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Well, that was a little better.

Arsenal beat Sheffield United with ease.

You can say we should be beating teams like that and you’d be right… but we did not beat a similarly bad Aston Villa side last season when we had our minds on a different competition. The players didn’t show up that time because they were saw the game as a punishment fixture.

We didn’t get that performance yesterday.

Arteta showed that he’s a very good coach. He deployed an interesting system. It was a 3-2-5 moving forward,  sometimes a 3-1-6 which felt very Wenger chasing a game. Xhaka also tucked in at left-back giving us another option for accurate distro from deep.

There were little surprises all over the pitch. He shielded Dani Ceballos from himself by letting him pick up a position on the left. Saka was given a roaming #10 role, he was all over the place, picking the ball up from deep, floating left and right, even adopting centre forward positons at time.

We were dynamic in attacking, sometimes having 4-5 players running at a very confused Sheffield United.

It was pretty clunky for the opening 30 minutes, but it was a new way of playing and we didn’t have many creators on the pitch.

It clicked after a while. Our first goal was a thing of beauty, played through the middle, started by Thomas Partey, followed by some lovely interchanges with Saka, Ceballos, then finished off clinically by Lacazette.

Our second goal started with Nicolas Pepe winning a press, he powered into the Sheffield box, unleashed his classic far post shot, Ramsdale saved it, but Martinelli followed up for the tap in.

The third goal showed off the talents of Thomas Partey, the Ghanaian picked out a ball so perfect, Lacazette could get in behind and finish with a ferocious low strike.

The biggest regret of the game was that Bukayo Saka limped off with a thigh injury. The hope is that it was a dead leg, my suspicion is it’s something more serious. You could criticise his inclusion in that game, but I suspect the gamble was based on the reaction to Thursday from the fans, and the reality that the bad Liverpool loss probably contributed to that. We needed a momentum performance, you’re not getting that if you’re missing 3 creators, your captain, AND Saka.

If you’re a fan that spend Saturday crying about Arsenal dropping to 11th, you should probably pipe down about Saka’s inclusion in the starting 11. Our fans won’t tolerate dead-rubber run-outs, unfortunately.

Back to the game. There were lots of very promising performances that could be the start of something exciting.

Martinelli didn’t have his best game, but he made the runs Auba doesn’t on the left, he takes chances on lost causes, and he is way, way better at defending. He should start on Thursday. He gives far more balance to our forward line. Additionally, I love that he was given permission to move into more central positions. He wasn’t hugging the left, which made us far more threatening.

Nicolas Pepe showed the best and worst as usual, but on the balance of things, it was more of the best. His touch was rancid for the first 30, but then things started to click. He wiggled out of space, made good runs, and he gave Sheffield a torrid time. He’s an inch away from being a really problematic player for us.

Thomas Partey, on fraud watch with the section of the fanbase desperate to see him fail, dropped a proper Atleti performance. He’s just so, so fucking good. The creative part of his game, which he drops for Ghana, is starting to blossom. We need that Partey on Thursday, controlling tempo, bossing proceedings, being decisive. He was probably our most disappointing player last Thursday, he needs to avenge that.

Lacazette also proved that he is, without doubt, our best #9. Further to that, it’s clear that he cannot play with Auba. You either use Auba, a clinical #9, with runners to provide him. Or, you use Lacazette as the link-up man who brings pacey technicians into the game. We are more effective with a link-up #9, because the link-up player doesn’t have a passing interest in downing the manager.

We kept our first clean sheet in 6 years. Pablo Mari played pretty well with Rob Holding. The SPANIARD played a couple of very nice balls over the top. I think he’s preferable to the erratic Gabriel this Thursday. Cal Chambers also had a very good game, I love his volleyed crosses. He doesn’t have the pace, but defensively, he’s robust, and his final balls are very good compared to what Hector offers us.

Granit Xhaka dropped another solid performance. He did a job at left-back with commendable defending, but at the same time, causing problems for Sheffield by pushing up into midfield to become an outlet for our attacks. He’s the least of our worries right now, I wish the kids had his robustness when it comes to injuries. Guy is built from Captain America stuff.

We can’t get carried away, but, that was a performance and a much-needed one after the horrors of last 10 days.

I have no idea what the starting 11 on Thursday will look like, but if you have ESR doing what Saka did and you bring Odegaard into the mixer for Ceballos, we could do the same job, but with more precision.

We cannot fall back on players that don’t care about the project. Auba, at this point, is a liability who I wouldn’t trust to behave like a captain. Leave the job to Lacazette. He has form, he makes players around him better, and you know he’ll give to 100% in a tough away game in Prague.

