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Well, well, well… Klopp was the fraud all along. Arsenal win tomorrow, we’ll be 3 points off the Champions in the most nuts season on record.

It is quite incredible how a side can go from looking like the greatest footballing machine ever created, to total bums after one bad signing, a couple of injuries, and a global pandemic.

It’s a bit of a shame we’re playing Manchester City this weekend. They are one of the best teams in the world right now. Pep has managed the transition to a new vision with the same sort of deft innovation he always does.

The best manager in the world was pumping Arteta like he always does.

“All I can say is the last months show me that all managers need time and he is not an exception. What I see in the last two months every game Arsenal played is better than the opponent.

“Tomorrow we will have an incredible performance. They have an exceptional build-up, they have quality and they have energy. They have [Bukayo] Saka, [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and all the players with the quality in the middle.

You might think this is patronising stuff. He’ll probably beat us tomorrow. But he’s not far from the truth if you are watching The Arsenal develop through the correct lens.

There are still mistakes in the system, we’re not perfect, but Pep is not wrong… we’ve been the better in all our games since the Chelsea game.

The key thing for me… we’re unpredictable now. Pep will recognise that looking at our games. We can press, we can sit back, we can go long, we can build from the back, and we can execute a well-crafted plan of shit-housery. Look at how we’re developing, versus the mess Jose is overseeing now his one-trick pony strategem is injured.

I’ve been saying for a while now, something is brewing at Arsenal, and it’s hard to deny it. We might lose tomorrow and we might lose on Thursday, but don’t take your eye off the ball. All the reports I’m hearing are that the coaching is phenomenal behind the scenes and things are building nicely. More importantly, you can see it on the pitch.

I thought a big show of our improving style was the game Auba had the other night. Sure, he missed some big chances, but did you pay attention to his game? Look at those runs he was making. That was a man that could smell the potential of a killer pass. Auba was running the channels. He was taking risks. He wasn’t doing that before Christmas. Arsenal has gone from a side that could barely progress the ball from the back, to a side that has options all over the park. Auba’s game sums us up… you don’t take chances on runs if you know the pass won’t come.

ESR, Odegaard, Partey, and Saka can all pass round corners. They can deliver from deep. They can beat an aggressive press. They dribble past players. When that clicks in this Arteta system, it’s really, really tough to play against.

Compare that to pre-Christmas when we had 2 power plays, that one on the left being the main one, well, it’s night and day. The passing is starting to look cognitive. Players are recognising the patterns, they know where to move, they know the triggers, they might not be the most aggressive pressers, but they are very intelligent at it now. There’s thought in every tactical setup these days.

We totally controlled Benfica. Whine about the result, but don’t snipe at the performance from a team that had just had to deal with Leeds before a plane journey. We controlled possession, we drew them out, made late runs in behind, and we delivered 8 quality chances that unfortunately didn’t have the finish.

We’re doing that regularly now. The xG might not always show it. But the positions we’re taking up in attack are good. The chance quality is way, way better, and the football is getting close to sexy.

The interesting thing is you can see the phases. Last year, we stopped being whipping boys. No more walking through the middle. This season, we started well defensively, we mopped up setpiece defending… then it went to hell for a bit. But part of that was down to not having the right players. Part of that was losing your best midfielder (he’s still out). If Liverpool can lose VVD and crash, why would anyone think Arsenal could lose their best midfielder and not suffer?

Now we’ve found some of the missing links. Big players are coming back into form (Auba/Laca/Gabriel). Troubled players are more settled because part of their usefulness was only going work playing with certain profiles of talent (Xhaka/Pepe/Hector/Cedric). Young players are shining (Saka/ESR). We also found an Odegaard who added more quality and confidence to the starting 11.

You should be excited as a fan. I’ve never felt more confident the path we chose was correct. We’re starting to see the fruits of the time we afforded the manager. We have to navigate this season with progress in mind, then Edu, Vinai and Arteta have to NOT make the same fuck ups as last summer.

We shouldn’t be signing David Luiz to a new deal. We should be ageing down in player profile. We need a top centre midfielder. Saliba should be integrated. We should sign Balogun down as our 3rd choice striker. We should sell the names that aren’t working or loan them for the year to shop window them.

