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Now, we begin.

There’s really nothing better as a writer than the penning a boring post about how things are pretty decent. It’s a joy after 3 months of writing about how an idea you really pushed was actually pretty terrible.

This week is about three things. Moving on deadwood. Praying for Gabi’s ankle. Winning three points in a tough game against Crystal Palace this Thursday.

Players aren’t moving out the door fast enough and everyone is getting themselves into a bind. Fans tend to lean harder into believing the rumours they don’t like (stole that from Arseblog). The latest is that Arsenal are putting their foot down with regards to selling Eddie Nkeitiah to West Ham. Are you fucking kidding me? Arsenal just borrowed £120m to see them through the season. If someone offers £30m for an academy player that hasn’t been able to dislodge our strikers in the worst goal drought in a decade, I think Boris Johnson might roll down to Highbury House and call in that loan early.

There are very few players on our books that aren’t for sale at the moment. Kieran Tierney to Napoli? No chance. Eddie to replace Haller at West Ham for £30m? No way we’re not considering that sort of deal. We do not have the financial luxury to keep passing on good cash for squad players only to bench them.

I fully expect Willock, Reiss, Eddie, Mustafi, and Sokratis to be on the market this window… loan or sale. Sad reality is that Nico Pepe should also be on that list. West Ham took a £20m ‘L’ on Haller, the player wasn’t good enough, so they took what they could for an asset that was fast depreciating. We should look to do the same with Nico. It’s clear he’s not at the level. His basic technique is off, he’s too one-footed, the positions he takes up don’t help the team, and if anything… he seems to be regressing.

Also, what the fuck is going on with AMN? Arguably, he’s our best right-back, third-best deep-lying midfielder, and our back-up left-back. Why is Joe Willock landing minutes over him? I hope he’s being given the job of marking Zaha on Thursday, if not, it again starts to look like another ‘I just don’t fancy him’  issue from a coach with hard-to-comprehend player taste principles.

The biggest weak point for him is the weird relationship he has with young players. Why isn’t he coaching AMN to be better than Elneny? Why was he about to loan out ESR when he was literally the only #10 at the club? Why doesn’t he embrace young players he can coach with the same passion he embraces older bums? Painful viewing.

He’ll say that plays Gabriel and Saka. Sure, but those two were Emery’s doing. Gabriel was not part of the action at the start of last season and we wondered. The talent isn’t in giving minutes to generational talents, it’s making decent young players great ones.

If you’re going to hoard young players, you have to give them minutes. If you aren’t going to do that, sell them. We have to break the cycle, because at the moment, we’re giving minutes to players with no resale value at the expense of pumping the value of talent that could pick up £20m plus this summer. That’s dim.

Edu needs to find his cajones this summer and put an end to this sort of thing. Arteta shouldn’t have the option of clogging the path for young players. Let’s hope this window and the summer see Arsenal own up to the truth… the future is kids and there are no shortcuts to be had with bum players nearing the end of their careers.

I’ve just made myself angry after starting this post stating that writing was going to be a breezy affair this week.

Stupid football.

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He’s Israeli… not Brazilian… though that name easily passes the Brazilian test IMO. Could we not just pretend?


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  1. Nelson

    Pepe better gets his shot back. Last game, all his shots are either too weak or inaccurate. But you can see that his teammates were laying the ball back to him to shoot when he moved inside.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg


    Great plan, we still owe them more than half of that 72m so we would still have to pay them a couple of million and be a player short.

    Doubt we’re even thinking of selling him unless we somehow get 40m+ and that’s unlikely with the form he’s in. At least there’s hope that he’ll improve long term unlike with Willian.

  3. Bob N16


    I would suggest that you are far more outspoken and categoric in your opinions than me. I simply questioned your black and white judgement of Smith and the idea that sledging is a recent Australian invention.

    Smith has various habits, verging on OCD, that include marking middle 5/6 times a day in the field. I am not judging him, you are. I’ll just sit on the jury, I think you would admit that you would prefer to be the judge!

    Looking forward to watching the Test on Thursday.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    No to Nzonzi. Haven’t we learned enough. All these 30 something mercenaries haven’t worked out for us.

    All this xhaka defense has been mysterious to me. Are we watching the same player. I didn’t come to the conclusion that xhaka is poor lightly. Since he has been a mainstay in our team, we have seen new lows every season. We have chopped and changed players everywhere but midfield. I will say that he is not the only problem but he is part of the problem. I remember us having CMs that impact games. I would rather have the likes of Song and Denilson over this guy. We had Fabregas, diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Santi playing there over the years. Can you honestly say he is half as good as these players? The one thing I can commend him for is durability. I think he brings so little to the table. He is not a DM or an offensive CM. He is a Jack of all trades that isn’t good at anything but recycling. Sure he passes forward sometimes but those passes are so insignificant that the ball comes back to us. I honestly think he has conned everyone here. The summer that Wenger signed Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez is one of our worst.

