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Oh my, I am like, so unbearable to the Jose Mourinho cult right now. For MONTHS I’ve had people digging up my Jose slander and using it against me. People coming into my comments saying we should have hired him. Tweeters making fun of my commentary.

… I am the Zlatan of Jose observers. 39 years old, still landing one-year deals, because I know the Mourinho game. He is finished at the highest level. You might get a burst of something, but his style, man-management, and vision of the game is not for 2021.

So for all the hecklers… WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Jose Mourinho, TITLE WINNER, what, 2 months ago? He’s now slumming it with Arteta the novice.

As Andy Gray would say, TAKE A BOW SON, it is over.

Now, I understand Arsenal is in a mess (has been). We’ve not had a season anyone could brag about, but the job Arteta took on was far more difficult. Jose? He had it all. Money, a world-class squad, a fancy new stadium, an Amazon Doco to soften his rank image.

What are Spurs fans getting for £15m a year? The Harry Kane strategy. Not that his injury started the collapse, but come on, is that the only plan on offer? Seems to be. SAD.

Spurs crashed last night. 2 shots on target. That’s 8 shots on target in 3 games. The football is ABYSMAL. There are no green shoots anywhere to be seen.

I tweeted last year that Arsenal fans would be happier come this February… and you know what? I WAS RIGHT.

Our position in the table is a joke. We’ve had a rough year. But, we’ve also done a lot of good work. The squad has been cleansed of bums (mostly). Young players we love have been blooded. The coaching is starting to pay off with exiles. The football in the first half against Wolves was the best we’ve seen under Arteta. We have shots! We are moving in a direction that even the harshest Arteta critic would struggle to be miserable about.

Spurs? What do they have to look forward to? Jose telling a female journo her question is good but doesn’t deserve an answer? We’ve been here before. We’ve seen this film a few times. We’re about to get to the part where he calls the players bad words and finds himself sacked.


Arsenal plays Villa this weekend, if you want to hear some detailed thoughts on them, tune into my podcast with the excellent Tom McCann (@DownInAutumn) below.

The major worry is that Mat Ryan is not fit… and there’s a chance Runarsson might start. This is a nightmare. Villa are unlikely to be shy of chances. Having a liability between the sticks is a disaster waiting to happen. I’d rather see what Arthur Okonkwo has to offer than give minutes to someone so scary he’s been dropped from the Europa League squad.

Villa really is the chance to show that we have mental strength. We’ve been on a good run, we lost to Wolves because of an injustice, how are we going to deal with that? Feel sorry for ourselves? Or give a 90 that looked like the first 46 in the week?

We have some advantages going for us… Villa played a day later and lost to West Ham. David Moyes dealt really well with Jack Grealish by doubling up on him. Not sure that’s what we’ll do, but we need a solve for a Villa who are one of the dreamiest attacking sides in the league. We have been shit against them the last two games, time to find an extra gear and show we can compete with a side that looks good to finish above us.

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  1. Foxy

    Aston Villa showed the value of having physically tough fullbacks who can actually defend. Cash. brings back memories of when we had Sagna at RB.

    Also we desperately need a real centre forward with power and pace. Cant really lose anything now in giving Balogun a run of matches.

  2. Marc

    “Martinelli will want to leave soon if this shit continues of Arteta picking Willian ahead of him”


    If Arteta isn’t gone soon we’ll be watching the above players tearing up at other clubs wondering where it went wrong – well some of us have known for a while.

  3. Uwot?

    Cue le grove meltdown lol! Usual suspects,around half a dozen,queuing up ,no ,make that gagging to stick the knife into Arteta .Prob didn’t sleep last night with their fingers twitching nervously near their keyboards.Normal service resumes.oh well c’est la vie as certain Frenchman might say………………..

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    Why not ‘sack arteta’ on a change.org?

    Lets write we won’t watch the games till he is sacked. Arsenal is no magic club that it can survive without the cans’s support.

    Let’s ask the club to sack him tonight. Else, we aren’t goin to watch any games again.

