Career defining week for Arteta, who will he go to battle with?

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I’m feeling a little bit numb. The football results have been miserable. Spurs play a cup final later today. The Super League stuff feels like a massive hangover right now.

Our entire week now rests on us beating a manager I beasted for 2 years.

The football gods have been brutal this season, will their final act of vengeance be drubbing from a man that let the bus driver give a team talk against Palace?

Who knows… but we have to pick ourselves up and look for the breaks of light on the horizon.

There’s no better manager in the league at saving his bacon when the chips have been blown off the table by a tornado.

Thursday night is going to be difficult, Spanish teams are fast, technical, and not afraid of the Premier League. We exited to Atleti in a semi-final in Wenger’s last season, so we have tasted the bad times, but we’ve also beaten Valencia in Emery’s first season. An away day my dad got so drunk in, he left his expensive watch in the Mestalla. Imagine your drunk thing was resting your watch on things to protect it?

Here’s what works for Arteta on Thursday night: He has all the chess pieces at his disposal to win the game.

The question, as always, is which will he use.

With his career in the balance again, which path will he take?

Eddie Nkeitiah didn’t have a horrible performance, but there really was no punch with him as our striker. He’ll likely be out next season, so is it worth trying that game again? Do you really try and make a point to the fans with a risk like that? There’s a reason the fans don’t care much for Eddie… Arteta has benched him all season and shown zero interest.

To my mind, his forward line should be the live wires. Gabriel Martinelli should be the #9, then we should surround him with Saka, Odegaard and Smith Rowe… or Nicolas Pepe who I suspect might have been pulled on Friday to rest him.

Arteta’s obsession with players that can control doesn’t rub at this stage. Eddie offered 94% pass completion, you’re not getting that with Martinelli, but which striker did more in 10 minutes than the other did in 90 in front of goal? The kid that is a high-risk BANG BANG striker.

I don’t want us to do go to Estadio de la Cerámica to control a 0-0… because we know there’s a mistake in the tank. The away leg should be treated like the Slavia Prague game. Go for an early destruction. Take the away goals. Emery teams concede a goal a game, make it count, take advantage of the things we know.

There’s no point in control if it doesn’t lead to anything.

Willian is control, but we lose with him in the side.

Eddie is control, but we barely registered a shot on target.

Look at what works in the side. Power, pace, directness. Think about what we need: goals.

The Everton game stung on paper, but if you watch it back, there was plenty of good work on show. We were just toothless in attack. That can be fixed with the right line-up on Thursday. More bang bang, more risk in the system… a better strategy than ‘keep it tight.’

The keeper question is a big one. Bernd Leno has been tanking. Interesting to note that Arsenal moved on Sal Bibbo, a much-loved character that made Emi a top 3 keeper in the league, and replaced him with someone that, let’s just say, is not loved to the same degree by many. Does the form of our keeper speak to elite coaching? A person bold enough to make a ‘contacts’ recommendation for a backup keeper so bad, Arsenal staff were leaking the disaster signing story after 3 days. Are shocking taste levels indicative of talent? Proof is in the pudding, are our keepers getting better? No. Just throwing it out there people. A horribly mismanaged situation that has paid out when we need it least.

Arteta’s career doesn’t depend on Europa. We’re not binning him this summer. But football isn’t always about the execs. It’s about the fans. Arteta misses this, he forgets who his real masters are. The Europa League is for the fans. The memory of this season will be erased if he brings us European glory, he’ll be a two trophy winner, he’ll have taken us back to the top organically, he’ll be the guy that gave us a monied summer.

The weight of winning this trophy goes further than that, it allows him to lose 3 games on the bounce without a protest next season. It’ll lighten the mood this summer. It’ll make everything better.

… right now, it feels like it’s too much to ask for.

The only positive I have about the shit league form is that there’s a correlation to last season. This team thinks they are better than they are. They want to win things. They want the adulation, the bonuses, and the big cup comp in the world. I had my doubts about the league as soon as top 4 was over, this team always switches off… but when there’s a trophy brewing, they can do magical things. Our FA Cup final run last season saw us down City and Cheslea. We have enough to beat Villareal if we’re on it… and it’s Arteta’s job to make sure we are. Everyone will be watching.

We need a big Thursday. Back door entry to the Champions League against a back door expert who we sacked… tasty. Let’s see where this goes.

