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Arsenal head into another week where everything feels poised on a knife-edge. Truth is, I don’t believe there’s a knife-edge Arteta is hanging on. This season will be put in the bin for a lot of major clubs. Liverpool just lost their 6th straight home game at Anfield, Spurs have been utter shite, United have failed to capitalise again… really, it’s hard to hold any club up bar Manchester City who are well ahead of every team in Europe.

If the objective is to get back into the top 4 next season, then we’re likely chasing Leicester, United, Chelsea, Everton and Spurs. We are easily on the level of those clubs and if we can fix a few things over the summer, I think we’ll certainly be up there.

Structurally, we’re in a good shape.

We defend well. We’re in our worst-ever season and we have the 5th best defensive record as it stands. Structurally, we’re built really well. It’s a group effort, everyone knows where to be on and off the ball, and players are far more accountable than they have been in a decade. We don’t get battered these days, you never feel it’s coming either. That’s progress, because there was always a spanking waiting in the wings under Wenger, and Unai Emery oversaw a game where Watford unleashed 31 shots at our goal. That sort of banter has been consigned to yesteryear.

We’re also looking slick on the ball. Our build-up play is excellent. Forget the Xhaka error yesterday, the build-up for our goal that started with Thomas Partey flooring a Burnley player with his deft movement and it was pure NSFW stuff. That is a consistent feature of this team. Whining that we should just ‘HOOF’ that ball is really unimaginative. Fixing the problem is more appropriate than the default Sunday League rhetoric that followed Pep G when he moved here.

Our final third needs some work, no doubt, but before Christmas, we were dull and unimaginative, now we’re creating a consistent flow of high-quality chances that aren’t being finished. As problems go, this is a better one to have than being a turgid fine margins attacking unit that is sad to watch.

The foundations of a top 4 team are undoubtedly in place at Arsenal FC.

There are two issues we need to fix as a matter of urgency. We make too many errors in both boxes. Defensively, we punch ourselves in the face. It’s not structural, it’s a lack of concentration. Granit Xhaka always has that move from yesterday in his locker, but we have to accept reality, he’s our second best midfielder and he’s vital to our play. Saying he shouldn’t start is a nice soundbite in the comments section, but who else are you playing there? Ceballos who gave Leeds an assist 2 weeks ago? Elneney who refuses vertical passes? AMN who gave the ball away about 50 times in his last appearance before being moved to WBA?

We’ve also had 5 red cards this season. Again, this is an area we can control. Doing dumb things can be addressed with coaching and upgrades.

Unforced errors are our biggest enemy. Xhaka alone has contributed to 8 goals since 2016 from errors. You can’t hide from data points like that. The coaching staff know that this problem exists and they will work to fix it. Key point though… the system is not the problem. Individual errors can be debugged far easier than an Unai Emery like approach that invites waves of hell at your goal. We’ve dropped 8 points from our last 4 away games through unforced errors, win those points and we’re 5th now (via @KayaKaynak). The objective will be to cut those unforced errors in half next season.

The second part of the equation the coaching staff will be looking at is finishing. We’ve been awful in front of goal this season. We weren’t taking our chances before Christmas, we are taking more of them now, but not enough to see out games.

Again, I think this is hopefully an anomaly. When Arteta first started, we had a finishing rate so good it was unsustainable. I think it was second only to Liverpool. Auba will hopefully not be this bad next season. Saka, ESR, Odegaard, and Martinelli will find the net more often after a season of playing together. People were saying Saka wasn’t top-class before Christmas because he didn’t score or assist… what are those people saying now? Young players get better with minutes. Pepe and Willian might come good and contribute to the levels we thought we were buying into. Pepe certainly looks like a live wire. I know we’re all upset that Martinelli is sitting on the bench right now, but Lacazette was brought on as a false 10, and in a straight choice between the Brazilian and Pepe, you have to go with Pepe. He should have won a penalty, and scored two goals, he made the right impact.

If Arsenal takes 20% more of their chances next season, we’re going to be a top 4 side.

There’s a 3rd thing we need to deal with, and I have no idea how you coach this. Arsenal have always been easily rattled. That Xhaka error gave life to a shit Burnley side. It took us 20 minutes into the second half to get over our misery and that’s not good enough. Dealing with adversity has been a weak point since way, way back when. The squad needs to get better at that. We should be able to concede a shit goal and get back to the plan right away.

The machine that has been built at Arsenal is controlling teams now. Every game since Christmas, bar Manchester City, has been dominant from Arsenal. The problem we have now is not the machine, it’s the coding. Things like finishing will come more naturally, unforced errors will likely be addressed with upgrades in certain positions. It’s debugging versus a total rewrite.

Now, transfer news is always contentious, so don’t hang me. But I don’t think the club will renew on David Luiz with the young centre back production line we have coming through. The chances of Dani Ceballos joining us next season are very, very low. We’ll probably land Martin Odegaard on loan for the whole of next season and try and get a buy clause in his deal. Arsenal will look to ship out £100m worth of talent, which seems doable even in this market. Then they’ll look to bolster right back, left-back and central midfield.

We’re strapped for cash though. A consistent flow of poor decisions has seen to that. Arsenal paid out Unai Emery £10m on his full deal almost immediately after he was fired and he landed a job 6 months later, a very unusual move. Spurs and Chelsea simply paid Conte and Pochettino their monthly wages until they found new roles. You have to wonder why a Super Agent recommended manager is getting a full payout from a club that’s asking people to shut windows and heat their lunch using bonfires to save on the heating bill. I guess that’s why we don’t have a Don at the club anymore. It’s also why I don’t care for Unai Emery, he knew why he was at Arsenal, so fuck him.

We need Edu to be the guy that sniffed out deals for Odegaard, Martinelli, and Thomas Partey. This summer needs to be about smart signings. I want to see us picking off players no one else is looking at. 22-23 years old, a couple of seasons of football under their belt, high levels of technical ability, with strong characters. Get that centre midfield position looking a little deeper with a lot more quality and we’re laughing. I’m also quite hopeful AMN can do this business at WBA and prove he can cut it at Arsenal in the future.

It’s hard to be Mr Positive. Honestly, I’d rather be throwing shit at the project with the reprobates every day because it’s easier. However, that’s not my style. I write what I believe in and fuck everyone else. I wanted a progressive manager that would move us multiple levels with future football. I have no doubt we have that in Arteta. It was always going to take time, but the foundational work that’s been done so far is more than enough to convince me that this project is going in the right direction. I wrote right at the start the road back to the top would be rocky, it’s been rockier and less linear than I hoped, but there’s something brewing. It is now clearer than it’s been in 10 years what needs to be fixed… it’s up to Arteta to fix it and do it in fucking ruthless fashion. Get the basics down until the end of the year, start picking sides with next season in mind, then go to town this summer and bring in a generation of talent that’ll fire us to the Champions League places next season.

… or, win the fucking Europa and do it now. See you in the comments.

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  1. China1

    And yes Steven when you land in Beijing they will most definitely consider you white and not as cousin of North Africa’. You’ll get all that juicy privilege whether you want it or not

  2. Pedro

    Diss, you are right. Spouting off that white privilege doesn’t exist when you live on the west coast. Honestly.

