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You know what I thought was very amusing? The story in The Sun leaked by senior players in the team who feel like they’re taking the fall for being shite. They dropped a similar thing in the same paper before the Chelsea game on boxing day. One of their big swipes was about the role Thomas Partey plays… then he goes and drops a 9/10 MOTM performance.

Senior players at Arsenal need to understand this: No one gives a fuck what you think. No one. The star boys are all under 25.

Bigger picture, Arteta needs to stop propping these schemers. Willian has ‘great potential’, Pierre ‘late for NLD team meetings’ Auba is committed… he always goes to bat for his big names, and they rarely repay the faith.

Telling a journalist Arteta blames them feels so far from reality. He never throws players under the bus. He takes the blame so often, it’s almost problematic. The worst flaying he’s dished out was Pepe when he headbutted someone at Leeds. Dropping big names for shit performances all the fans watch with fury is not throwing players under the bus. It is a very, very weird bubble these guys live in.

That’s not to say there aren’t senior players who are putting in a shift this season. Granit Xhaka, love him or hate him, has been one of our most consistent performers. Alex Lacazette has developed a new role where is everything and nothing at the same time. Thomas Partey has been a mixed bag, but you never doubt his commitment on the pitch.

Fuck the leakers. Auba deserved to be dropped. Willian has deserved the same. The shame of it all is that these whiners can’t be moved on with much ease.

Arteta gets more out of the younger players he seems so risk-averse in playing. They also never mail it in. I do understand why there’s an aversion to playing too many of them, it’s not normal to play so many teenagers, but the counter-point can’t be to play uncommitted seniors who have us sitting in 9th at the moment.

There’s a big dilemma to be faced this Thursday. Does Arteta revert to his seniors knowing there’s one or a few leaking to the press? Does he revert to names that let him down at Christmas? That couldn’t do the job against Liverpool?

Or does he pick the team best suited to doing the job? The team. The team. The team. Imo.

Martinelli said he was fit for Thursday. Play him. Let him terrorise a Slavia’s shoddy defence.

Bukayo Saka was immense against Sheff U, rumours are that he just had a dead leg, let him roam as a #10 again.

Give Nico another go, he’s been crucial to two goals on the bounce, he looks hungry, warm up the clunky first touch and reward him.

We cannot afford to play badly on Thursday. I need my match against Unai Emery in the cauldron of hell. Our awful season could be made a little sweeter if we make the final downing him in his comfort blanket.

Arsenal needs to score goals. Willian’s ‘control’ wasn’t helpful in the first leg, nor will it be in the second. Auba is either a #9 or he’s on the bench. If Lacazette is playing give him players that can form part of that 3-1-6 formation we had going at the weekend.

What I loved about the Sheffield United game is Arteta created an innovative solution in a game we were missing big players. There were clever ideas all over the pitch. My issue is that he does that when his back is against the wall… but when he gets bad options back in the system, he falls back on them.

We need to be protaganists on Thursday. I want Arsenal to humiliate them and crush their confidence in the first 20 minutes. We have to be decisive and head there demanding more than a late goal… we need to score 3 again.

I say this every week, but we need to get a run going, it hasn’t happened all season, let’s make it happen now.

Right, short one today, listen to the podcast below and we’ll talk turkey in the comments below. x

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  1. Champagne Charlie


    I think recruitment has been messy the last few years and there needs some continuity there and with the manager.

    No chance Arteta is gone before next season, this summer and next season is where he’ll make the biggest waves with Kroenke’s imo.

  2. Almuniasaynomore


    I’d have no problem with any of that,except of course my OCD with getting rid of Leno. But finding the buyers is going to be even harder than last year. I’m also not sure of how desperate Villa would be to sell Grealish,don’t know his contract situation. Is he becoming a little injury prone? Sad when selling players is bringing as much joy as buying them isn’t it?

