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Waking up to a new keeper signing was the fuel I needed to get me through the day.

Matt Ryan joins us on loan from Brighton for the remainder of the season. The Aussie comes with over 100 Premier League appearances worth of experience. He’s a very capable signing and he will allow us to all breath a sigh of relief when we watch Bernd Leno play. Make no mistake, Runnarson would have been deadly to our season if we’d needed to have called upon him.

Some folk are pointing to poor save percentages, and sure, he’s been out of form this year, but this Brighton fansite points out that maybe covid and family separation has added to that. Overall though, he’s been a big part of keeping a very underfunded team in the league and he’ll add the strength we’ve lacked to the keeping department.

There also sounds like there are rumblings on the left-back front. Currently, Kieran Tierney is backed up by Pablo Mari or Bukayo Saka. Neither option are satisfactory. We’re apparently looking very closely at Ryan Bertrand. The experienced 31 year old is running low on his deal and could be loaned in like Cedric was last year. Not the ideal age profile, but ultimately, we’re up against it this window and as long as there isn’t a 14 year deal at the end, I’m fine with this.

The really exciting rumour? Martin Ødegaard. The NORWEGIAN youngster has gone from ‘no chance’ to ‘very good chance.’ Kike Marin about-faced on his doubts. He’s now leading the charge with Ornstein that the player is very close to making the move to London.

This would be a real coup. We’re not in the financial space to be dropping mega-money on Buendia this window. The best move was always likely to be a loan. What I love about bringing this precocious talent to the club is that it ‘seems’ like a shift in mindset from Edu and Arteta. The easier move and the sexier one might have been Isco or Eriksen. They’d give you instant impact, where Martin Ø might take some bedding in.

… but man, this makes us instantly more exciting. Last season, he played an important role at the exciting Real Sociedad project. He was 2nd to only Messi for progressive balls. I think he was also second with through balls. Third was Santi!

There are limitations to his game. Zizou doesn’t like his nice hair and the defensive lapses in his game. Let’s be real, Madrid is a long, long way from where we are as a club. The bar for making us more creative is quite low. We’ll be better for having him in the squad.

The 22 year old Norway international had a hand in 16 goals during 36 Sociedad outings – and they wanted him back. Solbakken said Arsenal would suit the Madrid playmaker and fits the Arsenal style of play.

“It (Arsenal) is a team with great traditions that have underperformed for a while now. I like Arteta, I think he is a very good manager. But he is not going to a club that is a self-propelled machine. He is going to another country, another league, a different tempo. It shows he has great belief, which makes me happy. The way Arsenal play can fit him well, a kind of football that suits him. He can also play in different midfield roles, whichever Arteta chooses, different formations. He will get assists and be a good team player.”

David Nielsen, his manager at Strømsgodset, likened him to David Silva and Lionel Messi. International teammate and Rosenborg winger Morten Gamst Pedersen dubbed Odegaard “The most talented player I have ever seen. For his age he is unbelievable – his knowledge of the game is unbelievable and his technical skills are fantastic.”

Those quotes are SEXY.

We are not hitting the top 4 this season. This sort of signing for me is all about showing the fans what the future of our football ‘could’ look like. What we’ve badly lacked is quality in the final third, we’ll land that with Martin. Imagine him feeding the runs of ESR, Martinelli, Auba, and Saka.

Finally… Matteo Guendouzi having a bust-up coming out for the second half with one of his teammates? COLOUR ME SHOCKED. He might be talented, but he is Mario Balotelli levels of ‘loose cannon’ and he likely always will be.

See you in the comments.

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  1. JP

    Agree 100% AFC Forever

    The players not playing in the league need to get game time and we can’t afford to drop more points in the league.

    People talking like the league is a write off when we are only at the half point stage and have a huge 2 weeks against top half teams coming up plus Europa League.

  2. AFC Forever

    AFC Forever,

    “Spot on Sir ! It’s called confirmation Bias !”