  5. Doublethink

    I know what you mean but I think Bissouma has a lot more to his game than he is showing at Brighton…here is a link i posted a few months back….yes, I know it’s youtube but it shows that he has a lot more to his game than just sitting in front of the back 4.

    You might be right, he’s still only 24 so can still improve too. As I said I’ve only really paid attention for 90 minutes but for those 90 minutes he seemed to play more as an anchor and looked content to recycle possesion even in advanced positions when Brighton were looking to score. I’m not questioning his ability more so his suitability to partner Partey who I believe would benefit most playing with a creative deep lying midfielder or more offensive box to box assuming we are to continue with the current 4-2-3-1. ALsot’s not forget about our creatiity issue, it was only 3 weeks ago we didn’t know where are next goal was coming from, things are looking up but I doesn’t mean that the problems solved.

  6. Dissenter

    I jus saw some excerpts of Saliba’s last game
    Whatever you think of him, he has fantastic recovery pace. He shouldn’t have any problems in the premier league if he does come back.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Thankfully it looks like Arteta is moving quickly get Runarsson out the door… because he realises he is not good enough.


    Shame we couldn’t do that with Willian (due to the size of his wage packet) because frankly he has been a disaster.

  8. Upstate Gooner

    AFC Forever
    “Quite interesting to read that the legendary German coach Ottmar Hitzfeld rates Xhaka, highly. He should know a thing or two I guess.”

    Ottmar Hitzfeld: “Xhaka is Switzerland’s Bastian Schweinsteiger” – I literally burst out laughing. Also, this comment that Hitzfeld made on Xhaka was in 2017. I don’t think he said a peep about him since because he’d be lauded as a laughing stock and would have to eat his hat. Any more brilliant insight on Xhaka from other “legends” of the game? How about the fact that Henry invited Evra over to watch the Arsenal game with him but turned the TV off when he saw Xhaka wearing the captain’s armband. FACT.

  9. Upstate Gooner

    “Indisciplined behaviour and an intelligent footballer” is something that goes hand in hand. You can’t be/have one and not the other. Intelligent footballer would have never been provoked like that in the first place. Xhaka is a dumbass. Same can be said about some posters here.

  10. Graham62

    Henry turning the TV off because GX was leading the team out as captain should resonate with all Arsenal fans.

    Anyone who truly loves the club would never tolerate this.

    GX should not be at the club.


  11. Upstate Gooner

    “GX should not be at the club. Simple.”

    You would think so, Graham. But apparently it’s not for some.

  12. Upstate Gooner

    “Zidane got sent off numerous times does that mean he doesn’t have a football brain or isnt an intelligent footballer?”

    I was waiting for this… thank you! Ladies, and Gents… we are now comparing Xhaka with Zidane. Who’s the IDIOT now?

  13. Dissenter

    Vintage Gun
    Would anyone give us Bissouma and Draxler on loan this window?
    PSG will be silly to let Draxler go out on loan with no buy clause.
    Brighton will be suicidal to let Bissouma leave in January when they are trying to break the clutches of relegation.

  14. G

    ” Young Henry was French arrogant and talented.
    So was Anelka. Arteta wouldn’t play either ” Are you for real.. Why is he playing Marteneli, Saka, ESR , Answer .. Because they’re good enough. So WTF your point

  15. grooveydaddy

    Ballard is apparently progressing well as a CB.

    Him and John-Jules will be coming up against PL opposition in the Cup (Brighton and West Ham respectively, I think??)

    Be interesting to see how these lads fare at this level (hopefully the PL club’s field full-strength teams).

  16. Upstate Gooner

    You know you’ve struck the cord with someone when they start resorting to insults. First of all, go back to your real/original moniker. Secondly, stop using Zidane’s and Xhaka’s name in the same sentence. And lastly, try to apply logic (I know it’s hard) to what you’re posting, and then perhaps others will start taking you seriously.

  17. AFC Forever

    Upyourownars Gooner.

    Upsate, stop being a snidey childish twat mate. All this playing up to other people who agree with you, trying to put other people down is nauseating.

    Get your head out of your arse, respect other peoples right to an opinion and grow up. Your childish trolling is pathetic.

  18. Leedsgunner

    Ballard is a very interesting prospect.

    He is already a full Northern Ireland international. I would love to see him integrated into the first team squad and be given outings in the cup games next year and perhaps even in the Europa League.

