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Ahhhhggghhhhhhhh… WHY CHELSEA, WHY?

I wanted them to win. Smash West Brom. Keep hope OUT of this weekend. Make the Liverpool game an exercise in nothing.

Tuchel losing his first league game 5-2 has opened this afternoon up. It went from largely uninteresting, to… hmmmm… this could be sexy?

For Arsenal AND Liverpool.

If we win today, we go to within 6 points of top 4. SIX POINTS OFF TOP 4 WITH 8 GAMES TO GO.

That would be tantalising. There are still a lot of teams in the mixer. Too many to topple in my opinion, but still, the Premier League season, as it stands, is not over by a longshot. Our last few games are not the worst… we also play Chelsea, who we can beat.

My worry, as usual, is we’re world-class at punching ourselves in the face. Think about the self-inflicted wounds we’ve inflicted this season. We’ve been smacking ourselves about all year, no one is better at fucking things up than us.

The Liverpool game today, at home, is not looking great on many levels.

The Xhaka haters are about to see what happens when he’s not in the side.

David Luiz, who I’ve been desperate to see out of the starting 11 isn’t going to be included because of injury.

Saka AND ESR have very late fitness tests.

We’re not exactly cooking on first-team gas here…

What do we have going for us?

Well, we’re at home. Jurgen Klopp had a lot more players away last week than us. He’s had one training session to prepare.

I’m hoping that we might have carried through a bit of belief from the backend of the West Ham game. We are playing, mostly, like a top 4 team of late. We have the players to do damage today, there’s confidence that we can come back from going down in big games, and at some point… something has to click for us.

We’re waiting for a bang-bang moment.

Liverpool is a great team, they’ll be top 2 next season… but at the moment, there is a weakness in their system.

What am I looking for from today? A fucking performance.

We gave Manchester City too much respect. We let them score early, then we spent the game trying to keep it respectable.

That can’t happen today. We cannot let Liverpool control proceedings from the off. We have to stop conceding after 6 minutes in the big ones. There needs to be a show of force out there.

Which Arsenal will show up?

As Matt from podcast always says, you’ll know after 5 minutes.

Will it be the team that bossed the Spurs game? Or will it be the team that showed up thinking about what they were having for dinner at West Ham.

These are moments Arteta needs to own. He has to get his team firing. At a minimum, we need to come away from this game thinking there’s been progress

We’ve beaten Liverpool with Arteta. This squad can do anything on its day. Let’s see if we can do it under the pressure of a ‘maybe’ run for top 4.

HUGE GAME. See you on the other side. x


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  1. Kegunner

    Auba plus Pepe starting no ball control in the final third. Better pick Willian for one of them and bring the other later when the opponent tires. Arteta has all the cards to play to beat any team in the premier league. He just wants to learn the hard way. Us fans have watched these players long enough to set them up for whatever opponent.

  2. Mr Serge

    You lot are overreacting we are playing the champs that are dominating our midfield he will have to change this in the summer

  3. Cheney10

    Wow, I’ve turned it off… Shows how much the level drops without a few key players… Insipid tonight…I can’t lay this at Arteta’s door, as you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear but this performance was/is weak… I’ve not been critical of Leno but his play in the last few games has been very poor, if I was Ryan I’d be wondering what I needed to do to get a start. let’s hope we play a little better on Thursday.

  4. Peckobill

    Yeah but arteta doesn’t know where the throttle is so we just trundle along in a slow roll

  5. vickingz

    It’s a Liverpool side that’s in a devastating form, arsenal is lucky to only be losing by just two goals. Up artetaaaaaa

  6. Habesha Gooner

    Well this is predictable. When we had ESR and Saka at both sides of Odegaard we could play because the wanted the ball and they were in sync with it. Now we have Auba and Pepe are playing we look like an inferior team. Playing Auba on the wing is such a tired experiment, I don’t know why Arteta is still persisting with it. He doesn’t track back, his pressing isn’t great, he isn’t creative, and he is not that great at taking players on. The only reason he plays there is because he might be a goal threat. Play Martinelli there and we might have a different game because we would actually press. He would track back and scare Arnold. It just makes me mad the simple things we could do to improve our chances.

  7. Samir

    Auba, Laca, Ceballos, Holding, Chambers, Leno

    Do we expect to beat anyone with those guys starting?
    We have a terrible squad, it’s not all Artetas fault. I just wish he had bigger balls and gave Azeez, Balogun, Cirjan a chance.

  8. Jim+furnell

    Mid table dross paid top table wages, the club is in decline, too many shadows on the pitch, we know who they are

  9. Champagne Charlie


    I think Arteta has plenty about him, and is the right person for the job we’ve started. When you hire a young manager you inevitably stumble, or go backwards, before going forwards. That’s included as part of the equation.

    Your talk about Arteta destroying the club is fucking nonsense, plain and simple.

  10. Chris

    “ You lot are overreacting we are playing the champs that are dominating our midfield he will have to change this in the summer”

    KSE need to back Arteta heavily in the transfer market this summer, and not just in the midfield.