    Yep. I hate losing and being out of the FA Cup is sad. But we really can’t complain as no other team has been so successful, not just in history but recently. However, as Matt said yesterday, Arsenal needs to now start aiming higher and that means the league. A club the size of ours, should be prioritising the league. Over the last 6 weeks or so, results have gone our way and we now are just 7 points away. We’ve been away to some tough places so the back end of the season is going to be kinder. Lots of strange results this season so who knows. Reality is there are two ways for us to get into the Champions League. The FA Cup isn’t one of them. Got to go for it.

  3. Pierre

    “This Arsenal team without ESR, Tierney and Saka is really toothless”

    Too pedestrian without those 3.

    I do feel we were set up to fail today , it was a mish mash of a side he put out.
    Gabriel looked off the pace
    Cedric looked like a fish out of water on the left .
    Xhaka’s heart wasn’t in it.
    Pepe and willian’s confidence is shot to pieces.
    Eddie tried to make things happen but snatched at his chances.
    Martinelli wide left receiving the ball on the half way line will give you nothing, his best football is always in the final third..
    The midfield was slow and never showed for the ball , leadingbto loss of possession.

    Valentin got it right in his earlier comment about the way we were set up.

  4. Bergkamp63

    AFC F,

    That’s was my though also, get MO in and we might have a squeak at the EL, failing that, 5th or 6th well within reach and 4th a very long shot admittedly but you just don’t know for sure.

  5. Nelson

    I agree that we have to rotate our main players in our A team; Tierney, ESR, Auba, Laca and Saka. Partey hasn’t play much recently. It is OK for him to get some minutes. My main problem is that there is no suitable CAM in our B team. The formation became a mess. Our midfield, Elneny and Xhaka were outclassed. Arteta has to train the B team to play the same formation as the A team.

  6. AFC Forever


    Thanks mate.

    Next games: Soton, Man Utd, Wolves, Villa, Leeds then away to Benfica and then Man City.

    Arteta will have been concerned about playing the first choice tonight and again Tuesday because he also has to play them against Man Utd. He had no choice today, if he wanted to go for league points.

  7. Tom

    My point was I watched that game and it was one of those where as a coach you just go into a team meeting afterwards and say no point in analyzing the tape, we move on.

    The Liverpool loss to Villa is in the same category in that, it was a freak result based on ridiculous amounts of deflections going in that you’ll never see in one football game again, even if you watched five different leagues around the clock.

    True, Hasenhuttle could’ve been out on his ass after the run of games you mentioned but there was nothing significant about the 9 zero loss to Leicester from any stand point other than the score line.
    The effort was still there and you couldn’t say at any point that the players stopped playing for him.
    A total freak result a club on a limited budget should never make coaching decisions after.

  8. GoonerDave

    Did we really sign Willian to a 3 year deal? Or was it 2 years plus an option for a 3rd year? It looks like the biggest transfer failure of the Summer. Even in his pomp, he was never anything more than a good player; hardly top quality. He’s really struggling to keep up with the play.. If he doesn’t improve dramatically, we have pissed away 20 – 30 million in wages. He moves like an old man on the pitch.
    Very frustrating to exit the cup with such a whimper – Southampton were almost as rubbish as us today.

  9. Raulishuss

    Now that we lost val is in full flow tactical genius mode. He’ll never be around to cheer on a victory but what do I know

  10. TR7


    Yes we absolutely need a creative force. ESR will have his off days and anyway we need someone else who can combine well with ESR. Saka focuses more on running with the ball and put good crosses in which means ESR is many a times on his own to create something. Need someone who can play in central midfield and yet be a creative force. Hopefully Odegaard fits the bill.

  11. AFC Forever


    “5th or 6th well within reach and 4th a very long shot admittedly but you just don’t know for sure.”

    Agree. Look, the reality is 4th is a real stretch, we all know that. But football isn’t so easy to predict as some people like to pretend it is. Burnley at Liverpool, West Brom drawing with Liverpool & Man City. Go on a run and you just never know. Only an absolute moron wouldn’t give it a go and that’s why today’s game had to be compromised with Southampton and Man Utd in the PL over the next 7 days. 3 points could be the difference.

  12. Lacaqualidie

    I’ve never seen a less effective player than Pepe. How he was worth £70m is anyone’s idea. It’s one thing being left with deadwood to sell, it’s another thing to buy deadwood.

