Ownership rumblings dampen

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Welcome to Tuesday!

The ownership rumours are still swirling, and though I was extremely wrong about the Super League 48 hours, I’m not sure I’ll be so off the mark about KSE switching out to Swedish ownership.

There have been a few rumours that well-connected people have heard Stan is willing to sell. I just can’t see that sort of info finding its way towards Arsenal fans. Stan doesn’t roll in crowds that leak to proles. JP Morgan doesn’t have an insider that runs @Gooner4564. If a deal was going to happen, it’d happen in silence.

More to the point, the Super League might be dead, but I think we’re all living in la la land if we believe that billionaires are going to accept what the fans think and move on. They tried a takeover with force, they failed, and they’ll be back with a subtler type of move… as always.

In a week of fan outrage about competition, Arsenal, Villareal and Roma are about to fight Manchester United for a Champions League spot.

Manchester United failed to make it out of their groups in the richest competition in the world, and they’ve been given a shot in a totally separate trophy just because. It’s outrageous, but it’s a parachute payment for rich clubs.

Even more amusing for me, a week after German clubs said no to the Super League, RB Leipzig lost their head coach to Bayern.

Football is full of hypocrisy.

Stan K lost the battle, but the war rages on, and if there was £500m there last week, there will be 12 billionaire owners chasing it down this week.

The bigger hope for Arsenal fans is that when Stan hands the keys to Josh in the future, the son sells it for an easier life on a yacht.

It’s quite interesting to read Arsenal fans fuss over Daniel Ek. We’re hunting out billionaires like we search out our coffee beans in Crouch End. The checklist is long and idealistic. We’re looking for organic, fair trade, farm assured, low carbon footprint, with packaging that can double as a mini-tote bag. Spotify giving musicians a bum deal is deeply unfair in a business that has been built on being deeply unfair since time began. The Arsenal community is probably the most creative football community out there, the fanbase in North London is a who’s who of culture, art, music and advertising… so clearly, as matches go, the guy treating musicians badly is going to have a section of the fanbase raging.

… but. Could be worse, right? Hard to make a billion being pleasant. You could be minimum wage merchants. You could have a fortune built off government subsidies from your Eton mates. We’ve had someone in accused of mafia-like crimes. Money repped by royalty with human rights abuses to their names are in abundance. We have folk that stole the wealth of their nations. There’s a bad bunch involved in football. Where do you stop with ownership? Even going back to the past, we’ve had diamond dealers, which doesn’t exactly have a rep for being pleasant.

It’s hard to be at one with football and avoid soiling your principles.

If we were to move past the clear issues. The thing that’s appealing about someone who works in tech is their approach to survive has to be innovative, future-facing, and fast. Add to that, bold.

I’ve worked with Spotify in the past. Firstly, you cannot get over the scale of a business like that. The complexities they deal with, the volume of things that have to be done, and the standard of person you have to hire to stay at the top.

Though the tech industry has its issues, you’d totally welcome the data-centric approach at Arsenal. You’d welcome the ruthless approach to finding the best talent and then finding the best model to allow it to flourish. The thing you’d be most excited is the competitive nature of the game, they’re all about rapid expansion and retention. To do that, they need the best product with the most innovative features.

If Arsenal is content, working with one of the most ruthlessly competitive distribtion platforms is probably not a bad partner to have. Outside just the technical stuff, Spotify is very, very attuned to the next generation of money spenders. When everyone in the world was saying the kids can’t concentrate for longer than 16 second, Spotify signed the guy making 3 hour podcasts as part of a doubling down of longform content.

Have my doubts you’d ever hear Daniel Ek say, ‘young people don’t watch football.’

Bigger picture: Imagine someone showing Arsenal the care Spotify shows to its product?

Talking of care, there’s a lot of chatter about the summer Arsenal are planning.

The best news post-Super League is that KSE is going to invest. Seems silly for me to mention that, but for Arsenal to sell, other clubs need to know we have money. Last summer, we were lowballed for good players because everyone could taste the blood of a bleeding P&L in the Colney water fountain. If clubs know we don’t need to see to spend, there will hopefully be less flapping around.

There is hope we could shift £100m worth of talent. Hector, Torriera, Guendouzi, Willock, Reiss and Eddie alone should bring in enough revenue for a reshape. There are also big earners dropping out the other side as well. David Luiz, Alex Lacazette, and the dregs of Mesut Ozil will be leaving the wage bill.

No doubt we still have some contract work to do, but it won’t be Auba levels like it was last season.

There’s also some work to do with the PR of this summer.

Are we shooting to win the Champions League in 2 years?

Or will the club have a smarter view on how they promote the vision?

We’ll have to see what the inward signings look like, my hope is we’re moving away from old men and building back to the top with a youthful zest.

Who knows whether that’ll happen, but one thing is clear, if they botch the way they communicate that, next season will be painful in the stadium.

There’s still some way to go in the season. We’re going to Spain tomorrow to see what Unai Emery’s new side looks like up close.

I’m dreading it. Not gonna lie. Chukwueze masterclass against Granit Xhaka. Unai Emery sliding 46 feet on his knees to lift his button-down shirt to reveal the message, ‘GOOD EBENING.’

Ugh, just did a bit of sick in my mouth.

The karmic forces are rounding on me.

At least I’m in America.

More on that game tomorrow. For now, let’s chat in the comments. x

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  1. Rich

    The statement said: “In recent days we have noted media speculation regarding a potential takeover bid for Arsenal Football Club. We remain 100% committed to Arsenal and are not selling any stake in the Club. We have not received any offer and we will not entertain any offer.

  2. MidwestGun

    I don’t know about generational… but we missed out on Tuchel and now Nagelsmann… and Klopp
    back in his day.. … to sign Emery and now Arteta.. we basically totally fucked up the transition from Wenger to now.

  3. Ishola70

    I don’t like Kante in this more box to box role.

    He looks more lightweight in this role then when he used to anchor the midfield.

    So many of his forward runs come to nothing.

  4. MidwestGun

    Glad Benzema scored.. hate that I have to root for Real Madrid and all they stand for.. .. but I can’t be having Chelski in the final this season.. My brother would never shut the fuck up about it.

  5. Ishola70

    You would expect Real Madrid to go on and win this now.

    Chelsea had Real Madrid on the ropes for a period and should have scored more than the one goal but didn’t.

  6. WengerEagle


    Kante isn’t that effective past the middle third, agreed.

    Not a true B2B in that sense. When I think of B2B I think goal threat with late runs into the box like Pogba, prime Yaya, Vidal, Ballack.

  7. azed

    “Would be nice if you just admitted you read the situation wrong”

    Chickens would have to grow teeth before Pedro admits that.

