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Hello people. Sorry for the intermittent posting. I’m on two pitches. What a start to 2021.

Talking of pitches, whoever pitched Mesut to Fener, is a genius. The German finally ended his sad Arsenal career, completing his move yesterday. The Turkish fans aren’t just welcoming a player, they’re welcoming a newly adopted child to their country. The engagement on the tweets is next level, they’ve taken him from Germany, and it’s all quite sweet. I like to see the man smiling.

Good luck to the player. There was never any valour in sitting out the best years of a career for money when you are already loaded. Sad that his agent advised him to behave like that, but here we are, the 10%er usually wins out in these moments.

So, £350k, in theory, back on the books. Reality is we already burned that money on Auba, Partey and Willian. I don’t think we’ve really opened up much in the way of manoeuvring for players.

I think it is almost certain that we’ll bid for a keeper. The hot money is going on Freddie Woodman of Swansea. The Welsh club has signed a replacement from Huddersfield potentially opening the path for us to nab the English 23-year-old. He’s such an unknown that he doesn’t have an ELITE SAVES & BOX COMMANDING 2017-21 video on Youtube. Still, people are telling me he’s good, so I’ll take that advice.

We’re also rumoured to be back in for Emi Buendia and Ryan Christie of Celtic. Ryan has a WHY ARSENAL SHOULD SIGN THIS TOTAL DREAMBOAT video.

Ryan Christie is interesting. We often turn our nose up at Scotland, but hard to of late, they’re churning out some top-class players. Christie scored 20 goals and made 16 assists last season. This year he has 11 assists and 4 goals and Celtic have been shite. He’s on his 3rd season with Celtic, he has 37 goals, 37 assists in 120 odd appearances.

He’s a late bloomer, he just turned 25 years old, one year older than VVD before he arrived here. He’s slummed it with loans at Aberdeen and Inverness. If we’re interested in him, you can’t help but imagine some of the interest has come from KT pumping him. They play together internationally and his numbers stack up well there as well. He can pay right, left and through the middle. I would be interested in this sort of move, it’ll be inexpensive, it could have a big upside, and who are we to turn our noses up against Scottish talent? John McGinn, Andy Robertson, and KT show that they’re doing awesome things up north.

Emi Buendia is also a player I’d be happy with. He’s young, has done it in the league, and he ticks all the boxes we’re looking for. It would be very dangerous for us to head into the rest of the season with ONLY ESR for creativity.

Newcastle this evening. Great news that Tierney is fit, Gabi is returning, and maybe we’ll see Gabi CB back in contention. We are nearly fully fit.

We need to win. We can’t let this go to extra-time because that option isn’t available to us. We need to find our scoring boots. Auba and Lacazette need to find some magic, and hopefully, the service is a little better. I assume we’ll see Thomas Partey starting this one, which will give us a better dynamic. Newcastle are pretty average though, we’re not in need of a shield, we’re in need of some bravery.

Let’s see what the boys have got. On the whistle pod after, keep them ears PEELED. Enjoy tonight, I hope you’re all safe at home. x


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  1. MidwestGun

    Pass and move, one and 2 touch football,
    Nope… None of our goals were the result of 1 and 2 touch football… Partey made a long switch of field pass and Auba took about 20 touches and a good shot… Soares took about 20 touches and beat 2 men along the end line for an easy centering pass. ESR made about 8 touches and a lovely cutback pass to Saka. The reason we were playing better second half is because we had players willing to challenge their defense with the dribble and try to beat their men.. Saka, ESR Auba, Partey, Soares all willing to do that… Ozil pretty much never and tiki taki football was not the reason we won today, nothing to do with Wenger dna. Aggressive dribbling and off the ball movement is the way forward. Along with diagonal passes from Partey.

  2. Words on a Blog

    Solid but boring first half, with just a couple of half chances.

    But a great second half. It’s great to see Partey add forward momentum, solidity and guile to our midfield, and I just love ESR buzzing around creating angles with his inventive and all-action movement. Saka was great as usual, and Cedric played much better than I’d seen him playbefore.

    Hopefully the goals will give Auba some confidence.

  3. Crabregas

    The whole first half was full on abuse on how poor we are.

    Then when we go ahead it’s all “we should smash Newcastle with the money our players earn” and then it’s about how bad the opposition is.

    Every game is a grind and the rest of the season will be, but with little moments of quality which resembles the old arsenal, how can you not enjoy it

  4. Pierre

    Changing to a 4-2-3-1 was the day it changed for Arteta.