Interestingly, I did hear that Willian is a top guy and an excellent trainer. No joke. What Arteta says about him is true, it’s not PR. He’s very well-liked behind the scenes. It’s not working out for him because he’s just not the player everyone thought he’d be. I get the sense the deal was rushed (can’t imagine why). It’s simple, never take a chance on the roulette of age. This was a mistake, Arteta has to accept that and never do it again.

I also don’t think you should read too much into the Gabriel M stuff. He’s not playing at the moment because the side is buzzing. It’s hard to change something that’s working, especially for a player that is raw power. He’ll get his chance though. There are also a number of kids coming through that everyone is very excited about as well, so expect the youth theme to continue into the Arteta tenure, there’s still a lot to come.

I don’t really have a lot to say about today. My hope is it’s a great afternoon of football. Key for us is to not concede early and see if we can grow into the game. It is going to be absolutely essential to take our chances. CIty’s defence has been immense this season, Auba won’t get 5 good chances tomorrow, he’ll be lucky to have two… so let’s see what we can do. Should be fun.


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  1. Jaffa

    Bellerin is hopeless, offers no defence and nothing going forward..shame he looked like he was going to be too class at one point

  2. andy1886

    We haven’t been hammered by any stretch but we’ve shown a distinct lack of ambition. Waiting for Pedro telling us that not getting thrashed is a great result.

  3. raptora

    Arteta: If only we had someone who knows how to score on the bench…

    Assistant: Boss, what about the Brazilian kid that scored 10 goals and was our 3rd best goalscorer last season?

    Arteta: Ah, si, si. Ceballos! Good call.

  4. Guernsey+gun

    Time to accept that arteta is nothing more than a grade a bullshitting fraud. That’s it, it gets no better than this.

  5. Rich

    Is it fair that Jesus is playing up front for Manchester City?

    Or would it be discriminatory to ban him because he’s the son of God, and can perform miracles?

  6. Samir

    Have we even had 1 goal scoring chance the whole game?

    City have controlled this game for the full 94 minutes. Very poor display from us. We played like a bunch of kids afraid.

  7. Winthorpe

    Another auba masterclass
    Woop fucking woop
    Can we drop this hopeless bull shit that he’s a striker now?
    He’s a tap in merchant wide man. That’s all.
    Get rid of ozil and stuck with auba and Willian

  8. prvhc

    I hope for Arsenal’s sake this loss is not spun positively.
    We never looked like scoring against a City team taking it easy.
    That second half looked more like a training session.

  9. Guns of SF

    Mike was caught in the middle with his team selection

    We either go all out and attack
    We either go all out and defend and pray for the counter attacking goal

    We did neither. Kind of a little of both
    That will never work against city. You need to get your selection right and also a plan….

    Personally, I would like to have attacked city and let the chips fall. At least our team would get more experience trying to attack, we need to develop a better attack as EL is our only hope.

    Martinelli not playing is criminal

  10. Winthorpe

    Anonymous CommentatorFebruary 21, 2021 18:22:52
    Winthrop acting like we’ve won the game but

    How exactly am I acting like we’ve won the game? Find the exact quote you’re referring to
    This should be good

  11. JOEL

    A sad indictment of where Arsenal stand currently…when your game-plan revolves around a desire to not lose too heavily…Pathetic!!…and the blame has to be directed squarely at the so-called “Manager”.

  12. Leftside

    “Time to accept that arteta is nothing more than a grade a bullshitting fraud. That’s it, it gets no better than this.”

    Of course, this is Artetas ceiling. He will win games because we have some very capable players but we won’t threaten at the top end of this league. Mid table at best with a manager who makes some very dumb decisions, every week.

  13. Buzzy

    Wjy was saka smiling there?

    Do out players havr any sort of self respect?

    Shouldn’t a normal human being be angry after losing?

    Or am i just an asshole?

  14. MidwestGun

    Last 4 mins.. were about useless. Anyhow, I wasn’t expecting much… but we never even looked like scoring the entire second half really.

    I wish I was as optimistic as Pedro… but almost impossible to be excited about losing all the time.

  15. Samir

    Seems to me Artetas only tactic is:

    Tierney go forward, Xhaka go to LB.
    Tierney puts in cross for no-one to head.
    Other team counter attacks.

  16. andy1886

    Pierre will be pleased – runners up trophy! Or is that ‘second winner trophy’? Four out of ten performance for me, never really bothered them at all in 90 minutes.