Punchy write up today. Everything rests on Thursday. Pray for Saka. Pray for Martinelli who looked a bit limpy. Pray for everyone.

I want an Emery semi-final, so we can retire his fan club, Cuck FC, and move on from Bummery chat for good.

I’ll leave you with an on-the-whistle podcast with Johnny. Check out his fatherhood podcaster here. BUT, check out our football thoughts as well.


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  1. azed

    Wonder if we’ll try and find a second player like that this summer. If we had two press breakers, we’d be in great shape.


    Here’s my crazy idea,
    Get Jack Grealish with the sale of Lacazette + 20M + Nelson
    Bissouma with the money from Elneny, Eddie and Willock.

  2. Rich


    We don’t have that data, video analysis, and I doubt many Arsenal fans watched every single Atletico game

    From what I’ve seen so far, when Partey is successful in the dribble, he can beat the press, and open up the whole game

    But just like yesterday, before the end of the first half, he put us in real trouble, and it’s not the first time he’s done it

    He takes a lot of risks, and he’s been sloppy so far

    He’s a high risk, high reward player, who’s had me chewing my finger nails from behind the sofa at times

    Which means I’ll have to order some of whatever you smoke daily

    Hopefully growing a third foot isn’t a side effect

  3. Guns of SF

    On the subject on left and right footed players wasn’t Santi Carzola ambidextrous? And have we had more of those ambidextrous players?

    This is the real question gents.

    Left footers like Pepe and Ode really are quite a conundrum. Both being attackers, it makes it complicated to find the ideal position for them.

    Ideally I think all attackers- mids especially should be adept at using both feet.

    Santi, David Silva come to mind… Even our Cesc, Hleb etc all could use both fairly well.

    Even now, I see youth coaches wanting kids to learn to use both feet. I think its a good thing overall. How many times have we seen Ode or Pepe not use their right when it was the smarter and easier option? You do not see this as much with right footed players. They somehow are able to use their weaker leg better.

    I know the famed Dutch youth programs instill this in their players.

    Robben being the exception.

    If Pepe needed extra sessions to use his right foot, it says it all really.
    TBF he does seem to use his right more now, hopefully all those sessions paid off!

  4. Cazorla

    ‘ I also have a general idea of how AM play against top teams vs bottom sides’

    They play deep against top and bottom sides that’s why they have such low possession. Not exactly a great watch. So I’m guessing you don’t have a clue how they play or watch them play regularly with a comment like that.

  5. Pedro

    Val, plenty of people at Arsenal want the year out of Europe next year.

    Pressure on winning is the same as last season. We needed the money then, we need the money now.

  6. Spanishdave

    Anybody can learn to use both feet but the coaches and players can’t be bothered.
    I taught my self to use both feet it’s not difficult to do.

  7. Rich


    Partey was brilliant in the 1-0 home win vs Liverpool, and the 2-3 win at Anfield 12 months ago in the Champions League

    I’ve not been that impressed with Partey so far, but this is a player who’s played and performed well on the biggest stage

    We seen a brilliant performance at Old Trafford earlier in the season, hopefully we can get a similar level out of him on a more consistent basis

    The whole team was complete trash against Liverpool 2 weeks ago, not sure we can pin the blame on any specific player

  8. RockyRoe

    I just enjoy Pedro doing mental gymnastic to believe and to make us believe arteta has something going on for him.

    I have no hopes of a moron that choose to have 2 GK subs included in the sqaud during the europa league group stages. I mean you have to be special kind of moron to go down that path.

    Also, pedro, you keeping talking about how no one seems to be having a good season, what about westham? Aston villa? New promoted Leeds? They don’t count?

  9. Champagne Charlie

    “Why are my comments not being allowed?“

    Probably censoring ideas like Emi Martinez being the best keeper in the league.

  10. Sid

    ‘Take the recent match against Valencia, comfortably Atleti’s best performance of the season and surely an indicator of how Cholo wants his side to aggressively defend high upfield as often as possible.

    Los Colchoneros suffocated Valencia’s attempts to play around midfield with a dramatic series of high presses in groups, tough tackles and then using players with the ability to switch play or accelerate into space to take advantage before the away team could regroup.’

    Against weaker teams they press upfield and break against stronger teams especially last season and beginning of this season they sit deep and go for long balls.

  11. Sid

    Not pinning blame on a particular player, my position is that he is Not fit for CM, a great CM will control tempo, no matter results.

