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I mean, come on.

£15m a year.

Pure winner.


Squad BUILT for him.

Premier League looking good.

He’s taking Spurs back to the top.



2-0 up after the home leg because Jose managed to switch the tie so Arsenal would have to play Spurs after an away leg in Europe. Cruuuuuuising 0-0 on 60 minutes. Then bang. Next thing you know, Mislav Oršić turns it on. 2 goals. Extra time. One more goal. BOOOOOOOOOM

Spurs drop out of the Europa League as Dinamo Zagreb drop a win for the ages.


That loss was for all the melts that maintained Jose Mourinho was an elite hire.

That loss was for all those who did a little wet patch when Spurs were top of the league.

Never, ever forget… Jose is a busted flush.

He’s not coaching a sustainable model of football. He has one trick, if it doesn’t work, he has nothing. They let Dinamo Zagreb have 21 shots at their goal. STAGGERING. A total battering. A beautiful one as well.

Anyway, Arsenal played, we were shite, but we did what we needed to do and made it through to the quarter finals.

But Spurs, come on, isn’t it funny? Poch takes them to the Champions League final, and Jose can’t get a turn out of them after 19 months. INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS.

Back to Arsenal.

The headline is we won. We learned some very important lessons about our midfield and defence. The team has a lot to learn from that game.

The biggest miss in midfield was control. Mo Elneny and Dani Ceballos aren’t going to give you what you need when it comes to control. When central midfield doesn’t work, the entire system fails. That said, we still went into half time giving them two attempts at goal.

The second half was really poor. The Greeks weren’t good, but we couldn’t click, we didn’t work hard enough, and there was a lack of concentration all over the park.

It was the sort of game that shows you why David Luiz needs to be moved on this summer. He was really poor. Switching off when it mattered, giving us a really low energy game. It’s part of who he is, not a good day for him. I also thought the difference between Hector and Cedric was clear… I didn’t trust the runs down the right would amount to much.

Auba had a really, really poor all game. I don’t say this lightly, but he was a disgrace. Was he hungover from being dropped? Was he angry at starting a Europa game? Whatever it was, it was bad. It looked like he was sulking. He fluffed some extremely good chances, his control was terrible, and he was half in it with his movement. Embarrassing stuff from him. I’m surprised he stayed on. Martinelli would have made us far more dangerous. Auba just didn’t fancy it and really, a man of his talents should be killing that game with chances like he had. Very, very sloppy… it was very immature from a man in his 30s.

Arteta had eventually seen enough. He subbed off Mo and Dani and brought on control in Partey and Odegaard. It made things instantly a lot better, but still, we were messy in possession. Thomas Partey was very iffy with some of his play and though he gave us comfort, it wasn’t exactly a reassuring performance.

Sure, we need to do better in the next round, but I’m not sure we’d have played like that if we’d needed to win. Something about the marching orders had the players thinking about Fortnite or whatver they do in the evenings. I’m not sure the squad is professional enough to take a 0-0 instruction set without fucking up. A bit like kids on non-uniform day, they just went straight to slacker mode.

Still, we had enough chances to do more damage than the score suggests. 12 shots, 5 on target… a few really big chances. ESR even popped up to tip a shot of their line. Very kind of him.

Overall, it was the worst performance of 2021 for me. I hope there are consequences for the weekend thinking. Gabriel M came on and offered us control and he created chances and noise that Auba wasn’t really doing. If we drop something like that against West Ham, make no mistake, they will smash us.

Still, we won. We did the bare minimum and limited a decent European side to 2 shots on target in a game they needed to come at us in.

The squad needs work this summer. The midfield is a couple of injuries away from absolute November form. That needs to be fixed. No new deals for players that needed to go last summer, no renewal of loans for players that haven’t found their footing in two seasons… Arteta needs to kick his addiction to players that have no future with us.

Anyway, enough analysis. Today, the floor is yours… let’s all laugh at Spurs ahahahhahahahaaahaha!

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  1. Mr Serge

    Rich the puma shirts would only fit 18;year olds that have zero fat
    Even Santi looked fat in one
    The addidas ones fit well. I must have put on 2 stone since the 90 s and I can fit in my old addidas kits

  2. Pierre

    “We’ve dropped more than 10 points since Xmas alone because of our inability to score.”

    I would say 6 of the points dropped were through defensive mistakes .

    Wolves penalty and red card when we were strolling the game and luiz was caught out of position 10 seconds before half time.
    Villa ..mistake first minute.
    Burnley ..xhaka..say no more

  3. Mr Serge

    Personnel again Pierre laca is the only striker that suits the system
    I would play Gabby more he had a great cameo yesterday

  4. Champagne Charlie


    Can say that if you want, but mistakes happen no matter who you are and it’s up to a side’s superiority to put themselves in a commanding position to where they can absorb any mistakes made. Our mistakes are instant loss of points because we’ve been utterly impotent at the top end, 37 goals in 28 games. That’s an average of 50 goals for a 38 game season and the lowest total since 1995.

    Villa, Wolves, and Burnley we scored 2 goals in 3 games. We’ve drawn blanks against City, United, Villa, Palace in the league (3 of which were home games), Saints in the FA cup, Olympiacos at home again last night.

    That’s since Boxing Day alone. We don’t score nearly enough. The worst goal difference of the current top 4 is 19, the best is 43, ours? Ours is 8.

    Our defence hasn’t been the issue this season, not even close.

  5. Uwot?

    Whatever happens Sunday .please god don’t let that prick Lindgard score.Coulldnt stomach one of the little pricks stupid f*** ng dances.VAR is Atkinson.Expect no favours.

  6. Pierre

    “Our defence hasn’t been the issue this season, not even close.”

    But It could be an issue now , 14 goals comceded in 11 games is not good enough , especially as that includes 4 games in the europa.

    If Mari is fit, I can see Arteta bringing him in for Gabriel unless we tighten up..

  7. Pierre

    Mr Serge
    Martinelli did look sharp , maybe he is ready to make his mark this season.

    Maybe it’s time for a couple of little injuries to our strikers to open the door for martinelli , similar to when Smith Rowe grabbed his chance.

  8. Pierre

    “Our mistakes are instant loss of points because we’ve been utterly impotent at the top end, 37 goals in 28 games. That’s an average of 50 goals for a 38 game season and the lowest total since 1995.”

    We all know why we were not scoring goals in the first half of the season.
    Arteta decided he didn’t want to play with a CAM , a link man , someone who could create space for his team mates , consequently out strikers were feeding off scraps.
    How many hours was it without a goal from open play..13 hours…

    Fortunately smith rowe fell into his lap to save his job ..