    Oh hang on there’s Willan as well.

    We have got to off-load these players. I’d rather see younger ones play because at least they will try.

  13. AFC Forever


    A player like Tomas Rosicky 7 wouldn’t be half bad….!! Or another Santi.

    You and Sal are right, creativity is much needed. Odegaard and ESR will both be needed. over the run-in. When we play the lower teams, they will play low block which we struggled against prior to ESR coming into the side.

  14. Bergkamp63

    If you think about the players that seem to have made a difference lately,

    ESR coming in
    Martinelli coming back
    Partey hardly playing since arrival
    Gabriel out recently (unlucky today)

    That’s a decent chunk of outfield players missing for the first half of the season.

    Get MO in and that’s half a team difference.

  15. TR7


    Yeah I was kind of expecting Gabriel to be off his game, he will have to play a few games before he finds his rhythm back. Pepe is just not good enough, been saying it for ages that it is not about confidence or getting used to a new league. Any player who doesn’t have poise and balance can’t excel, so I don’t even buy the argument that he has talent. As for Martinelli, unfortunately he had no other option but to take Auba’s position on the left side. Agree with you on the need to play him as a striker.

  16. Goldinho

    I think we were unlucky
    We battered them in the second half
    I think we’ll do them on Tuesday
    As others have said on here,we need to be aiming higher than the fa cup,it has become devalued over recent years,the champions league is where it’s at

  17. MD-Gunner

    Here we are no European Football except if Arsenal wins the Europa League cup. AFC with this shitty squad is stuck in mid-table, Oh the pain, glad I didn’t get up at 7:15 to watch this early in the morning. Sleep much more rewarding than this game.

  18. AFC Forever


    I said that the other day. We have a better team for the run-in then we had for the first 19 games. We also have got rid of some players who might not have been good to have around.

    Those of us who wanted a number 10 to link play and stop the sideways movement were rewarded by the performances of ESR. Saka is growing in confidence, Martinelli is back after injury and Partey is hopefully back fit too. Defence looks so much better now, and the first 19 games we didn’t have Aubamayang the goalscorer – so that’s another big plus, hopefully. And this week we’ve added Odegaard too.

  19. G8

    I didn’t mind Arteta’s starting line-up
    He had to rotate the squad
    But when you’re chasing the game you don’t bring your best creator and play him as a full back, that was very dumb move
    He also kept the very poor Nketiah on as a striker and played Laca as no 10 yet again
    after all those home defeats with same tactics Arteta never learned anything
    Subs could and should have been better

    We only managed a draw vs Southampton at home, so I don’t see why people are optimistic with our chances against them on Tuesday !
    The best we can do is another draw
    Hope I am wrong though

  20. jwl

    Completely missed match, glad i did now but not delighted to get texts from my two Saints mates, edu might be making sexy moves but it looks we didnt do anything sexy today.

  21. salparadisenyc

    I’d like to see this if it comes together to open the gate.


    Solid options on bench in Lacazette, Holding, Mo, Xhaka, Soares and maybe Balogun if we can pull our heads out of ass.

  22. Leftside

    Arteta has to make Europe or bust, this team shouldn’t be hovering in midtable. Despite what posters say, we have the talent to be doing far better than we are.

  23. AFC Forever

    Goldinho, yes it’s time we started to aim for the Champions League. It will help us attract even better players and of course the finances needed to afford them. Be a push but this season is probably the craziest for a while result wise. We are where we are. Arteta winning the FA Cup last season was a massive over achievement and bonus but we haven’t got the squad to satisfy the fan who thinks we should be winning everything. Just not realistic, so something has to be a priority with our current squad.

  24. salparadisenyc


    For CBs play whose in form we’ve a decent pool to choose from, I may be in the minority on this site who still rate Bellerin for going forward. Offers more for me.

  25. Radio Raheem


    Good 11 but Laca starts upfront for me and toss up between Auba/Martinelli. I lean towards Martinelli starting over Auba.

  26. TR7

    I think top 6 is attainable but really unlikely we sneak in to top 4. We still have issues in our side. Out of Partey, ESR, Saka and Tierney if there’s even one player unavailable quality of our game drops significantly.