  5. Mark

    Clear penalty on Laca , not given. Var checks it and is happy. 🤔🤔
    Every game now these decisions are going against us and costing us.
    Regardless of the shit subs and constant playing of Willian, Xhaka Auba and Bellerin , it’s another nail in our coffin.

  6. Time Up


    We’ll win a game and Pedro and his friends would re appear to tell us what we can’t see after Good 31 mins against Wolves lol.

    Any guess for tomorrow posts?.

  7. Leedsgunner

    I can forgive Pepe on the field as he’s been on good form but why in the name of everything good does Arteta play Willian with Nelson still at the club?

    I rather that we gave him those minutes…

  8. Terraloon


    As I pointed out earlier the PL has lost a EL place this year. Just two places team finishing 5th and FA Cup winners or 6th place. The other place with hitherto has been primarily for the CC winners will now be transferred to the new UEFAConference league.

  9. SWG

    Any opinions on the pen call re Laca/Emi? I don’t really see why that isn’t given, he’s tugged Laca to the floor and the ball was in play. I don’t really see how it’s not picked up by VAR.. other than the fact it was a foul on an Arsenal player

  10. Cheney10

    Henry19 Football expert? 😂😂😂 Your expertise amounts to sack the manager? You are indeed an expert just not in football.

  11. Marc


    You are a sheep you’ll be making excuses at the end of Feb when we’ve at best picked up 3 points out of 15 and gone out of the EL.

    You have no comprehension of cause and effect because come the summer you’ll be shocked when we have no money to spend although that’ll just give you another round of excuses for Arteta.


  12. SpanishDave

    This is the lowest we have been for 23 years!
    How can we be patient while this clown is in charge, he has had plenty of time to show his so called talent
    He hasn’t got it, what can anybody see in his selection and game management.
    He will blunder and bluff his way through the season.

  13. Useroz

    If Laca were Rashford it’d have been a pen. Thats the reference these days unfortunately

    There would be much more such BS before the season ends, whether a pen, yellow or red scenarios.

  14. Dolomite


    Matt Ryan is Premier League quality

    Pepe is tracking back and defending, also staying on his feet.

    Odegaard is worth his loan signing

    Xhaka can hold a midfield together late into the game. Anyone who says he had a shit game doesn’t know anything about football.

    ESR and Saka combos and understanding still work for our attack.



    ARTETA. (For persisting with him)

  15. Nelson

    Every EPL manager will analyse his opponent and come up with a game plan. Villa knew that Saka is our danger man and they targeted him right at the start. It killed Arteta’s game plan and he had no plan B.

  16. Time Up

    Please let’s not start this conspiracy theory again. We played like a shit team against Vila team that just allowed 6 goals.

    We played on the image of our manger, boring.

  17. Gbat

    I thought on many occasions we worked the ball into very good areas. Poor final ball really let us down.

    Defensively we were shaky. Most of Villa’s chances came from mistakes. Holding really struggled with Watkins. No way he starts next season.

  18. Crabregas

    It was a definite penalty on Laca which is another thing that seems to be going against us. However we shouldn’t be reliant on the ref giving a pen.
    Villa’s defence played well but they are all ‘ok’ players and we would have created more goal scoring opportunities

  19. Marc

    When was the last time anyone saw a keeper give away a pen during a set piece due to pushing / pulling?

    It just doesn’t happen.

    Keep clutching at those straws Arteta sheep.

  20. Pierre

    Double bogey on the opening hole !!!

    From a tactical point of view, the substitutions were baffling.

    It is naive to think you can just keep bringing on attacking players and it will all fall into place.
    Once a team loses it’s shape … it becomes schoolboy football and is then moving into the headless chicken category..

  21. Terraloon


    There’s a very obscure clause in the laws that offers a keeper extra protection at a corner.

    In effect it all depends where Lacazette was when the corner was taken.

    Here’s the law

    if a player stands in front of the goalkeeper on a corner kick, and then moves to prevent the goalkeeper getting around them, this should be called as impeding.

    Far from sure where Lacazettes starting position was, would need to see to again but my initial take on it was a penalty

  22. Nelson


    You forget Auba and Cedric. Auba was completely useless. Cedric played the wrong side. I’ll give him that.