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  1. Guns of SF

    Dark I agree with you.
    That is part of the betrayl you know…. how we watched this young man hardly play through injuries… once his body got stronger, were we able to glimpse the RVP we thought he could be. The letter to the fans made me feel better for like a second… like he actually met with Gazidis and Wenger and somehow told them to fuck off, they didnt keep their word.
    But end of day, he went to Satans team. so it is what it is

    You hardly hear this fella talk about Arsenal, when it comes to ex players. Something I have noticed lately.

  2. Dark Hei


    I wouldn’t put Cesc and Henry there though many do. Both stayed on for another year for us. I am grateful for that.

    Na$ri is a wierd one. He is pretty destable. But while he was with us, he never hid and was fit most of the time. It was just that he decided to leave us when we needed him most.

    Song, I think we were right to sell him. Ramsey-Arteta was the better combo.

    Ashley is just your pantomime villain. He is John Terry’s buddy. That speaks for itself.

  3. Sid

    Arteta in midfield was the begining of mediocrity, the better decision would have been to get a box to box to complement song.

  4. Sid

    The equivalent of signing Arteta today would be, Leicester signing Xhakalson,
    a top 4 team signing the best midfielder from a midtable team who has played under a bland manager.

  5. Tony

    I read that the club has put Eddie and AMN up for sale now.

    Genuine question who would you keep out of our youth strikers other than Martinelli.

  6. Guns of SF

    Xhaka is a better mid than Arteta. Yes, it is true.
    Arteta was over run literally all the time in the center of the pitch, Could hardly tackle. He did some nice passes from deep but nothing to write home about. He was shit. Slow, shit, and uncreative

  7. Guns of SF

    Martinelli will not get a chance at striker this season with Mike.
    He hardly plays.
    Let alone, play as striker.

    That is too much mentally for Mike. Too much change. He cannot handle that.

  8. Guns of SF

    It only takes him about 3/4 season to finally realize what most fans realize in about a few weeks.
    But nevermind, he is generational sauce. So just keep quiet. SHHHH Mike needs time to process things

  9. Gonsterous

    Never understood the hate for cesc or RVP. Both of them gave their all for arsenal.

    Cesc wanted to come back, Wenger didn’t want him, what could he do? Keep pleasing Wenger? No, he had to look after himself and chelsea seemed like the best place to go to. Could have been avoided and I was livid when wenger didn’t bring him back.

    RVP single handedly got us into the CL, and instead of building a squad to compete for the PL, what did the board do? Decided we were good enough. RVP wanted to win the league but wenger and co were not interested, so of course he left.

    If you think about it, we let many players leave because we were not willing to spend that little extra amount of money. Anelka, henry, cole, hleb, nasri, never felt that arsenal were enough, because we never did enough to make them stay.

  10. Sid

    Cesc going back to Barca is the equivalent of marrying a girl who has cheated on her boyfriend with you, it ends in premium tears.
    RVP is the fat girlfriend that dumps you after you taje her to the gym and shes hot, lesson learnt dont date fat girls

    Im telling you for free!

  11. Moray

    Congratulations to Spurs from reaching another final. Really excellent work. Those runners up medals must be huge comfort to them in the dark times.

  12. China1

    Sid doesn’t only give excellent betting tips free of charge but he’s also a free lifestyle guru

    Please keep em coming Sid

  13. China1

    Arteta was marginally better than xhaka tho arteta was also far too average for being a first choice arsenal CM.

  14. Jamie

    “lol it really pisses you off doesn’t it. You post so much about Martinez”

    You’re confusing anger with amusement.

    I don’t post so much about anything because I don’t sit on le-grove all day every day.

  15. kjelli

    Xhaka is the most consistent arsenal player this season, we only need to replace MOel
    this summer with an exciting cam to be better next season.. and maybe we have one
    already in the u23

  16. Globalgunner

    “Xhaka is the most consistent player at Arsenal this season”. Consistent at what Being bang average. Has Xhaka ever won a MotM award…ever. have you ever watched an Arsenal game and thought. That Xhaka is a hell of a player. Arsenal fans bigging up mediocre players and wondering why the whole team is on a road to nowhere.
    Xhaka should retire at Arsenal, that is just what we need and deserve

  17. Mb

    Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira are all working with Ek on his bid to take control of Arsenal, and the trio could also be handed roles at the club if the move is successful. All three Arsenal legends have expressed desires to return to north London in the past and the Spotify CEO feels their knowledge of the club and fan-base is ‘invaluable’ to his plans.