    It meant
    1) Tierney could play in his best position, instead of the 3rd centre back .
    2) Saka could play in his best position, instead of wing back .
    3) we play with a CAM , and Smith Rowe has taken the opportunity superbly..

    The return to fitness of Partey and Martinelli is perfect timing, plus Cedric and Mari are showing us that they can contribute and possibly even push for a place in the first 11

  5. Crabregas

    The one touch play of ESR in particular is a joy to watch. Sky even touched on it during their analysis before and after the game,

    He doesn’t just stand there either, he gives and goes looking for a return

  6. AFC Forever

    I agree about running at the defence but there was a lot of one and two touch play around the pitch, it doesn’t just have to be the final third. It’s how to beat the press for example..Although ESR, Lacs & Saka were doing that, a few first touch passes around the box.. It’s the easiest way to beat a player – the ball moves faster than a player. It also encourages movement hence why previously we’ve been too static passing in front of the block.

  7. Pierre

    “It was accurate .. I guess that;’s odd. Wengerball that was not.”

    It was
    Saka’s goal tonight i would say was a similar goal to Vieira’s goal at the lane when we won the league .(though obviously not as good)

    Henry to begkamp to Vieira

    Tonight it was Aubameyang to smith rowe to saka …

    You mentioned wengerball , not me. .and now you mention it without realising it you were spot on.

    Our 2nd goal was definitely wengerball.

  8. Pierre

    Mid is getting a little confused because when the game opens up, there is space for players like smith rowe and Aubameyang to attack , so of course they will have more touches.

    It’s in tight spaces that the one and 2 touch pass and move is effective .

    But I’m sure mid understands that .

  9. bacaryisgod


    Saka’s goal was down more to lazy defending. We executed excellently but Newcastle were so sloppy in allowing Auba to isolate ESR one-on-one against Krafth.

  10. MidwestGun

    I guess it depends on what era of Wenger you want to credit …. late era Wenger was more 1 and 2 touch.. Barca lite, walk the ball in then net. Pretty sure the youth players were not here for Henry or Bergkamp. Your the one always trying to say Ozil was ESR’s role model.. No, ESR is more aggressive then that. I hope he doesn’t play like Ozil. That’s what we need is players willing to take up attacking space and be. proactive Less like Xhaka…or Elneny .. who actually played under Wenger. and More like Partey and ESR.

  11. bacaryisgod

    When I think peak Wenger-ball, it’s either devasting multi-player counter-attacks in our best years or even the dizzying one-touch flicks from Cazorla, Giroud, Rosicky etc in goals like Wilshere’s against Norwich. or Rosicky’s vs. Sunderland.

    Midwest is right. This was not a Wengerball performance but it was a truly excellent second-half.

  12. Pierre

    “We had been playing 4-2-3-1 some 6 games before the Chelsea game.”

    If you check the formations you will find that the 3 games prior to the chelsea game we played the wing back system…city , everton and Southampton.

  13. Pierre

    Mid & bacaryisgod
    Wengerball was never mentioned by me originally.

    What I said was, and I quote.
    “The Wenger boys are showing the rest how to play the game and they have saved our season.
    Pass and move, one and 2 touch football, and what i like about Saka and Smith Rowe is they are not afraid to make the killer ball with their weaker foot..
    They have been brought up playing football the Arsenal way”

    So as you can see , i was not referring to tonight’s game , i was talking about our football in general over the past 5/6 games.

    Mid decided to take my comment and try and make a point but he obviously he didn’t read my comment correctly…

    “Wengerball” is not a term i would normally use anyway.

  14. Valentin


    Yes you are right. As Gary Neville and Don Goodman said, Arteta was forced by the circumstances (2 CBs unavailable + Willian out + Aubameyang out) meant that he was forced to switched to a 4-2-3-1, to switch Saka to the right and to play ESR and Martinelli.
    Thank god for Willian getting a COVID scare, because otherwise he would still be a starter and ESR not even in the bench.
    At least Arteta has realised that 4-2-3-1 should be the main formation and that he should rely on Saka and ESR.

    However tonight Newcastle were abject. Unless Steve Bruce really thought that he could bully our defense with high ball, his 4-2-4 formation was always going to leave massive gap at the back. Who leaves Aubameyang in 1v1 situation against the last defender? Even when he decided to switch to a 4-3-3 to shore things up, it was still open door policy with regard to the defense and central midfield.

