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Well, before we dive into the mess. Le Grove passed 2.5m comments yesterday. Quite the number when I consider how many comments I delete on a weekly basis. The shame? That the massive jump happened because Arsenal reverted to pre-December form and dropped an abomination of a performance.

There’s only one way to look at the game.


We were absolutely petrified of Liverpool. No one in that starting 11 thought they were coming out of that game with more than a point and that mindset is down to Arteta.

Can you blame injuries?

No. You can’t.

Ceballos in midfield next to Partey. That’s Arteta. He agreed to renew the loan, that was his expert decision, it’s been a fucking disaster. The Spaniard put the same performance in against West Ham at the start of the season, too many touches on the ball, doing an impression of a player that looks good. He hasn’t moved forward.

Auba out wide. That’s Arteta. Our captain has been shocking for a long time. He’s not good enough to play as a 9, so Arteta has hidden him on the wing where he has to do things he’s just not good at. His lack of control, his sloppiness on the ball, the zero confidence he has running at players. He should be benched. An unacceptable decision.

Rob Holding in defence. I like him, but it’s clear he can’t do what Arteta needs from a centre back. But guess who decided to give him a new deal? Arteta.

Bernd Leno. That was an Arteta decision. Two huge errors again from the German, again. This is not a blip, this is an extended run of shiteness that needs to be addressed. Mat Ryan should be used, could he be any worse?

Lots of bad decisions are starting to pile-up, like they did before Christmas. That performance was a copyright infringement on Emeryball. No guts. A bad plan. A spanking by a team we gifted the points.

Now, what you can’t avoid are these two pockets of reality.

Firstly, the reason Arteta opts for Luiz and Xhaka is because against good teams, we have no one better. We missed both today. Xhaka more so, but Luiz for his leadership and presence.

Secondly, it’s clear that the two most important player in our attack are Saka and ESR.

Here’s some truth… and this came from Johnny on the podcast who is not the biggest of Arteta fans.

If the Premier League bothers you, it’s your pride talking. At this point, it’s better we don’t make Europa via the league. Next season would be better served with no Europe, so we could do a West Ham.

Arteta has now refocused his tenure on success in the Europa League.

That is his objective. The blanket he’d love to call his comfort. It’s basically the only thing that saves him this year.

Win Europa, he’s Mr 2 Trophies, in the Champions League, fighting off Barca overtures.

Lose that trophy… well, things are going to heat up for him. That new deal he’s hoping for might not come that easily. Fan sentiment in the stadium will turn.

For me, I’m not really tapping on that beat. ‘Performance’ is what I want from Arteta right now. Bumming his way to Europa won’t do it for me.

I want to see progress every week. I need to see new mistakes, not those that we’ve been over before. Consistency is what takes us to the promised land.

If the system we’ve opted to play needs £500m to work. If it can’t tolerate 4 players missing. Then it won’t work for Arsenal.

The problems we’re dealing with right now are not all Arteta’s… but a growing number of them are. Mo Elneney’s agent telling the press he’s getting a renewal? Arteta playing a centre back as a right back when he has two fit right backs? Willian not getting a sniff? Auba getting a sniff? Gabriel Martinelli being treated he was caught doing something disgusting with the dirty linen? All Arteta.

The picture that hasn’t been painted yet is what is the future of the club? How will we deal with players that have deals running out? How will we replace? Will success in the Europa mean continuity of failed ideas?

Arteta is at ANOTHER pivotal moment of his short career. Dips are par the course… but if this Liverpool game sparks a terrible 2 weeks, the wounds might not heal. We can’t have another fatal month like we did pre-Christmas, it’s too soon for that. Fans will lose interest, and worse, so will the players. Belief is fragile… every day is a judgement… today was shocking. The only way it’ll be forgiven is if there’s a big response on Thursday.

… that’s now looking tougher. We were utterly dross. Project Arteta has just dropped down to amber. The manager has no one to blame but himself.

Thursday needs something big. Can we do it? I have my doubts.

Whilst you’re there, take a listen of our latest podcast. I’m joined by Johnny, you can listen to his How’s Your Father pod here. BUT, for pure Arsenal, click below. He does a great job explaining the reality of our season… let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Ishola70


    What you are advocating there has not been fully carried out has it and this has been under Arteta’s watch as well as before. So you can’t absolve Arteta can you when he has been in charge and going against what you desire.

    Signing old campaigners like Willian, extending other older players, persuading player(s) not to leave the club.

    A player like Xhaka has not grown as you put it with Arsenal has he. If he had properly grown with the club then we would have been seeing big bids from other top EPL clubs for him. Instead we saw a modest bid for him from some very average Bundesliga club. And yet Arteta persuaded him to stay. Wanted him to stay.

    Arteta has been very much part of this “chaos” that you refer to.

  2. wattsy

    Hi All do not normally post on here , but after yesterday simply have too. I have been watching Arsenal for over 70 years we were dross in the fifties, but never ever did we fail for lack effort or interest.. Yesterday was the worst display by an Arsenal team I have ever witnessed, if I was the owner Arteta would have been sacked the moment the game ended. Stupid of me to think that changes would be made at half time,, only to find the shit fest got worse.
    Until now I have been pretty firmly n the lets give Arteta time camp, no longer he should go never again should he be allowed to send a team out in Arsenal shirts to play like that,.
    His team selections are a mystery to everyone except himself,, wrong players, players out of position , for shit sake what makes him think that Chambers , a sub standard center back at best should get the nod at right back???
    Pathetic after match summary to top it all off, we now all know he will exactly the same a week from now, same loyalty to shit players ,, whilst having young talent on the bench.
    All you regular contributors put this much better than me,, so keep it going I love it all.
    According to today@s press I will very soon not be able to visit the Emirates again, without getting the jab,, a sad day for freedom, but I guess that depends on your point of view.

  3. Captain Tierney


    What are those stats ?
    Future prediction? If it is then we’ll probably win 4, draw 2 and lose 2.


    Never said I was happy with what I saw yesterday. It was an utterly disgraceful performance from every single individual on the field bar KT.
    But that doesn’t mean I will react by saying Arteta out. You have to put the defeat into context.

  4. Samir

    Nice post Pedro, agree with everything you said bar the Willian part. He should never start a game for us.

    I’m all for giving Arteta a chance…But if he doesn’t start giving minutes to Balogun, Azeez, Cirjan, Cottrell…I want him gone. We don’t have millions to spend in the summer so he needs to find some internal solutions ASAP.

    Saliba, Guen, Mavropanos, Torreira; same for these guys. All would walk into our squad yesterday…

  5. Nelson


    I envy what Leicester can do while we signed other team’s excess like Cedric or Luiz. Or we overpaid for Pepe. I started to like Saliba. I am sure that he could help our defense once he is fully integrated. If all goes well, we could sell him for £ 80m easily.

