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Well good morning to you all. I made a passing comment about Flo Balogun in my post yesterday and everyone seems to have taken it like it’s the most important snippet in world football right now.

I dislike some of the commentary that happens around these sort of things when it comes to ‘greed.’ Whatever he’s asking for cannot be construed as that. In life, you get what you ask for. If you don’t hustle your boss for raises, they’ll tend not to dish them out. Same is true of football.

Also, think about the pros and cons of what he’s being offered.

Stay at Arsenal for: Less money, less minutes, more pressure, less chance of success

Go to Germany for: More money, more minutes, equal development, RIGHT NOW

Phil Foden, who in my opinion has the potential to be generational, is 20, was earning about £29k a week. It’s good money, he’ll get a bigger deal with the next one, but it’s just ok money.

Jadon Sancho, who is the same age, went to Dortmund, he’s played way more games, he has a huge profile, and he earns about £200k a week.

Now, you can easily go the way of Lookman, McGuane, or Chris Willock… a ticket to the Championship. But if you fail in Germany, it’s probably easier to get a job than if you fail in the Premier League.

The baller move is Arsenal, that’s vision, that’s the view of a player that truly believes he’s going to the top.

If he has doubts, Germany all the way.

The Arsenal way is probably the most realistic it’ll be for the next decade. The player is 18 years old. Eddie, Auba and Lacazette will all be gone within the next 2 years. He will land minutes, he’ll develop, then he’ll be ripe just as the squad opens for him.

Will he take the move? Who knows… because football is delicate and you need to wring it for what it’s worth.

A bit of bad news on the fixture front sees Arsenal traveling away to Greece again just before our derby game against Spurs. Jose managed to have his fixtures switched, so they’d avoid going to Zagreb before the big game. Arsenal weren’t so lucky because fans of the same club can’t be allowed to roam in the same city at the same time apparently.

That’s a massive blow. It’s a long plane journey, a shit nights sleep in a hotel if we leave in the morning, and limited preparation. Still, it is what it is. We’ll have to be sharp with rotation and hope the adrenaline of the game carries us through. We certainly didn’t look leggy against Leicester this weekend. Winning gives you an extra kick.

Arsenal really needs to make the next 5 games count. Escape with 3 wins in the Premier League and the backend of our season looks a lot more manageable. Also, we need to make sure the Spurs game has something on it. Beat them and the gap could close to 2 points. Lose and there’s no St Totteringham’s this season.

You gotta take the wins where you can….

Before we go, I don’t want to harp on about the past. But it’s been a month since we dropped off a lot of squad mess. What have we seen so far? Mustafi and Kola leading the charge to oust the manager of Schalke? Check. Mesut Ozil, THE SHACKLED GOD OF CREATIVITY, hasn’t registered a goal or an assist, his side are out of form, and the player went off injured.

I don’t miss any of them.

Worth noting that Saliba continues to land very promising reviews. He has a bit of a weird cult around him, but at least he’s knuckling down, staying fit, and improving game to game. It’d be very nice to see him fighting for that 4th CB spot next season. Same goes for Dino M over in Germany.

Right, short one today, see you in comments land.


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  1. Bergkamp63

    Perhaps Norwich will do a 4 for 2 !

    AMN, Willock, Nketiah, Nelson

    For Aarons & Buendia !

    Might have to throw in Laca !

  2. Sid

    ‘We have 7 games out of 12 against virtually the bottom 7 (bar Palace), ‘

    This is a safer bet than winning Europa league

    You heard it here 1st!

  3. Emiratesstroller

    I have just read an article in the Telegraph which may have major consequences for Spanish
    Football and in particular for both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    The EU [not UEFA] have found that both clubs have received “illegal” state aid in Spain over the past 30 years. They have quashed Barcelona’s appeal against original decision.

    The decision provided by European Court of Justice will require the Spanish Government to claw back taxes from four Clubs [RM, Barcelona, Osasuna, Athletico Bilbao] who were exempt on account of their being membership only and having not for profit status.

    Apparently the rules conferred favourable tax status on the four who used it to fund their loss making basketball operations. No figures have been fixed as yesterday, but a 10 year claw back of taxes may cost the clubs Euros 75 million.