  15. Pierre

    You were waffling on about how many touches we took for each goal…

    My comment was clearly nothing to do with tonight’s goals and more to do with what they have brought to the side

    I reckon the mere mention of WENGER triggered you …

  16. Pierre

    I think Bruce thought his 2 strikers would cause us problems but Holding especially was superb and Luiz dropped off and read any flick ons .
    We were also very good picking up the 2nd balls so Newcastle never really had a look in.

  17. MidwestGun

    Sort of… your trying to draw a straight line between Wenger and the youth… I don’t think that’s true and I don’t think we should play like the late Wenger era, Anyhow. Time to move on from Ozil… who you think is the arbiter of 1 and 2 touch play.. It’s not the same.

  18. Nelson

    Now that we have Partey who can start a fast counter, we should try the same play for Pepe. Both Auba and Pepe are good run and gun. Then we have another weapon to score goal.

  19. Pierre

    It is open to interpretation, and there was a period when Lacazette was tried (and failed) as the CAM against Tottenham and wolves but the 3 games prior to the Chelsea game are down as a wing back system.

    Though i do agree that it is the personnel as much as the system that is improving our football.

  20. MidwestGun

    No Pierre your the one trying to connect the dots between 1 and 2 touch play .. which is your code for Ozil… and the Arsenal way which is your code for Wenger… Anyhow. There are many ways to play successful football and I hope we continue to use aggressive dribbling in our Arsenal of weapons to unlock defenses moreso then possession based passing and intricate interchanges preferred by the likes of Ozil and Xhaka.

  21. Nelson

    ESR surprised me today. Against CP he looked tired. Today he was full of energy and appeared so often closed to the ball carrier. For the 2nd goal, he turned up in front of Auba and provided an assist to Saka’s goal.

  22. Bojangles


    This season in pl we have played 4-2-3-1 eight times w2- D1- l5. The two games prior to Chelsea, v Southampton and everton we played that formation. Fa cup v Citeh that formation. Last 2 Europe games that formation. So definitely didn’t change formation for Chelsea game.

  23. Guns of SF

    another creative player in Jan would spell the end for Willian.
    I think its a big question. If ESR gets hurt, which could happen, who do we have?
    You cannot have a shortage of creativity.

    Seems like Buendia is being overpriced around 40m.

    This Scottish guy is a final ball specialist it seems. We need a dribbler in the middle … we need dribblers period that can actually beat one or 2 men

    If we opt for a DM, which I think we will not do, since Arteta keeps wanking over Xhaka, then my guess is we will get a creative type…

    I would prefer Buen and Bissouma tho!

  24. HerbsArmy

    Good solid result.
    We need to wrap ESR, Saka and Martinelli in cotton-wool and tie them all down to long contracts.
    If we can reproduce the second-half performance consistently against better opposition, we could be back in the mix.
    Plenty of positives that offer hope for the future.

  25. China1

    I dunno the contract lengths but I think saka and martinelli are both on long term deals since they both extended last year

    ESR I dunno how long his deal is but he comes across as a good kid with his head switched on so if he’s in or around the first team at his boyhood club I don’t think he’s the sort to do a balogun. But if he has less than 2.5 years we should extend ASAP anyway

  26. bacaryisgod

    Midway through the season and our squad has finally come into focus.

    About half of the players are guaranteed to be with us next season.

    DEFINITE (16 players) If we added no-one, this would be our first XI:

    Leno, Bellerin, Tierney, Holding, Mari, Partey, Xhaka, ESR, Saka, Auba, Laca

    5 other players look certain to stay.

    Cedric, Gabriel, Elneny, Martinelli, Runarsson (as #3 keeper). That gives us 16 players.

    Then we move on to the ‘Maybe’ group. (12 players)

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Luiz was back for another season but with Chambers and Saliba also possibly in line for next season, this could go either way for any of these 3 CBs. Also on the fence will be Guendouzi, AMN, Willock, Willian, Pepe, Nelson and Nketiah. A number of these players could find themselves on loan, included in the rotation or even sold. I’ll optimistically add Balogun although I think we all suspect he’s already gone.. Mavrapanos is not definitely out but he’s a likely departure too.