  6. G

    Not a surprise of the volume of comments when losing 3-0.
    Imagine if we’d won 3-0 comments would be less then half

  7. Ishola70

    If anyone spouts any nonsense about Xhaka just give them a simple reply.

    Hertha Berlin = bid of 25 million.

    A loss of 15 million on him after originally buying him for 40m.

    That’s how much the football world outside of Arsenal and Arteta thinks of Granit Xhaka.

  8. GunnerWomble


    Most of the above could be fixed by
    a) Accomplished Director of Football – (Ralf Rangnick?)
    b) Experienced coach used to rotating his squad.and not ‘sidelining’ good prospects
    (Balogun) especially when you have Europa League to give them games.

    Best signing Arsenal make for next season is an experienced accomplished Director of Football.
    And get a new backroom team because the current setup is not fit for purpose.

  9. Samir

    The main issue with the club is the Kroenkes…Not only because they put no money into the club…They make terrible decision after terrible decision….Or no decision at all.

    Imagine if we had an owner with an actual interest in Arsenal.

  10. Wiglaf


    You’re right. It’s worse than ever. The absolute waste and mismanagement from the top down
    It’s becoming so clear that Wenger was the one thing preventing what we are seeing now. Only the most stubborn and childish refuse to admit it. With david Dein and pat rice gone, Wenger was alone. He made mistake. But he loved the club and we were a damn sight better off with him than we have been with Raul and Gazidis and emery and the kroenkes and edu and Huss and vinnai.

    All fucking chancers and conmen that should be nowhere near our great club.

  11. Wiglaf

    Ishola70April 4, 2021 15:00:32
    If anyone spouts any nonsense about Xhaka just give them a simple reply.Hertha Berlin = bid of 25 million

    We sold Henry for £16m, Cole for £5m and vieira for £11m

  12. andy1886

    @CT Those were Liverpool’s last eight PL games. P8, W2, L6. My point being we played a team woefully out of form yesterday and made them look like worldies. The same players and managers in the last two months managed to lose to Brighton, Fulham and Everton amongst others but we couldn’t lay a glove on them.

    If we’d have put any pressure on them at all from the off (as Pedro’s preview posted noted that we should do) chances are that it would have been a totally different game. More to do with our failings than Liverpool’s quality IMO.

  13. Wiglaf

    I don’t understand how Arteta can play Elneny and Ceballos with Torreira on loan.
    To get brutally honest, Torreira has been a better player during his arsenal career than I’ve seen from Partey thus far. I really hope he improves because I’m pretty unimpressed with a £50m, ready made, finished article, match winning, leader of a central midfielder.

    I’d not seen much of him before he came to us, very little in fact, so I didn’t know much of what to expect but I expected better than we are seeing.

  14. andy1886


    Henry & PV4 were at the tail end of their best years, Cole was sold for £5m plus Gallas but even so that was an appalling deal for us because we screwed his contract negotaitions (and he’d lost faith in our willingness to compete).

    Plus that was fifteen or so years ago when £10m+ was decent money.

  15. Ishola70


    They are poor examples. As well as transfer fees being nothing like they were then to now you put in a player who had already had his best years in an Arsenal shirt and a player who basically signed on a loophole.

    Best you keep to grieving over old man Wenger.

  16. Wiglaf


    The point is that £25m for xakha during the beginning of a pandemic is not the insult some idiots make it out to be. I think we should be questioning the £50m lump sum paid for Partey as I’m starting to wonder if it was a mistake. I already think the £27m on Gabriel was too much.

  17. Ishola70

    I don’t recall any beginning of a pandemic when Hertha Berlin put their bid of 25m in for Xhaka.

    I think videos of Chinese people falling down dead in the streets due to covid that went viral were after that 25m bid.

  18. Nelson

    I wonder what the eye test of Arsenal’s performance in yesterday’s match would tell us. We are back to the pre_X’mas’s state.

  19. Ishola70

    As others have said player decisions under Arteta have made a difficult job that much harder and as others have noted are building up.

    Wrong decision on the goalkeeper.
    Signing Willian.
    Extending Luiz.
    Persuading Xhaka to stay.
    Renewing Ceballos.
    Not planning properly regarding the CBs.
    Not utilising Martinelli properly.

    Individual player successes under Arteta have been few and far between.

    The emergence of Saka and to a lesser extent Smith Rowe.

    In regards Tierney he is just a good player so didn’t really need emerging.

    One thing that you can’t pin on Arteta though is the ludicrous fee paid for Pepe.The little hoover salesman was responsible for that.

  20. Ishola70

    La croqueta
    “As i write this. Tottenham and their dinosaur manager are 4th. Trust the process”

    FFS. Let’s all laugh at Spurs eh.

    Although the Dinamo Zagreb event was golden.

  21. Ishola70

    Arteta is likely to fail in the long run but remember it was worth the roll of the dice on him rather than engage in Mourinho however unlikely it was that Mourinho would come on board at Arsenal anyway.

  22. The Godfather

    I want Arteta to really succeed but he is simply just a poor coach at this time.
    Really don’t understand his logic from a tactical, selection or style of play POV.
    THE man is simply not good enough.
    Just my two cents

  23. Rich

    If we take 6/6 against Sheffield United + Fulham, and qualify for the Semi Finals, the mood will turn again

    Yesterday wasn’t pretty, but in the grander scheme of things dropping points against Burnley + West Ham will be more harmful than yesterday

    Liverpool are one of the best teams in Europe, in spite of their recent struggles

    In our two league games against them, they’re the team I’ve been most impressed with

    If we win 6/8 of our last league games, secure roughly 60 points, and get to a coin toss final, I’d have probably thought that was about right at the start of the season

  24. Wingdings

    Washed up Mourinho is still seven points clear of Arteta who is supposedly doing a “fantastic job”.

  25. Habesha Gooner

    All the excuse made and if Arteta doesn’t get a win in the Europa league and we finish where we are now in the league, that deserves a sacking. You can’t deflect and say performances are good and say 10th is a good place. I would tolerate him for one more season but It is the right time to judge his capabilities. And so far it’s been disappointing. I would say that about any other coach that would have us in the same position that we are right now. I don’t know if he can compete at the top level next season. He has been too inconsistent with results. It is make or break time for him. He has talked the talk all season and now he needs to walk the walk.

  26. Jeanette+Kliger

    I enjoy reading what people think, but I am unable to stomach all the disrespectful remarks relating to Wenger. He gave us the best football we have ever seen, some of the best players in the world and pride and enjoyment. Perhaps he wasn’t able to leave when he should, but PLEASE STOP THE COMMENTS: They show you up for the ignoramuses you are!