  19. Upstate Gooner

    AFC Forever
    “Upyourownars Gooner … snidey childish twat… get your head out of your arse… your childish trolling is pathetic.”

    The above quotes are all from a single post… and I’m a childish troll? LOL… I’m beginning to wonder if AFC Forever and Wilko are the same person (who used to be someone else like 15 times before).

  20. Upstate Gooner

    “Upstate Don’t be so surprised more than one person thinks you’re a clueless twat.”

    I’m not… I’m sure Uruguayan Bulldog, Quantum Leap, etc will agree with you and yourself and your other dozen of monikers.

  21. AFC Forever


    Arsenal get a lot of criticism, some unfair, because there are some decent youngsters on the fringes. The problem youngsters have is getting game time; hence why they go on loan because nothing beats playing time. The U23 is fine but it is what it is and that’s why Saliba went to a better level. Players like Ballard going out to places like Blackpool is good for their progression and mentality too. More accurate way of judging their ability in that environment. But it’s another thing throwing them into the PL when not ready because they can get eaten alive. I was surprised how quickly ESR and Saka took to it, but when they speak they seem to be grounded with good temperaments. Confidence is crucial, especially with our fan base that is so quick to jump on players.

  22. Upstate Gooner

    “Why can’t you answer the simple question?”

    Ok, humor me… what is the question? And if it’s about Xhaka then forget it ’cause I’m not getting dragged into that discussion again. You clearly rate the player (you and AFC Forever seem to be the only ones on here), and I don’t. End of story.

  23. AFC Forever


    What about Roy Keane?

    Some of the greatest players have temperament issues. Even the great Vieira could lose it. This idea that to have a footballing brain you can’t lose your head is complete nonsense.

    I can remember when Gazza made a bad, high tackle in the 1991 FA Cup Final and ended up missing a year of his career with a cruciate injury. This is high-level sport plus there’s plenty of pressure and testosterone which can make anyone go a bit silly, we’ve all been there – had our own “heads gone” moments

  24. Valentin

    I agree with Wilko.
    Xhaka is not a world class player, but he is not as shit as many claim here. He has limited mobility and acceleration, but he is a good recycler of the ball.
    Most managers like him, because he is a disciplined player. With him you may never get a 8, but you tend to have a 6, with sometimes a 5 or a 7, when the stars are aligned. However most managers prefer that security to a player who will be hot or cold, a 8 or a 4.

    His main problem with the fans is that he is following in the footstep of legends and that he does not excel in a single aspect. Not as good as Vieira or Golberto, but also Not as good as Cazorla with his feet, not as good as Coquelin as pure defensive midfielder. Basically he is an hybrid that nobody loves, hence the hate.

  25. AFC Forever


    That’s fair. On Saturday when he came on the took better control of the game and he made the second goal with a quality pass.

    Xhaka is one of those players people target and then bully. He could score a hattrick of free kicks and those who spend every day of their lives obsessing on him will hate it. So they will ignore it happened. Anyone who says anything remotely positive about Xhaka is unfortunately turned on. It’s what a certain type does and I think it’s fake and dishonest.

    We do need to find a partnership in the middle, so no doubt Arteta and his team are looking into what is available because we need to build something in there with Partey.

  26. Upstate Gooner

    Geezus… again with Zidane vs Xhaka debate. To answer your question, Zidane was a supremely talented footballer (something that Xhaka never was and never will be). But yes, he was an idiot and a hothead sometimes. “Thanks” to his very famous headbutt, France lost the World Cup. I’m sure that’s something he’s not proud of, and probably regrets very much. So yes, in that moment (and on a few other occasions) he was not a very smart/intelligent footballer. However… he more than made up for it by being a FUCKING legend of the game. Again, something that Xhaka is NOT. So he was perhaps allowed to have a few brain farts so to speak. Xhaka, on the other hand, is a complete bum. He’s no Henry or Bergkamp. He’s a nobody. He’s someone who costs us games/points with his play and frankly unacceptable behavior almost every week. Add to that complete disrespect for the fans, and you have someone who should have no business of playing for Arsenal FC.

  27. AFC Forever

    Upstate Gooner

    “Xhaka (sic) He’s no Henry or Bergkamp.”

    I would give up if I was you. You’re getting desperate making claims like that……!!

  28. AFC Forever


    I somehow doubt that he’s on £25k per week.

    Grounded bloke though, he’s worked hard and you can see that in his performances. I like the fact he stays on his feet, proper defender, not like Mustafi who used to scare the life out of me with and without the ball!!

  29. Upstate Gooner

    “Most managers like him, because he is a disciplined player. With him you may never get a 8, but you tend to have a 6, with sometimes a 5 or a 7, when the stars are aligned… Basically he is an hybrid that nobody loves, hence the hate.”