    I would love to see the trio involved in management of our club.

  18. Daniel Altos

    Looks like the Spotify takeover news is very real….fingers crossed it happens and arteta fucks off

  19. Foxy

    The actual amount of ££ to overhaul the squad and get us at least back to where we were, is actually quite small if intelligently done like say Dortmund or early Dein/Wenger years, compared to the cost of buying out Kroenke.

    Qualifying or not for the CL next season depending on whether we win the EUL could make quite a significant impact on the the willingness of Stan to sell and the takeover valuation.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t think that there should be much of a debate on selling both Nketiah and AMN. Both
    players have had ample opportunity to show their potential at Arsenal and are now aged 21+.

    As Wenger once suggested the club needs to make decisions on players potential before they
    reach 21. If they are not good enough to meet Arsenal’s first team expectations then you should let them leave and find their level elsewhere.

    Both Nelson and Willock also fall into the same category as they have reached their 21st
    birthday. Nelson has to compete with Smith-Rowe, Martinelli and Saka who are all younger
    and frankly ahead of him in pecking order.

    My view of Willock is at the moment borderline. I can see some value in this player both in
    his performance level at Arsenal and also recently at Newcastle. I don’t think that he is or
    should be in starting X1, but I do think that he is a good squad player.

    Arsenal should aim to sell AMN,Nketiah and Nelson and that should generate around £50

    Moving on and looking at other potential sales. Bellerin wants to leave and Guendouzi is
    toxic. Both should leave and that should generate at least £30 million.

    Lacazette has also been discussed. On the one hand he has been our most prolific centre
    forward this season. On the other hand he will be 30 and you have to ask whether we want
    to spend £180K pw on such a player who is a diminishing asset. The real question is can we
    buy an alternative striker that we can afford and is better.

    Players like Willian, Luiz and Kolasinac should of course be offloaded but are not going to
    generate funds. Their departure may save us some wages if we are lucky.

  21. The Bard

    Mb I hope your info is true. If it is its the best news Ive heard in a long while. Arteta’s situation is small fry. We desperately need owners who care about the club. Im not bothered whether they have unlimited resources or not. What’s at stake is the soul of the club. At present we are a soulless, broke, failing football club and we need a reset urgently. We can worry about the manager later.

  22. Sean M

    Sad what’s going on with the goalie situation. My first major red flag with Arteta was selling Emi. His performances at the back end of last season were absolutely world class. He is such a beast! Our defence was so solid with him at the back. What a terrible decision to sell him for 20m probably worth double that now.

  23. Mb

    The Bard

    I’m hoping someone rescues us from Kroenkas. I read it on a news portal which was referencing The Telegraph but if that happens, that would be best for the club.

    I would take anyone whose blood is RED and understand football over these pesky yanks.

  24. Grouvillegooner

    Pedro ‘s comment likening our position to the cup run last year misses one vital point that an in form Martinez was in goal at that time, opposed to the current situation.

  25. Sotongunner

    May be stating the obvious here and tell me if so but surely anyone wanting to takeover should be hitting up big wengz to come in and be on board with the running of the club.
    I disagreed with him as manager and his tactics etc and wanted him gone but he should be involved with the running of this club.

  26. Valentin

    At the beginning of the season many scoffed at my suggestion that whilst Martinez was likely to improve Aston Villa by 8~10 points overall, Leno would cost us around 10~12 PTS. Looks like my prediction was largely correct.

    Statistically, Leno has cost us 10pts already, and nobody will argue that without Martinez Aston Villa would not be hovering over the relegation places.

    The league is gone, we will have our worst tally of points in the Premiership, lowest number of goals scored for God how many years. Bar a miracle the best we can finish is 8th and that does not even qualify for Europe.

    Hopefully the only further mistakes committed by Leno that directly or indirectly lead to goals will be in the league and not in the Europa League competition. If the pressure and the lack of concentration get to him in the first leg, Arteta has to make the difficult decision to drop Leno for Ryan for the return leg.

  27. Chris

    “ Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira are all working with Ek on his bid to take control of Arsenal, and the trio could also be handed roles at the club if the move is successful. ”

    This would be a dream. Not only to get rid of one of the worst owners in sports in KSE (all their teams are mediocre including us right now sadly) but to bring in an owner who would have the drive and self awareness to bring in club legends who can make decisions which will be for the best interests of the club? That would be a huge jump forward and would be in line with the model Bayern have, who are incredibly well run. No more ludicrous deals like Willian.