  3. Mark

    Steven, your response is the reason why Pedro often says can we stick to football. We all have our own beliefs, politics etc which is why they should be left at the door so to speak, cos we’re all Arsenal fans.
    Otherwise you have a comments section full of arguments about all manner of things not football. Yeah there’s banter but yours is just an agry tirade that’s frankly misplaced, and not fit for this blog.

    I’m not trying to police the site and have had a few disagreements with others, but we tend to agree to disagree. But you seem to have just jumped in feet first on full on rant mode.

    If I’m gonna disagree with Pedro it’s gonna be about football. I don’t need to involve myself in his political viewpoint or yours. It’s all about Arsenal, and that’s what it should be about.

  4. Sly

    Have to commend you on your faith in Arteta
    Calling Wenger a fraud I’m going to assume was a mis speak
    Biggest problem with arteta is his inexperience
    Arsenal is going to pay the price for that
    I would say for at least the length of his contract
    We don’t know if he will ever make it to elite level
    Our team currently shows up for 45 minutes and then fades
    It is clear that arteta has seen evolution with the team beyond what emery had which was a mess to say the least
    The big question is whether arteta can advance us beyond a mid table team
    I personally don’t think he can
    A lack of experience and naivety has reflected from the coach in team performance
    This makes the difference
    Props to China for his comments also

  5. Mark

    No-one is forcing you to come here or to read what Pedro has written. If it makes you so mad, just vote with your feet, don’t come back.
    Stick to your principles join another blog.

    You have a choice., Free will and all that.

  6. Tony


    Looking at your points.

    3. We have the nucleus of a team to finish in the top 4 next season, but we are probably 3-4
    players short of a genuine challenger at that level.

    No player poverty here ES just manager poverty who is clueless- see all competition results this season for proof.

    4. Our defensive unit needs improvement. There are too many players in that department of
    game who are “ERROR PRONE”. That is down to poor leadership, organisation and decision
    making. For starters the club needs a top class Right Centre Back.

    If we’d kept Saliba and played him in the EL cup games instead of registering 3/4 keepers, Arteta could have a player that after a few games could have been ready to fight for 1st team game time. Saliba could have been sent on a temp loan with a recall caveat too make up the game time he needed.

    Agreed we need cover for RB & LB if selling Bellerin

    “Arsenal have been “outplayed” in just one game in EPL in 2021 and that was against Man City, but the manner that we have drawn and lost other games is down to stupidity, poor
    decision making and lack of control. These errors need to be eradicated.”

    Frankly sorry ES that statement is both fanciful and farcical at best. So Arteta is just unlucky with all the draws and losses.

    Bluntly par for the course with you always supporting Pedro and The Arsenal company line.

    Simply put, Arteta has not pulled up tress and is behind Emery and Wenger’s stats.

    Experience with successful football management (having won titles not cups) is what we need from a manager.

    Not an ‘L’ plate manager who isn’t close to passing his managerial test even after 15 months in the job and can’t learn from His continual mistakes.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    Pedro and Mark

    You are both right. This is a “football” and supposedly “Arsenal Supporters” Site.

    I don’t come here to discuss politics and for that matter Royal Family or other topics. There
    are plenty of alternative places for me to discuss these matters.

  8. Mark

    I’d like Overmars to come in or Rangnick. Do a proper rebuilt and get us challenging again. Thing is with arsenal we never strike when these opportunities arise. (Klopp,Pep, etc) that’s down to the lack of football men at the top.

  9. Tony

    “Thing is with arsenal we never strike when these opportunities arise.”

    The single and most frustrating point for an Arsenal fan.

    Te position we are in is so unnecessary because of not appointing the makers you suggest.

    Said a while back if I were the owner I’d get Rangnick as first choice and tell him to sort out Arteta and Edu in any way He sees fit.

    Offer him a choice CEO or DoF/TD or the manager’s position to get us back on track with a real footballing identity and a long term process loaded with football KPIs season on season.

    Vinai would probably be happier looking after the commercial deals than being a CEO.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    I am not on the same wavelength as you about Arteta. I think that he is a good coach. He has
    won the FA Cup last season and has managed the first team just 8 months.

    He has inherited a squad of players, which was inadequate and it has taken the club two transfer windows to shift out a lot of deadwood. None of these players have generated a pseu of transfer budget.

    Hopefully we will shift out at least 8-10 players this summer and generate some transfer
    budget. I don’t see a future at club for Torreira, Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Nelson
    and Nketiah. Bellerin and Lacazette may also leave

    It should be possible to generate substantial transfer fees in excess of £100 million. If that
    is not enough then Kroenke will need to repeat what he did last summer when we bought

  11. Tony

    “Emery was a fraud, not Wenger”

    Hmmm Emery finishing 5 missing 4th by a point and getting to the EL cup final.

    If Arteta did that, you call that a success and generational.

    Troll away Pedro we can take the amusing hits as we laugh our socks off at such comments.

  12. Tony

    “I am not on the same wavelength as you about Arteta.”

    Very true ES and I don’t wish to fight with you or cause insult.

    So we’ll have to agree to disagree now and in the future.

    The bottom line is we both want success for our club but see it coming in different ways.

    Time will tell what will happen in the coming months and which of us were right at the time.

    My concern is that this is going to be a wasteful season under Arteta, and then Arteta is retained for next season with no accountability for Arteta’s mistake ridden 15 months (not bumps as Pedro puts them) and continuing issues with his man management and extremely poor handling of our youths, such as Balogun, Torriera, Guen, Saliba, ESR (prior being forced to play him) Saka (overplaying) KT.

    If Arteta continues with GX, Willian, Luiz and Bellerin next season, we can expect another wasteful season of under achievement.

    Wii you be happy with this ES?

  13. Sly

    Anyone defending emery on this blog is either amnesic or just plain trolling lol
    What did he do to evolve the pattern of play with this team?
    He stuck with autopilot for 22 games
    As soon as he tried to implement his disjointed structure we crashed
    Arteta has done a better job with coaching but the jury remains out on him for sure

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and discuss matters in a constructive and
    civilised way.

    That is and should be the function of Le Grove.

    No-one has the perfect solution to our current status. Arsenal are not a million miles from
    being a top 4 team, but far enough to know that there is still a lot of work to be done.

    Shifting out the manager as you suggest is not in my book the solution.

  15. Tony

    Not defending Emery just pointing out Emery’s finishing position and getting to a EL final with a rag tag squad of scrap heap oldies and new youth players, such as Saka and AMN.

    His brief was to get us back to the CL and didn’t, so he should have been fired as I posted at the time.

    Emery had to go, but Arteta was not the managerial solution or he would have us in a better league position now and not worrying if we can beat Olympiacos over 2 games, which Arteta couldn’t do last season.

    Emery had to go and did, Arteta does not have the same accountability and that’s what is so annoying to many of us.

    Arteta should be judged the same as Emery & Wenger and fired if he misses his brief of CL next season because Arteta has had long enough to be doing far better than he is doing now.

    In fact Arteta has had longer than Emery did.

    Judging by our dismal FA cup run, winning last season was more luck than judgement on Arteta’s behalf.

  16. Tony

    ‘Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and discuss matters in a constructive and
    civilised way.That is and should be the function of Le Grove.No-one has the perfect solution to our current status. Arsenal are not a million miles from being a top 4 team, but far enough to know that there is still a lot of work to be done.”

    On the above we agree, ES.

    Just differ managerially.