    Considering that both clubs are already in serious financial difficulty the additional tax liability may put them under additional pressure.

    One suspects that both clubs may need to generate substantial funds to satisfy the potential
    tax arrears.

  4. AFC Forever


    Yep, it’s a joke.Lucky Spurs, again.

    Interestingly, IFAP are even having a pop at our useless match officials:

    IFAB said “incorrect applications of the law” made the change necessary but “it will remain an offence if a player scores accidentally with their hand or arm, or uses their hand or arm directly before scoring”.

    The body also clarified its interpretation of the offside law, saying the definition for handball, whereby the arm ends at the bottom of the armpit, must be used when judging whether a player is offside or not. Like Chelsea’s Timo Werner disallowed goal against Liverpool when VAR ruled the position of his arm made him offside in the build-up – unbelievable!! This is all down to Mike Riley and his PGMOL clowns. Zero common sense so IFAB have to change the rules.

  5. Bergkamp63

    The top 3 in Spain (Atletico to a much lesser extent) have been getting far more from the TV deals than all the other clubs in La Liga for longer than I can remember, it’s not a surprise they have been dominating for so long.

    Payback’s a bitch !

  6. AFC Forever


    “The EU [not UEFA] have found that both clubs have received “illegal” state aid in Spain over the past 30 years. They have quashed Barcelona’s appeal against original decision”.

    That is interesting. As I said the other day, Barcelona is a basket case financially. This won’t be so easy to get out of. All these clubs have been getting away with murder while wages and transfer fees have gone through the roof, it’s not been organic. Let’s hope they don’t get away with the flagrant abuse of finacial rules like Man City and Chelsea.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    We know that UEFA turns a “blind eye” to the financial indiscretions of their favourite football clubs.

    However, this decision was made by the European Court of Justice on behalf of EU. That
    decision will be difficult for both clubs to overturn. One suspects that they will be given time
    to repay the tax, but it will have long term consequences for both clubs.

  8. Zacharse

    Winthorpe i agree but wouldnt mind some serious MF reinforcements. Would live to see xhaka lose his spot in the xi and would rather see elneny only play when injuries get out of hand. Right now our MF is the biggest problem we have, every other team can set up to exploit them

  9. SpanishDave

    Madrid have been on the fiddle for years
    When I was working in Madrid the city council gave 168 mil € for their training ground which was worth a quarter of that and then let them carry on using it.
    Each year they received some sort of payment from the city.
    Barca and Madrid get 75% of the tv money it is not shared out.
    Auba for Ode would be good business

  10. Zacharse

    I don’t think willock and the rest of them amn nelson etc are cut out for a CL team. Esp. Seeing nelson more obsessed w social media than fighting his way into the squad. A lot of youth teamers are still living in the soft wenger regime

  11. Terraloon


    That ban was due to a FIFA charge re younger players and had nothing to do with UEFA and FFP.

  12. Terraloon

    Just starting to grasp some of the figures in the accounts.

    As at 31/5/20 the cash on hand had reduced to £109.9 million.

    Wage bill remained roughly the same.

    Arsenal were owed £46.5 million in respect of historical transfers but in turn they owed £153.6 million. In effect that’s near enough all the cash reserves

    The bottom line is very very close to the loss that AST were predicting.

    So post 31/5/20 there has been a loan of £120 million that matures in May 2021, a further nett £56 million has been spent on transfers.

    AST were predicting a further loss in excess of £150 million.

  13. Chris

    The financials don’t appear great, although not as bad as some other clubs.

    Perhaps swap deals are the way forward for us, and a most other clubs, this summer. I doubt we will see many big money moves, it will be quite a unique transfer window.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    I think that our losses in this financial year will be less than forecast, because the club’s wage bill will most probably be reduced significantly.

    Also I think that Arsenal will start generating transfer budget next summer by making sales.
    Most of the deadwood which was unsaleable has been offloaded.

    There are a lot of unwanted players on our books who will generate transfer fees. That will
    cover most of our recruits.

    I suspect that Arsenal’s squad will be a lot leaner this summer and more cost effective.

