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Ahhhhggghhhhhhhh… WHY CHELSEA, WHY?

I wanted them to win. Smash West Brom. Keep hope OUT of this weekend. Make the Liverpool game an exercise in nothing.

Tuchel losing his first league game 5-2 has opened this afternoon up. It went from largely uninteresting, to… hmmmm… this could be sexy?

For Arsenal AND Liverpool.

If we win today, we go to within 6 points of top 4. SIX POINTS OFF TOP 4 WITH 8 GAMES TO GO.

That would be tantalising. There are still a lot of teams in the mixer. Too many to topple in my opinion, but still, the Premier League season, as it stands, is not over by a longshot. Our last few games are not the worst… we also play Chelsea, who we can beat.

My worry, as usual, is we’re world-class at punching ourselves in the face. Think about the self-inflicted wounds we’ve inflicted this season. We’ve been smacking ourselves about all year, no one is better at fucking things up than us.

The Liverpool game today, at home, is not looking great on many levels.

The Xhaka haters are about to see what happens when he’s not in the side.

David Luiz, who I’ve been desperate to see out of the starting 11 isn’t going to be included because of injury.

Saka AND ESR have very late fitness tests.

We’re not exactly cooking on first-team gas here…

What do we have going for us?

Well, we’re at home. Jurgen Klopp had a lot more players away last week than us. He’s had one training session to prepare.

I’m hoping that we might have carried through a bit of belief from the backend of the West Ham game. We are playing, mostly, like a top 4 team of late. We have the players to do damage today, there’s confidence that we can come back from going down in big games, and at some point… something has to click for us.

We’re waiting for a bang-bang moment.

Liverpool is a great team, they’ll be top 2 next season… but at the moment, there is a weakness in their system.

What am I looking for from today? A fucking performance.

We gave Manchester City too much respect. We let them score early, then we spent the game trying to keep it respectable.

That can’t happen today. We cannot let Liverpool control proceedings from the off. We have to stop conceding after 6 minutes in the big ones. There needs to be a show of force out there.

Which Arsenal will show up?

As Matt from podcast always says, you’ll know after 5 minutes.

Will it be the team that bossed the Spurs game? Or will it be the team that showed up thinking about what they were having for dinner at West Ham.

These are moments Arteta needs to own. He has to get his team firing. At a minimum, we need to come away from this game thinking there’s been progress

We’ve beaten Liverpool with Arteta. This squad can do anything on its day. Let’s see if we can do it under the pressure of a ‘maybe’ run for top 4.

HUGE GAME. See you on the other side. x


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  1. S23

    Horrific display.
    I hope now that we have nothing to play for league wise,we start playing the players that Arteta has in mind to keep.
    More youngsters and start to make it clear to the others,they have no future here.
    A truly woeful game from us,as poor as I have seen us in a long while.
    Poor old Rocky,hope he didnt watch that,wherever he is.

  2. Leftside

    Arteta isn’t going nowhere though, in my opinion 8th-12th place we can finish anywhere between as long as he’s here. We’re too inconsistent, squad has too many holes and Arteta continually makes the same mistakes without learning for us to do anything more in the league under him, in my view.

    EL or bust, but we all know how that will play out.

  3. Bertfish

    Forget the league now it’s done. All the Easter eggs in the Europa basket!

    Put in a performance like this in the Europa & that will be fucked as well!

  4. Gazzap

    Have to say no matter how many rookie mistakes arteta made tonight he can’t help it when senior players can’t manage a decent touch in 90 minutes. The number of times the ball bounced off laca and Auba was ridiculous

  5. Habesha Gooner

    We have been crap for a long time because of our piss poor midfield. Even after getting an injection of quality from ESR, Odegaard and Partey it is still not enough. The LW also needs addressing. Willian was a crappy signing that wasn’t needed at all. We have put all our eggs on the Auba Basket and we need to lie in it. No deal for Lacazette either. We could have given Reiss or Martinelli and they wouldn’t have been as bad as Willian and Auba have been on the wing for us. We need to put Auba Uptop and back him up with Martinelli. Sell Lacazette, Get Willian out some how and get ourselves a LW that can actually play with the ball at his feet. Pepe will be okay as a Backup to saka If everything else is fine. We badly need a CM though. a RB, a CAM (Odegaard or buendia), a backup LB, A Backup GK and now a Left winger for me.