  8. Zacharse

    “At least I’m in America”

    Made me chuckle. Its how you should end all your blog posts honestly.
    What a season, huh. Reckon Amazon is kicking themselves for not getting it on film. If leicester can win the league the way they did, we can get it together again just gonna take some time. Was really hoping arteta could put some spirit into the team and give them a way to win but honestly it just hasnt been enough so far. Clear improvements on specific players, wins in big games- but now we’re looking like our old selves and they ain’t a good sign. Hopefully we can find a way to push through villareal and at least make another major final. That would say a lot about us to have our worst season basically ever and still make a major european final

  9. Buzzy

    Am i the only one who thinks Werner is like Chelseas version of Arshavin..similar clown face and does fuck all when playing out wide

  10. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Yep…Not to mention Benzema had to defer to Ronaldo… probably cost him a few goals, over the years, Anyhow.. even though we were linked heavily to Benzema back in the day I never felt like we were ever close to signing him. Always … media crap trolling us because he was French. and probably talked to Wenger once or twice.

  11. Dissenter

    So Arteta is such a good coach that he needs “two or three players, each costing £75m to £100m.” to do well?

    What nonsense, maybe we can let GG be the middleman for those deals

  12. WengerEagle


    Yep, he would have 10 more CL goals than Lewandowski if penalties were excluded despite being 3 behind him (74).

    And think if how many pens Real have gotten over the years. He would like have 90+ odd CL goals.

    Ramos has been their pen taker since Ronaldo left too so makes his 30 odd goals a season that much more impressive too.

  13. Wardo

    Come on Real M

    My neighbour is the biggest Cnut on the planet and he supports chavski. So want RM to win 3-1 at least

  14. Dissenter

    Tuchel has made Chelsea so much better, wouldn’t rule a title run for them next season if they get a proper striker in the summer.
    Werner is one of the overrated Bundesliga exports, same as Kolasinac.

    A proper experienced manager will make us so much better
    Arteta is so stale, right now.

    If he doesn’t get fired for his horrible league form then he has to change his backroom staff pronto.

  15. LeMassiveCoq


    With your distinguished connections relating to all things Arsenal, could you please find a way to pass on this articulate and impassioned plea from the Arsenal fans and community to the Kroenke’s?

    Dear Kroenke’s,

    Fuck off, you greedy cunts..

    Kind regards,

    The Arsenal.

  16. Guns of SF

    Aside the drama that seems to follow him, some self inflicted, I think Benz is one of the best strikers …. not full old school, not new school, but just a great all around striker… above average in all facets….Seems to get better with age

  17. Ishola70

    We see the difference between Jorginho and Xhaka in this match.

    Both regista type players but Jorginho is capable to operate right bang in the middle of the pitch both on and off the ball for Chelsea for the whole match unlike Xhaka.

  18. Avi

    Hate to admit it but Chelsea look so much better than us”

    Basically shows the difference a competent coach can make, they looked our level under Fat Frank didn’t they

  19. Moe

    They surely did……how can Arsenal get out of this mess? Arteta has taken us as far as he can, am afraid.

  20. MidwestGun

    Well the first half was pretty good.. second half … snoozefest. Scoreline favors RM I think… just need one away goal and they are in business to control this one. Chelski wasted too many chances first half.

  21. Ishola70

    Chelsea much better all round passing team than Real Madrid in this match.

    Funny enough Chelsea played like the continental side and Real Madrid played like a traditional British side.

    For all how important and effective Kroos and Modric are for Real Madrid they don’t have real presence and team play in that area just before the forward line. Advanced midfield.

  22. Avi

    They surely did……how can Arsenal get out of this mess? Arteta has taken us as far as he can, am afraid.”

    The most important change Arsenal cold make going forward is to replace Arteta,quite frankly

    if we start next season with him in charge then I’m so sorry its a midtable finish so worse for arsenal again regardless of the quality of players in his disposal

    I can confidently count about 7 or 8 managers that are just so much better than Arteta in the EPL

  23. Avi

    This summer is important tho whoever the manager is good smart signings should be made if we go and sign another near 30’s year old players we may give him the rebuild and just stick being midtable club. You have players like ESR Saka Tierney Gabriel Saliba Martinelli Balogun now who is staying, you build the team around them, they are the long term project not Willian not even Partey or pepe.

    I can see the fans absolutely losing the plot in the stadium next season if they still see the likes of Willian, Luiz and Xhaka trothing out for the club

  24. Dissenter

    The problem with a rookie manager is that they run out of what they know very quickly because they have limited repertoire of skills./know-how

    One way to replenish is through experienced assistants
    Arteta won’t do this, instead he will keep doing the same nonsense while surrounding himself with the same dunces, like the goal keeping coach who considered Runnarsson good enough.

  25. Dissenter

    Arteta has surrounded himself with nobodies
    Dont waste your time with Steve Rounds and Inaki
    He git them in a hurry midseason in 2019 when he was signed and should have tweaked his team over time.

  26. WengerEagle

    Modric is past his best.

    Still obviously class but not as influential as he was a few years ago.

    Same as Kroos.

    They really do lack consistent quality in the wide areas to support Benzema. Vinicius is brilliant one week and horrific the next two and Hazard looks like a tubby imposter compared to his Chelsea self.

  27. WengerEagle

    Nicely poised though, not a bad result for either side.

    Real will back themselves to score at SB and Chelsea will fancy getting the job done at home. All in all, a better result for Real given Chelsea should have scored 2-3 on the night.

  28. Avi

    And who might that be? If we get our summer window right(far fetched I know) , I don’t expect to see any of those 3 in the first 11

  29. Guns of SF

    Come on man, you know how shit we are. We are a sentimental team, always keeping players longer than we need to. Look at our track record!

    Now if we ditch them all, I would be happy of course

  30. WengerEagle

    Guns SF

    Inaki would set anyone back about 70 million for Bilbao to be even remotely interested in selling, they always sell extremely high look at Kepa, Laporte and Javi Martinez.

    They only play/buy Basque region players so replacing them is a massive challenge and Inaki is on a ridiculously long-term deal.

  31. Avi

    Madrid was made to look average because of the way the Chavs neutalized their strength, Tuchel basically just cancelled them out with same formation and elite tactical structure. He did same to Pep in the FA cup semi final.

    They get a good striker in the summer and I’m backing them for the EPL

  32. Guns of SF


    He is on a long term deal.. Just checked.
    A great player though…. he should leave to new pastures….
    Hes swimming in a small pond over there. Needs to shine with Arsenal

  33. Dissenter

    I would sign Bissouma and pair him with Partey and ESR.
    It would make us much harder to beat from the get go.

    That will mean Arteta has to be willing to get rid of Xhaka and Elneny.

  34. WengerEagle

    Chelsea have an extremely good group of players.

    People heralding Tuchel are quick to forget that Lampard had them looking very good up until mid December in all competitions, didn’t they trounce a really good Sevilla team 4-0 away?

    Not to take away from the improvements that Tuchel has made to them defensively but they have a serious group of talent when they can bring a player like Ziyech in off the bench.

  35. Peckobill

    With exactly the same players Tuchel got Chelsea looking the real deal compared to fat franks nonsense yet we constantly get told changing the manager won’t change the needle .

  36. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Yes Chelsea g have good players but Lampard didn’t know how to get the best of the new toys.
    Lampard would never have beaten Atletico Madrid and played Real off the park away.