  12. TheBayingMob

    I see some ex melt pro / current cunt is saying KT should go to City as he is ‘too big’ for AFC. While there is probably some merit to that opinion, I also think we should cash in on him. He will never stay for for us. For the player he will likely stay fit for longer in a bigger squad that can give him more rest (as opposed to AFC who break the shit out of every decent player we have) but also why not ca$h in big for a player who will never play a full season for us?

  13. Pierre

    Jorginho alongside Partey would do it for me …sadly we have missed the moment to sign him as he is now integral to Chelsea’s game…

    Mainland Niles having a very good game for WBA in Central midfield.

  14. Habesha Gooner

    All this talk of Emery but we might not even qualify on Thursday. It is a coin toss of a match as of right now. And even if we do qualify, Emery has been known to be a good cup manager. He has the best record in the Europa league. He has been there and done it. I wouldn’t be as confident as you are pedro.

  15. Rich

    In Unai Emery’s 10 cup finals as manager, he’s won 9, lost 1

    He’s won 1 league title, and two promotions

    He’s nowhere near the joke some Arsenal fans think he is.

    5th, 70 points, 73 goals, and a coin toss Europa League final loss, was a slight overachievement, and not the disaster some made it out to be

  16. TheBayingMob

    No Tierney. Saka doubtful. We have a very slim hope against Prague. Personally I don’t see us going through, without our two main attacking outlets we will be incredibly easy to defend against

  17. Rich

    Hazard settled the final for Chelsea, sometimes great players win football games for their team

    Arsenal + Chelsea both got 3 points off each other in the league that season

    Aubameyang settled the final for us in August

    We edged the 2017 final, after Chelsea had won the title, we also beat them 3-0 at the Emirates that season, but lost at Stamford Bridge

    Our record against Chelsea over the past 6 years is pretty even

    Arsenal vs Chelsea games can go either way, they’re coin toss games, where form usually goes out of the window

  18. Pedro

    Rich, we were totally unprepared for the final. Senior players at the time knew we’d lose because of the mess in the build-up.

    Emery had no presence, he was weak, he caved standards behind the scenes, he let staff run amok, and his descent was pretty linear after he lucked out in the first 22 games.

    He was never building a future for Arsenal.

    He’s where he’s best at the minute.

  19. Rich


    Emery might have been a bad choice, struggled with the language, and lost the dressing room

    I just don’t think his first season was the disaster some people think it was, we also picked up some big wins against big teams in the PL and in the Europa

    Had the club backed him with players he wanted, and backed him cleaning out the likes of Ozil, Mustafi + Kolasinac

    Then things might well have turned out differently for him

    He also gave a lot of opportunities to a lot of young players, which he doesn’t get any credit for

  20. Champagne Charlie


    As always you try and paint the 2018 in a much brighter colour than it ever was. If Wenger was bang average (being kind) on his way out the club then there’s nothing you can claim of Emery’s debut season as “over achievement”.

    – 2017 we scored 74, conceded 51 for 63 points = 6th
    – 2018 we scored 73, conceded 51 for 70 points = 5th

    – 2017 we were knocked out by Atletico in the semi final
    – 2018 we got our arse widened in the final

    You have to go back to 1983 to see a worse defence than 51 goals in Wengers last season in charge. In came ‘modern manager’ Emery plus 70 mil in defensive additions to address what was long considered a chronic issue of Arsenal sides, and what did we see? Joint worst defence since 1983 at the first go of it.

    What an overachievement indeed.

  21. Rich


    Wenger made a lot of poor moves in his latter years, and our squad was a mess

    The squad Emery took over was poor, and we got closer to top 4 than I thought we would that season

    In the same way I think Arteta needs time, and that our main issues aren’t coaching or tactics

    I thought exactly the same with Emery

    I said when we sacked Emery that things would likely get worse before they got any better

    I got told by Pedro and pretty much everyone I was wrong

    I said at the start of this season we’d likely be in a massive scrap between 5th and 8th, 60-65 points was a realistic aim, and was “hoping” we’d pick up a cup

    I still think that will be roughly right after 38 games

    Until we improve things behind the scenes like scouting + recruitment, squad planning, and contract management, I don’t see things changing for us

    Our squad is too big, imbalanced, and could do with a sprinkle of quality in a few areas as well

    Hopefully Edu surprises us this summer, and proves himself an astute operator, I have serious doubts though….

  22. Champagne Charlie


    The premise of the new manager was that he’d come in and improve the poor coaching which would elevate the group. We also added 5 players that summer and saw no outgoings.

