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Part 3 of a 4 part series sees Arsenal welcome Olympiacos the North London. We’re 3-1 up. They have to score at least 3 goals with no response to go through. It’ll be a tough day out.

The worst thing we could do tonight is assume this is a ‘rest’ game and rotate so hard we lose our footing.

There can be no slip-ups. Last time we played them, we were dropped out when Auba missed a sitter at the death. It should never had gone to extra time.

Arsenal need to be ruthless this evening. We can afford to be patient, because they have to come to play. Arsenal has more than enough players to kill them in behind if they overextend.

The big worry? Arsenal LOVE to concede an early goal in big games. That can’t happen tonight. We’re more than capable of defending like warriors, the thing that needs to be ironed out is the big lad called UNFORCED ERROR.

Our defending has been solid this year, but the clean sheets haven’t been as prevalent as I would have liked. Now would be a good time to change that.

Arteta has two games to deal with before players go on international break. I think he’s going to go all-in with minor changes. He has a full squad to pick from. The question is how hard is he going to batten down the hatches? In the away leg, he took Thomas Partey off after 55 minutes for tactical reasons, which I suspect revolved around the NLD. Will he do that again tonight? Or will he give minutes to Elneny or Ceballos?

The front 3 will also be interesting. Who is he going to roll with? After the Auba nonsense at the weekend, the show of unity would be to start our captain. At the same time, having him fresh for West Ham might also be a bonus. If you’re going sit in waiting and strike at this Greek side, Gabriel Martinelli as a #9 wouldn’t be the worst move if you were looking for a viper move.

It’s hard to say the game at the weekend is more important, because business-wise, it’s probably not. What is important is making sure we don’t ruin the run-in by injuring players that are on the edge load wise. Smith Rowe picked up a tweak a week ago, Saka rolled off at half time at the weekend. Tierney has played a lot of games, Xhaka plays every game, Partey was very leggy in the last 15 at the weekend… I know you have to push the limits in this game, but our squad is too shallow to suck up mega injuries, particularly with our creative names who are in limited batches.

It’s quite interesting listening to the press conferences at the minute, Arteta has more colour in his face and looks like he’s started eating again… the new addition is the Norwegian press who all seem very keen to know what their captain is up to. I love that everyone is a little bit worried about what will happen with him next season. If the club sell well this summer, they’ll try and buy him. If not, I don’t think there’s much doubt that we’ll have the player on loan next season, hopefully with a clause where we can buy him.

Arsenal are giving him love he’ll never get at Real Madrid. He’s giving us the work rate maybe Madrid couldn’t get from him because he didn’t feel welcome. I wonder if part of his difficulties at Madrid are born of the deal they made for him, I think Carlo went out of his way to say he was only playing him because it was in his deal. There was a big fuss about him training with Ronaldo. Zizou can also be quite brutal. Bigger thing here… it’s hard to be a superstar in a team of superstars. Arsenal can offer him something Madrid can’t. He can be a star boy, he can grow with ESR, Martinelli, and Saka. He can take Arsenal back to the very top, become a legend and do it in the most-watched league in the world with fans that will absolutely adore him.

That’d be my pitch…

The pitch for tonight? No drama. Cleansheet. Next round please. See you in the comments. x

P.S. That magazine in the main picture is The Gooner. It’s an iconic fanzine I grew up reading with my dad and football family. Passing it around in the car with my cousins after a game is a fond memory. Discusing the gossips hidden in the pages was always fun. I LOVED the back page joke it always had on it. Anyway, I’m going to be contributing a nice chunk of words on the regular for them. If you can buy a subscription to it, that’d be amazing. These sorts of things make the game experience special and they look nice on your coffee table. I took a big chance on the topic this month, it’s about the future of Arsenal and why you should be excited. Looking like a good bet.

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  1. AFC Forever

    Jose is spitting mad, blaming the players.