  17. Sid

    After spending 45M to improve our midfield only to finish lower than the previous season,
    pepe on his debut season outperfoming his season under diet pep in the EPL, and Auba as well.

    I would Not trust diet pep with any signings

  18. China1

    Is it just me who thought the idea of the Irish being more akin to North Africans than British was something I’d expect an extremely woke ‘liberal lefty’ to say? Haha

  19. China1

    I always find the American concept of nationality to be an interesting one

    Second third fourth generation immigrants still seem to identify thenselves with countries on the other side of the world. My grandparents and great grandparents were Eastern European but I don’t feel any sense of related identity to their countries, I’m just British.

    Likewise my son is 4 but he’s only spent 10 days in the UK. He is to all intents and purposes just Chinese with a foreign dad as far as I’m concerned. If we move to the UK later he can become British but he’s not that yet apart from on his passport imo

  20. Sid

    I m fascinated by guys like steven berg and their interactions with other white people,
    I would like to do research/in depth study on the whole situation

  21. Guns of SF

    Did Pedro delete this steve guys posts?
    Yesterday I read some and him spouting nonsense
    He was on here back in Dec, claiming he was someone else who posted a lot a long time ago but stopped. He still drops in and reads and posts his annual post but it seems he has changed to being just a anti pedro maniac posting half drunk looking comments like he is trying talk but spitting all over the place

  22. Tony

    Laporta got the Barca presidency so at the very least Bellerin should be returning to his more suited cultural home.


    I would say it depends on the next 6 results as to what the mood is at The Arsenal and with Gooners alike whether Arteta would consider taking on the Barca job.

    I’m sure :Laporta knows which of Arteta’s buttons to press and how to massage Arteta’s rather large ego.

    Arteta will want to present his best optics to Laporta if not for the job this time and who knows what in the future.

    To be honest all I care about right now is winning matches with integrating our 5 best youth players to the end of the season. Obviously not all at once and intelligently where should we drop points because of such integration, then so be it. At least most would applaud Arteta for his efforts.

    Kids can’t be worse than Xhaka, Bellerin and Luiz for mistakes.

    ESR, Saka, & Martinelli (pre injury) hit the ground running why shouldn’t Balogun, Azeez, Martinelli (now). Pepe is finding his form and passion with goals, assists and tracking/tackling runners.

    At least the above players will have had game time to see what they can do in the PL.

  23. cheffy

    On Arteta. I get that certain markers are progressing which is good but not good enough if it doesn’t also translate consistently into wins. To me, ultimately he has joined management at the pinnacle of the game, where I feel there is little time for newness simply because because at this level, time is literally money. For me, my patience is until the end of this season where I do expect to see a consistent top 4 form as the foundation for 2021/22 – this means through both halves of the game and also across games. I’m not keen on yet another start of season that is a hope and pray toward the success of the team with the same “new” manager. And all this is also said without consideration to the question mark I have over Edu’s head as well.

  24. cheffy

    And while Arteta is getting there, I hope he doesn’t eff up the good youth players that should be at Arsenal long after him.

  25. Ishola70

    There is the danger that as this season has been a disappointment that improvement upon that and getting back into just Europa League qualifying places next season will be seen as progress of some sort when in reality we would be at the same stage just over a season ago where this sort of league position was seen as failure in itself. Of course this would not be tolerated under an experienced manager of a certain quality but can be done under a rookie manager in the name of future potential and what not.

    Really the demand on Arteta next season should be to significantly improve on this current one and make a genuine challenge for top four going into the later part of the season. Anything less and he is not making up for this current disappointing season and there should be thoughts of parting ways if this requirement is not mey by Arteta.

  26. Kaz

    Whoever agreed that Ancelotti wasn’t good enough for Arsenal needs to put themselves in the bin.

    I still can’t believe it.

    Hopefully Barcelona do pinch Arteta and we can try to get him off of Everton.

  27. Sid

    If you really have to dig and sift to see the improvements brought by gEnErAtIoNaL
    then we have another Ozil-Pierre situation on our hands gentlemen, brace yourselves its going to be bumpy

    Im telling you for free!

  28. Kroenkephobe

    Berg bears the hallmarks of a typical white supremacist. Say enough racist cack on here and there’s a chance someone will be converted to his fascist ideology. I think he had way too much airspace on here on Saturday. I reckon he probably pumps out the same shit on sites associated with other clubs hence my suggestion that he moved over to the Millwall version of Le Grove. It’s a more high tech version of what the NF and BNP did at football stadia in the 70s.

    This site really should be a bulwark against racism in football which is resurgent, despite games being played in empty grounds.

    Pedro – I know you find arses like him equally abhorrent. Given that you are spinning numerous plates in your work life, there was a lengthy period post Burnley where Berg was trying to give it the big one in his own sweet way. It may be an idea to appoint a moderator when you’re otherwise engaged who can keep Berg’s bullshit off the site.

    We all fall out over the direction Arsenal is taking, and slightly more nuanced things that overlap our lives, but racism really has no place.

  29. Davey

    Just can not believe we didn’t win the game hard to watch us and if the spuds are not too negative they will beat us and pick us off on the counter.

  30. Danny+S


    To be honest I think pretty much any other manager in the league would have us higher than Arteta does currently.

    He’s had to do way too much learning on the Job.

    Worrying thing is we are still seeing some debatable decision making from him.

    For instance Saka right and Pepe left looked good in the few games they played there. Yet now because of 2 assists Willian is back as a first 11 starter.

    I’m done with Arsenal this year. Whatever we want or think you have to accept Arteta isn’t going anywhere and this is his teething period.

    If we find ourselves in this position again next season then we have major issues.

  31. SpanishDave

    I hope Arteta goes it would be a blessing.
    There really isn’t any real signs of improvement it’s just us the fans looking hard more in hope than expectation.
    Picking Xhaka each week regardless is a sign of weakness, signing Willian when he’s got a group of very talented youngsters at his disposal, this is not a vision.

  32. Hitman49

    Spanish Dave…

    I agree 100% with you what vision ..?

    More like chuckle chuckle vision the way we play..

    To you
    To me
    To you
    To me………..opps in our goal

  33. David Smith

    “ Hopefully Barcelona do pinch Arteta and we can try to get him ( Ancelotti) off of Everton.”
    The reality, if we lose Arteta for some reason, it will be Paddy or Thierry next. Relatively cheap, grateful and will be perceived by owners as crowd pleasers.
    Club legends , but not exactly proven in the managerial arena.
    The likes of CA will always be too expensive, and demanding of the board, as will Europe’s bright young things.

  34. Batistuta

    Just to reiterate Pedro

    Milan’s recent good upturn has less to do with Gazidis and more to do with the fact that there’s an actual structure over here with Maldini and co being part of a team, Gazidis doesn’t make any stupid unilateral decisions like he did at his time at Arsenal.

