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Finally, football is back and we can all start being friends again. Kind of sad that international break is like being cut off from the world. My group chats have been dead. Do I only have friends because of Arsenal?

Matt from the pod called me the other day and it was like an awkward first date. I don’t know what he likes outside football. Is that child he walks around with his? I’ve never taken the time to ask.

Friendships during international break is a bit like growing old as a couple and realizing all you had was great sex… my relationships are vapid and narrow. Most are men I’ve met online. Still, I can live with it if we smash Liverpool tomorrow, am I right, internet best friends?

Arteta was asked whether he was prioritizing Europe, he correctly said no.

Good leaders should always reference history for insights into the future… I think one of the defining moments for Emery was when he went all-in on Europa, took his eye off the league, and in the end… fucked both.

This Premier League season like a corgi race… it’s utter chaos, you have no idea how it’ll end up, so the best bet… as I advise all my corgi clients… is to keep going until the very end.

Liverpool has been found out a little bit this season. VVD is very much essential to the way they play, and they, like every other team, need their big players firing. It hasn’t really happened for them.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t still an elite side. They’ll have this season fixed for August, no doubt. Arteta made reference that even in the position they are now, the data nerds have them as a top 2 side by almost every metric. Sometimes, a season just doesn’t drop for you, that’s Liverpool after having nearly everything go right for 2 years.

I suspect Klopp will have noticed what West Ham did. A heavy opening 30-minute blitz against a team that weren’t suspecting it. The key for me in the West Ham game is Moyes knew there would be a very specific plan based on his patterns of play. He zigged and we couldn’t zag. Liverpool will be different because the players will be expecting to be bullied from the first whistle.

What I hope is that we don’t give them too much respect, like we did against City. We have to try a play some football. We’re more than capable of landing punches. The manager said they were better than us, this is true, but that doesn’t mean we have to find a laundry basket and hide under it for 90 minutes.

Liverpool has been beaten by Fulham, Everton, and Chelsea in the last 5 games. They are weak. There is no aura we should fear.

There are 9 games left of this season. There are 7 points between Arsenal and West Ham. There are 6 between us and Spurs. There are 4 points to Liverpool and Everton.

Beat Liverpool and you never know…

Before we leave. It seems like we’re renewing Mo Elneney. Seems like a nice guy, I just can’t understand why we’re giving a new deal to someone who was yanked on 55 minutes in a last 16 game against a bum Greek team.

The more worrying rumour is Sergio Aguerro being a target for Arsenal. No, no, no, no… that is not £300k a week spent well. I don’t care about his ‘special’ qualities. He could be a secret unicorn that harvests carbon emissions in his sleep… he’s not for Arsenal. Let Barcelona start the rebuild with a 32-year-old. We simply have to do better this summer than falling back on players that are past it or simply not good enough.

This summer cannot be about collecting old players again.

Here’s today’s special podcast. I speak with Football Consultant, Rob Gevertz. He’s worked at Manchester City and Talksport. We talk about the world of the digital fan, modernising stadiums, and a bit about Arteta and his progress at the end.

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Going for it






Thank you all for allowing me to win the biggest prize on this blog… I want to thank God, Pedro my Dog and the G.O.A.T that is Gambon

Mark S


Mark S

Cashmoe-If you’re going to thank Gambon, you got to thank the Tr4phy “O.G.”….DM.

Sean M

Great piece Pete!

Is it just me that felt the vibe that Arsenal could try and sign Aguero?? From the gaffers press conference.

Mark S

One of the nice things about this season has been the lack of International Breaks. This past one felt unnecessary, as well as extra long. It’s crazy to think how big this next week is for the season. Beat Pool on Saturday, destroy Slavia Prague on Thursday, and then follow it up with wins against Sheffield United, Slavia Prague again, and Fulham…and all of a sudden Pedro is going to go off about how if you based the league table off of our xG from 61-73 minutes in away games played in the Midlands on Saturday afternoons we would be… Read more »


A petition to have a one minute silence in memory of Claude Callegari before this weekend’s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Liverpool has been created online.