    Obviously worth taking all this with a pinch of salt, but it’s something to cling on to right now, many have been dreaming of KSE selling for years, make no mistake a huge part of our regression has been over seen by Silent Stan and his robotic and soulless control of our club.

  28. andy1886

    A point some seem to miss is how we managed to collect so many average journeyman players so as to have a squad that was too big to register all of them (even after loans).

    People argue that the are so many matches but back in 1979/80 AFC played 70 games in a season with a 19 man squad that included youngsters Paul Davis (didn’t make a single appearence) and the late Paul Vaessen (Brian McDermott was also part of the squad but I don’t recall if he made any starts). And yes games are more physically demanding now but players are also fitter and are not subject to the somewhat ‘industrial’ tackling that was commonplace back then.

    I’d like to see a smaller first team squad mostly devoid of those bang average squad fillers which would open up opportunities for U23 players the same way reserves/football combination youngsters made their way up the ladder or were let go if they didn’t make the grade. Also I’m not convinced that the U23’s really benefit from not playing regularly with senior pros at ‘reserve’ level which is why the step up becomes much more difficult.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    That would be my view as well if we failed to qualify for Europe.

    We don’t need more than 20-22 players in squad and that should include at least 2-3 players
    promoted from U23 eg Balogun plus third string goalkeeper to replace Runarsson.

  30. Foxy

    Leno has been a costly risk ever since he missed that cross when we were leading against Chelsea last yeas. Not only is Martinez great at dealing with high balls but his long throwing is like an NFL quarter back a potent counter attack weapon.

  31. Sid

    Todays footballers are being pushed to extremes for fitness resulting in more injuries.
    As a young man back from WW1 the players were bulkier

  32. Valentin


    The Kroenke have already made clear that they will not sell. They see Arsenal as a long term asset that even with poor management will still grow. With the added advantage that the stadium is already built, so they don’t even need to invest, their financial investment is nearly risk free.

    Unless somebody is willing to massively overpaid or if the Kroenke financial situation become untenable, they will stay the course. Like a parasite growing to the detriment of its hist, they will slightly squeeze the life of our great club.

  33. Lacaqualidie

    Bergkamp, Henry and Vieira back at the club with a new owner would be a dream come true for us. It would put the excitement back into the fans and galvanise us all.

  34. The Bard

    Valentin I sort of agree with your analysis but what has to be factored in is the effect fan discontent. A full Emirates protesting will be shown around the world and damages the brand badly. Im not sure they can ride it out that easily. Also the team needs major investment and they either don’t have the money or don’t want to invest. You’re probably right but there is a chance they could sell.

  35. Useroz

    Sid the last CB with strength to boast was Toure. Rest since have been relatively skinny like Holding. Gabriel could be the next beast if coached properly.

    The thing is, if Holding trades bulk with pace it’d be fine but he’s slow and lack strength. Just look at the Everton game where he’d not getting anything off C-L..

    It seems generally our players lack the strengths that need to excel in today’s PL. Don’t we have spexialiat coaches covering the space ?

    We kinda rid of many midgets but strength and pace remain a bit of a problem , skills aside.

  36. Useroz

    By comparison, I am 5′ 10″ and 70kg, yet my friends say I am skinny!

    Imagine Holding, Mari etc al just weight 5 kg more …. no wonder we continue to see men vs boys situations, again, skills aside.

  37. Useroz

    Love to see genuine bids to at least maintain focus of the public and fans of issues at the club!

    Got the feeling though Kroenke wouldn’t sell unless the protest, performance turmoil, etc get worse, become an embarrassment, and affect his other business deals. Basically, Kroenke & family loses fade and becomes laughing stock in their circles….

    Otherwise, don’t see any compelling reasons to sell at all.

  38. China1

    Nah Valentin I still remember on Christmas Day back in ww1 when I got that assist for Sid’s winning goal in the game vs the Germans in no mans land that we were saying afterwards that everyone is well built.

