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Well, well, well… Klopp was the fraud all along. Arsenal win tomorrow, we’ll be 3 points off the Champions in the most nuts season on record.

It is quite incredible how a side can go from looking like the greatest footballing machine ever created, to total bums after one bad signing, a couple of injuries, and a global pandemic.

It’s a bit of a shame we’re playing Manchester City this weekend. They are one of the best teams in the world right now. Pep has managed the transition to a new vision with the same sort of deft innovation he always does.

The best manager in the world was pumping Arteta like he always does.

“All I can say is the last months show me that all managers need time and he is not an exception. What I see in the last two months every game Arsenal played is better than the opponent.

“Tomorrow we will have an incredible performance. They have an exceptional build-up, they have quality and they have energy. They have [Bukayo] Saka, [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and all the players with the quality in the middle.

You might think this is patronising stuff. He’ll probably beat us tomorrow. But he’s not far from the truth if you are watching The Arsenal develop through the correct lens.

There are still mistakes in the system, we’re not perfect, but Pep is not wrong… we’ve been the better in all our games since the Chelsea game.

The key thing for me… we’re unpredictable now. Pep will recognise that looking at our games. We can press, we can sit back, we can go long, we can build from the back, and we can execute a well-crafted plan of shit-housery. Look at how we’re developing, versus the mess Jose is overseeing now his one-trick pony strategem is injured.

I’ve been saying for a while now, something is brewing at Arsenal, and it’s hard to deny it. We might lose tomorrow and we might lose on Thursday, but don’t take your eye off the ball. All the reports I’m hearing are that the coaching is phenomenal behind the scenes and things are building nicely. More importantly, you can see it on the pitch.

I thought a big show of our improving style was the game Auba had the other night. Sure, he missed some big chances, but did you pay attention to his game? Look at those runs he was making. That was a man that could smell the potential of a killer pass. Auba was running the channels. He was taking risks. He wasn’t doing that before Christmas. Arsenal has gone from a side that could barely progress the ball from the back, to a side that has options all over the park. Auba’s game sums us up… you don’t take chances on runs if you know the pass won’t come.

ESR, Odegaard, Partey, and Saka can all pass round corners. They can deliver from deep. They can beat an aggressive press. They dribble past players. When that clicks in this Arteta system, it’s really, really tough to play against.

Compare that to pre-Christmas when we had 2 power plays, that one on the left being the main one, well, it’s night and day. The passing is starting to look cognitive. Players are recognising the patterns, they know where to move, they know the triggers, they might not be the most aggressive pressers, but they are very intelligent at it now. There’s thought in every tactical setup these days.

We totally controlled Benfica. Whine about the result, but don’t snipe at the performance from a team that had just had to deal with Leeds before a plane journey. We controlled possession, we drew them out, made late runs in behind, and we delivered 8 quality chances that unfortunately didn’t have the finish.

We’re doing that regularly now. The xG might not always show it. But the positions we’re taking up in attack are good. The chance quality is way, way better, and the football is getting close to sexy.

The interesting thing is you can see the phases. Last year, we stopped being whipping boys. No more walking through the middle. This season, we started well defensively, we mopped up setpiece defending… then it went to hell for a bit. But part of that was down to not having the right players. Part of that was losing your best midfielder (he’s still out). If Liverpool can lose VVD and crash, why would anyone think Arsenal could lose their best midfielder and not suffer?

Now we’ve found some of the missing links. Big players are coming back into form (Auba/Laca/Gabriel). Troubled players are more settled because part of their usefulness was only going work playing with certain profiles of talent (Xhaka/Pepe/Hector/Cedric). Young players are shining (Saka/ESR). We also found an Odegaard who added more quality and confidence to the starting 11.

You should be excited as a fan. I’ve never felt more confident the path we chose was correct. We’re starting to see the fruits of the time we afforded the manager. We have to navigate this season with progress in mind, then Edu, Vinai and Arteta have to NOT make the same fuck ups as last summer.