    Like someone said earlier, he used Arsenal as a learning curve though and left us in absolute disaster and yet somehow we’ve managed to give another rookie so much power to do same

    The club never learns

  35. Shaun

    Dam Pedro is killing it , you should just jack in sales and make your fortune in comedy as your talent is undeniable. “Arteta is god”he he you are truly wicked man but it’s this one “xhaka has been excellent “ I am still recovering, did me all ends up with that one , spat the coffe out and everything

  36. SpanishDave

    It was good yesterday to see Fulhams determined fight, organisation and grit.
    Something we struggle to do.
    Constant dithering, passing back when not under pressure is not the Arsenal we know, def not the Arsenal Way.
    Arteta is clearly trying to get our bunch of misfits to play Pepes way, but we don’t have his cheque book.
    Pepe goes where the money is, and for the next few years it only at Man City.
    Arteta will go to Spain as they will try to retrench with Spanish players and management as they have done before.
    So they may do us a favour

  37. China1

    I’d be totally shocked if arteta walked away from us now. As much as I’d be fine with it I don’t think that’s how he would want to do this. Unless he won the EL first or something to go out on a high.

    But if that actually happened the whatever pay off money we get from Barca I’d just ask them to transfer directly to ranger as ask Gerrard if he wants in

  38. Jamie

    The only way backing Arteta now is still palatable is if you erase from your mind a lot of the stuff that was written over the last 2.5 years.

    – Arteta should’ve been hired before Emery because..
    – Had Arteta been hired instead of Emery, we would’ve definitely finished in the top 4 in his maiden season
    – Emery had a top 4 squad when he took over
    – Auba’s clinical finishing and constant outperforming xG was unsustainable under Emery and our low chance-creation was a reflection of, in part, Emery’s poor communication skills
    – Auba now isn’t clinical enough and if he just finished 100% of his chances this season, we’d be comfortably challenging for a European spot
    – Sven was a genius who uncovered many rough diamonds – Mavro, Guen, Saliba, Torr, Lich, and anyone who turned out to be cash was someone else’s recommendation
    – Arteta can coach our senior bums into a season-long consistent run in the league
    – Arteta needs a full pre-season and his methods will then bear fruit, so write-off the first half season he was in charge
    – Covid has affected Arsenal harder than other clubs above us
    – There’s been no money to invest in Arteta’s player requests
    – Arteta plays an exciting brand of football

    This season, barring a miracle in the EL, has been a disaster and we’ll likely finish within a place or two from where we are now (mid table).

    Arteta is a ‘long-term’ appointment, but unless we finish in the top 6 next season, regardless of special data points, he should absolutely be sacked imo.

    2.5 years in charge, plenty of money, refusal to sell dross then loaning them out instead (or worse, starting Xhaka every game), questionable recruitment (Willian, Runar), 5 transfer windows, perfect command of the English language. If he can’t get us back into the EL at a minimum after all that, I don’t know what else to add.

    I really hope we get better. Much much better.

  39. The Godfather

    Anyone defending Granit Xhaka is either a football know nothing or hates Arsenal football club.
    The man is the AFC version of Tom Huddlestone.
    A middling, useless waste of football space.

  40. China1

    That’s a lot of ammo Jamie! They didn’t age too well

    Tbf to Pedro I haven’t aged well either. Give me 5 more years and I’ll be competing with receding hairline for the moniker!

  41. Bergkamp63

    We have in the region of 17 players to get shot of still, one on loan but this is not going to happen this summer, that’s fantasy football not reality.

    Then we will need to bring in about 6 players and promote some of our young talent.

    We were never going to fix 10 years of neglect in 12, or 18 months.

    As for top 4, this season was never on the cards and next season isn’t that likely either, 22/23 season will be most likely when we challenge for top 4 places.

    A long wait for a colossal rebuild.

  42. Jamie

    China –

    Yeah, they didn’t age well. Can’t blame anyone for hoping those things would be true, but they aren’t.

    It’s a massive rebuild, no one genuinely thought it would happen over night, but 2.5 years should be enough to show your skills. Hopefully the recent xG trend isn’t an anomaly and we’re setting ourselves up nicely for a better go of it next season.

  43. Dissenter

    It’s only at Arsenal that a squad that came 5th in 2019 is now so bad that 10th place is acceptable even after significant improvements were made.

    Can you imagine what Arteta would have done with Carl Jenkinson, Lichsteiner, Saka in his first season and Iwobi?

  44. Shaun

    I hope Arteta has a plan for Sunday as any kind of heavy defeat will not be acceptable as he has been seen to be breaking what has been working
    The defence and goal keeper got us an fa cup and CS and he broke that
    The saka,ESR and Laca triangle was working well he broke that
    Pepe on the left scoring and looking increasingly more dangerous with every game played ,he broke that
    Laca hitting impressive run of scoring form he brakes that .not really that bothered about Greece to be honest but if he allows spurs to savage us at the Emirates he is gonna have a problem .if he is smart he will reduce the risk of his savaging by playing xhaka and luiz in Greece and dropping them for the home game and playing ceballos and Gabriel instead because if spurs do us like they did palace the fall out could be fatal as we all know klopp has the Liverpool revival game already marked out as everybody knows arsenal are the best (high profile well sot of )team to play when you can’t buy a win , I say this hoping I am completely wrong

  45. Kaz

    Wenger managed to get us top 4 with Almunia, Squillaci, Denilson and a constantly injured Diaby and RVP.

    Could Arteta?

    Exactly. No fucking chance.

    I don’t think for one second the club would look to appoint Thierry or Vieira next. Arteta was the risk, they’ll go for a proven and expensive winner again.

    Still can’t believe how many here thought Ancelotti was a poor idea to go for.
    No footballing nous.

  46. Batistuta

    You heard it folks, we have to wait till 2023 realistically before we can think of breaking into the top 4 talk more of actually winning the damn thing all because we have so much dross to get rid of

  47. The Bard

    I’m in agreement with those who recognise what a massive rebuilding job there is to be done. 2023 seems a much more realistic a goal for seeing where we are. Whether Arteta is the man to take us forward remains to be seen but I’m with you Pedro. I see some good things with the side, he just needs better players in key positions and needs to move out another tranche of deadwood.

  48. andy1886

    Ha ha, yes it’s a miracle that we’re not already in the National League (South) and it’s only thanks to Mr Sauce that we’re doing as well as we are!

  49. andy1886

    Don’t recall anyone saying that Emery should be given until 2023 due to this ‘massive rebuilding job’ we’ve got.

    Here’s a better idea, as it’s all about buying twenty or thirty players why not just dispense with a manager completely? After all it seems he doesn’t make them any better and isn’t responsible if they fail so why bother?

  50. englandsbest

    Pedro, it’s not hard to be positive about Arsenal’s future. Anybody who can’t see – or refuses to see – the magical transformation of play is either lacking judgement or being dishonest

    We are seeing Arteta’s process move forward -jerkily at times – but ever-closer to his stated objective: returning Arsenal to the elite. It was never going to happen overnight.

    Like you, I expect the summer dealings to advance the squad to one worthy of a top 4 finish. But this season is not yet over. Winning the Europa gets you there.

  51. Pierre

    Arsenal have spent £561 in the last 4 years and are in the bottom half of the league .

    5 seasons ago wenger was roundly criticised and abused for finishing 2nd ……he didn’t spend a penny on an outfield player .

    Let that sink in. .

  52. Biggles

    I’ve repeatedly asked Pedro what the point would be when he says it’s time to change Arteta for someone else. Failure to make Europe? Bottom half of table?

    I’m not an #ArtetaOut. But there’s a growing number of them and there has to be a point when any fan would be one. What is the red line for Pedro?

  53. Valentin

    Looking at the improvement of Montreal Impact under TH14 and the reading the good word written by his former players I think that Thierry Henry may become a good coach/manager. I don’t think that he is ready yet for Arsenal, but somewhere there is potential. At least he seems to have shown more humility and more willingness to listen than he did at Monaco.

