Thursday Arsenal round-up

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Oh man, Open Mic with Martin Odegaard was good, right? What a leader. I love him.

Jan Fjortoft, who helped bring him into the Norwegian squad at 15 years old, spoke on ESPN and said he thinks the Arsenal project would be good for the player long-term. Jan is a big deal on the Norwegian futbol scene, he has good relationships with the kids, one would hope his suggestions was laced with some knowledge.

The player himself had an injury scare during the break, but the Norway manager says he’ll be fine for Thursday’s game… international breaks, in a season like this, are beyond the pale.

Arsenal players left at home have been training with Arteta and his staff. Gabi Martinelli scored a banger the club put on the .com. Hopefully a bigger chance for him to shine after the break.

Also great that our African players are not going to be as heavily involved for their countries. Thomas Partey and a focused Auba are going to be HUGELY important to any success we have post-break.

Welcoming Liverpool to The Emirates right after the break is not what I would call a sexy thought… however, it’s at home, Klopp won’t have much time with his players, we should at the very least be making the game an unenjoyable experience. Gonna be scenes when we beat them and people say they’re not a big 6 side.

We’re being linked with Aaron Ramsey who had a pretty fucking drab experience in Turin. He’s played 980 minutes this season, scored 2 goals, and made 5 assists. £400k a week for 6 assists and 7 goals in 2 seasons. He’s had 4 injuries this season already. There is absolutely no sense in bringing him back into the club, I’d prefer to sign Santi Cazorla. But really, I’d rather look to the future, than rely on players who were part of the Arsenal on the way down.

Just gonna be a short one today because that is the way we’ll be rolling through the international break.

Make sure you say your prayers for the player’s health, then listen to the evergreen podcast I did with Touchy Gooners.

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  1. Tony

    Don/wiglaf (poster who has more names than Companies house)

    “Pedro doesn’t like Theo cos he’s a nice boy. Yet he was a very useful player and I’d have him all day over Aubameyang. All day.”

    This from Don & similar from Pierre who accuses posters of not understanding football.

    Don do you need directions back to your cave? Mrs Don is having problems with the fire for your saber tooth tiger steak.

    Your little Donlets need more racist teachings from you who also need far better explanations regarding your assertions that the world is flat and that dragging knuckles on the floor is perfectly normal.

    Wally Walcott? A speedster player whose feet were far quicker than his brain and perfectly adept at running into cul-de-sacs. A player who needed a far better coach than Wenger to realise whatever talent he was showing at Southampton.

    Wenger just told him to express himself and Wally took that to run up blind alleys with the ball.

    Lovely character with much to respect Walcott for as a person and human being, but more headless than thoughtful when running with the ball and never really had the CF skill set to be switched from the right wing, although I agree he had/has a wicked shot when it’s on target for his 100+ goals for us. (Walcott’s 10 best goals) (Walcott 10 years at The Arsenal)

    Walcott always flattered to deceive under Wenger and never really found His ruthless edge for any sustained periods. Walcott was too much of a nice guy always wanting to please people, which I guess there is not enough of that in the world today.

    Massaging Wenger stats and claiming Walcott was a worldy? How very Pierre of you.

    Hopefully, you’ll be back on the golf course this week where the weather looks to be bringing a warm spell just to make it a more enjoyable experience.

    Enjoy because you’re more cranky than ever here for the last couple of days.

    Self confessed and self appointed blog contrarian is fine and often amusing, but you should leave ‘stupid is as stupid does’ to Don. He’s much better at it than you after years of practice; a real natural!

    Have at it Don.

    Do you want to have a go at my race ancestry or the fact my wife is a Thai woman, so must be a pole-dancing sex worker, as you’ve repeatedly done in the past over the years, especially with your altar ego rotten-to-the-core veg, Aubergine (with many monikers like you Don), who pops up whenever you’re let out of the bin? Strange that isn’t it?

    You could try to be more inventive with your monikers after your first: Don.

    Do you think you’ll beat your record of time spent here posting before being binned? I mean you’ve been binned so many times it’s hard to know what your record is these days.

    So hilarious when you say, “My name isn’t Don” It’s……………. choose from what? 12?

  2. Gonsterous

    Guess who are other head down merchants. Ronaldo, messi, hazard, mpabbe, the list goes on. The down side isn’t being a heads down merchant, the down side is knowing when to look up and play the killer pass.

    Theo, though a terrific striker never knew when to pass, he always went on great runs with very little end product. I loved theo when he was here but his downfall was Wenger, who never pulled him to one side and showed him what to do, Wenger mostly just relied on his players to make mistakes till they learned, some players never did.