  17. G8

    Again Arteta failed to manage the subs and tactics to change the game
    Stones playing like a peak Beckenbauer!
    Martinelle and Balogun would have done much better than Auba and Laca!
    Xhaka, odegaard were useless
    Elneny though poor, has done his job as a defending midfielder
    One shot on target!
    Art out!

  18. TheLegendaryDB10

    Left side

    I am with you on the free Martinelli gig.

    What on earth does he need to do to play???


    We only lost 0-1.

    But no worries We were so good we could muster absolutely 0 as a come back.

    Generational progress this is.

  19. Samir

    I think it’s also fair to say we over rate our players. We had 0 world class players in our team.

    City had a few of them in KDB, Dias, Ederson and Gündoğan.

  20. Peckobill

    Well to be honest that game was boring as fuck , did the city players even break sweat . They kind of knew they didn’t need a second and just meandered around the rest of the game saving energy . Don’t think they’ll have a game all season as this for plodding along in second gear . Shambles

  21. Cheney10

    City are an outstanding side, much better than us…. I’m not really sure what people expected? If we had gone after them it would have been 3,4,5 nil. That is our reality at the moment but shows what we should be aspiring too.

  22. Berg10kamp

    Decent response against a really good City side. Dunno what all the moaning is about on here. We were caught cold on the goal as usual and struggled to create against a really good defence. But anyway onto the next….. COYG!

  23. Dissenter

    We have lost more games than we have won this season
    Hey, don’t worry be happy because standards are out the window this season

  24. Winthorpe

    andy1886February 21, 2021 18:25:56
    Pierre will be pleased – runners up trophy! Or is that ‘second winner trophy’? Four out of ten performance for me, never really bothered them at all in 90 minutes.

    0/10 for Aubameyang

  25. Guns of SF

    Martin presses like an animal, could easily have gone to the left and Saka to the right, we do much better that way.

    Something is not right when you have an attacker like Martin in the team without getting playing time. He might be fit physically but not playing is actually going to impact him mentally. That is where Mike does not understand…. playing leads to confidence. not playing a budding star will cause him to make more mental mistakes on the pitch when he does play.

    Im done with this Mike Arteta dude….

    His slow defensive and lack of creativity football is mind numbing

  26. Guernsey+gun

    It’s funny how many snobby cunts support arsenal. David moyes with probably inferior squad pisses all over Mikel bullshit. But he would be laughed at as arsenal manager, perhaps rightly. But the fact is its always jam tomorrow with Billy bullshit…..which tells you its bullshit.

  27. Anonymous Commentator

    Pep leaving our goal difference alone.
    keeping his defense sharp by having them play on a knife edge.
    Too had ederson can’t be kept sharp cause we have nothing going forward.

    Martinelli must have spat on arteta’s dog or something.

  28. Cheney10

    Left side… because you’d be on here lamenting a 5-0 loss. Face reality, this is who we are and it is our team. There is nothing wrong admitting that they are simply a level above us (and everyone else) in every department. There club has been run properly for years and money has been invested well. As I said, that is what we should aspire to.

  29. Leftside

    That is why I can’t take these superfans. We have over 90 mins to score and hit the target once. Your generational manager who is generationally inadequate by Arsenals standards brought off Elneny for Ceballos when we needed a goal. That’s not the first time he’s done that either, this is a meek man happy to lose by one goal to a top side. He’s only brave when it comes to disciplining certain young players because we know the rules only apply to some in this side.

  30. Majesticgooner

    No shot on target in the second half, what do we learn from this match? Elneny offers nothing in the midfield, Pepe plays better of the left and saka off the right, ESR offers us something going forward, his forward runs , no one else gives us in the team, maybe except martinelli, but he must have upset artefacts for him not to be picked. I don’t mind losing but at least have a go, we need strikers who fight for lost causes, who harass and close down defenders. As for playing Man City and Liverpool, this team starting from the manager has a mental block, they go out expecting to be beat heavily, so keeping the score down to 1 nil is a moral victory for them, how can a team like Lyon beat Man City two years on the trot and we not even come close to doing that? It’s got to be mental.

  31. Guns of SF

    We still need to fight for EL places this season.
    The only way you beat city is by actually trying to score, as they can put a few past you… we still cannot score against the top teams. its a major issue.