  23. Dolomite

    Aubameyang was VERY poor

    Looks disinterested and simply going through the motions.

    Bellerin is fast becoming a liability

  24. Marc


    Mate at least you’ve got the good news that they’re talking about opening up outside activities soon so you can get back on the golf course.

  25. Time Up


    “Two positives.
    1. Matt Ryan
    2. Zero foul throws”

    3- we finished 90 min with 11
    4- we didn’t let them score 3 this time.

  26. Crabregas

    It should still have been given as a penalty regardless of what you say Marc. Everyone in the studio agreed.

    Like I said, we should have been doing more to create opportunities…it doesn’t make me or other an Arteta sheep.

  27. MuddyGooner

    We’ve already lost 10 games out of 23 this season.
    May have been a combination of defensive errors that cost us a goal but we lost because we were toothless in front of goal.

    Arteta’s football is too predictable and lacks real sauce. Not interested in the stats regarding possession, as it means nothing to a game we lost.

    This is just not good enough from Arteta and he needs to come up with the answers quickly because the league table does not lie.

  28. Jamie

    Villa only had an xG of 1.20 today.

    Last time we played them, they had an xG of 1.99.

    If you can’t see that as progress, I can’t help you.

  29. Northbanker

    Bringing on Willian for Partey was sheer negligence on Arteta’s part. Bad enough that is was the wrong position to cover (meant Odegaard had to play deeper so pointless) but the guy slows the game down.

    We really need to rip up the contracts of Willian and Aubameyang – both are in major breach and a waste of space. If Auba cannot play CF then he is of no use to us because he is not a LW

  30. Dolomite

    Nelson, Cedric should know better than to start a game switched off, the first few minutes of any game rely on accurate and safe passes. No 50/50 balls if in doubt, clear your lines.

    It’s better to give up possession than to lose momentum.

    I don’t get the Aubameyang problem, extremely poor from a captain

  31. Terraloon

    Time up

    Funny you say that about foul throws because I was watching for them and by my understanding there were several particulary on the left it’s just that they weren’t called

  32. Time Up

    At least we’ll have a little break from Arteta’s fan club for few days.

    And, good Pierre switching now against lol.

  33. Marc


    Of course we should be doing more and better – we’ve got some real talent in the squad, a squad that’s better than the squad Emery had when he finished 2 points off 3rd.

  34. Time Up


    I’ve seen Cash doing foul throw today.

    I’ve seen far Luke Shaw at united too with the ref turning blind eye.

  35. Dolomite

    Marc that’s very true

    I don’t think Arteta is using this squad to its full potential due to his shoehorning of Willian and Luiz into the 1st team

  36. Time Up

    To spoil you weekend completely……

    This weekend we have the Pass Garage Classico…

    Spud VS WBA

    Borinho VS Fat Sam

    You welcome.

  37. Upstate Gooner

    Where’s AFC Forever, Winthorpe, Pedro? Where is everyone? Where is that “MAJORITY OF FANS” who still stand behind Arteta? What a fucking joke. But yes, let’s keep laughing at Spurs.

  38. Foxy

    I reckon Villa players do some toughening up sessions down there local RFC club as Grealish, Cash, Mings etc make our players look like lightweights. I think Grealish would enjoy himself at scrum half and Mings at no 8.

  39. Crabregas

    2 points off 3rd makes it sound better than 5th…I see what you did there.

    Emery should never have finished out of the CL spots and the EL final was embarrassing. He should have been sacked then for missing the clubs targets.

    The club made a decision that we have targets for the season, but it appears the bigger picture (with Arteta) is greater than the league position. Right or wrong

  40. azed

    Arsenal hadn’t lost against Villa at Villa Park since 1998 prior to last season – they’ve now lost two in a row.

    Arteta breaking all the wrong records

  41. David Smith

    Poor today, terrible start did not help.
    Also, a blatant penalty on Laca by. Martinez and a red card offence on Saka, nobody will convince me these referees would have been so lenient had our players committed either of those fouls. Constant fouling on our players, especially Saka not called, must be difficult to play in such an environment.
    Even Rio Ferdinand is getting suspicious of the decisions this team are consistently getting

  42. Marc

    Southampton who have lost their last 4 PL matches are 1 point behind us with a game in hand.