  27. G

    ‘’ I enjoy reading what people think, but I am unable to stomach all the disrespectful remarks relating to Wenger. ‘’

    Mate u might as well stop reading le grove cause if you’re a regular reader then u shd know that’s not going to change

  28. Ishola70

    What people don’t understand when stating that others are disrespectful towards Wenger is that it is not about being disrespectful towards him. It’s more being disrespectful to those that couldn’t let go of Wenger even when it was clear that his best days were behind him.

    And still to this day we see comments that show some fans can’t let go.

    It’s been said so many times before that however much Wenger was one of Arsenal’s greatest managers there was an error in keeping him on for as long as we did in his last years.

  29. Dream10

    Lot of poor performances out there yesterday, starting with the manager. Outfield players will take the majority of the blame, but I think Leno struggled. Even in matches where he does make an eye catching save or two, he often puts the team in danger. He has two years left on his contract. The club should not take the easy path and renew. They likely will as they don’t see him to be a problem.

  30. Ray+in+LA

    I thought the game evolved yesterday over the crucial first ten minutes…it started with parity and a very hesitant Liverpool were there for the taking…instead we backed off and they realised that we were there for the taking and took us

    I’m hoping that there are no deep scars from this performance that prevent us from bouncing back on Thursday…there are certainly lessons to be learned, unfortunately we seem to be unable to learn them

  31. G

    Nice try Ishola to explain the abuse but your wrong.. some of the names called by people on this site were ridiculous. Think one poster even stated that they wished he would die

  32. Daveb666

    What gets me is Arteta saying he was annoyed and didn’t expect that performance.

    Any fan that has witnessed this season knew that that line-up would tank.

    Ceballos – great against second rate Europa teams – against the Champions?

    CB pair not having played together for ages (ever?)

    CB at RB that always works.

    Sulky club captain who can’t even be arsed to turn up on time for the North London Derby – gets more time out wide.

    Subs Elneny on – so bad he can’t even get game time in the Egypt side (and has a row with the management)

    Fuck we are dire.

    Play the kids every game going forward – Martinelli starts every game – see who else is it his, Saka and ESRs level and build next seasons team around them.

    Fire-sale in the summer.

  33. Samesong

    Rich you’re very optimistic if we can win the last 6 games?
    We usually play better when the pressure is off. We are a couple injuries away from total collapse. Used to be able to kind of predict where we would win a game, not anymore.

    The team lacks cohesion and leadership. Where was the motivation yesterday.? Liverpool weren’t great yesterday and we could of beaten them had the game plan been a little better.

    Our senior players have been a disgrace this season.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    Ceballos performance level this season has been disastrous in far too many games. He is a weak link and the idea that we would consider spending money on him this summer is complete madness.

    What exactly does he offer? He is defensively weak and offensively lacks both goals and assists. The only argument in his favour is that he can be a neat passer if he is not under

    Let him go back to RM at end of season and we should look for a more dynamic central midfielder who can rotate in midfield with Xhaka and/or Partey.

  35. Marco

    “Wenger-esque clown’
    Just want to pay tribute to Arteta’s remarkable achievement. With just eight league matches left, Arsenal are mathematically safe on 42 points! Unreal progress from Arteta, having had a measly £100m to spend over summer; a whole pre-season to prepare and given the flux Chelski, ManYoo, Spurs and Liverpool have been through this season. Given how abysmally Liverpool have played for 3-4 months, nice touch from Arteta to donate an easy thrashing warmup game and the customary 3 points.
    Quite amazing this Wengeresque clown Arteta has already lost TWELVE league games, and could still lose another 5-6! A team so bereft of attacking ideas Arsenal have a GD of just 5. Can’t attack, can’t defend. Shocking tactics, team selection and diabolical football with awful players. An arrogant manager with no pedigree, showing no inclination to change.” Footbal 365

  36. Wiglaf

    Ishola70April 4, 2021 16:53:33
    What people don’t understand when stating that others are disrespectful towards Wenger is that it is not about being disrespectful towards him. It’s more being disrespectful to those that couldn’t let go of Wenger even when it was clear that his best days were behind him.

    Total wanker thing to say. Who are you to say what it’s about to anyone?

  37. Ishola70

    btw the title of this latest blog post “Europa League Now Dangerously Important for Arteta” basically could have been predicted when the first ball was kicked at the start of this season. This is the Arsenal level.

    As said before this is case of Arteta turning this around next season.

    If it’s not a case of a turn around then it just means fans have just accepted continuous mediocrity now for ever more.

  38. James wood.

    Big clubs don’t let the likes of Cellabos and Odegaards
    leave if they are consistently good.?
    We have seen both these players are inconsistent.?
    But that’s where we are.?
    Odegaards certainly better than what we have but is that enough.?

  39. Wiglaf

    Think it was a it premature mugging off mourinho too.
    They’ve lost a lot of good players, spent less than us
    and are still superior to us

  40. Ishola70

    Ok Wig the overwhelming majority of fans hated Wenger vehemently and wished death upon him rather than seeing that his best days were behind him and we should have moved on from him in his last few seasons.

    I’m sure that was the case.

    Wig is one of those that can’t let go of Wenger.

    He thinks Wenger of 2021 would be doing very good things at Arsenal to this day.

    Who cares whether the team finishes 5th or 9th or 10th. It all amounts to failure at the end of the day.

    A big club is not eating at the big table and hasn’t been since Wenger’s last few seasons. That’s about the whole story that has occurred.

  41. Rich


    We got on an 8 run unbeaten streak in the league after Xmas, 20 points from 24 available

    We’ve beaten Leicester + Spurs

    Sheffield United




    West Brom




    We’re erratic, but there’s definitely plenty of points for the taking, statistically we’ve got the easiest run in in the top half, we could easily win 6/8 of those games

    Our potential run to the final of the Europa isn’t the worst either, and Spurs have already given us the warning we needed about Slavia Prague

    Just trying to provide some optimism in a really gloomy room…..

  42. Tom

    The worst of Wenger was still better than Arteta thus far.

    Taking a 12 minute compilation from 50 games and parading it some sort of proof Arsenal are flying high ( as someone did a few blogs back) is an insult to anyone who watches football on the regular.
    You could take any PL side outside of Sheffield and show 12 minutes of scintillating football they had played over a season.

    Improving defense is great,
    Improving it at the cost of offensive output though is far less impressive.
    Any manager can do that.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    James Wood

    Odegaard would add value to Arsenal if we have a decent team/squad.

    Sadly yesterday’s team selected highlighted the deficiencies in our squad. That team would have lost to almost every team in the EPL and I am including teams who are at relegation level.