  32. Winthorpe

    Did anyone really expect arsenal to win?
    A 1-0 loss to city is respectable given how good they’ve been this season
    Let’s stop trying to paint this as a disaster
    Lose on Thursday and that’s a disaster

    Please god, no Aubameyang

  33. Peckobill

    Global gunner
    We could have played for a month straight and we wouldn’t have scored , city couldn’t even be arsed to break sweat they know how feeble we are

  34. Leftside

    Cheney, no I would not have.

    The last time we beat City in the Prem I’m sure Arteta was in the side no? Our recent record against them is woeful. Nobody can complain if we come up short against the better side if we at least make them work for it.

  35. Berg10kamp

    Some guys just need to accept that this is where we are. Unfortunately we cannot compete with City now, not many teams can. Dunno why dillusional people on here seem to think we can go toe to toe with City and when we lose by 1 goal they shocked like we been tearing up the league. Cmon.

  36. MidwestGun

    This game in isolation is not a disaster at all.. but we have now lost more games then we have won. And people are talking about progress. Maybe I need to look up the definition of progress. in the dictionary.

  37. Leftside

    They scored as soon as the game started, we then went on to have 1 shot on target all game and we’re supposed to be content with losing by 1 goal. This club is finished, expectations are lower and lower.

  38. Winthorpe

    BlackStockFebruary 21, 2021 18:35:10
    WinthorpeNow you’re happy losing to Man City after slagging off Emery for losing to Man City lol lol

    Did emery ever beat Man City?

  39. Max

    People… lets not be too harsh.. yes its frustrating to lose and only get 1 shot in target…


    we played a lot of games recently and players like Tierney coming back into form.
    we have a lot of decent-but-not-amazing players in the team

    What I did find frustrating, despite comments that we are more UNpredictable…

    is WHY the endless crosses from Tierney into the box?

    It all came down the left side. This is down to coaching.

    Few times we were headed on goal and had Auba down middle (thru-ball on) and Tierney wide (wasteful cross on).. ball goes out to Tierney for a cross.

    Nothing down the right… nothing tried through the middle very frustrating.

  40. Winthorpe

    Black stock
    You could sack Arteta tonight and he will still have his name in the record books as a winner. Emery won’t
    Two trophies in 6 months
    Already an arsenal legend

  41. underrated Coq

    10 wins and 11 losses in the League.

    Leicester to make it 10 wins and 12 losses.

    Yep, Pedro will need to change his mantra soon. We’ll not be counting points off top 4, it’ll be points keeping us above the relegation zone.

  42. Cheney10

    Berg10kamp agreed… I’m just not sure what people want? People come on here and berate our players… Xhaka, Elneny etc then expect them to dominate City… Come on, chin up on to the next. On a different note, I do think Partey was a big miss today.

  43. S23

    An expected result-but another poor performance.
    I dont understand why Arteta is persisting with tired players.
    I can see Saka becoming another Wilshire.
    Play Eddie and Martinelli if we are looking to see where we are and have no ambition to try for a win.
    The unavoidable sad fact is that we are now a midtable side up against an elite top side.
    As I have said before Arteta is lucky the stadium is empty,we set out to try to contain and see what happens.
    At least the Spurs fans will be quiet tomorrow.

  44. raptora

    West Ham finished 16th last season. Moyes in his first full season in charge is on his way to play European football.

    But Arteta needs time. Exciting progress is happening.

    10th in the league behind teams like Leicester, West Ham, Everton, Villa.

    Have patience. Next year we might be 19th. But but… Arteta will get us there eventually. Trust! I swear on me mum.

  45. underrated Coq

    So Redtruth is back as BlackStock and Don back as Winthorpe

    Where are the good folks, CA, WE, TR7, Paulinho and others?

    Did Arteta scare them away or was it Pedro morphing into Attwood Jnr?

  46. IQ

    Arteta’s genius is to play Pepe on the right when he was playing really well on the left and to play Tierney after a long time out against Mahrez when a right footed left back Soares would have been much more suited.

    He also changes centre back pairing every game. Genius.

  47. Jacko

    I’ve never seen such a laid back, content post match interview, from a coach that has just lost his 11th match of the season…. before the end of February!

    No wonder the players are free to hug and joke with the opposition as they leave the pitch.