    “One team decided to leave everything on the pitch, they left sweat, they left energy, they left blood, at the end of the game they left years of happiness, very humble, very committed. I have to praise them. On the other side, my team, I repeat my team, I am there, that didn’t look like we was playing an important match and if for anyone of them it is not an important match, for me it is,. Every match is important and for the respect I have for my career & my own job and I believe for every Tottenham fan at home. Another attitude is needed, to feel sad is not enough because how I feel goes much further than sadness. I just left ze Dinamo dressing room to praise the guys I feel sorry that one team, not my team, won the game based on attitude, compromise, so I feel more than sad. Football is not just about players that they think they have more quality than others the basic of football is the attitude and they beat us on that.

    “I feel sorry that my team didn’t bring to the game not just the basics of football but the basics of life, which is to respect our jobs & to give everything”


  2. MD-Gunner

    Milan’s defending is awful but looks very familiar almost like they are in the Emirate gear, sloppy in defending and no finishers up front, bring on Zlatan.

  3. AFC Forever

    That horrible Man Utd kit reminds me of the picture I used to have on my old TV when the aerial broke.

  4. BacaryisGod

    I actually have mixed feeling about this Man U/ Milan game. Naturally I’m rooting against Man U but I also don’t want Gazidis to get the win

  5. Vintage Gun

    Arteta on Auba-

    “I hope the weekend isn’t still on his mind. We moved on, he started and we expect when he does play he performs at the level he can.”

    Translation- fix up man

  6. Rich

    If PSG sell Mbappe this summer, hopefully they’ll give us £20 mill for Aubameyang

    I took a lot of stick for saying we should have sold him last summer, he’s not really a No9, and once his physical potential drops, he doesn’t really offer much else

    I still still he’ll bag us goals, I just think we should have moved on

  7. AFC Forever

    Vintage, yes Auba had a shocker, he missed two sitters again. Something not right in his head this season, it’s very bizarre.

  8. AFC Forever

    Rich, I think the issue with Auba is the fact that if he doesn’t score his contribution is limited. He’s been disappointing this season & at times he’s a passenger. I prefer it when Lacazette plays, at least he puts himself about.

  9. AFC Forever


    Wonder what the fall out will be from the Spurs result? They gambled on Bale with huge wages, stadium debt is growing & Kane will have a decision to make. They aren’t in a good place

  10. MidwestGun

    Yep.. they needed a healthy Zlatan or at least a legit striker for 90 mins.. They have been much more dangerous since he came on.. but … might be too late.

    Pogba has been on fire too..

  11. Northbanker

    Shame we kicked up tonight but outcome unaffected

    We do make things hard for ourselves

    I was for selling Auba last year until that run at the end but I’m certainly back there now. Without the goals there is not much else- his tracking back is poor

    Give Laca a 1 year extension and sell Auba. Let’s get Gab M and Flo Bal ready for the CF role

  12. WengerEagle


    To be fair, Leao and Rebic make a huge difference to this Milan side. Bennacer in midfield too.

    And Zlatan doesn’t look himself to me.

    Problem with Milan is that they have literally no strength in depth. Castillejo, Krunic, Diaz, Saelemakers are nowhere near the quality of a top side.

  13. Vintage Gun


    I agree, Auba’s been off at times this season but today he looked and acted “different” if you get what i mean.

    There was one stage in the 2nd half where Tierney was on the ball down the left. KT pointed to Auba where to run, Auba started to run, stopped then started to mouth off to KT as the ball rolled out of play despite the fact it was his own fault.

    I love Auba but i hope he gets over himself soon as we have the hammers to hammer come sunday

  14. Habesha Gooner

    I never like it when we are the favourites anyway. We always bottle it when that happens. We win when we are underdogs. Milan the better team tonight though.

    Looking at the highlights of Spurs vs Zagreb, That Orsic guy pulled off some magnificent goals. Technique, speed and sniffing out a goal. What a Performance. Anyone that destroys spurs is a favourite of mine.

  15. Rich

    Vintage gun

    Aubameyang finding some form would be great….

    But if he keeps acting up, we’ve got other options, we’re well stocked up front

  16. Uwot?

    Fuck the jammy b’stards yahnited are through.Need them to be drawn at home for the 2nd leg of qtrs.They’ll f**k that up.Still at least the spuds being SPURSY has made our night!

  17. WengerEagle


    Villarreal would be funny, Red would be erect at the thought of an Emery scalp.