  6. Venga, Dani

    This performance was exactly the performance that Arteta was brought in to end. He was meant to keep us competitive and have us out there giving 100% for the full 90. These types of performances have plagued us all season. If anything it looks like regression from last season albeit with the bright spots of Saka/ESR/Tierney.

  7. Dissenter

    Chambers need to be sold, that’s obvious.
    We need to raise money to fund key transfers, that pretty obvious.

    You can already see the slow Arteta motions to keeping him.
    The persistence of playing him as RB is a prelude to making sure the club keeps him rather that put him on the transfer list.

  8. Leftside

    Two shots in 90 bloody minutes against that poverty CB pairing they had? Theres no way to spin that, its horrific.

  9. Useroz

    There is a profoundly disturbing losing culture throughout the club which has existed for years and which shows no sign of abating. Depressing does not come close.”

    Sadly, the despicable mindset has corroded a portion of the fan and suppoeter base too

  10. Wingdings

    vickingzApril 3, 2021 21:34:13
    4th since december


    Typical deluded cunt.

    “Oh but we’re leading the calendar year table”.

    Fucking idiot.

  11. LoveSausage


    I’ve been mildly positive on Arteta and didn’t mind us going with a rookie. But I feel this isn’t good enough. I fully expected him to make mistakes but I also expected him to learn quickly and adjust course. That doesn’t seem to be happening. If this continues it’s starting to look like that stretch of games after Chelsea might have been the anomaly rather than the stretch before.

  12. SAGG

    Arteta is 3 loses away of achieve the maximun lost games since 1975-1976 season (You need to adjust the 42 teams seasons obviously because there you have more games played)

    That is generational stuff

  13. Useroz


    Shows ESR was an accident when the generational one had to put him on before Christmas…

    Saka was groomed by Emery…


  14. Samir

    Venga Dani
    Yeah and that’s why Madrid loaned him to us? Bullshit.
    ESR is better than Odegaard at CAM. He also brings the best out of Saka.

  15. Graham


    Just checked, lost 17 games in 94/95! Got to a European final that season,

    We also fired a manager that has taken us to two league titles

  16. Jim Lahey

    “Incredibly myopic to overlook a rookie manager picking us up where we were.”

    Why would a club the size of Arsenal ever take on a rookie manager? His inexperience is costing the club.

    “The project is to clean house and redefine/assert us in the modern era”

    ” You don’t think Arteta is all that, many important figures within the game vehemently disagree with you.”

    Who are these figures? Do you know who does agree with me? The league table.
    If that is the case, why is he offering new contracts to the links of Abua and Elneny?

    “I rate him, have since day one.”

    And that is why you won’t entertain that you got it wrong, I wanted him to succeed because I want the club to succeed, I couldn’t care less about Arteta and his career, I want the club to win. That will not happen under Arteta.

  17. Ash79

    This just fuels my belief that football is crap in general nowadays. Was a time I wouldn’t sleep after a performance like this but now so numb and accepting and more so, bored

  18. LoveSausage


    I’m trying hard to practice the Buddhist art of non attachment right now. A few other descriptions came to mind but I’m trying to hold on to my sanity.

  19. Samir

    That is the biggest worry. Who cares about Auba/Laca leaving…
    If Saka decides to leave us because we’re shit…That’ll be the end of us being a decent team.

  20. Chris


    True but I think a brown envelope had a lot to do with that sacking!


    No worries, although as others have said, need to allow for the fact it was 42 games in a season back then. 12 losses I am guessing is our worst record in a 38 game season.

  21. Leftside


    We’ve been so poor for so long you grow a thick skin to it. You’d think Emery who finished 5th (we really should have got CL that season) and got us to a EL final was the worst thing to happen to this club. Yet we have a large fanbase making excuses for Arteta who is breaking all the wrong records at this club and his job is seemingly safe.

    If they don’t give a shit why should we?

  22. Up 4 grabs now

    Just poor, we never turned up.
    Losing saka and esr was always going to hurt. But we sat back and gave them way to much respect.

    Ceballos was poor, partey wasn’t much better.
    The bindippers had a 21 year old Turkish centreback playing and he wasn’t troubled the whole game.
    Alison sporting a Freddie mercury tache and had one shot to save.

    Wish I could say I was surprised but its jekyll and Hyde arsenal.

  23. John T.

    Crap display top to bottom. Embarassing doesn’t say enough. Players going through the motions as is the manager.