    Nothing about the subsequent returns elevated us, same attacking output and shocking defending that Wenger offered at his very lowest in 20 years.

    Given the position we found ourselves in with half a dozen games to go you’re talking absolute nonsense to consider it anything like an “overachievement” to get battered by sides like Wolves and Palace, then fold embarrassingly in a one-off cup final with everything on the line.

  23. Pierre

    “Had the club backed him(Emery) with players he wanted, and backed him cleaning out the likes of Ozil, Mustafi + Kolasinac”

    One would have thought that the binning of the above players would have been reflected in our performances and results in a positive way..

    Unfortunately, it has had the opposite effect as the team slide down the Premier league table and are now even struggling in the cup competitions…

    Maybe it was the likes if Ozil, Mustafi and Kolasinac that actually helped Emery attain 5th position and a European final..

  24. Rich

    What screwed us was we didn’t have the squad to get us over the line, Emery should have picked top 4 over the Europa league

    It’s the same now, take a couple of players out, and what’s left is suspect

    You only need to look at our record, and the record of other clubs playing in Europe this season, to see that’s the case

    Outside City, teams have largely struggled after European escapades

    Arteta’s “improved” defensive record, that was coming at the cost of the attack

    Has now started to crumble, with our improved attacking metrics

    The truth is our defenders and central midfield aren’t very good, and haven’t been for years

    Sacking our manager won’t change that, unless we improve our decision making behind the scenes, and recruit better players

  25. Dissenter

    How does any manager “luck out” a 223 game unbeaten run?

    Pedro is at his worst again
    No even the shambles of his preferred manager has humbled him.
    Hope Arteta lucks out an 8 game unbeaten run pretty soon. I mean calling Arteta a good manager because he beat Sheffield United and then seeking validation from every owl on twitter.

    Emery lost his first two games against City and Chelsea so stop all your damn cack about lucking out the first 22 games. He had a tough line of games to begin his Arsenal tenure.

  26. Pedro

    Dissenter, I mean, quite easy… the team played out the dying embers of Wenger, our xG pointed to the luck, when Emery’s ideas kicked in… the good luck faded and he never recovered.

    I was at my best when I told you what was happening and you denied it right until the bitter end.

  27. Champagne Charlie

    Disappointing. But the mitigating factors for that are his inexperience as a manager. He’s not met my expectations of him, but I read and understood the label before the season started.

    Not sure how you offer up our points tally and goals scored under Emery as a net plus and then blame player poverty for falling short in the end.

    We failed to get a win vs Wolves, Palace, and Brighton. Literally one of them and we bag CL football.

  28. Habesha Gooner

    You would think it would be a game we should be winning but we just don’t know with Arteta. Remember going out at the hands of Olympiacos last season? And I feel less confident about Arteta finding the solution with our two CAMs and Possibly Saka not being involved in the game.

    Whatever agenda you are trying to push, Emery has never been and will never be a chump. His first season wasn’t a disaster by any means. I just felt he was a bad fit for us in the end. Hell, Arteta is doing worse with a better squad interms of results. And I wouldn’t be cocky against a manager who has 3 consecutive Europa league wins to his name. One of these against one of the best managers in the world in Klopp. It is just being blind to think he wouldn’t be a threat to us if we met in a semi final.

  29. Pedro

    Habesha, he let the travel planner do a motivational speech. The same guy that started a fight in the tune versus Palace. He also let the physio throw a kids party in the car park. Total chump.

  30. Pierre

    Prague have nothing to concern us ..if we play to our potential we will qualify…
    Arteta’s main priority should be to set up right defensively..

    The back 4 he will choose is very difficult to predict.
    I get the feeling that Cedric and Gabriel are now in the naughty corner , so it could be a very similar back 4 as the shef utd game with possibly Bellerin for Chambers, personally I’d go with Chambers.

    Partey will play alongside Eleny, which leaves the offensive 4.
    I believe either odegaard or smith rowe will be back, pepe will start, martinelli will start and Aubamayang will play up top to give us the pace up front to beat their high line.

  31. Dissenter

    There were many times during that 22 game stretch that the Emirates fans broke outninto spontaneous chants of “we have out Arsenal back”

    You are indeed captain agenda with that suggestion that Emery’s played out of the dying Wenger Arsenal.
    When we beat Spurs at home and Chelsea at home, the fans were rocking with appreciation of what he was doing.

    Ultimately, he ran his course and fully deserved his exit
    Arteta has delivered less and deserved to be sacked if we don’t qualify for the semis on Thursday.

  32. Tony

    “Shame that so many can’t seem to let emery go.”