  27. Bergkamp63


    I have to confess I haven’t rated Bellerin for many years, prior to his injury in fact, our forward play breaks down too often with him, he is easily turned around and ends up passing backwards too much, his final ball is rarely on the mark but that’s just my personal opinion.

  28. China1

    The FA cup was our best chance of getting back in the EL

    We are right to give top priority to the league but if arteta thinks the FA cup was expendable then he’s a fool.

    If we finish outside the EL places (highly likely) and don’t win the EL (highly likely) then we’ve achieved nothing this season except surrender the one trophy that well and truly belongs to us

  29. salparadisenyc


    Could be the way, Martinelli’s looked savage out on the left with Laca in middle, but I wanna see Auba with proper service.

    But agree he’s looked a passenger for major stretches Mr Aubamayang.

  30. Victorious

    Lol you just have to know we lose today as Red is having a field day and obviously can’t contain his excitement …Didn’t have much to say when we won last week the troll.

  31. Victorious

    The FA cup was our best chance of getting back in the EL”

    No it wasn’t, we’ve had some really tough draw this season and was bound to meet another EPL team in Wolves if we’d gotten past Soton

    We’re 5points off Europa place in the league and have already played all top6 sides away

    We’ve got a better chance of making it through the league this season

  32. AFC Forever


    “achieved nothing this season except surrender the one trophy that well and truly belongs to us”

    Hindsight means nothing. Currently the coaching staff will have to make a choice of priorities, they don’t have a crystal ball.

    No guarantee you win those other FA Cup games. Wolves next, then the big boys come in. Do you stretch this thin squad, quality-wise, and go for all three things; FA Cup, Europa and 4th/6th and risk winning none because of over playing or lack of recovery time? I love the FA Cup but we’ve won our fair share including last season and there is a chance of climbing the league. We simply do not have the squad to go for all three as today proved.

  33. Victorious

    Completely expect us to put away Soton next week, I think many are underestimating how poor the likes of Pepe,Willian, Elneny and Nikita are when dropped in the same team!

    The first team would’ve swept them aside today, no problem.. They just had one chance which was the error to their goal.

  34. AFC Forever

    Am I on the wrong blog?

    Apart from the troll Henry19, some really sensible comments today. This is proper, constructive football discussions, whether we agree or not.

    …and I love Sals team, just a few tweeks.

  35. Valentin


    You seem to spend more time commenting on other people posts than the games itself or Arsenal.
    Do you actually support Arsenal and watch games?

  36. MD-Gunner

    We have a few here with wishful thinking and are blind to reality. Hasenhüttle did a fantastic job with Southampton unlike Arteta with Arsenal. The comparison of the cost of the two squads is a telltale. While Arsenal has some talent they have no one to get the best out of this talent and no one with a long term strategy except reduce the money expenditure.

    At present Arsenal supporters are hurting and the shitty executives and managers don’t deserve their love and support.

  37. AFC Forever


    I agree. As I said before, we just don’t have the squad to rotate and compete in three competitions.

    Willian is a shadow of the player he was at Chelsea, not even Championship level for us. Pepe has zero confidence and has regressed.

    Expecting us to manage EL and FA Cup while attacking the league would be difficult with a great squad but impossible with these fringe players underperforming every time they play.

  38. Victorious

    Me too, I will be disappointed even if we draw on Tuesday.”

    Look I’m telling you now absolutely no chance our first team lose or draw against this Soton side I watched today

    Even with the shower if shit on display today we could haves snatched a draw, denied a point blank Pen which would have been 100% given if VAR was available

  39. Bergkamp63

    Nice chatting to normal people for a change on here today,

    Off to make dinner now,

    Have a good one, will catch u tomorrow/Monday or Tuesday no doubt !

  40. Valentin

    The good news with this transfer window is that contrarily to what Pedro kept saying Edu is starting to deliver. Edu just concentrated on his job (Özil, Sokratis, Ryan) and did not make use of off the record briefing to enhance his reputation. The real changes behind the scene is that Arsenal is finally:

    Accepting to take a financial hits on players that need to move on instead of extending an unwanted player to “protect his value”.

