Ownership rumblings dampen

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Welcome to Tuesday!

The ownership rumours are still swirling, and though I was extremely wrong about the Super League 48 hours, I’m not sure I’ll be so off the mark about KSE switching out to Swedish ownership.

There have been a few rumours that well-connected people have heard Stan is willing to sell. I just can’t see that sort of info finding its way towards Arsenal fans. Stan doesn’t roll in crowds that leak to proles. JP Morgan doesn’t have an insider that runs @Gooner4564. If a deal was going to happen, it’d happen in silence.

More to the point, the Super League might be dead, but I think we’re all living in la la land if we believe that billionaires are going to accept what the fans think and move on. They tried a takeover with force, they failed, and they’ll be back with a subtler type of move… as always.

In a week of fan outrage about competition, Arsenal, Villareal and Roma are about to fight Manchester United for a Champions League spot.

Manchester United failed to make it out of their groups in the richest competition in the world, and they’ve been given a shot in a totally separate trophy just because. It’s outrageous, but it’s a parachute payment for rich clubs.

Even more amusing for me, a week after German clubs said no to the Super League, RB Leipzig lost their head coach to Bayern.

Football is full of hypocrisy.

Stan K lost the battle, but the war rages on, and if there was £500m there last week, there will be 12 billionaire owners chasing it down this week.

The bigger hope for Arsenal fans is that when Stan hands the keys to Josh in the future, the son sells it for an easier life on a yacht.

It’s quite interesting to read Arsenal fans fuss over Daniel Ek. We’re hunting out billionaires like we search out our coffee beans in Crouch End. The checklist is long and idealistic. We’re looking for organic, fair trade, farm assured, low carbon footprint, with packaging that can double as a mini-tote bag. Spotify giving musicians a bum deal is deeply unfair in a business that has been built on being deeply unfair since time began. The Arsenal community is probably the most creative football community out there, the fanbase in North London is a who’s who of culture, art, music and advertising… so clearly, as matches go, the guy treating musicians badly is going to have a section of the fanbase raging.

… but. Could be worse, right? Hard to make a billion being pleasant. You could be minimum wage merchants. You could have a fortune built off government subsidies from your Eton mates. We’ve had someone in accused of mafia-like crimes. Money repped by royalty with human rights abuses to their names are in abundance. We have folk that stole the wealth of their nations. There’s a bad bunch involved in football. Where do you stop with ownership? Even going back to the past, we’ve had diamond dealers, which doesn’t exactly have a rep for being pleasant.

It’s hard to be at one with football and avoid soiling your principles.

If we were to move past the clear issues. The thing that’s appealing about someone who works in tech is their approach to survive has to be innovative, future-facing, and fast. Add to that, bold.

I’ve worked with Spotify in the past. Firstly, you cannot get over the scale of a business like that. The complexities they deal with, the volume of things that have to be done, and the standard of person you have to hire to stay at the top.

Though the tech industry has its issues, you’d totally welcome the data-centric approach at Arsenal. You’d welcome the ruthless approach to finding the best talent and then finding the best model to allow it to flourish. The thing you’d be most excited is the competitive nature of the game, they’re all about rapid expansion and retention. To do that, they need the best product with the most innovative features.

If Arsenal is content, working with one of the most ruthlessly competitive distribtion platforms is probably not a bad partner to have. Outside just the technical stuff, Spotify is very, very attuned to the next generation of money spenders. When everyone in the world was saying the kids can’t concentrate for longer than 16 second, Spotify signed the guy making 3 hour podcasts as part of a doubling down of longform content.

Have my doubts you’d ever hear Daniel Ek say, ‘young people don’t watch football.’

Bigger picture: Imagine someone showing Arsenal the care Spotify shows to its product?

Talking of care, there’s a lot of chatter about the summer Arsenal are planning.

The best news post-Super League is that KSE is going to invest. Seems silly for me to mention that, but for Arsenal to sell, other clubs need to know we have money. Last summer, we were lowballed for good players because everyone could taste the blood of a bleeding P&L in the Colney water fountain. If clubs know we don’t need to see to spend, there will hopefully be less flapping around.

There is hope we could shift £100m worth of talent. Hector, Torriera, Guendouzi, Willock, Reiss and Eddie alone should bring in enough revenue for a reshape. There are also big earners dropping out the other side as well. David Luiz, Alex Lacazette, and the dregs of Mesut Ozil will be leaving the wage bill.

No doubt we still have some contract work to do, but it won’t be Auba levels like it was last season.

There’s also some work to do with the PR of this summer.

Are we shooting to win the Champions League in 2 years?

Or will the club have a smarter view on how they promote the vision?

