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Sure, sure, winning in the Europa League last 16 isn’t busting out the red panties and champagne, but a win, is a win, is a win.

The game followed a very familiar pattern.

Total control + massive unforced errors. The main difference this time is we took our chances going forward.

The first half was painfully dominant. We controlled the play, had lots of different answers in attack, and we hit the target with TWO freekicks. It was quite the scene.

… but lurking in the dark, like a sweaty pervert at a work party, was an unforced error. The biggest one came from Martin Odegaard, he played a hospital pass across midfield, the ball was intercepted and we were lucky to escape the counter with a nothing moment. David Luiz also had one of his standard brain farts that has cost us so often in his short career with us.

The Norwegian loanee did make amends down the other end though. He took control of the ball on the edge of the box, looked up for the pass and decided instead to fire off a fizzing shot at the Olympiacos keeper who totally made a hash of the save. SCORCHIO was all I could say. What a way to open your goal-scoring account.

The second half should have been more comfortable than it was. The mistake was a Leno/Ceballos class in clowning. Bernd Leno received a fairly standard pass back him on the edge of his box, he had three options open, he chose to go back to a tightly marked Ceballos, the Spaniard didn’t have the skill to protect the ball, and we were punished to the max as usual.

I think we were all a little worried Arsenal would shut down like we normally do after a mistake. It didn’t happen this time. Willian came to the rescue with his immense creativity again. He dropped a deep cross from a short corner, Gabriel barged in front of Auba who was tracking, putting a sublime header back across goal. Inch perfect stuff from the Brazilian.

7 assists for Willian this season. The new Ozil? No. The new Arsenal GOD. He’s not my fave, but if he’s contributing, it’s a good thing for everyone.

The final goal was all about Mo Elneny. He picked the ball up in midfield, drove at goal, and unleashed fury. Stunning stuff from the best Egyptian in world football. He loves a goal in the Europa.

Arsenal left Greece for the 2nd time this month, but far happier. We beat a solid Champions League side with ease and left with a whopping 3 away goals. That means Olympiacos have to score 3 without a response to win. A tough ask against a team that doesn’t ship goals like they used to. Also a risky game to attack if we spring load our forward line with pace merchants like Pepe and Martinelli.

Some negatives?

Thomas Partey came off on 55 minutes, he didn’t have his best game, but I am sure he’ll be available for the NLD at the weekend. Even when he’s having an off night, he contributes. His assist set the ball rolling. I think we have to be fair with him, his fitness is precious and he’s still adapting to the club. I can’t wait to see him develop the way we know he will.

The main talking point was Bernd Leno again. Martinez fans were running around aroused after the game, keen to whine that we sold the wrong keeper. It’s certainly not that simple to my mind, but the more this new system evolves, the clearer it is that Bernd needs to sharpen his game with the ball at his feet. Leno made the error today, but let’s be clear, it wasn’t his at the weekend.

Some moan that it’s a system issue. I disagree. Playing out the back is part of the way Arteta wants to play. It has more benefits to our play than it does negatives, so to bin it would be a weakness (Emery caved, and he’s meek management 101). It’s about the players making better decisions. Everything else in the German’s game is electric. He just needs to double down and concentrate a bit more.

7 of the 14 goals we’ve conceded this year have been from unforced errors. Arteta knows this is a problem.

“We have to be very clear and honest with ourselves. We gave three chances to the opponent, they took one and at that level they are going to punish you,”

“If we want to go to the next level we have to stop that and be more ruthless and when we are that dominant, kill the games off.”

It’s annoying, but it’s also a gift. It means it’s absolutely clear the job that needs to be done this summer. Some of this can be eradicated over time. I do not expect Martin O to make those mistakes next season. Some of it can be addressed with coaching. Some will come with the natural churn in the squad as we upgrade.

Overall though, what we’re seeing on the pitch is exciting. As I’ve been saying for a while, there’s something brewing at Arsenal. The football has a clear identity, the players all know what they’re doing, and we’re producing high-quality chances over and over again. 18 shots, 8 on target… that’s a good outlay considering where we were a few months ago.

