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Come on, the headline was fun. I’m just messing around with people. If you want to dedicate your online life to a footballer and you are over the age of 12, that’s totally cool, just accept the banter that comes your way, BECAUSE IT IS WEIRD.

David Ornstein dropped the EXCLUSIVE on Mesut agreeing to terminate his deal with Arsenal. The German is now free to choose which club he heads to next. It’s the clear the player is done with the rigours of modern football and it seems very likely he’s going to take a beach holiday to Fenerbache. Good for him.

Ultimately, re-signing Mesut was the biggest mistake of the Wenger/Gazidas era. The deal was made because Arsene didn’t know what he was doing and Ivan G had an attack of ego and wasn’t prepared to let another star player leave for fuck all after swapping Sanchez for Mikhi.

We have paid the price ever since. Back in the day, we used to keep places free in the squad for players that were always injured (Vermaelen/Diaby/Jack/Robin), the last 4 years have been keeping spaces free in the squad in the naive hope Mesut would find his mojo. He didn’t. His MO, in the end, was about stiffing Arsenal for his own flaws. The whole debacle greatly hamstrung our abilities to effectively build a squad, which wasn’t helped by our unbelievable negligence with the money we did have.

Well, it’s over now. Mikel Arteta was the manager that finally managed to convince the player to leave.

The whole thing is bittersweet. I remember the excitement of him landing on deadline day. I remember speaking with Alex from the podcast. He thought we’d finally landed as a club, I think he may have been the most excited fan on the planet, he may have started Oziltology, no one can be sure. No one could quite believe we’d made the move.

I mean, I literally couldn’t believe the gaps and problems we had in the squad and Wenger answered them with Mesut. We needed to strengthen our midfield with someone like Thomas Partey (or Kante) and there were serious question marks over the quality of our strikers. Our summer started in shambles when we famously tried to activate the Suarez release clause with a £40,000,001 bid, we were told to fuck off (Barca bought him for £64m a season later). We nearly signed Higuain for £23m, but baulked when Madrid asked for another chunk of change, we said no (the player moved to Napoli, then to Juve for £75m a season later). Both players may have shaped our future in a more positive way, and they certainly would have had resale value.


Wenger added creativity to a midfield that had Wilshere, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Diaby, and Rosicky… literally the most Wenger move of all time.

Still, it was hard to argue with early Mesut. The guy was a chance machine. He was special. He helped us break our trophy drought. Things really perked up when he had Alexis Sanchez to play with. Mesut’s creativity combined with the dogged style of Sanchez kept us looking very exciting as an attacking unit.

Things turned sour though. It was clear he was a continuation of our approach to signing players that added flab to our soft underbelly. He would go missing, no doubt. I don’t think he ever recovered after his shocking World Cup and the bad press he thought he didn’t deserve after making besties with a brutal dictator. Germany turned on him, there were certainly undertones of racism, being referred to as ‘Turkish’ in their media was a disgraceful way to treat an icon of immigrant integration. He was never the same after that rejection.

The player just wasn’t interested in Arsenal. Arsene Wenger wrapped him in cotton wool. The player didn’t travel with the squad to difficult away games. According to plenty of people in the know, the player would pick up ‘injuries’ and would cry off with sickness on the regular. He thought his profile was bigger than the club, and he believed he could play by different rules.

He became toxic at about the same time his skillset started to look antiquated. Pep G reinvented creativity in a possession-based system, KDB redefining what influence looked as a chief creator. Jurgen Klopp, on the other side of the fence, eliminated the need of that sort of luxury player with his power and pace model. The Ozil’s of the world found themselves out of fashion, so what did we do during this cultural transformation? We opened the cheque book and trebled his compensation to £350k a week. This wasn’t Mesut at the peak of his powers either, fans were onto him already, no one was calling for that sort of deal, and more importantly, no one club in world football had an offer for him at that level, even on a free transfer.

Well, Wenger’s career careened off a cliff after this. Emery binned him, then brought him back and paid the price by losing the camp for being a wet lettuce. Freddie dropped him. Arteta brought him back in from the cold, then the player started his old tricks again and he had enough, exiting him from the squad in humiliating fashion. Now, I’m not sure I’d have done that because ultimately, Arsenal FC has paid a huge price this season for not having a creative player like Ozil in the side. But it’s done now. He’s gone. Arsenal can start again.