We shouldn’t be signing David Luiz to a new deal. We should be ageing down in player profile. We need a top centre midfielder. Saliba should be integrated. We should sign Balogun down as our 3rd choice striker. We should sell the names that aren’t working or loan them for the year to shop window them.

Interestingly, I did hear that Willian is a top guy and an excellent trainer. No joke. What Arteta says about him is true, it’s not PR. He’s very well-liked behind the scenes. It’s not working out for him because he’s just not the player everyone thought he’d be. I get the sense the deal was rushed (can’t imagine why). It’s simple, never take a chance on the roulette of age. This was a mistake, Arteta has to accept that and never do it again.

I also don’t think you should read too much into the Gabriel M stuff. He’s not playing at the moment because the side is buzzing. It’s hard to change something that’s working, especially for a player that is raw power. He’ll get his chance though. There are also a number of kids coming through that everyone is very excited about as well, so expect the youth theme to continue into the Arteta tenure, there’s still a lot to come.

I don’t really have a lot to say about today. My hope is it’s a great afternoon of football. Key for us is to not concede early and see if we can grow into the game. It is going to be absolutely essential to take our chances. CIty’s defence has been immense this season, Auba won’t get 5 good chances tomorrow, he’ll be lucky to have two… so let’s see what we can do. Should be fun.


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  1. Gooner_grower


    Leicester would be a better test. The next two games are vital. I think Arsenal should win both of them. Win and all the bad memories will be forgotten.

  2. Benjamin

    @AFC Forever
    To go one down so early yet stay in the game just shows the character.

    That only shows that Arteta never learns! City walked this match in first gear.

  3. Winthorpe

    Arteta is actually dangerous for this football club, he has somehow convinced fans 1-0 losses aren’t a bad thing and is a sign of progress. Once we accept this,we stop being a serious football club.

    1-0 losses against the best team in the country. Would have been a draw if auba just did his usual and disappeared

  4. Majesticgooner

    The sooner we get knocked out of Europe the better, and next season no European football will do the club a world of good. We are not going to win the europa cup this season , so why prolong the agony? Maybe playing one game a week will be a good thing.

  5. Tunnygriffboy


    Im with you. City at different level rest league this season. Their defence is unbelievably strong this season as well.

    Think there two tired teams out there at the end. Fixtures been relentless this season. Lot of games seem be played slower pace. Whether fatigue or lack of atmosphere in grounds play a part im not sure.

  6. AFC Forever


    Yep, you don’t mind the sensible criticism but today’s result shows them up for what they are. I wouldn’t mind managing that City team, they have incredible players – and they were fresh.

  7. Benjamin

    1-0 losses against the best team in the country. Would have been a draw if auba just did his usual and disappeared

    Would have should have could have, if my grandma had a dick she wouldt be my grandma, she would be my grandpa…

  8. Tom

    “Maybe playing one game a week will be a good thing.“

    The only thing that would do is give the none favorites zero game time

  9. Receding Hairline

    “1-0 losses against the best team in the country. Would have been a draw if auba just did his usual and disappeared”

    Brighton and Sheffield also lost by a single goal to City, are those the teams you are emulating now? You go 1 nil down at home in the second minute and the game is over and you are here beating your chest like its no biggie. 25 games played, 11 lost but its fine, our manager is the best we can get.

    You sicken me

  10. Dissenter

    Willock is playing quite well.
    He needs to be sold this summer though, iF Newcastle will probably buy him for the odd £15 million if they stay up.

  11. AFC Forever


    City will win the league at a canter. They’ve spent around a billion quid with Pep, not sure what people expect, other than miracles. It’s the unrealistic expectation some people create to ensure ‘failure’, that riles me. They are just playing stupid games.