    The definite OUTs are Kola, Sokratis, Mustafi, Ceballos, Toerreira and Ozil. (6 players)

  27. China1

    Thanks bacary. In which case we should hold off extending for another 6-12 months because they’re both currently cheap as chips and we should enjoy the value we are getting out of them before they start to ask for proper money

    But if they play like this until the end of the season it might be worth offering another extension and wage increase now but with modest wage increases. I’m wary if they play this way for the next 18 months they will be able to demand major salaries so it’s better we get them tied down with long term deals on more modest wages before it gets to that point

  28. China1

    Since we only play with two CBs now I’d suggest for next season we just roll with (in no particular order)

    Holding, Mari, Gabriel, Saliba, Chambers. 5 should be plenty of cover and if there’s an injury emergency you can promote an academy kid or use someone like El Neny as a last resort if needed

    There should be plenty of quality in that bunch to get us through a season in one piece with the need for the likes of expensive oldies like Luiz who is not especially consistent anyway

    Imo Luiz is just blocking a route to the first team for players who are already at least as good and certainly more consistent and less error (red card and penalty) prone.

    Then there’s his wages too…

    Letting Luiz mustafi and sok all go without replacements is totally fine imo and would leave us with 300+k a week saved in wages for 3 players who don’t even improve us. That’s 15+m saved without even weakening the squad!

  29. MidwestGun

    The future looks bright… if we don’t screw it up. The players out of contract this season can all go.. and I wouldn’t miss them. Papa, Mustafi, Luiz and Cebs. Most of our good players are tied up for 3 years or more. Only glaring error is Willian and Pepe if they are going to be at best squad players are signed for too long. And Runnar dude the Keeper. Xhaka 2 more years… no comment.. Don’t want to contemplate it.

    Elneny, Eddie, Laca expire next year and they all have some value for this summer to make some moves. It could be worse. Probably would have been had we let Raul carry on.. I assume thats what the new Football operations dude Garlick is going to sort out.

  30. China1

    I actually think Luiz is really negative for the squad at the moment because his part in cock blocking other as good or better CBs who are much younger will only negatively impact that form

    A case in point is Mari and Gabriel who are now likely to sit out a large fraction of matches. All this will achieve is that whoever is least used of the two will likely lose a bit of sharpness and form that comes with momentum. Then people will criticize them when they do get back in the team and look out of sorts and make a mistake. If all our CBs I like Gabriel best but what’s the reason why Luiz is now first choice again after Mari was doing really well?

    Arteta should be building out for the long term when he’s got good young players on good form, not looking for any chance to drop them for his old favourite a who have let him down so many times before.

  31. Guns of SF


    Anguissa looks great too… more a ball playing CM than a DM it appears on youtube
    I think if Partey wants the B2B we need a more solid DM behind him…

    But both Partey an Anguissa would give a real middle attack and some strength and power… would be great.

  32. Dissenter

    I only wish we managed to keep Balogun. It would have been great to have a core of young players with high ceilings in the first team
    Peopler will rightly ask whether Balogun was really that good since he didn’t feature so much. Clubs like Leipzig who have made a business of finding the best young talent definitely think he’s that good.
    He’s gone now and w just have to make sure we don’t repeat whatever errors we made with him. We have to make sure we provide an escalator to every good talent our academy produces in the future. .

  33. Guns of SF


    Leipzig will sell him in 3 years for 45 plus M likely

    If Leipzig comes calling that means the YOUNG PLAYER WILL TURN OUT TO BE VERY GOOD… Mike Arteta are you listening?

  34. Nelson

    “A case in point is Mari and Gabriel who are now likely to sit out a large fraction of matches.”

    Europa Cup competition will resume on Feb 18. We are also still in the FA Cup competition. There will be lots of games coming up.

  35. Bojangles

    A word about Cedric. It may have been a one off and obviously was a rotation move but he took his opportunity and has earnt a place in the next game. Make Bellerin fight for his place in the team.

  36. Guns of SF

    2 of our goals came from cut backs….
    This was Emerys bread and butter….

    And its still working!

    ESR to Saka and Cedric to Auba

  37. Tony

    Good 2nd half made enjoyable watching for a change.

    Having stumbled into the team being more direct and balanced with ESR and now Partey – though still a way to go – Arteta has something to build on.

    If we don’t buy, then more youth should be given game time.

    Willian just looks lost and needs to move on to a lower level in Europe or US.

    The next 6 games are going to be an interesting test for Arteta.

  38. DivineSherlock

    Very very impressed with how Partey is playing at Arsenal. Both goals resulted because of his quick actions of releasing the ball . Refreshing to see that instead of Ceballos turning around and passing it to CBs. Hate to jinx it but 5 clean sheets in a row , that is a good sign for the defence as well.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Cheer for the Shrews everyone tonight…

    We face the winner from tonight’s game in the 4th round of the FA Cup on the weekend.