  9. Champagne Charlie


    ESR and Odegaard have played since Jan and I just listed 9 games where we scored a lofty 3 goals combined. As far as ESR falling into his lap, that makes no sense given he kept him here to be part of the first team squad.

  10. WengerEagle

    I personally love the draw, went about as well as possible for us.

    With respect to Slavia, we ought to be winning that one although we’ll have to take them very seriously. Put some decent sides to the sword already in Sevilla, Leicester and even Rangers.

    Barring an upset, would set up a ball-tingling SF clash with Mr Ebening himself. Jokes aside, although I was never an Emery fan he always came across as a classy and top bloke. Very respectable manager and consummate pro, just wasn’t the right fit for us.

    And a possible Final vs United. I prefer our chances against them in a one off game than over 2 legs.

  11. Zacharse

    Berbatov has us losing this weekend 2-0 I think we win 2-1 after going down first. I think our attack, bar auba, smell blood now

  12. Northbanker

    The detractors keep using this ESR theory that he was a chance discovery

    It is utter BS as Arteta welcomed him back publicly. from loan and the he was injured

    But the dementors on here are determined to state the case that anything that works is pure luck

  13. Champagne Charlie

    Good to see you mate, you fancy us for a EL final this year?

    Oh I know, there’s an inquest whenever something goes wrong, but it’s written off as pure luck and chance when things go well – can only laugh. It’s daft, if an opinion on anything is that rigid in the face of more and more data then it’s not an opinion, it’s an agenda at that point.

  14. China1

    Lol Charlie at least I’m fair enough to acknowledge torreira and Ceballos should both be let go at the end of the season

    Will you ever accept xhaka is not good enough for a team with top end ambitions?

    Ceballos is an interesting one tbh because in the second half of last season he was excellent but he did nothing else either before or since. I don’t think his talent is an issue but he can’t be depended on, that much is clear

  15. Cazorla

    China but I don’t think you’re getting it. You admit that torriera and ceballos need to leave but where does that leave our midfield? Xhaka isn’t the final solution but as
    Soon as you come to the realisation that he won’t be leaving the better you’ll feel. We need to upgrade but he won’t be sold.

    He’s always fit and he’s always available. All managers see this and all managers utilise him.

    People need to recognise he isn’t vieira or petit but he is important for us right now and isn’t the main problem I our side.

  16. Champagne Charlie


    There’s really no “at least” on the subject though, you’ve been totally blind to all and sundry who’ve come in over the past three years as you unashamedly talked them up just to put Xhaka down. There’s no measure there at all.

    I don’t need to admit or concede anything speculative. Not once have I deemed Xhaka a cornerstone to anything long term, I’ve just dismissed the nonsense spoken out against him.

    In fact on several occasions I’ve talked up our need to buy in CM, and who I’d have over Xhaka were he up for sale (Rabiot, Thiago, Merino). Difference being I acknowledge what he brings to the side and refuse to indulge a fantasy where he’s this gormless midfielder replaceable by anything and anyone. Clearly fucking isn’t, shock horror.

    Same will apply to this summer. He’s not on any list of outs for me, he’s one of two reliable CM players and the rest (Torreira, Guen, Elneny, Willock, Ceballos) should be binned so we start next season with Partey, Xhaka and ideally two fresh faces. I’m sure you’ll be talking up the apparent need to get rid of Xhaka though, never mind the fact that leaves us with Thomas Partey as the entirety of our midfield.

  17. Tony

    Charlie good to see you back with a full arsenal (no pun intended) of dry power to continue on with your unique brand of divisive posts and that true, no nonsense CC swinging style in defending your POVs even when sometimes you’re defending the indefensible.

    You’ve been sorely missed by many here including myself.

    Just need Marko, RH and Marc back and the Le-Grove octagon will be ready for the inevitable who’s point is right rumbles.

  18. Tony

    Good to see Partey not including in his Ghana internationals.

    Now he can concentrate on his fitness for the PL, something he’s lacking probably because he as to be Xhaka’s minder and still adjusting to the PL pace and intensity.

    Sorry about my laziness using MO instead of using Odegaard and confusing you lol.

    I’ve heard those Chinese herbs are very strong, but the sense of well being is worth the odd lapse of concentration in the land of Zen.

    Joking aside you still playing guitar?

  19. Gonsterous

    I’ve been banging on last season about how ceballos like any average Spanish midfielder loves playing in the heat. Spain is the one place where players are used to playing in extreme heat and last season as the PL got played through the summer, we saw the other PL players play worse than in the winter months, whilst players like ceballos thrived not because they played better but because everyone else around them played worse.

    That’s my theory anyway.

  20. China1

    Cazorla xhaka will still be in the arsenal first team 3 years from now, I 100% believe this and I also believe arsenal will still not have competed for a league title with one of the key factors being our CM. I’ve long since accepted he’s bulletproof even if I won’t stop blaming the fact that he is being a core problem for us

    Charlie you can take a breath. Been off the site for months because of all the negativity and nonsense being spouted on the comments etc you say then back here firing shots left right and center on day 1 of your return.

    Despite the fact we usually disagree on everything I actually was a little concerned youd been gone that long as you’ve been a regular on here since forever.

    So again. Welcome back and maybe save some shots for someone who can be arsed to read them because we both know neither I nor a good majority of the people on here are likely to be convinced that Xhaka is a good player. His recent 2 assists for the opposition in the league at a time when he’s on his best form has undone some of the goodwill he was building prior. He was genuinely good against Spurs though.

    You mistake my disliking for him as a player as some kind of agenda. The reality is I’ve just seen enough. He’s been here ages. He’s not the level I want to see and he’s often been significantly below it. Its been ages now and I don’t have any patience for it.

    But I’ll call his performances good when I think they’re that and I think since Christmas he’s been on his best ever arsenal form. Unfortunately that has still involved some critical mistakes and I wouldn’t describe many of those performances as much other than solid and not near the levels I would hope for in an Arsenal first choice CM.

    Re replacing him in the summer. My #1 priority is replacing him as a first 11 player. If a good offer came in for him I’d be open to selling but I doubt that’s going to happen because of a combination of covid but just as much because I don’t think many teams would put much money on the table for him. Which teams with significant money would be interested? He’s not going anywhere and we’re losing or selling half our midfielders this summer so I’m hoping we buy a first 11 player to replace him and do a loan for a squad CM like Ceballos (not him, but this kind of deal).