The change.org petition currently has almost 13,000 signatures at the time of writing, with many fans posting messages of consolence on the page. You can sign it HERE.

It reads: “The aim is to get the clubs involved to hold a minute of silence in memory of Claude Callegari, most commonly known from his appearances on AFTV, before the kick off of the Arsenal-Liverpool game this Saturday.”


Spurs are going to offer Son Heung-min 200 grand a week.
It makes me laugh thinking how much we payed Ozil and now Auba, I mean I know it’s not my money but still, we are such a mess.

NJ Gooner

Just missed the first 11


That Aguero now spends half his time crocked is just another reason to avoid like the plague. Then again sounds like a classic Arsenal signing. Seriously though, if it happens then someone, or even several someones, need to be fired. I think even Pedro would agree that if Mikel leads the charge like he did for Willian he should be the first one to get his P45.


Aguero is @ Big no no no! What message does it send out to Martinelli for one ?wrong age,wrong salary, wrong fitness issues.Personally think it’s all tabloid b*** ks to be truthful.There’s far bigger fish to fry with what little readies we have.


AMN wants to go because he wants to play in midfield.

It’s a shame because there would have been a first team place for him here with Bellerin apparently looking to leave.

Torreira wants the club to sell him to Boca Juniors to be close to his family. I get that especially when you have just lost your mum…

Best wishes Lucas.

If we sell well we should be able to raise £40m from these two sales…

Good. Put it towards Odegaard.


Any Grovers here familiar with Argentinian football? Any idea of talented youngsters we could bring over as a swap plus cash deal for Lucas? Just as a thought?


Signing Aguero would be a Petr Cech like deal.. Old dude with not much left in the tank, who was convenient/ easy to sign. Aguero would be completely pointless and an indicator that Arteta has lost the plot. When Wenger signed Cech … as our only signing that summer, I knew he was 100% done as a manager it was only a matter of time after that. So, I’m choosing to believe it’s just a rumor put out there by Aguero’s agent and has no basis in reality. Good title though… Peds… Had to read the article to see what… Read more »



No way we sell Torreira fo Baca Juniors because they dont have Money. Argentina Clubs dont have money how will. they pay 25 million for Torreira?

They will ask for a loan and pay only half the wages or they will want to send us overrated players that we wont use.

Negotiate with Boca Juniors or any South America club is a waste of time.


Good article Pedro you old internet best friend you

See the beauty of the internet is you thought I was an online man from Bristol When in reality in a 6 year old girl from Mexico

The more you know, eh!


I’m* not in

That would be wrong


Can someone please tell me why the arsenal match timings keep moving around

The next 5 odd weekend games were supposed to be early ones that I can watch including this liverpool match. I checked the time just now and it’s gone to 3am or some shit. I now can’t watch another game until the 18th of April. Whoever it is arsing a round with the schedules, kindly FUCK OFF


Torreira supposedly wants to go to boca juniors. I wonder how much we could get from them if they’re interested? I doubt more than 15m absolute max.


Augerio?? Jesus, but then again it’s the kind of imagination that our current people in charge have. No idea, no vision, no targets. Really not looking forward to the next 5 years as we slip down and cement ourselves as a middle table team.


China 1

The idea that Torreira would move to Boca Juniors is nuts. They don’t buy players. They take them on loans or freebies!

This is yet another potential transfer disaster if he is effectively released without a transfer fee.


I would not write off Arsenal v Liverpool. Recent results at Emirates are usually close and we
won our last EPL home again against them.


I think this is really the best time to beat Liverpool. Quite Ideal . Just have to not shoot ourselves in the foot .


ET I dunno if boca are interested, it’s just rumors that torreira wants that to be closer to his family. Sounds believable tho considering he is clearly the homesick type and has been for a long time. Plus he just lost his mum, so extenuating circumstances etc

But for arsenal to lose a 20+m player on a free via pointless loans etc sounds exactly like something arsenal would do so we’ll see lol

His career at arsenal wasn’t well managed so I’d be surprised if it gets managed well now


China 1

Can Arsenal seriously afford to lose Torreira on a freebie?