  12. AFC Forever


    “Upset Arteta didn’t have a go at City”

    You have a go at City & they’ll rip you apart. If you’re unhappy losing 1-0 how woul you have felt had we lost by 4 -1 or 6-2.? Honest answer.

  13. Dissenter

    Don’t take the stuff that gets written during games too literal
    It’s just banter, nothing else.

    Don’t forget that we have lost 11 games, one more than we have won so some of the criticisms are deserved.
    Mikel will be the first to admit it.

  14. AFC Forever

    I think you may be right, Fulham are on a run and Newcastle are all over the place. Newcastle may have better players but not a better team.

  15. Dissenter

    You spent the entire two matches viciously attacking Auba
    Don’t you know that Auba plays for Arsenal? Now you’ve become the chief defender of everything Arsenal.

  16. Benjamin

    @AFC Forever
    They’ve spent around a billion quid with Pep, not sure what people expect, other than miracles

    How much have Burnley, Wolverhampton, and Aston Villa spent?

  17. Tom

    You have a go at City & they’ll rip you apart. If you’re unhappy losing 1-0 how woul you have felt had we lost by 4 -1 or 6-2.? Honest answer.

    Arteta would have a hard time losing to City 4-1 let alone 6-2 for one simple reason.
    There’s actually no one on City inclined to inflict that kind of punishment on him.
    At one nil City looked happy to knock it around to run out the clock.

  18. underrated Coq

    AFC Loser

    Because we lose matches every other week.

    Why do you show up every. day to complain about the complainers?

    Are you such a loser that you get your highs by pretending to be a bigger fan preying on post loss fan emotions?

  19. AFC Forever

    Underated Coq

    Why are you so childish? If you want to debate try doing so maturely, if you can, without silly name calling.

  20. Samesong

    Once city had scored they didn’t look interested. It’s as if they knew the game was already.

    That’s a new low for Arsenal

    All this from the commentator about Arteta knows city players inside out. Lol does he know his own player’s?

  21. Rich

    I did warn we should move on from Aubameyang this summer, that he’d be 34 at the end of his deal, and at some point he was going to dip physically

    He’s a natural goal scorer who’ll still bag us goals, but there’s clear signs he’s in decline

    He doesn’t convince me as a No9, and how many 31+ yr olds are putting shifts in on the wing in this league every week?

    We could probably have gotten away with it, had we not signed Willian 32 as well

    Was the plan really to have Aubameyang 33 + Willian 34 as our wide forwards in 2022/23?

    We desperately need a competent DOF

  22. Benjamin

    @AFC Forever

    We lost against Burnley, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton (both home and away),
    Did they spent a billion quid on theirs squads?

  23. underrated Coq


    Oh do shut your mouth already, boisterous .

    Came flying in with his high horse raining down comments sneering at everyone. Now he wants maturity.

  24. Nelson

    Auba looks bigger than Stone, He was out muscled by Stone every time. Add to that he didn’t know how to head the ball, no surprise that he has no shot on goal.We need to sign another striker this Summer and trade Laca.

  25. Tom

    You just don’t get it do you.
    We lost to City because the spent billions.
    We lost to Villa because they have Emi and Grealish.
    We lost to wolves and Leicester because they sit back
    ( cowards) and hit us on a brake.
    We lost to Leeds because they never sit back and always run you ragged.
    We lost to Burnley because they hoof it up field……..

    Football is hard..

  26. Rich

    Saliba won 7 headers in a 2-1 loss to Metz today

    Nice are doing badly, but at least he’s getting regular minutes

    Would be a massive bonus if he came back and made an impact next season

  27. AFC Forever

    Have to agree Auba looks a different player. He gave the ball away quite a lot today & he seems to have list all confidence. Might be why Artetas playing him, hoping he’ll play himself into form. I said before the game I would have preferred Laca or Martinelli today.

  28. Nelson

    Holding has to learn how to play the CB position properly. We lost to Villa because he marked the space and not the man. He made the same mistake today again. If there are only one opponent in the middle of the box, you mark the man. The space will not score.