    I probably agree with your posts 8 times out of 10, Val, but this is definitely not one of them. First of all, it seems to me that mediocrity is now completely acceptable at Arsenal FC. To me, if a player puts in a 5-6 performance on a consistent basis, he should be benched or better yet sold. Secondly, Xhaka is not any sort of hybrid. He is, as you rightly pointed out by your rating, a VERY AVERAGE footballer who lacks pace, and technique. Come to think of it, he doesn’t have a single attribute which makes him any good in the position he plays. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again, for every one of his “Hollywood” passes, he makes about 10 mistakes whether it’s because he’s slow or just dumb (rash tackles, etc. resulting in yellow/red cards). And lastly, he’s no “disciplined player” by any means (again, his foul and yellow/red card record says otherwise). The only reason he still plays for Arsenal is because of Arteta. He (finally) was on his way out but Arteta convinced him to stay. Why? Because of his “leadership” skills. Well, our captain fucking fantastic told the fans to F off, and had Henry switch his TV off. And now we’re stuck with this bum because of our stubborn manager who won’t admit his mistakes and bin the player who should’ve been binned a long time ago.

  30. Habesha Gooner

    Giroud was actually good at a lot of things. Xhaka isn’t. We went from title contenders to top 4 contenders with giroud. With xhaka we went far below. He is a crappy player and one of the reasons we are at best a top 10 team now. He is not good enough. I don’t care if he isn’t at the level of santi but if he isn’t the level of denilson then that is a big problem.

  31. Upstate Gooner

    You asked a question, I answered it. You were the first to bring up Zidane when we were talking about Xhaka. Same goes for you, AFC Forever. Keep on trolling…

  32. Upstate Gooner

    You’re wasting your breath… Wilko and AFC Forever must be watching some other Xhaka games/performances from an alternate universe.

  33. Mark

    @Habesha G.

    “…..We had Fabregas, diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Santi playing there over the years. Can you honestly say he is half as good as these players? The one thing I can commend him for is durability….”. ( Re Xhaka )

    Great post HG , you broke it down nicely. Like we haven’t been watching him for the last 4 years. All the majority of people are really saying is

    ” Why/How is he STILL here? “

  34. Upstate Gooner

    ” Why/How is he STILL here? “

    Easy there, Mark. Or you’ll be called a childish twat/troll by a few posters. P.S. I’m still laughing at those two… or is it one? Right, Quantum Leap? I mean, Wilko…

  35. Pierre

    I’m not sure anyone is saying that xhaka is the answer to our problems , it’s more until we bring in a player who performs better than him then he probably should start, as Ceballos Elneny or willock are at best on the same level…

    Partey is a definite starter, it’s Arteta’s job to find a partner for him.

    I put the xhaka situation the same as the Ozil situation, in that to not play either of them has been detrimental to the team and until we bring a play who does a better job than either of those 2 , then they should play.

    It so happens that ESR is doing exactly that so Ozil is now surplus to requirements.
    The next step for Arteta is to find a replacement for Xhaka as he won’t want to hang around being a bit part player.

    I would say Bissoima and Xhaka’s value are not too far apart, maybe a 10 mil difference in favour of Bissouma, so it may be a case of Arsenal having to first spend 30 mil on Xhaka’s replacement and then recouping a large chunk of it in the summer when xhaka is sold.

  36. Gazza

    Folk thinking Partey will be rhe saviour of our season need to give the man some time to settle, into in the main an average midfield set up…..

  37. Mark


    Was just about to commend you on your ‘ Keepin it real’ posts. Try not to feed the Trolls. They try to use semantics and excerpts out of context, but anyone reading your posts can see you know what you’re talking about.

    You mention Henry and Berkamp two of our Legends and how Xhaka is a nobody compared to them. THIS!

    Yet the Muppets try to say you’re comparing Xhaka to them.

    I think you’re spot on with the Xhaka-nalysis , he brings next to nothing that I wouldn’t expect a squad player to be able to do. But has so many more negatives that detract from the team.

    Please continue posting sense, I’m sure lots of Grover’s who read but don’t post agree with you.

    Ignore the Blog Police who feel they have to tell everyone who disagrees with how they see a player, that others are clueless or not proper fans etc.

  38. Upstate Gooner

    “You mention Henry and Berkamp two of our Legends and how Xhaka is a nobody compared to them. THIS! Yet the Muppets try to say you’re comparing Xhaka’s performance to theirs…”

    Thank you… that’s exactly what I was trying to say. Those two trolls (Wilko, and AFC Forever) thought they were getting to me where in fact they were only digging a bigger hole for themselves. Again, could be the same/one person as both seemed to have disappeared at the same time.