This would be far worse than losing Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Sokratis all of whom were in their 30s and on grossly inflated wages.

Torreira is in his mid 20s and should be at the peak level of his transfer valuation.

Losing a player in this fashion is doing Arsenal huge reputational damage, because we are
sending out the signal that we are a soft touch.

The Kroenke family and Senior Management need to start being more business like in their
handling of transfer business and contracts.


Arsenal is no longer a guaranteed top 4 club. Attracting above average players will be difficult. Senior players at the club like Xhaka Torreira are not clearly interested in the project at hand.

Players like Aguero can be a band aid as the club targets exciting young players that can form a core in two to three years time. Aguero can bring the focus and temperament required to be back to challenging for the title. That focus can inspire the next generation that can challenge for the title.


Saliba looks really good. Not only he has long leg, he can pass very well. He is very strong one on one.



ET I’m not endorsing it. I rate torreira more than most. But the truth is we generally are a soft touch and we know we make mistakes a plenty so it wouldn’t surprise me


Torreira is yet another shit piece of contract/transfer dealing by Arsenal.

Edu started the trend when he left of a Bosman just as his game was taking off.

And even with all the money sloshing around the game in recent years all we could really benefit from was Oxlade chamberlain. Pathetic.


It would be very Arsenal to sign Aguero then sell Martinelli to Dortmund for 80m, two years later Dortmund sell Martinelli to Madrid for 200m


An arsenal line up w aguero?

No i don’’t see it

Think he’ll have more offers that make more sense to him probably goin back to argentina


Leeds I agree with SAGG. I lived in Argentina for five years in parts of the 80s/90s and Racing Club filled an Arsenal-sized hole in my football life during that time. The whole spectacle of football in Argentina then was fucking brilliant. The atmosphere in the canchas, the singing, crumbling stadia and the whiff of horseshit, tear gas and choripan. The general pattern is that they sell young proven stars high and get players back when they turn 30 for their swansong, often but not always with the club that sold them. Those that return are free transfers or nominal… Read more »

Sean M

Thoughts on David Luiz guys? Do you think he should get a new contract?

In my opinion no. Let’s move on from him 200 Grand a week. We have Young CB’s coming through.

I know he’s a good guy around the dressing room. But so what? Kompany, Vidic, Rio etc. Were all leaders in their respective dressing rooms but they still got rid. I’m sure Edu & Arteta have other ideas unfortunately. Can’t believe they offered Mustafi a new contract.


Agreed about Luiz, I do actually like him quite a lot minus the brain farts and free kicks. However we have the power here, it would be easy not to renew, now is the time to let him go and allow Saliba to fill his spot.


Is there a “third way” with Luiz? Offer him a 1 year extension on, say, 40% of what he’s now getting. Take it or leave it. If he loves the game and the club he stays (and he must be fucking loaded by now surely!) if he leaves, the club saves money and uses it to retain young stars.


Arsenal’s success under both George Graham and Arsene Wenger was built around its stable and solid defence which remained in place for over 10 years. This consisted of Seaman,Dixon, Adams, Bould, Winterburn and latterly Keown. A close examination of their participation shows that these players were seldom injured and turned out collectively for most games. This is in direct contrast to recent teams played under Wenger and his successors. The foundation of any successful team is an injury free, reliable and intelligent defence. My view is that we have the foundations of a decent defence on the left side of… Read more »


Goalkeeper is a fascinating one alright. Without rehashing the Leno-Martinez debate,who would you pick to replace Leno if the club accepted this was necessary? Donarumma might be available on a free but I’m sad to say he might be out of our league. Love Nick Pope but his price is probably too high now aswell. I firmly believe the position is underrated, we have to get it right next time. You could argue that Schmeichel was Fergie’s most important signing for example. We’ve seen how Ederson and Allison have dramatically improved their teams. The opposite is also true, god knows… Read more »

The Bard

Aguero will sign for whoever pays him the most money. He’s 32. It’s a last big payday. It would be crazy for us to sign him.

