luiz. A Chelsea reject, temperamental player who shows up when he wants to. He is our best CB just shows our current level.

    We dont have backup to for a player on whom our whole system is reliant upon (Tierney). We cant play him every 3 days and expect him to be fit the whole season.

    Our Captain who Arteta made a big bet upon is currently in his worst form in the last 6-7 years.

    We need reinforcements and we need them now.

  27. Captain Tierney

    The music and entertainment industry as a whole is very volatile.
    Today we have Spotify, tomorrow another startup might take its place.

    Another reason why Ek would be looking to move some of his cash to a much more stable investment like a highly reputable football club.

  28. Tom

    The chip technology has been in use throughout the blogosphere including Legrove since its inception.
    Not very high tech though, and unlike most other applications where they implant them in various parts of human body, here it’s been worn on one’s shoulders.

  29. Rich

    Leicester picked up Soyuncu for £17 million

    Sold Maguire for £80 million the year later

    Maguire is the more experienced and established player, but I’d prefer Arsenal had Soyuncu over Maguire, because I think he has the higher ceiling, even if we had to wait a while for that investment to mature

    Leicester sold Chilwell for £55 million, but signed James Justin for £6 million the year before

    Their squad planning, scouting and recruitment is brilliant

    Bayern Munich are reportedly signing Omar Richards on a free from Reading this summer

    We reportedly established connections with people close to Jude Bellingham before Edu came in, and talks broke down

    Dortmund paid £22 million, they’d now be in a position to demand 2-3 x that, only 9 months later

    Wenger used to be the master at knowing when to let players go, and then identifying up and coming talent

    Until we improve our scouting + recruitment, it won’t matter how much money they invest

    If we hadn’t pulled Saka + Smith-Rowe out of our academy, it’s worrying where we’d be

  30. Words on a blog


    What with Pedro being a pioneer of “chip on shoulder technology” he should be worth billions by now.

    A cheeky £1.8 billion +£1 for Arsenal should seal the deal with the Kroenkes.

    Then Pedro could install Arteta as Manager-for-Life, and would redirect to

  31. Words on a blog

    Leicester’s “squad planning, scouting and recruitment is brilliant.” That is because Leicester’s ownership and management structure has a strong focus on maximising input from teams working in these areas.

    The Arsenal people involved in squad planning, scouting and recruitment were always secondary to Wenger’s preferences and then to Raul’s contacts book/friendly agents’ recommendations.

    And during the pandemic, they were made redundant.

    All we appear to have now (other than Edu and Mikel’s knowledge) is StatDNA

  32. Rich

    Investing big fees and wages into established stars with no resale value

    Reeks of a club who aren’t confident in their ability to identify talent

    We’re desperate for some talented and proactive talent identifiers

    Virtually everything we do is reactive and poorly thought out

    Instead of promoting Arteta to manager, we should have sacked Edu, and gone and got ourselves either Rangnick or Campos

    Both with proven track records of building back room teams, identifying talent, constructing coherent squads, and adding value in the transfer market, rather than subtracting it

    Hopefully Edu proves me wrong and proves himself a ruthless and astute operator, and has more in his locker than calling his pal Kia

  33. englandsbest

    Who would have thought it! The main item on the agenda here is Stan Kroenke. As someone who has long said that the owner (not the manager) is the driving force (for good or ill) of a major football club, I feel a little smug.

    But it’s pitiful to hear people cry out for yet another mega-billionaire. It goes against the heart and soul of the Club. For those who don’t know, Arsenal was the epitome of dependability and prudence and virtue, Victorian values if you like, the ‘Bank of England’ Club.

    What we should be shouting for is fan ownership. And not the fake ‘say’ that wot-the-Ek offers.

    Is that possible? Of course Will it happen? Probably not. But let’s imagine that it does. Here is how:.

    A company is set up that offers shares – but, unlike the Glazer offer – voting shares. Let’s say three billion pounds worth to cover the purchase price plus first year running cost. Three million shares, one thousand pounds each. There are, reputedly, twenty million fans. Initially, one per person, and then up to ten each, and if that hasn’t raised enough, no limit. Hey presto, three billion pounds.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    No-one suggests that Arsenal needs to follow Chelsea and Man City’s route by spending £170-220 Million as they did last summer.

    The major problem at Arsenal is that we have accumulated over many years unwanted dross and still have quite a lot on the books albeit I suspect that we will offload a number this summer.