We do have to make some things clear here.

There is simply no way that Mesut Ozil is losing out financially here. The cult is trying to spin a story that Ozil, after 4 years of playing like a bum, is somehow doing this for football reasons and the good of Arsenal. No chance. He’ll have cut a deal that means all the money he’s losing with Fener over the next 5 months is supplemented by Arsenal.

The player was binned for footballing reasons. His comments on the Uighur Muslims were fair and just. Arsenal isn’t a political body. We didn’t drop him for hanging with a human rights abuser and we didn’t drop him for making the righteous case for human rights in China.

It was the football. If you couldn’t see it in his performances, that’s on you. If you look at the evidence of 4 coaches on the bounce, and you still can’t see it, maybe you don’t want to? If you can’t see it by looking where he’s ended up at 32 years of age, again, I can’t help you. But know this… he’s leaving because of footballing reasons and there is no one at Arsenal that will be sad to see him go (outside his mates).

Now the question focuses on what we do next? I suspect we’ll go for a loan. I’m not sure there’s a lot of value in the market right now, and losing Ozil money doesn’t really solve the fact we have very little cash to play with. It’s not a good look to borrow money from a covid relief fund, then drop £40m on a player. In fact, that’s an awful look. It was shocking we moved on Willian after making 50+ people redundant in the summer, I can’t imagine we’ll be making another PR error like that any time soon.

The most important signing is a back-up goalkeeper. If we lose Leno, we will sink in the table. If something exciting comes up for a loan, we should do it. But I think the focus should continue to be about moving players on. The squad is bloated beyond belief. We should sell players that aren’t going to play. We should do deals with players that are toxic. We should start lining up buyers for players that just aren’t good enough… like our record signing.

This summer should be focused on ageing down the squad and accepting reality… the only way back to the top is the hard way. That’s good coaching. Growing young players. Outsmarting the market. Having a disciplined approach to our vision (we should also, you know, formulate a vision).

Maybe that’s already started. We’ve hired Richard Garlic to replace Huss Fahmy. Richard spent 8 years at West Brom as a Director of Football Admin, which sounds about as unsexy a job title as they come. He then moved to the Premier League where he was a Director of Football.

What insight do I have into this guy? None.

He’s taking over as Director of Football Operations. That sounds mighty similar to what Raul was supposed to do, but according to Ornstein, the role is closer to what Huss Fahmy was supposed to be doing. What do we want from this job?

Actual rigour to the contracts process. The problems we’re dealing with at the moment, with a group of players with 6 months on their deals needs to stop happening. The two-year rule needs to be enforced. We have no discipline there.

Normalisation of financial compensation. Again, there is no rhyme or reason to how we pay players. We get this badly wrong time and time again and it costs us. Mesut Ozil was offered £350k a week in a market that likely wouldn’t have given him £200k a week. Willian told the world he wanted to stay in London, Chelsea offered £120k a week on 2 years, we offered a double your money deal and an extra year. That’s fucking stupid on so many levels. We need a process and a formula to pay that we stick to. We need paygrades, we need career plans for the kids, and we need someone with the gravitas to ensure we don’t make special cases that break the system.

Ethical leadership. I don’t want to see the extent of our scouting process being a phone call to Kia J. I don’t want to find out we took a punt on the second string keeper at 17th place Dijon who had the worst save percentage in the league because of a keeping coaches recommendation. All the deals that cross his table should have a business case attached to it. Players should sit in a particular age profile, they should have resale value, proposed wages should marry to reality, scouting reports should be extensive, and agents fees should be deeply examined. No more fuckery.

Can this guy deliver that? I have no idea. I find it odd that Arteta is talking about the man. He doesn’t know what is good for that role. I hope this isn’t another case of blind recruiting the blind, but we’ll see. Good luck Richard, I hope you’re better than what has gone before.

Ok, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x


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  1. Mysticleaves

    Even the site that broke the ‘willian makes 200k pw’ story (the sun, I believe) wrote that his weekly pay is 100k PW. A lot of those other monies come from bonuses and clauses

  2. MD-Gunner

    Ozil must be thrilled at this moment leaving AFC. He gets a chunk of money to leave a shitty squad that is bound to be a mid-table team for awhile. He joins a team that if it stays in the table position where it is at the moment, he will play UCL games next season.