We have a really solid group of players at the moment. Look at the squad reaction when Martin O scored that goal. The players are together. Look at how they reacted to BIG Mo scoring his goal. There’s a culture building. It’s exciting.

The fundamentals are there. We defend well, our off-the-ball movement is great, we have style, and we create excellent chances. Arsenal are on the right path. Now we have to prove our mettle by beating Spurs on Sunday. A huge ask, but a do-able one. That game is our Premier League Cup Final. Win, and it’s all smiles, anything else, it’ll be a problem.

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  1. S Asoa

    Players have been compulsory passing back, irrespective of what better options available. Arteta the manager about as average as manager as his playing days. This is a non negotiable for Arteta and the seniors and politicos like Xaka and William do this consistently.
    Ceballos mishap is documented ,bit even within 30 minutes there were cases involving Odegard (2} and Xaka ,as usual..
    If Olympiacos moved the ball faster we would have been in trouble

  2. Tom

    Ha ha, just read the Arseblog’s take on the game at he’s giving Gabriel 99.9999999 % credit for his goal so his creditometer is even more fucked up that mine…….or just maybe he too has a sense of humor, which apparently the Untoldlegrovers have lost somewhere along the way.

  3. Gbat

    I’d like us to bring in two centre midfielders. A Xhaka upgrade and someone who can cover the ground quickly.
    Fabian Ruiz/Locatelli
    Cheaper Bissouma type. I like Boubacar Kamara as he can also play CB.

    For right back I like Aarons/Hakimi. Neither would be cheap though.

    And I have a feeling we’ll see Odegaard back next season on loan.

  4. raptora

    Zero chances we win Europa. 0% Zilch.

    Anyone who has watched even half of our games will know it’s unrealistic and virtually impossible. We are closer to the level of Fulham and Brighton than to Manure, Milan, Spuds, Roma and Ajax.

    People who believe that we stand a chance are either idiots or agenda (Artgenda) driven.

  5. JJ

    Auber needs to get back to doing his front post runs like he did last year. His confidence is low and he is making central/back post runs to give himself more time. However, you score less goals that way. He needs to take a chance and back himself!

  6. Tom

    We have as good a chance to win it as anyone remaining in it.
    Tottenham looked good yesterday, which is a worry since we play them next, but no one else played particular well.
    United were very poor against a none full strength Milan.
    No agenda here.

  7. SpanishDave

    Auba played crap yesterday, just not doing it.
    The Leno thing glossed over his poor performance.
    We need a new cf next season or maybe use our eternal sub Martinelli when Arteta wakes up.
    Glad to see the back of Xhaka , this position needs freshening up.
    Partey fell apart last night not sure about him, he seems to be struggling to fit in.

  8. Victorious

    Boringnho already at the media aiming sly digs at the arsenal! What a prick

    Arteta please shut the fcker up with a blistering performance and a result on Sunday! Don’t care if you have a hard on for Willian and hate Martinelli

    Just please don’t let those mouth breathers beat us at home!

  9. MD-Gunner

    Watch the BT Sports highlights of the UEL games and listen to Martin Keon’s damaging assessment of Leno. Keon is in the never should have sold Emi crowd and believes these unforced errors are the goalkeeper’s fault because he can’t play passes to his defenders that are in the position to receive them. That pass from him should have never gone to Danny who had 3 players surrounding him, what was Leno thinking?

    Arteta knows this but can’t get his players to learn and stop making mistakes in their own half.

  10. Tom

    Betting experts have Tottenham at 7/2,
    United at 4/1, and Arsenal at 9/2 as third favorites to win EL , so apparently a lot of Arteta agenda driven idiots out there.

  11. Rich

    I wouldn’t bet on it, but our recent head to heads vs United have landed in our favour

    The NLD is usually decided by small margins

    We dispatched AC Milan with relative ease in 2018

    We’re certainly capable of beating Roma, Granada, Rangers, Ajax or Villarreal

    We’ve been to the semi final and final in recent seasons, no reason we can’t win it this season, the bookies don’t often get it wrong, we’re in with a good chance

  12. Tom

    “Looked like a pretty easy header to me, jumping over a guy he was 4″ taller than.”

    Always amusing how the ones accusing other of unable to “read the game” make the craziest statements without fail.