  44. Valentin


    “Improving defense is great,
    Improving it at the cost of offensive output though is far less impressive.
    Any manager can do that.”

    How dare you doubt the generational elite coach that is Arteta. You are an heretic that be cast aside with another chant.
    Hail Arteta saviour of Arsenal who saved us from relegation.

  45. Sid

    ‘Taking a 12 minute compilation from 50 games and parading it some sort of proof Arsenal are flying high ( as someone did a few blogs back) is an insult to anyone who watches football on the regular.
    You could take any PL side outside of Sheffield and show 12 minutes of scintillating football they had played over a season.’

    You can take this to the bank!

    The clip was on fast forward

    Let that sink in!

  46. Wiglaf

    Ishola70April 4, 2021 17:34:45
    Ok Wig the overwhelming majority of fans hated Wenger vehemently and wished death upon him rather than seeing that his best days were behind him and we should have moved on from him in his last few seasons.

    The overwhelming majority on le grove, not the wider fanbase. By the end it was 50/50 and I’ll guarantee you the ones who wanted him out hadn’t heard of arsenal before the 2000s.
    There are a few, who doubted Wenger when he first arrived (Arsene who) and they had to wait a looong time to publicly air any thoughts of vindication without getting laughed at and mugged off.

  47. Rich

    Remember when we signed Pepe, and fans were talking about Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe as rivals to Mane, Firmino and Salah?

    Anything less than third with this squad was abject failure?

    Those were the days…

    They even made up a cute little abbreviation

    Ozil + Pepe + Aubameyang + Lacazette = OPAL

    Yesterday was the first time that Lacazette + Aubameyang + Pepe had started together in the league

    Hopefully it will also be the last time we see it as well…

    £220 million for Ozil, Lacazette, Pepe, Aubameyang

    Over a £1,000,000 p/w in wages between them

    Our main issue is we can’t stop doing really ridiculous things, you could arm these idiots with a billion pounds, and they’d spunk it all up against the wall

    Turning down £60 million for Alexis, only to swap him for Mkhitaryan 4 months later

    Our decision making is absolutely horrendous

    Wonder if it’s even crossed KSE’s mind to clean house?

  48. Samesong


    Yes I suppose. Out of that list I can see maybe beating Sheffield United and Newcastle. The rest will give us a game.

    What happens if the young guns are broken. That’s our creativity out the window.

    I admire your optimism but I am the complete opposite at this moment in time.

    As for the Europa if we start any game like we did yesterday we will get battered.

  49. Tom

    Nothing personal.
    I still want him to succeed…..just haven’t seen anything special from him yet, and my expectations were way more modest than most others on here.
    And no, I definitely don’t think Arsenal need 6 new players to compete for top four.

  50. Chris

    Here is something to make some of us feel very old….

    Not one player in the combined line ups for Aston Villa and Fulham today had been born before the date of the very first round of Premier League fixtures in 1992!

  51. Chris

    I think Pepe illustrates perfectly right failings of the KSE owned Arsenal.

    A good player no doubt, but a £72 million one? Not a chance. As has been proved with Sanhelli’s departure, this transfer stank of agents fees and not being in the best interests of the club. Only a year later, when KSE finally seemed to realise something was amiss, did they bring in someone to investigate, and action was taken. All this previously happened under their extreme hands off watch.

    This exemplifies perfectly their poor running of the club. They may invest, but they don’t oversee how it is spent with much diligence, and they react far too late. Willian is another example.

    This doesn’t even go into their poor handling of Wengers departure.

    All their franchises in the states are trash, yes even the Rams. They are terrible owners and we are stuck with them. Arteta or any replacement of him has to thrive under their lax ambition and management.

  52. Wiglaf


    Where’s do you think he’d go?
    Nobody is buying saka. Liverpool city Bayern and chelsea have an abundance in his positions. Madrid want a striker. Barca have no money. And I doubt he’d go to psg. Would he go juve after the time Ramsey has had there
    Man U maybe?

  53. Tom

    The crazy thing about Pepe was that even some of the more casual observers of the French league who post on here said at the time of his transfer that he wasn’t all that,

    Some of us who got excited about his transfer did so clearly based on his YouTube 12 minute compilation ( oh the irony).

  54. S Asoa

    Saka should be tied down with a decent contract . Buying an equivalent is beyond Arsenal, plus the Club is now no longer attractive given the reputation of Arteta as a graveyard of young talent plodder

  55. Rich

    Selling Saka, Smith-Rowe and Tierney

    The three players we should be looking to build a new team around, in order to fund a new rebuild

    Would be such an Arsenal thing to do

    The conspiracy theory doing the rounds that Arsenal football club is some type of social experiment, just to see how far you can push people, before they actually crack

    Might have some merit….

    Selling Ashley Cole to Chelsea over £5,000 p/w was infuriating

    Selling Cesc, and then sitting on our hands as he signed for Chelsea, was really tough to take

    Selling RVP, and watching him win United the title, was painful

    If KSE sold Saka, that might be the point where patience finally snapped

  56. Chris


    I think some fans also get over excited by big transfer fees. “Oh look we have spent £72 million he must be great!” For that money we should be getting a player at least close to the finished article.

    I do think Pepe is a good player in terms of bringing him on as an impact sub and he has had good games such as against Wolves, but overall he has been an underwhelming signing to put it politely, and it’s hard to see how he will turn into what we need at this stage.

    It’s why I worry about this upcoming transfer window, set to be the most important in many years, and through a combination of many factors I can see it going wrong again.

  57. Dissenter

    Ole Gunnar Solskjær isa proving that he’s not as clueless as many think.
    He’s picked Dean Henderson ahead of De Gea today.
    That takes balls.

  58. Wiglaf


    The only time he’s been given a run of games in two years and he’s was the best player on the pitch during that run
    He was then taken off after scoring at wolves beacuse Luiz was sent off for being fouled by the wolves striker

  59. Chris


    My point is he is a potentially good player but not what £72 million should be giving you, and the whole saga is a perfect illustration of how the owners have operated the club.

    I have said he has shown flashes of brilliance here and there, but that isn’t good enough for the fee we paid. The fee isn’t his fault, but as I say, the problem is that it is one example of how poorly the club has been run.

  60. Sid

    Pepe has 5 goals 1 assist EPL
    Saka has 5 goals 2 assists in the EPL
    Aubameyang has 9 goals in the EPL
    Diet pepS Tactics is the problem here

  61. Nelson

    I find that Arteta didn’t manage the playing time of Saka, ESR and Tierney smartly. You can feel that they’ll break down after so many games. Jose got an agreement with Gareth Southgate for Kane’s game time for the national team. Why didn’t Arteta set up something with the Scotland national team for Tierney’s game time. Everything points to Arteta being an inexperience coach..