  11. FB

    Partey is not the player without Xhaka

    Arteta needs to add to the midfield, but we know that, and so will he

  12. Cheney10

    Champagne, I agree… I think Arteta is the right man too, as I said previously, you can’t make a silk purse out of a Sow’s ear… However, he could be a little braver with his selections…

  13. Samir

    Can we also all agree Gabriel is not better than Mari. Maybe in the future but right now; NO.

    We are absolutely so shit.

  14. Peckobill

    I’d rather watch loose women than arsenal this season , fuck me we’re shit , it’s a chore watching them . I wanted Wenger gone about 8 years before he did but I didn’t sign up for this turgid shite we might as well stuck with him . Don’t be fooled by the the reputation of Liverpool as they are shit this season

  15. LeMassiveCoq

    Is it me, or did we just throw this game? Worst Arsenal performance I have witnessed since the 8-2 drubbing by Munure

  16. Jim Lahey


    “I think Arteta has plenty about him, and is the right person for the job”

    He isn’t at all, he has been here a year and the team hasn’t improved at all.

    “When you hire a young manager you inevitably stumble, or go backwards, before going forwards.”

    Why should Arsenal have to put up with that? We’re not here to develop Arteta’s career. He isn’t cutting it he disserves to be sacked. End of.

    “Your talk about Arteta destroying the club is fucking nonsense”

    Worst Arsenal team of my life, all on Arteta.

  17. JOEL

    Arteta proving once again that his abilities are mediocre at best.Although his team were missing some crucial players a game plan of sitting deep and hoping that Liverpool were going to have another off day wasn’t going to work.

  18. Bertfish

    Absolute wank tonight. Worse performance of the season. Dare I say it we have missed Xhaka & Luiz as well as Saka & ESR.

    Gabriel & Partey have been poor signings

  19. Useroz

    Another loose ball by Gabriel and sadly another goal conceded??

    Why don’t Gabriel send the long ball and danger up the field??? Martinelli was free and eagerly awaits.

    Process that was. Had to play out from Leno……. such BS

  20. Nelson

    For now, we still need Luiz. Both CB’s suck. Holding didn’t mark the man and gave up a header goal. Garbiel’s passes were bad today.

  21. Chris

    Agree about the kids playing more in the league now, what have we got to lose in terms of the league season now? Give them some minutes and assess whether they can be part of the first team next season. And keep the first choice 11 fresh for EL. Although after tonight’s performance, a little harder to say what that 11 is.

  22. TheBayingMob

    Shocking from Arteta but it was easy to see we’d fall to prices after concending one. Once again we are a dream club to play for any team lacking form and/or confidence. It’s utter, utter shit. The commentary team are creaming themselves over Liverpool but really this has all been about how shit Arsenal are.

  23. IQ

    Playing 1.5 midfielders against 3 then wondering why you can’t get the ball. Playing Lacazette when we’re just camped in our own half. Playing Holding and Gabriel together for the first time and Hilding hasn’t been playing for months.

    It’s just dumb

  24. Peckobill

    I’ve supported arsenal for 40 odd years and without a doubt this season is the worst I’ve seen us in that entire time . I’ve never in that time been so bored watching a game as I have this season either .

  25. Mr Serge

    They are the champs they have their midfield back and we have 2 players at the back playing out of position azed

  26. Guns of SF

    Pepe and TP below par today.
    Dani as well

    We need better mids all around.
    Ode cannot do this on his own and needs another creator with him…

    Why put on El neny when chasing the game????

  27. Mr Serge

    Plus we have shitty auba and Pepe and ceballos recipe for disaster

    I still support the process let’s see who he buys

  28. Useroz

    Arteta saying “maximizing existing resources ” is fucking same as “internal solutions ” Wenger spouted in his
    less than glorious years when we needed fresh players… can fuck off really extending Laca and Elneny

  29. Ben D

    The lack of desire and effort/fight is what is most disappointing. Jota shows desire to score that 3rd goal, our players showed none to try and prevent it.

    I’m done for the night.

  30. Samir

    If the Kroenkes think another 50M spend in the summer will keep the fans happy…They’ll have to think again.

    We need to sell 3/4 of the squad and spend another 200m on top of that.

  31. azed

    GSF & Dissenter

    I was one of the people who started the talk of player poverty and we are seeing the result.

    Saka and ESR out and we look like a pub team. That’s not the fault of Arteta.

  32. Almuniasaynomore

    In fairness to Arteta he did say before the game that we could treat this as a free shit. And we did!

  33. Peckobill

    Mr serge
    I’ve invested far more time than that idiot in charge has in this team and I don’t get paid 5m a year either , trust me I’ll out see that clown in charge with my loyalty to the club . He’ll never get top 4 so I wager I only have to put up with it till next season when he gets sacked anyway

  34. Ash79

    We just gave Auba a new fuckin MEGA deal. If Arteta stays, then Auba becomes the new Ozil problem for us, time isn’t on his side either.