    I suppose the four inch height difference between the players was the reason Gabriel was able to elevate 30 inches higher.

    Another blogger thought the goal should’ve been disallowed for elbow to face, while having the exact opinion when

  13. BacaryisGod

    Pedro Opening comments:

    ‘Sure, sure, winning in the Europa League last 16 isn’t busting out the red panties and champagne, but a win, is a win, is a win’

    Pedro closing comments:

    ‘There’s a culture building. It’s exciting’

    Diagnosis: Schizophrenia


  14. Chris

    I would prefer it if someone took out Spurs before we met them in the EL, a semi final or worse a final would just be unbearable, not good for the heart.

    Milan look like they might take care of United and they would be a different prospect than the last time we played them. Lots of teams left in made of stern stuff, Rangers, Roma, perhaps Ajax, and Villarreal????

    Just not taking anything for granted at this stage, we should be looking to the semi finals as a minimum but we have been so erratic even if heading in the right direction, that it’s still hard to call how far we will go in the competition.

  15. G8

    There are no bad assists, but definitely there are lucky unintentional ones, and Willian has 7 of them !
    Anyway he is putting a better shift than captain Auba, and that’s a real concern
    Hopefully he shows up on Sunday

  16. BacaryisGod

    I do agree with Pedro on the improved team spirit.
    Most telling was after the game when Gabi Martinelli was giving big hugs to players like Elneny when you would think from all the comments that he would be sulking in the top corner of the stadium. It’s clear he’s fully involved and motivated despite the limited minutes he’s getting.

  17. Pedro

    Rich, depends which Kane and Bale show on Sunday.

    They are Jose’s strategy.

    Sit back, give it to those two.

    I think we’ll have planned really well for the game.

    Can’t give them a thing

  18. Tom

    United play better away so they still should have enough to get past Milan and then it’s them and Spurs, it must be. The Jose Bowl
    Arsenal get Villareal for best ratings ever in Europa league.
    Emery beating Arteta is the best chance we’ll hear from Marc again.

  19. Rich

    Our recent record against Spurs is dire

    We’ve not beaten them since the 4-2 in December 2018, that was 6 games ago

    We’ve got 3 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses in our last 15 fixtures

    We’re overdue a win

    There’s not been bigger that a 2 goal margin win for either side since we spanked them 5-2 back to back in 2012

    Had some great fun with both those wins, used to txt my Spurs mate every day at 13.55

    With “It’s 5-2”

  20. Bertie Mee

    Emirates Stroller
    I usually love your stuff and positivity but comparing Leno with Fingers Furnell ! Leno is a German international . Furnell wouldn’t have been good enough to play for Luxembourg. I take your point about Leno’s capacity to self- destruct but if some of those old goalkeepers had to play with their feet we would have seen some amazing rickets ! !

  21. G

    Partey fell apart last night not sure about him, he seems to be struggling to fit in.‘’.

    Lol.. if your not sure about him mate then I suggest u take up another sport

  22. Vintage Gun

    “Pedro Opening comments:‘Sure, sure, winning in the Europa League last 16 isn’t busting out the red panties and champagne, but a win, is a win, is a win’Pedro

    closing comments:‘There’s a culture building. It’s exciting
    ’Diagnosis: Schizophrenia”

    Bac, are you insinuating that Pedro is Geoff and Geoff was Pedro? And that Pedro killed Geoff with his meds then fled to the US to lay low?

    I think this might have legs…

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Bertie Mee

    You are of course absolutely correct that Jim Furnell was not at the same level of Leno. He was actually more Plymouth Argyle level where he played.

    The comparison which I made was that he could on occasion produce some spectacular saves when he played for Arsenal. Leno does likewise, but unfortunately he is also error prone when under pressure.

    Leno is not going to leave the club in immediate future and be replaced. There are too many moree immediate priorities before we change the goalkeeper.