  39. Pierre

    This conversation is a little confusing.
    Wilko mentioned Zidane had been sent off a few times.

    Upstate said
    “I was waiting for this… thank you! Ladies, and Gents… we are now comparing Xhaka with Zidane. Who’s the IDIOT now?”
    Accusing wilko of comparing zidane to xhaka.

    Then we have upstate mention Henry and Bergkamp on the same subject

    Then Mark says
    “You(upstate) mention Henry and Berkamp two of our Legends and how Xhaka is a nobody compared to them. THIS!Yet the Muppets try to say you’re comparing Xhaka to them.”

    Basically Mark is calling wilko and AFC forever muppets for doing what upstate had done 5 minutes earlier…

    Very entertaining.

  40. Habesha Gooner

    I am done with useless Xhaka debate. The debates might actually be as useless as him. We can’t force people to open their eyes.

    I gotta give you credit. I started watching out for bissouma after you marked him out. He has so many things to his game. I thought I was watching a younger Partey since I started following him to be honest. If we get him our midfield will be very hard to go through.

  41. Upstate Gooner

    The best way to get rid off the troll is to troll him back. Those two were taking a piss, I decided to do the same.

  42. Upstate Gooner

    My 2 cents on the whole Bissouma/Buendia/Let’sGetWhoeverElseWho’sNotComingToUs debate (and forgive me because I believe someone already posted something similar a few days ago):

    Why would Brighton and/or Norwich entertain the idea of selling them to us? And in the January transfer window, nonetheless. Brighton need their best players to avoid relegation, and Norwich need their best players to secure promotion. Cheeky bids never work, and only piss off clubs. So we might have a shot at one of those guys in the summer but not now. So unless we secure some loan for Isco (god, no) or anyone else, I’m afraid we’re stuck with watching Xhaka stinking up the pitch week in and week out.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Assessment of Arsenal’s current squad.

    Players likely to be kept by Arteta

    Players who could be sold or loaned

    Players with no resale value or contract ends in Summer

  44. Pierre

    Brighton are not a club who will not stand in the way of players who want to move to a bigger club.

    A good enough offer will get Bissouma…

    That’s of course if we really are after him

  45. Guns of SF


    Good list

    I do hope in the summer we can add Bellerin, Xhaka and WIlian to the sell list. We need the cash injection and upgrade in those positions..moving forward.

  46. azed

    Xhaka is hated because he’s a reminder of where the club is at the moment.
    From a great club challenging for the title to mid table mediocrity.
    From players like Viera, Gilberto and Cazorla to Xhaka.

    The quality at the club (from those running it to the football side of things) has degraded seriously.

    That said, Arteta has a chance to stop the slide and he has to stop signing players like William.

    Saka, ESR, Gabriel and Tierney are the future. We should be looking for players 23-27 to complement them.

    Bissouma is someone that would fit in and can take over as the elder in midfield from Partey in 3 years time while Azzez becomes a starter.

  47. Upstate Gooner

    “Is your interpretation of a troll a fan who tries to find the positives in our players?”

    If that player is Xhaka then yes. Are you okay with his performances? Are you okay with his antics on and off the pitch? No (true) fan should be, if you ask me. But hey, that’s just me. Also, when someone starts calling you names (childish twat, etc.), you know you got to them and they are just either pissed which obviously clouds their judgement or trolling.

  48. Upstate Gooner

    “A good enough offer will get Bissouma…That’s of course if we really are after him.”

    Like a 20mil +1? Come on… It’s January 12th and the games are coming left and right… if we were serious, the player would’ve been already signed. Problem is, we never are…

  49. Upstate Gooner

    “Upstate Those two were taking a piss. It’s called taking the piss. Not taking a piss.”

    LOL… See, Pierre, that’s how you know when you really got to someone. First, it’s name calling. Then it’s grammar police. Keep on trolling, Wilko aka Uruguayan Bulldog aka Quantum Leap, aka ETC…

  50. Habesha Gooner

    I find the whole they won’t sell thing ridiculous. If we offer a good bid they will take it and reinvest. I bet they both would sell at 30 mil. It is just the media that think they are unattainable. I actually think it is harder to convince Dortmund to sell Brandt. Big teams have always preyed on smaller teams and it won’t be different if we have the cash.

  51. Karsa

    I can’t see us buying anyone in this window, unless it’s a small fee for a keeper.

    I suspect a loan deal for a creative midfield option is the most we can expect.

  52. Dissenter

    A specific allegation was made about whether AFC Forever is the same poster as Wilko.

