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Well, here we are, once again licking open wounds on a Monday morning. It’s grim. But every moment like this presents an opportunity to learn. That Liverpool performance will give credence to certain debates going on behind the scenes. It’ll also shake out any decisions being moved on emotion, versus hard facts. It needs to mean something because we had a game like this last season against Villa after a semi-final win and it seems we learned nothing.

A bum result like the Liverpool one is par the course for this squad of players. We know we can compete against them because we’ve beaten this Klopp side in the past when they were at a higher level. The main difference this weekend? There was nothing to play for, so the players switched off.

The manager takes responsibility for that, no doubt. The players, well, it’s hard to pin the blame on them. That’s simply who a lot of these players are. You can’t coach character. They have the talent, but unless there’s something of interest on the line, they don’t always show up and that performance will always wait in the wings. You can zig and zag, but ultimately, you usually fall back on who you really are.

We can rectify some of those issues this summer.

Dani Ceballos, under no circumstance, should return to Arsenal. That performance was absolutely shocking. When you’re highlighting the importance of Xhaka to that level, you know something is up. He didn’t know where to receive the ball, he didn’t know what to do with the ball. Even the passes he made that found a man weren’t of the level required… Liverpool press in such a way that if the angle isn’t perfect on the pass, they kill the man receiving. Watch Dani back, time and time again, his sloppiness put his receiver under pressure.

We lacked alternatives. Mo Elneney is not the one. That we started this season with those two as back-up midfielders was an abomination. My big fear on the Egyptian was that we were rewarding him a new deal for being good, the suspicion is that Arsenal will be taking up our option on his deal so we can sell him for decent money. Still, both of those players need to be relegated in the squad.

There’s also the David Luiz issue. He’s our most important centre back, but he comes loaded with baggage as well. He doesn’t show up in games that don’t mean anything, and at the age of 33 (birthday in 2 weeks), are we really going to continue to make him the lynchpin of our defence next season? Your comfort blanket cannot be players like that.

Even Alex Lacazette, who has been a bit of a star this season, has to be moved on. What we can’t do is look at big performers in a drossy season. We have to look to the future. Auba was our big bet last season. There’s only one role he can play… that’s as a centre-forward. That means we can’t keep Lacazette unless we want a £180k a week sub.

Tough decisions have to be made.

We’re already making some of them as well. The lack of Hector time, now missing for 5 games, is most likely linked to him telling the club he wants out this summer. That’s great news for Arsenal and great news for the player. Cal Chambers is no right back and the fact he’s taking minutes over Cedric is ominous… but the happiness I take from that is we’re using his position to see who is up to it next season.

The Rob Holding contract also looks a bit perplexing at the moment, because as solid as he is, he can’t play the style of football we need from him. But, he’s young, British, and he is of the standard in the league. If he can’t cut it, then he’ll be loaned next season and we’ll be banking a fee. His deal was Arsenal acting like a business… I hope.

The Premier League season is now dead, but it’s still of use. We should be trying to find out which players have what it takes at this level. Arteta should be gauging who has the right spirit when there are no chips on the table.

The summer has to be laser-focused on our needs. We have 16 players that, if kept fit, could take us to top-4. Reality is that’s not enough.

Some proper business has to take place this summer.

Watch for basically all the loan players being moved on. Hertha Berlin are now calling Matteo a top professional, which hopefully means that they’ll deal with us this summer. Joe Willock scored from the bench against Spurs, he’ll find a move. Mavropanos will be sold, hopefully to Stuttgart. I don’t think there’s going to be a future for Ainsley, but he’ll find a decent club, no doubt. The only name coming back will be William Saliba who should get a run at starting next season.

Eddie, who only has a year left on his deal, will be sold. It’ll be interesting to know whether we have an option to extend his deal so we can up the fee. Regardless, a team like Brighton would be great for his talents. Reiss Nelson is hanging on harder than Nik Bendtner, he needs to leave, someone will give him a chance.

That’s a lot of gaps to fill, maybe too many, but look… there’s plenty of cash that we could raise, and there are lots of good players that could build out the foundations at the club that are extremely brittle.

Arsenal needs real competition for Bernd Leno. He’s been very disappointing this season. We can’t keep carrying him.

We need a world-class right-back like Hakimi. We need to settle on our roster of centre-backs. There has to be a young and hungry left-back to compete with Tierney. Playing him after 3 world cup games was a disaster decision, but the choices were limited.

Our midfield needs desperate attention. We should be sniffing around players entering their final two years. Young, hungry, exceptionally fit, technically gifted and intelligent. Spending big on one Premier League talent would be smart, but we can’t leave it at that. We need to be very cute. Rummage in Austria, Eastern Europe, have a look in Spain, Portugal and Holland. What can we find in South America? Make Brexit work for our squad.

Our forward line is where the toughest decisions must happen. Right now, it doesn’t work. We’re not scoring enough goals, it’s as simple as that. Pepe had a bad game at the weekend, but that was more down to receiving the ball so deep and having no options. He’s got something, but at 25, could we sell him and upgrade? Lacazette? We can’t keep a striker that doesn’t score. Auba? We have to keep him, he earns more than Mesut, he ain’t going nowhere. We have to make it work. But we have to build on what makes him tick. Sign Odegaard. Give more minutes to Martinelli. See if we can find more runners that can unlock the best finisher in the league.

That’s a lot of work for a Technical Director that thought Willian was faster than he was and blew £39m on him because of special qualities we’ve not seen.

One of Arteta’s comments post-game was.

‘We lacked clarity’

I agree.

Arsenal picked Arteta because they were prepared to go on a journey. Emery was a plaster on a gaping wound, his combination with Don Raul caused an infection. Symptoms? Unbalanced squad, cratered culture, bloated wage bill, no identity… skint.

Arteta wasn’t just hired because we fancied going high risk, he was also the best choice they had economically if they wanted to jump a level. Someone suggested to me on the internet that we should hire Julian Nagelsmann… like, honestly, the most unoriginal suggestion. We don’t have the money for wages, we don’t have the financial backing, and the club is too far away from the top for most to take the risk.

Things have to get worse before they get better. The painting is half done. Since Christmas, we’re top 4, still. The improvements didn’t all evaporate because of the Liverpool game… just like Chelsea aren’t now absolutely shit because West Brom put 5 past them.

The big question isn’t whether this coaching could work… I’m convinced it can. It’s whether Arteta the manager and Edu the Technical Director can move this from a petri-dish maybe to something that works over a whole season.

The only way we get there is if the summer is ruthless and laser fucking focused on what needs to happen to move us to the next level.

Next season only works if Arsenal FC is honest about what hasn’t worked. There must be consequences for not hitting the mark. There needs to be solutions to the weaknesses we know couldn’t be addressed in 18 months. This season will be a pass for a lot of managers, next will not be. The best thing that Arteta can do with the remaining 9 games is give the fans a taste of the young players and dish out some accountability to sloppy seniors. The best way to keep the fans onside is to go out and win the Europa League with a brutal destruction of all the teams we’re about to play.

Arsenal needs to work under Arteta. The next 8 months are crucial. Europa League is what the 1990 FA Cup was to Sir Alex Ferguson. There needs to be a silver lining, that would be one, but nailing the summer is the most crucial of trophies.

Let’s see what we have!

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  1. Dan

    So much work to be done and by the inexperience of Arteta and Edu.
    Such a massive summer, but can’t see how it can go tight unless we sell on about 13 players and bring in 5/6 starters

  2. NJ Gooner

    I have waited all my life for this. Hasn’t been this good since I saw us win the Fairs Cup (old Europa League) in 1970. Augurs well for this year.