    If xhaka was a squad player like el Neny I’d have more patience with him and be less critical. But he was very expensive at the time and still in the first 11 as an automatic starter. If he’s a rotation option next year I’ll be kinder about it. If he’s still first name on the team sheet then I will still find it bemusing that people wonder why if arsenal fail to reach the next level

  21. China1

    Tony lol no need to apologize. I often called el Neny Mo before I noticed the incredible Pyramid Pirlo and Thursday Night Pirlo names came to my attention so it’s a logical mistake

    Re guitar, I haven’t played much recently, just a little. I’ve been playing Piano tho. I’m a beginner but my son is having classes so I sit with him and help him practice. But my boy finds most of the kids songs he’s learning a bit dull. His taste in music is Calvin Harris LOL. So on the side to learning Old McDonald or Happy Birthday I’m teaching him Calvin Harris songs haha. Does wonders for his motivation

  22. China1

    Tony speaking of Chinese herbs ive been won over by Chinese traditional medicine

    My wife had a condition which is generally considered incurable in the west and she’s now totally cured by every western metric after 4 months of the stuff. 6 months after she finished taking it and her condition has not come back.

    Not sure what things are like in Thailand but here you can choose western or traditional medicine. It’s fucking gross tho. You get this bag of stuff that looks like it’s just been scooped off the forest floor and go through this quite inconvenient process of boiling and preparing it each night then drink it and it’s always bitter as hell and stinks.

    I tried some medicine for a stomach issue years back and I couldn’t keep it down because the taste and smell was so bad. Dunno how the locals manage it

  23. Tony

    Sounds like you have a deep connection with your son from what you’ve mentioned here.

    The feeling of that bond is emotionally intensive and difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

    My daughter started with piano for 6 years and then added guitar. Inexplicably just as she was hitting controlled levels in her play she stopped saying she’ll come back to it in the future.

    She’s 23 and not surprisingly both her boyfriends play in uni bands.

    Golf fever has led my son (13) away from learning guitar and his foray into digital programming.

    I told them both if they learn to play an instrument competently, it will open a wonderful array of connections throughout their lives as they’ve seen with my musician and music tech friends.

    Re the herbs my wife is Chinese Thai so the Khun Yai (grandmother) Chinese side of the family always has such jollop you speak of.

    It’s amazing how better you feel when you lay eyes on the often nauseating concoction that comes with a rancid odour that permeates the room long after you’ve quietly flushed it down the toilet.

    Really cool that Chinese medicine has cured your wife. It’s always worth noting that Chinese medicine has been around a very long time being the mainstay of medicine for a couple billion people for the last few 1000 years? (Guessing figures here)

    It certainly has its place in alternative world medicine .

  24. China1

    Hah Tony Glad to know I’m not the only whose suffered that godawful smell. Some of them actually taste almost bearable if they have mint in there but most are so disgusting

    Re kids, yeah I can’t claim to be a perfect dad but I do spend a lot of my time each week trying to analyze my parenting so I do try my best. It’s very obvious from how much and fondly you talk of your kids that you do too

    Digital programming is a good route. Working in tech Finance I find myself very conscious of how so many jobs will be lost to automation in the coming few decades that one of the most ‘futureproof’ industries will be tech itself.

  25. Tony

    Sure China I can be over analytical with parenthood, my wife is similar.

    At the moment my son is only looking at digital music programming using a Pro Tools type software.

    My daughter learnt to code as part of her aerospace engineering studies. She’ll more likely to go the tech or electrical engineering route.

    Back to football what are your thoughts on tomorrow’s game?

    Moyes has got West Ham playing well and Lingard is proving a good acquisition.

    Both managers know each other well.

    If Arteta can improve on the Spud’s game, we can win or at least come away with a point.

    Can’t see West Ham affording us the space the Spuds did.

    I’ll have a better idea when we see the line up.

  26. Habesha Gooner

    Charlie bringing up the Xhaka Vs Torreira debate again. Even now at Xhaka’s best, I would rather have Torreira. I think he brings a lot more to the table. And he doesn’t have any obvious weakness that teams can exploit. Xhaka at his best is still an error prone player. The burnley pass will always happen with Xhaka. At his best Torreira was flying for us. Even at the start of Arteta’s tenure he played 8 to 9 games where he put in 8 out of 10 performances. Xhaka at his best is a 7 out of 10 performer. Just because a manager favours a certain type of player doesn’t all of a sudden make them better. If I were to choose I would keep Torreira to backup Partey. I would sell Xhaka and Elneny. I would Keep Guendouzi and bring in one other CM. 3 months of form will never make me forget a 4 year worth of crappy performances. And I won’t forget why we have dropped to this level. CM is a very important position. And we can’t have Xhaka in it long-term.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Luiz is due a game where goes on a bender and leaves everyone shaking their heads…

    I would not play him versus West Ham.

    I would play Holding and Mari if they are both fit… we need to start winning and if possible do so by putting together some clean sheets behind us.

  28. Tony

    “And he doesn’t have any obvious weakness that teams can exploit.”

    How about he’s a 166cm lightweight? That not Weakness?

    Still ok as a squad player (sub) but not suited to the PL as a regular starter. He just gets overrun and knocked to the floor too easily.

    Don’t disagree with you about Xhaka.

    Most important things for the club to do for the summer is to sell Xhaka to help fund and keep Odegaard and for next season and then make him permanent.

  29. Leedsgunner

    As Tony has already alluded Arteta should have Moyes’ number when it comes to tactics.

    Arteta was the first name on the team sheet when Moyes was the manager at Everton. Arteta should already live in Moyes’ head… yet I hope he doesn’t try to be too cute and go all defensive.

    It didn’t work with City when he faced Pep and it won’t work now.

    We need to play to our strength and attack from the off.

  30. Tony

    West ham have always been a bit of a bogy team especially at at their old ground.


    Agree with you we need to press high up the pitch with a high tempo.

    That means Willian and Auba should be on the bench.

    I’d like to see Martinelli get a start with Laca, ESR, Odegaard all high octane runners when pressing.

    For the last few games of Pepe’s input, you can add Pepe to putting in a good shift in tracking back and pressing from the front with him starting on the left.

    It’s a very winnable game if Arteta plays it right.