    Hmmm you mean like you with Wenger and Wilshire?

    AKBs become shallower by the day led by – take a bow Pedro.

  33. Tony

    “Habesha, he let the travel planner do a motivational speech.”

    And yet Emery’s stats are better than the fraud Artetas’.

    This fact alone tops anything you can say Pedro in Arteta’s defense.

    Troll on, though, in support of Arteta the guy who decided he was too good to coach/manage a Euro, USA, Championship club.

    Look how that’s turning out Pedro.

    Optics are never good for guys (Pedro and his AKBs) who repeatedly crow about a manager who has broken all the worst possible Arsenal records for the past 50+ years.

    Hilarious stuff.

  34. Tony

    Emery was Raul’s choice with Gazidis.

    Arteta was Raul’s choice with Vinai and Edu

    Not a worthy CEO or TD/DoF among them choosing our last 2 managers.Let that sink in.

    I absolutely wanted neither offering, but supported both during their tenures because I’m a fan and had no other choice.

    Emery made it to the last game of a season missing out on 4th by one point with a far poorer squad than Arteta has now. he lost a EL final that Arteta is struggling to get past Slavia Prague in the quarters.

    Emery got fired for being higher up the table than Arteta.

    For someone that lives by data, Pedro, you just prove your trolling mindset.

    You’ll soon be bleating on about the fired Arteta for seasons to come.

    The way things are Arteta as a pundit would be Merson MK II but without Merse’s trophy cabinet as a manager.

    City didn’t count because Arteta has proved by his Arsenal results that he was really the cone boy for City greatly lacking in any kind of managerial sauce.

    Now Arteta has lost his favoured senior players who see right through him. His upset most of the kids being a hard nut with them and a pussy with the seniors.

    Yep, some manager you support Pedro.

  35. Tom

    So apparently plenty of people at Arsenal want a season without Europa, but at the same time the pressure to be in it is ……..great?!?!

    Who are these Arsenal people who want a break from Europe then,……the mascot and the tea lady, Pedro?

  36. Tony

    AKB = Arteta knows best

    Guess that fits the narratives that are also rubbish:
    Black is white
    Water is dry
    Cavemen live in mansions
    Xhaka is better than Messi
    Arteta is a brilliant coach and just bees more time
    Sid faints every time his long staff fills with blood leaving his conquests looking for selling salts.

    Is any of that true?

    Not sure about the Sid analogy, but the rest would be supported by Arteta AKBs.

    Wenger AKBs are a different breed to the Arteta AKBs as in Pedro’s case being on the right side leading the anti Wenger AKBs crusade.

    Like the crusaders of old who were annihilated by Saladin (Saladin by John Man a worthy read) in the end.

    Arteta’s Arsenal conquest now in its final death throes will also be defeated by hierarchy who want an experienced coach/manager.

    Mind you what would you expect for am rookie manager who lost the only game is was manager for, which many of us pointed out before Arteta was hired.

    Arteta the Arsenal manager will go down as the worst manager/coach in arsenal’s illustrious history.

    Terry Niel was a footballing savant compared to the flaky imposter that is Arteta.

  37. Tony


    So what did Arteta do after winning the FA cup?

    Proceeded to believe in his hype and give us our worst season for 50+ years.

    Kind of shows what a fluke winning the cup was for Arteta or he would have us in the mix for top 4 now.

    To be honest he might have been had he kept Emi in his rich vein of form which continued with Villa even though he was working with players he’d never played with before.

    I feel we would have been at least 3 wins better off with Emi in goal giving us 54 points right now.

    Anyone disagree?

  38. China1

    Arteta had a good first season and thus far a pretty dreadful second one. Any other conclusion unless we perform miracles in the league now and win the EL is not to be taken seriously

    And Pedro we both know emery did luck out in his good start. We didn’t play anything like wenger’s arsenal. It was a lot of battling displays, tough defensive play and nicking decisive goals on the break. We physically man handled teams like Burnley which was never wengers style and that winning period was defined by lots of very early proactive and effective subs

    Bag on emery for a bad second half of the season. Bag on him for the EL final. Bag on him even harder for the mess that was season 2. But spare us the revisionist history where the only good things he did actually manage we’re just luck.

    If emery was bad what is arteta?

    Oh I forgot. Generational. Lol.

  39. China1

    If the start of emery’s tenure was luck (it wasn’t) seems quite fair to say artetas was too last season (it wasn’t)

    Because over a span of 50 games that late season form last year was our exception to the rule of artetas form which has this season varied between dog shit, sporadic and decent with most of the season falling into the former two labels, including recently.