    Tuchel has brought fine control to their game.

  37. Nelson

    Julian Nagelsmann will join Bayern on July 1 with RB Leipzig getting up to €25m including bonuses as compensation

    How about we offer Arteta to RB Leipzig for half that amount.

  38. Thorough

    Seeing Chelsea hold their own in Bernabeu, is reason enough to sack Arteta. These are the same players we made look like nohopers. Yet a new coach has totally invigorated them.

  39. Avi

    You’ll find good players mostly amount to f’all with a bang average manager conducting things

    The Chavs I’m watching under Tuchel is levels above anything I saw under Fat Frank, he’s made them so tough to beat and resolute, they have what only 2 defeat under him as well.

    He’s undoubtedly a very good coach

  40. Avi

    Willian was a disaster signing. It was so obvious that we shouldn’t have gone anywhere near him after bringing in bums like Luiz and Cech from Chelsea.

    Immediate red flags for all three above as they just wanted to sign for a club in London because they love the city. It’s similar to the Aguero situation at the moment.

    We really do have some dunderheads in charge running this club to the ground

    Big Weng will no doubt be wincing in pains right now

  41. WengerEagle

    We need to bin Arteta, that much is very clear.

    Even if he wins the Europa I’m not convinced long-term that he moved the needle for us. We’re getting worse domestically by the year and descending into a midtable club.

  42. englandsbest


    If you insist on comparing Arsenal managers you have to take account of what they found at the Club. The closest to Arteta is GG. He came to an Arsenal that hadn’t won a damn thing in years. Whereas Wenger inherited the best defence in England (and maybe Europe) plus Dennis, Platt, Ian Wright. In Arteta’s case he inherited the worst defence in PL, plus a bunch of overpaid underpeforming players.

  43. WengerEagle


    Not sure, pie in the sky maybe but Galtier from Lille has them playing amazingly well in France. Talent-wise they have absolutely no right to be competing with PSG and even Lyon.

    Nagelsmann would have been my top choice but Bayern snagged him.

    Other managers I like are Gasperini (older and no experience out of Italy though), Lopetegui, ten Hag and Rudi Garcia.

    What about you?

  44. Guns of SF

    Its shaping up like Emery’s last stand. A poor finish to the regular season, and a EL loss, a bad one. The next season it was curtains.

    Mike is on the same path…. terrible string of games later in the season with losses and draws…. no change for CL but to win EL. SO all eggs in EL basket. At least Emery had us finish 5th

  45. Kroenkephobe


    In your predictable rush to eulogise Arteta. I think you misunderstood my point which was that comparing him with his less than stellar predecessor is totally pointless because neither have proved to be of the requisite standard to manage Arsenal. I do however think he ought to be measured against the better leaders in our history because surely we want nee managers to equal and then surpass the performances of our greats.

    On current performance Arteta is a million miles away from GG, in my opinion our best post war manager.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    May I remind some posters that it took Alex Ferguson four years to win a trophy [FA Cup]
    at Manchester United. He was also one game away from getting the sack.

    It took Arteta half a season to win the FA Cup [against Chelsea] and Charity Shield [against
    Liverpool] and yet throughout his time at Arsenal he has been criticised for a variety of issues and described as a generational coach ie too young and inexperienced.

    Let me remind posters who criticise him as a generational coach that Nagelsman is 33 and
    has been a Head Coach at Hoffenheim and Leipzig for 5 years. He has secured a 5 Year contract to manage Bayern Munich.

    I appreciate that Arteta has made mistakes whilst at Arsenal, but that is not uncommon amongst many leading managers. Both Ferguson and Wenger who had considerably more
    experience also made mistakes during their management careers.

    Arteta has not yet managed the club for 2 years and frankly was only responsible for recruitment of players since Last September. Let us judge him at end of December when he
    has been in the post 2 years.

  47. Pedro

    Amen Emirates.

    Let’s see how he does after what is looking like a big summer and a normal season.

    Nagelsmann has a huge job on his hands. 33 years old, working with big names for the first time, going to be fascinating to see what he does with them.

    Wonder how long before we see him over here?

  48. Nelson

    I find Tuchel rotates his players well.Their good performance is tied to their players being fresh and less injures. Imagine that if Tierney and Laca were healthy for Thursday.

  49. China1

    If villareal win but emery celebrates by revealing a huge tattoo across his chest saying GOOD EBENING then I’m totally ok with the result.

  50. Tony

    Very little news today in the media.

    A few nothing stories, such as Wenger is happy to help advise Daniel Ek and his invincible trio to buy Arsenal from Wiggy. However, as in all pre negotiations the owner, Wiggy, is saying the club is not for sale and that he wants to make us competitive again.

    Simple solution to top that. Fire Arteta and Edu and hire Ralph R and Ten Hag: as I said simple!

    Don’t remember Wenger buying many clubs as a manager and power hoarder with the exception of interviewing Gazidis and being around for the Kroenke/Ursmanov purchase.

    I guess that makes Wenger as useful for buying clubs as Arteta is for managing a squad.

    In other news Luiz is back in training – lucky us!

  51. China1

    ET it’s not a very accurate comparison between arteta and nagelsmann

    Nagelsmann started at small clubs did a great job and earned his way into successively bigger roles.

    Arteta started at the top and started well then went backwards. 18 months in and it’s hard to even say what the plan is + this season will have been rubbish if we don’t win the EL

    Lastly you say judge arteta in December at the end of his 2 years and that he hasn’t had many transfer windows but two issues with this

    1) pretty sure you judged emery faster than that. Why?
    2) emery didn’t control his transfers

  52. Tony

    May I remind you of all the negative records Arteta has given us.

    That’s without discussing Arteta’s zero mana management skills, in-game management, both essential to do the job. No footballing identity after 15+ months and utterly useless evaluation of player before buying them.

    Stick to your several days a week players in and players to be sold posts ES.

    Not that you’re any better at it than other posters, but at least it stops you making yourself look stupid with your pro Arteta posts, as with today’s post comparing Arteta to Fergie. Although that did make me laugh with my morning coffee.

  53. Tony

    Good morning China!
    Was sitting in my office this morning wondering if I’ll make an exception to watch the game at 2am Friday morning live with my son?

    Then feel like crap all day Friday after a few hours sleep.

    You and I are in the same boat time wise, so wondered if you feel the same?

    I’ll see how I feel tomorrow night, but maybe I’ll watch the home leg live next week (7th) if we’re still properly in the running.

  54. Dissenter

    Emirates Stroller loved the number “2”.
    Why else do we have to wait for two year to be complete?

    Arteta shouldn’t be learning coaching while managing Arsenal.
    Only the EL should save his job.

  55. Champagne Charlie

    Abundantly clear that some fans only want a young manager when that said manager is nothing but sexy from the get go. Anything like learning on the job, growing pains, inexperience showing and there’s trigger fingers at the ready.

    Arsenal hired a guy in his 30’s into his first head coaching role. If you think he’s getting the arse end of a pandemic season and one full one following that then I think you’re a bit out of touch.