  3. Tony

    ” I don’t want a response. It was a rhetorical question.”

    Rhetorical answer., then.

    Thanks for your concern.

    No, not a break down.

    Not sure if you’ve been around for the history of Don/wiglaf and all his many monikers, but it’s never pleasant and his monikers always end up in the bin from abusive rants at posters that normally include his racism and political views.

    When Don reappears it’s never a good thing for this blog.

    Pierre’s fine & harmless we have always poked fun and often barbs at each other and mostly disagreed with each other being in different Wenger camps for a few years.

    A knowledgeable chap re Arsenal/football and golf and famed contrarian and expert baiter with posters here where Pierre likes to keep things amusingly edgy and at times with sometimes frustrating wind ups for those who fall for his antics.

    In the past it was often the case when a poster would say, I know I shouldn’t rise to Pierre, but ……..”

    Bet you wished you hadn’t asked, Cazola.

  4. Cazorla

    Tony unless you’re called Pedro, you should probably just wind your neck in. People don’t come to read your psychoanalysis of other posters but that that might just be me.

    Pleased you’re not having a break down but I’d probably put your phone down.

  5. China1

    Sid that algorithm was a one time issue not the reason why the British have for hundreds of years not bothered to learn foreign languages. It’s completely unrelated

    As for those Pisa rankings – there are 196 countries in the world. How do we manage to be as high as 15th in Science if our system is so bad? Is our science curriculum and approach really much different from other subjects? Not really. The graph on the table also shows our overall score is way higher than the OECD average. How are we outperforming so many countries on average, yet so far poor at learning foreign languages?

    As well be careful what you wish for with those comparisons which have some Asian countries near the top. Many eastern Asian countries have an absolutely horrendous amount of hours spent on extra classes and homework is what is largely a quite pointless box ticking exercise to get higher scores often at great expense to other aspects of a kids development. There’s a reason why most Chinese don’t have many hobbies or interests and it’s because through their childhood they spent a monumental amount of time learning to recite information in preparation for endless testing instead of how to creatively apply it. Yet still with their systems they manage to do better at foreign languages than we do

  6. Dream10

    Odegaard is a talented player. But, our priority should be a high quality creative player who plays higher up.

  7. Sid

    Majority of the 196 countries have copy pasted/replicated the British education GCSE system, meaning 15th is top of a poor system.
    The algorithim is not a one time issue, do you think kids that go to eton are more intelligent than kids from your neighbourhood?

  8. China1

    I don’t know how Eton membership is determined. If there is an entry test and the kids who get in would typically score higher than my old classmates would’ve then they might well be more academic (I’m wary to use intelligent because there are different facets to intelligence)

    Also that Pisa ranking has no connection to learning foreign languages. It’s about reading in your own language and problem solving – something which is very different from doing so in a foreign language in which scenario the British would likely be one of the poorest performers

  9. China1

    Test scores in general tho are often bunk

    Like at university I had a friend who was hands down better than me in every single aspect of our course and he also worked 5 times harder than me.

    In tests he used to let the pressure get to him tho whereas when I panicked in the week leading up to a test and started cramming I’d go into a test very calmly with a photographic memory, boss the test walk out the room and forget almost everything immediately

    I outperformed him in almost every single test, often substantially, over a 4 year period and my final grades were significantly better every year. Congrats to me. But if we were applying for the same job he’d have been the better candidate in truth. Smarter and with a better work ethic at the time. I just had better exam technique.

    Significantly in a lot of Asian countries a huge amount of time is spent on exam technique over actual ability, leading people to often ace their tests without always being as good as they appeared

  10. Pierre

    “Odegaard is a talented player. But, our priority should be a high quality creative player who plays higher up.”

    I would go for Neto of wolves to play on the left , with saka on the right and smith rowe/odegaard in the hole in a 4-2-3-1

    Alternately, play a 4-1-4-1 with Partey as the holding midfielder with Odegaard and smith rowe ahead of Partey , Neto on the left, saka on the right and pick anyone from Aubameyang, Martinelli, Nketiah, Lacazette, Balogun as the striker..

    That team would score bundles of goals and would bring back the excitement of watching the Arsenal again and teams will start to fear us and not take liberties against us as we would murder them on the counter.