    Arsenal’s transfer policy has been dire for a long time and one has to ask the question why we recruited Willian last summer. My guess is that Arsenal will be no longer recruiting such
    players in the future.

    The good news is that we have recruited or promoted recently 4 very talented young players
    and on the evidence of what I have seen there are at least 3-4 in pipeline at Academy level
    who may make the first team level.

    The most impressive player that I have watched is Patino. He is without question the most skilful young English Footballer that Arsenal have recruited in recent times. He has fantastic
    balance and ability to extricate himself even when tackled and his vision and passing skills
    are exceptional. The fact that he has been selected to play for both England and the Club two
    years ahead of his age and captained England U16 at age of 14 suggests that he is special.

    I am not an advocate of Arsenal going into transfer market and buying wholesale, but I do
    believe that we should be able to make at least a couple of strategic acquisitions each year
    preferably in the 22-23 age group.

  35. Leedsgunner

    Credit where credit is due.

    Our loans teams have done a sterling job in sending out our fringe players and our youngsters out on loan.

    Under Wenger loans were used to either embarrass players or punish players that didn’t do the manager’s bidding. Now it seems that most of our loans have a definite purpose and as a consequences most of them have turned out well.

    The sheer number of loans that have been organised this season is impressive. There some really proactive thinking going on with Ben Knapper (loans manager) and his team.

  36. Rich

    Barcelona + Real Madrid are fan owned, but are still a billion + in the red and still haemorrhaging money

    The German model hasn’t prevented a boring monopoly from taking place

    Leadership comes from the top, having too many chiefs, and not enough Indians is a really bad idea

    Three million Arsenal fans can’t agree on anything, and having a £1,000 to invest in a single share, certainly doesn’t qualify anyone to run a business the size of Arsenal football club

    There’s technically nothing wrong with the model KSE want to implement, the issue’s been they haven’t employed and entrusted the right people to pull the strings

    If KSE get the right people to pull the strings, then fans issue their ownership will diminish, and we’ll all have to find something different to whinge about

  37. Valentin


    Earlier Arsenal spinned making the scouting department redundant as a progressive move instead of a bad cost saving exercise. Edu will now rely more on StatDNA rather old fashion scout. To me that was the wrong move, analytics should go hand to hand with scouting rather than replacing it. There is always going to be a brilliant, but yet undiscovered kid playing in a 4th division for a backwater club that is not on any stats report.

    The problem with relying exclusively on StatDNA is that you make your choice based on recommendation from an algorithm. Like anybody who had blindly follow Google map will testify, if the algorithm is wrong or is fed incorrect information, it will led you to the wrong path.

    Getting the algorithm right and providing him with the right input data is a lot more complicated and right now StatDNA does not really have a proven track record of success. Even in the sports like NFL, Baseball and basketball with huge analytical data. Moreover those games easily led themselves to statistical analysis. Football with its low scoring is a lot more complex. See Arteta and his “the model says that we should have won”.

    FSG and their analytics team (used by Liverpool) discovered that in football the difficulties was to create the right vertices and reference points. In comparison, Automating the collection and analysis was easy.

    For example, not all shots on target are the same, not all forward passes are the same. How do you measure that a player is press resistant? By his number of forward passes, by his number of successfully completed forward passes? Does he make always the same kind of passes making him easy to predict and therefore nullify?

    Compared to US sports, football stats are not very detailed. The intelligence is not in the stats it is knowing which stats to create and to analyse. Right now, the noise coming from StatDNA is that they are very good at mathematics, but not so good at creating those reference points.

    My fear is that if StatDNA produces poor suggestions, Edu will fall back on his contact approach: Countinho, Aguero, …

  38. Guns of SF

    Fuck KSE

    If they want to keep the team, show us the money.
    Invest 100M plus this summer.
    Do it again, until we are legit top4.

    Shut us fans up…. do it this way. We will be quiet like mice

  39. andy1886

    Makes me laugh when people go on about StatDNA. Anyone recall who the first players were that StatDNA apparently identified?

    Step forwards Mr Granit Xhaka and Mr Shkrodan Mustafi.

    Hire decent scouts, case closed.

  40. BacaryisGod


    Correct-statistical analysis and traditional scouting should go hand in hand. Having said that, looks like they ignored StatDNA when they signed Runarsson.

  41. BacaryisGod

    My feeling is that the stats and traditional scouting reports need to align if you are going to sign a player.

  42. BacaryisGod

    Mustafi-good stats but headcase. Don’t sign.
    Runarsson-bad stats but flashy reflex saves. Don’t sign.