  3. Almuniasaynomore

    I think if he survives tomorrow night you’re right,even a semi defeat wont shift him. I hope as always your optimism is justified and my pessimism unfounded. Good night to you.

  4. Tony

    Reading through the papers this morning it appears Arteta is looking for ‘magic moments’ from his players to beat Slavia. I’d prefer fast attacking football against a slow injury hit defense from a competent team selection with a view to use 5 subs if we’re still chasing the game at 50 minutes.

    Not some Disney type cartoon ‘Magic Moments’ war cry.

    Then Leno is leading a battle cry to win with no mistakes and the next article Leno is saying he fancies a new adventure and hasn’t opened new contract talks after Arteta sells our best keeper: Emi to let Leno be our number 1.

    I also find this story to be ridiculous that we’re waiting no not waiting but sweating on Auba’s fitness who can’t buy a goal at the moment. Yet Martinelli does tap ins just as well as Auba as we saw against Sheffield, so Auba can carry on being sick at home.

    Balogun should be on the bench and I agree with Pierre’s much earlier post we’d be better playing 433. ESR has to play centrally with Saka and Martinelli on either side. SP look well organized and compact when defending but their back line look slow, especially wit the injuries they had/have.

    We need to play front players who have great and almost telepathic understanding from playing so many years together playing 1 and 2 touch football at speed to unpick Slavia’s locks in defense.

    Play Mari at left back and have Xhaka right back on the bench.

    I wonder how many keepers Arteta is going to have on the bench for this tie?

    Checking last night Odegaard is still being assessed.

    Question is how genuine is Arteta being regarding players who were carrying knocks from the Sheffield game are really 100% and won’t break down after the first crunching ankle on around the previously injured areas of Martinelli, Saka and ESR?

    So, IF everyone is 100% and Arteta selects a very pacy MF and front 3, we should have no problem dispatching Slavia tonight and moving on to the semi.

    I’d prefer we didn’t play Villareal if we get to the semis. I know Pedro is salivating but seeing or hearing about grown men crying because a ‘bum’ beat your team would be pathetic in the least but that’s what will happen with Pedro when he comes out from behind his sofa after emery has had Arteta’s number and sent us packing.

    The alternative would be too boring to witness wit Pedro going on a false narrative of I-told-you-so laps of his bedroom.

    Not boring because we beat a quality ‘cup’ manager’s team, but because other than advancing onto the final, beating Villareal is just a semi, it doesn’t prove who is the best manager because Arteta has already he is worse than Emery when looking at their first 50 games.

    One game is hardly a metric to term who is the best manager, right? Only an idiot would do that amiright? Pedro?

    Anyway, we HAVE to win tonight to save our season.

    Charlie is probably right Arteta will be here for next season regardless unless Slavia tank us 3+:0 or worse.

    Lose tonight and I would fear for Pedro’s sanity, such is his Arteta obsession that goes far beyond his famed or infamous Gazidis love in as amusing as that was.

    Win and Pedro will be insufferable building up Arteta once more before Arteta self destructs again as is his way on his managerial roller coaster of mostly downs and very few ups.

    If the earlier stated IFs work for Arteta, I see us winning 2:1 or 3:1. and my son I will be happy.

    If Arteta does his usual golden oldies 90 minutes, then we can expect to lose by the same margins.

    That’s my take on things – rightly or wrongly.

  5. China1

    ‘The alternative would be too boring to witness wit Pedro going on a false narrative of I-told-you-so laps of his bedroom’

    The laps of his bedroom part got me 😂😂😂😂

    Come on arsenal. Let’s do this. No bullshit. Let’s just have a nice clean good win.


    Or Pepe for martinelli?

    Not sure. I just hope arteta gets it right.

  6. China1

    And yeah irrespective of what happens (within reason) I doubt arteta is getting sacked this season.

    If we lose tonight I will hope that he is, but ultimately I would be surprised if the club would be proactive and ruthless enough to do that. The arsenal way is always to wait, wait, wait, accommodate and hope.