  24. Bertie Mee

    I watched the U23s tonight . We have about 10 CBs ahead of them but Dinzeyi and the other CB were awful, Lopez is sooo right-footed land Alebiosu gave a very naive penalty away. Bould looked totally outcoached . Reiss Nelso played in midfield and did a Xhaka/ Ceballos to perfection .
    Only the keeper and Azeez looked impressive and Azeez is very small and a little bit of a show pony . We had Moller, Balogun and Nketiah upfront but if you’ve no midfield they don’t get proper service….and they didn’t . I was very, very unimpressed . Why are we bringing in rejects like Dinzeyi in ? Edu and Mertesacker might have some explaining to do . The current golden generation is nothing to do with them

  25. Danny Morales salazar

    Pedro ready to die on the Bern Leno Hill.

    I am adamant we sold the wrong keeper. Bern Leno is the better stopper but Emi is the better keeper and the eye test doesn’t fail me.

    He’s the reason we managed to shithouse an FA cup. The calmness and confidence he gave the backline is something I had never seen before. With Leno I feel we have a cross breed between Seamen and Alumnia. Brilliant stopper with calamitys inside him.

    Emi was pinging balls to our wingers while Leno is failing at 5 yard passes. Sterling could never score a header in Emis 6 yard box.

    Moving on, we have to accept Leno cnt do the deed and that he will be a limited keeper like cech.

    The other issue is that players who cnt beat the press should never collect the ball from defence. I would only trust partey to safely receive the ball.

    I fear we won’t be a serious club until we clear the jokers out the club like Xhaka, Luiz, Bellerin et al.

  26. Mark

    ” Saliba should be brought back pre-season and assessed before decision is
    made whether to keep or sell him.”

    I’m a bit confused as to why we need to assess Saliba and decide whether he should be sold or not?

    What has happened with regards Saliba that a hot prospect that we fought to beat Spurs and other clubs to, waited a year for as St. Etienne wanted to keep him, who hasn’t yet played any competitive minutes for us and is now excelling whilst on loan . Getting stats that are better than the majority of defenders still here could only dream about. ( Not been dribbled past in 10 games!!)

    Yet we need to decide if we’re gonna keep him 🤔🤔

    It seems like people are aware of the underlying issues with Arteta and are creating this narrative that Saliba’s ability is questionable.. There is no other reasonable explanation.

    I’ll tell you one thing for free if we sell Saliba, it will have as big a detrimental effect on this club as selling Martinez! The fact that people are already voicing that we might sell , shows an awareness of Arteta’s I’m bigger than the club ego.

    So can someone please tell me the footballing reasons for considering selling Saliba?
    I’d love to hear them. Then I suggest you actually watch him play. He’s gonna be a top top defender, whether it’s with Arsenal, that’s down
    to Mikel.

    I’ll say it now if Saliba is sold expect to see plenty of posts about how he’s tearing it up wherever he is and how we should have kept him . Plus plenty of comparisons with the defenders like Holding we decide to keep. (as We’re seeing with Emi).

    Is Saliba better than Holding? Without a doubt IMO, so why aren’t people saying we should assess whether to keep him?? Is it cos Arteta likes Holding?

    Why is Bellerin playing before Soares ( who clearly offers more going forward and in defence? Cos Mikel has favourites.

    Oh ok, that’s a sound decision making process.

  27. Mark

    I also disagree that Leno is a better shot stopper than Martinez. He’s good at that but better than Emi🤔🤔

    Go rewatch the Brighton game where he pulled off great save after save. Balls just stick in his big fuckin hands , he has Great reflexes, gets down quickly for such a big guy and he extends his massive frame to pull off fingertip saves.

    The goal Leno conceded against olympiacos, Emi is saving that, all day long.

  28. Mark

    Thinking more on Leno’s poor decision making, seems that he is incapable of making decisions (the right ones) quick enough.

    Good players know what they are gonna do with a ball before they get it, and have an overall vision of what’s happening over the whole pitch, who’s in space etc and can be passed to. Leno doesn’t have that ability. Hence the slow releases of the ball at times. Allowing the opposition to get back into position, losing any initiative.

    Moving forward he should be replaced as soon as we can do so realistically.

  29. Mark


    It’s not really Emi Vs Leno as Emi is gone. They’re observations on performance.and a reflection on Arteta’s decision making, so are valid to many others.

    The big difference is Ozil was dropped , Leno won’t be.