    And we both stand by that it seems

  39. China1

    If this bid really materializes the fans need to start making a whole bunch of negative noise and protesting etc until it’s accepted

    Fucking sign da ting

    I beg you

  40. China1

    You have to ask under what circumstances would Henry and vieira both be a part of arsenal tho

    Both would surely want to be manager. I don’t think either would like reporting to the other if one was manager and one DOF. And neither would be a board member or whatever since they’d wanna go be a manager at the same time which is a conflict of interest

    Not sure I can see any scenario where Henry and vieira work together tbh

  41. Sid

    ‘whilst large differences are evident between professional and amateur attackers (c25%) and midfielders (c35%), a huge differential is observed between professional defenders and their amateur counterparts (45% at 10.5km vs 7.27km respectively).’

    Twice a week, these guys are basically running the half marathon every week, atleast Marathon runners take a break.

  42. China1

    Almunia the truth is Sid improperly used his weapon as you say. discharged it dishonorably and ended up covering himself and his brigade in blood and other fluids

    It wasn’t pretty but it’s impressive that hes still alive

  43. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there needs to be a “reality” check by those who believe that Kroenke will sell
    his interest in Arsenal.

    First of all Kroenke has spent on his investment in the company over a billion pounds. There
    are not many potential buyers who are going to buy him out at the club’s current market value which is probably £1.5 billion and then willing to invest significant amount in upgrading team.

    For the record I don’t think that there has been a single actual or potential owner who has spent more than £300 million buying a football club apart from Kroenke.

    I would not disagree that Kroenke is not a particularly good owner of Arsenal and his passion for football and Arsenal falls short of what I would hope and expect from him.

    Someone will need to take the can for the decisions taken by the six clubs. My view in case
    of Arsenal is that the CEO most definitely needs to go, because he is the person who should
    have advised the owners on the likely consequences of the action taken.

    It will be interesting to see how the Kroenke family react if Arsenal fail to qualify for Europe
    and what will be spent in transfer market this summer.

  44. Matt B

    A decent manager would have discretely asked his back four individually, for their thoughts on the difference between Martinez and Leno before deciding which one to keep.

    It’s fairly obvious that that would never have occurred to Arteta, because he’ knows best — its becoming increasingly evident that he is arrogant and that his lack of humility is holding this team back…

  45. Danny S


    No one needs to buy Arsenal and invest heavily. We already have a self sustaining model more or less.

    What we want the potential owner to do is have an invested interest and love fir the club. That alone would be worth millions in investment to a squad because they would make damn sure every penny was spent for the good of the team.

    Having an owner that put pressure on the team and manager to win would be a good start. We’ve had 10/15 years or complete and total apathy from the owners which has reduced us to where we are now.

  46. China1

    ET arsenal are valued at 2 billion and this guy is ‘supposedly’ going to open with an offer of 1.8b

    Your numbers are way off!

  47. Rjm

    Easy to get Kronke to sell…….EASY!

    Once fans allowed back no fan goes into the stadium……everyone just stand outside and protest.

    He’ll be gone in a month!

    That’s if Arsenal fans REALlY want him gone.

    But the typical “he will never sell” attitude by the majority means far better to go in and watch and then we can moan about him in the pub after.. No point in sacrifice for change cause he will never sell right??

  48. Mr Serge

    Having the ex players as owners of our club will never work plus how will they get enough capital to be major investors ?
    If so how will they then have money to invest in the team ?
    I am for them being on the board and having an influence though but not as owners

  49. Foxy

    footballers these days do seem a lot lighter built and no doubt have lower body fat % compared to 40 years back due to less pints and chips. Interestingly discussing all the knee and other injuries in the modern game my physio who has worked with both top rugby and football teams said the footballers don’t do enough heavy weights to build strength and resilience, basically a key reason was they moan if they get sore after heavy weights sessions, which after all is how it is supposed to work as part of the muscle building process!!

  50. NORG

    If Stan does want to sell there are at least 3 parties that would make a bid.. Ek is the pauper amongst them.

  51. Danny

    but back in 1979/80 AFC played 70 games in a season with a 19 man squad
    If I remember correctly, Brian Talbot played in every one of those matches.

  52. Valentin


    One or two games of protest won’t make a bid difference because most of the money the club makes is via the TV deal.

    Because of the Pandemic, the number of people allowed inside the stadium will be much lower and I suspect that only half the fans attendance has been factored in next season budget.

    Where it will make a difference is when after 3 years of missing the Europa League, the commercial part starts to also be severely negatively affected. No sponsorship deals, lower merchandising revenue.

    Technically we should soon be able to rename the Emirates stadium, but if the Emirates refuse to renew on the same term, we may find that because of the history and the poor results, we can’t find a proper sponsor. Spurs priced themselves out of a stadium sponsor, but before we laugh too loudly at them, that could soon happen to us as well!