  31. Foxy

    Could torreira perhaps play well alongside Partey as he has only really been judged wirh Xhaka which is tough for anyone. The scary bit about our midfield at the moment is that Xhaka is vital not because he is great but we have no one better to replace as partner to Partey

  32. Northbanker

    I would also prefer Torreira but really we need an upgrade on both. Torreira was always close to a red card I hope we target Bissouma although like T he will need to improve his discipline.

    I would also bring back Guen but he’d have to have a contract extension as otherwise we lose the resale value

  33. Sid

    The system fears strong minded males like Guen, pogba, Saliba

    Meek agreeable lambs, average talent are prefered, like Xhakalson

    Just check around your place of work.

  34. TeeCee

    Xhaka is always fit because he moves too slow to ever have a muscle injury and doesn’t tackle enough for an impact injury…….I am amazed though that he hasn’t had repetitive strain on his arm from pointing so much!!

  35. Habesha Gooner

    The height of a DM doesn’t matter. Ngolo Kante is around the same height. I would say Torreira doesn’t cover as much ground as kante. But we are not comparing Torreira to kante. We are comparing him to Xhaka. Torreira as a DM in tandum with a CM that doesn’t put all the dirty work on him can be good enough for a top 4 side. I wouldn’t say that about Xhaka even if you had a competent DM like Partey beside him. Anyway Xhaka isnt specially good at anything. He doesn’t score enough. His passes aren’t penetrating enough. He is defensively shaky if he is asked to play a bit higher up field. A CM must be able to play up the pitch in tighter spaces. We still don’t know what Xhaka is. He might be a deep lying midfielder with scarce defensive qualities. But we need masters of their own trade. Torreira is good at winning the ball back.

  36. Habesha Gooner

    And the best complement you could give Xhaka through this run of form is ” He isn’t a Liability anymore apart from the burnley game”. We need match winners at CM. Players that should be discribed as non liabilities must be either CBs or fullbacks. We need our own Gundogan, Modric or Thiago kind of players there. Not the version of Azpilicueta of CMs at his best.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    There is no question that Arsenal needed to upgrade its midfield resources this season. Over
    previous two years we were substandard in that department both defensively and offensively.

    Partey was recruited to improve our defensive and control options, but was unfortunately unfit for much of the first half of season.

    Our offensive options were more or less zero during the first half of season not least because
    Ozil was rightly sidelined.

    The promotion of Smith-Rowe and the loan of Odegaard has improved immeasurably our
    midfield options.

    Moving forward the club needs to recruit Odegaard on a permanent basis if at all possible and recruit a midfield general who will provide more energy in central midfield than is offered by both Xhaka and Ceballos.

    I have no objection to holding onto Xhaka, because he has played relatively well since January. The club will need some level of rotation in the central midfield department and
    Xhaka is seldom injured.

    What we need also to do is clear the decks of unwanted players like Torreira, Guendouzi and
    Maitland-Niles. All these players have been given a fair crack of the whip at Arsenal and
    proved underwhelming.

    Looking conservatively at what these players will realise in current transfer market they
    should generate at least £50 million and that should be enough to buy at least one quality

  38. Ash79

    I’ve said it before and will say it again..

    Partey. It won’t happen for him.

    I really hope I’m wrong but haven’t seen anything yet to suggest he could dominate a midfield

  39. Bob N16

    My take on our present midfield- Partey compliments Ceballos, Elneny and Xhaka. Our CM is just about top 4 with Partey + 1. However if you take Partey out of the mix then any two of the other three are only a mid table combination.

    If we can buy a player of similar quality to Partey, we’ll see a dramatic improvement in our control of games. As has been said, Xhaka should be seen as a solid squad player who can step in when one of the two starters are injured or needs resting.

  40. DUIFG

    More I think about it I think we will look back on the kt signing as being transformational.

    Goes without saying he’s a class footballer for me though more the intangibles he brings, a British no nonsense winner who won’t take shit. You need that in your squad on the epl, you need a bit of homegrown.

    Love the signing and in future can we do a mentality check, I want winners not cowards

  41. China1

    I see us winning tomorrow. Despite the result midweek arsenal now have momentum and form of sorts and west ham are going to be getting itchy feet sooner or later about being so high up deep into the season. Their position won’t last.

    Leicester and spurs are the only ‘small’ teams that have a hope of being top 4 (spurs will come short in the end). All these other teams like villa and west ham are punching above their weight right now and it won’t last. Even if some of them finish above us, I don’t worry about facing them in a match. I don’t think any of them are that special personally

  42. China1

    Habesha torreira is getting sold and xhaka will start over 25 games next season

    That is one you can take all the way to the bank!

    Whether we like it not lol 😞

  43. China1

    DUIFG yeah I questioned the signing of Tierney at the time

    I didn’t criticize him as a player but I said it was a lot of money for a player in the Scottish league, especially a FB who generally are one of the least expensive roles. Plus he had a slightly mixed injury record

    But what can you say about Kieran? Such a quality player. I loved the absolute consistency of Monreal and thought he was a great servant but Tierney is just such a satisfying player because he just does everything so so well. That 20 odd million looks like an absolute steal right now. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t end up being the best LB we’ve seen since Cole. Wonderful signing. Not sure who scouted him or whatever but full credit.

    When I keep saying I want a Santi type signing to replace Xhaka this is exactly the kind of shit in talking about where we take some under the radar 20m player who no one else has really noticed just as he’s about to become an elite player. I just hope edu and Mikel can pull some of these out their arses because we’ll be winning if they can

  44. Northbanker

    Ash – I get your concerns with Partey and let’s hope you’re wrong. The game at Old Trafford was a great example of Partey without injury concerns and relatively fresh.

    I think you’ll be proved wrong – he needs time to properly rehabilitate from successive injuries, get match fit and adjust to the speed of the Prem. I thought both Pires and Henry were lightweight when we first bought them – it took 6 – 12 months to make me realise that coaches have a better perspective of the game than I do!

    So look forward (I hope) to next season when we see the real Partey who dominated Spain for a lengthy spell.

  45. Samir

    Even when Partey has been off form he’s still been our best CM. Just struggling with the pace of the PL. It’s early days. Expect a fully fit Partey next season.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    Partey may not be a “world beater” but he is a competent and effective box to box player and that was what we needed in the team.

    The arrival of Odegaard plus promotion of Smith-Rowe has improved our offensive performance level in midfield.

    What we need still is a midfield general a la Cazorla. That will turn Arsenal into a top 4 candidate, which should be our ambition for next season.

  47. Sid

    Partey will never be fully fit, he will take a similar path as Wanyama (29yrs playing in MLS) at Spurs

    You can take this to the bank!