    On the other hand, PV4 does not inspire me confidence that he has what is required to be a good manager. He failed at New York FC and he failed at Nice whilst under difficult circumstances. However his style of football was turgid even before Dante’s injuries. I got vibe of Graeme Sounessand Roy Keane in PV4. Hard men whose anger issues cloud their judgement and stop them effectively transmit their knowledge.

    Anybody had high hope of other former Arsenal players becoming good/decent manager?

  54. Jamie

    If we aren’t within a ball hair of top 4 this time next year, no honest actor will be backing Arteta.

    He has another year to show he’s good enough, no ifs no buts. The pre-season/covid/intangibles excuses won’t fly for much longer. He needs to get better, and fast.

    Val –

    “Anybody had high hope of other former Arsenal players becoming good/decent manager?”

    I’ve met Lee Dixon a couple times – always thought we was super analytical. Also met Keown in a pub in Oxford – he was far less articulate..

  55. Leedsgunner

    *Sounds like special treatment and favouritism just because Pedro likes the look of him.

    Besides, why does this generational coach NEED special treatment? It’s either he is generational or not.

    It seems to me that if he isn’t willing to be held to the same accountable standards as his more experienced peers he should be let go.

    One can’t be just lauded as generational when you choose or when you’re winning.

    Surely the definition of a generational coach means that such a coach doesn’t need to be given such special treatment to succeed.

    I fail to see what is so special about a coach that needs his defenders to plead for extra time, extra players to be considered generational.

    Heck, even the ordinary schedule for an ordinary season isn’t enough. We are now being asked to forgive and forget the absolute awful front end of the season and just see progress when think start to get better.

    At least Wenger had the decency to say “Judge me in May”

    The Arteta apologists don’t want Arteta to be judged at all, not at least, by the same standard as everyone else.

    What an absolutely flimsy argument to keep someone ina job.

    If he was afraid to be judged to the same standards he shouldn’t have applied for the job in the first place.

  56. Dissenter

    Over the years, I’ve come to regard you as one of the level headed gooners here .
    That’ you’ve reached this point with Arteta says a lot. This is no longer a fringe issue like Pedro likes to think.

  57. Kroenkephobe


    We’re it not for his easyjetophobia, Bergo would get my vote. I also think Remi Garde could/would have cut it but taking on that Villa team when he did was suicidal. And the huge sentimentalist in me would love to have seen TA in the role, properly supported by a good coaching team.

    Players who wouldn’t have made it as a manager is possibly easier – el pel, merson, podolski and Ian Wright, Wright, Wright. (although there’d have been plenty of excitement with the latter).

  58. The Bard

    Leedsgunner what’s generational got to do with it, it’s just media hyperbole. I’ve never heard Arteta refer to himself as that. If he doesn’t move the team forward or he loses the dressing room he will be sacked just like most other managers. Some get more time than others. His major problem is and has been that 75% of the players aren’t up to it and it takes time to shift them out and get better ones in. We know Luiz, Cellabos, El Neny, Bellerin,Xhaka ,Laca( maybe Pepe ) need moving on but it can’t be done overnight.

  59. Valentin


    Per was one name I thought would not make it as a manager because he would not have the temperament for it.
    I think that head of the academy is perfect for him, because he can use his soft side.
    He admitted himself that the last season as player he was stressed out. I can only imagine the level of stress he would be under as a club manager. I would not want to I Flickr that to such a nice person.
    I met him and I must admit he was as nice bloke than I imagined.

  60. Ishola70

    There are very few teams first XIs that don’t have some lesser players or a few that are seen as weak links.

    It seems that some on here want a near perfect first XI to then judge Arteta.

    It doesn’t work that way for 99%% of teams and it sure isn’t going to happen at Arsenal any time soon.

    There will always be a couple in the side that are seen as weaker. The key is to get rid of the weakest of the weakest.

  61. Ishola70

    We never before heard that the first XI was so weak that it could only manage a midtable place.

    We are currently in midtable not because of the squad or first XI but because the rookie manager has been showing just that his inexperience.

  62. Valentin


    Rémi Garde was a decent coach, but not necessarily had the aura or authority to be a good manager. I also thought that he needed to loosen up a bit and to choose better his clubs as manager.

    DB10 does not want to be a manager, he has mentioned that he does not want to be a full time manager. He would prefer to be an attacking coach or intervening as an external consultant. Maybe his free spirit side is not made to be manager. I can’t see him in the role of a master tactician.

  63. Valentin

    I think that most people have seen through Arteta. Most of his apologist use the inexperience as an excuse when in reality most of his mistakes are not born out of inexperience but of stubborness and arrogance.

    Those are character flaws that are unlikely to disappear with age. In my experience a young stubborn arrogant does not become a old mellowed individual, it become an old stubborn arrogant.

    The only thing that could force Arteta to change is self preservation. If somebody above him were to make him accountable for his mistakes, then suddenly he would know: adapt or be shipped out.

    However in the current setup that is unlikely to happen, so he will muddle through until next winter when the Kroenke will wake up to the serious possiblity of two years without European competitions. I am discounting the possibility of Arsenal finishing in the top 7 in the league or winning the Europa League.

  64. S Asoa

    “ Stockholm Syndrome” = finding convoluted reasons to paint your tormentor in brilliant colours.
    Result = You are perceived as a psycho although decency of friendship will not allow to say so directly on the face

  65. Pierre

    It doesn’t help Arteta’s cause when we get robbed of a win due to another poor refereeing decision..

    Despite not giving a ” clear and obvious” penalty v Burnley, VAR has overturned 3 Arsenal penalty decisions in the last month of which 2 were definitely not “clear and obvious ” due to the length of time it took to make the decisions , and guaranteed that if it had been any other club , the pens would have stood..

  66. Tom

    “I’ve repeatedly asked Pedro what the point would be when he says it’s time to change Arteta for someone else. Failure to make Europe? Bottom half of table?I’m not an #ArtetaOut. But there’s a growing number of them and there has to be a point when any fan would be one. What is the red line for Pedro?“

    I reckon Arteta balding , gaining weight, and missing one or two of his front teeth might do it.

  67. Gonsterous

    Looking at the highlights of ESR, one thing is clear. You have to give youngsters a chance in the first team and see if they will swim or drown. Training and playing a competitive game where everyone is giving 100% is very different and the best place for youngsters to iron out their mistakes as well as learn and grow.

    Playing youngsters always come with that risk of mistakes but its a valuable teaching phrase that can sometimes save the club millions by not having to buy a ready made replacement.

    Arteta is failing massively in this department. The likes of saliba, guen, Balogun, Martinelli, AMN (not really a youngster now) are not being given enough chance to show what they can do.

  68. Tom

    “His major problem is and has been that 75% of the players aren’t up to it and it takes time to shift them out and get better ones in. We know Luiz, Cellabos, El Neny, Bellerin,Xhaka ,Laca( maybe Pepe ) need moving on but it can’t be done overnight.“

    Considering the possibility about 25% of Arteta’s personnel decisions haven’t worked out too well he’ll need replacing 100% of Arsenal players.