  24. Almuniasaynomore


    Faith is all well and good, admirable at times even, however we are gone far beyond that now with Arteta. He has been here for a year, has played here for years, has coached in this country for years,knew/ knows all the players. He speaks the lingo and has overseen two transfer windows. No reasonable person expects the aforementioned points to suggest that he should have turned us around by now but we’re certainly entitled to expect evidence of progress. Instead we are getting worse. So please stop with the rookie excuse. Also please give up playing the pandemic card. That is irrelevant as all clubs are enduring it simultaneously. Unless you can suggest a reason why the pandemic has affected Arsenal more than other clubs it cannot logically be a factor in our slide down the table.

    Mr Serge

    The idea that we support the club and stop complaining is beyond juvenile. It is our love of the club that infuriates us when we see where Arteta is taking Arsenal. A far more logical conclusion is that those who are willing to allow Arteta to continue dismantling our club are the ones whose love for the club should be questioned.

  25. SAGG

    Arsenal summer:

    Sign Luiz
    Sign Agüero
    Sign Xhaka
    Sign Elneny
    Sign Laca

    Sell Saka
    Sell ESR
    Sell Saliba
    Sell Mavro
    Sell Martinelli

    Great things coming

  26. Marco

    What do you expect from a rookie manager who should be in the third division proving himself !
    No matter which players you bring in , Arsenal will go nowhere with Arteta . As it is , we have one of the best front lines in the world and he is clueless how to use these guys ! Auba is elite , laca and Pepe are good players , odegard is fantastic , tactics , substitutions, starting line up , instructions , etc are all sub par and rookie style !

  27. Champagne Charlie


    I won’t entertain that I got it wrong because it’s far too early to make that sort of proclamation. Conversely, you don’t rate him and are making as much noise as possible in the face of poor performance/returns.

    Our opening 12 games this season cost us dearly and Arteta takes ownership for much of that, if not all. But either you agree a rookie manager is liable to make such errors or you don’t.

    But we know where you are on matters when you claim Arteta has destroyed the club. Just do me a favour and skip trying to paint me as the one with his head in the sand with nuggets like that fresh out your mouth.

  28. Ash79


    Wrong to get rid of unai, there is no substitute for experience and he was a trophy winning manager. Problem is our social media players started to disrespect him and by that I mean the senior guys. When that happens the younger players don’t care either.

    Unai was a guy that took the job seriously and had a plan (not perfect sure) but his seriousness got in the way of the players having a good time.

    I’m Arteta out tonight, no malice or hate, just want the best possible for this club. We are not here to help cut Mikel’s managerial teeth. We deserve better, we should demand better. We won’t get unai pedigree levels again for a long time.

    I’d be happy to see auba laca etc leave. It’s all about cycles, they’ve outlived theirs by a year or so.

  29. Habesha Gooner

    Extending Elneny and Lacazette is what would worry me massively. We are trying to play a pressing game with players that aren’t actually quick enough to do the pressing. If he extends Luiz also then I am done with Arteta. He will get a bit of leeway if he wins the Europa league. But it will still tell me he prefers average senior players rather than taking a risk on youngsters that may go either way. And that isn’t a manger to follow if that’s the case. Wenger had one consistent quality about him. He gave young players all the chances in the world. And discarded some seniors. Arteta is like the opposite of that.

  30. Up 4 grabs now

    Mauricio Pochettino admits it will be difficult for Paris Saint-Germain to win the Ligue 1 title this season following their home defeat to league leaders Lille.

    Pochettino, whose team play Bayern Munich on Wednesday in the Champions League, has now seen his side lose their last three games at home in Ligue 1 as both Monaco and Lille have chances of dethroning the current champions.

    Choking rubs off on you once you spend time at the spuds!
    Even emery won the league their!

  31. Champagne Charlie


    Stop with the rookie and the pandemic card?

    That’s the reality, either feed it into your assessment of matters or be yet another voice of no reason. This season has thrown up record breaking Liverpool as struggling for top 4, and West fucking Ham as CL football contenders alongside…..Aston Villa.

    To ignore the mess of this season is truly amazing. We’ve hit a trough as a club in a really bad moment, the last 4 years have been a disasterclass.

  32. BacaryisGod

    Nice post, Pedro. Chelsea skipping up gives us a great chance at the top 4 with a good run-in.

    What time’s the game?

  33. Venga, Dani

    SamirApril 3, 2021 22:03:38
    Venga Dani
    Yeah and that’s why Madrid loaned him to us? Bullshit.
    ESR is better than Odegaard at CAM. He also brings the best out of Saka.
    Not my opinion mate – it’s Sid Lowe’s. FYI I’m talking about when he was at Sociedad. He was meant to be there for 2 years but Zidane brought him back because he was performing so well and then proceeded not to use him as RM dont play with a #10.