  48. Rich

    It’s early days with Partey, but the way he plays has left me with no finger nails…

    He’s extremely lackadaisical, beyond casual on the edge of his own penalty box, and has given away some really stupid free kicks

    He’s a high risk, high reward player, he can beat the press in deep areas and open up the whole game, but I can see why he had the most mistakes leading to clear cut chances in La Liga last season

    He’s struggled with fitness, and it’s not uncommon for players to take a while to settle into the rhythm of the league, he’s got pedigree, and coming from a discipled team like Atletico, I thought he’d be much more switched on

    So far I’ve not been impressed, hopefully as his fitness improves, and he improves his relationships with his teammates, his performances will pick up

    He’s 27, we were supposed to be signing the finished article, who’d offer an instant uplift in quality, we really need him to start finding his feet, so we can finish strongly, swim tomorrow puts us into the mix for Europa League places

  49. Rich

    Emirates stroller

    I agree, what we need is a Cazorla type, someone who can beat the press in deep areas, but if the opposition stands off, they can run the whole game

    Hopefully Partey can settle and become that player, we’ve invested a lot of money into him, we need this to work

  50. Uwot?

    A big no no for Torreirra.A lightweight.& homesick.Not a good combo.Need some more legs & all round physicality in the middle instead of Hacker .Boubacar soumare or Bissouma of Brighton my choice.Plus a creative.Someone of the ilk of Buendia of the carrot crunchers.AFC v.interested in big N’Dicka .How that plays out for Saliba,Mavropanos remains to be seen…up top another mobile cf.Edouard of Celtic fits the bill.

  51. China1

    Half fit not yet adjusted partey is better than the rest of our CMs combined

    I’m not worried about him so long as we can focus on his fitness

  52. Rich

    N’Dicka would be a strange signing

    Have no idea about the quality of the player, but we signed 2 left footed centre backs in the last window

    He can apparently play left back as well, though it’s not his main position, so unless we are eyeing him as a left back, I’d be surprised to see it happen

  53. Nelson

    Arteta tends to over play a player. He said that Saka is in form and should not be stopped. Now he is injured. I am worry that the same thing can happy to Tierney. Last game, he didn’t look correct.

  54. Jamie

    “No more CBs please”

    Especially when you consider Luiz will no doubt be offered an extra year..

    Chambers has no future at Arsenal, and Saliba should be brought into the squad next season. We’re stacked with CBs.

    We need a LB and a backup keeper, and at least 1 CM. Should be doable with the amount of dross we can shift this summer.

  55. AFC Forever

    Partey is quality if you think otherwise you need your head examined. So many people don’t seem to understand football, you think you just throw a player into the starting 11 and bingo. Players take time to settle, not just culturally but also within a team environment. A lot of football is about instinct and that takes time to develop on the training ground and during games. He has had a couple of injuries too and that doesn’t help with integration or indeed confidence. But he is a class player. Why some people are so desperate to jump on players backs and judge them so harshly is beyond me. Support your team and your players, give them time to develop with the framework of the team and stop believing that the professional game is the same as a computer simulation or fantasy game.

  56. Uwot?

    AFC a logical,sensible approach.But that wouldn’t suit those who have an agenda.No doubt they will shortly make themselves known.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    I’ve no interest convincing you that Xhaka is a good player, it’s not even close to what I said. You brought him up, I replied in kind to take the piss about your love for Ceballos and Torreira a year later. Hold your tears, Torreira will let them out for the both of you on his way to Italy.

    Not sure what you’re reading, there is no debate being had.

  58. Jamie

    Bob –

    Yeah, I’d upgrade Hector after the other positions are addressed. I like Cedric, between the two of them RB isn’t critical. But I hear you, he plateaued years ago.

    CM is the most critical upgrade, imo. Then competition/rotation for LB and GK. We finally have strong wingers and Ode at AM has been solid for a 22 year old new to the PL. Hopefully we’ll get him on loan for next season with an option.

  59. Northbanker

    ‘No more CBs please’ – well sort of agree but if it is one in the mould of Konate then I’d be delighted. A Konate- Gabriel partnership would be immense. It would also stop us signing Luiz on for another year.

    If the plan is to simply bring back Saliba and Mavrapanos then a Luiz contract becomes more likely

  60. AFC Forever

    Bob N16

    Yes, exactly. This is also one of the problems teams have when they are in Europe, playing games every three days. There is no time to work on the training ground. When people talk about Leicester winning the league or West Ham/Everton doing well, they rarely fcator in the fact that these teams have zero midweek games. They can work on all the things they need too and spend a week developing a game plan and recovering players for the opposition. Every Manager has complained about the lack of a pre-season and the effect it has on team building and physical fitness/recovery. This is why we need to get players in early during the transfer window and have a proper pre-season – which Arteta hasn’t had, he’s had to build our identity on the fly really. Financially it’s not good to be out of Europe but unless you have a squad like Man City or play in one of the easier leagues, it can be a hindrance when you are trying to build a team.

  61. AFC Forever

    Chambers isn’t a centre back per se, he is a right-back. He can also cover the Centre back position and of course for Fulham he spent a season as the holding midfielder, storming their fans player of the season vote. So he has the versatility and that is something you need because he can cover a number of positions if necessary during a game. I actually think he’s a very good player.

    If you look at what we have: Holding, Mari, Gabriel, Luiz and add Chambers – that’s a helluva lot better than we have had in recent years! Add to the defensive positions, Tierney, Cedric and Bellerin and you can see where we are a bit short for cover. The most important thing at Centre Back is an understanding and that’s why those positions should not be regularly interchanged. You need an agreed Centre back pairing to develop an understanding that is crucial. Just throwing names around doesn’t work, it is about a partnership. Ideally, a left and right footer work well but in Arteta’s system, they also have to be able to play ball. I am a big Holding fan, I think he would be in my team.

  62. Champagne Charlie


    You think we have strong wingers? I think our attack is a massive concern.

    CF is Auba, but I’m not convinced by Auba through the middle, meanwhile Laca needs sold because we’re at a crossroads with him and we’ve tied down Auba.

    As for the wings, I’m massively underwhelmed outside Saka. I think if we add Odegaard we’ve a fantastic young core of Saka, ESR, Martinelli and Martin, but the senior attackers at the club leave a great deal to be desired.

  63. Up 4 grabs now

    I guess summer transfer window depends on money available.
    I’m guessing not a lot, which is why I think we will be shifting players on again before we can buy.