  56. Guns of SF

    I really hope we win the EL, it would make for some good vibes heading into the summer. CL next year too, so KSE would need to throw down some good change to get us back competitive.

    If we lose, well I dont know what to say. If its a Arsenal v Manure final, which is likely, then I think it may be a bridge too far to cross.

    But then again, its Arsenal, so as Pedro said, Mike will still be here. We would need to see how he does next season….

    We need that CL money. that winning the EL money. We need Stans money. Like a lot…

  57. Globalgunner

    Ferguson’s was not a nobody when he took the reigns at United. He had one wonders with Aberdeen before that winning UEFA cup beating Madrid in the process. Arsenal tried to be clever trying to hire Klopp before he became Klopp as in Arteta. However it looks like instead we hired Gary Neville before he became Gary Neville

  58. Tony

    With losing to Everton Sunday, I thought a little joviality wouldn’t go a miss before Thursday evening’s match. Sitting out at the back of our house the other day I had this jumble of thoughts come into my mind imagining a pre-semi-final phone call or Face Time connection of Pedro calling Arteta.

    Use your own imagination as how you see this satirical effort character’s talking and accents they use, if it will make your reading of this funnier.

    The hope is the following will bring at least a mood lifting smile or at best a belly laugh. If nothing at all, you have my apologies for wasting your time and no disrespect is meant towards the characters in this attempt at humour.

    This is the recent post by Azed that set my imagination spinning:

    “Rumour has it that you have a direct line to Arteta, let me tell you this for free, if Arteta plays Xhaka as a left back against Villareal, he will be destroyed and will be sent off.”

    No surprise that post really sat badly with Pedro where no recreational past time or substance/medication could placate Pedro’s paranoid delusions of the unthinkable:

    “What if the ‘Bum’ gets to the final?”

    True to Azed’s belief Pedro with no amount of beer being able to help him to relax, Pedro decides to call Arteta to ease his deep rooted fear of facing Le Grove should what he sees as the impossible happen:

    The ‘Bum’ wins the EL Cup once again.

    Frantically miss dialling 3 times, Arteta’s phone is finally answered.

    Pedro: Hey er hello Mikel?

    Arteta: Yes this is the Generational One, who is calling?

    Pedro It’s Pedro from Le Grove

    Arteta: Que, sorry who?

    Pedro: It’s Pete from my Arsenal blog Le- Grove.

    Arteta: Ah si, yes Pedro-Pete how are you?

    Pedro: Groan

    Arteta: Before you answer, Pedro-Pete, great Spanish name by the way, I just want to say that Steve Round, you know my assistant, told me of formations your posters often post.

    He hath read Le-Grove many times and finds it very enlightening. So much so, he say that even the great David Moyes wasn’t as football savvy as some of your posters. Not surprisingly, I have told Steve to follow your blog more, and especially that chap, Pierre, whose partnership ideas were so revolutionary for us to think about.

    Pedro: Oh Pierre, yes, he’s well er er.. er… even though he’s in his 60s and often flogging a dead horse in blindly supporting Wenger and Ozil , Pierre is also generational much like yourself, Mikel.

    Arteta: Quite yes, but Pedro-Pete I am the ONLY Generational One like my friend Jose was the only ‘Special One’. But he’s not so special now, is he? He got a little fired, no?

    Now he can learn from ME!! You know the Generational One trumps The Special One, Pedro-Pete. No one has ever fired me. I mean why would they?

    Pedro: But Mikel, Jose took the Spuds above us in the league table, and they are still above us.

    Arteta: Really? Steve never told me this!

    Pedro: (incredulous) Don’t you follow the league table, Mikel?

    Arteta: No, I know I will be at the top soon and they all will be choking on my generational… er…ness, so why worry who is above me now?

    Pedro: Mikel that’s so… er…. Well….l er…. brilliantly generational…….ness.

    Arteta: Of course, it is Pedro-Pete, do you doubt me?

    Pedro: No! I am your biggest fan ask my GF who I renamed Mikaela from boring Suzy; I would never doubt you even though most on my blog do?

    Arteta: They are so predictable! Such plastic fans.

    Pedro: Yes! That’s what AFC Forever says even when you lose or have a rare off day selection wise. He comes to the blog a few days after to call all the Mikel naysayers predictable, plastic fans as well.

    Arteta: I love this guy, why he wait a few days, Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: Er hmm because he’d get slaughtered by the plastic fans, Mikel. By the way, there is another poster as well who worships you, no matter what.

    Arteta: Poster? Plural I hope?

    Pedro: There are many more than one Mikel. In fact, about 5% of the blog love you unconditionally.

    Arteta: 5% Pedro-Pete? Really? Why not 100%?

    Pedro: Mikel, it’s better now, your stock is on the rise, as it was about 0.000005% before Xmas.

    Arteta: (incredulous) WHAT? (loudly) WHY (even louder) 0.000005%?

    Articulate Pedro-Pete. Did you not tell them there would be bumps along the way Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: Yes, in about 93 posts, but they still don’t get it. Why? I think it was the mistakes, Mikel.

    Arteta: Mistakes? I don’t make mistakes. It’s just the process and a few minor bumps along the way.

    Pedro: Never worry about that, Mikel. I remind Le-Grovers of that every day: It’s the process, but I have a feeling they might skip reading that part.

    Arteta: Ok, what did the ones who read it say?

    Pedro: They didn’t believe me?

    Arteta: Every time, Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: Yes, sorry I know I have to do better.

    Arteta: Pedro-Pete are you not spreading the generational One’s: the one and only1st football gospel?

    Pedro: I do in every post, but the horrible posters keep saying I’m delusional.

    Arteta: So sorry to hear that, but do you feel delusional at times or all the time?

    Pedro: All the time since you became manager, Mikel, that is now my normal me. I just trust you no matter what and even believe even your wrongs are right in some ways?

    Arteta: I am never wrong. I only take the blame as a reverse psychology tactic in the pressers.

    You know Pedro-Pete the ‘Poor Me’ for sympathy, and then I can talk about the process.

    You know My ‘Process” was Arsne’s ‘Values’, no?

    Arteta: What do you like most about The Process, Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: it’s utterly brilliant Mikel, so generational, although I have a worrying question. Will you continue your non-negotiables for next season?

    Arteta: No that was this season and worked really well, no?

    I mean look how the players respect me, even those who hate me still respect my generational training.

    You can see the love and admiration in their eyes, Pedro-Pete, although I have heard that the tea lady says their looks are death stares, but what would she know? She has to go with that silly dinosaur.

    Why not a 4-meter model of me getting the crowd going? Is much better, no?

    Pedro: Oh God!

    Arteta: Si, Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: No I um… er…. meant God as a – oh Jesus – never mind.

    Arteta: Ah I see Pedro-Pete, but you were right using God because god is loved by everyone just like Arteta, No? Jesus had flaws and enemies and can’t be likened to me, Pedro-Pete because you know I’m also the flawless one! How can people not love me?