  69. SpanishDave

    Just ask
    Why did Arteta bring in Willian when he’s got great young layers ready to play.
    Probably because he models himself on Pep by buying in rather than bringing in untested young players. He doesn’t have the talent to train a team.
    His inexperience shows every week he’s just not learning, as is said here his ego won’t let him.
    Why should Arsenal just sit back going downhill just to give him a chance.
    I don’t see any of Pedros improvements just blind faith.

  70. Gonsterous

    Never really liked arteta (as a player nor a cone man) but he won me over when he won the FA cup last season, I really thought he was the one to get us competing, but he is a slow learner and keeps making mistakes. I can see why Pedro is being patient as mikeal is a rookie but the real question should be, why is a rookie manager being allowed to manage our club? Why should we be the ones to deal with all the mistakes he makes while learning on the job? And will we benefit from the experience he gains while at Arsenal???

    This is kind of like the gary neville appointment, He made his mistakes at the expense of Valencia (or was it villareal?) and eventually he had to be let go, which wasnt good for him, but was worse for the club, because they had to rectify his mistakes along with the mistakes that were there prior to his appointment.

  71. andy1886

    Would anyone be surprised if we were patient and Arteta eventually became a decent manager, but then f*cked off as soon as a so-called ‘big’ side showed an interest? That’s always the risk of investing in a rookie.

  72. Tom

    Xhaka, Willian, AMN, Luiz, Emi, Ceballos, these are just a few names to keep it simple , all six were Arteta’s decisions to either not sell when opportunity presented itself , bring back, or lobby heavily to acquire.

    Can anyone find a single Arsenal fan who can agree with majority of them?
    So what makes anyone think that going forward Arteta’s decision making will improve…..hope?

  73. Gonsterous


    yah, Arteta is another cheque book manager. I dont know which signing is worse, sanogo from wenger or runnersaur from Arteta.

    I read somewhere where arteta said, this team is far, far away from being his team. He said he has to add quality. If that is the case, why did he convince xhaka to stay, why sign willian and auba to long term contracts, why does he insist laca is not for sale???

    Hoarding is another of his weaknesses. This happens because he doesnt know what his style of play is. If he did, he would identify the personnel he needed to make that possible.

  74. Olumide

    The Bard

    His major problem is and has been that 75% of the players aren’t up to it and it takes time to shift them out and get better ones in. We know Luiz, Cellabos, El Neny, Bellerin,Xhaka ,Laca( maybe Pepe ) need moving on but it can’t be done overnight.

    Arteta choose to keep these players and even added Willian to them. How can you now say they’re his major problem.

    Arteta didn’t want to ship them out. And if 75% of these players aren’t up to it, maybe we’ll never make top 4 again.

    With a worse squad, Emery got 5th, 2 points away from third. But now, we have to wait till next season to get 6th. I wonder where the standards have gone.

    As far as I’m concerned, Arteta should be sacked.

  75. Tom

    Arsenal’s is a dream job. We spend money and Kroenke’s standards are lower than most.
    Arteta would be nuts to ever consider any top club job even if he makes the grade here first.

    Anywhere else in Europe he would’ve been out on his ass already after the start he had at Arsenal,
    Consider this, even if we lose to Olympiacos and go no higher than 10th in PL his job is still safe.

  76. Ishola70

    It would be perfectly understandable for a young inexperienced manager to want some experienced older players around him and in his team.

    But if the line was that Arsenal should go for youth then why not get in a manager that has a track record of working and bringing on young players. This can be a young, middle aged or an older manager it matters not. Only that he has history of doing well with younger players.

  77. Gonsterous

    Running saka into the ground is bad judgement, not giving martinelli is bad judgement. Persisting with Willian is bad judgement. we are not going higher than 10th.

    Someone was very optimistic the other day, stating 7 of the remaining 12 games were against bottom teams, then we went on to draw against burnley of all teams. Yes, we were denied a penalty and unlucky but we should not be relying on luck and VAR to salvage 3 points against burnley.

    We may beat olypiakos (fingers crossed) but I dont see us knocking out a stronger team in the competition. (we have the personnel but like emery, not the manager).

    In the history of arsenal manages, I think emery may rank higher than arteta, not because of trophies or league positions, but looking at medium and long term goals along with the task of the present. Arteta is looking for short cut solutions, hence all the pensioners in the team.

  78. andy1886

    Tom, I’d tend to agree – AW chose to take the safe option later in his career rather than risk being found out at on eof the very top clubs. Why would MA do risk it? Arrogance is the only answer that springs to mind.

  79. Gonsterous


    I think all managers should look towards the medium and long term goals of the club. This is irrespective of whether they will remain manager or not. Emery did this by giving Saka a chance, Bedding in Guen, playing Iwobi at LW, giving ESR his debut, whilst helping them develop for the future.

    Arteta on the other hand, has got guen, saliba, Martinelli and future youngsters rotting away with no eye to the future. He has been bringing in players with no resale value and selfishly only look to gain personal glory so he can use the job as a stepping stone to better things.

    Lad doesnt even wear an Arsenal scarf on match days, even his mentor pep occasionally wears the white and blue of manchester. Bringing him into the club was one of the biggest mistakes of arsene.

  80. Tom

    “Arrogance is the only answer that springs to mind.“

    You mean the rookie manager who’s career hasn’t yet taken off in the slightest who said it was obvious his name would be mentioned with the Barca job ……….is possibly arrogant ?

    How dare you?

  81. Rich

    Hey guys

    Check out Swiss Rambles take on our financial results on Twitter

    This is last years results, there’s some late payments due from broadcasting

    But this seasons losses are expected to be significantly higher with the loss of match day revenue

    And the numbers elsewhere aren’t any better ,or expected to be any better

    Anyone who thinks there’s going to be tens of millions thrown around this summer, is living in dreamland

    Outside of clubs with incredibly wealthy backers, I don’t see hardly any money being spent

    I do think KSE will back us, but that’s just my opinion

    The issue we’ll have is a first team squad of 28, and the strong possibility of no European football

    Bringing in players, without clearing some out, is going to be difficult

    28 is 6 too many with European football, without it, we’d need to purge this squad of 10, just to bring a couple in

    We’re about to see huge deflation in transfer fees + wages

    Lacazette, Nketiah, Guendouzi, Elneny, Chambers will all have just 12 months left on their contracts, and nobody outside of Bayern Munich, and clubs with incredibly wealthy backers, have any money

  82. NY William

    To believe Arsenal is headed in the right direction one must have some deep and solid connections inside the club or be aware of information that’s otherwise not publicly available,

    The publicly available info is that we have an unmotivated owner, a rookie coach who seems a nice guy but is completely unproven, a mid-table team at best despite having the 4th highest payroll in the league, and are now poised to miss Europe (and tens of millions of dollars that come with it) for the first time in something like 25 years.

    Obviously I hope MA can pull us out of it – but I’m not sure the facts point to that being the likely outcome.

  83. Dissenter

    “Diss, you are right. Spouting off that white privilege doesn’t exist when you live on the west coast. Honestly.”

    I’m, not quite sure what you’re referring to.
    I was just wondering why you have been giving oxygen to a race baiter who never comes to talk Arsenal or football.

  84. Ashwin Gunner

    AMN to Arsenal is never going to happen. He burned that bridge when he gave some comment about Arteta not valuing him.. the egoistic maniac Arteta is , he will never take AMN back.