  62. Moe

    No other significant consistency shown in any facet of the game that we can be proud of. So disappointing.

  63. Nelson

    Pepe needs a coach who offers him consistent game time and no hand brake to succeed. Currently, he plays one game and then watches two/three games. Not many players can do well under this condition.

  64. Saladin

    I don’t care about anything else, I would rather have Arteta fuck off rather than lose Gabi over the way he has been treated recently. Arteta needs to stop playing his favorites and start Gabi.

  65. Ishola70

    I can slag Arteta and say he won’t really succeed to any great level at Arsenal but it doesn’t stretch to blaming him regarding Pepe.

    Pepe has character flaws on the pitch. That’s been plain to see.

    Shame really because he has the ability.

  66. MGooner

    We fired Wenger because we were tired of finishing only in the top 4.

    Some folks created a toxic atmosphere so we could get rid of the guy, irrespective of whether it was good or not for the club.

    Now we are to believe that some other chap needs to be given a few years to get us back into top 4.

    And also, that we have no money, contrary to what they told us all these years.

    PS: Not a Wenger fan here, but a gooner for over 35 years.

  67. Venga, Dani

    @MGooner, Wenger had this club standing still from late aughts on, while other teams got smarter, richer, and more ruthless. Might Wenger have gotten a handfull of better results than Emery/Mikel? Yeah maybe. But you cant deny that our long term stagnation is down to him and that’s what we’re all trying to correct right now.

  68. Ishola70


    “We fired Wenger because we were tired of finishing only in the top 4.”

    Wenger finished outside of the top four and out of the CL in his last two seasons.

    It looked like the dye had been cast in regards to him having had better days and was past his best.

    Besides expectations and aspirations can differ in relation to what the circumstances are. I admit that people were getting a bit weary of Wenger even before he failed to qualify for the CL. But there is nothing wrong with fans wanting to see the club progress and kick on from whatever position they find themselves in at the current time whether that being continously finishing third or fourth or bobbing along in midtable.

    The aim and goal should always be to improve from what position you find yourself in and if you are the best team in the land to sustain that.

    There has been an argument that just contentment in finishing in the top four and not looking to improve on that to any great extent was one of the problems at the club that saw it’s decline in the end. Sitting too comfortably in the same position. Or rather many times walking the tightrope of getting into the top four.

  69. MGooner

    @Venga, Dani

    I do not subscribe to your argument. The old man could not get us to win the league but at least we were among the top clubs in the league.

    While standing still, we managed to be in the champions league for ten years during which time we were selling our top players. We also managed a CL final and nearly won it the year Eduardo was butchered and refs turning against us in the remaining games.

    I actually miss watching us play the top clubs in the Champions League.

    We used to have a status and were respected for what we achieved on a shoe string budget. Nowadays, the fans have become a laughing stock.

    This is ridiculous, I do not recognize AFC.

  70. Ishola70

    Wenger used to tell the fans every season that Arsenal can win the league.

    Was it any wonder that fans turned on him and got bored with him?

    It may have just been a proud man making a statement that no-one really believed but nonetheless he used to put it out there every season.

    Of course the longer Wenger went without a league title but was still proclaiming the team could win the league he inevitably started to get ridiculed.

  71. London gunner


    Pepe youtube highlight reel didnt even look that good. Its not like he is a silky skillful player he is awkward, messy dribbler who looks perpetually off balance and is very one footed. He isn’t robben like with the ball.

  72. Wiglaf

    Of course the longer Wenger went without a league title but was still proclaiming the team could win the league he inevitably started to get ridiculed.

    None of this changes the fact that we were better off before he was sacked than we have been without him.
    A whole legacy destroyed in 18 months of tedium

  73. Venga, Dani


    “While standing still, we managed to be in the champions league for ten years during which time we were selling our top players.”

    True. Remember why we were selling our best players though. RVP was assured our transfer policy would not be changing after finishing 19 points off first and barely sliding into top 4 with a last day win @ West Brom. Let’s remember that squad: Park Chu-young, Andre Santos, Squilaci, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Chamakh, Benayoun. If Wenger had any ambition to win, he could’ve opened the check book that year, but he chose not to.

    Other than that, it’s just Nasri, Cesc, and Alexis. I cant blame Alexis for wanting to leave after going to to Bayern 10-2. I mean, we were a joke in the UCL. Bayern players routinely taking the mick, laughing when we drew them. This was decline!!

    “We also managed a CL final and nearly won it the year Eduardo was butchered and refs turning against us in the remaining games.I actually miss watching us play the top clubs in the Champions League.We used to have a status and were respected for what we achieved on a shoe string budget.”

    Agreed. I think the slide started 2011, 2012 ish. But after that, the “shoe string budget” was self imposed. Wenger hoarded cash all while player valuations were skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate. If he had invested, we wouldnt be where we are now. Bidding 40 for Suarez when he went for 75 a year later. Its moronic.

  74. MGooner


    He even managed to get Bendtner to believe he could win the ballon d’or.

    But to his credit, we were in the CL with players like him, like Cygan, Like Senderos. These players would not even make the squad in teams like Sheffield Utd or Bolton but they delivered for us.

    It was his job to make us believe and he did that. No one believed when he said one year before the invincibles that we could go a full season unbeaten but we did exactly that. It’s a confidence game.

    The bad side is however is that fans felt deceived. But they did not think with their brains, they outsourced the think part to some blogs.

    This club has become a fucking disgrace. Even around 1985, we were better than this.

  75. rollen

    Honest post.
    Going nowhere with Arteta. This players are way better then this. Can’t motivate prep and react on game. Bad judgment and transfer. WTF are you guys seeing in him? Good speaker and thats about it.

  76. Ishola70


    “A whole legacy destroyed in 18 months of tedium”

    It’s the passing of the times Wig. Arsenal couldn’t be Arsene FC forever.

    I think even though Wenger made noises to the media that he wanted to stay on and was probably daft enough to want to continue until his grave deep down he probably knew his time was probably up as well.

  77. Venga, Dani

    We have no midfield ATM. That we need Xhaka so badly to perform well says it all. We have great individual defenders except at RB/RCB. We have great forwards, ESR, Saka. Nothing to connect them except Thomas, who IMO, is having a tough time settling in because he plays a man down with ceballos, and has to cover a lot of ground with the slowest mofo Xhaka. We need a midfield.

  78. Up 4 grabs now

    Gutless performance yesterday, Rocky would be spinning in his grave,
    Arteta sent the team out not to lose,
    One shot at goal the whole game, no pressure on a week bindippers defence.

