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Right? Can you honestly believe for one minute that Arsenal are about the answer their creativity problem, under financial stress, with a loan move for a precocious 22 years old creative talent from Real Madrid?


Edu has probably asked Kia if Neto can play as a dynamic #10.

Kike Marin, who I have a lot of respect for, reckons the player is less inclined to leave Spain, preferring a trip back to Real Sociedad.

David Ornstein, who is back on top in the world of ITK, reckons we are very much interested in the Norwegian.

Personally, I’d be happy to see another blonde creative force at Arsenal.

I was WRONG to be tempted by Isco. Martin would make more sense. He’s an elite young talent that needs to prove Zidane wrong (lol Dani boy). Staying in Spain ain’t cutting it for me. His manager doesn’t fancy him, his loan move should be about shop-windowing himself for the summer. Joining Arsenal will give him the games he needs. Doing well with us shows he has it at the highest level.

It seems unlikely, but if this is the sort of player we’re going to start going after, then I am very excited about the future.

Papa Sokratis exited the building yesterday. He left after Arsenal terminated his deal early. Good for him. He always seemed like a true professional. There was no bitchy tweet on the way out. He just packed his bags and took a deal that was good for him.

There was a German-speaking clique at Arsenal that has been problematic for the new project. That’s not simply down to being awful humans, I think it’s partly down to pandemic-style-shit-decision-making, and the realities of humiliating senior players in public.

It’s time to move on now… but here are the lessons.

  • If you are going to de-list players from the squad, tell them early in the summer. There were rumblings that Mesut did not know he was going to be binned from the squad. If that’s true, it really isn’t cool. Blindsiding someone into a corner isn’t fair.
  • Stop signing short-cut players over the age of 27 years old. Unless they are truly elite, it is simply not sharp from a strategic perspective. We need to be in the selling game if we’re going to get back to the top.
  • Sokratis was given £90k a week. No one in Europe would have given a limited player like that a deal that big. It was stupid and it had no upside… and because he failed on that deal, he was never going to leave. Arsenal really, really, really need to get a grip on wages. Double your money offers are stupid and seem to be our special move. It needs to end.
  • Age down. We are not challenging for the title on this current strategy. The best and only way forward is to identify the best young players in world football, give them a platform, give them elite coaching, and grow them into a team that could challenge in 4 years time. I want William Saliba. I want Azeez, Balogun, Saka, Martinelli, ESR, and AMN-like players as the future of our DNA. We have our senior spine. Partey, Auba, Holding, Gabriel, and Tierney. Let’s build young muscle around them.

I will budge on the above on one signing: back-up keeper. If we sign a 33-year-old, that is fine. We just need someone decent between the sticks if something bad happens to Bernd.

Ground Zero for Mikel Arteta was Willian. Arsenal can never, ever, make a mistake that fucking embarrassing again.

Vinai needs to get real. Put in the work. Make the hard decisions. Take the long route to glory because here’s the thing… even if you miss your mark by a year or two, you’ll have a crop of young players you can cycle out the club, and you’ll always have money to pivot and tweak your plan. The sooner Arsenal accepts the truth, the faster they can get back on track. Ødegaard would be a good indicator we’ve learned a lesson and we’re moving our thinking forward. Let’s see if we do it.

Right, short post. I’m dying. See you in the comments.

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  1. AFC Forever

    Arsenal on the up.

    We have got rid of a lot of deadwood and freed up the squad.

    Arteta and Edu have bought well: Partey, Gabriel, Mari, Ryan & a loan deal for Odegaard being done. Holding’s tied himself to the club. Plus we are seeing our youngsters coming out of the academy.

    Very positive signs, which is naturally bringing out the naysayers.

    At least another signing coming in too.

  2. Pierre

    Time up
    “You starting your campaign against Odegaard in a subtle way just like you did with Martinelli because they might take minutes or “Kill” Eddie and Willock.”

    You have a very active imagination…..

  3. Time Up

    Well said Midwest in regards to AFC.

    I’m sure he’s used to blogs where they have like and dislike buttons and you’ve to be positive or lie about being positive and moan about anyone saying pointing out the negative to get a like.

  4. MidwestGun

    I think AFC has legit points.. but it gets lost in translation. Some people are glass half empty though.. always will be and then some people are The Mighty Gambon. 😀

  5. Winthorpe

    Henry19January 22, 2021 16:28:38
    Another Real Madrid reject wanting to join Arsenal
    Henry19January 22, 2021 16:30:16
    Stop deluding yourselves. Form improvement has coincided with playing against shit teams.

    Chelsea are shit? United are shit?
    We are now breaking down teams we struggled to previously
    That’s what we want to see

  6. Winthorpe

    I’m with afc

    I think we have every right to start being positive
    We’ve beat chelsea 3-1 wba 4-0 and Newcastle 3-0 recently, playing good attacking football and with our defence looking solid

    I’d just like to say that I also think we look better defensively with holding and Mari

    I’ve always liked and holding and long maintained that he could grow to be come and arsenal captain given a run of games and belief. I prefer Mari to Gabriel as he seems to take charge more, he dictates and organises and reads the game more. Whole Gabriel may be more physical and aggressive I feel that at this moment he’s not the required level to boss a premier league defence. Mari and holding seem to mitigate Leno’s weakness and I think it’s no coincidence that leno had hi best form for arsenal behind those two

  7. Words+on+a+Blog


    Gambon is a legend in his use of stats.

    I remember him saying after ESR had had just two PL starts, that Emile’s XG, XGA and key passes stats were ok JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH and that we HAD TO BUY AN ATTACKING MIDFIELDER for £50m or so.

  8. MidwestGun

    Wasn’t my intent Pierre.. But to be honest you have to have thick skin to type on Le Grove.. You should know., this. But if your going to try and police it.. well, your just asking for misery.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    Last season and this season we have looked totally crap because Ozil and Ramsey checked out at the same time. We have suffered because there are no chances to speak of. We didn’t have one silky midfielder. Now ESR has emerged to be that player. Add Odegaard to that and there is every reason to get excited. We have filled our creative void. Add Partey to that and I fully believe we can finish in European places. We have tanked the first half of the season so we won’t finish in the top 4. But we have reasons to be positive. Our defense is good and our attack has good players. Now we have 3 great midfielders. Watch us go on a serious run now.
    P.S this means there will be a loan for one or both of willock and Nelson.

  10. Captain Tierney

    Arteta wants to keep Balogun.
    Also Arteta- has 2 goalkeepers on the bench but no Balogun for FA cup match.

    I know he played yesterday but wouldn’t it make more sense to give him sone minutes in the FA cup over an U23 game.