    If we crash and burn in the EL and don’t start next season we’ll his job will be in genuine trouble tho.

  7. Gonsterous

    We actually have the perfect DM in torreira, can we convince him to stay? Partey torr partnership could be a great base, they can compliment each other, unlike xhaka who’s loves to pass back and then point his arm at where he wants the forward players to be at. He is so poor, but arsenal fans pretend he is good enough, the benchmark is santi and how he played the cm role, connected the defense with the attack, that’s what a cm does. Xhaka can’t receive the ball with his back to the opposition, nor can he dribble or pass his way forward. He has only his long passes and we have midgets up top.

  8. Useroz

    Arsenal traveling squad from: Leno, Ryan; Bellerin, Cedric, Chambers, Gabriel, Holding, Mari; Ceballos, Elneny, Odegaard, Partey, Saka, Smith Rowe, Xhaka; Aubameyang, Balogun, Lacazette, Martinelli, Nelson, Nketiah, Pepe and Willian

    Azeez not even traveling ?

  9. Kroenkephobe


    Only two goalkeepers? He must be out of his mind.


    I enjoyed your post about golden oldies and magic moments. It brought to mind that old tune by Perry Como… Agree with you that we’ll need a rather more coherent strategy than that – perhaps something involving energy, teamwork, discipline and taking our chances.

  10. Northbanker

    “Proactivity left The Arsenal when David Dein was fired. We have been reactive ever since”

    I know we all look back with a sigh that Dein was sacked but let’s not forget who first cursed the club with the Krankies – when it all started to go wrong!!

  11. Bob N16

    Agree Northbanker,

    Dein gets painted in a beatific light when he walked away with £90 million after bringing in Kroenke. He’s like the injured player who gets better in his absence. He undoubtedly had a vital role in complimenting Wenger and after he left Wenger badly missed his counsel although I understand they remain close friends.

    The point is surely that every club needs canny operators behind the scenes, it appears we haven’t had one since Dein!

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have not conceded a disproportionate number of goals this season apart from the 3
    in games against West Ham and Liverpool. However, what has been the problem all season has been the number of key defensive mistakes which have cost us games and goals.

    My major concern all season has been the continuous rotation and changes made to our defence. Arsenal should have a back line which picks itself in starting lineup.

    What we have seen is continuous changes, which causes disruption and the consequential

    Contrast that with our famed backline over 10 years with Dixon, Bould/Keown, Adams and
    Winterburn who seldom got injured and were solid as a rock. Apart from Adams none of these players were regular internationals, but collectively they were unrivalled as a defensive unit.

  13. Sid

    My advice for the team is to be careful where they choose to stay on their trip, they might end up like Paxton and Josh in Hostel

  14. Sid

    Having a good midfield is key to having a solid defense. Being able to control possesion and tempo of a game is as important as buying CBs.

  15. Rich


    I’m generally opposed to marquee signings, all they seem to produce is massive wages and massive egos

    I preferred Wenger’s original philosophy

    “We don’t buy superstars, we make them”

    Wenger unfortunately lost his magic in the transfer market in his latter years, and I don’t trust Edu or Arteta to identify elite talent at the bottom and middle of the market, so we can develop that talent

    We need someone who can add value in the transfer market, rather than subtract

    Putting big money into established stars hasn’t worked, we’ve just gone backwards

    Ozil £300k p/w
    Aubameyang £300k p/w
    Willian £200k p/w
    Mkhitaryan £170k p/w
    Partey £200k p/w
    Pepe £140k p/w + £72million
    Lacazette £170k p/w
    Luiz £140k p/w

    These types of signings and contracts reek of a club who are just throwing big money around, because they lack innovative and competent talent identifiers

    Emery turned Guendouzi into one of the most valuable teenagers in the world, but now his value has nose dived