    There is no need to run PR on any of this. Arsenal won’t pay you for it. They aren’t reading this blog. Just like arteta won’t pay you for pretending emery was lucky when he made a good start.

    Can’t we all just applaud the good, criticism the bad and stop running propaganda based on agenda instead of what we’ve all seen with our own eyes

  40. Habesha Gooner

    Well his travel planner had motivated these players to better results it seems. I am not batting for Emery. In the end the team looked like shambles. He wasn’t a good fit for what we wanted. But I don’t like the hypocritical stuff that is going around here. Arteta isn’t being held to the same standards. He has a better squad. And the results are worse. And he is having to do it with out fans in the stadium to put pressure on him. He is a lucky guy in my eyes because that losing run before December would have been it for him if fans were there. Anyway, if he doesn’t qualify on Thursday and goes on to win the Europa league, this season will be a complete failure. I wouldn’t tolerate a place in the league with out a European place or we would have to do something to be in Europe with the cup competitions. It will be the first time in 20+ years we would be out of Europe completely. If that isn’t failure, I don’t know what is. The goal is clear for me. Either he wins the Europa league or he gets to 7th to be in the Europa league next season. That is a minimum that I will expect from any manager that comes in. If he doesn’t get one or the other, then he should be fired just like Enery was fired.

  41. China1

    Pedro you bring up emery’s crappy xG now but who can forget the moment he got fired and arteta came in you totally stopped talking about it. Dead silence on the xG front in the first half of this season.

    Can’t begin to imagine why. I haven’t checked but I assume our xG was great before Christmas right?

  42. China1

    People are playing a straw man game suggesting we all love bumery

    He was sacked for failing. That’s a fact which give or take *everyone* endorsed.

    What annoys people is that people pretend he literally did zero good things in his first half a season (patently a lie) and that he’s done nothing throughout any of his career to warrant a reputation as someone who can in fact manage football teams even if not a club as big as arsenal or PSG.

    Meanwhile said people are falling over themselves to excuse the shit show we’ve been served by arteta this season. Just be consistent – is it really that hard?

  43. China1

    People doing two foot lunges studs up on emery’s name whilst lightly caressing mikel’s ballsack

    It’s weird and it makes absolutely no sense

  44. Tony

    What you’re suggesting is like totalling your Porsche and saying it’s ok because the steering wheel doesn’t have a scratch on it.

    But, we’ll, yeah beating Mourinho does count as one of a very few glory moments for the un enlightened one add that to the FA cup I guess.

    It’s funny beating Emery in the semi doesn’t in any way be more than a bragging rights game.

    It certainly won’t be a proclamation of Arteta being the better manager or a career defining moment for the spiv manager making him capable of taking us to the top level.

  45. Habesha Gooner

    That is what I am saying. I wanted Emery sacked after an away Watford performance long before he was sacked. I gave him enough time. It annoys me that when you mention anything good ever did, people either call you are an Emery fan or you are batting for him.

    And we mention him because pedro thought he was such a bum of a manager. And Arteta is getting worse results. And it is not like we can hang our hopes on performances that the results will get better. They are too inconsistent. We haven’t had a string of 10 games that we have performed to a top level once this season. 50+ games is enough time to judge a manager. We are just asking for consistency on the standards of judging a manager.

  46. Tony

    Regardless of what Arteta achieves in the EL cup, it can’t gloss over all his ever increasing negatives.

    Apparently the club is 8th in the wealth list worth £2+ billion and we have a rookie manager, a rookie TD, a rookie CEO and rookie American owners as far as European football is concerned.

    No scouting network to speak of and mostly back room staff who have won little or nothing of note bringing that vast lack of experience to guide the inexperienced manager/ head coach.

    It’s like a fictional channel 4 football soap drama rather than a £2 billion enterprise.

    As a retired businessman I find that incredulous.

  47. Wiglaf

    I’m not going to defend Arteta. He’s made too many of the same mistakes over and over again and the football has been shocking for most of it.
    Emery was lucky in his 22 game run. Not every game. But many. We were just as shit for much of it as we have been under Arteta only our forwards were much more efficient and we had Cech, Holding and Torreira in fine form at the back. As soon as they got injured the team fell apart.
    Funnily enough our best form under Arteta has included any keeper other than Leno with holding being a mainstay too.

  48. Tony

    I’m not proclaiming Emery to be anything more than his record suggests – more a cup winning manager than a serial league title winner.

    Like you, Emery was not my choice, as my Saturday post explained at length.