  30. Mark

    Glad that more people are questioning the continued absence of Martinelli. Keown rightly saying if he was his dad he’d be pissed off. There’s just no logical reason.

    This talk of him just getting over a serious injury so easing him in gently is bollocks. How is not playing somone at all, easing them in. The AKB’s are running out of excuses.

    However it seems like Mikel is just gonna double down on his decision as he doesn’t like his methods questioned, and like the continued playing of Willian, seems, he’ll bent to not be told anyting by anyone. Certainly not players ( eg Ainsley ‘more legs… ) or pundits alike.

  31. Mark

    “Not sure whether being black or Asian is more risky these days”

    Disgusting no doubt, targeting people like that. I would say though this anti Asian thing is more a very recent thing brought about by the pandemic and the narrative that it originated in Wuhan and Trump’s ‘China!!” Comments.

    Probably wouldn’t have happened 2 years ago.

  32. China1

    Chris how on earth could you be worried about playing spurs in the final?

    Semis or whatever ok, but the final? This is a club that has won how many trophies in the last 30+ years? I just checked and it’s 3 trophies in the last 36 years and 2 of those were only the league cup.

    Drawing them in a cup final is an absolute gift because you can sure they will be spursy and are there for the taking

    For comparisons sake, in the last 36 years, arsenal have won 17 trophies and only 1 was the league cup

    I’m not including the charity shield but if I did that number would rise to about 50,000 trophies

    Beating spurs in a European final to qualify for the CL would be the most satisfying thing. A kind of satisfaction that we’ve rarely seen since the 2004 times

    Bring it on I say

  33. Guns of SF

    The league is over!
    Except for Sunday. That is for pride. For Blood. For showing fight for the badge.
    I hope Mike chooses to go full throttle at those cunts.
    I hope we see Martinelli

    A win on Sunday would do a lot of good for morale.
    I think we could do it, but more and more now im thinking a 1-1

  34. China1

    Yeah Mark it’s the pandemic that’s lead to an explosion of these incidents. Always existed but never on this scale before In recent times

    Guns no chance Martinelli is playing against Spurs! You want it. I want it. Most of the fans would love it. But never in a million years. Arteta ain’t about that life!

  35. Guns of SF

    Im not too worried about Kane we seem to handle him ok in games. It Son,
    I hate that guy, he kills us all the time.
    I hate him so much, that I think he should join our team. His skills are sick and he is quick as f.

    That is the danger man we need to keep in check

  36. China1

    Whoever it was joking with me yesterday about walcotts coffee machine man it got a proper laugh out of me

    I guess it’s kinda impressive in a way and Theo and his wife never got sucked into the millionaire lifestyle. He always comes across as having a middle class background and being well spoken (his wife as well) so maybe it’s not surprising that money didn’t go to his head like most of the chavs we see in a typical PL side

    But really it was the most Theo comment of all time about getting that coffee machine and as you said you just know it was an entry level Delonghi one not one of those top of the line fully automatic ones. Almost certainly used those little metal pod capsules as well you just know it 😂😂

    I like theo a lot as a person tho, seems a straight up guy. He also was an extremely dangerous player with elite potential but obviously he wasn’t given the coaching he needed to fulfill it and he also suffered from being mentally elite in half second increments but totally incapable of making the right decision if given time to think about it. I think if he’d grown up in the invincible era and been bedded in around 2001 he’d have kicked on and could’ve been immense but obviously that’s not how it went down

    But he remains a character of immense bants for some of the silly stuff that went down in his time with us

  37. China1

    Yeah guns you’re right

    Son is the real fucker on that team. He’s the one who pulls your pants down on the regular and needs to be dealt with. Massive test for presumably bellerin and saka

    Come on arsenal.

    Fuck them in the league and lets fuck them in the EL. Tiny worthless little club that they are seriously needs bringing down a peg.

  38. Tony

    Don’t worry Guns/China Arteta will put Willian or Xhaka on Son.

    Cue Benny Hill music with the speeded up video replays of them both chasing Son’s shadow.