  34. Jim Lahey

    @Charlie –

    I don’t have to paint you as having your head in the sand, you’ve done that yourself.

    “Our opening 12 games this season cost us dearly”

    It seems like our opening 30 games have cost us dearly.

    Here is the thing, I had no problem with Arteta when he came onboard, but he is a year in and we are worse for it. I afford him no leniency when it comes to rookie errors, he get no pass at all. As I have said before, Arsenal are not here for him to build a career, either he performs or he goes, he has not performed he should be sacked. What other “big club” would allow this carry on?

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Clubs in utter turmoil.

    All need to go.
    How many games have we not scored !

    Absolute disgrace,give the young strikers a chance

  36. FB


    Look I understand we took a hammering, but we missed the craft of of S-R and Saka as well as the control in midfield of Granit, these are not Arteta issues.

    It will be a very unusual re-setting of transfer values post Covid this summer. Some lune offers £70m + for Saka, he/his agent hesitates for a moment, and you take the money. Re-biuid the midfield.

  37. Olumide

    We’re 9th on the table and all we need is to buy new players. I guess we have the 15th worse squad in the league and Arteta is massively overperforming.

    That’s ‘progress’ from a generational manager.

  38. into the red

    Not so sure this was all on the players. There is no way that wasn’t a tactical plan. Arteta had us playing the most defensive performance I have see in a long time. We barely ventured out of our half, and kept giving the ball back to them without much effort. We just crowded our own box, which did make it difficult for Liverpool in the first half. But if the objective was to contain them in the first half, then strike them on the break in the second when they had tired, then it failed utterly miserably. Not only were we useless and toothless on the break, there is no way you can withstand an assault like Liverpool’s for the whole game by packing your own box. And so it proved, and of course once one went in, then more were bound to follow.
    An absolutely pathetic, craven, negative performance from Arteta and his disjointed team. Liverpool have struggled for some time with their defence – did we test it or put it under pressure? Did we f*ck. That was the most spineless, cowardly performance I have seen yet, as if we were so convinced of Liverpool’s superiority, we gave up trying to win, and instead tried for a scoreless draw.
    On your bike, Arteta, that was a capitulation, without a fight. And we should never stand for that.

  39. TheLegendaryDB10


    Absolute disgrace,give the young strikers a chance

    Like Martinelli? No chance according to MA.

    I can’t understand why he doesn’t try him at all. His runs can cause chaos in their defence.

  40. David Smith

    Arteta should be in the same position as Eddie Jones…..don’t sack him now, and there may be some mitigating circumstances, but he should be watched like a hawk, he should be accountable, and he should be left in no doubt from those above that this years performance has not been acceptable
    Trouble is, not sure there is anyone above either Arteta or Eddie Jones qualified to read the riot act

  41. Leedsgunner

    I know I know it’s not Arteta’s fault. It’s never his fault is it?

    Trust the process…?

    Sounds incredibly hollow when they only come out to take the credit but suddenly all the Arteta apologists disappear when it goes wrong.

    Until someone takes accountability we will never progress.

  42. LeMassiveCoq

    Oh ffs. Shut up Arteta haters. This is a long term project. Who do you want at the helm? The options are limited. We obvs. Have fuck all cash. You gonna bring in a seasoned manager with this dross squad? Give MA another season and he’ll turn it around. Still don’t quite get the Martinelli thing tbf
    Auba needs to go. Need a summer where we recruit 4 or 5 young players on the up. Ship it Auba, Laca, Elneny, Ceballos,. Get Saliba back in, work Saka, ESR and KT as main midfield attack behind Martinelli.

  43. Kendo

    It wasn’t the players who were stinking but the manager. Any fucker could have got more out of the team today than this stinking manager

  44. JOEL

    Losing 12 Premier League games in a Season should not be considered acceptable by a team of Arsenal’s status.
    This is NOT progress.and the blame lies firmly at Arteta’s feet.The performance today was abject and inexcusable.Yes the team were missing crucial players but there’s no excuse for the have performed without any drive,vigour or even pride.Arteta has now overseen three consecutive matches when the team that he has selected and briefed has only bothered playing for approximately 60 minutes out of 270.
    This is a team that will continue to be mediocre as long as the Board insist upon leaving a man in charge who is clearly out of his depth.