    United clearly the least desirable draw for us, Villarreal and Ajax potential banana skins but we would be slight favourites against.

    Roma for me are overrated, very old team and tend to falter in the bigger games.

    Granada, Slavia and Dinamo Zagreb all would be decent on paper but still dangerous sides if not respected. I mean Olympiacos if they were even a little better would have had us in a lot of trouble tonight.

  18. Uwot?

    Pogba looking good but prob felt comfortable back on home turf( serie A) so wouldn’t read too much into it.Still with the amount of luck they get,best avoided for now.

  19. SAGG

    No way we get United. We know UEFA want Arsenal vs Man U in the final (No better option at this point) , no way they drop the chance of the only final that will give them tons of profit.

  20. AFC Forever

    “I love Auba but i hope he gets over himself soon”

    Great player but something is not right with him. Yet again he’s missed a couple of sitters by his standards and he just seemed a bit disinterested. I wonder if he’ll start against the Hammers, not sure he should.

  21. AFC Forever


    “Haha yep… and Red hasn’t been erect since 1979..”

    He is certainly a weird fella, probably feeling sad tonight.

  22. Br0wnie

    A lineup worth trying until Saka is back is:
    Martinelli Auba or Laca Ode
    Smith Roe.
    Xhaka. Partey.
    Tierney Gabriel Holding or Luiz. Cedric

    That is so juicy

  23. MidwestGun

    Yep…. Red is a legend though… You haven’t lived on Le Grove very long if you haven’t been sucked into one of his trolling battles. I got sucked into his crap too many times, sadly. Some of his bizarre opinions.. Messi is shit, Ospina is the best Keeper in Arsenal history, and TH14 was over rated. Just to name a few pointless battles I decided to join in on for days.

    I think we will see more of Martinelli now… I hope.. he looked fresh and ready to go.

  24. MidwestGun

    Watching Mourinho post match ..interview. hilarious. Went to Zagreb change room to praise them after the match and high five them.. And basically insinuated only he cares, his players don’t.

  25. AFC Forever

    Mid, amazes me people can be bothered to troll, can’t have much of a life I guess.

    When you see Aubamayang struggling there is a decent shout to suggest Martinelli gets game time.

  26. Matt B

    Quite interesting to compare Mourinho’s decline with Arsene’s…

    The former went down playing dismal, dreary, defence-minded football, looking thoroughly miserable on the sidelines as his team, played turgid football, reliant on one or two players, none of whom wanted to be there

    Arsene stuck to his principles, played free-flowing attacking football that the neutrals loved. It wasn’t successful, but it was always joyous and he never ceases to attract the talent even years after he left.

    His philosophy is a part of Arsenal dna and we have a manager in Arteta that is trying to move it forward.

  27. Matt


    I’m not sure what Aubamayang you have been watching, but he has been like that for most of the season.

    The guy contributes next to nothing when he’s not scoring and this team is not good enough to have passengers. I will probably get stick for this, but I really don’t like the guy. He is a show pony who is more interested in tattoos and wrapping cars. Xhaka has his faults and his critics, but you can’t say he doesn’t give his all when he is on the pitch.

    Not sure where we go with Aubamayang now, but I would rather keep lacazette over him.

  28. WengerEagle

    Champions League draw should be interesting too.

    Doubt that anyone wants to draw Bayern or PSG.

    Would love Pool to draw Bayern and get battered in spectacular fashion. Lewandowski, Muller, Gnabry and Coman up against Neco Williams and Kabak would be lambs to the slaughter.

  29. WengerEagle


    Would be typical wouldn’t it?

    I’d love to see:

    Man City vs PSG
    Bayern Munich vs Liverpool
    Real Madrid vs Chelsea
    Borussia Dortmund vs Porto

    What I think we’ll get:

    Man City vs Borussia Dortmund
    Liverpool vs Porto
    PSG vs Real Madrid
    Bayern vs Chelsea

  30. Wardo


    Who the specialist in failure now?