We’ll have to see what the inward signings look like, my hope is we’re moving away from old men and building back to the top with a youthful zest.

Who knows whether that’ll happen, but one thing is clear, if they botch the way they communicate that, next season will be painful in the stadium.

There’s still some way to go in the season. We’re going to Spain tomorrow to see what Unai Emery’s new side looks like up close.

I’m dreading it. Not gonna lie. Chukwueze masterclass against Granit Xhaka. Unai Emery sliding 46 feet on his knees to lift his button-down shirt to reveal the message, ‘GOOD EBENING.’

Ugh, just did a bit of sick in my mouth.

The karmic forces are rounding on me.

At least I’m in America.

More on that game tomorrow. For now, let’s chat in the comments. x

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  1. Valentin

    Arteta is not going to turn into Fergie any time soon. Fergie had already experience and still needed time to change both the culture of the club, the style of play and instill a winning habit. Arteta had no managerial experience to fall back on.

    Being a confrontational, dictatorial manager worked at the time. If Fergie were to behave like that today’s, he would fail. Different time requires different response. Try giving the hairdryer treatment to today’s professional footballers and they will complain to the board. They will then either leave or get the anger sacked. In his later day Fergie changed his style of management to be more a father figure. Henry gave a very interesting interview to Sky on a Monday night show. He explained that one of the mistake he made at Monaco was to replicate his past managers. However at Montreal he stated that could not behave as a manager today as manager used to. He became more Father and counselor rather aloof warden.

    I don’t believe that Arteta has the man management skill to be able to read the room and put himself in question. Players will leave in their drove or get him sacked

  2. Nelson

    I think I know why our team is so inconsistent. I watched those EPL teams fighting for survival. They played quite a bit better football than before. Our players need motivation for each game. Laca is motivated and Auba is not. Our management team has to find ways to get our players always motivated.

  3. Leedsgunner

    One of the first steps we need to take to be a top club again is to be ruthless and have a clear vision of where we want to be.

    Can anyone tell me why we should keep Arteta just because he got us there? We don’t owe him a thing!

    Our EPL form has been atrocious… I don’t want another Cup manager in charge of our team.

    Surely with us in the Champions League, managers like Allegri would seriously entertain becoming our manager if we came knocking?

  4. Rich

    The big mistake we made in January was not signing quality competition for Tierney

    But since we didn’t, we should have moved Saka to left back instead of Xhaka

    Tierney makes such a big difference to the team from an attacking perspective, even if he misses tomorrow night, he could make the difference at the Emirates in a weeks time

  5. Emiratesstroller


    I made the point that it took Ferguson at least 4 years to turn the club around. I did not suggest that Arteta would have comparative career.

    Arteta was appointed Head Coach because he was highly rated by many including Guardiola
    in that role. Whether his promotion to Manager was premature is a different discussion.

    What exactly is your evidence that Arteta does not have man management skills or the
    ability to acquire them.

    Football Managers have very different styles when it comes to “man management”. Not
    every successful manager operates like Wenger or for that matter Mourinho.

    I suspect that one of the main reasons Arteta was appointed is that he is actually a “team
    player” in contrast to Wenger.

  6. China1

    Sorry tony been busy as fook. Consider this about a 10 hours late good morning!

    Yeah I just can’t do those morning games. If we make the final I will but otherwise just can’t. I’m working 60 hours a week these days and it’s ridiculous and have plans with the family on sat lunch time so gonna skip

    If we make the final then I’ll put myself through it tho lol

  7. Victorious

    Wenger was totally finished yet had a better final season than the two bums we’ve hired since then, safe to say the people in charge of this club have totally botched the transition phase from the Wenger years

    We’ve managed to come out worse in comparison to Man U who tried several duds before landing on OGS who’s just slightly lbetter than Emery and Arteta

    If they manage to get the next appointment wrong again then we can quite frankly forget ever getting to the top again

  8. Rich


    I don’t think it’s the coaching appointments we got wrong

    I’m not convinced our biggest issues are coaching or tactical

    Poor scouting + recruitment, poor contract management, non existent squad planning, poor squad balance

    These things have hurt us much more than anything else

  9. Victorious

    Poor scouting + recruitment, poor contract management, non existent squad planning, poor squad balance”

    Very much possible these are also major factors that must have held us back over the years but what it does bring to light also is how much work Wenger must have put in to hold it together for years even with these various degree of incompetence you’ve listed.

    Still do think though a better coach than Emery and Arteta would have us un a better place than were the club is today

  10. Kroenkephobe


    Don’t know what it is that you do, but hope it gets a bit quieter at work. I’ve had periods like that in the past that went on for several years where you felt your job was chasing you all the time. Get some more colleagues to share the burden if you can. Take it easy mate – channel your inner Ozil!