  39. Kroenkephobe

    This GK debate has morphed from being merely tedious (one no longer plys his trade for the club this site claims to be about) into becoming pretty fucking irksome as revisionists get on here on claim that some of our most storied men between the sticks were also flawed.

    When you have a pop at Spunky and Jens Lehmann, it reveals you probably enjoying moaning more than following the Arsenal. If this is where this circular bullshit is heading ie an eventual demolition of all our keepers’ reputations then I suggest the discussion be kicked into touch! Seaman and Lehmann were immense keepers.

  40. Tony

    Adds to your post earlier, China

    Regarding the NDL let’s hope Arteta has a tactical and plan restricting Son and Bale space and time to operate and keeping Kane to a limited service.

    Jose probably has planned to nullify Auba (not difficult at the moment) so, why not sit down Balogun and Martinelli and tell them they each have 45 minutes to state their case.

    Give them Pep, ESR, Saka, MO, Partey , Cedric and KT to feed them.

    I believe it could be very interesting and not what Jose will be expecting.

    If we lost going down bleeding for the badge, I think the fans would be forgiving.

    I would.

  41. Samir


    I totally agree with what you’re saying. Similar to the Chelsea game; they has no idea how to cope with Martinelli, ESR and Saka.

    But we all know Arteta will be boring and start his favourite: Willian. I’m expecting the same team that faced Olympiakos, maybe ESR in for Odegaard.

  42. Samir

    Also, just a heads up to everyone:

    Arsenal U23s played Blackburn U23s yesterday.
    We started Nelson, Balogun, Nketiah, Azeez and lost 0-3 and currently sitting in 10th position.
    Last 5 games: LDLLL

  43. DivineSherlock

    I want to be wrong but I dont think Arteta is gonna rotate much . Xhaka will play , so will Auba , Ødegaard , Saka, Partey and Willian. Just hope they can pull it off .

  44. Leedsgunner

    Worrying that with two first team players in that side the U23s still lost.

    Nelson and Nketiah should be trying to play out of their skin to force their way back in…

    Balogun, sadly seems to be marking time now.

    With Lacazette and Nketiah rumoured to be on their way out I don’t know why he hasn’t signed yet. He would have been given chances to play had he committed to the club… shame to be losing him.

  45. Chris


    It’s a double edged sword with a Spurs final, win and its immensely satisfying like you say, lose and it haunts us forever.

    I get why some would relish that scenario, but for me, in the current conditions and factors of this season, I’d rather avoid them and take the piss out of how they went out in the quarters and we won it.

    If this had happened when we were at our zenith under Wenger and they were how they were back in those times, then yeah, I’d look forward to smashing them in a final. The fact is this season they have a coach who, past his best or not, is a master at winning cups and closing out 2 legged Euro ties or a final, also their front 3 is unfortunately looking formidable at the wrong time for us.

    We will see on Sunday firstly, I think if we start Tierney and Aubameyang on the left we can overwhelm them on that side as Bale probably won’t be too interested in tracking back, and whatever right back they put out seems to be dodgy. We cannot commit any schoolboy errors again that’s for sure.

  46. Leedsgunner

    More than United, more than Liverpool, more than City…

    I hate losing to Tottenham.

    You know they will be in full diving and handball mode against the Arsenal tomorrow. After all, why not? Given recent results it’s not if we’re being awarded clear penalties and protected when opponents hack down our players anyway.

    We need to stop making it easy for them and cut out our mistakes…

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal mngt (read Arteta and Edu) were shortsighted to not have signed back Giroud, knowing well a fit Tierney could be turning up a dozen crosses every game. Arsenal goal tally could have been better by 10 at the least.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Bertie Mee

    I was interested in your post that you watched our U23 team lose to Blackburn 3-0 earlier this week.

    There have been similar comments expressed by Bird and a journalist who follow our youth
    teams about their very poor performances this season.

    The comments about the team’s defence being piss poor has been commented for a long time.

    When you see how many goalkeepers and centre backs are on our books it is disturbing to
    see reports about how poor they are. You need to ask serious questions about our recruitment of defenders.

    You refer to Azeez being a bit lightweight. He is actually similar size to Smith-Rowe. I have
    watched some games on video and I believe that he has some potential albeit that he is probably not ready yet to play for the first team.