  85. Nelson

    “I do think KSE will back us, but that’s just my opinion”

    I have a bad feeling. Last time, Arteta has just won the FA cup. He was also quite newly hired, KSE paid for the signing of Partey, assuming that we could compete for the Top4. KSE read only the result. I don’t think they will put up again their own money this TW. We’ll have to sell before we can buy.

  86. Rich

    Spanish Dave

    I agree, have no idea why we signing Willian

    When we had Aubameyang, Martinelli, Saka, Pepe, Nelson, Willock, Smith-Rowe

    Who all play in the same positions

    It was a terrible message to send to young players signing a 32yr old on a 3yr contract to put in front of them

    Complete mismanagement

    I’m sympathetic to the position we find ourselves in, and don’t necessarily think it’s down to poor coaching, this mess has been years in construction

    But some of the decision made have been truly shocking

    We signed Soares, when we already had Bellerin + Niles, but then turned down bids for both Bellerin + Niles

    We signed Mari, then didn’t bother registering Sokratis, or Saliba in the Europa League

    We then screwed up the Saliba loan in October, and left him twiddling his thumbs for 3 months

    We signed Willian, when we already had 7 players in that position, and now there’s Odegaard as well

    We allowed Niles + Kolasinac out on loan, but then left ourselves with only 1 natural left back

    The best signing we could make it a strong Director Of Football, our squad planning, poor recruitment, and poor contractual management, has been going on for years

    We need someone to come in and clean this mess up

    Managers come and go, but unless we sort these issues out that have been plaguing this club for far too long, it won’t matter who we appoint, because we’ll be setting them up to fail

  87. Rich


    Arsenal are in a position where they can’t afford to invest

    KSE are in a position where they can’t afford not to invest

    We’re in with a shot of winning the Europa League, but we could end up with our worst season since 1994/95

    Hopefully KSE do what billionaires are famed for, which is capitalise during an economic downturn

    The alternative to not investing in their asset, is allowing the value of their asset to deteriorate even further

  88. Batesy

    I have seen enough with Arteta to see that the team is going in the right direction. Its more now about personnel. I can see a plan but Arteta has to be careful to realise, as he is trying to come closer to his game plan, he has to adapt it or take into account the quality of players he has. They have done loads of work on the squad but we have so much more to do with existing contracts and we need midfielders in the summer, we are so short there. AMN and Willock are not good enough , Guen and Tor are not fancied. Elneny is not the answer and Ceb will probably go back to RM. We are left with Partey and Xhaka as genuine first choices and I think we need minimum an upgrade or at least competition for xhaka. If we are still in the same situation by Christmas where we are midtable and nothing to play for then I think we would need to consider our options.

  89. LoveSausage

    Like a pro, I managed to post this in a different blog post. Here goes again.


    A post with many good points. I think you might be a bit optimistic with how much we can raise through player sales but we should still be able to guy one or two good players. Provided we do that and become more consistent with results should be enough for a real top 4 push. What I can’t understand is your defence of Xhaka. Saying he’s our second best midfielder (unfortunately true) doesn’t change the fact that he’s absolutely terrible. The reason he’s improved over the last couple of months is that our entire system is built to suit him. This makes sense if the player you’re building around is KDB or Mbappe. Makes zero sense when it’s GX. To me, anyone defending GX is looking too much at what’s happening and not enough at what isn’t. What’s the opportunity cost? The frequency of brain farts may have decreased but in the flip side our play flows through a midfielder who’s contributing nothing. Every time I see him receive the ball, take 5 touches, ponderously turn around and give the opposition all the time in the world to organise defensively I want to throw something at the TV. Whatever we do in the summer, we won’t be a contender as long as he’s getting game time.

  90. raptora

    Stroller: “Arsenal have been “outplayed” in just one game in EPL in 2021 and that was against Man City”

    9 January 2021 FAC vs Newcastle – Garbage performance. Barely won in Extra Time – they had the better chances.
    23 January 2021 FAC vs Soton – Absolute garbage game that we deservedly lost.
    14 January 2021 vs Palace – Drew at home as they hit the crossbar and had the better chances overall.
    30 January 2021 vs Manure – Drew at home thanks to Cavani’s 2 shocking misses.
    6 February 2021 EPL vs Villa – Garbage performance vs Villa deservedly lost.
    21 February 2021 vs Villa – The game vs City that we were happy to lose by a goal.
    6 March 2021 vs Burnley – Deserved draw vs effin Burnley.

    Stroller with the selective memory as always.

  91. S23

    I am reconciled to the fact that whatever happens Arteta will not be let go.
    Whether it is because of the cost of paying him and the backroom staff off,or we are just ticking along keeping KSE’s investment bubbling over.
    I can see some improvement in the way the team plays,but I feel any of the other mid table to lower half managers would exact the same sort of performance’s.
    we all feel aggrieved over the penalty call,but we still had a half in which we should have put Burnley to the sword,but again we are happy to plow on with our possession based safety first football.
    I still have an unnnerving feeling it will be Eddie Howe to replace Barca bound Arteta.

  92. Rich

    The margins are small, there’s certainly been vast improvement in our performances since Xmas, but we were coming from such a low bar, it’s hard to gauge the overall improvement

    What’s screwing us is individual errors, along with some really idiotic red cards earlier in the season

    If we’d clocked another 7 points, we’d be roughly in the position I’d have expected us to be at the start of the season

    From what I’ve seen so far of Partey, he’s like an upgraded version of Xhaka

    Last season he had the highest percentage of successful dribbles of any midfielder in Europe, but he also had the most errors leading to clear cut chances in Europe

    He’s a high risk, high reward player, who’ll try and beat the press, but will occasionally get caught out doing so

    I think the transfer market will be completely gridlocked this summer, it’ll mainly be loans

    We should be aiming for quality and balance over quantity, because we already have an oversupply of players

    We need a 100% success rate in our incoming business, we can’t afford to pickup anymore duds

    We’re linked with Lamptey if Bellerin moves on, who’s been out for 2 months with a hamstring injury

    For a player who’s all about electric pace and stamina, that’s looks like a big red flag

  93. SpanishDave

    Rich , Andy
    Well said guys
    Edu is also part of the problem as he has no experience doing his job.
    Can’t imagine him being tough he’s just ticking along taking the dish.
    We need somebody to kick ass , but nobody’s doing it, and yes we are rotten to the core
    When fans return it will get toxic again Arteta has been lucky that there’s nobody to vent their disgrace at him.
    Ten Hag can build teams with youth that’s what Ajax do

  94. Sid

    Playing Partey as CM with his poor goal scoring record and poor decision making in the final 3rd is another sign of cluelessness

  95. Nelson


    The major problem I have with Xhaka, besides his occasional brain farts, is he is an acceptable CM only playing next to Partey. When he is our main CM, our transition play from defense to offense becomes very slow. We can’t play Partey every game. I would prefer to have a CM with less limitation or we sign another CM with the capability as Partey.