  29. Graham

    xTGg was 1.9 to 2.2 so we effectively drew.
    Good result.
    That puts us up to 5th place.
    We still might get to train in the Chsmpuobs League next year.

  30. vickingz

    @AFC, does it make any sense to you, that arteta may be playing auba to form? Did we miss him when he was out? Didn’t we play better without auba in this side? Arteta may be playing him to form at the detriment of the team? What’s laca done to justify being frozen out for Auba? He was on a good run, bringing out the games in our attacking wingers. What’s martinelli done? Arteta is a very proud and very toxic being

  31. Radio Raheem

    Endure the rest of the season.

    Anything less than 7th and Europa League final Arteta should walk.

    Arteta started off well and had my support. Unlike many I never thought we’d challenge for top 4 this season. I didn’t expect us to perform this badly either. All considered the above stated target is a reasonable minimum he should meet for us to continue with the ‘process’. Anything less and he should go. Eventually we’d the appointment right.

  32. Samir

    Stop kidding yourself guys. We all know Arteta could finish 15th and go out to Benfica and he’d keep his job.

    My main worry is that we’re going to lose Martinelli and Saliba with Arteta in charge.

  33. Nelson

    I hope Arteta sees that he has to play ESR and Saka closer together. Ødegaard still doesn’t have chemistry with Saka yet. If ESR started today, he would have supported Tierney and Saka to break through from the left side. Ødegaard just stayed in the middle and watched.

  34. Anonymous Commentator

    I said at the start of the season when chatting with one of my friends, United fan.

    If everything goes right this season, we get 4th.
    If done things to wrong like some injuries here and there we finish lowest 8th.
    And if everything goes wrong inviting arteta not being the guy for the job we finish between 10th and 12th.

    I certainly did not expect that last one to be correct after the fa cup and community shield wins, but here we are.
    I have no faith in arteta rescuing the season.
    He is unable to rescue our striker form.
    And he’s binning off our wunderkids left and right.

  35. Radio Raheem

    Stop kidding yourself guys. We all know Arteta could finish 15th and go out to Benfica and he’d keep his job.

    Possibly. In which case it’s pointless worrying about losing players – none of it matters.

    Arsenal fans will deserve what they get.

  36. MD-Gunner

    Pedro posted 1 week ago stop complaining Arsenal is 6 points of top 4 one week later it is 12 points. When Westham could be the only club representing London in the UCL it begs the question “Is Arteta still Arsenal’s manager?”

  37. Winthorpe

    vickingzFebruary 21, 2021 20:15:39
    @AFC, does it make any sense to you, that arteta may be playing auba to form? Did we miss him when he was out? Didn’t we play better without auba in this side? Arteta may be playing him to form at the detriment of the team? What’s laca done to justify being frozen out for Auba? He was on a good run, bringing out the games in our attacking wingers. What’s martinelli done? Arteta is a very proud and very toxic being


    We were doing really well without auba
    I think that hat trick vs Leeds could have been a bad thing for arsenal and sent Arteta down the wrong path when he was on the right one with Lacazette and Pepe on the left.

  38. AFC Forever


    Did you the one yesterday Everyone penalty? Kavanagh was sent to the monitor by the VAR referee bit decided to review to for 3 seconds before giving what was never a penalty. These referees are terrible

  39. Dissenter

    Seeing United doing epochal stuff with uber talented young players.
    Subbing in a kid who tuned 17 tears old 2 weeks ago

    Our generational manager is too scared to do that
    He will rather sub in a 32 year old scraggy haired Brazilian instead.

  40. Dissenter

    I missed that.
    I dont think these referees are were served by their management but they seem to be more protected than China protected the Panda.

  41. raptora

    I just don’t feel desire watching this garbage, robotic, zero inspiration, boringfest Arteta has been serving.