  3. Paulie

    No chance of arsenal getting rid of all those players. We will do well to hold onto saka and Tierney never mind bring in new quality. Don’t keep bigging Arteta up when we can all see he’s a coward who’s nothing special . He’s had over a year, there’s no improvement and we’ve become boring

  4. Tom

    “The big question isn’t whether this coaching could work… “

    It actually still is.
    Eleven professionals don’t put in the kind of performance they did against Liverpool because they didn’t care enough, or because there was nothing to play for.
    The do it because they lack the belief in what they are doing on the day, and that’s clearly on Arteta.

    The Chelsea comparison here is a bad one.
    Chelsea lost to a bogey team while a man down.

  5. NJ Gooner


    Johny Cochrane’s comments on the blog were laser focused: win the cup and all is forgiven. But I wonder how much winning it would influence our summer plans. If we win, there is a temptation to make incremental changes. Not winning it would increase the possibility of a clear out.

    I suspect that Holding, who I actually like, may now actually be sold as not fit for purpose. But the real deadweight is Willian and Auba. Who on earth is going to take them, even for nothing, at their wages? The Chinese market looks dead now for expensive players and I don’t see a rich enough European team who think that Auba will push them over the edge into winning the Champions League.

    So, you can sell all the players you listed, but you still have a substantial problem at the core: 500k a week in wages with little productivity and no inspiration.

  6. Marko

    Emery was a plaster on a gaping wound, his combination with Don Raul caused an infection. Symptoms? Unbalanced squad, cratered culture, bloated wage bill, no identity… skint.

    We had these things before Emery and Don and we still have it.

    Someone suggested to me on the internet that we should hire Julian Nagelsmann… like, honestly, the most unoriginal suggestion. We don’t have the money for wages, we don’t have the financial backing, and the club is too far away from the top for most to take the risk.

    In the last 3 summers alone we’ve spent around 290 million on players compared to Leipzig’s 170 nearly 180 million and we’ve got a superior wage structure. The idea that we can’t make a move for someone like Nagelsmann and Arteta was the most obvious and prudent of managerial appointments simply isn’t true

    Fact is that if we don’t move for someone like Nagelsmann it’s because the club lacks real intelligence and real ambition. My hope has always been that the only reason that we didn’t sack him when we could/should have any number of times before Christmas was the poor timing of it all and that we were planning on waiting until the summer before making a move for someone like Nagelsmann someone who’s actually promising as a manager and who’s proving it before people’s eyes. I hope for these things but arsenal being arsenal and stupidly run as it is I don’t hold out for much hope.

    I’ll leave people with this last summer given our absolute struggles and need to address the midfield as a priority if you told me last summer that in 2021 we’d have Thomas Partey and Martin Odegaard playing for us in midfield and we’d be sitting in 10th about to have the worst season in living memory for the club I just wouldn’t believe you but here we are

  7. Champagne Charlie


    Fuck the world class right back stuff, that’s not where I’d want a chunk of money thrown when you have the list of senior attackers at the football club – certainly isn’t moving the needle like a proper attacking overhaul would.

    Auba, Laca, Pepe, Willian is a terrible balance of talent for a possession-based technical football setup.

    We’ve made our bed with Auba and extended, that’s a poor decision imo and now there’s only one way to make it good. Build the side around his lack of footballing ability.

    I don’t like the comparison because it gets reductive, but we need to go full Man City the way they worked a team to make Aguero the point of the attack, in contrast to Liverpool who have their threat from wide and a CF that stitches it together.

    Auba is painfully limited, let’s get that clear. I’ve said it since day one, he is an elite Theo Walcott. I’d have preferred we kept Laca at CF and built an attack that way, but alas. To make Auba dangerous the whole unit needs to function for him. That means inverted wingers who are super creative. Not wide strikers like Pepe.

    Laca, Pepe, Nketiah, and Willock need sold, take the 80 million and bring in Fekir and Buendia type players. Players that retain the ball, can work inside and out, have a final pass 9/10. Players with technical ability, consistency, and personality.

    The kids are good, that’s the silver lining. But a consistent and dangerous attack is paramount to us achieving anything in the coming seasons ie everything you rely on your senior players for, and what we’re being shortchanged on massively at present.

    Fix the attacking balance, or forget aspiring to shit.

  8. Ishola70

    Well Arteta has lucked out a bit let’s be honest in some past encounters against Klopp’s Liverpool so I don’t agree with the comment.

    I think he was looking to luck out again against them.

    When you play a certain way against an opposition don’t be surprised if you come unstuck especially if you keep repeating your same tactic against them.

    And the tactic Arteta has been employing against Liverpool in matches couldn’t be described as front foot tactics can it.

  9. bennydevito

    Good Ebening,

    Good post Pedro, it’s getting hard to justify keeping Arteta on but I’m willing to wait because I feel if we can shift on the pensioners and reintegrate the loanees and youngsters we have a very good squad.

    For me, Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Cedric, Xhaka, Ceballos, Elneny, Willian and Lacazette all need to be sold and permanently off the wage bill.

    I would keep Nketia, Nelson, AMN, Bellerin, Chambers and Holding for homegrown and squad purposes and to sell later along the line if they don’t step up or serve a purpose.

    I would retain Balogun, sign Odegaard and bring back Torreira, Guendouzi and Willock.

    A midfield squad of Partey, Odegaard, Torreira, Guendouzi, AMN, Willock, Nelson and Pepe with a forward squad of Aubameyang, Martinelli, Nketia and Balogun should be more than enough if utilised properly leaving our defence the options of Gabriel, Mavropanos, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin, Tierney leaving AMN, Chambers and even Saka to cover the full backs.

    I think looking at that the areas of concern are the full back cover and a WC centre back.

    We could sell Bellerin and keep Cedric and might have to make a few sacrifices else where like selling a few of the loanees but for me we need to sign 2 new fullbacks, a WC cb and a better GK to challenge Leno because he’s looking very error prone, is easily beaten at the near post and reaches with his right arm when jumping to the left unlike Martinez who reaches with his left arm when jumping left.

    I don’t think we’re too far away but for me the most important thing is clearing out the shit first then addressing the wholes in our starting 11.

  10. Ishola70

    “Europa League is what the 1987 FA Cup was to Sir Alex Ferguson. ”

    Yes! Yes!

    A plethora of last minute winning penalties and a haul of EPL titles awaits Arsenal in the coming seasons.

    Fergie time here we come!

  11. into the red

    That is some mountain of wishful thinking, Pedro. Ditch nearly all the first teamers barring ESR, Saka, Tierney, Partey and Auba (although I would put him on the ‘to be sold’ list)? With Arteta’s hoarder mentality, even for those lower down the pecking order, and of course for the retirement fund players, it is fantasy football, even if I agree on most of them.

    There is a question you haven’t asked which seems to me of equal, if not greater, importance. That is, is Arteta up for it, is he the man for the job? The reason I ask is that there have been some suggestions that the abject performance on Saturday was, as Jenas put it, players looking like they don’t buy into the tactics they were instructed to deploy. There have been similar veiled suggestions from some players, I believe. Keown thinks if he doesn’t play Martinelli, Arteta will lose the squad, because of what he has been showing in training, while Auba stinks out the left wing doing nothing.

    If that’s true, and I am not in a position to know, then it might explain some of the weird mix of performances we have seen this season. Players are not, generally, stupid, and if there is a belief building up in the squad that they think Arteta is not fielding his best team, as well as playing some of them out of their best position, on top of his tactical straightjackets, then he is in real trouble. It certainly might explain what we see on a weekly basis.

    Early Wenger would have revelled in playing the kids, letting them have their head. Yes, we might have got beaten 6-2, but it would have been a damn sight more entertaining and promising for the future. I have tried to give Arteta the benefit of the doubt, but the doubt has increased exponentially recently, and went through the roof with his post match excuses and apparent bafflement at what happened.

    All of this chessboard planning for the summer is meaningless if he isn’t up to the job and exacerb ates it in his and Edu’s buying, selling and retention policies.