    The real question to ask is why Steve Bould is coaching/managing this team? He seems to
    be a “survivor” in a system which should have been dismantled a long time ago.

  49. Uwot?

    YeH somebody upstairs likes Boulders .Nice guy I believe & a member of the Fab Four defence ( never to be forgotten)but I think had his day.Has had a good run at Arsenal.Time to move on.

  50. Uwot?

    Yeah peanuts.It’s yahnited all day long & tomorrow.Spuds,scousers & chavs in that order are next up.The orcs( Stoke)& Bolton completes the list.

  51. China1

    Chris you’re absolutely right but spurs bottle trophies – it’s who they are I’d be shocked to see them win a trophy any time soon and if they do it will be the league cup

    Even for all the credit and rave reviews they’ve earned in recent years the grand sum of it all has been a few top 4 finishes and a CL final which they lost. Along with Utd they are consistently the most overrated team in England by a country mile

    Who can forget in the Leicester title season the pundits were lavishing praise on them and their amazing season as supposed title challengers as they came third or fourth. Meanwhile they were absolutely miles off Leicester who themselves won the league with a low points rally’s we also had a poor season considering and finished above them.

    The greatest achievement of spurs in the last 35+ years is them managing to cancel at totteringhams day a few times – and that’s only because we’ve been shite not because they’re good

    So you’re right the stakes would be huge and the pain of losing would be insane, but if we manage to lose to lightweight spurs in the EL final then arsenal as a club should truly hang its head in shame because there’s no excuse imo

  52. Uwot?

    Yeah Tony.u might be forgiving but there’s a whole squad on here who’ll be moaning day & night for at least a week!

  53. China1

    Yeah tony agreed on all points

    And yep more proof that Theos Mrs is way too good for the other wags out there. Pretty, smart, good person and down to earth. Theo won big time with that one

    Most 21 year old girls in that position would’ve taken that Ferrari every day of the week

  54. S Asoa

    Aaron on 365

    Arthur cost Juventus much more than Ronaldo
    I know im a bit late to the champions league mailbox party but i have to point out even though the focus will be on Ronaldo as it always is, there was an awful performance from a team mate deserving of critiscism much more than Ronaldo in the whole Juventus champions league debacle. If there was one player in a Juventus jersey that deserves criticism it is without a doubt Arthur Melo and not Ronaldo. Watching the match on numerous occasions Ronaldo was making great runs looking for the ball to be put in the box with some urgency, time and time again Arthur seemingly forgetting that they were loosing on aggregate just completley ignored the runners and turned backwards or sideways to play the easy option but not actually doing anything to help the team.

    There was one moment in the second half when Ronaldo made 2 seperate runs into the box one directly after the other pointing where he wanted the ball when Arthur was in possession and as expected Arthur ignored him and kept the ball slowly passing left and right, leading to Ronaldo having to drop deep back Into midfield to collect the ball himself and set off on a surging run towards the opposition goals, being brought down just outside the box. If it had of been Cuadrado on the ball in them moments instead Arthur it’s more than likely they would have at least created a half chance rather than just aimlessly passing around the midfield not actually going anywhere. On the evidence on show against Porto, Barcelona robbed Juventus blind by swapping Pjanic for Arthur even if they only did it because they needed the quick cash.

    Déjà vie Arteta’s Arsenal

  55. SpanishDave

    Get rid of Steve Bould, he wasn’t a great baller and just sat motionless next to Wenger for years.
    Get an Ajax youth coach they know what they are doing.
    Clubs a mess

  56. Chris


    I absolutely see where you’re coming from. Your post has reminded me a lot of Spurs best moments ie “it’s happened again”. The spectacular losses etc, even when Jeff Stelling asked Merson what he thought of Spurs’ recent success and he replied “What success?”

    I don’t think the inferiority complex can ever be better illustrated by their reaction to equalising in the last minute to make it 2-2 in 2004. The final whistle went and they celebrated like they had won the league. Then it dawned on them that we had actually won the league as our players went over to our fans in the corner!

    I do have to admit I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Origi netted for 2-0 in the CL final though!