  11. Victorious

    Allegri has been available for quite a number of years now and is primed and ready,

    Ten Haag of Ajax could have also come in straight after Wenger as he likes working with young players and excellent in squad building

    Or a cheeky bid for Conte,before he went to inter, can’t agree we couldn’t have done better than Emery and Arteta honestly

    Then again, Eddie howe said he’s waiting till the summer, so I know where this is going. LOL… You just can’t underestimate the folly of those in charge of this club

  12. China1

    Rich we are, but you can’t just excuse artetas mistakes

    He has a list as long as his arm. I don’t blame him for shit that wasn’t his fault. But I do blame him for the dozen odd issues which were

  13. Rich

    We’ve got “some” good players, combined with a few very talented young players

    Outside of the two Liverpool games where we were completely outclassed, and the 3-0 defeat to Villa, which was painful to watch

    We’ve generally been involved in fine margins games, and most of the time we’ve shot ourselves in the foot

    If we can adjust the balance of our squad, clear out the deadwood, and make a few really astute moves

    I think we can push those fine margins Ames in our favour on a more consistent basis

    The problem is that if we get it wrong, the margins in front of us become bigger, and the margins behind us become smaller

    Trusting Edu + Arteta with our transfer business and squad planning this summer, seems like a risk too far

    Hopefully they prove me wrong, and prove themselves to be astute operators

  14. China1

    Rich the problem is many of those fine margins have been entirely self induced

    Poor team selection, poor man management, mixed tactics, slowness to make subs when it’s not working, dubious choice of subs, obvious squad favoritism of some and crapping on others etc

    Maybe if we had less of the above we wouldn’t have roughly the 5th or 6th best squad and be sitting in mid table

  15. Rich

    I wouldn’t say no to Eddie Howe, he did a fantastic job at Bournemouth

    Rescued them from almost being relegated from the football league, secured 3 promotions, and punched above his weight by keeping Bournemouth in the PL for 5 seasons

  16. Leedsgunner

    Bayern Munich has, unhelpfully, opened the Pandora’s box for transfer fees for coaches when they agreed to pay RB Leipzig £25m for Nagaelsmann’s services. That’s the top fee now but it won’t be long until average coaches will start attracting such fees. Bayern doesn’t care because it is the big fish in the Bundesliga, and if you want the top club in Germany, it doesn’t get better than them. What it does do, is to skew the market for everyone else in other markets….

    Perhaps as an unintended consequence this will force clubs to stick with a manager for longer than they would like.

    If they now need to pay a transfer fee as well as a signing on fee for a new manager, plus a severance fee for a departing manager, changing managers is going to become even more expensive!

  17. Sid

    Mertesacker has the temperament of a father figure/counsellor, has organised a teams defense, has been around the club. He is what Arsenal needs.

  18. Tony

    Agree it’s too much just having a family, but throw 60-hour weeks into the mix and it has to be highlights the next day.

  19. Dissenter

    ‘ Bayern Munich has, unhelpfully, opened the Pandora’s box for transfer fees for coaches when they agreed to pay RB Leipzig £25m for Nagaelsmann’s services. That’s the top fee now but it won’t be long until average coaches will start attracting such fees. Bayern doesn’t care because it is the big fish in the Bundesliga, and if you want the top club in Germany, it doesn’t get better than them. What it does do, is to skew the market for everyone else in other markets….’

    To the contrary, this has ‘been going on forever

    We paid compensation to city for poaching their assistant manager
    Don’t forget that we paid them to release Mikel Arteta to us.

  20. Victorious

    Funny enough I think BFG would command much more respect from the arsenal squad than Arteta with his non negotiable BS

    My favorite BFG moment was that time he scolded the fvk out of Ozil for being a dickhead to the fans away at City.lol what a Legend

  21. Rich


    I’m not excusing anyone

    I just don’t buy the idea that if we sack Arteta and appoint a new coach, that Edu + Vinai are going to have the expertise to steer our ship away from the rocks, and into the sunlit uplands

    I made the exact same argument when we sacked Emery, I said that we’d likely go backwards before we went forwards again, and pretty much everyone told me I was wrong then as well

    I don’t care that we sacked Emery, or if we sacked Arteta

    But if our main issues aren’t coaching or tactics, then sacking our coaches is unlikely to solve our problems

  22. Leedsgunner

    Arteta, unsurprisingly, is too insecure as a manager.

    He reverts to players like Wiliian because he thinks the experience of those players will rescue him in tight situations.

    However, what he needed to do was to hire and surround himself with a coaching staff that was rich in experience to guide him along the way.