    For the die hard fans there will be no CAM signing in January no matter how much you wish it, there will be an outcry if the money loaned will be used to buy an expensive CAM. How AFC has fallen. Sort of like the Brexit crowd clamoring for the good old days of the Empire. What a fucking joke AFC and the powers in the corridors has become.

  3. andy1886

    Yes you’re right RSPCArsenal, I had the idea in my head that in the summer he would have been with us three years but it’s only two which means there would be around £43m owing. As clubs list players as assets on the books that depreciate over the duration of their contract we would either have to recover that in full or post a loss on top of all our other losses this year. Plus we would have to find someone who would be prepared to pay his £140,000 per week.

  4. andy1886

    Mystic, given that we paid £140k per week for Kola it wouldn’t surprise me. If we had to pay a transfer fee would £15m be unreasonable for a player of his stature?

  5. Tom

    Sterling got a proper footballers haircut, instead of the one matching his little daughter’s, and voila !
    And posters argued haircuts had no bearing on performance lol.

  6. andy1886

    As a comparison to the Willian deal we paid £17.6m for Sokratis which makes the total value of the deal £17.6m plus £90k per week for 3 years which is £31,280,000 or £205,790.00 per week. Given that a free agent usually gets a signing on fee in lieu of the transfer fee that would otherwise be paid it’s not difficult to believe that Willian would get a deal that cost at least as much as Sokratis who was a much lower profile player (remember who Willian’s agent was btw).

  7. Ashburton

    It’s actually so depressing watching decent sides in the prem.. Jesus we are so ordinary these days.. So much so our best player is Scotlands number 2 left back ffs.

  8. raptora

    Not sure if the video will get removed or not but Messi was sent off for this –

    Cronaldo has always been smacked down by the Messi fans for basically being a bad person on and off the pitch, and here we have Messi knocking out a player with malicious intend. I don’t even like cronaldo that much but I’ve always found it bullshit how Messi is presented as the godsend angel gentleman who never does anything bad. Never cheats, never dives, never commits any dirty things… He does. 99.9% of all football players do too. That he is above them in that regard is false. Doesn’t mean that he isn’t the most talented football player in the history. He probably is.

  9. Ashburton

    Watched match of the day.. Ndombele take a bow, looked like a flop last year now turned it around, meanwhile pepe is still absolutely horrible to watch. Both big money signings, only ones a footballer ffs.

  10. Valentin

    That always annoys me when people look only at one side of a deal without looking at the overall financial cost over the length of the contract.
    The true financial cost include upfront fees, signing-on fees, agents fees, wage, loyalty bonus, variable bonus expected to be paid.
    A player on a Bosman is just the extreme case where the upfront fees is just usually spread over the period of the deal as extra salary or loyalty bonus. A lot of Bosman don’t end up being value for money.

    It is not like there is two separate pots of money one for the fees and another for the salary. It is just a accounting decision to view one as an investment and the other as a cost of business. Considering the overall financial cost is even more relevant nowadays because a lot of the purchase fees are in fact spread over the length of the contract. £31.2 millions purchase over 5 years is the equivalent of £120kpw.

    The other dumb write is the “we can afford to splurge £70 millions on a single player” without realising that a player costing £70 millions is not coming to be on £40kpw. The higher the player valuation, the higher the wage he is likely to demand.

    Aubameyang used to be on a “reasonable” basic wage, but had bonus for loyalty (not asking for transfer), appearances, victories and goals scored. If I remember correctly it was £15k per appearances and £35k per goals. So had Özil (which is one the reason why he was not in the EPL squad) and Lacazette.

  11. UTarse

    Finally the parasite has gone…many more to get rid of before we start to rebuild.

    Little p must be crying into his putter…..shame.

  12. Leedsgunner

    What a difference a world class playmaker makes… KDB what a player. It’s like watching peak Santi Cazorla without the frenetic energy but all the accuracy.

    How depressing.

    We are so far behind Man City it’s untrue.

  13. Dan T

    “Aubameyang was our top goalscorer since he joined the club and one of the best in EPL. Most top strikers are paid around £200-250 million. I doubt that Aguero at Man City is paid less.”

    If Ozil reads this typo he will be sacking his agent in the morning!