    Hopefully if Shrewsbury wins we can play the “B” team and give everyone on the “A” team like Tierney, Partey, Saka and ESR a break. If we want to go far this season we need to keep everyone in our strongest squad fresh and injury free.

    Plus it gives us a chance to field some of our youngsters like Azeez and Patino.

    This in turn will hopefully place Balogun under pressure to sign once he realises we have options and he doesn’t have leverage no matter what his agent says.

  40. Leedsgunner

    Please please please offer ESR and Tierney a new contract now so we don’t have to endure any more contract sagas… and tie them up for the future!

  41. Nelson

    After Saturday’s FA Cup game, we have only 2 days rest for the next League game. We should give Saka, ESR, Tierney and Laca a rest for the FA Cup game. Leno will have to play every game since the club has screwed up the backup GK position.

  42. Steveyg87

    Went to bed at half time so I missed all the goals. But wow, Xhaka was absolutely bossing it 1st half. Partey also just makes us so much more mobile, this is our midfield now, and I like it. ESR doesn’t need a mention as his performances speak for themselves

  43. Steveyg87

    “A word about Cedric. It may have been a one off and obviously was a rotation move but he took his opportunity and has earnt a place in the next game. Make Bellerin fight for his place in the team.”

    I’m torn between my 1st choice here, Cedric puts in some beautiful crosses and his game is tidy IMO, Bellerin has a bit of x factor though, either way, RB is not an issue for us anymore.

  44. Steveyg87

    If we have a few bob left I reckon we go hard and try and get Giroud back. If he was in this team now he would be the leagues top scorer. The crosses and amount of corners we get is crazy

  45. Thorough

    I still think we need a Draxler or a more matured playmaker to handhold/guide ESR. I’m one of the few who actually doubted him but I’m definitely coming around. When I saw the way he passed that defender before our second goal I felt for a moment like I was watching Bergkamp.

  46. Thorough

    I’ve never understood why people don’t value Cedric. This guy pinned a spot down in arguably the best Portuguese team of all time. Especially when comparing him to Bellerin who’s shot on so many fronts. Cedric is a better defender, a better crosser, more physical and can actually come up with the occasional magic a LA the reverse nutmeg of yesterday. Give him more games and watch him shine. When he and Mari was brought in I was more concerned about Mari. He’s done well in his last 3 games even though they were our easy fixtures. But Cedric? Never doubted him for a second.

  47. Northbanker

    This continuous use of stumbling to pick ESR by posters on here is a bit of a re-write of history and doesn’t stack up. ESR was injured for a chunk of the earlier season and took som time to get to match fitness. Arteta was reported to have been impressed by his form at Huddersfield. So it was always inevitable he would use him at some point.

    It was also totally understandable he was still trying to get the best out of Willian and Pepe before finally giving up on both and playing Saka in that role.

    At the end of the day we have only introduced one youngster and moved another into a different position. Both have taken their chances perfectly. No one can ever fully predict who will excel or otherwise.

  48. Globalgunner

    Beckhams Inter Miami sigh England womens team flop. Phil Neville as their new manager

    WTF! Didnt they know Wenger is available. passing on managerial greatness for a dullard like Neville. Pierre will be pissed and rightly so. They also passed on Ozil too. Dumb Yanks.

  49. Graham62


    I agree totally.

    Cedric is a far better option the Bellerin.

    This was obvious ages ago.

    I don’t get paid £6m to know this.

  50. Chris

    Some lovely goals by Aubameyang (class is permanent) and Saka, supplied by Partey and ESR. We have now conceded one goal in six games.

    It’s great to have positivity back again.

  51. Graham62

    Things starting to take shape, with a British core.


    Based on improvement in all players and definitely feel we have a chance of top 6 now, with even an outside chance of top 4.

    As long as Arteta has learnt from his mistakes.

  52. Chris


    I disagree. Let’s put a strong team out for the Cups and try to win them. The league will still be a tough ask to finish in the top 6, despite our recent resurgence. I would be more in favour of resting players in the league immediately prior to and after (if necessary) cup games to give us maximum chance of winning those.

    Let’s win some more trophies and if we win a cup double and finish 10th I’d be more than happy with that for this season.