    Jose trying to manage without spending £200mm in a transfer window is laughable

    But he’d have been great for us!! I’d have arteta over him ogs or the old geezer at the toffees

  31. Wardo

    Spuds imploding right now lol

    Lloris giving it big time

    Mourwingeino blamed the team not himself

    So wish arsenal had signed him over arteta. Would have been great for anti gooners

    Mourwhinewankerionio = specialist in failure

  32. Cheffy

    Lloris post game comments hilarious

    “No, I don’t have to go deeper. It’s not possible… the way we play is just not enough, not enough. One thing is to come in front of the camera to say I am ambitious; the other thing is to show every day in training sessions, to show every time on the pitch, you cannot let it down if you play or not play.

    “To behave as a team is the most difficult thing in football, whatever is the decision of the manager you have to follow the way of the team. If you follow the team only when you are in the starting XI that causes big problems for the team because you pay on one moment, and you’re going to pay in your season, and today is the consequence of that.

    “We had a great moment in the past because we could trust the togetherness that was in the team. Today, I don’t know, I’m not sure about that.”

  33. Nelson

    Tomorrow’s draw will include both quarter and semi final. I would like to see Manure in the other group of the four teams. Then we could only meet them in the final.

  34. AFC Forever

    I heard Lloris earlier. He was clearly saying there has been a problem with players who weren’t first team starters, which means problems at training and around the squad. I wonder if he’s having a dig at Bale?

  35. China1

    I’ll take that arsenal result. Not a good one but we’re through. Some concerning stats tho…

    ‘ Arsenal have now conceded in each of their last 11 matches across all competitions
    Arsenal have lost three consecutive home matches against an opponent in European competition for the first time ever.’

    Anyway let’s all take a moment to laugh at Spurs. And to think we have people on here talking them up as a good team recently. ‘Spursy’ is a very real thing and it’s shite. I’ve been spamming for the last week about how much I was going to enjoy is beating them in the final and they were too shit to even get that far. Absolutely rubbish

  36. China1

    Look don’t write off mourinho. He has demonstrated tone and again throughout his career that if he has a bottomless pit of funds and the worlds best players he can compete. You gotta give him that!

  37. China1

    Orsic scores a second half/extra time hat trick to overturn a 2-0 first round defeat, was MOTM and only got a rating of 7/10 from Sky. How is this possible lol? He must have been absolutely awful aside his goals if his hat trick only warranted a 7???

  38. Gonsterous

    Not good enough from auba last night.
    Terrible week for spurs and mou, just gotta laugh at the poor state of that club. Never regarded them as a rival, we are too good for them.

  39. Tony

    So good to see Spuds go out as well as Gazidis biting the bullet with Milan.

    Arseholes always get their kama in the end.

    As for us?

    I had no doubt we’d win. but just 10 minutes for Martinelli after all the Pedro and Arteta mutterings, especially as Auba has lost his mojo.

    Why ESR for 80 minutes?

    Pepe can’t play with Bellerin, but far better with Cedric.

    I prefer Pepe on the left with KT and ESR more central.

    Other areas I could comment on, but no doubt it’s all been said in the earlier comments I haven’t read because I’ve only just got to watch the game this morning.

    Villareal or United for the next round? Better to beat them now than in the final.

    Like most here I’d love Arteta vs Emery.

  40. Gonsterous

    Someone was mentioning we didn’t perform well evauxe we have a terrible second team. Last night didn’t look like a second team, it was the first team minus saka and partey, and at a stretch mari and still we managed to lose against a greek side that we used to thrash for fun back in the day.

    Auba had a terrible game and its beginning to look like we need to get rid of both him and laca and bring in fresh blood. Can arteta change and for once be pro active instead of reactive? Fingers crossed for the sake of my club.

  41. DivineSherlock


    Confidence is a big thing in elite level sport , unfortunately we have currently lack it , owing in no part due to our own mistakes. Once we get on a winning run , we will be able to close out matches comfortably.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Same old story Arsenal are a team who cannot manage pressure. We continue to make schoolboy errors.

    One lesson which we need to learn is that Ceballos is a weak link in midfield. He is a “nothing” player. I hope sincerely that we do not consider buying him this summer.