    Pedro: Some of the posters are thinking biblically as well, Mikel.

    Arteta: So, they see me as God?

    Pedro Not exactly, Mikel

    Arteta Then who Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro Er …. Lazarus, Mikel, but never worry you are god like to me, Mikel.

    Could you get a picture complete with a shiny halo for me? Don’t worry if you can’t, I can get my graphic design guys to knock something up.

    Arteta. Brilliant idea! Thank you, Pedro-Pete, better your way, so it can be a surprise, can you send me a copy?

    Pedro: Happy to, how many do you want?

    Arteta: How many do you think will be at the Emirates for the first game back after Covid? I think it will be good for my fans to see me in my best light – you know a saintly creator, only I have to tell you it’s going to take more than 7 days for the rebuild. God has that one over me.

    Pedro: You want the picture for all the fans or just your fans?

    Arteta: (incredulous again) Is there a difference in number?

    Pedro: (nervously) Ahhhhhh, a bit

    Arteta: How many Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: Long awkward Silence

    Arteta: Pedro-Pete?

    Pedro: (Teary eyed speaking very quietly) – about 10 should cover it.

    Arteta: I think you are joking with me, right Pedro-Pete? Is this the famed Le-Grove banter I hear so much about from Steve? He said he wished he understood it, especially as his name is mentioned so often.

    Pedro: There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes, Mikel, is there? Anyway, the reason for calling you, Mikel, is I wanted to wish you luck in winning the semi. I’m so nervous I needed some reassurance from you, Mikel as 27 beers hasn’t worked.

    Arteta: I will beat that ‘bum’, my generationalness means I don’t need luck. Luck is for losers.

    Pedro: Wow! I call Emery a bum, too. Great minds think alike, Mikel.

    Arteta: Only one great mind here, Pedro-Pete and it’s not you. It’s not Steve either, but please don’t tell him. Steve gets so moody if he thinks I don’t love him.

    You see how he looks during games when I disregard what he whispers in my ear. I mean who brings on subs after 60 minutes? Certainly not generational managers like me.

    Don’t worry Pedro-Pete. I want a final with this OSG guy, the young manager pretender to my crown Pep always said I’d wear.

    Pedro: (Confused) You mean those things Pep said in the press about you were true? Wow! Who’d have thought?

    Arteta: Why wouldn’t they be? I am breaking records this season, no?

    Pedro: Yes, some records that haven’t been broken for over 50 years. You’ve cleaned up, Mikel.

    Arteta: Impressive, no, Pedro-Pete? The fans are going to love what comes next.

    Pedro: You’re going to leave?

    Arteta: I’m loving your sense of humour Pedro-Pete. That’s really funny, I must tell Steve that one.

    Pedro: Thanks Mikel, I think I feel better now and maybe will be able to watch the game from the front of the sofa now.

    Arteta: No problem Pedro-Pete good for you to talk to ME! And Now? I must think about my semi coming up.

    Pedro: Thanks again for the reassurance, Mikel.

    Arteta: No problem er I have to go as Steve has just come in my office with the injury update news.

    Distant voices before Pedro-Pete hangs up.

    Arteta: Auba is going to be better for the semi, Steve? Yes?

    That’s wonderful news that means we can test Willian and Auba as a partnership like what Pierre talks about, as they should have an even better understanding than ESR and Saka being seniors, no?

    Wonder what that Pierre chap would think, Steve?

    Pedro: (Hand over mouthpiece) Groaning and feeling nauseous grabbing the room’s paper bin as 27 beers make their forceful reappearance.

  59. alex cutter

    “Kroenke should immerse himself more in the club.”

    I doubt he even receives daily updates on the club.

    “Immerse himself”? 😒

    He’s sitting on a legendary club, along with a stadium and real estate in London. Barring relegation, none of those will ever decrease in value. And he will never NEED to sell under any circumstances.

    He couldn’t care less about fan protests or internet hot-takes. He’s half a world away where he’s shown that he’ll fuck over his own home state for a buck, regardless of the backlash in the press. What makes you think he wastes a moment of worry about a few thousand toothless slobs carrying upside-down protest signs outside a stadium?

    He knows a revised version of the proposed Super League is inevitable in the short-term future. And along with the huge initial bonus signing money, the club will also double in value.

    He ain’t going anywhere. And some of you need to realize that fears you had about what the Super League would do to the “integrity” of the sport is also inevitable. Except that these changes will be implemented in stages instead of all at once.

    Football tv broadcast revenue has plateaued due to saturation/cord-cutters, and unlike in the US, they’ve been unable to transition successfully to a streaming revenue model. The new money has to come from somewhere, and the shit-show way that the SL was announced shows how far they’re willing to go to get it. That announce was so poorly handled that I thought for sure it was just them floating a trial balloon, to gauge the reaction. Until Woodward and the others got shit-canned.

    Talk of expanding into India and China is misleading as football remains a niche sport in those countries — followed mainly by elites. Still obviously very valuable due to the large populations, but not enough,

    For whatever you think of the current state of the sport, it’s never going to be any better than it is today. The greed-driven model of American sports — which ironically was the of the main things that drew me to football in the first place — will be adopted in Europe. There’s simply too much money being left on the table.

  60. Tony

    Sad but probably true re the greed Alex.

    Good to see you’re ok. I wondered the other week having not seeing you round these parts.

  61. Guns of SF

    The battle between UEFA and this MK 2 ESL will continue…. I am not sure how it would manifest itself given the ass kicking the ESL took a week ago.
    However, if UEFA can cough up enough $$$ for these ESL teams, it might be moot.
    Its all about the $$$ , so if UEFA can share more profits with these top clubs it might mitigate the need to spilt into their own CL. I mean what happens if UEFA kicks these teams out of their national leagues, EPL, serie a etc.

    It feels too ugly and messy to see this ever going through to the level these greedy fuckers want….

    At least it seems that way to me

  62. alex cutter

    Hey Tony. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well in Thailand(?).

    It’s been a pretty tough year or so — like for everyone — but am back to a point (externally) where I was able to play a round of golf today. Sore af, but fortunately I have a Dr. Robert (Beatle’s reference), and have discovered that fresh-squeezed orange juice screwdrivers and Vicadin are vastly underrated.

    I find Arsenal harder and harder to watch, and sometimes I think I jinxed them since they started going downhill as soon as I started following them (2004). But to be fair I think the general quality of play of all teams has been poor this season, and along with no crowds and an uncompetitive race, I generally watch just the last 20-30 minutes of a match,

    Thanks for asking, Take care.

  63. Tony

    “and have discovered that fresh-squeezed orange juice screwdrivers and Vicadin are vastly underrated.”


    Love your attitude to it all, Alex.

    If you’re going to check out, go with a smile on your face is my mantra.

    Generally, I’m good – probably a bit better than expected considering.

    Fortunately, my real sporadic pain comes from my colon and gout from my dominant kicking foot, big toe joint.

    The government here have passed laws for people to have 6 marijuana plants per household for their medicinal properties. Restaurants all over the country are cooking infused dishes.