  45. Peckobill

    Arteta is far too negative/ pessimistic, he lost that game even before the players stepped foot on the pitch . Liverpool this season has been there for the taking .

  46. Jim Lahey

    Here is the thing, I didn’t like Emery, didn’t like his brand of football. But apparently he got more out of a squad that a) didn’t understand him and b) stopped playing for him than Arteta is now?

  47. Olumide

    Horrific display.
    I hope now that we have nothing to play for league wise,we start playing the players that Arteta has in mind to keep.

    Like Willian, Luiz, Xhaka, Elneny, Lacazette?

  48. LoveSausage


    I would love us to have a proper long term project. But here’s the thing – you earn that right. Whatever some people might claim, it’s not about “vision” or “sauce”. There are certain milestones and if you hit them you get more time. Except for that stretch of games after Chelsea I’m really struggling to see why this management team should get that sort of time.

  49. Mr Serge

    Ash none at all if I was to say one at a push at least we never got hammered even worse
    0-3 flattered us

  50. Peckobill

    If arteta really believed in non -negotiables surely he’d hand his notice in at a 9- 12 league finishing position . What more could be non negotiable?

  51. Graham

    Chris – Graham True but I think a brown envelope had a lot to do with that sacking!

    Chris – yes and no. Not sure if you were watching us then (sorry don’t know your age and if you see a Highbury regular) but we were turning into a parody of ourselves with a bunch of midfielders who had scored something like 2 goals ever between four of them, defenders with two functions (offside trap and hoof it for Wrighty) and a manager more stressed that the players were earning more than him than on our precipitous league position.

    The brown envelope was at least in part a convenient excuse for the club to take a tough decision with a deservedly legendary manager

  52. Rich

    Awful performance

    Next 4 games

    Slavia Prague
    Sheffield United
    Slavia Prague

    We need to qualify in Europe, and get 6/6 in the league

    I have no emotional attachment to Arteta, I’m just not convinced by the argument that sacking him changes very much, I said when we sacked Emery that things would likely get worse before they got any better

    Letting Edu + Arteta take control of our next transfer window, just feels like far too much of a risk, we’ve already made far too many bad decisions that we’re stuck with for the medium to longer term

  53. S23

    If he sticks with those players,he deserves the sack-I think he might well be fortunate to avoid the sack at the end of the season as it is.
    I dont see KSE being too bothered where we finish in the league as long as their investment keeps ticking over,but when there are swarves of empty seats and season ticket sales are down,I feel the Manager will be for the chop.

  54. Almuniasaynomore

    I accept the pandemic is reality. I accept it is affecting football. But my question is simple, how is it affecting Arsenal more than all the other clubs? If all the horses in a race are carrying the same weight, they are all handicapped yes, but equally, so the handicap becomes an irrelevance. So I ask you again how is the pandemic an excuse for Arteta?

  55. Peckobill

    If as you often say changing the manager doesn’t change anything then why don’t we sack arteta anyway save 5 mill a year and hire a conference league manager, pay him £500 a week because like you say it wouldn’t make any difference but we’d save a lot a money . So yes according to you doing that doesn’t change the needle

  56. SAGG

    Arteta has put all the eggs in the Europa League in a more extreme way than Emery.

    Problem is we are very capable of lose against Slavia Praga

    I would fire Arteta even if he manage to. win the EL

    Win EL is not progress even the scum has won that sh*t

  57. into the red

    If there were fans at the ground this season, Arteta would be feeling the heat much more than he is now. He gets away with awful performances scot free. That can’t last. Unless he starts showing some consistency.
    At the moment he is Lampard. Mk2, thrashing about with random configurations, three steps forward, three steps back. More tangible signs of progress need to be made, and less of the old boys on big wages club – can we trust him? I wouldn’t.

  58. LeMassiveCoq

    Leftside. Sorry… I’ll go and rethink my life and return when sober.

    Fuck off..


    I hear you brother, and agree (to some degree). What are the options though? Arteta was clearly upset in his post match conf. tonight. He’s protecting his players but it is clear that whatever he wanted on the pitch didn’t happen.

    I sincerely hope that he has the kahunas to get that dressing room fired up with a bollocking, because that performance wasn’t all on him. It was lacklustre at best.

    If he gets a performance out of the squad on Thursday a lot of the haters will do a 180, that’s how they roll. If MA wants to get longer term respect and backing from the fans he needs to get consistent performances from the team.