    Le-grove was the place to push for a change. A change for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow where we would be competing for the EPL and the UCL trophies.

    Now it’s turned into the complete opposite.

    We are being served 10th place as progress. Worse stats than the lowest of Emery. Far worse than Wenger at his worse. We’ve been overtaken by teams who almost got relegated last year in Villa and West Ham. Leicester are miles better than us, Everton are outperforming us. All the usual teams are ahead of us.

    We are told to shut up and support the team. Trust the process

    But the process is a scam. We are sitting in the middle of the pack. We broke 20-30-40 year old negative records.

    If there is a manager rank list as things stand, where do you think that Arteta would be at? There is probably 12 to 14 managers doing better than him. We are supposed to be okay with that.

    I know we can’t change much in how Arsenal is being run. But venting in here after a bad game feels worse than ever before. It feels like everyone is fine with us being average, even our fans and that hurts.

    Blogs like Pedro’s set the tone for how Arsenal supporters feel. Fans discontent is a power that every owner is scared of. It’s what finally forced Stan’s hand with Wenger.

    I believe that blog writers must put the best of our club ahead of anything else. They are our beacons.

    We’ve lost some good posters in here in the last year or so. Even just reading at the title of today’s post, I think I have an idea why.

  42. Dissenter

    I still can’t believe that Mr Moss wont be punished for not stopping play when Holding went down with a head injury.

  43. Nelson


    Now you reminded me of holdup play. Auba is really bad in this department. The ball just bounded off him to an opponent. Or any 50/50 ball he would not fight for it.

  44. MD-Gunner

    Just watched the highlights on Peacock not a single attach of Arsenal was shown. He admitted he got the tactics wrong.

    Still anyone thinks that Arteta was the better choice than Ancelotti?

  45. AFC Forever


    You misheard, he said no such thing. . He said the team made a tactical mistake, they didn’t do what they should have done.

  46. Winthorpe

    Anonymous CommentatorFebruary 21, 2021 21:13:19
    If arteta is not a double agent then he’s easily the worst top flight manager I have ever seen.

    How old are you? Seriously

  47. AFC Forever


    “Apart from the first 10 minutes that we didn’t do something we talked about when we suffered -It’s really frustrating because we talked about it, that we had to come out of the blocks really strongly, really convincingly,. We did the opposite and we allowed them some time around the box, sometimes with Sterling in the middle of the box with a header… against City, if you want to win you cannot do that.

    “I think after that we tried to react in the best possible way. I think we matched them up, We had some really good moments, we created some great opportunities but we lacked the quality around the box to find the right pass and the right man to score the goal. Against this opponent, everything has to be perfect.

    At the moment we have players that are struggling recovering from game to game. They’ve played a lot of minutes, you could see the fatigue in both teams at the end. The boys are trying and are working extremely hard, so I cannot demand too much of them.”

    Pablo Mari:

    “I think it was a very tactical game. I think on the pitch we probably had the two best coaches in the world, or two of the best ones. I think they had a battle on the pitch. We tried to do our best, we planned really well ahead of the game. They had real issues when they wanted to go to the final third, they didn’t have too many shots on target, so our plan was good. But at the end, we lost the game.”

  48. AFC Forever

    You have to lusten to what players say.

    Pablo Mari:

    “It was hard for us because we planned for the game really well. Everybody knew what we had to do and I think we did well but at the end we conceded a goal at the beginning of the game, and when you concede those kinds of details against these types of teams, you lose the game. We have to be hard, we have to be focused 100 per cent in the beginning of the game until 96 or 97 minutes. I think 99 per cent of the game we played really good, but at the end we lost because we conceded that detail in the game.