  14. Goobergooner

    It also isn’t hindsight to say that while Ozil was not the player we needed when he was purchased, he still wasn’t the problem in his first few seasons, he could have been great for us.
    But anyone with eyes has seen his decline. And I think he is the only one to blame for his decline and the way that some fans see him now, as a lazy, uninterested, past it player.

  15. Useroz

    Well, it’s over now. Mikel Arteta was the manager that finally managed to convince the player to leave.

    Not quite. If Aptera is credited with sorting out Ozil, he should be the source of and blamed for the Willian and to a large extent Auba new deals that appear worse than renewing Ozil’s contract.

    Per various media reports, Willian and Auba have 2 to 3 years to go and being paid a combined £500 to 600k per week, depending on the papers or journos you believe.

    That’s overloading the club even more…

  16. Goobergooner

    From the guardian.

    I find that actually vomit worthy.

    He has not been shit. But to say ‘phenomenal’ means that xhaka to Arteta is the equivalent of Arteta to Gazidis.
    Gobbies left right and centre.

    I posted the stats of xhaka compared to Ceballos the other day. Ceballos statistically is better in pretty much every way apart from heading.

    And Ceballos is not good enough.

    The reason I’m so annoyed is that we went from such a great midfield with Vieira and co, to technically excellent with fab and Cazorla, to literally weak as piss and nothing going for it these days.

    Watching our one pronged attack because there is literally no midfield to take control and split defenses is a proper joke considering the money being spent by the club time and time again.

    I don’t count our midfield having control if we are playing teams sitting deep and we are playing crab football, because we are still soooo suspect as soon as we lose the ball (very often from a piss poor pass from xhaka) and then our midfield is completely bypassed leaving our backline exposed.

    We are absolutely frustrating to watch, and the fact that a lot of fans could not tolerate the shit play under late Wenger and Emery, but all of a sudden want to give Arteta time because he’s a rookie is fucking bullshit.

    We needed to push on from Wenger. Not just hire a kiss ass/peps assistant and hope for the best.

    We should have hired the best and at least looked like we were trying to kick on rather than regress to our worst form in 50 years.

    Kroenkes are cunts.
    And the current arsenal squad full of overpaid under producing dross is seriously hard to like. Especially the ex Chelsea players on massive wages.

    Wtf are we becoming.

  17. Nelson

    Only a very naive person would believe that an ex Chelsea player would love Arsenal and gives 100% to fight for Arsenal.

  18. Goobergooner

    I never liked Luiz, and his world cup displays especially against Germany when they got absolutely destroyed, showed me why (apart from the fact he was a Chelsea twat).

    Experience has been over rated in our squad recently.

    Luiz (albeit moreso this season) and Willian (who I thought could do a job for us when he signed) really never should have been signed.

    A proper drive to succeed and high potential in younger players, aka Tierney/martinelli types, should have been priority sooo far ahead of just getting in experienced/declining players.

    The fact Josh Kroenke said we are a Europa league team with a cl wage bill, then doing nothing to actually rectify that is horrifying management.

    We may even miss out on Europa this season. We have been absolutely shocking in contracts and recruiting department for way too long. And if you are looking without arsenal tinted glasses it’s easy to see why we are so poor these days.

  19. Freddie Ljungberg

    “After the red card and with the history that he had, he was in a difficult place and we had to try and bring him back where we believe he can be and where he should be – which is being one of the leaders of the team and giving us stability and the presence he can provide to the team and to the club,” Arteta said.

    “I think since he’s been back he’s been phenomenal; he’s playing really, really well. Against Palace, he had some really important moments and he’s still young. He’s still a player who can evolve. It’s great for us to have him back.”

    Delusion factor 100000000000

    If Xhaka isn’t replaced in the summer latest he’ll sink another Arsenal manager. Don’t know what kind of jedi mind tricks he’s pulling but good for him I guess.

  20. Guns of SF


    I never liked Luiz, and his world cup displays especially against Germany when they got absolutely destroyed, showed me why (apart from the fact he was a Chelsea twat).

    Same with me. That game sealed it… he was such a spaz. caused at least 3 of their goals, and was a total idiot

    That was the game where I saw the Luiz ppl talk about. The indiscipline, the wildness, the out of controllness

  21. Nelson

    That’s the problem with an inexperienced coach. We have watched Xhaka’s game for a few years. He is OK when playing against teams parking the bus. Against teams in the upper half of the table, they won’t give him so much time to play. Against those top 6 teams, he will be a liability. Opponents would treat him like a training cone. Arteta hasn’t seen enough of Xhaka’s game jet.