    No one comes out of that shitfest with any honour in tact.
    We’re sat midtable, not just missing out on second spot.

    Sat behind those giants of football,
    Leicester, Everton, villa, spurs, west ham and level on points with newly fucking promoted Leeds United!

    We are a disgrace.

    We are no better Pedro than under emery in fact we’re a damn sight worse.
    I’m sorry but how many times can we hear the you know all the stories behind the scenes about emery but won’t say shit because it doesn’t fit your agenda.

    From the outside he was doing a pretty good job. He wasn’t my choice but compare his fifty games to artetas it speaks for itself.

    There is no direction no identity and no guts.
    And it’s not one game, we are 30 games into the league, arteta has had time,.transfer Windows, bought his own players had just as long as emery, this isn’t his tenth game ffs.
    And we are still stuck mid table, playing poor football.

    I’m sorry but unless arteta wins the Europa league he needs to go and take some dross players with him
    Most of the players he put out on loan are better than what we have, and players like martinelli warm the bench while auba stinks up the joint.

    If you can’t get the best out of these players and emery had worse to try with.then change the system or fall on your sword because a change is needed.
    We don’t have a right to win games but we do have a right to compete in them, yesterday was a disgrace.

  79. MGooner

    @Venga, Dani

    The Suarez thing was apparently on Gazidis, The Catalyst for change.

    RVP just had one good season for us after being a crock for 8 years. He wanted out and there was not much we could do.

    I am not sure we had a big transfer budget considering the market prices at the time. He wanted to buy top players and they cost. If you want a top midfielder to replace Ramsey, you need to pay a lot of money which we did not have. You do not go into the market to buy a Xhaka like Gazidis did.

    We sold Nasri for money. Rumors from France was that it was a decision forced by the owner to raise funds to pay debt.

    For Cesc, he was ‘home sick”. I never like him, no pace, no power just tiki taka.

    Do not get me started on Alexis – he is the principal reason of our decline along with Ozil. He used to lose the ball more that 50 time during a game. he never tracked back. They made the atmosphere toxic.

    Yes, we’ve got our club back but I think many fans have done a great disservice to this club.

  80. Venga, Dani

    Gazidis was not Arsene’s superior. Pedro literally asked Gazidis “Who is Arsene Wenger accountable to” to which Gazidis said “the fans.” Arsene ran everything. If you’re choosing to blame Alexis for our decline, I would ask you, “who bought and played Alexis?”

  81. Wiglaf

    I think gazidis done a great job of hiding behind wenger then throwing him under the bus
    Every sneak relief on him to front it all up.

    Just remember, when Wenger had people he could trust the club was elite.
    The decline started the day DD was pushed out and kroenke started buying in.
    The suits sold the club, Wenger and the fans down the river
    It should have been called out then. We had a billionaire at the club. Just like chelsea and city and we had to sell our best every fucking season.
    That would NEVER had happened with David Dein at Arsenal. Never. And we all know that.

  82. MGooner

    @Venga, Dani

    Maybe Pedro believes Gazidis but I am usually scptical of S. Africans.

    The bottom line with Arteta is that ESR and Saka papered over the cracks after christmas. Without them in the side we are ordinary.

    I could not believe he put Ceballos in that midfield. Mo was a better alternative, the guy plays well when he is given a run of games. Cedric on the bench, I don;t know what to say. Pepe starting ahead of Willian – we needed experience and cool heads in that game. Martinelli on the bench again – well, what can I say.

  83. Venga, Dani

    @Mgooner: RVP on his Gazidis/Wenger meeting:

    “It was Arsenal’s decision not to offer me a deal. That is up to them.

    “After many conversations, it became clear that we had different ideas about the club.

    “I had seven points where I thought Arsenal could improve and, in my opinion, those seven points, they should start dealing with those straightaway to compete with the best teams.

    “Yeah [I remember what they were] but it doesn’t really matter what points they were. What matters is Ivan decided that he didn’t agree on one single point of those seven points, which is fair enough.

    “So taking that information on board, Arsenal doesn’t offer me a deal. They didn’t agree with my views, my views were only to help. They were honest views of how the club should move forward, but that’s a clear message.

    “It’s not an issue any more. It is not an issue for me, that’s life at the top. Clubs, businesses make decisions, and players do as well.

  84. Venga, Dani

    RVP on urging Wenger to make better signings

    “At a given moment I felt called upon to say what Arsenal could do better in order to win the league,” he said in an interview on Kaj Gorgels’ YouTube channel.

    “I felt we lacked a winning mentality, and asked Arsene Wenger to sign Giorgio Chiellini.”

    Chiellini is an old-fashioned, rugged defender and Van Persie feels those characteristics were what Arsenal required.

    “I have played against him a few times, and he is a genuine winner,” Van Persie said. “You could see that when he played against Holland a few weeks ago.

    “He is 36 years old, but he’ll dish out nine elbows every game with a smile on his face. He’ll keep smiling and never get a yellow card.

    “You need those types of winners and killers in your side. I felt we should get him.”

    Van Persie claims he put forward other names to Wenger to improve Arsenal’s defensive resolve, but was left frustrated and admits his move to Manchester United in 2012 was to win titles – which he did in 2013.

    “I came up with suggestions and names on the basis of my own experience,” he added. “We were very good up front, and scored lots of goals. But your goalkeeper and your defence are the basis of your team.

    “To my mind ours were not at the level needed to truly compete for the title.”

  85. Le Professor

    Sorry don’t agree Pedro. That post seemed an emotional response to an admittedly terrible night.
    Yes Arteta has made same mistakes but the team needs to step up mentally, take personal responsibility too. Arteta needs to buy in some leaders as not many on the pitch and one of the non-leaders is our captain (that was an Arteta mistake though)

  86. MGooner


    We had Usmanov as minority sharholder and the chap said he would support us in the transfer window.

    Usmanov is ten time richer than the Chavs owner but the yankee blocked him.

  87. MGooner

    @Le Professor

    It’s pointless to buy under Arteta. The problem is Arteta and Kronke. We are going nowhere as a club.

    This has become a shit show.

    We let West Ham put 3 past us before showing up in that match. But yesterday was terrible. I could not believe this was Arsenal.

  88. MGooner

    @Venga, Dani

    We will never know if Chellini would have been a good fit but my view is that the Italian league is quite slow compared to the PL.

  89. Wiglaf


    That’s my point. Dein was trying to position usmanov. They froze him out. Wenger was on his Todd.
    They froze him out and now we are 10th

  90. Dissenter

    Just listened to your podcast

    I have to say…I am Johnny Cochrane
    The lad does try very hard to help you snap out of your Arteta trance.