Vintage Gun

The Aguero links are a myth. Just lazy journalism linking Arteta with a Man City player. Italy ,Spain or The Americas for Kun. The Torriea situation is real as in a real problem for us moving forwards as he has essentially pulled a Cesc on us by demanding to play for one club only. Killing off all other potential destinations. What makes thing worse is that Boca won’t be able to afford him, even if we compromised on the transfer fee. Plus a loan doesn’t make sense at ALL however presented. It’s a blow as before his personal heartache i… Read more »


Vintage Gun The Torreira situation is not remotely the same as Fabregas. For a start Fabregas moved to Barcelona who paid us a transfer fee albeit slightly below his market price. Also we had first option to buy him back if he was sold. Also Fabregas came to Arsenal as an Academy player at no cost whereas Torreira cost us a transfer fee of £25 million. If Torreira moves to Boca we would have to accept either a loan, free transfer or a pittance. Boca don’t have any money and seldom pay transfer fees. Arsenal are supposed to be run… Read more »


No Aguero, or Luiz for me. I’d sell Lacazette, Bellerin, AMN, Guendouzi, Torreira, and Willian if we could get shot of him.

I suspect Lena will remain. There’s very few replacements available, and Pope is poor with the ball at his feet.

Bring back Saliba, and Mavro, and buy a new right back and our defence is plenty good enough imo.

Midfield is where the signing(s) need to be.


I don’t like Saka played in the West Ham match. Now he is injured again. I don’t think it is good for his health in a long run by getting so many injuries.


Love the Saliba highlights reel, I get that someone could do a highlights reel of Mustafi, that made him resemble prime Sol Campbell I get that throwing young players in before they’re ready can cause more harm than good, and throwing in Saliba + Gabriel together will very likely cost us points through lack of experience But we’re two years away from building a truly competitive team anyway, tie Saliba down to a new 5 year deal, and try to build a defensive core around Leno, a new quality right back, Saliba, Gabriel and Tierney We’ve got Holding and Mari… Read more »

Bob N16

Agree Karsa, Much will depend on whether we have European football next season. Defence is more or less okay, if we qualify for CL we might want to buy a starter RB but otherwise a free transfer to back up Cedric. A CM has to be a priority, Partey can play DM or box-to-box but he should have a physically dominant partner who can play between the lines. If a club wants to give solid money for Xhaka, I’d sell but otherwise he’s a solid back up and can start games against lesser opposition. Martinelli deserves/needs more game time next… Read more »


Just a comment.
Boris wants us to meet and dine outside , on Monday the temperature will be -4 c with the wind chill and snow.
It’s ok to die from hyperthermia.


Klopp is focusing on the CL, it should be a straightforward win for Arsenal.


You can get away with CB like, Senderos, Squillaci, Djourou , Luiz at Chelsea if you have a great midfield
You cannot get away with a midfield of Xhakalson, injury prone DM, Ceballos, Elneny
We need a minimum of 2 quality players in midfield

Vintage Gun

“The Torreira situation is not remotely the same as Fabregas.For a start Fabregas moved to Barcelona who paid us a transfer fee albeit slightly below his market price. Also we had first option to buy him back if he was sold.” Emiratesstroller I didn’t say the situations surrounding why both Cesc and Torreia demanding to leave to one specific club only are the same. What IS the same is that by them both publically announcing they want(ed) to join one club closes the market to offers from all other teams hence lowering their value. Especially in Torriea’s case as Boca’s… Read more »

Vintage Gun

*he was


Just say no might be Pedro’s way of reacting to any football fact that doesn’t suit his carefully chosen narrative. Liverpool have been found out this season? Maybe. Or maybe they had more injuries than any club operating on a budget can withstand. 17 different CB pairings says it all really, and the vast majority of those were players moved from positions of major influence ( leagues best defensive midfielder for example) for them last season to fill a role they never played before. Fabinho and Henderson had 14 goals and assists for them last season. This season ……only 3.… Read more »


“Klopp is focusing on the CL, it should be a straightforward win for Arsenal.“

This one from the same shelf as AMN can be better in mid than Wijnaldum , I assume , Sid?