    Of course I had to look up marijuana in the dictionary.lol.

    All joking aside I’ve always preferred herbs to alcohol because it slows my hyperactivity without reducing any of my faculties.

    As for the football, I just can’t wait until Arteta & The Kroenkes have gone and taken all their sycophants with them.

    I tend to watch the games for individual performances now rather than the team as a whole, and am intrigued as to who will come out triumphant: us or Emery? Use us because it won’t be Arteta who wins if we win, it’ll be down to the team.

    Keep well, Alex and your spirits up, especially the Grey Goose or Belvedere masquerading as orange juice.

    I’ve never taken any of the heavy duty pain meds; Tylenol and codeine being the strongest.but I do have fond memories of the Ludes very popular particularly in California during the 70s onwards when i first was offered them during band and artist tours.

    Perfect for 13 hour flights back to the UK.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    This ridiculous defense of Arteta has got to stop. Emery was given the same amount of time before we knew he wasn’t good enough. We are having the same type of results now. I would argue we are in a worse run of form. And it is not like our form is gradually picking up over the last 15 games or since December like pedro uses to justify Arteta’s failings. My point is this, If Arteta doesn’t reach the Europa final considering the level of the opposition and the bum manager (pedro’s words), he needs to be sacked. This would have been a total disaster of a season. In fact not winning the Europa league would be disastrous considering how well our manager managed us to a 10th position. But it might be man United and they are a better opposition so I will admit it would be a coin toss of a final. But not Villareal. Even if he wins the Europa league, he should get 10 games next season to show that he is more than a cup manager and he could string more than 5 wins together. Because we need to know whether that is possible. But we know we have had a 7 game losing run. All I can see about people defending Arteta is the points that he has shown on rare occasions breathtaking football. But for most of the time it has been bland. And it is based on sentimentality to Arteta. We have to wear our big boy pants and fire him if he doesn’t deliver. If Lampard can be fired and Chelsea improve this much then we can too.

  65. Kroenkephobe

    And Now? I must think about my semi coming up.

    Hiya Tony
    When I read this snippet from your tome about Mikel’s apparent tumescence, I thought the story was going to take an entirely different direction!

    And this…

    The government here have passed laws for people to have 6 marijuana plants per household for their medicinal properties.

    Have you got a spare room?

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner.

    Come off it Chelsea spent last summer well over £200 million in transfer market on players.
    They recruited also some of the best talent in the market, which was available.

    By contrast Arsenal’s budget before Kroenke intervened at 24th hour and we bought Partey
    was a measly £35 million.

    You don’t spend £200 million and not expect the manager [Lampard] to perform.

  67. Tony

    I was mindful of the bin and thought my humour would be missed with it being so bad. 🙄

    I seem to be seeing friends I haven’t seen for years, so the guest rooms are occupied.

    Have to say the anti government protesting has been very passive lately.

    Reminds me of the World Cup where fans were kicking lumps out of each other in Belgium I think then when the fans got to Holland for the next rounds they were cuddling each other telling the opposite fans how much they loved them sitting in the cafes.

    Heard many a Welshman talk fondly and somewhat incoherently about the “Valleys” saying they don’t call the the Green Valleys for nothing boyo.

    Are you indigenous or an immigrant in Wales?

  68. Dissenter

    Emirates stroller
    Stop the rambling, really.
    Kroenke didn’t ‘“intervene” at the 11th hour, that money was there all along. It was Arteta’s insistence on prioritizing Aouar that led to the dithering. Edu broke the deadlock when it was obvious that Aouar was just leading us along – he decided to sign Partey to rescue the window.

    Our transfer budget could have been more had Arteta not decided to hold unto players that were placed on the market, like AMN, Lacazette and Bellerin. All three were on the chopping block but Arteta overruled their exits.

  69. Habesha Gooner

    Emirates Stroller
    But you are also forgetting Arteta binned Guendouzi, Saliba, Torreira, Martinez who are worth around 90 mil+ talent. He Signed a 30 mil CB, A 10 mil CB, A 45 mil midfielder, and acquired Odegaard mid season who is a 40 mil+ talent.

    This is his team. You can’t say it isn’t. He chose average elneny. he chose to stick with willian and Luiz. I get we don’t have talent like Chelsea but we shouldn’t be below Westham, Everton and Villa. He is massively underperforming. You have to accept that before backing him. It’s not even a debate he has underperformed. We are performing at Leeds level with a superior investment. If that’s not a reason to sack the manager, I don’t know what is. Anyway, Even if he wins in Europe, He has to show he has it next season with a run of premier league wins. we don’t hit bumps on the road under him. we derail as soon as results turn sour. And that is down to management.

  70. Kroenkephobe


    I’m an immigrant from the London/Kent area – now the lorry driver’s toilet of England (my other half though is from Cardiff). To be honest, the only time when you feel properly behind enemy lines out here is during the 6 nations. Things are quite a way behind Scotland in terms of independence sentiment but it’s growing. Latest polls say 40 of Welsh people, a lot of whom are youngsters, want a break away. A huge increase from 10 years ago. I think it’s gatheriing pace as people realise that Ingerland and Bojo speak a different language.

    Mrs K and I are off to Catalunya tomorrow to seal the deal on our residency. The covid related hoops we’re jumping through are formidable but will be worth it.

    The countryside here is turning from green to brown. Feels like it hasn’t rained for 2 or 3 months.

  71. Rich

    Teams are assembled through the youth teams and the transfer market, but they’re built on the training ground, Chelsea have also used their loan market much better than we have for educating their young players

    Lampard did a lot of the donkey work with the likes of Mount, James, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi, when you bring young players through, it always takes a bit of time, even for the most talented ones

    Havertz wasn’t a £72 million player, he was a £72 million talent, he’s 21, you don’t always get an instant return on investment, sometimes you have to wait for that investment to mature

    Werner, Ziyech, it wouldn’t be the first time that two foreign imports took 6- 18 months to settle into their new environment

    Chelsea did very well in giving Zouma a 6 year deal, and sending him to Stoke and then Everton to gain PL experience, he’s now at an age and level of experience where Chelsea will see the best of him

    Kovacic is now at an age and level of experience where he’s come into his prime, he’s a brilliant footballer

    They signed Chilwell who was at a good level of PL experience, and is at an age and level of experience where he’ll start finding real consistency

    They spent big on Pulisic, he looks a really top talent, but again they didn’t buy anywhere near the finished article, they’ve had to take their time with him, and he still has plenty of room for improvement

    Teams come and go in cycles, Lampard put the wheels in motion for this new team, he won’t get any credit, but the work he did made Tuchel’s job much easier

    Chelsea’s squad planning is much sharper than ours, they’ve apparently just signed another top Brazilian, who they’re sending to France next season, don’t rule out Barkley going back to Chelsea who’s having a really good season at Villa

    The natural progression for Saka + Smith-Rowe will be more goals + assists, it’ll just take a bit of time

    Martinelli + Saliba will both come through, but there will likely be teething problems

    Imagine where Reiss Nelson would be if we’d sent him out on loan to play for the last two seasons?