    Any man who has accomplished what Emery has in football should be afforded respect.

    The same as I highly respect Wenger for his first 10 odd years and will always defend Wenger up to and including his Invincibles’ season.

    After that I saw Him as detrimental to the club’s league title aspirations.

  49. asad

    sad to see what’s happened
    arsenal so far down the table with just moments of good football
    UE failed
    MA is failing harder
    we’re just going to have to deal with that
    odd that nearly a year and a half since UE was sacked, he’s still mentioned in the post here once or twice a week or so
    shocking/brilliant display of trolling to keep bringing up UE to deflect from the present
    anyway, focusing on the future, hope MA learns how to get the job done or at least gets lucky enough to win the EL
    we need to stay afloat
    sadly, the ones we now need to help keep us afloat are largely the same ones who keep sinking us out of incompetence/apathy
    if they do it, they’d better celebrate like those AW teams used to celebrate getting fourth

  50. Valentin

    What grates a lot of people is Pedro constant insulting of Emery in order to big Arteta when both the results and the performances do not warrant such narrative.

    If Emery was a bum, then what does that make Arteta? An arrogant narcissist ultra bum?

    Emery was the wrong fit for Arsenal as he is unable to manage a strong dressing room full of players with big ego, but at least his previous success in Spain lead to his job at PSG. When Arteta finishes at Arsenal, I doubt he would get a job in the Championship!

    He won’t be able to live on I won the FA Cup forever. The same way Roberto Di Matteo has not been able to live on I won the Champion’s League.

  51. Kroenkephobe

    I simply don’t get the rabid antipathy in some quarters on here towards Emery. He had some pedigree and was hired on the strength of that. Ultimately he failed and had to go. I’m sure it upset him at least as much as it did us (I agree that the Watford away game was abysmal).

    But comparing our current and former managers is a false dichotomy of the first order and doesn’t move the discussion forward. Compare tets to another currently serving newcomer at another large club if you must, but the Emery fascination is a bit tedious as is this fakery about needing to trash him if we progress in the EL.

    The worthwhile debate should focus on how we can upgrade on MA (which must always be a priority).

  52. Goobergooner

    Wenger eagle.
    Well said mate. In need of a repeat from the other day.

    “It’s happened gradually but in fifteen years we have regressed from a club that challenges for top honours, i.e the Premier League title and the Champions League, to a midtable club.

    The decline began and metastasised under Wenger but we have undoubtedly gotten even worse under Emery and Arteta.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right having said that so I’ll never understand how the Wenger obsessives believe that sacking him wasn’t the right thing to do based on two terrible coaching hires since that have been largely working with Wenger’s group of players and rotten contracts that he presided over.”

  53. Danny S

    In Wengers glory years he never had to contend with City and Chelsea and Liverpool as they are now. Even Leicester and Everton being as good.

    He had Man U then Chelsea and that’s when he started to struggle and top 4 became a thing. Then last 2 seasons he couldn’t even achieve that.

    His weaknesses were laid bare when you look at our European record.

  54. Ustyno

    Emery is bummery while Arteta is generational

    When you thought you’ve heard or seen it all then you visit le-grove and you just become a learner

  55. Danny S

    Arteta is just a rookie maki g rookie mistakes and learning on the job.

    Unfortunately he’s a rookie at arsenal and while his intentions are all good, he’s actually in danger of setting us even further back regarding playing squad.

  56. Terraloon


    Just spent ( wasted ) a few minutes looking at the. monies KSE have “ invested” in their Arsenal project .
    The more you dig the more of a concern things are. We know that they spend a wedge buying out everyone bar Usmanov but when you factor in the £550 million they borrowed over two years to get their hands on that last 30% it shouldn’t be underestimated just how much they have shelled out.
    The paying off two of the bonds should ultimately help cash flow in the very short term but the suggestion from some is that as the money KSE borrowed from the banks to buy those 30% of shares was repayable in August 2020 add to that the money to buy Partey was to a large degree finalised by gaining access to the the debt reserve funds
    The refinancing of those bonds has been swept up into further debt for KSE who in turn have loaned Arsenal money yes at a slightly reduced rate of interest but repayments will be extended for maybe up to a decade.
    There was a view from AST that the refinancing deal would in probability preclude Arsenal from being able to borrow from HM Government as cash flow should have been assured and, here’s the important bit , Arsenal have shown they can borrow, Yet as we know post the refinancing another £120 million was indeed borrowed

  57. Tony

    In loose terms I’ve always thought Stan wouldn’t let his investment drop below his set profit margin targets. Barring war breaking out in Europe where Putin’s sabre rattling turns ugly, Stan’s investment is safe.