    Even our dross where we think we can sell enough of them to build a war chest might not be possible.
    Teams that might buy our deadwood cheap are in the same boat with no funds due to covid.

    I actually think the summer window will be the quietest for a long time.
    Outside of the oil clubs, money will be tight im sure.

    Players coming back like torriera and guendouzi maybe retained especially if guendouzi signs an extension.
    I know Pedro won’t be happy about that, I do think there’s a decent player in both of them though.
    And playing alongside a fit partey will improve both players even more.
    And both are an upgrade on xhaka, no matter how small.

    If we can get odegaard on loan again or even better a decent priced transfer then midfield should be set.

    An actual right back that can defend would be nice.
    And maybe a decent striker if Lacazette doesn’t extend and we could look good for that top 3-4 finish?

  64. Bob N16

    CC agree. Our issue is with PEA and Lacazette. Laca, 1 year left not prolific, PEA, a goalscorer who is poor when he’s not scoring, a ‘CF’who prefers to play on the wing.

    Watching ESR’s all round conrtribution on the left, complimenting KT’s barnstorming overlaps makes me wonder whether PEA is worth starting with.

    One shouldn’t forget PEA’s vital contribution last season but sentimentality is not progresive. Moving on, if possible both PEA and Lacazette has its attractions. Fresh, aspiring new CF with pace, workrate and heading ability, oh wait a minute Martinelli could be the man! ( + ANO)

    Get Saliba and a starting CM in the first 11 (+ Odegaard) and we’ll be rocking!

  65. Pierre

    Partey is a bit of a strange one.

    He has everything in his locker to be the player we have been needing for the last ten years or so , and yet there are elements in his game that are concerning.

    In our desperation for him to be the one , should we ignore his misplaced passes and getting caught in possession of the football in dangerous areas, plus giving away free kicks around the box.

    Lack of pre season , injuries, getting to know his team mates and not being 100% fit are used as reasons/excuses to defend his errors .

    I am one of those who are desperate for him to be the one, but i can guarantee you that if a kid like willock had come in and made similar errors and poor decision making, he would have been slaughtered on here and Arteta would have banished him to the bench (or worse)

    Where Partey has been fortunate, is that none of his errors have led to goals, so they are not highlighted and nearly everyone will turn a blind eye to them in the hope that he doesn’t become a repeat offender and will become the player we all want to see.

    I like Partey a lot , but for an experienced player his decision making is questionable..
    The team and the fans should be looking to Partey to control the game in the latter stages against teams like Tottenham, that is why we bought him.

    Instead , against Tottenham , after a very good 75 mins he became a liability and did more than anyone to hand control to Tottenham, that is not what the team meeds from an experienced player.

    There is an argument to say that he will make errors because he is a risk taker , which is fair enough, but the thing is, a lot of his mistakes are elementary, like allowing Kane to buy a free kick which he hit the post from in the dying minutes.
    An experienced player should know to get himself goalside and not give the attacker the chance to get a cheap free kick.

    I’m sure Arteta will talk to him about this as I’m not sure he will be happy at some of the poor decision making from an experienced player

  66. Rich

    AFC Forever

    This is an Arsenal discussion board, you might want to learn that not everyone will think the same as you

    It’s perfectly possible to comment that I think Partey has been disappointing so far, he’s shown some good stuff, but he’s also been incredibly lackadaisical, and far too casual for my liking

    While also recognising that he’s had fitness issues, and needs a little time to settle into a new environment

    Those two lines of thinking are not mutually exclusive

    We signed a 27yr old to make an instant impact, and he needs to improve dramatically from what we’ve seen so far, hopefully he will, because he is a player who’s already proved he can perform at the highest level

    This isn’t a dig at anyone, it’s just an observation on his time at the club so far

    Writing off the first year of a 18-24yr old as a learning experience is acceptable

    I’m not convinced by the argument of writing off the first year of a 27yr old, being paid £200k p/w on a 4yr deal, and who cost €50million, as a learning curve, he was signed to provide an instant uplift in quality

    People who work in in the public eye, have to be prepared to take criticism as well as the praise, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with constructive criticism

    There’s mitigating circumstances as why we haven’t yet seen the best of him, but demanding he finishes the season strongly, isn’t in anyway unreasonable when you look at his age, profile, experience, and the size of the investment we’ve made in him

  67. Jamie

    CC –

    I like ESR and Saka on the wings although granted they can’t play every game, and because they’re young their consistency won’t be top notch.

    Pepe is an enigma – 50% good, 50% shit. Marti should be getting more game time next season too. As a last resort, Auba can play on the left?

    Willian will have even less mobility this time next year, so he really shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting 11 next season.

    Rereading your comment, you’ve basically said it all. We’re certainly lacking in depth, but I’m hopeful that if they can stay fit, ESR, Marti and Saka are good options going forward.

    It’s been said that Marti is being groomed as a CF. Laca off in the summer?

  68. Pierre

    Aubameyang has his faults but he will still score 20+ goals this season.
    He he would be in my starting line up with saka, Odegaard and smith rowe providing the ammunition.

  69. Bob N16

    Pierre, Partey’s fitness to last 90 minutes is an issue at the moment. His performance at the end of the Spurs can be explained by that.

    His injury record at AM was excellent so I think he deserves some critical wriggle room this season – patchy injury record, PL adjustment, zero pre-season with new club as well as having to be the boss in midfield when having to play with inferior CM partners.

    I have extremely high hopes for Partey if he can remain fit!

  70. Dissenter

    I loved Pierre’s comments about Partey.
    He’s a very good player who makes us better but is just as prone to making a poor pass as Xhaka. That’s something he needs to work on for next season.
    People overlook Partey’s mistakes and over dwell on Xhaka’s

  71. Pierre

    I hope it is just down to tiredness but in saying that , an experienced player should know their body and play accordingly for the good of the team .

    If he’s tired , sit in and conserve energy , do a job for the team , keep it simple , 5 yard passes , no trying to dribble out of trouble and don’t dive in …

  72. Dissenter

    The club has to make some very early decisive decisions going into the summer transfer window. There are too many players like Torriera and Guendo that need to be moved out quickly. Don’t give the manager an unwieldy pre-season.

  73. Nelson

    Last game, Auba’s attitude worries me. He couldn’t even complete a three yard pass. Maybe when he starts to score again, he’ll put up more effort.