  22. Mysticleaves

    Andy, sign on fees are way less than probable transfer fees paid to clubs. It rises maybe to 1/3 in the case of bossmans. No how we are paying Willian 14.5m in sign on fees at 32 years with a 3 year deal when the next best offer was a 1 year extension.

  23. Mysticleaves

    It’s just like Arteta is trolling the fans. I really thought he had a clue on what a footballer is. We are in for worse times than I can remember. If this guy isn’t sacked soonest or reduced to a head coach under a power DOF, we will never qualify for Europa League again.

    Guess who Neto’s agent is? Yea. Kia. I thought Raul was the evil one? They actually put in a transfer request that was turned down by Barca. Go figure

  24. Goobergooner

    Arteta is definitely trolling that fans. I can’t help at laugh. My mates are either West ham or Liverpool fans. Thank fuck no spuds 😂.

    They envied us until Wenger left, but all said the same thing; recruitment hasn’t been our thing for a long time.

    If it wasn’t for good ol’ slippy g (😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂) they would have won the league earlier. Rogers was good for them. But we have taken the opposite trajectory, despite growing in stadium size and taking in massive proportions of global followings since late 90s early 2000s. We have just continually made the wrong footballing decisions.

    That is what it comes down to at the end of the day. We have spent a fuck load and sold/lost players in the worst possible ways.

    What we are seeing now is the longer term effects of bullshit management.

  25. Nelson

    Arteta has forgotten how we lost to the Spuds and Leicester. Against Spuds, Xhaka pressed high and gave up a 4 vs 2 counter. Against Leicester, Rodgers targeted Xhaka for the counter by loping the ball over his head.

  26. Guns of SF

    Wolves targeted Xhaka
    In fact they trolled him with that twitter post of Traore making him retreat being not even close to him

  27. Habesha Gooner

    Tanguy Ndombele’s career is turning around at spurs. He was a great player for Lyon and now he is showing why spurs spent a record fee on him. We need mobile and elegant midfielders like that. Not the xhakas of this world.

  28. Goobergooner

    Guns, so funny about Luiz and that specific game. Like when we were linked with him I was just like holy shit. I knew we had an aversion to defense since Graham, but jeeeeeeez we are going for an over the hill Luiz to replace the (winning and elite mentality?!?!? Of) Kos.
    Fair if you just want experience, but he was one of our most used CBs in that time. He should have been the backup.

    But that Twitter post from wolves would have been seriously hilarious if xhaka wasn’t one of ours 😂😂

  29. Goobergooner

    Gabriel was solid for what he has shown already, and the age profile where he can surely improve with a solid partnership at the back.

    Partey was the ‘finished article’ but was literally what we were asking for over the last 10 years, just wayyyyy to late.

    Tierney if he can keep fit is a beast. Exactly what you want.

    And martinelli has everything you need mentally and technically wise with the highest of ceilings and has already shown he’s got what it takes.

  30. Nelson


    “Can’t quite remember spuds”

    That was how Spuds scored their second goal. Xhaka was high up the pitch in the Spuds half and Partey just had a problem and walked towards Arteta. It resulted in a 4 vs 2 and Arteta pushed the injured Partey back into the pitch.

  31. Sid

    Diet Peps knock off tactical and organized European methods will soon create difficulties for Martinelli who is suitable for a free flowing style.

    You heard it here 1st!

  32. Habesha Gooner

    Goober gooner
    I have my eyes on Bissouma, Anguissa for CM and Buendia for CAM. All premier league proven and all affordable in the summer. I would like Aouar as the CM but he might be too expensive and lots of competition for him. We need mobile players that are affordable and are of high quality. Watching anguissa this season, it feels like we are watching a pogba upgrade. Every team in the top 10 have mobile CMs except us. We only have Partey and he has barely played. I would rather we wait till the summer than panic buying now.

  33. Tony

    Arteta saying Xhaka has been phenomenal since his red card say more about Arteta (not in a good way) than it does about Xhaka.