    Sadly i don’t think Arteta is that adventurous and is more pragmatic , so expect more of the same

  11. China1

    Haha sid I agree. But you don’t need to be from an elite wealthy background to learn the foundation of a second language at senior school. It’s not rocket science and we spend more than enough hours on it

  12. chris

    Seems like Odegaard’s future is tied to whether or not Zidane stays at Real Madrid. Best scenario for us would be another loan with a first option to buy at the end of the next season, allows us to use funds elsewhere in the summer.

    Side note – Anybody else watched Seaspiracy? Anyone still eating fish who has a choice, please stop.

  13. Rich


    The more educated people are by the system, the more stupid they are.

    There’s a big different between people who can take in information and then remember it, and people who have the common sense to question the information they’re being fed

    The reason private schools do better than public schools, is if the private education sector don’t produce good results, they go bankrupt

    If the public education sector don’t reduce good results, everyone gets paid the same anyway, so there’s no internal pressure to improve, because it’s state funded

    Then instead of the public sector trying to learn from the private sector, taking the good parts of private education, then dragging themselves up to that same level, or innovating further, and getting the public sector producing better results that the private sector

    The left would rather just remove private schools from the equation altogether, because screaming about inequality, is a lot easier than actually putting in the extra effort, in order to lift up your own standards

    A truly free market is nature’s change agent, it wipes out waste and inefficiency, and makes way for progress and innovation

    The public sector monopolies give you no meaningful way to measure progress against stagnation or regression, because all you’re left with is the statuesque, failure is then continually rewarded

    Bureaucracies reward failure, and spread like viruses , the only people who benefit from big centralised bureaucracies, are the bureaucrats themselves

    Competitive market places wipe out businesses that fail, and make way for ones that don’t

    Kids that go to Eton aren’t smarter than kids that go to state schools, but the people who run Eton are more motivated to produce better results than state run quangos, because their very existence depends on it

  14. Rich


    If we could sign Neto + Odegaard this summer, and renew Saka + Smith-Rowe on 5 year deals, and also tie down Balogun

    Then somehow sell Lacazette, Willian, Nketiah, and loan out Nelson

    We’d have a forward line that would be the envy of the football world

    Odegaard, Smith-Rowe
    Saka, Pepe
    Neto, Martinelli
    Aubameyang, Balogun

    Neto looks like the real deal, as does Odegaard

  15. Bob N16

    Talking shite Rich. The main reasons for fee paying schools achieving higher results is selection in the intake and small class sizes. Believing that somehow the state system should ‘copy’ private schools would require an enormous amount of funding which someone of your political persuasion might find awkward.

    To illustrate, a friend of mine has just taken a job teaching Economics at A level in a private school, he will be paid the same salary working one day less a week. He’s leaving class sizes of 18 to now teach classes of 4. The new classes get six lessons a week rather than five.

    How can the state system compete with that?

  16. Dream10


    Pedro Neto is a quality young player. He has pace and runs in behind. He’s receiving interest from Juventus, Man City and Man Utd. Apparently Juventus tried to sign him last summer, but they wanted to pay less cash up front and more incentives. It will probably take a Partey sized fee to sign him. He’s worth it though.
    Jadon Sancho is the dream signing, but he’s the type of player that can choose his destination

  17. Kroenkephobe


    You are to education policy what Harold Shipman was to patient care. About as awful as your ideological buddy Gavin Williamson. Don’t you have a filter for this type of bollockry?

  18. Sid

    @Rich, Do you realise its in interests of Feudalism/Empire/bureacracy to provide bad public education,
    In your own words
    ‘the only people who benefit from big centralised bureaucracies, are the bureaucrats themselves’

  19. London gunner

    I am no fan of the left but this rich bloke sounds like an extreme right wing loon.

    If it was up to him we would have an American like system where going to uni would occur huge life long debt and people wouldn’t be able to receive health care for free instead they’d have to pay 1000s for an an AE visit because the free market Is always right 😉 even when it’s rigged by the boys at the top.

    I believe in meritocracy and no state hand outs but we need an even playing field from the start. people like rich born into wealth and privilege want to keep that head start.

    We need to make sure we don’t devolve into an American like system where the winner takes all for them and theirs.