    We hit the jackpot on Martinelli, who looks like a really talented youngster

    In spite of all the bluster, I think Saliba will play at Arsenal

    it’s more these types of signings we should be aiming for, I’m not opposed to paying £40-£50 million fees for players like Odegaard or Neto, providing they don’t come with ridiculous wages

    Young and hungry players we can improve and increase their value

    I want us to do what Dortmund + Leicester do, but on steroids

  16. Bob N16


    Understand your concerns about too much rotation in defence but this season has been unique in terms of the six weeks pre-season and fixtures being squeezed in to a shorter lengthen season. Added to that, FIFA wanted their pound of flesh playing as many international games as they could manage.

    Next season will hopefully be different; we will have a new RB that plays all the important matches, KT stays fit and a first choice CB pairing becomes clear (hoping Saliba is one of the two).

  17. Emiratesstroller


    The recent extension of Kevin de Bruyne’s contract at Man City should be a clear lesson for

    De Bruyne does not employ an agent and conducted the negotiations himself, but employed
    a lawyer to scrutinise the contract documents.

    The players intelligent enough to know his true worth to the club and both parties landed
    up saving themselves a large chunk of money on agents fees.

    The key difference between employing a lawyer and agent is that the former earns money
    for the work he does for the client. The agent is by contrast often feathering his own nest
    particularly in the commissions they earn when a players moves club.

  18. Wiglaf

    I’d like to see a 433 tonight with Partey as anchor and ESR and Odegaard as two 8’s just ahead of him

    Saka and Pepe on the wings with Martinelli off the bench.
    Laca up front
    Same back 4 as weekend

  19. Wiglaf

    I think this system with 2 8s as part of a 3 could really bring out the creativity in our midfield. We ha e everything we need in This squad already to be a top 4 side (not title winners I’d like to make very clear) but it just needs unlocking. Arteta needs to let the hand break go and allow these young exciting players to do what they do best when they are deployed together
    So much potential being held back by an over various attitude.
    Play defenders who can defend and you don’t need to waste your midfield protecting them for 90 mins

  20. Tony

    “The point is surely that every club needs canny operators behind the scenes, it appears we haven’t had one since Dein!”

    That was my point Bob that to my recollection Dien was the last of the proactive type in the club.

    I don’t and didn’t see Gazidis, any of the BoD, Raul (only proactive towards his need for power and money in his smash and grab tenure)

    Now we have Vinai and Edu when he’s not hibernating from the media and fans – possibly the club as well.

    The Wenger Dien axis was the last time I can think of any real proactivity and the rewards that brought the club.

    Certainly not saying Dein was saint but we gained more with him than without. At the Kroenkes arrival period I’m sure a lot went down we’ll never know about, especially with Danny Fisman’s cancer.

    There definitely were some players at the table all with their own agendas, as you’d expect when there’s millions in the pot.

    I can actually remember that song by Perry Com always on the radio – crooner personified.

  21. Northbanker

    Dein certainly helped to change the mindset but I suspect his time was probably done anyway. We needed new thinkers to take the club forward – by then – 2007 – Wenger was also going stale although dd at least produce the strategy of going for youth. Unfortunately the execution was found wanting – a salutary lesson for those of us who hope to re-introduce that policy (inc me)

    The club definitely needs a strategist more than ever

  22. Foxy

    Could Saka actually be our overdue replacement for Santi judging on his all round skill set, game intelligence, and how comfortable he looked centrally against Sheff U. I just have this doubt as to him being a true top class wide forward due to his average shooting ability.