  96. Shaun

    Arteta’s Everton ring tone went off as he was giving An Arsenal video conference his heart is blue but Everton are not sexy enough to be likened to the best manger in the world’s route to the top and number 1 manager it had to be Arsenal and we have all heard the ass licking stories
    And the snitching on his team mates to the serpent Gazzides (sorry can’t be bothered to spell his name correctly) so Arteta is definitely going to F off once he has learned his trade and fucked our youth to suit his own is as if he thinks he can just be like pep from the get go without the dubiously earned respect (having the best player in the world, managing football clubs with limitless financial resources) think EMI Martinez-joe Hart and the nonnegotiable bollocks except when it’s xhaka or one of his preferred love puppies who all happen to be shite so for me and a large section of the fan base it is quite simple Arteta took over a squad that finished 5th and finished 8th first time round then spent 80 mil
    And is looking like finishing 9th ,10th or possibly lower and completely out of Europe ,he has been given the chance in a pretty average premiership to make up the ground on numerous occasions but fails every time , we look over at Chelsea , tochel picked up the death chalice with both hands do I think he will finish in the top 4 yes .Arteta would never take the barca job now same as wenger would never have gone to Madrid why ? Because at those football clubs failure is unacceptable but at Arsenal it is thats why Arteta will fuck around at Arsenal for another 2-3 years before stumbling on the right combination and maybe getting some success then fucking off to be the generational coach we were being sold at the very beginning… answer to the question is Arteta arrogant, course not..
    What was he shouting to himself after we won the cup final “believe in me believe in me

  97. LoveSausage


    Yes, we need someone as good or better than Partey. While no single player is responsible for this entire mess, I just don’t see how you get to top 4 with a player that limited. We can talk about the extent of Xhakas relative improvements all day long but in the end, even at his best, he’s an obstacle due to his slow pace and lack of technical skills.

  98. Rich

    Having no fans in the stadium has saved Arteta

    And I say that as someone who thinks we should back Arteta

    Arteta + Edu’s shared role, is a real concern

    If we don’t think Edu is competent enough to direct the football operations, then we should replace him with someone, who we do think it competent enough to take full responsibility of the football operation

    Having a general manager, who shares responsibility with a line manager, is a really strange setup

    Does Edu have the authority to sack Arteta? Or does Arteta have the authority to sack Edu?

    We’ve got absentee owners, and too many chiefs, and not enough Indians

    How do the owners hold their staff to account, if there isn’t a single person responsible for the decision making?

    If things go wrong, they won’t know how to pinpoint the blame

    They’re out of their minds if the let Edu + Arteta loose with the cheque book this summer, we can’t afford anymore fu*k ups

  99. I hate Green Bay

    Direct quote from the Telegraph.

    Mikel Artetas side are making progress in almost every aspect of the game, playing with greater control and more defined style than at any point in his reign…

    It’s not just the Telegraph, every learned commentator sees it, Pedro can see it, fuck, even I can see it, so what team are the naysayers watching?

  100. The BFB

    Direct quote from the Mail. Arteta is not improving players, especially misfit Pepe, with club stuck in mid-table, Arsenal are stagnant.

  101. Captain Tierney


    When the chips were down, the naysayers had judged Arteta to not be up to standard.
    Now they will stick to their ‘hot take’ until the end.

    No human wants to put his hand up and say they were wrong.

  102. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t disagree with Swiss Ramble and your analysis of this year’s finances. They will make
    grim reading.

    However, next season’s potential transfer business will fall into the accounts for next season
    and hopefully by then there will be potential normalisation of football attendances.

    My view is that the club will make “sales” when the transfer window opens and at the very least our transfer budget will be at least equivalent to receivables. As I posted before I foresee
    at least 8-10 outgoings which should generate a minimum of £100 million.

    That is a relatively conservative figure if you include Lacazette and Bellerin in the equation if they leave.

    Players like Guendouzi, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Nelson and most probably Nketiah are clearly to be included in departures. Most of these players should fetch at least £10-20
    million each in current market conditions.

    From a personal perspective I would prefer to avoid loans and swaps. Most of these options
    are generally unwanted players in the case of other clubs and not players we need or are an
    upgrade on what we have got.

  103. TheBayingMob

    China1 March 8, 2021 :

    I always find the American concept of nationality to be an interesting one Second third fourth generation immigrants still seem to identify thenselves with countries on the other side of the world. My grandparents and great grandparents were Eastern European but I don’t feel any sense of related identity to their countries,

    I’m just British.“

    I’m British English and my wife is British Welsh, it winds her up that so many people in the States identity as Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, etc. when really those links were several / many generations ago. I can understand being interested in genealogy but actually identifying is odd (imho).

    St Patrick’s day is a weird one, they’re mental for it out here. I have tried to explain to them that in the UK it’s mainly just a Guinness advertising gimmick 😉

    My mum is Irish, I could have an Irish passport if I wanted one but I don’t identify as Irish and I’m sure Irish people would not appreciate me doing so.

    It’s strange that the yanks do this and it’s not clear why. I’ve often thought of getting the Irish passport just so I could walk around Boston on St P day and meet people and tell them I’m English, but way more Irish than they are (while flashing the Irish passport). Lol.

  104. Jamie

    “I don’t disagree with Swiss Ramble and your analysis of this year’s finances.
    However, next season’s potential transfer business will fall into the accounts for next season”

    What part of Swiss Ramble’s analysis don’t you agree with?

    The financials just released were for last season. This time next year, we’ll get this season’s financials, where basically the whole season will have been played behind closed doors and we haven’t made many (any?) player sales. The losses for this season (which we’ll read about in a year) will be far worse than the £50m net loss just announced.

    Unless Kroenke invests, we aren’t spending anywhere near £100 this summer, regardless of sales. We’re on course to lose over £200m net over a 3 year period.

  105. Valentin


    When you have a negative xG, whatever the possession percentage says you have been outplayed.
    When the opposition is happy to play keep ball in their own half once ahead because they know you are toothless, you have been outplayed.

  106. Nelson


    One of the reason could be geographically, USA and Canada are much larger than the British island. People coming from the same origin tend to live closer together. Here I know that there are german school and arabic school. They keep their own tradition and their native language. .

  107. Rich

    Emirates stroller

    Even if we get everyone vaccinated by summer here in the U.K., which barring supply issues, looks likely

    Then we get fans back into the stadiums

    Clubs have still lost over 1 and a quarter seasons of gate revenue, which runs into the tens, and in some cases, including ours, deficits of £100+ million

    Those deficits will need to be made up over the next 5-10 years, which will mean deflation

    I think the transfer market will be completely gridlocked, I just don’t see clubs throwing around tens of millions they don’t have

    Or banks borrowing businesses tens of millions for them to throw around on transfer fees and wages, when they’ve been haemorrhaging money for the past 18 months

    I’d be very surprised if we managed to recoup £30-£40 million this summer, let alone £100million

    I just don’t see it, people need to forget previous sky high valuations and wages, those days are behind us for at least the medium term, IMO

  108. Valentin


    I agree.
    Forget about the pre COVID valuation. Mega rich clubs will still make those marquis signing, but the rest will just be happy to wait and survive.

    French, Italian clubs won’t be able to afford to pay a fee AND the wage of any EPL failure. We had to release Mikki on a free to get him off our wage bill AND he had to accept a wage cut. We are not recovering £25 millions for Torreira.

    Our best hope is that due the new BREXIT work permit rule there is a premium on young Home Grown players to boost our sale revenue.

  109. Rich


    Why do you delete my comment

    It’s a fair comment, nothing I put was factually incorrect

    You’re a brilliant writer, but an absolute bottle job

    You need to see what’s going on, and standup against it, before it’s too late

  110. Pedro

    Rich, because it leads the thread into hell… this is a football blog, go to Reddit if you want to talk about identity politics.