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Nothing drives home how average football is without fans quite like the Champions League stadiums being empty. It’s so sad. The pinnacle of European football should have a backdrop of electrified lunatics.

Still, can’t say I didn’t enjoy watching Barcelona getting absolutely crushed by PSG. What a joke of a club they’ve become. All the chickens are coming home to roost at one of the most odious operations in European football. Messi is declining fast, their debt is racking up, and they thought they’d refresh the coaching vision with Ronald Koeman. They truly are getting what they deserve at the moment.

The real feast will be on Thursday night though, you all know that, it’s where the proper ball is played my friends.

There’s an interesting piece on SkySports about fan abuse. The story says that a data science company has been tracking abuse of players like Xhaka and Bellerin. The Swiss international was targetted with racist abuse online by self-identified season ticket holders. Apparently, their tool is able to match online profiles to actual season tickets. Creepy… but, not as creepy as racially abusing Arsenal players with a hidden identity.

I really, really, hope Arsenal find them and take their season tickets. I hope the fans in question complain online so we all see who they are. You just know it’ll be the sanctimonious types that’ll look for support off the back of a woke agenda.

It’s about time there were some real-world consequences for people that take grim digital actions that have real-world consequences for the people they are abusing.

Hopefully, Twitter will move to a subscription model in the near future which will bin a huge tranche of scumbags. No one is signing up for a fake account to pay $5 a month. I’m not sure what Mark Zuckerberg is going to do, the guy let’s genocide, covid conspiracies and Q pass through his platform, not sure he’s too fussed about rich footballers and a bit of racism, but we’ll see. It feels like there’s a reckoning coming across the board and it is long, long overdue.

Some good news from Mark Irwin, he reckons the cost-cutting will pick up pace again in the summer. LT and Guendouzi will be moved on, and likely, David Luiz. When a paper as unreliable as the Independent has a story, always remember, it might be an agent planting the story for nefarious reasons.

The same writer also claims we’ll do a deal for Ceballos this summer, a move I’m not sure about. £25m is a lot for a player who can barely string three good games together. He’s young, sure, but I’d like to see a bit more from him before we start splashing money on someone that looks unsuited to the league at the moment.

There’s a story doing the rounds about Auba having a tattoo in breach of covid rules. I couldn’t be less interested if I’m honest. Players are having haircuts every other day, I’m sure it’s absolutely fine.

KT is back in training. There’s a video of him doing great things. I’d love him to play on Thursday, but I’d prefer we do all we can to have him fresh for the Prem games. We have quite a few young players on big minutes, it might be wise to keep them in good shape, but we’ll see.

I kid you not, I cut myself again with a knife so have to stop this short. My gf literally buying me knife gloves because of the frequency of injuries. What. A. Doughnut. Special gloves? That’s like being given armbands at 30.

See you tomorrow my darlings x

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  1. G

    remember in 1981, last game of the season, we beat Aston Villa 2-0 (I think they won the title that year), there was 58K + in the ground, we finished 3rd that year, packed to the gunnels !
    Was at that game.. with villa having the whole of the clock end was probably best atmosphere I experienced at Highbury
    Pele I remember did a lap of honour.. funny I posted about this game last week
    Brian McDermott I believe scoring

  2. Anonymous Commentator

    Chambers is a CB guys, he isn’t quick enough for RB.
    He can do a defensive job at RB and likely be tidy in attack if he finds himself up there, but you aren’t going to want him in the attacking third cause his recovery pace isn’t there.

    By my estimation chambers is a better CB than Holding but he’s about as likely to stay fit as most fans on lockdown, not at all, he always gets injured.
    We should honestly cash in on him if possible and look for something young and fresh, otherwise keep him as emergency backup.

  3. AFC Forever


    I remember that game because we thought beating them would end their title dreams but Ipswich threw it away. Just googled the teams:

    Arsenal: P Jennings, J Hollins, K Sansom, B Talbot (S Nelson), D O’Leary, W Young, B McDermott, A Sunderland, F Stapleton, P Nicholas, P Davis.

    Aston Villa: J Rimmer, K Swain, C Gibson, A Evans, K McNaught, D Mortimer, D Bremner, G Shaw, P Withe, G Cowans, T Morley. Unused substitute: G Williams.

    That was a good Villa team, Morley, Shaw and Cowans were great players.

  4. AFC Forever

    Do you remember the chant: “We’ve got the biggest Willie in the land”, well he scored in that game. You were right, Terry Mac did too.

  5. AFC Forever

    Calum Chambers was talking about the serious cruciate injury he suffered against Chelsea when he was playing really well:

    “I spent two and a half months at home, with the lockdown, So that in itself was an experience, going through an important phase of my rehab at that time, my strength phase and doing all that from home and being on FaceTime with the physios every other day. So it’s been a journey, one I’ve learnt from and come out stronger from for sure.”

    Chambers’ rupturing his knee ligaments couldn’t have come at a worse moment. Mikel Arteta had just been appointed Arsenal’s head coach and Chambers was making a good impression. He suited Artetas style of play, with defenders bringing the ball out from the back to start attacks because Chambers is comfortable on the ball and happy playing in midfield. He had a stand out season playing as a defensive midfielder on loan with Fulham in a competitive, physical Championship. The Fulham fans voted him their player of the season by a huge margin.

    “Yes that was nice I really enjoyed my time there. There’s never a good time for an injury like this, but the timing was really bad. We all love the philosophy and the way he (Arteta) coaches and the way he wants to play. He wants ball-playing centre-halves and that’s what I see myself as. So I like to think I fit into his plans. As I said before, it’s a case of me being patient and getting back to the level I was at before. And every opportunity I get given, just give it 100 per cent and do the best I can”.

    When questioned about his lack of pace he laughs, “Yes that came from an interview Alex (Chamberlain) and I did, he was pulling my leg about covering for me. In fact, I’m one of the quickest players at the club, which is why Alex was messing with me. Not as quick as he was though!”

  6. Nelson

    I find that a lot of football players are good sportsman. They act like they are seriously injured with a little touch of the face or the leg. For someone who uses to watch north American sport, it looks childish for us.

  7. Winthorpe


    Yeah totally agree regarding chambers
    Another who’s dependable when given a run to fund his feet. I’d take him all day over luiz. I’m not convinced by Gabriel either. Mustafi and Vermaelen started off a lot better than he did and look how it went for them. He may come good but for me holding, Mari or chambers should be first in line next season unless Saliba and or Gabriel make themselves undroppable.

  8. Vickingz

    Suffice to say we now stand no chance against city on Sunday. Is there any reason why laca is being frozen out? Pepe, martinelli???

  9. Vickingz

    We can’t play the same 11 players again on Sunday and expect a performance against city, fatigue in itself is gonna handcuff our players

  10. Words+on+a+Blog

    This is how footballers play after taking a few strong sleeping pills.

    The “safety first” football of December is back.

    It’s gonna kill us, and if it continues,
    It’s gonna cost Arteta his job.