    If it’s true then that raises a very disturbing development.

    Was the same dude launching two lines of attack in the same argument with Upstate Gooner?

    Is AFC Forever the same as Wilko? Only Pedro can sort this out, not that he has time to dispense with multiple personality posters.

  53. Upstate Gooner

    Promotions/relegations are worth a LOT more to clubs than what they can get for their best players. I mean, if Bissouma say played for Sheffield United, it’d be a different story since they are already doomed. But to Brighton he’s worth more than 30mil (which we don’t have, by the way, to offer them) if they can avoid relegation. He helps to save their season, they can probably sell him for more in the summer when they can actually re-invest smartly themselves by having more time and bigger pool of players available.

  54. Upstate Gooner

    Agree with both. Backup keeper is basically a must but I just don’t see anything else happening (Bissouma, Buendia) unless it’s a loan deal for someone who’s warming up a bench somewhere.

  55. MidwestGun


    Only outfield player on the list. That’s the reason fans know Xhaka is a terrible footballer for the PL and Arsenal. Nothing to do with being a positive or negative fan ..A defensive midfielder who can’t tackle and doesn’t have the pace to be in the correct position or cover ground leaving gaps. His errors lead directly to goals. Goals determine the outcomes of games and therefore your table position. He just isn’t good at his job. And yet he keeps getting selected and keeps getting managers sacked. or in Arteta’s case nearly sacked. That’s why fans are frustrated.. with both Arteta and Xhaka . and should be.

  56. Upstate Gooner

    “He’s disciplined in his midfield role and what he offers the team. Not his card count.”

    LOL… that’s just priceless. So by “disciplined” you mean ball watching when someone dribbles/passes him by, and puts the ball in our net? Keep on trolling, Wilko…

  57. Valentin


    Getting a GOOD GK for No2 may be more difficult than you think.
    London is in Tier 4 with a new variant of COVID. So unless the player is
    1) desperate to play or also in a Tier 4 area
    2) we offer bigger wage or a longer contract

    , most goalkeepers will stick to their No2 position.

    I am talking to good GK, not the Runnarsson of this world who would jump at the chance to join for Arsenal.

  58. Mark


    I think Brandt looks alright (only going by Utube bids 😁) however he’s two footed and seemed athletic as well, not a power house by any means but didn’t look a lightweight. Seemed to be able to ride tackles and keep going.

    I read that his club may be interested in a loan without an option to buy. I’d take that and Bissouma if we could get him. Be a great window.

  59. Dissenter

    Bissouma isn’t moving this January, Brighton are fighting for their lives to stay up
    Buendia isn’t moving this January, Norwich are fighting for their lives to come back straight up.

    Thinking otherwise reeks of grandiose delusions.
    It assumes other clubs will give up their chances to better themselves just to move us from one level of mediocrity to another.

  60. Northbanker

    Bissouma would be a better buy than Buendia. We have absolute need of him whereas how would we accommodate both ESR and Buendia? That would stunt ESR’s career – we need to blood another young player behind him

  61. Karsa


    Yes, a back up keeper is a must.

    As I said I suspect we’ll do a loan move for a midfielder in addition, and leave Bissouma or similar until the Summer window.

    A midfielder on loan would act as cover for ESR, and give us an inexpensive look at a possible later signing.

  62. Mark

    You could be right about Brighton not wanting to sell now, cos they want to stay up. Still they know how players heads can be turned or transfer chat affects their game. It would make good sense for them to be looking at replacements just in case.
    They may sell if they have 1-2 players in mind. Especially if they get £30m from us, they could reinvest.

    Anythings possible, but it would all hinge on us not dithering and getting a firm ( no lowballing) offer. So that they have time to get players in.

    Knowing Arsenal, that’s not gonna happen then. LOL . We can only dream.

  63. Upstate Gooner

    Green Bay (why do you hate it?) / Northbanker

    Agreed. Even though if you notice, all the name calling on here today have been done by AFC Forever, and Wilko (tired of typing for both?).

  64. AFC Forever

    “I’m not sure anyone is saying that xhaka is the answer to our problems , it’s more until we bring in a player who performs better than him then he probably should start”


    It is actually ridiculous how triggered people get when they assign themselves to a cult of hate. Honestly, ridiculous. You can actually nit rate a player without the constant over the top adjectives that show nothing but extremism. It’s interesting to note that those who do most of the ‘hate’ are the same ones who game up together.

    It’s like being in a playground or hanging around with a group of girls, this ridiculous hate on a player and childish gnging up to bully. In fact it’s got to the stage where just for a bit of fun I’m going to say Xhaka is the greatest player I have ever seen in the decades I have been watching my beloved Arsenal. There debate that one girls.