    Willing to hire short term loan for specialist positions instead of only going after unreachable players and being left with nothing. Matt Ryan may not be the most glamorous player, but he is cheap, decent and plug a gap.

  41. AFC Forever

    “Denied a point-blank Pen which would have been 100% given if VAR was available”

    Looked a certain one but you never know with VAR.

    Did you watch the Juventus game? Ronaldo did what Rodri did for Man City; tried to take the ball from a defender after coming from an offside position. Given as offside. Peter Walton said that the rule is being reviewed. Nobody knows the rules now.

  42. Victorious

    Expecting us to manage EL and FA Cup while attacking the league would be difficult with a great squad but impossible with these fringe players underperforming every time they play.”

    I mean i think I’m cool with it because we won the cup last year. I desperately want this club to win the europa league or get top 4 this season. Both are possible especially with the additions

  43. Victorious

    As you said I think the rules are increasingly becoming difficult to apply these days, even with the introduction of VAR there seems to be no end to the inconsistencies and controversy of officiating

  44. Graham62

    Eddie Nketiah just hasn’t got it for me.

    My patience with Pepe has just about ended.

    Any player that smiles after cocking up( similar to Origi) has a serious problem.

  45. Kroenkephobe

    One of those games – if it had been pre or post covid- when you’d have felt like a complete mug if you’d bought a ticket and travelled down to Soton expecting a competitive game. The ref had a shocker, as did 4 or 5 of our usual suspects, but the main chump was Arteta who seriously underestimated a team that is rightly above us in the table this season. I don’t think we’re necessarily in a stronger position for Tuesday’s game than they are. Let’s see.

  46. Victorious

    I’ve been very critical of Arteta’s team selection today (rotating too much) but the referee was an absolute shambles. Everything went against us.

    I felt even when Saka and Partey came in they just didn’t want it enough..They probably see the EPL as the more serious business this season

  47. Valentin


    The problem is that Wenger had a vision but was an absolutist. If a much better player was not available, he refused to go for it, not realising that incremental improvement are as important than massive ones. Coquelin and having a defensive midfield player was pretty much imposed on him by circumstances rather than a long term strategy. He dominating the club so much and for so long than there was nobody left willing to challenge him nor take charge of things he was not interested in.

    That left a void that Raul exploited. He tried to place his beta men at key positions and unfortunately for him it spectacularly backfired.

    After Wenger, nobody at the club had a clue what the club stood for. The kind of football, the kind of players and how to recruit such player nor how to slowly integrate them into the first team.

    Hopefully, we have underestimated Edu as his latest personnel changes show sign of a coherent more realistic strategy.

  48. Graham62

    I get it with Nketiah, he isn’t given many opportunities.

    The thing is, when he do play, at least show that you’re giving it your best shot.

    He needs a kick up the backside.

  49. Zacharse

    Can someone tell me what the deal w Auba needing personal time for personal issues is? I’d not heard about this until reading thru bbc match report…

  50. Leedsgunner

    Pepe is just a convenient target because of his price tag. The real culprit that set the tone is Willian who clearly is disinterested in playing football. He’s happy to take the cheques though.

    Arteta froze out Özil on principle. Yet he gives Willian chance after chance even though he offers nothing? How is that consistent?

    He speaks of non negotiables but he ignores them when he doesn’t want to lose face.

  51. TR7

    ‘Pepe is just a convenient target because of his price tag. ‘

    Really hate these cliched comments. He is targeted because he is not good enough and is costing us games and points.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be objective for a moment. We lost today’s FA Cup by a 1-0 own goal margin.

    Had we won today we would have faced another draining away tie against Wolves in FA Cup.

    Now we can focus our efforts on EPL and the Europa Cup. Frankly those two competitions have/should be our priority this season.

    It would not surprise me that Arsenal will now offload one or two more deadwood players
    in this transfer window at least on loan.

    Mustafi was not even picked to sit on the bench today. He is going to leave in the summer so
    there is little point in keeping him in squad and frankly Runarsson should be offloaded as well. I am sure that there will be a club somewhere who are willing to pay at least half his wages.