    Someone like Guus Hiddink as his Assistant manager would have been ideal.

    Unfortunately he has just surrounded himself with yes men who will make him feel good about himself.

  23. China1

    Don’t get me wrong we can shit on edu or Stan or Raul or bummery or wenger or anyone. They’ve all contributed to this mess.

    But their crimes are entirely separate from artetas and can’t be used as an excuse for him to make loads of his own

    Arteta is supposed to be a great coach. No one expects him to turn the current squad into league winners without signings. It’s absolutely fine that the players have their ceilings and many of them are not the level we want. But it’s also true that he usually can’t even get them playing at their own level. The squad has clearly been improving since wenger left and were getting worse every season. That can’t be brushed aside as someone else’s fault

    He can scarcely claim to have improved 3 players in his whole squad. It shouldn’t be that hard for someone who inherited underperforming players and is supposedly a great coach

  24. Dream10


    You have been pushing for Mertesacker for a while. Is he more suitable to be coaching or in his current academy role?

  25. China1

    Rich nobody thinks a good manager alone is easily turning arsenal back into peak wenger years

    But everything’s has its place and role to play. Good coaching will see us demonstrably better than 10th in the league coming into May. It’s a disgrace, frankly

    So we can and should call for change with Edu Stan etc. be my guest I want that too.

    But these are not mutually exclusive. Arsenal are a worse club this year because of arteta rather than in spite of him. That’s a problem. He has been a problem. That we have other problems is a valid but entirely separate point. Arteta has tanked the part of the club that falls under his remit. That much is on him

  26. Uwot?

    Emirates.As far as certain elements on here are concerned you have one season ,18 months or so to do what’s reqd or grab a taxi.Doesn’t matter what you inherit or how much you’re given or how many windows you might have.It’s all about top four or major trophy 🏆 instantly.No excuses.No leeway.No mid table nonsense.Cant deliver.on yer bike .Next please and Ad infintum.Instant success.What it’s all about for some.

  27. Leedsgunner


    We did pay City, but would have been nowhere near €25m. What I’m talking about is not the principle behind it but the scale.

    In paying Nagaelsmann that much, Bayern has supercharged that particular sector of the transfer market.

  28. Victorious

    Conte has proven to be a very good coach with inter this season, has them on the brink of the sierra A title after about 10 years playing very effective football

    How we could pass him by for the likes of Emery and Arteta is a thing only arsenal could do

  29. shaun

    Any way you view the current situation , you still have to say the coach has underperformed , the performances have not been good enough with the current resources at the managers disposal , we should not be in 10th position and that is because Arteta has no experience in the job and his man management looks to be very poor and his perfomance as a manger is below average with the resources he has . How many times have we seen this Arsenal team just not perform and that is down to the manager and it is nothing to do with the players aren’t good enough they just could not be arsed

  30. Sid

    Non of the A- list managers mentioned here like Conte, Allegri, nagelsman, will come here.
    Nagelman was a youth coach just like Mert. The real Pep was a youth coach too. Working with youth especially teens brings out the best or worst, a good Prep for the senior role.

  31. Terraloon


    It’s churlish to try and defend Arteta by using SAF first and as some sort of yardstick .

    SAF I think got second in his second season but when he got the gig he wasn’t an experienced ex player he had done his apprenticeship and delivered against massive odds success at Aberdeen.

    I haven’t checked my figures but I think that under the novice who is Arteta what won just 21 of the 51 PL games he has taken charge of.
    Over at WHU Moyes has a record of 21 from 52.
    Let that sink in for just a minute

  32. Emiratesstroller


    I did not suggest that Alex Ferguson was at any time an unsuccessful manager. What I said
    is that he did not win any trophies in his first 4 years and was at one stage one game from the sack.

  33. NORG

    Sid – KFL advised Emery to play Saka. He knew ESR would play as well as he has. He would have had Balogun signed up (and playing). Azeez would have been more than a bench warmer.

    Arteta is insecure and saw KFL as a threat.

  34. Tom

    “We paid compensation to city for poaching their assistant manager
    Don’t forget that we paid them to release Mikel Arteta to us.“

    I think it’s fair to say Pedro’s on the hook for that money.

  35. Terraloon

    You do indeed say tha5 but that comment along with this

    “I appreciate that Arteta has made mistakes whilst at Arsenal, but that is not uncommon amongst many leading managers. Both Ferguson and Wenger who had considerably more
    experience also made mistakes during their management careers.”

    Suggests to me that the you are trying to compare Areterta in some way or another with SAF.

    Apples and beetroot’s for me.

  36. Sid

    The few games Freddie was incharge you could see it was positive football, and also Not about self preservation but Arsenals future.