    PS: As for accusing me of being someone else, seriously? You honestly think I am as sad as you lot with your multiple identities on here so you can troll. Jesus wept how old are some of you? No wonder poor Pedro gets exasperated match days with the negative troll fest.

  65. Dissenter

    I agree with you on most things
    However I wouldn’t get a short term midfielder on loan. I would give ESR the keys and see how far he can go then use that data to make the appropriate decision in the summer.
    Let ESR play as many minutes as his budding legs can go…and supplement with Azeez.

  66. Upstate Gooner

    “Wilko… You telling everyone they are unintelligent and missing the point is your gig… until your binned again.. so Ill leave you to it.”

    Mid… He was at least somewhat funny before when he was on his 14th(?) moniker as Quantum Leap. Now he’s just downright pathetic. But keep on trolling, Wilko.

  67. MidwestGun

    And I’m not missing the point. Xhaka might be playing more disciplined within his limitations. . I would argue he isn’t .. see his last Red Card versus Burnley only a month ago as an example. But playing within your limits when your limits aren’t very good still doesn’t make you a decent option.

    He has been contributing in attack more… but when we come up against a team with legitimate attackers .. He will be exposed again defensively. Can he be a reliable squad member against low table teams? Perhaps.. but its risk versus reward. 9 out of 10 times the risk will outweigh the rewards the other 1 time he will score a free kick goal or make a highlight real assist. picking that 1 or 2 games when he can.. is a crap shoot and certainly not worth what we pay him to do.

  68. AFC Forever


    Just to correct you. When you start trolling people and then make snide remarks to another poster who shares your view, to infer another doesn’t have a clue, expect a comeback. That’s disrespectful mate and I stand by my words; childish.

    Having an opinion is fine, after all, isn’t that the point of a blog? However, it seems pointless if you’re going to behave like the blog owner and decide your opinion is always right. Bammy did that and I think you’re falling into the trap of doing the same. Be careful.

    As Pedro says, debate but be nice.

  69. Dissenter

    ‘It’s too early for Azeez imo.”

    That’s why he would make a good understudy. If he does relatively well, that will earn his a good loan for next season.
    Remember people were saying ESR does not have what it takes, some calling for him to be sold.

  70. Karsa


    I get that and it would be nice if it worked out that way.

    I still think there would be games for Azeez if we brought in a loan player. If ESR got an injury it would be a lot to ask a young lad to come in and play a dozen games.

  71. Habesha Gooner

    I am reading rumors we aren’t the only ones in for buendia. His head will get turned by another club either way. All they would want is a bidding war. But they will sell. And they know it is not like their fortunes are attached to those players. Norwich have been doing this for a while. Brighton would be harder though.

    Fabrizio Romano just shut the whole Brandt to arsenal rumor. Axelrod witsel is injured and Dortmund need him. So they aren’t sanctioning any sale/ loan now. We might actually shelve plans for a CAM due to ESRs form. We need help but the management may decide to go for a CM.

  72. Mark


    Might not be a bad idea to use Azeez as ESR backup if we don’t get an AM this window. Only thing is would Arteta do it?

    You’d like to think he’s seen that the kids can do it in the Prem, not just Europa, so why not try.

    Interesting to see what happens this window. I think we’ve just got to wait now and watch what happens.

  73. AFC Forever


    “Remember people were saying ESR does not have what it takes, some calling for him to be sold”

    Some without actually seeing him play. It’s hard to know what to expect from young players. Have they the right temperament etc. Especially for a ballplayer like a 10 because confidence is key. That’s why it’s sensible to find a way to get them games and that often means going out on loan because U23 football isn’t the right level.

  74. MidwestGun

    Other then a backup Keeper I’d be surprised if we bring anyone else in…We need a cm but it’s Arsenal, We make do with subpar players that’s how we roll.

  75. Mark

    I read that about Witsel too, but think they also said there’s still a chance cos they are different types of players.

  76. Upstate Gooner

    AFC Forever
    “Having an opinion is fine, after all, isn’t that the point of a blog? However, it seems pointless if you’re going to behave like the blog owner and decide your opinion is always right.”

    I actually somewhat agree with you there… however, when 98 people out of a 100 say that black is black while 2 people are trying to argue that it’s white, don’t you think that those two should perhaps at least listen and maybe re-assess their opinion?

  77. Habesha Gooner

    They have been using Brandt as a CM last season. They have Can who is versatile so may be they are doing that. But I don’t think he will move. My guess is, Anyone we bring in will be a name we haven’t discussed or a loan for an old player. I wouldn’t mind that as long as we are waiting for the real targets in the summer. Arsenal might surprise us but only if they can put the cash on the table. Anyway if it was a loan I wouldn’t mind Alejandro Gomez for 6 months.