  59. Jim Lahey

    ” Arteta was clearly upset in his post match conf.”

    Isn’t it the same shit every week and nothing changes? Can’t count how many times I have seen “Oh Arteta wasn’t happy in his post match interview” like it means anything, that man is full of wind.

  60. Olumide


    Emery after 12 months in charge
    Arsenal in the premier league: 5th (2 points away from 3rd)
    Europa league finalists
    Pedro: Emery fucked the season.

    Arteta after 17 months in charge
    Arsenal in the premier league: 9th (14 points away from 3rd with 8 games to play)
    Europa league quarter finals
    Pedro: This is progress. Arteta is taking us to a great place.

    There. That’s a perfect example of confirmation bias.

  61. Leftside


    It is madness. Emery arguably had a worse squad to choose from. Even when the players downed tools we still weren’t doing this badly.

    There’s no excuses for what we are being served. I don’t even look at the table I just know we are between 8th-10th, any higher than that and Arteta will get dizzy and have a nosebleed.

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Can only think that as martinelli as well as saliba were not beach bum signings he won’t play them.

    He has done some good but too much to soon in way of being given power.

    Needs to improve his decision making and go fully with youth.

  63. Olumide

    If he sticks with those players,he deserves the sack-I think he might well be fortunate to avoid the sack at the end of the season as it is.

    Those players are at Arsenal because Arteta stuck with (or bought) them.

  64. LoveSausage


    This squad has a lot of issues, no doubt. The fact that it can be reasonably claimed that abomination of a footballer Xhaka is among our 5 best players says it all.

    But MA isn’t learning. In fact he takes every opportunity to regress. He was forced into playing positive football with the kids and it likely saved his job. Yet here we are.

    I would have had zero issues with losing this game if we’d given it a proper go. But this spineless shit was tactical. It looked like they were told to sit back in order to prevent Liverpool playing through our lines.

    I honestly don’t know where we go from here. But no one can convince me have worse players than West Ham or Everton and it’s Mikel’s job to get something out of them.

  65. LegendMax

    Arteta deserves any bashing he gets at this point. I’m all for a long-term project but you’ve got to do the right things in the short term to get to your long-term goal. Playing Auba on the flank again today, after west ham’s horrible performance, shows that he’s not learning from his mistakes. Neither does it send a good message to those left out as a result.
    What was the reasoning behind starting ceballos, this was not a game made for his skill set.
    Holding is just not up to it at this level either. Seen enough to know that we need better in that position. Would rather have played Mari and Gabriel.

    To finish lower this season than we did last season, with a slightly improved squad, is not excusable!
    Going forward, Pedro you have to face the facts!
    Arteta is not as saucy as you think. The best we can and should do is give him one more transfer window and next season till december. Another poor start or failure to finish in the top four should see us looking for a new manager.

  66. englandsbest

    A performance to forget. Literally. Like a hot sunny day in February. You don’t go out next day wearing shorts and sandals.

    It was about motivation – in Arsenal’s case, lack of motivation.There was only one side trying. Arteta can beat he drum as much as he wants, but the players know the game hardly mattered. Win or lose, there was zero chance of making top 4, and almost zero of making top 5.

    So, roll on the the Europa. We stand a real chance of winning that. Something worth trying for.

  67. Wingdings

    OlumideApril 3, 2021 22:53:23
    LeftsideEmery after 12 months in charge
    Arsenal in the premier league: 5th (2 points away from 3rd)
    Europa league finalists
    Pedro: Emery fucked the season.Arteta after 17 months in charge
    Arsenal in the premier league: 9th (14 points away from 3rd with 8 games to play)
    Europa league quarter finals
    Pedro: This is progress. Arteta is taking us to a great place.There. That’s a perfect example of confirmation bias.


    Yeah Pedro is just all agenda nowadays. Doesn’t even make any sense anymore.

  68. Kendo

    In Emery’s first season Arsenal at this same stage of the season conceded just 4 more goals than the current team. So much for improving the defence lol.

  69. David Smith

    Olumide, trouble is , sack Arteta, who’s next?
    I don’t trust anyone at the club to make a new appointment. I suspect Edu , if he survived an Arteta sacking, would likely choose some ex Brazil manager, the Kroenkes would probably go for Paddy or Thierry.
    All as unproven as Arteta

  70. Olumide

    There’s no excuses for what we are being served. I don’t even look at the table I just know we are between 8th-10th, any higher than that and Arteta will get dizzy and have a nosebleed.