    And I can’t see the turn around in Arsenal!

  43. Winthorpe

    We can blame Willian til the cows come home but I think it’s clear now, and I’m not alone here, that Aubameyang offers nothing outside of the 6 yard tap in when the pressure is off
    His numbers were always a facade

    Now we have him and Willian coming in to chase the game ? Unreal

  44. into the red

    Arteta is beginning to remind me of Lampard. Squad of mixed seniors and young guns, who play with flashes of promise, looking good some games, then slumping back to disorganised and ineffectual. It makes it hard to gauge whether we are going forwards or backwards, so you end up in the middle, doing neither, but perpetually hoping it will click some day and stay that way. But it never seems to.
    In addition, they both seem to struggle to get the best out of a squad which has some very decent players in it. There is a lack of a clear and discernible tactical plan, it shifts around without ever settling on one which makes the best of the available talent. Both seem loyal to players no-one else rates, while ignoring others.
    The rest of the season might give us a clearer picture, but you get the feeling that it will stay this way of mixed results without any clear sense of direction.
    Mind you, Martinez had a good game.

  45. Vickingz

    🔴 Arsenal lost 10+ games in a season twice from 1995 to 2017.


    2017-18: 13 losses
    2018-19: 10 losses
    2019-20: 10 losses
    2020-21: 10 losses

    😳 The loss to Villa is already their 10th loss this season and the season is still loaded with games that are certainly gonna lose. Is martinelli going the way of ozil, guen, amn???

  46. Dolomite

    Problem about the decisions is that we will always have those that go against us, however if we make the RIGHT one’s ourselves then the referees can have minimal effects on our results

    – creating and finishing chances

    – concentrating for 90 minutes not switching off at crucial points

    – defending properly ( Bellerin looking at you)

    – selecting players in form not by reputation or managers bias

  47. SpanishDave

    I have finished my treatment and the results are good.
    Having COVID jab tomorrow, just need to get out more.
    Tough being an Arsenal fan with this fool in charge, shame there are no fans to give him what for.

  48. Useroz

    Martinez didn’t do any more or less today…..it’s just his usual level of performance . Just that Arteta didn’t think much of it at the time, and insisted on his non negotiable.

  49. Leftside

    We could realistically lose at least 15-16 games this season. We’re definitely losing our next two.

    But, but, truss the process. Top 10-12 finish is no mean feat!!

  50. Marc

    “How many teams have done the Double over us in the last 15 months”

    You’d be better asking that in 3 odd months because I guarantee you’ll be adding some names.

    When was the last time the Spud’s did the double over us in a season?

  51. Goldinho

    Thought we were good in the second half
    Villa are snidey cunts,constant fowling,diving and play acting.
    Moving Pepe to the left to bring on that useless cunt Willian was a poor decision

  52. Marc


    Our next 2 PL matches are Leeds and City, we’ve got Leicester after that so if you think Leeds will beat us it’s going to be 3 losses.

  53. Dolomite

    Batitusta that’s something our players don’t do apart from Saka and ESR

    Everyone else loses the ball cheaply

  54. Leftside


    I think Leeds is the most attainable but I can see us drawing that and then being put to bed by City and Leicester.

    Its the senior players causing us woe. Imagine that.

  55. Marc


    But I thought we’d got rid of all the trouble makers?

    Or was that just another in an incredibly long list of bullshit excuses.

  56. Marc

    How long before Pedro starts a war on Edu?

    He can’t blame the players as it’s Arteta who keeps picking them so it’s got to be Edu’s fault followed by the Kroenke’s in the summer for not giving him enough money after failing to qualify for Europe.

  57. salparadisenyc

    Weak sauce to concede that early in an overall very weak first 45, pretty on brand as we’ve proved such a better 2nd half team recently.

    Unlucky of Partey go down with side really starting to purr, real downer to see Arteta sub Willian on instead of Martinelli considering circumstance and who was already on the pitch. Really killed the momentum along with not having ball winner in mid.