  53. Leedsgunner

    As long as he persists with Willian Arteta will flounder and to me he will be considered as a weak hypocrite… stubborn and beholden to his favourites.

  54. Foxy

    Arteta needs to have the players practising crossing shooting and heading until they drop with fatigue. Multi million pound attacking players cannot even do the basics!!!!

  55. Nelson

    I think Eddie should adjust his game. Currently, he is not physical enough to hold up play. He should move around to drag their CB out of position. I still like the way Eddie shows up in the box and gets his scoring chances. But he has to finish his chance. He is more mobile than Laca.

  56. Markymark

    Sad when we are giving excuses for not having resources for the cup . This never ends well. One of the first splits between the fan base and Wenger was the dreadful performance up at OT when we had 10k travel up there . The Forest away loss was final nail in the coffin. Winning it and then going out like this would have been seen as a major shock or even humiliation in times past . Let’s hope this performance does not bleed into the next EPL game

  57. Pierre

    Personally, i would have liked to have seen our kids given a chance today.
    Why not play willock , nelson alongside eddie/balogun and martinelli.

    We know what willian, xhaka and pepe can (or can’t) do.

    These kids have never let the club down in cup comp, they have seen us through league cup , fa cup and Europa group stages in the last few seasons, so why not trust them in this game.

    The least they will give you is energy, pressing and intensity.. .something that was clearly missing from today’s game.

  58. Chris

    I respect all points of view over the team selection today, it has made for good reading and discussion. I’m still disappointed we are out of the cup today but you have to take the positives and ultimately see how it may benefit our league form and EL chances. I just feel there were one too many changes today, but there you go.

    Let’s go with the thought that the last time we went out in the fourth round of the cup we got to the EL final!

  59. Samesong

    Personally, i would have liked to have seen our kids given a chance today.
    Why not play willock , nelson alongside eddie/balogun and martinelli.

    Pierre why do you call 20-21 year olds kids??.

  60. Zacharse

    From bbc:

    On whether Aubameyang, missing because of personal reasons, will be available for Tuesday’s league match against Southampton: “I don’t know. He needs to address that issue, we’ll see how it evolves. We’re here and we have to support him – he needs to take the time that is needed because that is a priority at the moment.”


  61. Matt

    The team selection today showed clearly that Arteta was willing to sacrifice the cup for the league. Whether that decision will pay off or not will be answered at the end of the season. My real hope is that he has seen once and for all that certain players just aren’t up to it.

    It’s a tough call as to which player disgusts me the most between Pepe and Willian because they are both so ridiculously bad but I think Willian just about edges it. As bad as Pepe is, you feel that is the odd moment in him that can create something. Willian could play 90 minutes in every game for the teat of the season without adding any sort of goal threat whatsoever. He should be embarrassed as should everyone involved in bringing him to the club.

  62. I hate Green Bay

    Some perspective.
    Our second stream lost today away to Southampton first string 1-0, a fluke own goal. It’s not that bad. If we grabbed an equaliser in the last twenty minutes, nobody would be saying we were lucky. Today wasn’t our day, we should have had a penalty.

    People are talking as if we win today, we win the FA cup. What bollocks, we got Wolves away and then the big guns. We have far more chance of finishing sixth.

    Pepe created 5 chances today. If Eddie did anything other than stink the place up, we would be saying how well Pepe played.

    Unfortunately Eddie did stink the place up, he really needs a championship loan this window.

    William, where did we start? I was utterly against his signing, not because of how good a player he was, I had no idea as the only games I watch are Arsenal, but because of his age. There were posters on here and all over the web who thought he would contribute, so how is the fall from grace so cataclysmic? Is there something wrong in his life? It’s bewildering.

    I thought the line-up was about right, except for Runnason, which was really really odd.

  63. JJ

    Playing with Pepe is like playing 10 against 12. That is how often he gives the ball away. What an effing waste of money. If he was free we couldn’t sell him.