    However, the biggest concern last night was the performance level of Aubameyang. He looked completely out of sorts.

  43. Samesong

    I’ve been calling out Dani Ceballos from day one. Totally agree with you Emirates.
    ‘A nothing player’ I am just laughing at spursy demise at the moment.

    We got through without playing well. I’ll take that.

  44. China1

    It’s a weird thing to say but I’m kinda glad Ceballos is ending the season badly

    Last season he did nothing before Xmas then after the lockdown he blew up and was really good leading to us wanting to resign him.

    Then this season same slow start again. But if his form had blown up again there would be those questions about is it worth getting him permanently in the summer. But I think it’s fairly conclusive now that he can’t be depended on for consistency over the course of a season and it should now be a pretty simple decision to let him go this summer

    You’d imagine there shouldn’t be any sleepless nights wondering if he’s worth getting anymore. I think we’ve seen enough

  45. China1

    Lest we forget a few days ago people were defending spurs on here telling us how good they are

    Second rate opposition in a second rate European competition have other ideas about how good they are

  46. JJ

    Auber stunk out the Emirates peak style. Ceballos was equally shocking. Pepe had another good performance though, which is promising.

  47. Tony

    ES & China
    It’s interesting that Ceballos came to us with a bit of a RM swagger and has been poor overall.

    MO comes in sans the RM swagger and quickly and quietly settles improving game on game earning assists and goals as a consequence.

    My guess is that Ceballos is a lot quieter in the dressing room.

    Wonder what ZiZi thinks?

  48. Emiratesstroller

    One thing is for sure and that is Arsenal need to recruit players who can manage “pressure”.
    This has been a basic “weakness” throughout the season and why we are so error prone.

    The absence of Odegaard, Saka and Partey in our starting lineup highlights Arsenal’s squad
    weakness when they don’t play in midfield and needs to be redressed this summer.

    Arsenal need a “Cazorla” type of player in midfield. The recruitment of a midfield general with a football brain will make a huge difference to this team.

  49. Tony

    The play is slowly evolving as more academy players are integrated. We are more creative in opponents halves and Auba is no longer the main focus for our outlets.

    Auba doesn’t look in sync with the kids or, at times, on the same wavelength.

    Going to be interesting to see if Auba ups his game to lead from the front on the pitch and in the stats and what Arteta’s reaction is going to be if Auba doesn’t.

  50. Wiglaf

    MattMarch 18, 2021 22:31:22
    VintageI’m not sure what Aubamayang you have been watching, but he has been like that for most of the season. The guy contributes next to nothing when he’s not scoring and this team is not good enough to have passengers. I will probably get stick for this, but I really don’t like the guy. He is a show pony who is more interested in tattoos and wrapping cars. Xhaka has his faults and his critics, but you can’t say he doesn’t give his all when he is on the pitch. Not sure where we go with Aubamayang now, but I would rather keep lacazette over him.

    I feel exactly the same way

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Aubameyang had a shocker yesterday, but I am not going to write him off just yet. When he
    is on song he is still an excellent player.

    Nevertheless Arsenal need to improve their goalscoring performance. My view is that Lacazette should be replaced this summer. We need a hungry young striker who is going to score at least 20 goals a season.

  52. Tony

    Martinelli, Balogun, Moller?

    Put the money into buying MO and replacing Xhaka would be my solution.

    Really not sure how many players we can move in the summer in the sport’s current finial climate, so funds will be very tight.

  53. Tony

    We won’t know until they have had a decent run of games. I wouldn’t rule Martinelli out.

    Auba is going nowhere and we’ve learning more about him recently; however, as with Ozil, we’ve hamstrung ourselves with his contract that no other club will want anything to do with.

    Ditto Willian.

    They are Arteta’s signings so they are on him to make work.

    So knowing that we need to go all in to buy MO and a back up LB as a bae minimum, I can’t see where the funds are going to come from to buy the 20 goal a season striker you want.

  54. Emiratesstroller


    Martinelli would be my Nketiah replacement especially since he can also play on wing.

    Personally I would sell both Lacazette and Nketiah who are in final year of their contracts and buy a new striker with funds.