  12. Zacharse

    Good post pete. If we had not been on a steep downturn and short of funds arteta wouldnt have been hired in the first place. Its beyond dumb to move him on without a real option. A year without Europe is the trajectory we’ve been headed for a long time now. Best swallow the pill and see what the increase in training time brings us next season. Can’t be worse than this

  13. into the red

    Tierney has a history of injuries keeping him out for long spells. After three international matches it was maybe an accident waiting to happen. He is so good, of course you want to play him all the time, but you have to manage players with some knowledge of their back story.

  14. Ernest Reed

    “Someone suggested to me on the internet that we should hire Julian Nagelsmann… like, honestly, the most unoriginal suggestion.”

    And what exactly then can be made of the flyer taken on the completely unproven coach/manager that is Arteta?

    I’d rather hire the unoriginally suggested, yet very proven, Nagelsmann than the so-called “elite” and “generational”, lets not forget unproven, Arteta pretty much every single time.

    You take a flyer on an Arteta when you are a lower level team where you can afford the time as part of your teams maturation towards the next level. You seldom if ever do it at the highest level, where results equal financial rewards and continued sustainability.

    Not going to hammer on Arteta but the obvious is the obvious, he no sooner is a Premier League manager than you or I. Being Pep’s protege does not make you immediately qualified and as evidenced today, they are even that much better than they ever were with Arteta there. Coincidence?

  15. Rusty

    Arsenal beat a disinterested Liverpool at the tail end of last season with the league won. Its not a fair comparison.

    Id love to see Arteta succeed, I really would but he’s slowly losing the squad. I can see a slow excruciating grind until the end. He will sadly continue to get in his own way and will contribute to his downfall.

    One thing I’d love to see is an analysis of his backroom team. None of them are top level based on past achievements and Arteta has put a group around him who would never be a threat to his position in times of transition or uncertainty. We saw more of this with the bringing in of kids from Juve etc to fill out the numbers. This aspect is largely ignored.

  16. Ernest Reed

    Your suggested offloadings are appropriate, Pedro. The problem is that you leave the squad quite thin in true talent. I dont think its a deviation from what many, including yourself, have stated many times over, the club needs a serious gutting with a healthy pressing of the reset button.

    One thing is for certain, the club and Arteta should count themselves ever so fortunate that they are not playing to a full house. On that alone Arteta would be hard pressed to survive. The silence is deafening on just how really poor this team actually is.

  17. The Bard

    Good post. In my view Arteta is here for another year and if he doesn’t move us forward he will be sacked. The major problem he has got at the moment is Auba. It looks more and more like Ozil mark 2. A disinterested player on massive wages. Arteta needs to be tough and decisive. Either he is fully in or leave him out and play Martinelli. Dont mess about like we did with Ozil. It’s bad for team morale.

  18. Globalgunner

    So after shifting the worst players from Emerys squad and replaced them with new players of Artetas choosing we are still crying player poverty. Maybe after 5 seasons of watching the apprentice waxing lyrical over Xhaka, somebody somewhere will call time on this long drawn out comedy.

  19. London gunner

    I said at the start of the season we had the 8th best squad.
    The expectations for the season should have been an 8th place finish and a decent run in the europa. currently we are falling behind that metric in the league.

    A rookie manager was never going to punch above their weight the best they can do is tread water while they are learning on the job.

    To my mind the following teams have better first 11 and squads in this order.

    man city
    man united

    current league is

    West ham
    aston villa

    so we aren’t actually doing as badly given the context of how improved the other top 8 teams are.

    I think people forget just how shit most of our players are.

  20. Ishola70


    “Maybe after 5 seasons of watching the apprentice waxing lyrical over Xhaka”

    That hill still exists. It hasn’t gone away.

    That hill that Pedro quoted to us this season.

    The GX hill.

  21. JoppaRoad

    It’s all a bit dreamworld scenario to me. Don’t see much of it happening at all. Arteta more out of depth as the weeks go by. One win though and all will be amzinging again in the world of Arsenal fans. Club is still rotten at the top and it shows.

  22. englandsbest

    A great post, Pedro. And, on balance, an optimistic one, thank heaven.

    Of course the whiners and wailers will pick out the negatives and exaggerate them monstrously. A doleful bunch.

  23. bacaryisgod

    We’ve seen Saka go down with a muscle injury when we all knew it would happen. If the Europa League is the priority, playing Tierney after 3 WC games was pure idiocy.

    The problem with Pedro’s analysis of Arteta is that he places too much emphasis on his coaching and way too little importance on all the other aspects of the manager’s job.

    Coaching B,
    Player Recruitment D,
    Player Management D
    Game-Time Decisions C-
    Player Selection D

    As some point we have to stop giving him a break because he’s a rookie. Everyone understands he’s inexperienced but we should be competing for a Top 4 position and cannot wait for him to catch up with the needs of the club.

  24. GoonGoonerGone

    At Man City, Arteta hid behind Pep.
    At AFC, he is the main man and has nowhere to hide except to apologize for his team’s failings.
    He is lost.
    He will be fired.
    It’s just a matter of time…

  25. Sly

    It will take another dismal season before these owners can fire arteta
    An ownership with no vision relies on a coach with one
    Hopefully they’ll get it right next time

  26. David Smith

    Trouble with the Liverpool game, the leaders, Xhaka , Luiz weren’t playing, and the players who respond best to Artetas methods, the afore mentioned, then Saka, ESR, Tierney….well, you get my point.
    But doesn’t say much for many who played , especially the experienced players.
    Arteta might be a genius and brimming with great ideas, but he has very little room to manoeuvre due to past mistakes at this club.
    On another note, if Tierney injury is as serious as many fear, is it time the club looked into the amount of serious knee injuries they sustain? I used to think our injury levels were perhaps down to wengers poor backroom staff, but starting to wonder on that, Bellerin, Holding and Chambers fairly recent ACLs – do other teams at this level get this amount of serious injuries?

  27. Captain Tierney

    Just read a very interesting stat.

    With both Saka and ESR starting we have win 7 out of 10 with points per game of 2.2 and Goals p.g of 2

    With both of them not starting, we have win 5 out of 20 with ppg of 1 and gpg of 0.95

    We are literally being carried by 2 teenagers

  28. Rich

    Arteta spoke about the players showing big balls

    Arteta needs to show big balls by dropping Aubameyang again

  29. Mike Perry

    I have read the last blog by Pedro and listened to the podcast. In both Pedro quite rightly is highly critical of Arteta. Now lo and behold one day later and it’s another about turn. Still trotting out the banal rubbish
    Of us being a top 4 side since Xmas. and generally focusing the attention away from Arteta. Our last four halves of football consisted of three abdominal displays ( West.Ham and Liverpool) plus one rescue act against West Ham. Is that seriously top 4 football ?
    Also keeps banging the drum for the youngsters. Saka,, Smith Rowe and Martinelli are the only youngsters with any chance of making the first team. Again it’s an illusion that we have hordes of young players available at the required level..
    It keeps coming back to how good a coach and man manager Arteta is.
    I hope I’m wrong but at this stage the jury is well and truly out !

  30. Muppetman

    I keep hearing Arteta hasn’t got the players to play the system he wants but surely its his job to find a system that works with the players we have. Not like there is 500 million coming to drastically change the squad over 3 years. If he can’t work with what he’s got then is he going to be able to do much better with only 3 additional signings for instance?

  31. Kroenkephobe


    Are you entirely happy with Arteta’s management of the team or do you think there are some areas where he could do better? Genuine question – I’m just trying to ascertain whether you’re 100% no-holds barred pro-Arteta or whether you see any nuances.

  32. London gunner


    beating teams above you means nothing. Sheffield beat man united should they compete for top 4.

    Aside from tierney, saka and esr our entire team falls into three categories garbage and unproven and ok.






    rest of the team

  33. azed

    “He didn’t know where to receive the ball, he didn’t know what to do with the ball. Even the passes he made that found a man weren’t of the level required… ”


    I’m pretty sure one of the selling points of Arteta was his immaculate coaching skills, if he can’t coach the likes of Dani Ceballos, then of what use is he?