  64. Kroenkephobe

    Newsflash from the AFC bus on the M3 this afternoon. After pulling out from a service station, MA realised Soares and Bellerin were nowhere to be seen. He ran back into the concourse and saw them in KFC flicking chicken bones into a bargain bucket. “what are you two twats doing” said the diminutive so called football manager? They replied, “you told us to practice our fowl throws boss”. Boom boom!

  65. azed

    If Arteta wants to rotate players, playing Willock and AMN would have been the better choice.

    Those players will either make it at Arsenal or generate cash if we don’t screw up the contracts. Williams is a drain on the club and there’s no positive in playing him.

    Arteta should ease up on the sauce, it’s not good for him.

  66. Radio Raheem

    Said it last summer we’d be better off with a player like Zapata or Ekambi leading the line – proper team players.

  67. salparadisenyc

    Juve win the 2x games in hand they are right back in it, i’d love to see Atalanta take the league but likely bridge too far.

    Zapata would be an interesting option for sure Gasperini has built the unit, the egos gets left behind. (see Papu).

  68. MD-Gunner

    From this article which sums up what many others feel:

    “I don’t know what Arteta is doing,” said Paul Merson, the former Arsenal forward.

    “They’re not going to win the league. They’re not going to get into the top four, I wouldn’t have thought, unless they go on one of the best runs in the history of the Premier League. For me, the FA Cup made Arteta last time around. He came to Arsenal and had a great semi-final and a great final.

    “Honestly, I can’t believe it. This was a more important game than the midweek league game, in my opinion. They’re not getting relegated and they’re not getting in the top four. So, for me, bad decision.”

  69. Leedsgunner

    The sad truth is we do not have the depth to fight on three fronts.

    This loss hurts a lot but it reveals some honest home truths about our club… we are nowhere good enough.

    By persisting with subpar players like Willian Arteta is making his bed.

    Let him lie in it.

  70. Kris

    Watched Mavropanos play for Stuttgart…

    I think he should be 5th choice for us next year.
    Gabriel, Saliba, Holding, Mari, Mavropanos – those should be our 5 CBs next year. The perfect number for 3 or 4 competitions…

    Mavropanos has excellent passing — better than Holding — and Arteta can improve his positioning. The only big question is his decision making…

  71. Dennis+the+Menace

    Is there any chance Pedro could review Henry19’s contribution today? He’s just some ruining what is a good discussion today and it’s irritating to have to scroll through. Been doing this for a while now and it’s damaging the blog.

  72. Kris

    Guendouzi is shit defensively, but good going forward.

    He can only make it as a no.10, which probably does not suit him or a box-to-box MF that has a good DM to help him defensively. Not sure he will reach any great heights (though he’s clearly better than Willock)

  73. Leedsgunner

    Arteta had no problem freezing out Özil because he thought he wasn’t good enough. What’s stopping him doing the same to Willian?

    His pride.

    Arteta’s judgment on players is just poor. He continues to stand by players who are not good enough.

    He stumbled upon using ESR and Saka and if injuries bans and COVID had not intervened he would be sticking with his favourites trying and hoping to make it work… out of no reason but pride.

  74. salparadisenyc

    Green Bay not sure what match you watched regarding Pepe.

    Created 1 big chance from open play, lost possession 16 times won 8 of 22 duals 2 shots both off target. The real story is the will to go to ground, zero bottle or willingness to expose the areas he really should be. Happy to glide on the fringes anonymously and play the role of dead ball specialist. Ibrahima Diallo matched him for pace on two occasions winning the ball both times whilst defending. Yes you read that right.

    Willian has been a shocking acquisition but financially a fraction of Pepe’s madness at 5 years and the record fee.

    Based on today if I was Ødegaard, Id be thinking Silva and Oyarzabla or Pepe and Eddie?
    Not a hard choice, that.

  75. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I did at end of last season, because I did not think that Arsenal could cope with playing
    constantly Thursday and Sunday/Monday fixtures with the squad we had last season.

    However, since we are playing in both competitions I accept that they should be our two priorities.

    That does not mean that I am a fan of Europa Cup.

  76. G8

    This comment from AFC Facebook cracked me up lol

    “Arteta keeps on testing God, every time God shows us the perfect lineup, Arteta is like – but what about Willian – Oh lord “