  74. Rich

    Moving players on is going to be extremely difficult

    Clubs are haemorrhaging millions every month, clubs be looking to cut costs, rather than invest

    The transfer market will be gridlocked outside of Bayern Munich, and clubs with incredibly wealthy backers

    I think KSE will back us, but only if we can make the room for new players, which is where I think we’ll struggle

    It’ll be mainly loans this window, and we’ll be stuck with our overpaid deadwood, unless we pay them to leave

  75. AFC Forever

    Partey has hardly had a run of gan s due to injury. Give the bloke time to settle & integrate. Giving the ball away is part of the team awareness that needs to be developed, that means playing regular & getting to know the players around him and their movement especially as he players centrally. Class is permanent and he needs games.

  76. AFC Forever

    “Last game, Auba’s attitude worries me. He couldn’t even complete a three yard pass. Maybe when he starts to score again, he’ll put up more effort.”

    I agree. He missed a couple of chances he would normally bury & that can’t continue. As I said the other day, if he’s not scoring then he doesn’t really contribute & that’s a problem.

  77. S Asoa

    EMI Martinez wanted by ManU. They reportedly selling deGea and Romero to finance the purchase. Vila will make good money . The egg 🥚,of course on Arteta’s face or on Edu head as the AKB mightlike to deflect it.

  78. Rich

    Partey needs games, but he needs to improve dramatically and quickly

    There’s a big difference in giving a 21-24yr old, 12-24 months to settle, develop that potential, and allow a young player to find his feet

    Rather than signing a 27yr old on a 4yr deal for €50million, earning £200k+ p/w

    I accept there’s an element for risk vs reward with Partey’s game, but his mistakes have been consistent, he’s just lucky we’ve not been punished

    He’s played at the very highest level, he’s very experienced, it’s really not unreasonable to expect him to have a positive impact on the latter part of our season

    Same with Aubameyang, he’s 31, we’ve invested a lot of money into him, he needs to start leading by example

  79. Champagne Charlie


    I love the potential in the quartet of Gabi, Saka, ESR, and Odegaard. I think it’s got wonderful balance setup as follows:


    You have a baby Suarez-type 9 in Martinelli with two inverted wingers comfortable going outside, but more importantly linking inside. Then Odegaard is a modern 10 who is brilliant imo, such elegance, timing, technical ability and genuinely top tier spatial awareness. Huge excitement for those in the longer term.

    But short term?


    That’s talent over suitability/fit as far as I’m concerned. I rate Laca ahead of Auba as a lone CF, wouldn’t have extended the big man personally. Willian has been a massive let down, and Pepe is a moments player and nothing more. There’s almost no technical security there outside Willian (and that’s doing him a kindness based on this season alone), the rest lose the ball with alarming regularity and that fucks up numerous attacks.

    Laca is off if you ask me, and rightly. I think who comes in to replace him will tell us where Arteta sees Auba playing out his career. A player like Edouard and Auba is a LW, whereas someone like Draxler on a free and I can see Auba becoming a true 9.

  80. englandsbest

    I have no doubts, not one, about Partey. He will be a force to reckon with. A Vieira in the making.

    Arteta showed his ruthless streak in the Sky interview: ‘My way – or no way’

    I hope Auba took due note. Any further transgression and he is out, out, out. For being late? No, it was never truly about that. It was for being a potential hangover from the Ozil era. In Arteta’s book, every player must be reading from the same page.

    Last seaon Auba was vital, a life-saver. Arteta was blackmailed into giving him a massive wage and a long contract. Pretty certainly he would have sold the guy if a Club came in with a decent offer. This season is different. Payback time.

  81. Bob N16

    CC ‘ a true number 9’ needs to be able to retain possession well, while having a CB tight on you. It’s old score, I appreciate, but being good in the air might also be prerequisite.

    Old dogs, new tricks…

  82. Champagne Charlie


    True, in Auba’s case I mean more of a poacher than true 9, you’re right. Not my cup of tea, but we signed him to a new deal and we need to play to his strengths as far as that goes.

    I’d much rather a CF that is capable across the board than a brilliant finisher lacking in areas, but alas. In that case it becomes imperative the wide players are predominantly creative….like Saka, ESR etc

  83. Matt

    I would actually be relieved if Aubamayang is not starting tomorrow. He needs to be absolutely lethal in front of goal to make up for his poor all round contribution and more importantly, awful attitude. He hasn’t been lethal in front of goal all season. Let him sulk some more on the bench. The most individual player we have in this team and a terrible role model for our youngsters.

  84. Bergkamp63

    Partey has made 14 PL apps in total including subs appearances in a stop start injury season, his first in the PL, pretty sure he will get much much better next year if he stays injury free.

    Pepe on the other hand has had 51 PL starts and had ample time to prove himself, he is getting better under Arteta but still need to improve further or we may have to let him go and get what we can for him / swap him ?

  85. Terraloon


    “I think KSE will back us, but only if we can make the room for new players, which is where I think we’ll struggle”

    Nail on head

    I know that some on here talk about this player being sold for £x million or that player for £x + million but for the quality of players that are described as deadwood I just can’t see where the buyers will be.

    The last accounts, which are near enough 12 months out of date revealed that circa £110 million net was owed in respect of historical transfers add to that in a matter of weeks a loan of £120 million will need to be repaid or re financed.

    Two of the first team squad are on loan so to stand still you will either have to extend their loans or buy them or if released replace them.

    Yet again we have seen Arsenal allow a valuable player ( Lacazette) entering the last year of his contract. Will he leave on a Webster ? Will he be prepared to sit out the last year ? Will he be offered an improved contract?

    If none of those apply then Arsenal will have to try and sell him but which club will be able to invest significant sums in what will be a 30. year old forward ?

    KSE will have to invest to see any funds being utilised on purchases if not it’s possible that one of the young stars will be sacrificed and yes there will be a market for the likes of Saka.


    The debate around Partey is interesting and yes I can see a class player in there but I also see a player who can’t last a full game . Is that because of his mindset or his physical fitness but one thing I do know is you really can’t keep on with a player who you can’t rely on to perform to an acceptable level for the full 90 minutes

  86. Pierre

    “Arteta showed his ruthless streak in the Sky interview: ‘My way – or no way’”

    Not so ruthless when Willian shot off to Dubai in November without telling the club.

  87. Graham62



    Maybe Aubameyang feels the same way.

    Loyalty obviously doesn’t pay, as far as he’s concerned,

  88. Pierre

    “Last game, Auba’s attitude worries me. He couldn’t even complete a three yard pass. Maybe when he starts to score again, he’ll put up more effort.”