  53. Raulishuss

    Very impressive win after a rather unimaginative first half tbh. Emile’s football intelligence really is something, the positions he takes the way he reads situations in midfield, still has a lot to improve on but the future is definitely bright. Hope we keep this form and progress further. Arteta getting his team on point COYG

  54. Raulishuss


    I’d just point out that there’s no need taking anything Val says seriously guys not an arsenal fan. Look up all the trends. He never says anything supportive even after a win there’s no Goodwill he’ll immediately pour cold water on an praise for Arteta or a player he doesn’t like.

  55. Raulishuss

    Pierre you always talk about the balance in midfield been right and I agree with you. What do you think of gx and partey? I know people don’t like gx for he’s our best midfielder to partner partey and offer stability compared to Ceballos (poor positionally) and el neney imo

  56. Tom

    “Based on improvement in all players and definitely feel we have a chance of top 6 now, with even an outside chance of top 4.”

    Graham 62
    Arsenal landing six spot would land me a nice chunk of change but top four would land the club in some real CL, money so here’s hoping they will.

    However, as fun as the second half was let’s not get carried away, Newcastle are in a really tough spot right now as changing eight players to face Arsenal would indicate, not to mention their recent results and league position.

    Surprise, surprise but if a shit team open themselves up too much against this Arsenal they will get punished. The Baggies tried that and got spanked in the snow storm and now the barcodes too.

    Things are definitely looking up but too many teams would have to fall off a cliff for us to make top four.

  57. Habesha Gooner

    It was a good win last night. ESR has been making the difference no matter which way you look at it. He is clever in the positions he takes and the runs he makes. It is like watching an experienced number 10. This is what ozil used to do before his new contract. And ESR has that and more. He can beat a man and also tracks runners to retrieve the ball. His stats also look very impressive. In 10 appearances of which only 6 have been starts he has got 2 goals and 5 assists in all competitions. This would be what I would expect a mega signing to do. He had 4 key passes last night alone. It is incredible form.

    About Xhaka, Yes he is in form. But an inform xhaka is still not good enough for a team that is aspiring to reach top 4. He is a 7 out of 10 player on his best day. When he is crap he is barely a 5 out of 10. We need someone who can be a 7 out of 10 on their worst days. Look at Partey and tell me xhaka is good enough. Partey at least put an 8 out of 10 performance last night. And mostly he will do that.

    Most of Xhaka’s game that turns me off is because of his pace and his inability to beat a press by any other means than a pass. It is necessary for a CM to have that skill set. His lack of pace also exposes him to counterattacks. If is also why he is rash in tackles and he is always late. He gets so many yellows because of his inability to get there. And teams know if they cover the passing lanes the ball at xhakas feet are no danger to them. Last night there was a moment where Leno started a counter for us. Xhaka moved forward with the ball and when he had marked runners in front of him, he just turned back to play a pass to Luiz. Partey would have tried to beat his man and open up space. And also there was another moment where he tried to start a counter attack and he had a runner, then he over hit the pass. He is just not good enough for a team wanting to go to the top.

  58. Leedsgunner

    So he has a good game and Cedric is now quality? Please. He was signed by Raul as a favour to Kia Joorabchian.

    He was brought in on a loan to cover for Bellerin during his recovery and it should have stayed that way. We still have AMN p, who was playing really well when he was trusted and given a string of games. Cedric was not needed.

    We so love to throw money down the drain at this club.

  59. Bojangles


    Not sure how much reliance you can place on that link.

    “Despite Martinelli, Saka, and Smith Rowe forming a passing triangle, Despite Martinelli, Saka, and Smith Rowe forming a passing triangle”

    That was taken from the analysis. Obviously those three players did not play v Everton, although we did play 4-2-3-1 in that game and the previous game. Also v Citeh in the cup and in the Europy thingy, though we are not taking cup games into consideration.

    Just rechecked those links. They are from season 2019-2020. So not much bearing on this conversation

  60. Bojangles


    I agree with your comments re Xhaka but we are not in the hunt for a top 4 spot this season and I doubt we will be buying anyone in Jan, loan at best, so Xhaka will have to do until the summer I’m afraid.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    You and far too many others who post on here have a habit of picking out of hat obscure footballers whom you consider are better than Xhaka.

    Let’s get real we don’t need to recruit yet another DMF. We have already got on our books 5
    and that does not include Azeez who is in U23s.

    Despite your aversion to Xhaka I doubt that Arteta is going to offload this player in the
    foreseeable future. This is not a priority despite what you and others may think.