  23. Wiglaf

    NorthbankerApril 15, 2021 09:45:06
    Wiglaf – agree with that line up. If Lacazette or Pepe are quiet I’d bring Martinelli on at half time and not leave it too late to liven up the attack

    My thoughts exactly
    If Tierney is ready I’d have him off the bench too for xakha to give us that left foot too.
    No room for auba for me tonight. Not even if we need a goal with 10 to go
    I’d rather martinelli

  24. Wiglaf


    Saka is good but he’s not the man to replace Santi. He doesn’t have the ball skills or the ability to wriggle away in tight spaces like that. ESR more that man for me. Jack was the only other guy capable of opening the pitch up from a press like that
    We gave them both away for free in the same summer
    No wonder our creativity dropped

  25. Sid

    I have doubts on using Ode as an #8 due to his acceleration and dribbling ability
    Anyways theres No chance of Diet pep doing such a thing.

  26. Elmo

    Saka is the only player in our squad who has the ability and conviction to consistently receive the ball with his back to goal, turn, and drive past defenders, opening up our attacking options and completely changing the outlook of the other team. He has to be in the final third and running at defences.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Azeez would not have been selected for this trip, because he will be playing for Arsenal’s U18
    Team in FA Youth Cup on Friday against West Ham.

    He played for them in same competition in last round against Blackburn.

  28. China1


    Ode-Partey-ESR is a midfield I’d be very curious to see. Could work wonders for our transitions and creativity and both ESR and Ode are willing to put in the miles on the pitch to help the team beyond just as creative players

    Could be a good call

  29. Rich


    We were close in 2007/08, with a very young team, had Dein been there to pay the extra few million for Xavi Alonso, then that could have easily changed our trajectory

    Same as if we’d just paid Ashley Cole the extra £5,000 p/w, instead of losing the best left back in the league to Chelsea

    We had a really strong first 11 in 2010/11, but again we sold off the Crown Jewels, instead of adding quality to our squad

    Even though we didn’t have a strong team from 2013-2017, the league at that point wasn’t particularly strong either, and Suarez should have been our Cantana moment

    When Rodgers said Cavani has just gone to PSG for £55-£60 million, and we rate Suarez in the same bracket, we should have just put the money on the table, and signed the league’s standout player who was entering his prime

    It would have been a game changer for us

    Saka will have just 3years remaining on his deal this summer, if we don’t renew now, then in 2022 things start getting twitchy, and if he decides his ambitions are best served elsewhere, the reality is, we’ll have to make another horrible decision which will set us backwards

    If Edu + Arteta get this transfer window wrong, then we’re looking at least another 5 years in mid-table purgatory, and it’s going to be very difficult to break that cycle

    Chelsea + United are on the cusp on producing winning units

    City are a bigger draw than Arsenal now

    Klopp will go again with Liverpool if he hangs around, and Klopp will always attract players

    Leicester have incredibly smart people pulling the strings

    Everton might receive massive inward investment with Usmanov, who won’t be investing to watch Everton linger in mid-table

    We’ve invested plenty of money into the playing staff

    The club was haemorrhaging money before COVID, we desperately need much smarter and innovative people pulling the strings, because a fool and his money are easily parted

  30. China1

    Charlie if you buy two senior wingers are you relegating saka to the bench?

    Buendia and Ode would be good as offensive buys as Ode is a known quantity for us and Buendia brings quality, dynamism and versatility across the attacking midfield positions

    But id not buy any other wide players (even if there are sales) and replace Xhaka with a proper upgrade instead

    I’m not sure about extending laca and the reason being whilst he offers something, I doubt we can or will sell Auba. If we extend laca we’re likely going into next season with both again which is not in our best interest

  31. China1

    Man Leno saying he’s open to a new adventure

    After arteta taking so much heat for backing him ahead of Martinez and then him not even having a good season. I am not impressed one bit by this

  32. englandsbest

    A word on DD: he was key to Arsenal’s ‘Golden Years ‘ , that is the GG years and the early Wenger years. Rioch was merely a hiccup between them . George broke bad because he was underpaid and under-appreciated by BoD. The exception was Dein. Which is why Danny gave him a free hand. The result? The Invincibles.

    DD was a fan, which is why he brought Stan along – to invest, not to buy – and to use the money to buy top players. The rest of BoD thought otherwise, and sold up.