    If we wanted to hire a cheque book manager, we should have gone with Allegri or someone renowned.

  34. Words+on+a+Blog

    The fish rots from the head down.

    Arsenal is captained by Aubameyang.
    Managed by Arteta.
    “Technically directed” by Edu.
    Owned by Stan Kroenke.

    I am slowly evolving into:

    An Aubaphobe.
    An Artetaphobe.
    An Eduphope.
    The LG poster called Kroenkephobe.

  35. Tom

    “We have the 8th best team its unlikely for us to finish 4 spots above where we should be.“

    More likely we have the 8th best coach.

    Show of hands posters who thought we had the 8th best team going into this season.
    One, or two…..maybe.

    It’s called moving the goal posts.

  36. JoppaRoad

    Let’s be honest, we’ve been shocking this season. It’s as bad as any in 35 years, at a time when the league is mediocre. Stop the excuse making. Shape up Arteta or go.

  37. Champagne Charlie

    Gunnerblog did a good article post-Liverpool revealing what he overheard from the dugout throughout the match.

    The takeaway was Arteta going ballistic at:

    – Auba not dealing with TAA
    – Ceballos not sticking to Thiago
    – Pepe not moving at all and being pedestrian
    – failing to release the passes quick enough
    – Tierney keeping tight to Gabriel

    The pathetic performances and inputs of the bigger names isn’t a miss to him on that evidence. Another matter entirely to be bold in benching such players.

    Carragher and Neville were very critical of Auba and said there will be concerns we’ve signed up ‘another Ozil’ with this fat extension. Rumours of him being stripped of the captaincy for next season already. Very delicate situation that just might ride on EL.

  38. Tom

    Also, you can’t separate Arteta the coach from Arteta the manager, as some seem to want to do.
    If Arteta the manager thought Auba was so vital to the team that he was worth his extension (s) lol,
    then surely he must’ve had a conversation with Arteta the coach, and how he would deploy him to get the best out of him.
    Same for Willian.

  39. Arsnil

    Pedro “Mavropanos will be sold, hopefully to Stuttgart.” Why? Oh! Why. Have we better. Yeah maybe Saliba but hes not playing for us either. is anything we have at CB near as good as any of these two young centre backs at present. Nope!!!
    I would certainly go with Saliba and Mavropanos next year to fight for centre half berths as they are both young, fast and dominant and have a lot of senior experience. They have gone out on loan and really proved themselves.
    We have to learn from our mistakes. Martinez came in last year and did really well at the tail end of the season. When it came down to first choice this year Arteta inexplicably chose Leno instead of the incumbent who was doing so well and the inevitable then happened. Marinez went to Villa and surprise surprise did very well. To get rid of Mavropanos would just be another Martinez. That would just be criminal.
    So if you have players on your books that are doing very well why in under God would you let them go. Martinelli when he was gettting proper game time showed the speed eagerness and skill that warranted further chances, yeat instead Arteta plumped for Auba and Pepe who have shown none of that.
    As regards Oodegard. A very good link player but in the Liverpool game against an aggresive press I though him very weak and flaky. With better players around him worth pursuing but he needs to toughen up. The likes of Pepe at 72 million tells you all you need to know about us as a team at present.
    This is why I believe we need a change of manager and to get somebody in who first and foremost can read players. Can assess possible purchases. Who to keep, who to get rid of.

  40. Ernest Reed

    “And, on balance, an optimistic one, thank heaven. Of course the whiners and wailers will pick out the negatives and exaggerate them monstrously. A doleful bunch.”

    Dont know whats honestly worse, being obliviously optimistic or being facetious about it?

  41. London gunner


    I always thought we had the 8th best squad 7th for me constituted a great finish.

    I said this at the very beginning of season before all the losses.

    I think le grovers seriously overate our players they are fucking garbage and I despise the fact we have sunk to such a shit squad with technically and athletically deficient players. Most of every position on the pitch wouldn’t make top 4 let alone top 5.

    right back top 4 quality? nope
    centre back top 4 quality nope
    midfield? nope

    I can keep going on. we have shit god awful players that’s why xhaka whose shite still manages to rob a living at arsenal.

    ps I am no arteta fan I was vocal about not hiring him so this isn’t some akb tactic to make excuses for his failings. it’s just a simple fact though are team is garbage top to bottom with incompetent nothing players. Even our keeper is kind of shit and he is one of the better players.

  42. London gunner


    To be honest I never asked for him to be sacked.

    He was sacked because he didn’t play the politics game of snakes and ladders behind the doors of arsenal fc and because he wasn’t media savy. He was the scapegoat.

    let’s be honest we never should have hired arteta we should have gone for ancellotti or nagelsmann. But we have made our bed with areta and just like any business when you hire someone your obliged to give them a fair chance.

  43. Ernest Reed

    “I always thought we had the 8th best squad 7th for me constituted a great finish.”

    To be honest i saw this club as an at best 6th place team, provided all things worked out. The fact that he we still are talking about the same team being mired and stuck in 9th/10th for some time now, i would suggest someone deserved to be sacked for that.

    Games to still be played, but again I harp, the standings do not lie whatsoever- they are 10th for a very good reason and calls that they are 4th best in the league after a certain point in the season is nothing more than a deflection from a very stark reality – this team is so very not good.

  44. Dissenter

    It still boggles the mind that Arteta put Mustafi ahead of Saliba in the squad, even though the former had one year less on his contract and has been utter dross for all his Arsenal career.
    Arteta should have just been hired as a trainer. He is a very very poor judge of player talent.

  45. David Smith

    If G Neville is correct, Arteta either has some smoothing over to do, or some very expensive players that need dropping

  46. Marko

    The pathetic performances and inputs of the bigger names isn’t a miss to him on that evidence.

    First off hearsay isn’t evidence and secondly if these types of performances weren’t consistently happening you might have a point. But the facts are he inherited a prolific goalscorer and has a better squad than when he started and he’s made this team worse far worse. I don’t see any valid reasoning for sticking with him beyond this season unless we’re literally masochists

  47. 5am

    Disagree with the reason given for the defeat being that the team switched off- Arteta was too busy kissing Liverpool’s butt before the game and so didn’t prepare the players mentally and got the set up wrong. With Xhaka out, it needed Odegard in that position for starters and then either Willian or Martinelli on the left. After that decide whether Lacazette or Aubameyang go through the middle, so that would’ve given more dimension imo..…

  48. Champagne Charlie

    “But the facts are he inherited a prolific goalscorer and has a better squad than when he started and he’s made this team worse far worse.”

    In what way are we “far worse” than when Arteta arrived?

  49. Venga, Dani

    Actually agree with Nev’s comments

    “Odegaard did try and put a little bit of a press on but he was on his own. The rest of them, I’d go as far as to say they were a joke.

    “At half-time, you start to start to question yourself a bit because you think, ‘it’s Liverpool, they’re a good team, it’s 0-0 and they’re still in the game’.

    “But I think Arteta will have been shocked by the lack of application he saw against the ball in the front part of his team.

    “Liverpool just won the ball back time and time again and it was a walk in the park for them. They had no pressure against them. It was embarrassing.

    “I came away from it feeling like it was a bad moment, a crossroads moment, a moment where you feel like it’s more than just a 3-0 defeat against Liverpool. At the start of the season, you would have said, ‘Liverpool have beaten Arsenal 3-0, so what?’

    “But I think Mikel Arteta will have come away from that game thinking ‘it’s me or them’.

    “He’s not going to be able to implement his plan unless those players from Saturday decide to start playing for them, or he gets rid of them. I doubt the first option because something didn’t feel right. I came away feeling there were real issues with a group of those players.”