    As I have posted before I would sell Guendouzi, Torreira and AMN and buy a quality central
    midfielder to replace Ceballos.

    The club need also to review preseason both Saliba and Mavropanos to assess whether they
    can play next season in first team. If either can do so then it will save us money in buying a
    new RCB.

  55. Batistuta

    Oh and we’re never going to be a serious football club challenging at the top with Xhaka- El Neny as our alternatives to Partey, doesn’t matter how extremely for the former always is.

    We need to massively prove that midfield with new faces

  56. Batistuta

    We don’t need yet another CB when our midfield is so gash Emirates. Mavropanos and Saliba are doing very well out on loan so I’d keep them, say goodbye to David Luiz and integrate those two alongside Holding and Mari and Gabriel.

    The major work for me has to be that awful midfield we’ve refused to work on and no Thomas Partey alone is not fixing the midfield

  57. China1

    Sorry tony every time I see MO my instant reaction is we’re talking about Pyramid Pirlo 😂😂

    Always takes a few seconds to register

  58. China1

    ET when we have xhaka and bulletin as first choice players and Ode finishing his loan I don’t know how buying a CF can be a priority even if we do sell laca

    Surely you fix the glaring weaknesses before you fix the mid level weaknesses

  59. China1

    If xhaka makes it through this summer without us buying an upgrade then man that guy is bulletproof. People still talking about other positions as a higher priority

  60. Foxy

    The general consensus recently is that we could be only a few key player upgrades away from being a top 4 team. However last night showed that we only need a couple of our best players to be missing to be bang average.

    Arteta and Edu should have learnt a lot about our true squad strength last night, who needs to be moved on and what positions to strengthen.

  61. curse


    imagine being a tiny tott, hunched over, lurking in the shadows, inside a brand new toilet bowl. it’s downhill from here I’m afraid 😂😂😂, with us being the freshest outfit on the block the gap will be ridiculous soon enough.

    Any more salt? err…if we pull off the EL
    we’ll have CL ballers in pearl citrus/navy with a badge less cannon. 💥

    bout time universe righted itself 🙏

  62. DivineSherlock


    The fact is that Auba can still be devastating even if he is not on form right now. Our opponents dont use much high press in case he gets a free run like last night . I still think Auba is better used than Aubameyang, Defenders spend more energy worrying about him , have to mark him all game . Whereas Lacazette decides to drop deep making it easier.

  63. curse

    OMFG!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    just watched the highlights!
    They let that orsic run from the half way line past 4 tiny Totts and then he rifled it from outside the box!!! 😱😂👏

    Tottenham 💩💩💩😂😂😂

  64. Habesha Gooner

    China 1
    I have actually never seen Xhaka play this well for consecutive months at any point during his time here. But he is still one of two major Glaring weakness for me in the starting line up. Him and Bellerin need upgrades. Xhaka is just not dynamic enough to affect matches. He is actually doing a lot better alongside Thomas. If we have money, A Xhaka upgrade, Buying Martin Odegaard ( or loaning him again) and Buying a RB ( Lamprey or Aarons) are the three things we should do. Keeping Ryan and A back up LB are also needs but not as costly as those positions. We don’t need any C.F even if we sell Eddie and Lacazette and Balogun leaves for free. We have Martinelli to play there. I would actually think we would need a LW to phase out willian and play Reiss as a back up. We just have too many numbers in front three positions to buy another player.

  65. Habesha Gooner

    And I would hope Azeez is introduced in to the squad along with a new CM to eventually phase out Elneny. He is got massive potential. And there is no reason he can’t make it if the likes of curtis Jones are Lining up for Liverpool.

  66. Dream10

    Midfield and attack should be the priority.
    Partey is quality but his name alone does not mean he is a 7/10 every week. Signing a first XI caliber CM is the priority. Partey fitness is questionable, Xhaka needs to rest once in a while and Ceballos is limited. Recent days, we have been linked to Sander Berge from soon to be relegated Sheffield united. Liverpool might be in pole position for him.

  67. China1

    Yeah Habesha

    Xhaka is on the form of his life. But it’s not next level stuff. You think back to the genuinely excellent CMs we’ve had and wouldn’t dream of swapping any of them out for him even at his absolute best

    Like put a 27 year old Santi in this team and it would be absolutely transformative.