    Need a new manager

  35. Dissenter

    The max we get from this season’s league placement is 8th/9th, at best.
    Any manager who talks so much about “projects” would be giving kids more opportunities till the end of the season.
    The likes of Azeez should be getting the odd 5-10 minutes by n ow.
    Gawd I miss Wenger…even Emery would have blooded more kids at this stage of the season.

  36. Gazza

    Our worst performance of the season imho & that’s saying something after some of our other defeats….alot of these players need to look in the mirror tonight

  37. Guns of SF

    as much as I like Jota the player someone needs to kick that rat face up his ass…. a few times
    Annoying rat face

  38. Useroz


    The generational one has his process to lose…so don’t think going to happen even the right thing to do

  39. Mr Serge

    Peckerbill if we were in the ground half the results would not have been the way they are this is a weird season
    I mean the WBA results say it all
    City running away with it everyone else a bit meh

    We need a rebuild this summer

  40. Kroenkephobe

    What this boils down to is one manager demonstrating he is far better at doing his job than another one.

    Arteta has been completely exposed tonight. He’s shown himself to be clueless.

    There is a profoundly disturbing losing culture throughout the club which has existed for years and which shows no sign of abating. Depressing does not come close.

  41. Graham

    Spot on Peckobill. Those of us that actually support Arsenal rather than being inexplicably obsessed with a manager just need to bide our time.

  42. Mr Serge

    Peckerbill I don’t think so some of these players are just shit we have to accept this and hope he gets his players in and they are s cut above these wankers

  43. Champagne Charlie


    Incredibly myopic to overlook a rookie manager picking us up where we were. Never mind the unusual circumstances of the last 18 months as is.

    I’ve wanted a complete reset for almost a decade since it got stale under Wenger. Seeing a manager with Emery’s pedigree tank the job, I’ve no qualms with us going with a rookie.

    The project is to clean house and redefine/assert us in the modern era. I think there’s numerous ways to go about that, and hiring young and allowing the growth is one of them. You don’t think Arteta is all that, many important figures within the game vehemently disagree with you.

    I rate him, have since day one. Arguably more important than all that is the fact I know exactly where he feels we belong, and that goes back to his days here as captain. I expect big changes to continue at the club, and Arteta will be the one leading us to a much brighter future.

  44. Leftside

    Having no fans is definitely helping Arteta because that was abominable. The side weren’t trying to win that game, case in point being Elneny (how is he still here?) coming on when you need a goal.

  45. Dissenter

    Arsenal have lost 12 games for the feast time in the premier league era.

    That’s “progress” for you right there.

    Why does Arteta keep starting Chambers in RB when we have TWO RBs who are fit and ready to go?

  46. Venga, Dani

    Think we’re all having a laugh if we think Odegaard is coming on a permanent deal. We have a ways to go before we can attract players like that again.

  47. Mr Serge

    If these guys fought for the ball I would say cool we got beat by the better team but 7 of the players today need to do one

  48. LeMassiveCoq

    They did not give 2 fucks tonight.

    Odegaard selling himself to Klopp there?

    All our Easter eggs are in the EL… what are we 100-1? Should be… awful team.

  49. Samir

    We need Boubakary Soumaré. He was quality against PSG today and dominated the midfield.

    Pedro Neto
    Saliba back (start at RCB)
    Torreira back (replace Elneny)
    Martinelli at ST

  50. Daveb666

    Fucking hate all the smiles and back slapping at the end of a performance like that.

    Should be straight down the tunnel for a dressing down.

  51. Danny

    That was like a bad pre season match, roll on Thursday when hopefully Saka, ESR and Tierney will all be fully fit.

  52. Danny S

    Process or no process, I still maintain that pretty much any manager in the league right now would have had us higher than we are.

    Allowing arteta to learn on the job is costing us massively this season. Let’s just hope he is learning and that next season we see the fruits come to bare.

  53. IQ

    People blaming the centre backs should remember that Arteta hasn’t played a settled pair all season. He should have played Mari if playing Holding as they know each other’s games. None of our midfield were showing for the ball but the centre backs are still forced to play out the back. This game we should have played three midfielders but Arteta the tactical genius just plays the same game with inferior players but expects the same result.

  54. Chris

    Not the first time we have lost 12 games in a league season, definitely did in 92/93 and probably 94/95 I think, although they were 42 game seasons.

  55. Br0wnie

    I agree with those who believe that you have to drop the non-performers and bring young, hungry players in. At this point in the season it’s worth seeing what your young talent can do. Saka, ESR have been the saviours and you can see what happens when they’re out. Drop Ceballos, Auba and give playing time to Azzez, Martinelli. Laca hasn’t been bad so leave him in the lineup but give Balogun some time up front as well. The league is done and dusted. I can forgive errors from young players busting their asses but not the lack of effort we are seeing from the overpaid, underachievers we’re currently fielding.