    Neville suspects the perceived disconnect may be related to Arteta’s decision to drop Aubameyang for the north London derby last month after the Arsenal captain reported late on the morning of the game.

    “I don’t know if something’s happened in the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because of how the late thing has been dealt with. I just didn’t like it. I didn’t like what I saw on Saturday.

  50. Kroenkephobe


    Nice one. But you seriously don’t want to evolve (devolve?) into anything closely resembling me, I promise. I’m a sad old Gooner banished to the far reaches of west Wales whose sadness and happiness is linked far too closely to this abomination of a football club.

    I fully support your other phobias though mate. 😉. Maybe we could set up a 12 stage programme to recovery and call ourselves gooners anonymous…

  51. Almuniasaynomore


    I cant bring myself to talk about Arteta anymore today. I’m very interested to know your thoughts on arsenal’s greatest. 1. Brady. 2. Henry. 3.other . Don’t mean to put you on the spot!

  52. Marko

    In what way are we “far worse” than when Arteta arrived?

    Is that not obvious? 8th to struggling to get past 10th all season long and he has players who were once prolific struggling all season long as well ruining young players as well as having a far better squad than the previous manager but doing worse. I don’t understand why it’s hard to fathom unless you haven’t been watching us this season. We are on course for an appalling season under him and he could have been sacked half a dozen times in that run just before Christmas. But yeah other than that I guess he’s not so bad…

  53. Hitman49

    The biggest fact is the manager is totally to blame….

    No ifs buts or maybes.

    He isn’t up to this job simple as that he has proven that now over 18 months and two windows which have be3n embarrassing…

    As for loans outs embarrassing the balls ups with Saliba,

    Ones that should have gone out…nelson,Eddie,balagon,

    The ones that did and should never have gone..AmN,gundo,torreria,

    He has royally ballsed the whole thing up and has lost or is losing the dressing room fast.

    And he needs to go ASAP…..

    Bring mertasaker in as caretaker boss yet another rebuild

  54. Champagne Charlie


    So position in the table, which is as yet undefined, is your knockout blow? Got it. That, and your trademark ‘what I say is kosher, you must be blind’ routine.

    I’ll pass.

  55. SpanishDave

    Arsenal need to work under Arteta!
    No we don’t it’s clearly not working and it will never work.
    Watch Leipzig play and then look at us it’s a huge difference, then tell me who our next manager should be.
    How can anybody support a guy who brought Willian for the future

  56. Marko

    Also as you used to remind people charlie under Emery we were close to getting champions league football we had a top 4 squad and he bottled it and subsequently underperformed and got sacked and Arteta currently has a better squad than him and has us in 10th. Again this is a team that had a 30+ goal a season striker and then added Gabriel to the defence as well as Partey and Odegaard to it’s struggling midfield and it’s a struggle of a season

  57. Marko

    So position in the table, which is as yet undefined, is your knockout blow? Got it. That, and your trademark ‘what I say is kosher, you must be blind’ routine.

    Well first off our current position in the table isn’t as yet undefined we are literally 10th place and it’s not what I say is kosher you must be blind it’s more have you not been watching us at all this season it’s pretty obvious. The list of ways in which Arteta is failing miserably is growing by the day but by all means let’s disregard in the blind hope that he improves

  58. Dissenter

    Someone just made the point that Holding has NEVER been in the conversation for an England call-up, even though he’s been at Arsenal for 5 years now.
    That’s damning in itself.
    How can the likes of Raheem Sterling and Jota out-jump a 6′ 2″ defender?

  59. Marko

    Also Emery was sacked midseason for his results, league position and performance of football but Arteta is allowed the excuse of the league position being as yet undefined? I guess that’s fair

  60. Sean M

    I think it’s time for The Kroenke’s & KSE to sell up. Should’ve taken the 2BN offer from Usmanov. Apparently J.K was telling his dad to sell at that price but S.K refused to sell up.

    I don’t think this club will be anymore valuable anytime soon/ in the foreseeable future. I’m sure they can get around 1.2-1.5 BN for their 100% stake. It’s just not worked out under their ownership, time to move on. Poor leadership where are we going??? How are we getting there? What direction are we going in??? What is the precise plan to move this club forward? It’s just vibes at the moment.

  61. Sean M

    Crazy how people are getting jobs at Arsenal. Pete I remember the story you told on the pod once. How your dad convinced you to apply for your bosses job as a rookie and you got laughed out of the room.

    Imagine Edu or Arteta applying for their respective jobs. They’d be laughed out of the room. It’s crazy how people get jobs in football. Not at least at Arsenal.

  62. Champagne Charlie


    Disingenuous as expected.

    That season we had Ozil, Ramsey, Mkhi, Welbeck, and Iwobi as additional attacking options (and were still shy of quality there).

    They’ve gone and been replaced with Pepe (who you jizzed over), Willian, and a handful of academy players in Saka, ESR, Nelson, and Nketiah.

  63. Kroenkephobe


    Wotcha. Hope you’re having a good long weekend, although the weekdays are like weekends aren’t they right now…

    LB – absolutely love him and was sad when he left for Italy, and nearly as sad again when he came home and signed for the Hammers. My all time XI features him in a five man midfield along with Rocky, Davis, Steve Williams and PV. I watched the old 5 minute final again the other week. Brady was immaculate.

    I’m ever so slightly more ambivalent about TH. He was a terrific player who lit up Highbury but I think he just seemed a bit out of kilter with his values sometimes. But he rightly deserves his place in the club’s folklore.

    Do you buy into the Williams thing? I’ve got real soft spot for him as a Finsbury Park boy (and a serial abuser of Spuds players down the years).

  64. Pierre

    Maybe in hindsight , Arteta should have continued playing the players who were regular starters prior to the first lockdown when the team were on a very impressive run , being the only unbeaten team domestically in europe in 2020…

    Instead he decided to flex his muscles in a pathetic attempt to show who is the boss..
    The players who never or hardly get a look in now who were regular starters in that period were Ozil, Pepe, Torreira, Martinelli, Nketiah, Guendouzi..

    Makes you wonder if Arteta’s decision making is all that doesn’t it…

  65. Dissenter

    Arsene Wenger last 50 premier league games ————————54%
    Unai Emery’s 51 premier league games [his entire Arsenal spell] ———————–49%
    Arteta [aka the sauce] first 50 league games [till Saturday]————————– 42%

    That’s generational coaching for you

  66. Champagne Charlie


    You’re comparing a veteran manager to a rookie as if it’s apples to apples.

    If you think any team hires a young manager and the expectations are the same as if they were to hire Allegri on 10 mil a year then I have absolutely nothing to offer you, you don’t get it.

    You pay 25 mil for a talented teenager like Saliba in the anticipation of what he’ll become, or you pay 75 mil for VVD and expect nothing less than excellence. The approach depends on personal circumstance and the needs you have.

    Arsenal and the Kroenkes clearly felt a rebuild was required and chose to go for potential in a manager over an expensive veteran.

    You don’t have to like it, or agree. But you should be able to understand it well enough.

  67. Sean M

    “The Premier League season is now dead, but it’s still of use. We should be trying to find out which players have what it takes at this level. Arteta should be gauging who has the right spirit when there are no chips on the table.”

    You said this last season. We honestly can’t just keep throwing away seasons.

  68. Marko

    Disingenuous as expected.That season we had Ozil, Ramsey, Mkhi, Welbeck, and Iwobi as additional attacking options (and were still shy of quality there).

    How am I disingenuous exactly? It is unbiasedly a better squad at his disposal and you bringing up 3 underperforming glad we got rid of them players in Ozil Ramsey and Mhiki an injury prone Welbeck and Alex Iwobi doesn’t quite back up the point you think you’re making. Fact is that Aubameyang has been prolific under every manager he’s had since St Etienne for a reason, Martinelli along with Saliba were considered huge prospects until Arteta came along and even Willian who shouldn’t have been signed in the first place was fairly impactful last season prior to joining. The only player I couldn’t blame him for is Lacazette cause he’s never been prolific at arsenal.