  37. Tom

    Arteta is just like SAF in his early United career, but also just like Klopp in his early Pool career.
    Nothing to worry about then.

  38. andy1886

    Uwot, reverting to straw man arguments isn’t going to convince anyone. Top four in 18 months? I think that actually Pedro was the one that put that target up on the blog.

    What people want to see is tangible evidence of improvement where unfortunately we’ve got worse this season and significantly worse at times. Fifth under Emery, down to eighth and now ninth or tenth. And the performances are at best ‘patchy’.

    Compare this with previous hires. In my lifetime these are the change in league position following a change of manager (first full season v’s previous manager’s last season):

    Bertie Mee up 7 places
    Terry Neill up 9 places
    Don Howe down 1 place
    George Graham up 3 places (to fourth)
    Bruce Rioch up 7 places (to fifth)
    Arsene Wenger up 4 places (and the title)
    Unai Emery up one place (to fifth)
    Mikel Arteta down 5 places (current position) from 5th to tenth

    So Mikel is by far the worst performer in turning around the side in the last 55 years. Only one other manager (Howe) finished lower than his predecessor (and only by one place).

    And please don’t give me nonsense about the squad he inherited. The likes of Mee, Graham and even Rioch inherited sides far poorer than the one Mikel was gifted.

  39. China1

    ET he treated Guen ridiculously harshly and alienated him for a petty incident

    He’s broken his own non negotiable as by treating some players harshly for any infringement whilst fawning over Willian in spite of him fucking off to Dubai

    He’s admitted himself that Martinelli has been getting very frustrated and impatient by the lack of opportunities he’s given him. Despite him then admitting he mainly did that just to test his attitude rather than for footballing reasons

    He’s put his all behind AMN last season, protected him from being sold in the summer then cunted him off the deep end as soon as the season started without explanation

    We could do this all day.

    Also ET it’s odd that you can’t see that decision making is a fundamental aspect of man management. If you cunt off a player but don’t say anything mean to him are you saying that’s just a ‘bad decision’ and assume there are zero implications on said player?

    As well I don’t get your point. Are you suggesting he makes a lot of bad decisions? I thought you were defending him

    Your constant flipflopping is becoming legendary man

  40. China1

    I think we’ve seen quite co BBC Luis let that ‘pep thinks he’s good’ does not translate into points on the table so no point bringing this up

  41. China1

    Quite co bbc?? That autocorrected so hard I don’t even know what that was meant to be

    I think it was ‘we’ve seen quite enough to know that’

  42. Tom

    Sid and his club legend for manager obsession.
    For every Pep G and Zidane success story there are at least half a dozen failures out there.

    I would take a former nobody who’s made his coaching bones through the lower level football on up, over a club legend riding his former pro fame to a coaching job any day.

    BTW, let me know when Pep or Zidane take the world by storm at any other club but a serial financial doper, in one form or another.

  43. Tom

    Yeah Andy , but did any of them have to deal with the pandemic, or an empty stadium, or players ruined by Emery, or Auba’s tardiness, or his malaria , or his bad taste in car wraps?
    Don’t think so.

  44. Words on a blog


    And none of our previous managers had to deal with a character as horrific as Guendouzi 🤪

  45. andy1886

    Tom & Words, yeah silly me (I know you’re being sarcastic btw), poor Mikel and the localised Arsenal pandemic handicapping us while allowing other side to compete with impunity. And as for missing the Emirates Library crowds driving us on to victory (over land and sea… and Leicester) how can that loss be underestimated?

    As for coping with a petulent player who on earth did he survive without a hotline to the Samaritans?

    I stand corrected, it’s a miracle we’re even tenth.

  46. Tom

    Emery tanking was the biggest favor Arteta could’ve gotten at the start to his Arsenal tenure.
    No one is saying his job was easy, but taking over from Wenger finishing sixth would’ve been even harder.

  47. Nelson

    Can’t believe that Arteta said that KT is also in contention for Thursday’s game. He’ll kill our player. There is still a second game next week. Don’t gamble on it this week please!

  48. andy1886

    Tom, have to agree on Guardiola. Give him any less than the best players and the biggest budget in any league and I think we’d see just how good he really is. Given what he’s had to work with it’s difficult to support the argument over his alleged greatness. His record in Europe outside of Barca is probably a better guide, he’s a QF/SF sort of guy rather then a truly great manager (just my opinion). And I’m not sure what Arteta would have picked up that’s useful in an environment that is completey different from the one he has to work in at Arsenal.