    Benfica or bust!

  48. Guernsey+gun

    Come on peeps let’s call it for what it is arteta is being schooled by Moyes, Rodgers, dean smith and the rest. Keep the faith though this fucking bullshitter is coming good next season. Hes our Lampard and needs putting out of his arrogant existence.

  49. Anonymous Commentator

    So I don’t understand.
    if the ambition was just to keep the score down from arteta, why exactly did he start saka?

    I know he doesn’t care about the red zone, burn out and all those popular buzzwords that emerged when wilshere got crocked, but surely just eye testing the kid you can tell he needs a rest, and we have a vital fixture against benfica next that he surely knows is a must win.
    This match was never going to flip as a win for us, so why put more minutes on his legs?
    Just makes no sense.

  50. Rich


    The idea City went soft on us because of Arteta

    Is absurd

    They’re the best team in the league, and one of the best in Europe.

    They made us dizzy for 30 minutes, and were the better team throughout, but if Arteta had gone gung-ho, and we’d been battered 4-0, everyone would have rightly labelled it naive

    After an awful start, we at least showed some structure against an exceptional team

    We’re a club in transition, change is often painful

  51. Gazza

    Seems we played for a 1-0 defeat after 3 mins ..which must have come from Arteta as there was not enough final 3rd effort or guile

    Auba poor for me today & never wins any heading challenges

  52. Guernsey+gun

    We are heading for a 1994-95 finish. About 12th graham was sacked but at least he had a couple of leagues, cups etc. Under his belt. Thus guy is doing shit with arsenal, hes a bluffer and a bullshittr.

  53. Rich


    “If Pep believes in Arteta so much then why didn’t he recommend that Arteta be his successor at city”

    Maybe he wasn’t planning on stepping down?

    He has just signed a new contract until 2023….

    Arsenal as his first managerial job, was probably as good as it gets for Arteta

  54. Gooner_grower


    “if Arteta had gone gung-ho, and we’d been battered 4-0, everyone would have rightly labelled it naive”

    exactly, whoever expected to get a win today was delusional. Arsenal were playing a side with the best manager in the world, on top form, players bought worth zillions..

  55. AFC Forever


    “Dunno why dillusional people on here seem to think we can go toe to toe with City and when we lose by 1 goal they shocked like we been tearing up the league”

    I do. These are the matchday moaners pissed off we didn’t lose by more. The same people who slag off the players as not being good enough, then miraculously expect us to beat Man City. Look at the user names, they only ever appear match days to act all angry. Fakers half of them. They are playing a game,they can’t possibly be so hypocritical or be so lacking in football knowledge that they have realistic expectations.

    Not only were we playing, arguably the best team in Europe, we also had the handicap having played Thursday with zero recovery. We had a 2 1/2 hour flight back Friday morning FFS. To go one down so early yet stay in the game just shows the character. In the past that would have been four or five. The simple fact is we need better players. We are miles behind City, who have outspent everyone and we need to catch up. Arteta inherited a club in a mess that got rolled over easily and conceded goals for fun. He’s fixed that but has been hampered by previous poor investment & contract dealings. A one nil today is disappointing but does not justify the ‘fake outrage”.on here

  56. Tom

    Fernandinho is a shadow of his former self at 35, KDB was rusty having just come back from a long spell out, and Gundogan was a game day decision also from an injury.
    Losing to City is no shame by any stretch but we were at home and considering the aforementioned we never really laid a glove on them.
    Generational that was not.

  57. andy1886

    Nobody is ‘outraged’ that we lost. Alot of people disappointed that we didn’t go close to making a game of it though. Entirely different things and easy to tell the difference. If you don’t have an agenda.

  58. Receding Hairline

    Where are all this accounts calling posters moaners springing from?

    Arteta is actually dangerous for this football club, he has somehow convinced fans 1-0 losses aren’t a bad thing and is a sign of progress. Once we accept this,we stop being a serious football club.

    I’m worried for my club. No one even banters us anymore.

  59. Guernsey+gun

    The Leicester game will be an eye opener for a few.. They will play with us and pick us of at will, but it will be progress from the generational one. By the way this Nigerian dude keeps messaging me about 100 million dollars he has locked up in this bank account. I sent him 10 grand to pay the taxes I’m going to be millionaire next week…cant wait..