    Arteta will probably faint if we go higher than 8th. Don’t worry, you’ll have people bringing up improved style of play (I can’t see it) and people in the game rating Arteta.

    Points in the table is the most important evidence of progress. How can we give a manager more time when he has us in 9th?

  71. Jim Lahey

    “Yeah Pedro is just all agenda nowadays.”

    It is actually funny how Pedro was the one that rallied against the cult of Arsene only to head up the cult of Arteta.. At least Wenger’s apostles had some reasoning for their devotion. Arteta just has snappy jackets and Lego hair

  72. Champagne Charlie


    Nobody is suggesting the pandemic is an excuse for Arteta, it’s simply tougher grounds for a rookie in an otherwise tough environment as is. It doesn’t hinder everyone equally either, that’s just reductive bollocks, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type affair like the state of a pitch one Saturday.

    Deeper squads, certain football philosophies, training methods, injuries all influence how well a team can negate the adverse conditions. Man City have done great, Liverpool have been pony. Villa have done great, Wolves have been pony.

    But when you’re talking down the influence of these things when it comes to Arsenal then the question is why? Same as why Arteta being a rookie manager isn’t something to consider when appraising matters. Just really weird to omit pretty obvious and valid influences.

    I look at the season two-fold.

    Arteta made a huge error starting the season with no senior creator with the shadow of Ozil cast across Colney. We tanked for goals until mid December and had circa 13 points after 12 games. Purged some players and brought in Odegaard and ESR and we’ve picked up massively from early season, albeit we’d dug a massive hole.

    Now take that how you like, but on the face of it I surmise that as a rookie manager eating shit on the job and pushing through. Expected? I’d say to some degree yes. Still incredibly disappointing, but Arteta as manager was inevitably going to be a slower burn.

  73. S23

    Perhaps Arteta was told to not cut too much deadwood or believed in giving them a chance.
    It is his first Managerial appointment,and it grates on me that he learning at our expense,but who here hasnt made mistakes at their first job.
    He should either learn very quickly or be dispatched.

  74. Olumide

    David Smith
    Olumide, trouble is , sack Arteta, who’s next?

    Some people are paid to find a new manager. The alternative is to keep Arteta. With what you see, do you think Arteta is capable of winning the premier league with Arsenal? Okay, that’s too high. Top 4?

  75. into the red

    Just consider this: Moyes has had a better season than Arteta with a much poorer squad and far less money, and less time. Because he knows how to organise and motivate a side. Doesn’t say much for Arteta with his high-minded ideas, as if he was a proven manager and it was the squad and the spending that was at fault.

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    As supporters we just accept it as always have the hump for a couple of days then be back.
    I’m guessing that’s it for this season .

    I only hope that that we continue to clear out players that no longer have the right to wear the shirt and blood the youth.

  77. Leftside

    Yes I’m not surprised Arteta has admirers in the game. He comes across as ambitious and speaks well but that those things don’t translate to being a good manager. A good manager knows his best team and best prepares them to give us a chance in every game we play. A good manager also learns from his mistakes.

    We will be in the exact same position next year as long as Arteta is here.

  78. Olumide

    Perhaps Arteta was told to not cut too much deadwood or believed in giving them a chance.

    Arteta signed Willian and resigned Luiz. Those deals cost Arsenal a lot of money. And at the time we had players in those positions.

  79. Mr Serge

    Spanish Dave I would say that the fans in the stadium would let it be known they were displeased but most of them would want to see what happens in the summer

    We know the board are not backing us at all the kronkes are a drain in the club

  80. Matt

    As others have said, Arteta can say how unhappy he is after the game all he wants. So fucking what!! Is that supposed to be something to give us reassurance now?

    Show me one manager who is happy after a loss. Yet Arteta being unhappy after a loss equates to good things are coming for some.

  81. bacaryisgod

    Auba cannot be club captain. He’s clearly setting a bad tone on and off the pitch. We should basically turn him into a super sub because no-one’s paying his wages without us contributing heavily towards them. Please don’t expect me to name a replacement because there are no obvious candidates. Tierney comes closest but LBs are rarely captains.

  82. Olumide

    We will be in the exact same position next year as long as Arteta is here.

    That’s just the summary. We can’t give Arteta more money because he hasn’t proved to spend wisely in his player dealings.

  83. Jim Lahey

    “Please don’t expect me to name a replacement because there are no obvious candidates”

    Odegaard, more of a leader than anyone else in the team.