    I’ll give you kudos for having someone who disagrees with you about Arteta.

  91. Wiglaf

    KendoApril 4, 2021 21:14:02
    It’s no surprise the board chose the wrong manager when they dithered for years before sacking Wenger..

    They chose the wrong billionaire to sell out to

  92. Wiglaf

    Anyway,. You fuckers for the arsenal you deserv.
    No soul, no identity, no heritage, no class. Just marxist programming in every corner of our empty soulless stadium.

  93. Grouvillegooner

    Agree with Wiglaf. The decline started when Dein left in 2007. I remember saying to a Spurs fan in my office on the day that DD left that this is the beginning of the end. It was a slow decline but that is when it started.
    Yesterday was awful , but we have just got to go to the end of the season and look at the position then. Europa victory is unlikely but not impossible given the draw. At present 9th in the table and a Europa win would be satisfactory, it would also raise the value of some of the players that we want to get rid of.

  94. bacaryisgod


    Have to give you credit for your podcast. I think you’ve hit a groove now and it has become a really good listen.

    It really feels that with or without Arteta, Arsenal have become trapped as a club without an identity. We can’t compete with the megaclubs but we’re behaving like we should (huge fee for Pepe, massive salaries for Auba, Willian etc). It’s time for a total rebuild and forging a completely new identity building around ESR, Saka, Tierney and Saliba. Fans will forgive an inexperienced but promising and adventurous team. They won’t forgive jaded mercenaries.

  95. Ishola70

    “They chose the wrong billionaire to sell out to”

    Wenger was against spending “artificially” He used to sermon from his pulpit about the evils of billionaire owners.

    So that was a dead duck from the start wasn’t it.

    And as Wenger was so clearly against it then of course the overwhelming majority of the fans were against it at the time presumably yourself included?

    We win the Arsenal way. We win the Wenger way. In no circumstances do we win the Abramovich way.

  96. bennydevito

    Not sure if it’s already been said but Arteta’s first 50 games are worse than Emery’s first 50 and Wenger’s last 50.

    I wouldn’t be too bothered had it not been for his woeful player management and judging player ability skills. I think he’s an excellent coach and the team look more coherent but the individual player mistakes and shit players elevated above the likes of better players we have on loan and amongst our youngsters is maddening to watch and I’d even be inclined to say that if Wenger were to return he’d get way more out of this squad, especially the youngsters.

    Basically Arteta was better as the coach and we need to go back to that and leave the player recruitment up to Edu.

  97. Ishola70


    “Just marxist programming in every corner of our empty soulless stadium.”

    lol are you looking forward to the continuing taking of the knee next season? This is the EPL brother.

    RIP btw to Lorraine Cox .She didn’t get a public vigil. She didn’t tick the necessary boxes for the virtue signallers to latch onto it.

  98. MD-Gunner

    Fuck this Arteta shit show. Didn’t recognize those imposters in the Emirate stadium, until Arsenal is playing again in the Emirate stadium I am taking a break, here is what I substitute it with, RUGBY.

    Rugby has 3 advantages over football.
    1st football is a 90 minute game where players pretend to be injured. Rugby is a 80 minute game where players pretend not to be injured.

    2nd the game ends when the teams decide it ends. If one team is behind and in possession of the ball they play on until either they loose possession or the ball gets into touch or the team in possession of the ball knocks it on. Otherwise the game continues and max 7 points can be scored.

    3rd The refereeing is the way it should be. 4 refs per game, 1 on-field 2 assistants and 1 TMO/VAR referee and all of them have on-field experience. Decisions are made on video evidence and the entire conversation between the refs is heard by everyone until all 4 come up with a decision. Excellent method with a minimum of errors.

    Hopefully the sorry pack of individuals that pretend to be Arsenal players will disappear and please will the real Arsenal stand up.

  99. SWG


    Fully agree.. and to add to that, need to be making signings like Liverpool’s.. Jota, Mane, Wijnaldum to name a few. Showing their potential at the lesser clubs in the league and picking them at prime age, still having potential to fill and hungry to succeed. Bissouma is a prime example of one of these players at present day – it would be absolutely criminal to not raid Brighton for him this summer! Pedro Neto is another – they let Jota go for about £30m so I wouldn’t say Neto would be impossible!

  100. MD-Gunner

    to do what you suggested you need a scouting department that knows their job plus people in the power corridors that have an interest in Arsenal. Both of them are badly absent.

    A new trophy for Arsenal this season for staying in the top half of the table 😆

  101. SWG


    I feel like most armchair fans could do better than what’s gone on at the club for the last 15 years!

    Watched Bissouma in action again tonight – beating uniteds press, intercepting balls, winning everything on the ground. It would be absolutely criminal for us not to go in for him! But as you said mate, they have no interest in the club.
    I just don’t understand how they get it so wrong behind the scenes. It’s been so basic and poor.. everyone can see how it’s gonna unfold apart from these clowns! 🤡

  102. Wiglaf

    Ishola70April 4, 2021 21:27:31
    “They chose the wrong billionaire to sell out to”Wenger was against spending “artificially” He used to sermon from his pulpit about the evils of billionaire owners.

    No, bright spark, Dein took that control away from Wenger. Wenger told him who he wanted, Dein made it happen. That’s the way it should always happen. Wenger didn’t trust anyone else once Dein left. Wenger was the draw. All of our signings bar Tierney Pepe and Martinelli have been poor since Wenger left. Our best players were all at the club when Wenger left outside of Tierney.

  103. Ishola70

    Yeah that squad that Wenger left for Emery was really good wasn’t it. So good that they failed to get into the top four in Wenger’s last two seasons.

    The only player that has been of great significance for this side since Wenger left and was brought under his managership has been Aubameyang and that was purely down to the amount of goals he scored previous to this season and of course he has his critics due to him not being the best overall footballer.

    Wenger left shit around and he always said he wouldn’t do that when he eventually left. Well he lied.

  104. Thorough

    Meanwhile, what exactly is Edu doing? I saw Nedved almost tearing his hair out and going bonkers as Juve messed up yesterday. You can bet your top dollar the coach knows if he makes it to seasons end he’s a lucky man.
    Does Edu even put any pressure on Arteta? If Arteta is demanding respect and a variety of useless intangibles from players, and jettison those who don’t seem to fall in line does Edu ask him tough questions like ‘Do you want respect or do you wanna fucking win?’

    Tell him to get the fucking warriors on the pitch even if they’re not choir boys so long they work for Arsenal and have not been sold.
    Does Edu just say ‘Okay, as you are’ when Arteta decides to keep hardworking talented players like Martinelli on the bench and favors the useless oldies like Williams.
    Does Edu watch and say nothing when Arteta decides to leave Saliba out of EPl list yet has space for a perrenial mistake machine like Mustafi whom the lowly German team have decided to dump after less than 10 games?