    Both should not be working for The Arsenal, but I’d have no problem is they wanted to join Spuds or Manure.

  34. Mysticleaves

    It’s not really a LOL moment though. It’s quite depressing for an Arsenal fan.

    The only way to hide the depressive tendencies is by LOLing. Otherwise, you’d actually be depressed

  35. Bojangles


    “I’ll tell you what isn’t hindsight, not expecting greatness from Arteta.”

    You may be right but that could also come back to night you in the arse. ATM the odds are in your favour but Arteta is here until the end of the season, at least, unless we go on another run of losses over the next few weeks. As always, time will tell.

  36. Goobergooner

    Haha bo,

    I have said on many occasions I’d love for arsenal to serve me some humble pie. But I’ve just been disappointed with how we have operated for a long time, especially since Wenger. And I just don’t have the love for this squad like I did even 5 years ago.

    It isn’t even about winning or even UCL when I say that. It’s the players we have (/had now Ozil has left) and the owner.

    I’d take some Wenger ball and perpetual 4th than this.

    I just assumed we would try to kick on after Wenger. When people say “careful what you wish for”, neither Emery or Arteta were that wish. Neither was Raul or edu. Emery wasn’t a proper left field hire like Arteta is, but still wasn’t someone I had on my shortlist.

    I wanted to give both Emery and Arteta time. But time is showing we aren’t great and not really getting better.

    We needed ruthless leadership who could command respect and cut the fat from the squad.
    Get us playing a good style of ‘Arsenal ball’.

    All I’ve seen is plaudits and hoarding of players who don’t deserve to wear the shirt so far.

    Sorry state of affairs.

    I guess I’ll see Wilko and other twats saying I’m a fake fan or whatever. But I’ve only ever know arsenal from the Wenger era. It’s the premier league and we don’t have a divine right to win.
    But we are the Arsenal for fucks sake. And such a decline over the last decade, where we see fucking spuds topping us (apart from English cups) is a bitter pill to swallow considering the money invested into the squad and backroom staff.

    We were never guaranteed success, but the shit appointments have put us back even further than 5 years after wenger to be back at the top (if we got every decision right that was). I don’t see us getting back into top 4 under Arteta.

  37. Goobergooner

    I will say we do have some players I do love in the senior members, but without the kids this season we don’t have any real Arsenal players, like Tierney, who leave everything on the pitch for the pure pride they have wearing the shirt.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are progressively clearing the decks in January with departures of Macey, Saliba,
    Kolasinac and almost certainly Ozil. I anticipate that Sokratis will now also leave as it seems
    unlikely that he will be registered for remainder of season. We have currently still got 6 centre backs on books in addition to Sokratis.

    The million dollar question is do Arsenal have money to spend in transfer market in January and if so should we do so?

    Assuming that we do not offload any additional players we have potentially 3 slots open in
    the squad.

    The third string goalkeeping position is easy to fill by promoting Hein from U23 who is a
    current senior international.

    Personally I think that we need to recruit a decent second string goalkeeper. However, I
    don’t think that we should spend mega bucks on position. I would offload Runarsson, but if
    not possible demote him to third string instead of promoting Hein.

    I would only spend further money in transfer window if there is someone whom we genuinely believe is an upgrade on what we have got and is a “future” asset. We must not spend money on short term solutions.

    The obvious weakness in our squad is in creative midfield department. For all the so-called
    solutions none is likely to happen without paying an inflated transfer fee which we should
    try to avoid at all cost in January.

  39. Sid

    Watching Diet Peps Arsenal needs you to have a bucket full of ice cubes to dip your feet and in the event it doesnt work have a fraulein who is skilled at the reverse cowgirl, on standby.

    Im telling you for free!

  40. Useroz

    progressively clearing the deck’ in Jan isn’t good enough I’m afraid. That should have happened during the last TW but naivety of DoF and head coach/manager costed us dearly. They have costed us more than Wenger but without his accomplishments in earlier years.

    Mind, Arsenal predicament isn’t a case of “you pay peanuts and you get monkeys”. We pay heaps for crap, and we haven’t seen any signs of reversal unfortunately ! !

  41. Thorough

    With Ozil gobe we actually have to buy. Get Draxler on a six month loan/audition. If he’s mustard sign him for free in the summer. If he’s tosh look for a new playmaker. This isn’t rocket science