    A word on Stan: ‘when the car’s away, the mice do play’ sums up his hands-off ownership.

  33. Wiglaf


    Why thank you! Yeah I’d love to see it happen. Could be just what we need. It’s the the midfield I’d deploy against the best of sides like city but when you need to find the guys who can put the ball in the lobster pot it wouldn’t hurt to have esr Saka and odegaard pulling the stings with partey sitting

    On Leno
    What can i say that hasn’t already been said?
    I’ve never rated him and was laughed at for claiming we were better into defensive with Cech 3 seasons ago then Leno. I never rated him and I’ve since concluded that he’s an arrogant wanker and a bottle job
    His good is cooked and now he wants out
    I’ll say it one last time, letting Martinez go for this Dick head was his biggest error thus far as arsenal manager.
    Awful awful decision and now he’s getting shit on by Leno and Auba when both should have been out the door last summer. Harsh lessons

  34. TR7

    Leno hankering for a move away from Arsenal could be a blessing in disguise. For all his spectacular saves, he still costs us a lot of points over a season. It was a blunder to let Martinez go to Aston Villa.

  35. Rich

    If any of you want a laugh, Dulux have just become Spurs’s official paint partner

    But the intern running their Twitter account must be an Arsenal fan who’s about to be handed his P45

    A Spurs fan asked can the Dulux dog play centre half?

    They’ve replied “He might do a better job”

    Paint the dusty trophy cabinet?

    “Don’t be silly, surfaces should be dust free before painting it”

    They’ve tweeted a picture of Spurs trophy cabinet with the caption “For sale, unused trophy cabinet”

  36. Dissenter

    ‘ Leno hankering for a move away from Arsenal could be a blessing in disguise. For all his spectacular saves, he still costs us a lot of points over a season. It was a blunder to let Martinez go to Aston Villa.‘

    Maybe Leno could have been more honest and forthright last season about his intentions. He could have told the club he wasn’t planning to stay around too. That would have made it easier to keep Martinez on the promise that he would be substantive starting keeper by 2021-2022. They could have shared the goalkeeping this season.

    We ditched a keeper who had been at Arsenal for 10 seasons for him and now he’s saying Tschüss.

  37. Nelson

    Before this deciding match, you can’t help but remembering Martinez helping us winning the FA cup. Not only the players but also the fans felt more confident with him in the net.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Nice to see Leno repaying the club with loyalty when we put our trust in him…not!

    Opting for Leno over Martinez was a big mistake on Arteta’s part. Choosing to sign Willian, his biggest mistake so far.

    What a clanger!

  39. Wiglaf


    Don’t get me wrong, I want him gone. But this is still a massive kick in the teeth for everyone who loves the club when we let the superior keeper go for less than half what he should be worth

  40. China1

    But as much as I genuinely sympathize with arteta for being screwed by Leno, auba and Willian, this happened because he indulged them all

    It is arteta who insists on picking players based on their name, age and traditional reputation rather than current form or whatever

    Rather than managing for football he was managing based on favoritism and keeping big names happy and it hasn’t worked one bit.

    I hope he has learned a very somber lesson from this season that this approach does not work and we will be a better team when he stops looking at names and ages when choosing his favourites

  41. The Bard

    Its not altogether clear what is happening with Leno. He says the club havent been in touch about a new contract which if true suggests that Arteta isnt a big enough fan. He clearly isnt the kind of footballing keeper Arteta wants. Pep did the same with Joe Hart at City.Or it could be the opening salvo in a contract haggle.

  42. Champagne Charlie

    “Charlie if you buy two senior wingers are you relegating saka to the bench?“

    I’m relegating the out of form player to the bench, and promoting the form player to the XI. But notably that form player will actually fit the collective framework of the attack and not be a half-footballer we need to alter our system for or indulge to work.

    Saka shouldn’t be a nailed on starter. There should be players here able to bench him so that he improves and plays to his maximum.