  20. Rich

    Bob N16

    The reason class sizes are too big, is mass uncontrolled immigration

    We’re a population of 66 million, that until very recently, had an open door policy to a population to over 520 million people

    Our population has been going up by over 500,000 p/a, and over 65% of that has been coming from immigration, that’s the city the size of Southampton x 2, every single year

    Nowhere else in the world outside the EU, do people move to a country without requiring a visa, and instantly receive free education for their children, and also go to the front on the line in terms of choice

    Putting my kids into school in Australia rightly cost me a fortune for the first 5 years, because I had to pay into the system, before I took out

    Before late 2015, people could move to the U.K. from anywhere inside the EU, apply for a National Insurance card, declare they were staying, and instantly receive housing benefits, and every benefit available to people who’d payed into the system for years, without paying in a single penny, they could also send child benefits home to children, who’s never stepped a foot in this country

    If we want more money for education, defence and healthcare, then we need to stop spunking so much money up against the wall in areas the state has no need to be

    We should be setting the national curriculum based on the best education systems around the world, have independent markers for school grades

    And then franchise out the education system, creating an internal competitive marketplace for education, based on results,

    Successful educators would be rewarded with extensions to their franchises along with bonuses, useless educators will be handed their p45’s, or sent into higher performing schools for re-education

    We also need to start giving kids IQ tests and aptitude tests, these tests are incredibly accurate, and will ensure that exceptional kids from whatever background, will have the opportunity to attend schools with other exceptional kids, and becoming our future leaders and innovators, a truly meritocratic system not based on class

    We’re not tapping into young people’s potential, too many kids don’t know where their strengths lie, because we don’t test them, which is really unforgivable, because we have the tools to do it

    They finish school, waste £50,000 on some useless degree like gender studies, or lesbian dance theory, and are then completely complexed when they finish their education, and aren’t offered a 6 figure salary and company car

    I’m certainly not against smaller class sizes for state schools if it can be proven to improve children’s education, providing you can show me a system that rewards quality educators, and either re-educates bad educators, or removes them from the system entirely

    But you won’t convince me of the argument that we should increase taxes to pay for an education system, that’s currently built around rewarding failure, and is currently failing our next generation

    Making subjects easier to pass, will definitely improve the amount of people who’ll pass, but it won’t ever improve overall standards of the institutions of this country

    Providing that standards were kept high, I also wouldn’t be against state funded incentives for kids to produce higher grades

    Telling your kids they can have a new computer game or pair of trainers if they get all A’s, and don’t get into any trouble, works remarkably well, regardless of class sizes

  21. Tom

    “Side note – Anybody else watched Seaspiracy? Anyone still eating fish who has a choice, please stop.“

    Chris , I’d like to say shocking but it really wasn’t. None of it.
    Mostly just sad how stupid we are when it comes to the awful things we do to each other, the animals, and the planet.

  22. China1

    But rich it’s easier said than done for public schools when actually they’re quite heavily constrained by what they can and can’t do according the national system

    Also it’s easy to say drag the public schools up to private levels but how are they supposed to compete for the best teachers when they can provide neither the salary, prestige or environment of a high end private school? In that free market you always like so much it’s far easier for the best private schools to remain the best than it is for your average local school to catch them

  23. China1

    As well a lot of private schools won’t even take many kids who don’t fit certain academic criteria

    Really I’m not sure it’s that difficult for a school that already has prestige, a wonderful environment, set in a wealthy location, funds for top end teachers and the ability to restrict entry access to only ‘suitable’ kids. It’s a self fulfilling prophesy that they will do well.

    It’s like comparing arsenal with Sheffield Utd. It’s not impossible for them to finish above us but it’s not only an enormous ask but to do it repeatedly over any extended length of time is going to be completely unrealistic

  24. Rich

    The reason university is so expensive is that the left promised to give “free” education in universities

    Firstly…. there’s no such thing as free education, so why should someone who chooses to leave school at 18 and get a job, pay increased taxes for people who choose to get a qualification or trade?

    If you choose to go to university, you should pay for the benefit of that education, not expect others to pick up the tab, it’s your choice, nobody else’s

    If people aren’t paying for their education, they could do 3 out of a 4 year degree, decide they want to go travelling, drop out, and the tax payer has funded that 3 wasted years

    They could come back, decide they want to do another 4 year degree, then drop out before they finish that degree as well…

    If people aren’t paying for their education, they could hypothetically hang around universities their whole life, curtesy of other tax payers, that type of basket case lunacy is completely unsustainable

    Once the left offered “Free education” that wasn’t really free

    The right had to retaliate by offering loans, and once there was profit in education, education prices naturally sky rocketed

    The demand was increased by foreign students, and as places became less available, prices naturally shot up further

    There’s no such thing as free further education, there’s just grown ups who make choices, and who should be responsible for the costs of those choices

    Not passing the costs of “their” choice onto other tax payers

    It’s called personal responsibility

  25. Kroenkephobe

    Can you hear the sound of horses coming?