    Isn’t 6 goals in his last 7 starts “scoring again”

  89. G

    pierre normally agree with alot of what u say but
    ”Fortunately smith rowe fell into his lap to save his job” This has happened in the history of Football where injuries have let in a player who takes his chance.. Arteta knew about ESR before he even took the job.. He was never going to start the season and he has had a few injuries

  90. AFC Forever

    “Last season Auba was vital, a life-saver. Arteta was blackmailed into giving him a massive wage and a long contract”

    Look, Aubamayang is a top quality goalscorer. Last season he proved that & the contract was deserved. He has been poor this season, pre-Christmas his contribution was awful & even Thursday he missed sitters he should bury. My own view is that something isn’t right, even the lateness is an indication his head isn’t right. If we can sort him out or he can more to the point, then he’s a massive asset but he has to deliver more than special goals. It is strange how he has dipped so much.

  91. Bergkamp63

    Without Auba’s goals in last years FA Cup Final, we wouldn’t have been in this years EL, giving us a shot at CL football next year ?

    Form in temporary, class is permanent.

    His pride might be hurting a little atm following on from his private life worries, don’t be surprised if he gets on the scoresheet on Sunday if he plays.

  92. Northbanker

    I would welcome a shift at CF from Gabby. With Ode, supporting and ESR and Saka flanking, it would be a great sight to behold. However, probably the better strategy is to completely rest Saka and pull him out of the England squad as injured.

  93. China1

    CC I liked Torreira, though not sure why you think I love Ceballos. He was excellent in the second half of last season but hasn’t done anything this season when he’s played. I’ve been quite vocal about him failing this season and said he clearly can’t be depended on. he’s talented enough but that alone isn’t enough

  94. Kroenkephobe

    Under no circumstances should we sell Saka Not even for £150 million

    Another reminder that you’re not an economist.

    Everyone has their price – what do you think the club would do if they received a bid of that magnitude for a player?

  95. The Bard

    Kroenkephobe if anyone offers us £150m for Saka the club will take it
    and so would any other club. Footballs a business feeding off of our loyalty and passion. I wouldn’t worry because on one will make such an offer.

  96. Rich


    Hopefully they’d laugh the bid straight out of the room

    We’ll have a first team squad of 28 this summer, 29 if we renew Luiz

    Moving players out is going to be our problem, because hardly anyone has any money to spend, so even if KSE back us, we’re currently checkmated

    Moving players like Bellerin, Lacazette, Guendouzi, Torreira, Elneny, Chambers, on this summer, is going to be much more difficult than many seem to think, as will bringing in any types of transfer fee, hardly anyone has any disposable cash

    Too much competition, kills competition, too little competition, kills competition, going into the season with a first team squad of 31 was ridiculous

    We’ll have to target quality over quantity this summer, without moving on surplus players, numerically bringing in more players will be impossible

    If we accept £150 million?

    Without managing to purge our squad, replacing Saka with 4 £37,500:000 players won’t work, we don’t have the room for 4 more players, particularly if we don’t qualify for Europe

    4 players to replace Saka on £100k p/w, is £104 million over 5 years, without getting other players out the door to make way for that outlay, you defeat the point in accepting the £150 million

    Europa league is worth £30-£50 million, Champions League is worth £40 – £100million, if Saka’s carries on his development, and gets us into the CL in 3/5 seasons, there’s your £150 million at a minimum, if he gets us into the Europa in 3-4/5 seasons, there’s your £150 million

    What’s the point in selling Saka for £150 million, if signing a like for like in Sancho for £120 million with far higher wages is the solution, because we don’t have the squad place to replace him with multiple players?

    We shouldn’t be looking to sell the best teenager in the league, we should be looking to add more quality and convince him he can reach his goals with us

  97. Rich

    There’s a reason why smaller clubs are now better at keeping their best players

    Villa selling Grealish for £100 million isn’t in their interest, unless he kicks up a stink

    Staying in the PL is worth £80-£100 million per season, and I think it’s £2 million for every place you finish up the league

    The difference between finishing 10th and 15th is £10 million, over 5 years that’s £50 million

    It’s only worth selling Grealish if they can replace his quality for the same price, which while not impossible, is extremely unlikely, because he’s a consistent match winner, and players of this quality are rare

    Unless players push for a move, clubs should always try and keep the value of their assets on the pitch, because their business is essentially winning football matches

    Saka is 19, he’s by far the best teenager in the league, and by far our best player, if he keeps developing, he could be another Ronaldo

    Unless he pushes for a move, we should do everything to keep him

    Champions League is £40-£100 million

    Europa League £30-£50 million

    We won’t progress by selling our Crown Jewels and then replacing them with cheap copies

  98. Taylor Swift

    All the usual economics go out of the window this summer. How much would we get for Bellerin, Guen, Torreira and Laca? Maybe £20m? I dunno, Laca is on high wages, Torreira doesn’t play, Guen is
    just a massive headache and Bellerin is not the same player he once was.

    We HAVE to sign a goallie and a left back, but that might pretty much be it. Would love to buy MØ, but again, how much for? I guess Real are desperate for some money so that might go in our favour.

    If we got offered £150m for Saka, what do you think Stan would say?

  99. The BFB

    To paraphrase somebody, the only living creatures that are capable of surviving a nuclear war are cockroaches, Keith Richards…………and Granit Xhaka. Good luck to the boys tomorrow. Is project Arteta working and are we really making as much progress as Pedro harps on about ? Beat West Ham and Liverpool and I might, just might, start to believe.

  100. Rich

    Completely agree about genuine competition for Tierney + Leno being top priority, along with signing Odegaard permanently

    Unless we can get Kolasinac + Niles out the door, numerically we don’t have room for another left back

    It’s pointless paying Kolasinac to leave, if we then replace him with another subpar left back, because that would completely defeat the point

    Talk of £20 million fees this summer seem extremely far fetched in general, but the idea anyone who’s watched Bellerin play recently would pay that, seems even more farfetched

    Why would Lacazette take a pay cut this summer, when he can get a lucrative Bosman next summer, I don’t see anyone else paying him a reported £170k a week that we’re paying him

    If we miss out on Europe, our squad will need to be trimmed even further

    If we loan out Torreira + Niles + Mavropanos + Nelson + Willock, we leave ourselves in a weak position in 12 months time, because they’ll only have 12 months remaining

    But if we renew their contracts before we loan them out , we risk being tied to them for longer if the market takes a few years to recover, which I think is a really strong possibility

    It’s catch 22