    Right now he’s the RW irrespective of form because a half-fit Saka is better than the rest. Have someone more like Fekir instead of Pepe and that introduces much more honesty into the front line.

  43. Useroz


    Well stated, anf has been rtalked about much more in the media.

    This aspect of arteta hinders everything he does at the club, from buying players, team selection, to perhaps contract negotiation.

    Given things don’t quite work out ( well at least most of us recognize) , it’s about time Arteta decides the starting 11 tonight on balance and intent, rather than names and ages!

  44. Nelson

    This is my prefer starting 11:


    I find that Saka could move up when we attack. Martinelli would move inside forming an attack of five. Xhaka can cover up for Saka.

  45. Useroz

    It’s been reported Martinez has been on Manures radar, and Villa is braced for a large bid at end of season!

    FFS. If this happens, someone needs to take responsibility… again, inevitable when you indulge in established names , seniority rather than performance.

    Wonder how much the manure would pay…. £50, 60m? Great goalies are defo pricy … had arteta inserted a sell on clause?

  46. Wiglaf

    UserozApril 15, 2021 13:37:07
    It’s been reported Martinez has been on Manures radar, and Villa is braced for a large bid at end of season!

    I’m not surprised
    This is arsenal all the way since that wrinkly fucking leech bought shares at arsenal.
    Big fat fucking I told you so. I really loved Martinez at arsenal. Everything we’ve been looking for and he just bins him for a (relatively) paltry £20m.
    This is nearly on par with Emery letting wilshere and cazorla walk for zilch in my book. Arteta is on negative equity with me. He’s gonna have to pull some tricks out the bag to get me back on side fully. He’s not what I thought he was.
    You can explain it away as part of some grand scheme but what scheme involves selling the superior keeper for less money than your inferior keeper would fetch and then having neither within 12 months of each other?

  47. Bertie Mee

    They have Henderson lined up to replace De Gea. They won’t spend anything like that on Martinez . Arguably they don’t need him

  48. Wiglaf

    I’d say we could have got north of £40m for Leno last summer
    Who’d pay the £25m we paid for him after the shit form he’s been in this season? What a calamity

  49. Wiglaf


    Someone big will come for him.
    Barca, real, one of the Italian clubs, Bayern or maybe Dortmund if they get good money for Haaland, Sancho or any of their other their wonder kids (Reyna next?)
    He’s that good. He really is.

  50. DUIFG

    It’s had next to no discussion but this torrents issue is another arteta mess,

    We had a 25 m asset now worth what like 10?

    The club sunk big money into torrents and now need to write him off, could he have been rehabilitated towards a sale rather than carted off. It was a risky move that has backfired .

    Another large investment for zero return, this can’t continue to happen

  51. Useroz

    Some say Martinez went for £17m… plus performance related fees to total of £20m. Pathetic business regardless of Martinez ‘s earlier statements he wanted to leave to play. And who would blame him?

    Many speculate IF Martinez had been in goal, we’d have another 8 to 10 points… who knows but it’d at least be less frustrating at times watching Leno when you wish he were Martinez, especially when Leno is bloody rooted while crosses are flying in…

  52. Wiglaf

    Just reading how we had a deal nearly done on Bellingham but Edu came in and fucked it all up too apparently?
    What the hell is going on at arsenal? It’s one calamity after another.

    The only transfers you could say have worked are
    Tierney who’s injured a lot
    Martinelli who’s injured a lot
    Partey who’s injured a lot
    Or Pepe who’s ignored a lot

  53. Rich


    Like that team, probably go with Mari instead of Gabriel though

    But Saka at left back makes the most sense

  54. Wiglaf


    Completely agree
    He’s been amazing since the day Mapauy shoved into Leno and hasn’t looked back
    In fact he’s getting better and better
    Bollock crushing to have had that bloke at our club and to let him got for fucking burnt Leno

  55. andy1886

    Just to clarify Dein did not sell his shares to Kroenke. Although he introduced Stan to the club as a potential investor Stan bought his first shares from TV company Granada media. Dein was forced out by Fiszman & Co and DD sold his shares to Usmanov who he viewed as a better prospect than Stan. Then Fiszman and the board made their ‘not his type thank you’ comments about Stan before agreeing the two year ‘lock down’ on share sales. Subsequently they did a complete U-turn and sold out to the American and the rest is history.