  53. Sid

    @foxy, your physio is right and heavy weights increase mass, it seem they are being discouraged from gaining mass.

    So liverpool owners allegedly reject 3B offer, Stan would be a clown to accept 1.8 for Arsenal, he is more likely to buy Spotify than EK is likely to buy Arsenal

    Im telling you for free!

  54. andy1886

    Danny: “If I remember correctly, Brian Talbot played in every one of those matches.”

    I think that you may be right – and he was a monster in those FAC S/Finals against Liverpool. Not so much of an athlete though (see discussion above). Maybe we need fewer athletes and more footballers?

  55. Samir

    Got anymore free news for us?

    Surely there are some rich Arabs out there that would want to buy us? No way only this Spotify guy is interested?
    If someone were to come in and make us challenge…We’d be worth 3BN too.

  56. Freddie Ljungberg

    Good news that Balogun finally signed that contract, now we just have to hope that there’s a plan with him and he’s not wasted on the sidelines like so many of our most highly rated youths the last year.

    If we sell Laca and replaces him Balo needs a loan, if no replacement is coming he can be 3rd choice behind Auba and Martinelli. Pretty thin on experience that though so hopefully it’s a loan. That situation could have been a lot better if Martinelli and Balogun had more minutes under their belt this season so we had a clearer picture of their level.

  57. Guns of SF

    Good morning all,
    Just having my morning coffee here in cali.

    Read that Ek asked DB10, Henry and PV for help in trying to convince Stan to sell.
    I think they should really do it. Club legends that have given a new buyer their support? What does that say about them? Get rid of the headache all around, and sell the team!

  58. Guns of SF

    I dont think Ek would have a problem going in with other investors to raise the 2B
    He would be the majority owner though….
    All we need is Freddie to start making statements in the press…. turn the tide against Stan…. get the legends against him… this unrest should help pressurize stan!!

  59. The Bard

    Im not sure the Arsenal trio mentioned are angling for jobs at the club although they may be. Naively I think they may feel a bit like us, that the club are going down the pan. As some have posted Kroenke may be difficult to get rid of but an empty stadium and protests will certainly test his resolve. He must realise that there is no way back so why hold onto the franchise. He could do an Abramovitch and splash the cash but does anyone seriously believe the will. I see nothing but grief ahead unless he sells.

  60. Nelson

    In a long run, Arsenal would most likely remain the current situation with KSE as owner. There would be no hope to recover some of the past glories. Their heart is not with Arsenal.

    If this anti_KSE movement could spill over to the States, it won’t help their business. Even some Arsenal sponsors may pull out if fans continue to demonstrate against KSE.

    As for those potential new bidder, they could offer shares options to the fans..

  61. Mark

    Great news about Balo! Rumour was that he’d signed last Monday and the club were waiting to announce it. That’s fine, but why not include him in the squad for last Friday. Nketiah is going, so why no Balo?
    The 3 mins Balo got last time he played was just disrespectful and kinda took the piss. He just doesn’t know how to keep players feeling good about themselves.

    On Arteta’s substitutions as a whole I never get the Idea or even see him decide to make a dib on 60 mins, to change/take control of the game. All the subs are usually a uninspiring and often defensive.

    I’ve been saying it a while, he may ( not seen that much evidence tbh) be able to coach, but he lacks far too much to be a good manager. It’s because of this he will never be really successful IMO.

  62. Guns of SF

    As for those potential new bidder, they could offer shares options to the fans..


    Ek would be a hero if he returned the shares that previous share owners had to sell the Stan. Such sad stories, hearing how folks had to sell their families stake in the club- many held those shares as a symbol of love for the club for many many years.


  63. Mb

    It was at that point that the Gunners’ fans thought their club were going to save £350,000-per-week for the rest of the season ahead of the expiry of Ozil’s contract in June.

    But it seems that is not the case, with The Athletic claiming that Arsenal are still paying around 90% of those wages, accounting for around £315,000-per-week, and that’s for Ozil to play for someone else.

    What a wanker! I had huge respect for him but not anymore!

  64. Sid

    SamirApril 26, 2021 14:47:45
    Got anymore free news for us?Surely there are some rich Arabs out there that

    You are in a better position to tell us about arabs, Sameer, ahlan Wa Sahlan