    It’s so difficult to play against a false nine, especially with the four midfielders they had up front. It’s so difficult to play against them but I think we played really well in the part of the game because we had a lot of communication. When you have that, I think you can resolve any problem you’re going to have. In that case, the back four and the two midfielders played really well in the defensive part with those four players, but at the end everybody on the pitch gave everything. I’m really proud of the team because of the way we played”

  49. AFC Forever

    As he says, the players have to start games on the right foot. Being slow out of the blocks against just top teams is costly.

  50. Samesong

    AFC Forever has to be one of the most annoying posters on le grove and I’ve been here since 2010.
    Not suprised some of the old guard are not posting at the moment.

  51. AFC Forever


    “Le-grove was the place to push for a change. A change for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow where we would be competing for the EPL and the UCL trophies.”

    ….and how did that turn out?!!!

  52. raptora

    Mari: “I think on the pitch we probably had the two best coaches in the world”.

    With all due respect Mari has played a total of 2 seasons in a top-flight team in his entire career – NAC in Eredivisie and Flamengo in Brazil. Among these giants he’s also played for Gimnastic, Girona and Deportivo la Coruna.

    Still, how full his mouth is with Arteta… Speechless.

  53. Graham

    Spot on raptora – I am wondering if Pedro and z few of the bloggers are taking money from arsenal to try and convince us everything is ok when we know it is a complete mess.

  54. AFC Forever

    Graham, the club is a mess that is not if Artetas making. Poor player recruitment & contracts has us where we are. Emery had the same players and created the worst attempts against our goal since records. In his season we conceded 78 goals, compared to an average previously of around 48. Without the ball we was a terrible team. Not so now. That’s why Arteta deserves time, he’s got rid of some deadwood but we are still carrying players.

  55. Receding Hairline

    Raptora reading that nonsense from him is both infuriating and concerning. We have lost 11 league games and we have one of the two best coaches in the world, who says nonsense like that after a game you never looked like scoring in.

  56. Majesticgooner

    Arteta needs to have a look at what a good manager does when players are not doing what want, he should look at what tuchel did to odson odoi yesterday, he pulled him off and when asked after the match he said exactly that, can anyone see arteta doing that ? No chance, especially to someone like auba ,cos he hasn’t got the cohonas. He chooses who he picks his fight with and that is the reason he is going to fail as a coach. Look at what Pepe did to aguero? Yay a toure? He made a point of showing them if you didn’t put the effort or workmate in, you get benched.auba for one needs to be benched, he can’t be getting a free ride.

  57. andy1886

    Player sucks up to the boss – what a shocker. Being proud of how we played when losing and hardly landing a blow on the opposition is so very Arsenal, I’m sure Mari will fit in nicely. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a player stand up and say “No, I’ll never be happy if we lose” for a change?

  58. AFC Forever


    Yes, progress defensively. Which was something we all wanted because off the ball we were soft we were bottom of goals conceded from set pieces. If you look at the 5 seasons preceding, our goals against was on average better than Emery..

    Our problem at the moment is we don’t have good enough players. We have started to bring in better ones & youngsters have improved plus we got rid of some of the problem players. Need at least another transfer window.

  59. andy1886

    @Radio, so that’s a GD of +22? And finished on 70 points (we’re heading for around 52 points based on ppg so far).

    Sure, reducing goals against is a positive but we’re heading for a GF of 47 and GA of 40. That would be eleven goals less conceded but 26 less scored.

    However you look at it the ‘progress’ is difficult to see.

  60. azed

    Emery had the same players and created the worst attempts against our goal since records. In his season we conceded 78 goals, compared to an average previously of around 48.

    AFC Forever.

    Emery finished 5th which is way better than 10.

    PS: Emery had worse players.
    PS: when Emery was in charge, 4th was the minimum, now 10th is acceptable?

  61. andy1886

    AFCF, said it before but it can’t just be about buying players all the time. Anyone can do that. A good coach has to improve the ones he has otherwise what’s the point?

  62. azed

    AFC Forever

    The aim of football is to win.

    I would rather will 6-5 or draw 4-4 than lose 0-1.