    Bonuses today Ødegaard was very good, barring that strike on goal but that happens to everyone.
    Ryan looks a solid number 2.

    This season really blows, find solid momentum, then all thats transpired this week.

  58. Leftside


    Trouble makers according to whom? I think its more applicable to say that we’re being managed by a manager on work experience at our expense.

    Constantly making incorrect decisions that make no sense.

  59. HerbsArmy

    What crime have Arsenal fans committed to be punished with constant unending misery?
    It is a strange world when really ordinary people like Arteta are rewarded for failure, and are allowed to celebrate small insignificant victories like they’ve suddenly changed the world.
    Pathetic cowards exploiting Arsenal fans to the fullest, counting their financial rewards while the fans rage and wonder where their club has gone
    What a horrible, disturbing mess this once great club is in.

  60. Wingdings

    andy1886February 6, 2021 15:28:47
    Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta told BBC Sport: “I’m extremely disappointed to lose and the way we lost it. We were the better team.


    Lol Aston Villa could’ve easily scored three more.

  61. Batistuta


    Each time I watch him, he always looks to take on a player, doesn’t always work but he’s so so direct.

    We tend to recruit small and not so strong players who always want to pass back

  62. into the red

    When you’ve lost, claiming you were the better team is a stupid, vain and obviously false statement. He’s got form on that, as in the Spurs debacle. Better teams win the game. A draw was feasible, but we couldn’t even manage that.

  63. Globalgunner

    “We were the better team”. Is the standard excuse for a failing incompetent. Wenger used to say it all the time. Absolutely baseless statement after s poor loss. It’s like me claiming my girlfriend is sexier than Scarlett Johansson.

  64. Crabregas

    I love Saint-Maxiums acceleration and when he rides the challenge he keeps his speed to attack the next defender. Would be good to see him progress to a better team in time

  65. Dolomite

    And it seems to hamper our game by making us very predictable Batistuta

    Pass pass pass against teams already in good defensive shape …

  66. Time Up

    We’re just waiting for Burnley, Leicester, ManC and Liverpool to do the double over us and Arteta the Generational Coach would have broken every record in our great history.

    To think we were going crazy at Emery negative results and league position lol.

  67. Batistuta


    Its all sideways with Xhaka chief instigator from midfield. Bellerin hardly wants to get to the byline so has to pass back. So many back and sideways passes it’s so hard to watch most of the time

  68. Sly

    Player selection and in game management has been a huge failing for diet Pep
    For everything he does right there are 3 or more rookie mistakes that follow

  69. Marc

    West Ham beat Fulham tonight and they’ll be 10 points in front of us.

    Will someone please tell me why I should be patient with this shit and not get angry?

  70. Kroenkephobe

    This isn’t one of those gift of hindsight comments, rather a reflection of today’s game and the season.

    For any team with loftier aspirations than Villa, conceding that early and that stupidly against them is an evident no no. Villa sat deep, wasted time and mugged a poor referee who was all too happy to indulge them. Villa and Wolves doubling Arsenal after being shit for fucking decades – what have we become?

    The man boys in our team who are on big money are there because they’re meant to have an ability to change games. But none of them seems able to so this season. So unless there is rapid and sustained improvement, then Laca, Auba, Pepe, William, Xhaka and Luiz should be punted out to anyone who’ll have them. GIVE BALOGUN A FUCKING CHANCE! Its a results business and when they continually fail to deliver it’s time to offload. If Captain Black and Edu cannot see this and make the clear out happen, then they’re not up to snuff.

    Thank fuck I no longer live in North London. I feel embarrassed enough caring about the result from over 260 miles away. The club is a fucking laughing stock, run and owned by a shower of nouveau riche wankers. I wish they’d all just fuck off and put this awful season in a tip.

  71. salparadisenyc

    Arteta baffles at times, almost like he was so impressed w/ Willian in their playing days its carried over and shaded his decisions in management. Pretty clear he’s a shadow of the player Arteta faced in his last couple seasons.

    Excellent to take Soares off for Ødegaard and shift Saka to left back chasing a goal, really had positive effect. Then Partey goes down hugely unlucky, but another opportunity to go more attacking to find the equaliser and we get Willian in neutral while the games in overdrive.