    Yes, it’s me getting ready to drive a coach and horses through your mean, daily mail inspired thicko bullshit about almost anything under the sun except Arsenal which is the point of this forum. You’re a cretin that does the site a huge disservice by being provocative and divisive.

    Nah, hold the horses I just can’t be bothered.

  26. Tom

    Rich is just another middle aged, middle class white guy who had been convinced “welfare queens “ are the main reason for his financial struggles and not the tax dodging wealthy corporations.

  27. China1

    Rich the vast majority of uni students are paying back their student loans over time. Loan being the key word here. As a former student I can assure you the £24k of debt didn’t get forgiven by the government…

  28. China1

    Also rich that’s not how it works where you have an infinite right to keep getting student loans from the government. It’s simply false

    I did a combined bachelors and masters course and I have to pay back every penny of the 24k over time with the repayment size each month dependent on how much I earn and the country I live in.

    Secondly I actually enrolled on an MBA course about 3 years ago when I was planning to move back, and I was going to need to pay the tuition in full by myself up front because I’m already a post graduate, but plans changed so we ended up not coming back.

    Btw whilst I wasn’t applying there, if you wanna go to the bastion of liberal left Cambridge uni for an MBA has a post grad it will set you back £60k or more with no help from the gov for the vast majority of applicants

    I don’t think many students would consider that free

  29. chris


    Re Seaspiracy, I knew the fishing world wasn’t pretty but didn’t imagine it would be as awful as the documentary exposed. Fair play to the filmmakers risking their lives in Thailand to get this all out in the public eye. It’s all in their, government corruption, environmental and cruelty to animals and ourselves. We have such a long way to go as a species it almost makes you wonder whether we will ever be any better.

  30. S Asoa

    Problem with Arsenal is having skint Kroenke as the owner every purchase of players looks like a painful exercise wherein one is committing the entire life savings and it is scary.
    In January, Oedegard was valued by Madrid at 30 mil. If we were smart, Real would have sold the kid for 35-40 mil. Next season Oedegard would go only upwards to 50 mil, based on his performance at the Emirates. Skint ends up paying twice as much.

  31. Rich


    The point I was making about “free” education, was the comment London Gunner made about people picking up big debts for education

    Going to university shouldn’t be free like many of the left claim, because there’s no such thing as free, (apart from Sid’s advice” and it’s unfair for people who choose to go to university, to pass the costs onto people who don’t go to university, because that’s the very definition of an unequal system

    The reason that education prices have risen exponentially above inflation, is that as soon as the government offered loans, and there was profit in education to be made, education prices natural increased

    As they opened up their market to foreign students, demand increased even further, supply reduced, and prices continued to rise

    The best way to manage inflation is to allow the market to correct itself, if there’s inflation in the market, that means there’s decreased supply, and plenty of demand

    Which opens the door for businesses to create more of what’s in short demand, and the market corrects itself

    And deflation is exactly the same, if there’s an oversupply into the market, prices drop through the floor, and the market will clear out the surplus all on it’s own

    This is why managed immigration is essential, because you can’t plan for the immediate future needs of a country, if you don’t know how many people you need to facilitate for

    How many roads, doctors, nurses, schools, class sizes, etc you’ll need…

    If you have an oversupply of kids, and an undersupply of class spaces or teachers, then if Bob is right, and oversized classes are detrimental to the quality of children’s education

    Then you have a problem, and that’s not the immigrants fault, it’s the fault of those that govern us, for putting us in a position where we can’t plan, due to open borders

    It is the UK governments job to put the interests of the people of the United Kingdom first, and that shouldn’t be a controversial statement

    It’s the same with universities, if you flood the market with foreign students, the profits of the universities will increase, but so will the demand for places, which increases prices, and the size of the class rooms, which apparently decreases the quality of the education on offer

  32. Cazorla

    Rich why is it that people are so offended by an opinion?

    It’s honestly embarrassing, it’s not like you’re pissing on anyone’s kids.

  33. Rich


    Lefties have an burning desire to be constantly offended

    Because If they can highlight to someone that they know something is wrong

    Then they can also feed their own vanity at the same time, by portraying themselves as virtuous

    If they can also point out how evil someone else’s opinions are, in comparison to their own, they can highlight their virtues even further

    Which gives them twice the dopamine hit

    Virtue and vanity are best of mates

    These people are rarely offended, they just like to feign offence, because it makes them feel good

    Take Tom, our resident non racist,, who doesn’t believe in gender, and is probably against agism as well….