  84. LeMassiveCoq

    Leftside. Chill out.

    You insinuated that drunk people are not allowed to comment on online football blogs. Seemed worthy of a fuck off.

    I suspect a few of us on here tonight have decided to drown our sorrows in the bottom of a bottle after that shit fest.

  85. TheLegendaryDB10


    I was thinking that during the game.

    Had there been a full stadium (according to Arsenal’s precise statistics 😉) the atmosphere would have been pretty angry at the display of a very weak performance by the team.

    Boos most certainly would have rang out at the final whistle.

  86. Rich

    Sheffield United
    West Brom

    Only 2/8 of our remaining games are against top half teams, if we won 6/8 games and finished with 60 points, then in spite of all the bluster, we’d be pretty much where I thought we’d be at the start of the season

    Right now, I think this is pretty much our level

  87. Vickingz

    Lolzzz, arteta was upset in his post match conference, he shouldn’t just be upset,.he should check himself into a hospital for mental examination. A coach with no first eleven players still after a year at the club, a coach who persistently play Auba and laca combo even these two have never worked well together, a coach that handcuffs his players by telling them to be defensive minded against top 4 epl teams, a coach who just play players based on names and not performances, a coach who’s clearly not interested in playing the young guns, he was upset at his post match conference? He’s been faking it since and nothing has changed, he tells his fanboys what they want to hear and he does what his head tell him.

  88. Peckobill

    Mr serge
    If you go regular to the ground ,you know as well as I the emirates would’ve been absolutely toxic back in November and December and tonight . Arteta gets a pass with no fans as the kronkes got no real gauge of fan sentiment at the moment . They would’ve been left in no doubt back in the tail end of last year with a capacity ground

  89. Samir

    I do believe in Arteta still for now…Let’s see what he does in the summer. If this is how it is next year then he’ll have to go.

    Would prefer Brendan Rogers.

  90. azed

    Since 2003, Arsenal have managed three or fewer shots five times in the Premier League – four of those have been in games under Mikel Arteta.

    Pure unadulterated sauce.

  91. Leftside

    “Show me one manager who is happy after a loss.”

    Matt, I present to you Ole. He’s as smiley as ever after a loss telling journalists how fan-tas-Tik his boys played.

  92. Vickingz

    Arteta is so full of himself, he hasn’t read a game correctly since he got here, not a game has he read correctly. He approaches games with premeditated subs, how is this pedroic arsenal’s coach? The bar is really low for arsenal.

  93. S23

    I think Luiz was signed to give some stability as a character in the dressing room and as a link to the upper management,with the occasional playing games-this hasnt worked out,and he is playing more games than was expected.
    Willian was signed off of a very good season,for him-although not taking into account he was playing for a new contract.
    Both have been disasterous signings and cost us a lot of money and in some cases points.
    Again,it is a first time Manager making a beginners mistake.
    The alarm bells should have been ringing when Chelsea were not prepared to take a chance on one of their well liked experienced players.
    Also,we might need to factor in KSE wanting to expand into a Brazillian fanbase,by signing well known Brazillian players,or bias from our Technical director-us little people will never know until a book is released.

  94. Leftside


    My initial comment was tongue in cheek. I do get you though, results like this used to run my days and weekends but its not worth it anymore.

    We as a club, and side never seem to learn, plus now all the excuses made for our decline and its even more reason not to get overly worked up.

  95. Matt


    True, but not exactly a model I feel we should be following. Despite that bang average team being 15 points above us.

  96. Mr Serge

    I much would have preferred Rodgers but it never happened we have to see this through now
    If he is backed and fails early next season he will be gone

  97. Leftside


    And shockingly, he is questioned more by the media than Arteta is. Arteta who has stage fright if its anything above 9th place. The fact I’d snap your hand off to be 6th place at least shows how far we’ve fallen.

  98. David Smith

    Olumide, Top 4, not on what we have seen so far, things could change, but he has shown no evidence. I think Arteta might actually succeed as a manger ,but not at this club, he’s up against too much for a rookie.
    The trouble is, we are up against far richer, and far more ambitious clubs, that is difficult for any manager to deal with.
    The Kroenkes made a huge mistake in sacking Wenger without a plan, it will be hard for any manager to overcome such poor leadership from above.
    Another thing from today, I know he makes mistakes time to time, but is Luiz more important to this team than some give him credit for? The defence was a shambles with no leadership. Looks like DL could be out for a while as well so we may find out his worth