    Willock is on the bench at Newcastle, why didn’t we send him to the Championship to pick up 20+ games, in a team he’ll be guaranteed to start every game

    Matt Smith was playing regularly at Swindon, we then moved him to Charlton, and he stopped playing regularly before his injury

    How much would both Arsenal + Saliba have benefitted if we’d got him out in October instead of January?

    Why did we send Torreira to Atletico, rather than to a club where we know he’ll become an important player, play every week, and we’d at least put him in the shop window, if we’d sent him in the PL, maybe he’d continue to develop, and we could bring him back for Elneny this summer, instead he’s completely wasted a whole season

    Balogun should have been out on loan this season, even if it was at a much lower level,

    Odegaard had two stints in Holland, then one in Spain

    We’re desperate for a Director Of Football to come in and play the medium – long game, and to implement some squad planning

    Managers come and go, but there has to be a plan at assembling a truly competitive team for the 2023/24 season, and if the axe comes down on 1-2 managers in that time, then the overall plan shouldn’t deviate

  72. The Bard

    I agree with the thrust of your argument Pedro but there are 2 factors that might work in our favour. The team are currently closer to Palace than to Liverpool and it will take a few seasons to get up a level. So I’m not sure the Emirates will be buzzing with optimism any time soon. Factor in how much we detest Stan and there could be a lot of protest at the ground and in the media. That damages their brand badly. Stan sacked Wenger for the same reason. Its not over yet by a long way.

  73. Emiratesstroller


    You have a short and selective memory.

    Arsenal had a net budget last season of under £40 million and Edu and Arteta were expected
    to sell players specifically Torreira and Guendouzi to increase the budget.

    It became clear that most clubs were unwilling or not able to spend money in transfer market.

    Athletico Madrid and Olympique Lyonais did not budge on their valuations and it required
    Kroenke intervention at 24th hour to buy Partey.

    Stop your usual reinterpretation of facts.

  74. Tony

    Really beautiful area, especially Barcelona and the Pyrenees and Madrid a few hours in either direction. Do these 2 words mean anything to you: zero zero? If not, then the Morocco hills are worth finding a guide for.

    Let’s know if Arteta appears in the area after the game tomorrow?😛

    Definitely see from a geographical side why you’d chose there to lay roots.

    Good luck with the bureaucracy

  75. Samesong

    lol ES will be calling for Arteta’s head soon enough.

    Yeah we’re watch how this pans out. All this Fergie comparison stuff is madness.

  76. Rich


    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…..

    If Barcelona doesn’t work out, you should try China, Russia, Venezuela, or North Korea

    Live your dream of the state controlling every single aspect of your life, you won’t have to worry about people voting for someone like Boris, it’ll either be rigged, or you’ll just be given a self appointed lifetime ruler

    If worst comes to worst and you have to settle for Barcelona

    You’ll still have you’re beloved unelected + unaccountable EU commission, who have the sole right to propose laws + regulations on your behalf, so it’s kind of “The state knows better system” that you clearly love

    In Barcelona they imprison their political opponents who campaign for separatism, unlike here in the “terrible” U.K. where we give people a referendum to decide their own futures

    You clearly hate everything about this country and our union, I’m ecstatic that you’re leaving and taking your anti-freedom and anti-free choice voting habits with you, before this country gets turned into Venezuela without the sun

    Best of luck with the Euro currency Ponzi scheme…

    ❤️🇬🇧❤️ Rule Britannia ❤️🇬🇧❤️

  77. Sid

    Emery may Not want to embarass Diet Pep, they are both spaniards, they are both Rauls henchmen.
    OGS on the other hand will have little sympathy

  78. Useroz

    We are so blessed that Bayern didn’t pinch Arteta the generational one from us, or we’d have been in deep sauce!

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70/Samesong

    No I won’t call for his head, but I recognise as I have stated in past that Arteta like every other football manager is time limited unless he is producing results and/or meeting expectation.

    Let’s be clear Arsenal was in a mess when Wenger left the club and finding solutions to the
    problems will take time to redress including recruitment of Board, Senior Management and
    not least Coaching and Players.

    There will be mistakes along the way.

  80. andy1886

    ES, very selective use of transfer spend there to try and paint poor skint Arsenal as the underdog compared to Chelsea in the transfer market.

    So here are the real numbers (you know very well that Chelsea’s spend last summer was inflated due to their inability to spend the previous year due to a transfer ban):

    Last five years net spend:

    AFC £308.6M
    CFC £262.24M

    Last two years net spend (to take into account CFC’s transfer ban):

    AFC £155.78M
    CFC £68.52M

    Clearly a lack of spending hasn’t been the issue at Arsenal, it’s been how BADLY it was spent. And as I’m sure you would point out that MA didn’t select most of those players but neither did Lampard at Chelsea, they both had to work with the resources given to them. One was fired for underperforming the other was allowed to continue depsite performing worse with their club having spent more.

    All figures from Transfermarkt.

  81. andy1886

    “You clearly hate everything about this country and our union, I’m ecstatic that you’re leaving and taking your anti-freedom and anti-free choice voting habits with you, before this country gets turned into Venezuela without the sun”

    Blimey Rich, a bit intolerant of someone else’s views aren’t we?

    So much for democracy eh?

  82. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    Forgive me but we are discussing the spend by Arsenal since Arteta was appointed Manager
    and was involved in transfer decisions.

    Do we need to blame him for all the bad decisions made in the preceding 14-15 years?

  83. Sid

    What happens when the market fails you?
    Nordic countries have the best quality of life, while the upward mobility imperialism once promised has stagnated.

  84. Useroz

    It’s quite beyond belief given earlier media reports that the trio of tierney, auba and particularly laca would all be in contention to face Villarreal… magical! Didnt know theres such top notch sports medical expertise in house.

  85. englandsbest


    Patience, my friend. Arteta will get there.

    As I recall there was as much fan criticism of GG then as there is of Arteta now – even when he was winning games, titles, trophies! One-nil Arsenal? Boring, boring?

    Like me, you rate GG as Arsenal’s best post-war manager. But we have to take account that his disciplinarian methods would not be acceptable in the post-Bosman era. Which makes Arteta’s task all the harder.

  86. andy1886

    Stroller, see the last two years spend. As I mentioned you don’t know that Lampard got the players he wanted either, a big part of the job as a manager is to use the resources you inherit not just the ones you personally select and buy. What manager walked into a job and immediately got a complete new squad of his own choosing? Precisely none which is why your argument doesn’t hold water.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    As far as I am concerned Arteta did not have any say in transfers until he was appointed
    Head Coach in December 2019 and was almost certainly not involved in transfers or contract decisions until he was promoted to become manager.

    Let’s consider some of the decisions taken since the summer transfer window was opened.

    Aubameyang. Only a tiny number of Supporters disagreed with decision to renew his contract. Most pundits considered it essential. I agreed with that decision.