  49. Rich

    We went into the season with 8 centre half’s, but no fit or registered attacking midfielders

    And as a result began the season with a back 5

    We invested big money into retaining Aubameyang, who’s an elite goal scorer, but didn’t have the creative talent to provide the type of chances he needs to thrive

    We loaned out Kolasinac in January, and then inevitably broke Tierney, and now Xhaka is playing left back

    We turned down offers for Bellerin + Niles, and signed Soares

    We then sat Niles on the bench, and loan him out 3 months later

    Chambers who isn’t even a right back, is now in front of all of them

    We signed Runarsson which is bad enough, but leaving us 1 injury away from him becoming No1, was playing Russian roulette

    The lack of internal competition is likely the reason Leno has gone to sleep

    We reportedly turned down offers for Nketiah in January, when we already had Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli, and we’ve just renewed Balogun and promoted him to the first team

    We signed Willian who started playing on the right, after spending £72 million on Pepe who’s also a right sided attacker 12 months earlier

    They’re both now behind Saka, who’s now made the right side his own

    This doesn’t appear to be by design that Saka is playing on the right, because if it was? Why did we sign Pepe, and then invest huge wages in Willian?

    And if the plan was to play Saka on the left? Then why did we invest huge money in Aubameyang, Arteta has had plenty of chances to play Aubameyang down the middle, but has rarely done so

    We screwed up Saliba’s loan in October, I don’t know why we were rushing around on deadline day, when he’d been training with us since July, surely they must have known he wasn’t quite ready before then, they’d had plenty of time to have a look at him

    We don’t spread the goals around enough, mainly because we don’t have enough goals from midfield

    Both Saka + Smith-Rowe will become regular scorers, we’ll just have to wait for that progression to take shape

    I flat don’t care if we sack Arteta, but our problems just appear to be more structural

    We’re rarely proactive in anything we do, everything we do is poorly thought and and reactive

    And even on the rare occasions we’re proactive, we get the big decision wrong

  50. Tom

    I’m a big fan of Pep G style of play but strip his teams of world class talent and he’d be no more than a version of Brighton’s Graham Potter— a very attractive football often times without an end product.

  51. Rich

    Chambers is a useful utility player, can play right back, centre back, and won Fulham’s player of the season playing in midfield

    He’s pretty good on the ball, and overall technically sound

    He’s just far too slow at right back for my liking, particularly over the first few metres, continually gives away dangerous free kicks once he finds himself on the wrong side of the attacker or opposing left back

    If the plan was for Chambers at right back?

    Then why did we sign Soares on a 4yr deal, when we already had Bellerin + Niles to cover there until he came back?

  52. Pierre

    I’m afraid Le Grove has the Arteta they deserve.

    They applauded him for his disgraceful treatment of Ozil, and they were taken in by his pathetic lies, citing “footballing reasons”. for first leaving him out of the team and then leaving him out of the 25 man squad..

    Of course , the quality of our our football detiorated to such a level and was devoid of any creativity that by the end of the year we were flirting with relegation, in fact we went 13 hours without scoring a goal from open play.

    Now , by applauding Arteta’s crass decision to discard Ozil, he believed that he was untouchable and the fans would accept similar treatment to other players.

    Guendouzi, Saliba, Sokratis, Torreira and AMN have all been given the Ozil treatment.

    The thing is , not one of these players are culpable for our league position this season , plus we also have academy players like Eddie , Nelson and Willock who have only started a total of 6 league games this season and are not culpable for our league position and apparently Le grove would be happy to see them sold by Arteta without being given a chance to prove themselves.

    It is my belief that the club and the fans have got the manager they deserve and have no right to complain and it all started with the treatment of Ozil who had done nothing wrong , and up until being discarded was an ever present under Arteta during our unbeaten run in 2020 domestically up until lockdown.

    The club as well as the fans are also at fault for allowing this to happen without being questioned.
    It gave Arteta enormous power within the club and he used that power to make the most horrendous decisions for Arsenal football club , including the sale of Martinez.

    Put it like this , if the Ozil situation had been nipped in the bud and Arteta was reminded to respect the players who have brought success to the club , we wouldn’t have had the rest of the nonsense that occurred during the summer of 2020.

  53. Tee

    “Can’t believe that Arteta said that KT is also in contention for Thursday’s game. He’ll kill our player. There is still a second game next week. Don’t gamble on it this week please!”

    He also said he dislikes rushing players recuperating back to the field of play.

  54. Freddie Ljungberg

    I for one am glad that Ozil has left for Fenerbache (where he’s still shite btw) so there’s no obsessives constantly talking about him, every day, without end.

    Oh hi there Pierre, didn’t see you behind your life size Ozil wank sock…

  55. Gonsterous

    Only on le grove would arteta be compared to SAF.
    SAF and Wenger were generational, they changed the English game, we see their influence even to this day.