  72. MD-Gunner

    As posted in this thread already:
    Le-Grove in total meltdown

    Posted yesterday:
    What if the Nov/Dec results are the norm and the 7 game streak is the blip not the other way around. Sounds about right.

    Today’s game Arsenal’s shot accuracy 21.4%. Yep. Interesting to see how those that were sent away do in their new clubs.they must be glad to have escaped this shit show.

    Only positive thing Six Nations starts today and a few other Rugby competitions to come that fill in nicely in the time slots normally reserved for watching Arsenal. The footy app will do for that.

  73. HerbsArmy

    Unless there is change on a biblical scale at Arsenal, they are dead as a competitive top club.
    I thought they had waved the white flag when they appointed Terry Neill, but that pales into insignificance when you look at this level of incompetence.
    Auba and Laca for over £100m, Ollie Watkins (Arsenal fan) £15m.
    Arsenal are light years away and the gap between them and the elite is widening.
    The only salvation will be if somehow the Kroenke’s can be forced to sell to someone who actually cares about the club.

  74. MD-Gunner

    Whenever Arsenal looses by 1 goal the fans scream it is the refs fault. Grow up Refs make mistakes and a generational manager includes that in his game strategy.

    Arsenal could have had Ancelotti, he looks pretty good now doesn’t he? No, but the executive numbnuts went with an unproven coach. So buckle up for a few years before this gets sorted. In the meantime go find another club or sport to support, this club will just hurt and pain you to no end because everyone can see the shortcomings except the powers to be.

  75. MD-Gunner

    Provisional 2021 F1 calendar
    21 March – Australia (Melbourne)

    10 minutes to go before England vs. Scotland for the Calcutta Cup streaming on Peacock.

  76. Swkmoon

    Better teams don’t always win football games. That’s not new news is it? I thought that’s what made the game special.

  77. MD-Gunner

    Mikel Arteta’s side fell behind after just 74 seconds at Villa Park and were unable to muster a convincing response. There is a positive though Arsenal lost to Villa in November 3-0 this time only 1-0. Baby steps. Villa took the lead with their earliest Premier League goal since 2014, aided by some woeful defending from the Gunners. OK, so some more baby steps needed.

  78. Winthorpe

    WengerEagleFebruary 6, 2021 15:57:28
    We need to sack Arteta.Reality is that we are headed for a midtable finish. 5th for Emery almost looks like an achievement now when you weigh it up.

    Wenger eagle

    As does Wenger’s last 10 years

  79. Jim+furnell

    I’ve said it before, you’ve all said it before, my cat can clearly see it. WILLIAN SHOULD NEVER PUT THE SHIRT ON AGAIN HE IS A PIECE OF SHITE, REISS, DANI, BALOGUN, AZEEZ, FFS BIN WILLIAN PLEASE!

  80. Leedsgunner

    If the manager’s name was anything but Arteta Pedro would be calling for him to go.

    He did actually in December, then when the form picked up, he desperately back pedalled, no doubt he’ll be calling for him to go again.

    He can’t make his mind up.

    Pedro to be fair has consistently picked the wrong horse.

    He was hoodwinked by Gazidas, Sanhllei and Arteta… oh well.

    At the very very minimum Europe has to be achieved or its Arteta adios for me.

    No if ands or buts.

  81. Winthorpe

    SwkmoonFebruary 6, 2021 16:32:14
    Better teams don’t always win football games. That’s not new news is it? I thought that’s what made the game special.

    Chelsea won domestic and European trophies being the worst team for a decade

  82. Winthorpe

    Pedro loves a suit. I’d almost say he’s more interested in the machinations of a football club than the football itself. The board room structure rather than the actual coaching of play.

  83. FACupofTea

    Wenger may be shite and I’d never wish to have him back but you bet your bottom dollar we’d be no lower than 5th. Bottom line, Arteta was a major downgrade.

  84. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Isnt it funny the idiots here at Legroan longing for a CL spot .The entitled brats mocked Wenger for 20 consecutive entries. LOOOL.