    He’s just called me out for being a middle aged white guy

    The definition of racism or sexism, is a belief that one race or gender is inferior to another, or discriminating against someone based on gender or race

    So by connecting race and gender to my opinions, Tom’s just highlighted his brazen racism, sexism and ageism, against middle aged, white men

    He’s so busy looking for the dopamine hit of proving his non discriminatory views, he’s actually highlighted how discriminatory his views actually are, he’s gone full circle

    All in search of the dopamine hit he needs from highlighting his virtues

    And this is the modern left in a nutshell….

  34. Sid

    This council estate guy is intelligent, the world would be a better place if his public school had as much resources as Eton

  35. Bob N16


    Your position appears weaker when rather than debate, you choose to accuse those who disagree with your viewpoint as being too easily offended. It suggests that you’d rather make it about name-calling than about reasoned arguments. Creating a ‘binary’ discussion feels characteristic of a certain mentality.

  36. Rich


    I don’t accuse people of being too easily offended

    I accuse them of feigning offence, in order to highlight their
    own virtues, and feed their own vanity

    Do try to keep up….

  37. China1

    Rich there are a lot of issues with an overly sensitive far left but the same is equally true of the far right

    Watch Fox News or read the daily mail and absolutely every trivial thing (like some people saying happy holidays instead of merry Christmas) is turned into some faux outrage and fury.

    The far left and right are as bad as each other

  38. China1

    Well in terms of nonsense I mean. The far right is obviously far more aggressive and prone to totalitarianism lol

  39. Rich


    There’s a reason why you never see people fleeing countries with a free market, but you always see people fleeing socialist and communist countries, with large centralised bureaucracies, that control every aspect of their lives

    The left want the government to spend their money, rather than choosing how to spend their own money, that’s as authoritarian as it gets

    That’s like giving your kids pocket money, then demanding they walk down Asda to buy you some beef monster, so you can make a crisp sandwich

    We want a population who is strong and self reliant, not a population who are reliant on the state, and are afraid to sneeze without the governments permission

    Communism and socialism is left wing, socialists scream power to the people, but what they really mean

    Is power over people, power to the state

    There can be no freedom without financial freedom, because they’re inextricably linked, you get to choose how you spend your money, what products you buy, how much you save, what business you want to setup

    People love talking down our country, but there’s a reason why we were recently voted the country most people would like to live, in spite of our horrendous weather

    My views on economics aren’t actually right wing, they’re classical liberal economic views, that were pushed by free thinking liberals during the 1800s

    It’s the mistake most people make about Thatcher, Thatcher wasn’t a Tory, she was an outsider, socially she was Conservative, but economically she was a liberal

    Unfortunately we’ve not seen anyone pushing liberal economics in this country, since Thatcher was ousted by the Europhiles in her own party over 30 years ago

    Technically my views on economics aren’t right wing or authoritarian, they’re based on people choosing, rather than the state choosing for them

    Unfortunately we haven’t had a

  40. Doublethink

    You really think the far left are as bad as the far right? The far right were trying to overturn an election in January and I’m struggling to think of something comparable from the left though.

  41. China1

    Double that’s why I clarified my point

    I think there’s a tonne if nonsense from the far left and also a lot of outright nasty bollocks

    But as I said it’s the far right that loves itself some good old fashioned fascism so in terms of seriousness yeah the right is miles worse

    But for day to day talking nonsense I think the far left does more than it’s fair share

  42. China1

    Rich that’s not as authoritarian as it gets

    Look at all of the most authoritarian regimes in the world and ask yourself if your standard ‘leftist liberal snowflake’ would even be welcome there. The LBQT lot would be put on death row in half of those countries for just existing.

    I think you’ll find it was Fox News recently bigging up Putin and getting excited for how he would hopefully trounce Biden in a debate. Just like it was the right making up lies about the election to try and overthrow democracy in its entirety

    There’s really not much of a leg for the far right to stand on when it comes to this debate lol

  43. China1

    Lol rich you literally cannot be serious that high taxes and large welfare programs are ‘as authoritarian as it gets’

    Like do you think we went to war with nazi germany because their government insisted on high taxes to pay for welfare programs???

  44. Champagne Charlie

    Rich is talking economics (well….), and baiting imaginary snowflakes.

    Must be an international break.

  45. Davi

    Doublethink – did you see the time article about how the election was “fortified”? That’s beyond shady and calls into question everything you see in the media.