    Arteta on the other hand, the less said , the better.

  56. Tee

    “They applauded him for his disgraceful treatment of Ozil, and they were taken in by his pathetic lies, citing “footballing reasons”. for first leaving him out of the team and then leaving him out of the 25 man squad..”

    Here comes the Ozil wanking.

    Pierre, how’s Ozil faring in that farmer’s league? He wasn’t even able to give them a star player bounce which made them get bombarded inside-out before he went for his normal sabbatical.

  57. Gonsterous

    No idea what bellerin offers the team, the whole right side is wank. Cedric is a decent back up but we need a proper RB, how I miss have a lauren or a sagna.

    Because of tierneys injury record, we need a decent lb who can rotate with him. Hopefully a younger player, who will be cheap but defensively sound. Plenty of those around Europe.

    What baffles me, is arsenal do not have a good and proper scouting department. We have been over paying for players both in terms of fees and wages, which is a shambolic way to run a football club.

  58. Pierre

    “Pierre, how’s Ozil faring in that farmer’s league?”

    As anyone with a football brain would know, not playing competitive football for 11 months would make it a near impossibility to be match for and would take at least 6 games to reach a good fitness levels.

    Unfortunately for his club, Ozil suffered an injury, which of course can happen after a lengthy lay off.

    Anyway, I trust you are happy with the type of manager we have at Arsenal football club .

  59. AFC Forever

    Rich: “Chambers who isn’t even a right back, is now in front of all of them”

    Northbanker: “Chambers was a RB when he joined us from Southampton”

    Northbanker is correct. I hear pundits and fans on here all the time claiming he was a centre back but he wasn’t. Chambers made his PL debut for Southampton at Right back and his Arsenal debut at Right Back. In the community shield against Man City Chambers the BBC said “Chambers is playing at centre-back instead of his usual right-back position, to cover for Per Mertesacker. They added, “his mature performance defied his youthful years.” Chambers was used as a centre back or right back until his loan to Fulham, where they used him in Central Midfield, more as a DM, due to his ‘reading of the game and ball-playing ability. He romped their fans player of the season award, three times as many votes as his nearest rival. In December 2019, Chambers ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee which is a difficult injury to come back from.

    I have no idea why players always get pigeonholed. I would have him over Bellerin every day of the week, in an 8 day week. There are a few specialist positions, of course, but other than that a good player is a good player. I wouldn’t want Messi at Centre Half but you get the drift.

  60. Pierre

    “I for one am glad that Ozil has left for Fenerbache ”

    And I presume that you as an Arsenal supporter was glad that we were flirting with relegation and playing the most dire turgid football that was devoid of creativity.

  61. Gonsterous


    I’ve said it many times but ozil stats were pretty dire when he was playing for the club.

    The only season he performed well was the 15/16 season, and who would have guessed it, it was right before he got the 350k contract.

    Other than that season it was dire, with less than 10 assists in all comp but I’m sure you will point out that pre pre assists and all that.

    Ozil is the past, maybe it’s time we moved on.

  62. Pierre

    Chambers arrived as a full back and started quite well if I remember rightly..
    He had a couple of bad games , notably against Swansea and was met with a barrage of criticism from fans and the media( nothing new there) .

    AFC is correct , Chambers has been unfortunate with injuries .
    What I do know is that Chambers has an exquisite first touch and has a good delivery from out wide.
    He has had problems defending one on one out wide but for me he would be our first choice at right back as he also gives us more height defending dead balls .

  63. Matt B

    I’m with Pierre — Ozil was poorly treated by Arteta and for seemingly no good reason.

    I want him to succeed, but the evidence of his poor management and decision-making is stacking up. These are the key characteristics for any decent PL Manager and Arteta has shown he is sorely lacking in this department.

    I’m not even convinced at this stage that his coaching is any better than the average head coach…

  64. Sid

    Chambers is the Sanogo(prolific at Auxere) of Right backs, its plain to see how limited he is playing RB doesnt matter he made 22 apps for Soton in that position.

  65. Pierre

    If you read my comment , it is more to do with a lack of respect from Arteta for our players and the perpetual lies during that 6 month period from lockdown onwards.

    The ozil situation led to the Guendouzi situation , led to the Sokratis situation, led to the Torreira situation , led to the Saliba situation, led to the AMN situation.

    Someone in authority should have had a quiet word with Arteta and reminded him of the importance of showing respect to his players…

  66. Matt B

    Sid: Chambers has shown in a handful of games this season that he is our best right back

    He doesn’t look limited to me

  67. S Asoa

    Elke still wants to discuss terms in spite of Kroenkedoodledoo flat refusal to sell. TheKroenke statement has been parotted by Mikel Saucecraut , naturally, since the Fraud will be first thing kicked out or kicked in the pants to the level of his ability as Head Coach if the change were to happen. But still Elke is persisting, although his resources are bit inadequate. Maybe an offer for dual ownership?
    Guess the fans should lend their voices . Tired to be at receiving end of sniggers of a joke club .