    What the fuck in God’s green earth does Edu do?

  105. Ishola70

    That squad was so good that Wenger left, so good.

    It was so good that Emery had to bring in five new signings in his first summer transfer window and two of those were oldies past their best and a kiddie from France.

    So good.

  106. Ishola70

    “Does Edu watch and say nothing when Arteta decides to leave Saliba out of EPl list yet has space for a perrenial mistake machine like Mustafi whom the lowly German team have decided to dump after less than 10 games?”

    ha ha ha ha.

    They have dumped him after just 10 matches?

    Mustafi was one of the many great players Wenger left behind for Emery.

    Wig will tell you.

  107. SWG

    After seeing a few more replays of Maguire on Welbz earlier, it’s a fucking pen all day! These decisions at OT for united are getting beyond a joke. Especially when you compare them to the ones that go against us! They’re piss poor, just always seem to get something whether it’s a scrappy goal or a dodgy decision..

  108. azed

    “Could someone explain to me how Arteta’s performance is better than Emery’s?”

    Well KG,

    Supreme leader says diet Pep has sauce…

  109. Dissenter

    Liverpool played Ozan Kabak and Nathaniel Phillips together and we only got two shots off at their goalie.
    That’s generational progress for you right there.

  110. China1

    Does anyone know how many minutes of football Eddie has played since Christmas? Why on earth didn’t we loan him out or try to sell him in Jan if we have absolutely zero interest in using him?

  111. China1

    There have been over 20 games since Christmas in all competitions. That’s 1800+ minutes. Multiple by 2 to include Eddie and Martinelli since both have been fit and available in this period. 3600+ minutes available for these two players to play.

    Have they managed 200 minutes between them???

  112. China1

    Pedro a few weeks ago you were justifying Martinelli getting sidelined. What changed? Certainly nothing much on Martinellis side

  113. Nelson

    Just watched the replay. Alexander-Arnold played like a world class right winger. In the first half, he has set up multiple chances. In the 2nd half, he has initiated all three goals. The first goal, he crossed to Jota. The 2nd goal, he passed to Fabinho who then one time it to Salah. For the 3rd goal, he intercepted Gabriel’s pass and passed to Salah who then centered it to Jota. All along, our CAPTAIN who was responsible to cover him, failed miserably.

    When we are playing a strong team where our left winger has to help out the defense, Auba is the worst choice to do this job. Martinelli and Reiss Nelson would put up a much better fight. I read that some Arteta supporter blamed the loss on the players. But it is the responsibility of the coach to assign the right player for the job.

    Also when Klopp brought in Jota as an additional attacker, Arteta didn’t add another defender. No wonder Jota scored two goals. At least, Arteta accepted the responsibility for the loss.after the game.

  114. Tony

    “The suits sold the club, Wenger and the fans down the river”

    Then Wenger should have left because Wenger was so much smarter than anyone in the room (in his mind) and should have seen what the outcome was going to be.

    When DD was removed from the club Wenger saw his survival long term was to grab as much power at the club as possible inserting ‘yes men’ below him.

    Had Wenger backed DD and handed his resignation in to be actioned by the suits unless DD was reinstated we might have had a far better outcome. Wenger had Stan’s ear at that time and the geriatric BoD would have bowed to Stan, as they were making so much money with their shares.

    Wenger had all the power at that time, but chose himself as any true narcissistic megalomaniac would.

    Wenger didn’t back DD; he let DD be thrown under the bus and the rest is history – Wenger couldn’t even stop Leicester winning the league.

    The tin pot FA Cup kept Wenger at the club while he was in serious decline and now Arteta has done the same.

    As Pedro is hurting so much after his post I won’t mention he who should not be named.

    I wouldn’t want to increase Pedro’s PTSD for the last manager. The FA cup is the only real stat Arteta can cling to, as for the majority of the last 50 games Arteta has bombed worst stats for what? 50+ years.

    All we get for Arteta’s constant failings is: excuses, excuses and more excuses coupled with, “It’s my fault” as a “Poor me” looking for people to feel sorry for him.

    Can I get a Good Ebening? At least it brings a smile to the face rather than heartfelt grimaces of pain we get watching Arteta continue making the mistakes he did at the beginning and throughout his disastrous tenure.

    Arteta errors: Wash rinse repeat.

  115. Sly

    Wenger did really well till he didn’t
    Not really sure why this is a hot topic
    Fuck wenger and Fuck arteta
    I’m interested in who’s gonna help move this club forward
    The owner/leadership have no vision
    So any schmoozer who comes along with a semblance of a plan means we’re in for a bad ride as is the case with Arteta
    The owners/leadership have no vision

  116. gunnerman

    It should clear by now we should EXPECT these kind of performances when Tierney, Saka and ESR are out of the team. Just go back to the game after Chelsea where ESR started and everyone raves about.
    They were subbed out at the end of the game and the team reverted to form. The senior players are absolutely horseshit.

  117. Tony

    Always looks the part in track suit and ear pod hanging out of his ear, but could pass an audition to play Fagan in Oliver Twist.

    Looking at his career where well it’s very underwhelming with only 1 trophy: FA cup won with us. He’ll, of course, want to claim the community shield as Wengerites do/did.

    He went from Assistant for one year with Moyes at Manure then jumped to DoF for Aston Villa for 2 years then demoted himself to work for us as Arteta’s assistant.

    So Arteta clueless, constant error prone rookie for us and ex Everton assistant manager under the great manager Moyes; Steve Round who did/won nothing of note with the clubs he was assistant with and DoF.

    I mean if I were a rookie manager I’d want all the experience I could get from my assistant manager. Not someone who had won nothing in his assistant managerial career working under mid table managers.

    Arteta, Edu and Round what a losing managerial combination on paper if there ever was one and in reality?

    Yes, still a losing combination after 15+ months.

    It’s the blind leading the blind going nowhere fast other than mid table mediocrity and with far better squad than Emery had.

  118. Moray

    Haha sell Saka at the complete low point in the market, when no club has a pot to piss in and even oil money is drying up? It’s so stupid…that it could actually have some truth to it. Arsenal, the club which couldn’t negotiate a suck on a tit in a whorehouse.

    We could get rid of a few million a week in wages this summer without affecting our performance on the pitch. If we’re going to finish tenth with players on 200k or 300k per week, let’s just go with talented youngsters instead.

  119. Moray

    It’s pretty clear now that Arteta’s poor individual decisions are what will cost his his career in management.

    He has a decent idea about tactics and no doubt is quite popular with the players. But his individual decisions about players and teams are horrible.