    But it’s going round in circles with you so how about instead of arguing the indefensible you put together your argument for sticking with the manager. I’d genuinely love to hear about the positives

  69. Marko

    If you think any team hires a young manager and the expectations are the same as if they were to hire Allegri on 10 mil a year then I have absolutely nothing to offer you, you don’t get it.

    Oh so he’s expected to more or less be midtable until the training wheels come off I’m guessing what year two to earn a new contract. And I suppose we spent big money on Partey and Gabriel with no expectations for a good season? Makes sense

    Arsenal and the Kroenkes clearly felt a rebuild was required and chose to go for potential in a manager over an expensive veteran.

    Okay so Arteta is on more money than Nagelsmann so again the argument for sticking with Arteta takes another hit. Also the point being made is you know when it’s obvious you got it wrong to move on the argument of him still being this great potential manager worth sticking with isn’t worth considering

  70. Champagne Charlie


    No, it very much does back up the point I’m making.

    Ramsey, Mkhi, and to a lesser extent Iwobi walk into this team……WALK into it.

    Maybe we’d feel their loss much less had Pepe been a quarter of the player you claimed?

  71. Marko

    Plus you know Emery was tasked with a rebuild and tempered expectations too but that didn’t save him so why should it save Arteta? His solid english and nice teeth isn’t enough to disregard the obvious poor job he’s doing

  72. Almuniasaynomore


    Yeah don’t know what day of the week it is half d time, hope all well your end. That midfield of yours put a smile on my face for the first time since Saturday. What would it be worth in today’s market? Williams is a strange one for me, didn’t really rate him as much when he played as I do now,bit like parlour for me that way. I get what your saying about TH and the more I saw him on sky the more disappointed I was,but if you just keep it to the footie he was prob the best I ever saw. I’m Irish so I’d be shot for giving him the nod over Brady or even O’Leary. I don’t even have the comfort of a decent international team to support when Arsenal are going bad. All my joy comes from memories,bit like my love life! Brady revered over here,the big argument is always him or Keane for greatest irish player ever. At least that’s an easy one for me.

  73. Ernest Reed

    “Makes you wonder if Arteta’s decision making is all that doesn’t it…”

    To point Pierre, he has left little doubt that this is HIS team now and he will run it as he sees fit. Good luck with that.

  74. Champagne Charlie


    Arteta is on more than Nagelsmann is such a Marko point, as if Nagelsmann would’ve got an identical contract at Arsenal had he been hired. Absolutely no clue about the economics of the respective football clubs.

    You seem to forever miss the point being made in search of some erroneous nonsense. If you don’t get what I just wrote about the two managerial profiles then so be it.

  75. Black+Snake

    Nice post pedro. I dont have any faith that the upper echelons of the club can do what you say, to me they look utterly fucking useless as the club is getting worse and worse

  76. Marko

    Ramsey, Mkhi, and to a lesser extent Iwobi walk into this team……WALK into it.

    So Ramsey who barely plays for Juve, Mhiki who struggled massively in english football and Iwobi who has only started 15 games for Everton this season walks into our current team according to you and you think this is an argument for the squad that Arteta has now compared to last season? It’s pretty weak honestly. How about instead you look at it like Arteta has a 30 goal a season striker in Aubameyang struggling, Willian who had 11 goals and 9 assists the previous season struggling, Saka who’s stats are slightly down and Martinelli who’s basically not even touched at the moment along with adding Odegaard I don’t buy into it he has an obvious better squad than Emery did which was top 4 quality remember

  77. Cazorla

    ‘ I have missed the spirited CC and Marko back and forths. Welcome back gentlemen.’

    How can you enjoy this? It’s like a teacher trying to explain the most basic issues to a retard student that is trying to be as obtuse as possible.

    CC don’t know how you have to patience to engage with Billy Basic.

  78. Marko

    Arteta is on more than Nagelsmann is such a Marko point, as if Nagelsmann would’ve got an identical contract at Arsenal had he been hired. Absolutely no clue about the economics of the respective football clubs.

    You’re the one who brought up the money behind Arteta like he’s some prudent choice that was obvious to make. We could easily have had Nagelsmann or someone like Marco Rose for similar or less than what Arteta is on so again your point is nonsense. He’s a rookie on 5 million a year he’s cheaper than someone like Allegri sure but I’m not making a case for sacking Arteta this summer for Allegri I’m making it for someone like Nagelsmann who we could easily afford and someone who’s easily an upgrade

  79. bacaryisgod

    London Gunner

    I wrote that we’ve beaten several teams above us and we were usually the better side when we did. The talent is there-you have to be half-blind not to see it.

  80. Spudnik

    No one is seeing top 4 form. Current form over the last six games has us at 13th. The poor form shown pre Christmas is trying to rear its ugly head. That trend in form needs to be arrested.
    Giving Auba an expensive extension when he doesn’t fit your style of play has been an utter disaster and is weighing the team down.

  81. London gunner


    You are completely and utterly deluded

    Please take your arsenal tinted glasses off.

    Go through every single player of our first 11 and make a casee for why they are the 4th best player in the league in that position….

    What you can’t

  82. Marko

    I’m still waiting for the arguments for keeping on this bum of a manager past this season. I know it’s hard but I kinda expect something. It used to be that he was changing the culture of the club and hard work and people earning their place was a thing going forward but between Aubameyang and Willian and his treatment of others while underperforming players keep their place it seems fuck all has really changed

  83. bacaryisgod

    Not quite sure why Pedro wants to offload two low cost players in Mavrapanos and Willock when they have the potential to be solid squad players. Don’t forget it will be a buyers market this summer.

    Our goal should be purely to get rid of the mercenaries at this point and I also think we’re all ok with Hector (who isn’t a mercenary) getting a move if we can get a respectable fee in return.

  84. bacaryisgod

    London Gunner

    Every player on every team looks better when the team’s performing well. You are misquoting me also. I said we should be challenging for a Top 4 position. I didn’t say we should be guaranteed Top 4.

    Right now, it’s clear that Man City, Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea have better squads. I would put us in the same category as Leicester, Spurs and Everton and our squad is stronger than West Ham’s and Aston Villa’s. The reason we’re not competing for a Top 4 place is because we’re underperforming. It’s as simple as that.

  85. Kroenkephobe


    And it was TH14 and his deliberate handball that thwarted Ireland’s WC play off game wasn’t it? That must add an extra misgiving. He tarnished his image with that one.

    More generally, it’s sad to see Irish international football in a bit of a slump at the moment. I saw a bit of that Luxembourg defeat the other day and they largely deserved to lose from what I could see.

    It’s all a long way from Spider stepping up and taking that beautiful penalty in that WC shoot out. I loved DoL too of course although his Arsenal reputation was also affected when he went into management.

  86. Grouvillegooner

    Two things:
    Withe regard too Tierney’s injury , I looked early last season at his appearance record for Celtic, which shows that his only weakness is the number of games that he is likely to play per season.

    Anyone who thinks Auba is going anywhere at the end of the season is living in cloud cuckoo land. No-one is going to pay him remotely what we do and he is not going to take a drop in salary to go somewhere. His first two seasons were great and it is just possible that he may have one more decent season in him.

  87. Almuniasaynomore


    Yeah the utd supporters over here (not as many as there once was) really had a field day with that handball. Luxembourg deserved to win,it’s a hard watch. A long way from the glory days now. Kenny is actually trying to get them to play attractive football but they don’t have the players, the opposite to Arteta’s cup winning formula really. You have confused me with your five man midfield now, it means you had to play one up front and choose between Wrighty and TH. Also who’s your keeper? Did you go with the heart lukic,or the head,seaman? Or are you in the Jennings camp?