    Same for cesc, vieira, even Ramsey if Partey was told to sit. Petit, Gilberto. Edu as well tbf. Or teenage wilshere, 19 year old diaby haha

    Seriously this is some unit


    With Pepe Martinelli etc all as options. That unit could do serious things together imo. But as long as we playing a players whose best form is a 7/10 you’ll never see this team truly get to the next level is the next level is the next level!

  68. Northbanker

    I agree we don’t need an more forwards esp if we re-sign Balogun

    Sell Laca and Eddie – they’re not going to contribute that much more and both will get decent money

    Pepe is better on LW imo but Nelson can play either flank as back up. ESR will be taking either LW or even RW if MO plays as the CAM

    That should still reduce Willian game time with a bit of luck
    We are stuck with him and Auba no matter what

  69. Wiglaf

    bacaryisgodMarch 19, 2021 07:26:36
    Time to look for another sponsor. Now.

    Typical arsenal
    Coming out of the ozil/China thing stinking
    BLM all over our stadium at a time when the majority of the country does not support its marxist agenda
    Now Rwanda
    How does these pricks get jobs? Honestly.

    “Hey guys, you know what would be a tolly great idea ya?
    If we put an African country on our sleeve. Which one? Any one. Doesnt matter. As long as we look like we are in favour of black and chimes people who cares. It’s a win right?

  70. Pierre

    Aubameyang could have had a couple of goals yesterday, Harry kane ditto.

    Aubameyang gets slaughtered by his own fans, Kane will never receive the levels of criticism from his own fans and media that Aubameyang receives.

    To me , it makes the Arsenal fans look clueless.
    The fact is, even the best strikers miss their fair share of chances and Aubameyang is no different ..

    Prior to christmas no striker in the world would have scored for Arsenal as the team had Zero creativity.

    Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah were feeding off scraps and none of these strikers should be judged during this period.

    Since the Chelsea game, we have been creating chances and surprise surprise, our strikers are scoring again

    Yesterday was a blip , nothing to worry about .
    I’d be more concerned if we were not creating chances but after Odegaard came on yesterday, we played some good football and created a number of very good chances .

    I sayget off Aubameyang’s back and let him do what he does best.
    Forget about him flying into challenges like Lacazette, that ain’t going to happen , he will still get us 20 + goals this season despite playing in a team that created zero for their strikers on the first half of the season

  71. Habesha Gooner

    I would be totally shocked if there are players out there that are at the same calibre as Santi and Cesc. And if there are, they wouldn’t play for us right now at the position we are in. I would be okay with a solid player that can ocassionally be a match winner. I actually have changed my mind a bit on Xhaka. I can tolerate him as a squad player if he is playing to this level. Where as before I wanted him out completely. Credit to him he has been playing to a 7 out of 10. That is the best we can get from him I feel. And that is where you need a good squad player. And we can eventually sell him to compete with the likes of city who have two starter calibre players for every position. That doesn’t sound so horrible to me.

  72. Gonsterous

    What I really want is a coach that can utilise the youngsters from the academy. We aren’t city, never have been, our Philosophy has always been to promote from within, apart from a few occasion when we dive into the market for a ready made player but even then we don’t over spend.

    It’s changed over the years but we need to get more bargains like leno, matinelli, guen and co. And less of the over priced players like auba, laca, pepe and co.

  73. Gonsterous


    The auba and kane comparison is wrong. Compare the influence of RVP and Kane and then we are ttalking. Would RVP get slagged off for missing chances? He missed a lot against barca but no one talks about it or blames him. It’s because at the end of the day, he can change the game on his own. Can auba do that? Not even close. Auba and Kane are two very different players for their clubs. So of course kane doesn’t get slagged off but auba does.

  74. Gonsterous

    When it has mattered, auba has never stepped up. He missed the pen against spurs and we lost out on top 4, he missed a couple of sitters against Olympicos last season and we crashed out of the EL.

    Yes he’s a great striker and goal scorer but when it truly matters, he’s not the one to get it done.