The Liverpool team we lost 3-1 at Anfield to at the end of September, were the best team we’ve faced all season, we had a couple of opportunities to take something from the game, but we were completely dominated for the vast majority

Liverpool would be smart to back Klopp with what he needs, for me his achievements far exceed anything Guardiola has ever done


Who says Arsenal must honor LT’s Boca transfer request?
Surely playing in Italy might be more attractive to him than rotting on the bench in Spain or England.

Bob N16

Sid, you patronisingly call Arteta Pep Lite every time you mention him, is that ‘nice’?


We will be lucky to get 5 m for Lucas.
My hedge is that he will leave by mutual consent at end on season and we will get fuck all for him
Another classic transfer by the club that couldn’t buy meat in a butchers


“At 25 yrs Wijnaldum was playing for the Geordies, they were relegated
Let that sink in“

At 20 yrs Wijnaldum was scoring and assisting double digits in Eredivisie .
Let that sink in.

Buendia got relegated with Norridge last season.
He must be shit then too.

The Bard

Almuniasaynomore the keeper saga was right up there for classic Wenger obstinacy along with Sanogo and Kalstrom. Absurd justifications. Every man and his dog knew they were useless.


Last warning, supreme leader, more threats and you go to the bin


Touché Sidney.


“Now Boris is saying that vaccinated people cannot meet other vaccinated people in the same house as it isn’t 100% safe!”

I am confused. How can family members living together?


Liverpool’s attack is 30% better when Diogo Jota is playing. They have three attackers who are deadly. I hope Arteta is aware of that.


“We’re at serious risk of becoming a humourless population, who don’t know how to take a joke or laugh at ourselves, and are scared of telling jokes, or using the wrong analogy, in case someone takes offence“


Conversely, one can enjoy stand up of some of the more edgy comedians like Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, or Ricky Gervais, and still find some of your far right, info wars ideas boneheaded.

Guns of SF

Jota is the player I wanted at Arsenal. Excellent skills. Great dribbler.
Anyhow, I think we beat them. 3-1 or 3-2

The real question is which Auba will show up.


Guns of.SF

I don’t think Aubameyang will start
Expecting Lacazette with Pépé and Willian either side.
Auba and Odegaard on the bench


Are thre words fanboys, pep and Diet so offensive?

Guns of SF

against Pool, we need energy and pressing. Laca gives us that. Auba will get eaten alive if he goes the 90 mins.

Bring him on as sub if anything.

Need ESR, Ode starting. Those 2 will give us more in attack.


Tom Either you believe in free speech, or you don’t If you don’t believe in free speech for those you disagree with, or people who are factually incorrect Then you don’t believe in free speech If you don’t believe in the right for those you disagree with to peacefully protest, then you don’t believe in the right to peaceful protest BobN16 I’m a free speech extremist, you won’t change the world by silencing people and pushing them to the fringes You change the world by changing peoples opinions, and you can only do that with open dialogue You’ll never know… Read more »



COVID passports are football related

And our CEO has just come out demanding policing of the internet and speech

I’m just making my argument for why I think that’s an awful idea

Guns of SF

Free speech vs hate speech.
What do you feel is the difference or is that all the same to you?



To be fair to Sid his words do literally constitute free speech as he’s always telling us shit for free.

You can take that one to the bank!



I was called out on this forum for being a middle aged white guy

There’s your racism, sexism and ageism all in one

It doesn’t bother me, but equally you can’t claim to be against racist, sexist and ageist abuse online

And then turn a blind eye when people brazenly do so on your platform

Bob N16


Free speech is vital in a healthy democracy but we have laws for a very good reason. Tolerance is vital but certain positions that some people take go against acceptable behaviour.