  88. The BFB

    Arsenal’s record regarding selling and recruitment of players has been appalling for at least a decade and the transfer windows since Edu and Arteta were supposedly in charge showed little or no improvement. The judgement of this hapless pair influencing this summer’s transfer window fills me with trepidation and anyone expecting great things are likely to be disappointed. How low must our once great club sink? I never expected Arsenal to be the 4th best team in London, and I fear it will be several years before we celebrate St. Totteringham’s Day again despite Pedro describing them as shit. What does that make us?

  89. Dissenter

    One of Arteta’s sackable offences is creating a pressure free chamber for Leno.

    He’s been shocking recently, maybe because he knows he walks into the team every week bar major injury.

  90. G.Giarlis

    Keep Arteta?
    If we are so stupid we have no future.
    Keep Auba? Stupid.
    Sell Nelson? Why? because of Atreta?
    Sell Mavropanos? What?
    Keep Leno? We sold Martinez , what a stupid decision.
    Well ,good luck next season.

  91. Nelson

    ” it seems fuck all has really changed”

    Arteta replaced the problem of Ozil with Auba + Willian. What do you expect from an inexperienced coach/manager.

  92. englandsbest

    I was one of those on here who hoped that Arteta would move Auba on rather than give in to his ridiculous demands. Sadly he was too respectful to the elderly. Well, his actions in Jan prove that he has learned from that mistake. He showed his ruthless streak.

    Some club this summer will take Auba as a free transfer, or pay his full wages on a loan. The alternative for Auba will be no games play at all. I think Bellerin will go too. I shan’t miss him either. Arteta will be working with a clean slate, every player reading from his page.

    The other oldies? Luiz, Willian, Laca, Xhaka? He’ll keep them, they are not a problem, they already read from his page.

  93. Words on a Blog


    Haha -likewise I’m a decrepit old gooner – and back in the day I too was “banished” to the far reaches of (mid) Wales (Aberystwyth) – loved it.

    Now safely esconced in North London, busily (and futilely) planning The Counterkroenke Revolution along with a few sad old Trots.

  94. bacaryisgod

    London Gunner

    Your dishonesty is getting tiresome. Just because a team has a better squad it doesn’t mean they automatically finish Top 4. That’s why Chelsea and Liverpool are out of the Top 4 currently.

  95. Pierre

    I remember watching sam Allardyce’s Bolton at the Emirates a few years back , and Bolton’s main tactic was for the keeper to hoof the ball into the Arsenal half to the right touch line to compete for a header..

    At the time i can remember saying that it must be dreadful being a fan of a team watching your side play such negative football with no ambition and fear of putting their foot on the ball..

    And here we are now watching an Arsenal side playing Allardyce football using exactly the same tactic of hoofing the ball aimlessly upfield in the hope of winning a 2nd ball….

    This was on a day that an Allardyce team ripped Chelsea to pieces with a superb exhibition of counter attacking football against Chelsea…

  96. Tom

    “Ramsey, Mkhi, and to a lesser extent Iwobi walk into this team……WALK into it.“

    Mkhi walks into this Arsenal, and I was for keeping him.
    Ramsey limps into this Arsenal on crutches but I understood why he was let go, but in what universe Iwobi walks into it only god and CC knows.
    I’m assuming in place of Pepe ……perhaps?
    One thing though; Pepe has 5 goals and 1 assist in the PL in some 1100 minutes.
    Iwobi-1 goal and 2 assists in 1300 minutes.

    Must be some intangibles regular mere mortals can’t grasp.
    I’ve watched all Everton games and Iwobi has been awful.

  97. Kaz

    Arsenal doesn’t work under Arteta. Fucking hell, accept it already, the defences for keeping Arteta are getting more and more farcical.

  98. David Smith

    Arsenal hasn’t worked under anyone For some time, , not since Graham’s genius and desire, then Wenger, Dein and Danny Fs sheer will and planning to succeed, that and Wenger knowing foreign markets.
    Things changed when the Wenger Dein axis was broken, that ambition went And hasn’t come back.
    Arteta has his faults, as did Emery and the latter day Wenger, none of them could fix what the club has become, nor I suspect can any other manager.
    I am not saying KSE aren’t trying, and don’t want success, I just think they alone are incapable of achieving it in this league with this club without the sort of help they refuse to take on.
    Sack Arteta by all means, but most of the problems now aren’t really his fault the song will remain the same until there are either new owners, or KSE invest , employ, and keep people who know what they are doing.. Can’t see that happening soon

  99. China1

    Loaning our holding makes no sense if Luiz is not renewed

    He doesn’t need to be first 11, he’s a squad player and there aren’t that many bench CBs in the PL who are better than him.

    All of this fuss because he had a bad game after barely playing for a good few months. Huge overreaction

  100. bennydevito

    Fucking hell lol! Ozil, Mkhirtaryan and Ramsey absolutely wouldn’t walk into this team because they were more often injured and apart from 1 season, appalling.

    Emery got sacked for leaving a top 4 squad in 8th, Arteta has vastly improvedthe squad yet is 10th.

    Marko, you’ll never win with CC because he’s constantly moving the goal posts, contradicting himself and rewriting history. Surely after all this time you’ve worked it out by now?

  101. Ernest Reed

    “How can you enjoy this? It’s like a teacher trying to explain the most basic issues to a retard student that is trying to be as obtuse as possible.”

    Beats the f’n heck out of reading your pathetic schtick, Cazorla..

  102. Champagne Charlie

    Earlier you put Ceballos and fucking Sokratis down as players we need to sell in the summer. In the kindest way possible, you haven’t a clue, so maybe skip the playground antics and look for a pulse before commenting.

    Iwobi is a much better wide player than Auba, or Pepe, it’s that simple. His end product was largely absent, but he has technical ability enough to look after the ball, beat a man, and industry to protect a flank. Much less ability than Mkhi hence why I said a “lesser extent”, but he’d get picked over who we saw doss about against Liverpool.

    I don’t miss any of them, but we’ve replaced them with poor fits and it’s a big reason why our attack has been so inept. The notion we have a vastly superior squad now is quite something, we’ve ripped the creative hub from the side in the past 3 years and the very best we’ve thrown at replacing it is Pepe and Willian, only for both to get completely embarrassed by two academy products.

  103. China1

    Emery’s squad was much worse than artetas

    ESR, Ode, Saka are all upgrades on the regularly injured and highly inconsistent attacking midfielders Emery had at the time he came in. Ramsey was actually a quality player in his pomp but he was already badly impacted by injuries by the time emery arrived and his qualities also didn’t suit most of his team mates at the time. Mikki was never consistent in England under any of the 3 managers he worked for and was frequently poor. Iwobi was at best a squad player tho I always liked his effort and athleticism, the guy had almost zero end product.

    LB, CB, DM, creative offensive/wide players have all been upgraded since emery left and lots of the shitty influences in the dressing room shipped out

  104. China1

    Lest we forget Emery had zero wingers in his squad in his first season

    Arteta has saka Pepe Martinelli Willian Nelson esr as options

  105. Gonsterous


    Pathetic post given how you were optimistic for top 4, at the start of the season. After we beat fulham, you were certain we would have a great season with arteta getting the best out of everyone. Fast forward 10 months and our best player can’t hit the back of the net, William is turning out to be one of the worst purchases, we have soiled our name of being a platform for youngsters.
    Our GK who was rated world class before his injury, has his confidence shattered and is playing more like almunia these days.

    Coaching was supposed to be the positive of arteta and he’s messing it up big time. 500m won’t turn diet pep into the original pep.

  106. Gonsterous


    KT OUT?

    who saw that coming eh? Definitely not arteta. Next we will have saka out who has been playing continuously, either he breaks this season or the next but it is inevitably. If we have another jack or diaby situation, I’d feel sorry for the lad as he is not being treated right by the coach.

  107. Tony

    Totally agree.

    First Arteta doesn’t trust the kids to play them and then next he plays them too much and starts to break them to save his neck.