  15. Northbanker

    I’m not so sure about that Chris – if there is confidence the crowds will be back next season – and at the moment that is a very likely scenario – then there will be pent up demand from s number of clubs to rebuild, especially after doing very little for 2 years

  16. AFC Forever

    Sky just speculating about Man Utd being interested in Erling Haaland.

    Next month it’s 20 years since Roy Keane’s diabolical challenge on his Dad. Alfie Haaland. We all remember that. Erling Halland was probably playing with his toys when his Dad suffered the injury that ended his career. Former Man City and FA Chairman David Bernstein said it was the worst individual thing he has ever been directly involved in, and the worst he had ever seen on the pitch. He said: “ As a human being, it was an awful thing to see. He turns over the channel when he sees Roy Keane appear, he can’t stand him.

    Yet Roy Keane is proud of “that” tackle, he bragged about it in his book: But not everyone knows why it happened or what started it; the time Keane tried to kick Haaland and ended up injuring himself:

    “He’d done my head in. He (Haaland) was winding me up from the beginning. The late tackles I could live with, they were a normal part of football. But the other stuff — pulling my shirt, getting digs in off the ball — really bugged me. At times Haaland wasn’t even following the play, just concentrating on me.” Leeds were winning 1-0 and, with 85 minutes gone, he went after Haaland but Keane’s studs caught in the turf and he felt his knee give way. As he lay on the floor, Haaland looked over him and told him to quit faking it and get to his feet. He hadn’t realised that Keane’s cruciate ligament had ruptured.

    Keane was out of the game for a year but had always wanted to get even, even though he had injured himself. In his book, he said:

    “I’d waited almost 180 minutes for Alfie, three years if you look at it another way. Now he had the ball on the far touchline. Alfie was taking the piss. I’d waited long enough. I fucking hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that, you cunt. And don’t stand over me again sneering about fake injuries. And tell your pal Wetherall there’s some for him as well.”

    Haaland had been told he had grounds to claim significant damages. Haaland said, “I know I have a strong case, I had about 20 lawyers wanting to take the case, which says it all. I probably would have finished with it all by now if it hadn’t been for his book and their (United’s) attitude. He felt he had to put it in a book and I don’t have a good thing to say about Man U. He has not acted like a normal human being and they are just as bad. They have been twisting the knife all along (since the day it happened). You would expect something better, and probably would get it from any other club but that’s obviously Man U’s attitude towards other clubs and players. They don’t give a damn about anyone, you know? It’s probably why so many people dislike them.”

    Doesn’t seem very likely Erling will ever be pulling on that shirt.

  17. Terraloon


    We keep hearing this about the wage bill being significantly reduced yet the numbers barely go down.

    Yes a few contracts have been cancelled but the likes of Ozil almost certainly will have been in receipt of a settlement then the players will have been repaid a % of their voluntary pay reduction add to that incomings particularly those like Cedric and William will be costing a pretty penny.There potentially will be a reduction but I would not be at all surprised if come the publication of the 20/21 accounts tithe wages are still way north of £200 million.

    In 19/20 the accounts advise that £60.1 million profit was made from player sales . In 20/21 that at most will be £20 million. Then you have to take into account that those for 19/20 match day was in excess of £78 million was incoming from match day . What’s likely to be for this season at most I would guess nil and if repayments have been taken by ticket holders that’s likely to be negative.
    Then you have amortisation. That has grown like Topsy and in 19/20 was £110 million.
    We will have to wait to see what happens but I cannot see there being substantial value in players that will be leaving and unless the owners inject sums then I just can’t see huge funds being made available

  18. Samir

    Anonymous Commentator

    The Kroenke’s didn’t become billionaires through being stupid, they know the team needs investment or they’ll end up losing more money long term. Players will become unhappy, Arteta will become unhappy, fans will become unhappy.

    I expect us to spend the money we generate in the summer. 100M+

  19. Northbanker


    absolutely – a number of people on here have number blindness. it’s not how football works. The club were aware of these numbers as they were happening – that’s what management accounts are for. This isn’t a surprise to them and you can bet the Kroenkes are broadly comfortable with where the club is in the grand scheme of things

  20. Northbanker

    Well you’re the one who wants to speculate on transfers and who can afford what, Winthorpe. You ‘re happy to do that without a clue on finances then?