    Peace seems to becoming increasingly fragile these days.

    My Kroenke disillusionment comes from them watching the same mistakes being made from top to bottom: Arteta being the last addition to mismanagement for at least a decade.

    In some ways we’re lucky to have Stan to mop up our loses from their chosen leaders.

    Wonder how long or how many further mop ups are going to be needed before Stan sees the problems so many of us have seen for years?

    Leaves me thinking WTF most days sadly.

  58. Rich

    KSE paid roughly £1,050,000,000 for Arsenal

    The club is valued at just over £2 billion

    Before COVID, they’d made roughly £950 million from their 13 yr association with Arsenal

    They’ve taken £6 million “consultancy fees”, and the club also paid the legal fees for their takeover

    Even if this pandemic costs the club £200 million?

    They’ve still got £750 million equity tied up in the club

    It’s the reason I don’t think KSE can allow us to drift further into obscurity

    Arsenal can’t afford to invest money into the playing staff, but KSE can’t afford not to invest in the playing staff

    Adidas + Emirates (Shirt) deals I think run for 3 more seasons?

    KSE will need Arsenal to be in a strong position on the pitch in 24 months, in order to negotiate better commercial deals, they also need to keep the incoming revenue from the corporate boxes

    We’re haemorrhaging money, but so are all the other clubs

    Getting players off our books will be the biggest issue we face, I don’t see tens of millions thrown around this summer, I think it’ll be mainly loans, and clubs paying deadwood to leave

    But if we can get the players out, then I think we’ll spend, KSE’s tepid response to our decline, has now left them chasing their own tail

    You really have the question their judgment if they allow Edu + Arteta loose with anymore money, not convinced it would be wise to back their judgment, hopefully we can clear some players out, and they surprise us with some really astute incoming transfers and squad planning

  59. Terraloon


    I am a lightweight when it comes to trying to get in the mind of a billionaire or indeed trying to understand tax provisions

    I did find it interesting the KSE didn’t have the cash to guarantee the money borrowed to buy Usmanov out indeed it was Kronkes wife who guaranteed the loan.

    Looking at those Forbes valuations the “ profit” that both Man City and Chelsea owners have on paper achieved for their investment outperforms the numbers suggested for KSE and going forward they both seem far better placed at this point in time than Arsenal.

    From what I read RA at Chelsea has been very very smart by not turning his loans to CFC holding company into equity.The loans would significantly reduce any gain should he sell.

    The Arsenal Adidas deal has till 2024 to run and you are right that this deal and the Emirates deal realistically will not have the same value if the next two seasons mirror the last two/ three.

    I read today that Spurs are already flagging up that any money spent in the summer will have to be funded from sales so that’s another club that will be dumping deadwood onto an already deflated market

  60. Rich

    I still think the best model for Arsenal is developing younger players, buying players at the bottom and middle of the market, and selling at the top of the market

    Investing in older players with no resale value

    And Investing big wages into experienced players, hoping to see a return from that investment on the pitch, really hasn’t worked

    Wenger’s original philosophy of:

    “We don’t buy superstars, we make them”

    Is what we should go back to

    Wenger lost his magic in the transfer market in his latter years, we desperately need talented scouts and data analysts, who can identify top talent before their values skyrocket

    The type who identifies Bissouma last summer, before his value and wages treble this summer, picking him up for half the price of Partey, and less than a quarter of the wages

    We also need somebody who can construct and a balanced and coherent squad

    Bayern Munich are apparently signing a left back on a free from Reading

    Leicester picked up Justin for £6 million and Soyuncu for €20 million

    We were apparently close to Jude Bellingham before Edu came in, he went to Dortmund for £22million, he’s not worth at least twice that in under 12 months

    We’ve put huge fees and wages into Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Willian, Partey, Pepe, and we’ve gone backwards on the pitch, and we’ll never see a return on any of that money in the transfer market either

    If we start making better decision away from the pitch, then we’ll start being more consistent on the pitch

    I have no idea why KSE would trust Edu + Arteta this summer

    What makes them think they’re qualified to identify talent, and extract value from the transfer market, rather than subtract value?

  61. NORG

    Uncle Stan’s worth is currently dropping like a stone. I wouldn’t mind being a pound behind him and when you reach his level of worth it fluctuates regularly. Currently he is probably in the cautious stage with all of his ventures.
    His sports franchises are manageable in the US but AFC is probably giving him nightmares.