  68. Gonsterous


    That I agree with you, arteta I feel has done more damage than good with his, my way or the highway routine.

    Terrible man management skills, and terrible in game management with no idea on how to change the game from the bench. Arteta kind of sums up the club as a whole. Clueless but trying to show the world, everything is under control with a plan in place.

  69. Rich

    If the plan was for Chambers to be our first choice right back

    Why did we sign Soares on a 4yr deal, who now appears to be behind both Bellerin + Chambers?

    We’ve now got Chambers, Bellerin, Soares, and Niles out on loan

    So we’ve got 3 right backs, with another out on loan

    But we’ve only got 1 left back, who’s currently injured

    Why sign Soares?

    We could easily have gotten away with Bellerin + Niles on the right until Chambers came back

    Or if we wanted to sign Soares, why turn down £22 million for Bellerin from PSG, and £17 million from Wolves for Niles?

    Nothing we do makes any sense

    Fabrizio Romano says we want to sell Bellerin this summer, and then sign yet another right back

    If that’s the case?

    Then either Soares becomes our 3rd choice right back, with potentially no European football, or we sell Chambers, which would mean we’re letting go of the back up right back Arteta clearly favours, in favour of one he clearly doesn’t fancy

    Arsenal is a train wreck organisation, run by complete basket cases

  70. Sid

    EK seem a bigger joke than Kroenke, who makes billion dollar business offers on social media?
    The old money types like Kroenkes and waltons will treat him with contempt.

  71. AFC Forever


    “The grand showdown. Good ebening vs trust the process. Who will prevail and who will fail?”

    I would actually prefer to say: “What Fucking Process” vs Trust the Process.

    Short memories on here about the disaster Emery was. I have written many times about our defending off the ball and the huge number of shots teams were having on our goal under his reign. I think Watford was the pinnacle, something like 35 shots on our goal. Who needs Freddie Krueger when you have Unai Emery. As you know, I am not a fan of constantly changing managers, it rarely works.

    Anyway, actions and facts speak louder than words:

    1. Media quote after Emery’s Arsenal drew with Southampton (Nov 2019):

    “Having snatched a late draw at home against relegation strugglers Southampton, the calls for the Spaniard to be given the sack became deafening as the team was booed off the pitch. A string of poor results has seen the atmosphere at the Emirates turn toxic as it becomes more and more clear that Emery has no idea how to arrest the alarming slide. Last season they somehow failed to qualify for the Champions League when it was already in both hands and their defensive frailties have continued. The fact of the matter is that, despite several defensive signings, Arsenal still doesn’t know how to defend. After just 13 games this season, they have conceded a staggering 225 shots on goal at an average of 17 per game. When that many efforts are raining down on your keeper, you can be sure that more than enough are going to get through. It’s getting worse, not better and that’s the problem because he has no idea how to sort it out.”

    Okay, so let’s look at the numbers:-

    2. Shot difference by season (attacking shots attempted v shots conceded):-

    11/12: +244
    12/13: +195
    13/14: +170
    14/15: +204
    15/16: +120
    16/17: +134
    17/18: +170
    18/19: -32
    19/20: -56 (13 games!!!!)

    As can be seen above, Arsenal’s ‘shot difference’ fell off the cliff under Emery’s reign. For 15 years we had one of the most positive shot differences in the PL. In Wenger’s final season, we produced a shot difference of +170 but in just one season Emery somehow caused it to dive to a shot difference of -32. The following season it declined further to a whopping -56 in just 13 games!. Unbelievable really, so it was no surprise the Directors put Emery, and us, out of our misery.

    This pretence that Emery was somehow doing well is ignorant bs. This is why the Kroenke’s acted. It was a big job for Arteta. Do you honestly think we would have beaten Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool or won the FA Cup with “Good Ebening” letting teams rain shots on our goal? Not a chance in hell. We would have been relegated at that rate of decline.

  72. Pedro

    Gonstrous, the counter to strong leadership is the meekness of Wenger that had him fired, and the folding under Emery.

    It is absurd that people keep complaining that a disciplined approach is somehow damaging long-term.

    Soft management is why we crashed over the past decade. The only way to build back is to remove the toxic behaviours that have festered.

    Anyway, new post.

  73. Gonsterous


    If we were poor with emery, how would you define us under arteta?
    They have managed the same amount of games.