  57. Samir

    The club does seem to be in mess. From senior level to youth level. Miles behind Man City and Chelsea academy wise.
    We were very lucky with Saka and ESR.

  58. Graham

    Chris I was in a Spurs fans box at WHL for that game and remember the celebrations of the Spurs players and fans followed by the realisation that “71 never again” was “71 is happened again”.

    To be fair to them (and you have to be fair when surrounded by Spurs fans who have invited you to their box for a NLD) they were in a real relegation fight at the time and the point meant quite a lot.

    The next time I went was the 5 4 match.

    I wasn’t invited again.

  59. Kroenkephobe


    Brilliant story mate. That must have been sweet. Almost as good as being there in 71 I imagine. I remember being disappointed by the draw and swiftly changing my mind when they went the corner with the trophy.

    I heard an interview (with TH maybe) in which our players had been told not to celebrate because it was poor sportsmanship or something. Fuck that said TH in so many words. Winning the title there twice sends an important historical message I was living in Washington DC at the time – it made my spring/summer that year.

  60. Graham

    It was – although getting away from the ground after was a bit hairy.

    I can’t claim at WHL first time (I was only 3) but I can say I was three rows back in the North Bank just to the West Stand side of the goal net for a fantastic view of Adams and “that sums it all up”.

    But I enjoyed just as much great moments I could not attend in person like “it’s up for grabs now” and “Wiltoooord”

    For all our collective disagreements and angst over Wenger, Emery, Arteta, Martinez, Martinelli etc etc let’s not forget we are all very very privileged to be Gooners.

  61. China1

    Re the discussion we had about UK racism the other day

    To whomever it was who said white British males face the worst racism – I just saw the UK gov statistics show Asians are 10x more likely than whites people to be victims of racially motivated hate crimes which is comparable and marginally higher than the number for black people

  62. China1

    Chris yeah man I used to feel physically sick watching them celebrate draws it was proper pathetic stuff

    Who can forget them releasing that DVD way back when. Proper tiny club syndrome

    It shows how shit we are these last few years that we are below them because I honestly don’t believe they are anything special. Every year we seem to be progressively shitter and they’re usually only a bit above us.

    The difference is (apart from AKB) we all think arsenal have been shit for 10 years whereas Spurs and the media talk like they’re actually doing things when apart from one unsuccessful CL run they’ve done nothing of note

  63. China1

    I also don’t think this spurs team or even the one a few years ago winning all that praise was really any better than the team that had van der vaart and co in way back when

    The only difference between then and now is in the old days you could bank of at least 4 of arsenal city Chelsea Utd and liverpool doing vaguely ok and finishing above them. But the last few years have been incredibly volatile for all the bigger clubs so they’ve blogged their way into CL places left over just by virtue of bigger clubs fucking the selves in the arse and leaving the door open

    Spurs are nothing special at all even if they do have a few good players

  64. MGooner

    We play the Tiny Totts who are managed by Mou.

    If we do not win, at least I hope we draw. It’s terrible losing against them.

  65. MGooner

    @ China1 The difference is (apart from AKB) we all think arsenal have been shit for 10 years

    During those 10 shit years, we were in the CL without fail. We even challenged for the PL some years and reached a final of the CL.

    Are you saying we are in the same shit category these days? Not sure, the current shit seems different.

  66. Rich


    “I said many times that I’ve been looking for stability (in same club), but haven’t found it. I think it’ll be important to find stability.

    I’m very happy at Arsenal, enjoying myself. I like it here. Now my focus is to finish the season, then we’ll see.”

    For the right price, and under the right conditions, £30-£40mill, but with no buy back clause, and no sell on clause, I’d be inclined to take a punt

    I think he’s got a really high ceiling, he’s at a good age, with a good level of experience, and could easily develop into something special over the next couple of years

  67. Pedro

    Rich, he has to be a priority this summer. Takes time to adapt to the pace over here, but he works hard, has that special sauce, and everyone seems to love him

  68. Pedro

    JayJay, not really being awkward, if you think after 14 years of writing about Arsneal, I don’t have contacts, you are wrong.

    Matteo dropped by Hertha today.

    Kind of buries your crusade. Not even a side in a relegation battle can be arsed with him