    We have the 3rd best defence but we are 10th on the table. I’m pretty sure the club would rather be in the top 4 on the actual table that matters.

  63. azed

    “we were bottom of goals conceded from set pieces”

    You really should stop lying on this that can be disproved easily.

    We conceded 10 goals from set pieces in 18/19
    The best defence was Leicester City with 7 goals conceded.

  64. AFC Forever

    Andy, as we discussed before, the start of this season Aubamayang struggled, some rumours personal reasons but he was not the same player we relied on for goals We had creativity issues until Nov/Dec, which were resolved. We’ve just been to Rome, had zero break and yet losing to Man City is us falling off a cliff.

    So progress could be; 1. Sorting out our defensive problems, our softness, conceding at set pieces, off ball positioning – 2. Shrinking the bloated squad with Ozil, Socratis, Mustafi etc on daft contracts, not of Artetas making. 3. Better players – Partey, the DM we all wanted has been bought in. So those three things are progress. We need another transfer window because we need better players. Man City’s are another level. Nobody can convince me yet another Change of manager is the answer because that’s just another rebuilding & tactical change. When do we finally give a Manager time? Seasons not even done yet

  65. Receding Hairline

    Bear in mind what you read on here is a reflection of 50% of our fan base including all the big fan accounts on Twitter. Something isn’t right here, seems I’m looking at the wrong league table.

    There is this religious belief we have to suffer this season to enjoy next season, it makes no sense.

  66. AFC Forever

    Do yourself a favour mate and stop calling me a liar. I have tried to engage but people like you just insult. I’m off the blog now, can’t be asked with rude keyboard warriors. Goodnight.

  67. andy1886

    AFCF – You may have noted that I’m not one of those calling for Arteta’s head, but I am saying that he has to do better. We have problems sure, but our squad is nowhere near tenth best in the division. I’d agree 6th/7th would be par with an average manager. For a good manager we should be pushing for top four and a great one would get us there. Let’s not forget that pre-season people (including Pedro) were saying that top 4 was a realistic ambition.

  68. Gooner_grower

    Mr Serge

    “Baldy you’re deluded if you think Le Grove is representative of the arsenal fan base.This is true it does not at all’

    No it doesn’t, it represents people who have an opinion and can call what is right and progressive, instead of just pandering to the most number of fans to get traffic.

  69. Pierre

    Odegaard played way too safe today , we missed the one and 2 touch football of Smith Rowe and his ability to take the ball on the half turn..

    Tierney’s final ball was poor , he linked well with Saka but didn’t deliver, he was also poor for the goal in allowing Mahrez to casually come inside without any pressure on the ball.

    Holding getting the blame for the goal but to me, I would ask the questions of the keeper who was rooted to his line .
    Sterling was on the 6 yard line when he headed the ball, and the cross was a floated cross , Leno’s starting position was poor , near post and on his line .
    His starting position should have been centre of the goal and 2/3 yards off his line.
    That being the case , he could have taken one step and caught the ball.
    Bellerin also wasn’t blameless .

    Was a similar performance to the one at city’s ground, no ambition from Arsenal and settling for a narrow defeat..

  70. Pierre

    Thursday is the important game, it’s a must win game or our season is effectively over , which is something Arsenal fans have not been used to , as the past 6 seasons we have competed in a cup final .

    Not bad for a team in crisis…

  71. Sid

    ‘Pedro posted 1 week ago stop complaining Arsenal is 6 points of top 4 one week later it is 12 points. ‘

    Our new target is 6 points off liverpool

  72. Socrates

    We have lost 11 games with only two-thirds of the season gone.. someone who thinks arteta is the right man for the job please explain this to me..

  73. Dissenter

    Aubameyang is on of the worst Arsenal captains in a while
    Seeing your captain knocked on his bum over and over again by a light wight like John Stones is very disheartening.
    Jones Stones is not even a physical defender.