    Shame really, we haven’t had anyone even vaguely competent since in a senior role. No real football people and especially no Arsenal people.

  56. andy1886

    This from ‘The Arsenal History’:

    “For the record, the only shareholders who have put money into Arsenal in the last 50 years have been David Dein and Granada, who both bought previously unissued shares. All other purchases were of existing shares, and the money therefore went to existing shareholders.”

  57. Terraloon

    Andy 1886.

    That’s simply not correct.

    Arsenal actually created extra equity 2011 when shares were issued and sold to Granda Media

    At the time Granda agreed to take another 4.9% which they did when the new stadium was built

    Granda ended up with 9.9% of the total shares which were even sold to Kronke

  58. Nelson


    Slavia Prague has a big and physical striker. Last game, Gabriel kept him in check. I am worry that Mari is not physically strong enough to deal with him.

  59. Valentin

    What those rumours that ManUtd are sniffing around Martinez means that after one year, Aston Villa has benefited from a very good goalkeeper and will generate enough profit to purchase a replacement.

    Everybody could see that even from a purely financial aspect selling Martinez for £16 millions for a mistake. A lot of fans mentioned that we were going to sell an asset for £16 millions that would be resold in 1 or two years for twice the amount, when Leno was unlikely to rise to that amount.

    That was even before taking into account the fact that Martinez was registered as a home grown and club grown player. That itself should have generated an extra premium.

    That decision combined with the Runnarsson one should preclude Arteta to have final say on the purchase and selling of players.

  60. Valentin

    Liverpool are not resting on their recruitment laurel. They have signed an agreement with StatBomb with regard to their new statistical profiling of players. Meanwhile at Arsenal…

    When I read the names of players whom Arsenal is linked with, most looks like the easy, lazy and obvious approach to scouting. The German, the big European clubs are looking at Ligue 2 clubs to find gems and Arsenal look at relegation threatened clubs. Bissouma, Anguissa are decent players but they are not coming cheap. None of the relegated clubs will be desperate to sell. They know that their best chance is to hang to their better players and bounce back immediately a la Norwich.

    Here is an example of a Ligue 2 reports that StatBomb published.

  61. Useroz

    DUIFG… too late with torreira publicly reiterates his want to play for boca junior and be close to his family….

    Arsenal hands are very much tied and forced now in setting the fee…

  62. Useroz

    Valentin. Interesting report. I’d guess our scouting to identifying emerging talent outside of Mertesacker’s patch is close to if not defunct.

    Footballing reasons aside, with a skint owner , we practically need to go back to the dark days when we sell nurtured young talent for large profits in order to buy some decent, established players., and other kids with leftovers.

    In short, where are , and who’s finding, the next 14 to 17yo Guendouzi (sans petulance), Saka, Martinelli that could be put in the EPL shopfront after a couple of years ??

  63. TheLegendaryDB10


    with a skint owner

    Our owner, who is a billionaire, skint?

    He is more of a miser who wants to avoid the pitfalls of the money sink that is football.

    To avoid being a money sink the club need to be spending the money wisely… which is not quite what goes on at The Arsenal unfortunately.

    And if these rumours re Martinez are true, I am just shaking my head in disbelief (but not surprised at our ineptitude in the market once again).

  64. Bertie Mee

    I don’t doubt your assertion at all about Emi, he is a great keeper .
    I just don’t think he is United bound . He will want to be first choice where he goes