  75. Matt


    ‘Aubameyang could have had a couple of goals yesterday, Harry kane ditto.Aubameyang gets slaughtered by his own fans, Kane will never receive the levels of criticism from his own fans and media that Aubameyang receives. To me , it makes the Arsenal fans look clueless.
    The fact is, even the best strikers miss their fair share of chances and Aubameyang is no different ..’

    This comment makes you look clueless. If you cant see the difference between what Kane offers, even when he is not scoring compared to Aubamayang then I think you don’t understand football. Also, as club captain, do you hear about Kane breaking lockdown rules or turning up late for games? Maybe that’s why Spurs fans don’t give Kane stick – it’s really not that difficult to understand.

  76. Ben D

    “GonsterousMarch 19, 2021 08:36:27
    When it has mattered, auba has never stepped up. He missed the pen against spurs and we lost out on top 4, he missed a couple of sitters against Olympicos last season and we crashed out of the EL.Yes he’s a great striker and goal scorer but when it truly matters, he’s not the one to get it done.”

    Rubbish. Who scored the goals that won us the FA cup last season?

  77. englandsbest

    Great to go through to last eight. At 3-1 up it was close to inevitable but I guess most of us stayed nervous until the final whistle.

    For me the game was confirmation that we can get by without Auba. We have other players – like Nketiah and Marynelli – who will grow in stature without him. Sadly, he is in the Ozil comfort zone. Arteta put him there, it must be a matter of regret to him now. I believe he will never allow himself to be blackmailed by a player again.

  78. Pierre

    Gabriel has started 8 games this year …no clean sheets…10 goals conceded.

    Played 14 …3 clean sherts …13 goals conceded

    Played 7 games …3 clean sheets ..4 goals conceded

    Played 11 …5 clean sheets …7 goals conceded.

    Make of this what you want but I know who i prefer as my centre back partnership.

  79. China1

    Habesha there are always players out there arsenal just have a habit of no longer being the ones to discover them

    Even santi himself as much as he was well known in Spain, most arsenal fans had never heard of him. There are always players of that level coming through (not necessarily exactly the same play style but overall quality). The question is can arsenal be the ones to quietly nip in and get them before anyone else does

    How did Malaga get santi in the first place? How did Leicester get kante and mahrez? Dortmund so this stuff for fun.

    There’s always elite value out there it’s just a question of us being capable of exploiting the opportunities

  80. China1

    In fact the whole reason we are still discussing xhaka is because wenger didn’t only miss kante the first time (understandable) but was haggling over an extra couple of million to sign him from Leicester. He wasn’t even expensive. Went to Chelsea for 25 odd mil or something ridiculously cheap

    If we’d signed him under wenger he would’ve been monumental for us. Under emery he might have failed because he’d have tried to be clever and put him at AM or on the wing like torreira and Arteta would’ve just dropped him for xhaka anyway. You know what scratch that signing him wouldn’t have made a difference 😂

  81. Northbanker

    Debate on Auba getting too simplistic. He is still a potentially great goalscorer but his overall contribution doesn’t offer enough and when he’s not scoring it does feel like a we’re carrying a passenger. You get full commitment from GM by contrast.

    Yet if you look at the economics of the Summer ahead, really we need to sell Laca who is younger and 1 year left and also sell Nketiah). I hope MA will then start to phase out Auba in the next season bringing GM and hopefully Balogun more and more into play. Then sell or cut losse Auba that following summer unless he can re-demonstrate his ability to score in most games he plays.

    As he gets older you have to wonder whether that’s really possible. He may by then be attracted to a slower league or even US soccer, where he can still use his remaining speed to more effect.

  82. China1

    Northbanker you’re right tho I’m kinda curious if we have another deep lying creative talent alongside Partey and have Auba as a 9 I’m wondering if just on the sheer volume of chance creation auba could become a goal scoring monster again

    Like as much as his overalls game is incredibly average outside of goals, he has traditionally been fed off scraps. If we can continue to kick on with the creative players we’ve got and really get a game changing CM to partner partey then we might have what it takes to steamroller teams through sheer creativity with auba getting loads to work with