It is not acceptable to be a Neo-Nazi for example, promoting hatred against others is against common decency (and the law).

People should be allowed to express their views but not if those views promote violence and hatred against others.


For me, free speech means you agree or disagree with the subject but not insult the other person. Anyway, it is entertaining to participating in a blog to talk about a common interest, Arsenal. Let’s enjoy what Pedro has offered to us.


Not the free speech debate again, it’s been done to death.
This is Pedro’s private blog and he can set his own rules as he pleases.

My position has always been let everyone express their views freely so it’s easier to figure out who the wackos are.

Personally, nothing offends me , but I am a privileged middle aged white guy.



That was my point, I’d never told anyone my age, race or gender

Someone assumed my gender, and prescribed my views as being views only held by middle aged white men

If you categories a whole group of people based on race, gender or age, that’s the very definition of discrimination

It didn’t bother me in the least bit, apart from the rank hypocrisy of those discriminatory views coming from an alleged liberal


I have been called a male sexual reproduction organ

Let that sink in!



If your mid-twenties?

Then I’m in my late teens….

You are an elite writer, your conclusions are at least 90% wrong, but at least you’re consistently wrong about everything, with a little bit of style and really good humour to go with it

Luteo Guenreira

Gotta love it when the middle aged white guy plays the race card. How dare people assume you’re white. I think you’ll survive all this horrible discrimination though, Richie Rich.

Arsenal 2-1 tomorrow.


Clearly Rich is a victim of reverse racism

Bob N16

I called you a d*ck- a duck!


Players doubtful for tomorrow:
Bukayo Saka ….hamstring
Emile Smith Rowe …. hip
Granit Xhaka ….unwell
David Luiz ……right knee
Martinelli ….too young

Luteo Guenreira

Joke Friday Ali and Habib are beggars. They beg in different areas of London. Habib begs equally as long as Ali does, but only collects £2 to £3 every day. Ali brings home a suitcase FULL of £10 notes, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend. Habib asks Ali: ‘I work just as long and hard as you do but how is it that you bring home a suitcase full of £10 notes every day?’ Ali says, ‘Look at your sign, what does it say’? Habib’s sign reads: ‘I have no… Read more »


Its all good Robert


The bard

Yes, it was really hard to understand the stance wenger took on Almunia, for me that was when I think he began to put his own ego before the club. The sickener was that Given was ready to leave Newcastle for a title contender at that time, I think he could have won us another title or two. But it was easy to see that Given was an upgrade then, I don’t see any quality,reasonably priced upgrades available today. As most on this site have said,the midfield needs to be prioritised anyway.


I was intrigued by that nugget you imparted the other day about being brought up on a council estate. You should change your moniker to “nouveau rich”.

Judging by your exhausting oeuvre, the idea that you’d be anything other than a white, privileged, gammon-y, angry of Tonbridge Wells English exceptionist type is risible. Stop being a snowflake you big right wing crybaby!


Joke Friday
My wife says I spend too much time on my computer and if I don’t take out the trash right this minute she’ll smash my head on the keyboard.
This woman’s always full of empty threats(%fp2%9:’/su8,37b29f4klr5ihdbm


Here there is a gulf between older experienced goner who have supported the club more than twenty years against new boys on the block.
We all have options based on our long connections with the club before Wenger when most fans started.
Pedro sometimes forgets this


My wife left me o not on the fridge :” clearly this isn’t working, good buy”
I don’t know what she talking about. I opened the fridge door and it’s working fine.



In his day, Given was a fantastic keeper wasn’t he – brave, agile and cool as a choc ice. There was also that ridiculous and lengthy flirtation that old chihuahua head had with Mark Schwartzer who would have been another upgrade. I had so little confidence in Almunia that it seriously undermined my support for the club during those times.


It’s totalitarian societies that are based on cancel culture (I lived in such a society for over 20 years and saw it with my own eyes). It’s pity that British society are moving in that direction. One day you wake up horrified and say “we had such good intentions, how could we have become like that”. Liberty is usually lost little by little.