    Willian. Most supporters and pundits thought it a great deal for Arsenal. For the record I was
    opposed to deal not because of his performance level, but because he was 30+ with no resale

    Luiz. Again I was opposed to contract renewal for similar reasons and the number of CBs on
    our books.

    Martinez. I have been consistent in my view that he should not have been sold and it is the
    one decision made by Arteta that I have fundamentally disagreed with.

    Ozil. I agree 100% with how Arteta handled situation.

    Mari and Soares were good value Acquisitions.

    I am open-minded about the way that Saliba has been handled. Arteta was not involved in
    buying this player.

    Maitland-Niles. Personally I don’t rate him, but there are plenty of supporters and posters on
    Le Grove who do. Arteta is entitled to change his mind, which he has done.

    Torreira and Guendouzi. Arteta was right to offload both these players.

    Lacazette. There were not offers on the table as far as I am aware.

    Martinelli and Nketiah. Martinelli has been out injured and I think that Arteta is 100% correct in being patient with him. Nketiah was given every opportunity to prove himself and has failed to so. The decision to sign Balogun is obviously to replace him.

  88. andy1886

    Well, well EB, something we agree on, GG was indeed Arsenal’s best post war manager. I made the comparison with MA after the cup win, that and the clearing out of big name underperforming players was a distinct parallel with what George did.(incidentally the ‘boring’ bit was only really rolled out post ’92 and wasn’t a thng prior to that).

    The difference for me is George could pick a player. I doubt that anyone before or since has been able to build a team as good as ours back then from unheralded players from lower leagues and youth prospects. One area I find Mikel suspect in is his judgement in players.

    As for the ‘Gadaffi’ discipline part even then that had a shelf life amongst the players, as many have said since it worked for a while but then the senior players grew tired of it. But even at his worst George could always pull off a one-off tactical triumph against the odds as we saw against Parma in Copenhagen ’94.

  89. Valentin


    You are moving the goalposts and rewriting history.

    Regarding Aubameyang, the decision imposed by Arteta was wrong. The real good options were as follow:
    1) exercise the option to extend his contract for a year. Even if the salary was high that would have given us the time to bed another playerbas his future replacement.

    2) renew his contract for 2~3 years on reduced terms with large incentive part for the last 2 years. So instead of having a player milking the club, we would have a player either working hard or ready to leave on our term.

    3) sell the player for whoever ready to buy him for £30 millions and buy a younger hungrier Giroud like type of player. A player who could play with his back toward goal but can still involve his teammates. That would allow us to have a plan B in term of style of play.

    Regarding Willian, many fans and pundits were against him for footballs reasons. I was against him for financial reason. He wanted to stay in London, Spurs were offering too little, Chelsea not long enough. A better compromise could have been achieved. With Arteta insisting that we got him, instead of being ready to walk away, we lost any leverage in the negotiation and got played.

    Aouar, again we were being played by his entourage. It took Edu to stamp his authority and walk away for negotiation that were going nowhere.bin fact if Edu had not intervene, we would not even have Partey.

    To publicly state that Özil was not played for football reason was a lie. Before his transfer we were paying 100% of his salary, and now We are still paying 90% of his salary. So clearly playing Özil for a few games especially before December would have been the right decision. Financially winning 3 extra games could be the difference between qualifying and not qualifying for the Europa League. That is worth at least 30 millions. I don’t care about Özil the man, but he is our most technical player.

    Soares is such a good acquisition that Arteta thinks that Xhaka is a better left back than him. Financially he has not been a disaster because he was cheap, but He has been a poor signing. That will be even more evident when in 1 year time we will have to pay him off to go away.

    Saliba. Not being involved in buying a player does not mean, you can shit on his confidence and brief off the record against him. The performance of Fofana at Leicester who was his understudy make a mockery of the argument that 19 years CB do not play in the premier league. If you are good enough, you play regardless of the league.

    AMN is now proving at WestBrom that with experience he can become a decent midfielder. Right now I would take him over Elneny. I am willing to bet that once sold this summer for £20 millions in 1 or 2 years he will be bought by a Champion’s League club for twice the amount. Shockingly absurd treatment of a home grown player with potential, but Arteta had previous with Martinez.

    Same kind of absurd treatment of Willock, Nelson and Nkethia.

    Guendouzi may be a annoying prat, but it was clear that he is extremely talented. Like I wrote many time, confronting an immature talented ego always end up in tears. Good managers know how to handle prickly character by diverting their energy into something positive. Funny how in Germany they sing his talent.

    Lacazette is now showing the influence he has on the team. Not only he acts as a mentor and guide for the young players, but also on the pitch he has a great chemistry with them.
    I said at the time, we should sell Aubameyang and keep Lacazette. This season just confirmed my opinion.

    renew the player on lower term for 2 years

  90. andy1886

    ES, I don’t think that we are a million miles apart on our assessment of the players but the real question is has MA got the best out of what he has to work with? I don’t believe he’s been even close to that. This squad is much better than the results we’ve had so far this season. Look at the league table. Do we have a worse squad than West Ham, Everton or Leeds who are ahead of us in the table? Of course not. So par for the course would have us fighting it out for 5/6/7 with Leicseter and Spurs not down in ninth or tenth. ‘Generational’ management would have us in the top 4 (again our squad isn’t that far off ManU’s and apparently Ole is a poor manager).

    Mari and Soares – Mari has been better than expected, the jury is out on Soares as Mikel seems to prefer Chambers as our alternative RB.

    Saliba – Handled very badly IMO.

    AMN – Open minded but choice should have been to either play or sell rather thab procrastinate.

    Guendouzi & Torrieira – Would have preferred to keep at least one and let Ceballos return to Mardrid.

    Lacazette – Would have probably made an effort to sell but given the Covid market impact I can understand why we chose to keep him for another season.

    Martinelli – Even with injuries I’m sure he could have had more minutes at the expense of Willain for example.

    Eddie N – Deserved a shot but hasn’t really convinced.

    I’d also add that Pepe hasn’t been used as well as he might have been having been regularly dropped after a good performance. He needs a run of games to build upon.

    On the subject of player decisions:

    Auba – Agree I would have re-signed him but MA clearly is struggling to get the best from the player.

    Willian – I don’t agree that most people supported that signing, I certainly didn’t and recall that probably 80% of people on LG were of the same opinion. MA made it clear he supported the signing and made multiple calls to Willain to convince him to sign. A mistake.

    Luiz – Just about everyone I know wanted to release him, Arteta disagreed. A mistake IMO.

    Xhaka – He was off to Hertha Berlin for £20-£25m before MA convinced him to stay. On balance an okay short term decision but a poor longer term one.

    Martinez – I’m afraid Mikel must have been on drugs to think that Leno was a better option, this was componded because Emi is a far better fit for the style of defence MA wants to play than Leno who is poor with the ball at his feet and makes awful panicked decisions.

    Ozil – Absolutely agree, this was only ever going to end badly.

  91. Victorious

    Arteta embarassingly sucking off the Kroenkes in the pressers, almost like he’s fully aware he currently wouldn’t be in a job under a competent owner.