    Now Arteta’s faith in the sulky older players is being repaid by lackluster displays on the pitch with some pundits saying the elder pros aren’t following Arteta’s instructions.

    Does that mean they’re downing tools on Arteta?

    My son asked me if Arteta went who would he take with him as managers do when they leave?

    I asked my son who would want to follow a failing manager with too many flaws?

    Probably looks great in training, so that’s all that matters to Arteta.

  108. Nelson

    “How can the likes of Raheem Sterling and Jota out-jump a 6′ 2″ defender?”

    Holding defends the space and not the man. He focus on the ball and sets up his position. An experienced/good defender would also be aware of where the danger is coming from and blocks off the advance of the opposing attacker.

  109. Nelson


    Do you remember the game against Aston Villa? They played a cutback to their lone striker, Walkins, at the 18 yards line. Holding positioned himself at the 10 yard line. Do we have a defensive coach to teach him how to play the CB position?

  110. Sid

    Only a charlatan would expect Auba to Track TAA

    Chambers must have been tracking Robertson, without realising Jota had replaced him.

  111. China1

    Auba did actually put a shift in in the second half of last season

    But apparently his new contract killed anything resembling the kind of desire he needed to track back this season

    Auba is looking increasingly like Ozil. Now let’s wait for Laca to get a big pay day contract too and he can join Auba and Willian on the golden oldies retirement package

  112. China1

    It is actually a pretty pertinent question of which players have improved under arteta since for all the questions about his management, his specialty was supposed to be in the coaching of players

    ESR and Saka have arguably kicked on tho Saka was already great and ESR wasn’t here before so hard to judge artetas impact on them

    Auba is a worse player now. Willian is worse than last season. Leno is doing worse. Bellerin more of the same. Xhaka has been ok by his standards but not sure there’s any change since the second half of last season. Laca has always blown hot and cold and it’s the same this season. Martinelli dropped like a stone so no idea. Holding is about the same as he was 3 years ago. Tierney has been great tho hard to know if that’s on arteta or just that he wasn’t fit last season. Partey is doing worse. Eddie hasn’t improved. Nelson hasn’t played football this season. Willock didn’t kick on when he was with us. Pepe has arguably improved a bit tho still hot and cold. Luiz has always varied between awesome and shite so no change there.

    It’s really quite hard to pick out even 3 examples of players where you can clearly say they’ve definitely improved a lot because of arteta. Considering coaching is his best skill that is quite concerning

  113. China1

    I guess Soares is maybe the player who has shown the clearest before and after progress this season under arteta? Still not elite but he’s definitely done quite well on balance

    Who else is an arteta coaching success story? AMN was last season so it was all the stranger that he got binned off this season. He was a nice little project player for arteta last season. No idea what happened there

  114. Gonsterous

    Laca is in a similar boat contract wise. He is playing his heart out, will he do the same after a new contract? I think not.

    sell laca, have auba, martinelli as strikers next season with nketiah and balogun as back up which will not expensive and we can always bring in New bodies if it doesn’t work by jan.

    Focus the cash on the mid and get in a good partner for partey so he isn’t busted by the 60th min. Use willian as back up (as we won’t be able to get rid of him). Sell xhaka and luiz.
    Try and get ode in for another year loan. Then find a decent RB that won’t cost a lot, in the mould of sagna. Need someone with defensive awareness and a decent cross. Rotate with cedric. Get a back up LB or promote from the youth.

    Get saliba back, with mari or holding (who I believe is a good player) as his partner. Then get a GK to challenge Leno so he is back to playing his best.

    Maybe 100m to save ourselves and get back into the top 6. With no European footie we should be aiming to get into the top 6. If we are not in course by November, sack arteta before it’s too late.

    Though things will change if we win the EL, (which is realistic considering only utd are a threat) but with arteta in charge and the players down tooling, it seems like an uphill battle .

  115. Kroenkephobe

    Our paths probably crossed somewhere near Swindon when I left N5 and decided to “go west” and move to Pembrokeshire with Ms Kroenkephobe and the little uns. As an indicator of how relatively isolated we are, a visit to Aberystwyth is like a day out in a properly big city!

    Good to know there are others on here who think workers should own the means of production! Keep on keeping on.

  116. Aussie+Gooner

    “Of course the whiners and wailers will pick out the negatives and exaggerate them monstrously. A doleful bunch.”

    We don’t have to bother now – the team on the pitch and the manager does that job for us!

    I can’t believe that there are still some on here that worship the cult of Arteta! It has been blindingly obvious to most for some time that he is in above his head. Has Arsenal now become a training academy where novice coaches can learn on the job? Sounds like some twisted YTS scheme back in the 80’s!

    At this rate of learning, by the time Arteta gets up to speed we will be a solid mid-table team. Of course if he ever did get up to speed he would piss off to a bigger club, thanking Arsenal for all they have done for him!

  117. Habesha Gooner

    Going for Hakimi at right back would be stupid. He would cost an arm and a leg. And we have CM and CAM holes to fill. Max Aarons would be the perfect target for me. Young, English, talented and wouldn’t cost more than 20 to 25 mil.

    The list of players we have to sell is clear by now. Lacazette, Nketiah, Williian( if we got him out), Elneny, Torreira, Willock, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Chambers, Bellerin and May be Mavropanos ( still would like to see what he can do). That is a lot of money right there if we play our cards right. CM, CAM, RB, Backup LB, Backup GK the main targets. And LW if there is money left over. We would be wise to replace the likes of Ceballos with players like Azeez too. Young players haven’t let us down yet and they should be given a chance.

  118. The Bard

    Doesn’t take long for some to throw in the towel and start screaming for change. What precisely is the new plan. Get a new manager in, there must be dozens waiting in the wings. Maybe we can get Pullis cheap. Sell most of the players and buy another dozen. Easy. And if that doesn’t work we can sack him and sell the newbies. Liverpool was a shocker no doubt but we have played really well in patches recently. Keep the faith.

  119. Thorough

    ‘When you talk about Guendouzi and see his skills,” he said in an interview with the Guardian. “You realise that he is a great player. I’ve also read that he had problems at Arsenal but here he behaves very well.

    “He puts all of himself on the field. He is a great professional. Guendouzi’s situation confirms that we must always understand how to help the players, with a talent like him it is worth it.:’

    So clubs can decide a player’s talent is worth a club going the extra mile in managing them? Who could have thunk that?

  120. Aussie+Gooner

    The Bard

    Have you been in hibernation? Have you not seen the stats relating to Arteta’s managerial efforts? (let alone watched the games!).

    Funny how Emery ‘only’ lasted 51 games – people were screaming for his head long before the end! Arteta reaches that landmark this week – so what is reactionary about asking for change now? And of course Arteta has a worse record than Emery in his 51 games and Wenger’s last 50 games (and people were screaming for his head for years!). Please explain your unbridled loyalty to Arteta!

    Arteta (first 50 PL matches)
    Won: 21
    Drawn: 12
    Lost: 17
    Win percentage: 42 per cent
    Goals scored: 72
    Goals conceded: 56
    Clean sheets: 15

    Emery (51 PL matches)
    Won: 25
    Drawn: 13
    Lost: 13
    Win percentage: 49 per cent
    Goals scored: 91
    Goals conceded: 70
    Clean sheets: 10

  121. Nelson

    Talking about selling players, Lucas Torreira wants to go back to South America. Edu should find a decent midfielder in Boca or other big clubs in South America and do a swap deal.

  122. Valentin

    It has been rumoured for a while that Arteta was willing to sell every young players including Saka, ESR and Martinelli to raise funds and buy ready made players.
    If his choice of ready made players is of the same calibre than Willian and Luiz, God have mercy of Arsenal.
    If he actually goes with this idea of selling Saka to buy Ödegaard, at the first dip of form the Emirates will be a cauldron of toxicity against him next season.