  78. MidwestGun

    I honestly don’t remember anyone on here saying ESR won’t be a good player. More people were worried about his injury record and us releasing him or transferring him before he had a chance to play for the first team.

  79. MidwestGun

    Habesha –
    Oh yeah Zelalem.. That guy was over praised big time though. I agree he was like a willow on the wind.. got pushed off the ball easily. ESR has a little more physicality .. though.. even mentally if not physical makeup, he seems aggressive where as Zelelam preferred to release the ball quickly rather then confront anyone.

  80. Upstate Gooner

    “AFC Forever
    Don’t take offence at my post about being the same as another poster.
    It was poor attempt at banter.”

    AFC Forever is not Wilko. I was taking the piss too (see what I did there, Wilko?). However, pretty sure that Uruguayan Bulldog, Quantum Leap, and at least several others are Wilko. Very few on here can keep up the same level of trolling. So keep it up, Wilko…

  81. AFC Forever

    Dissenter, no problem. Look I just wish people would have proper conversation instead of seeking the ‘My opinion is always right’ narrative. As I write Upstate I see has done it again. It really is immature

  82. AFC Forever

    Ps: I had £50 on Sheffield United. Obvious they would win, Newcastle had no recovery time after the extra time Saturday.

  83. Mr Serge

    ESR is from a tough neighborhood as is his dad he knows how to handle himself he looks very strong for s young man

  84. AFC Forever

    Iwobi is not Willian level and Willian has been awful so far. I think Willian must have a twin and we’ve been done over. Ox is unfortunately an injury waiting to happen and you can’t rely on him for a run of games. Find another Santi, a truly two footed player who was different class. Is there one?

  85. Nelson


    Iwobi is starting every game for Everton. He has just scored. Ox has hardly a game. I can’t remember when is the last time he scores.

  86. MidwestGun

    I think we got great money for Iwobi, was a good deal. Anyhow.. Once a player leaves its pretty much over for me. TH14 and Cesc Fab the exceptions I can think of as far as missing them bigtime.

  87. AFC Forever


    Big time missed: Vieira, Bergkamp, Santi. Henry. Vieira is exactly what we need now. Oh and Bendtner.

  88. Upstate Gooner

    “Big time missed: Vieira, Bergkamp, Santi. Henry. Vieira is exactly what we need now. Oh and Bendtner.”

    Talking about immature… come on, AFC, you’re better than that. Leave trolling to Wilko.

  89. Pierre

    We had xhaka and pepe red carded for next to nothing.

    Like Shaw goes over the top on a Burnley player and gets a yellow.

    Guaranteed red card if an Arsenal player made that challenge.

  90. MidwestGun

    Pierre yeah Probably.. Although tackle on Cavani was a red too.. but it doesn’t count because of previous foul.. and .. it didn’t happen although it did happen.. not sure how that all works. Weird ruling.. I would given a red card to both sides. I think.

  91. Freddie Ljungberg


    Looks like Edouard can be had on the cheap either now or in the summer, 18 months left of his contract. Would be a perfect Laca replacement.

    We’re now finally in a position where just a couple of players can complete our squad. Sure we might need some upgrades in other positions too but it’s not that urgent.

    CM/Cam and striker over the next 2 windows and we’re set.

    Doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, Bissouma + Edouard is probably 55m, find a promising Cam in that same price bracket and it should be doable when we offload a lot of high wage earners and make a sale or 3.

  92. AFC Forever

    Freddie, the way this Chinese flu pandemic is going I think we’ll see a lot of clubs waiting for prices to fall. I don’t think we’ll see many big money moves. Nobody has got any money except Abu Dhabi City.

  93. MidwestGun

    Freddie –
    Yep I agree.. but it’s Arsenal soooo…. pointless loan deal and huge bidding war for a player we can’t afford in the summer more likely. Straight path to a solution is never our thing.. We have to break the cycle of 1 step forward 2 back.

  94. Victorious

    Really not sure how Shaw is still on the pitch

    Just the dubious pen decision for pendadez to give the united the win now

    Surely there is no conspiracy to hand the devils the title this season

    Football as we know it is gone!

  95. Freddie Ljungberg


    We’re getting rid of nearly 40m in wages now and in the summer just on players that have expiring contracts +Kola.

    Add Xhaka (Won’t want to be backup so hopefully leaves on his own if Arteta feels like hoarding again) Laca (1 year left on contract, 30 and already on 180k a week) in sales and you’re pretty much there already for 3 players in the 25-30m bracket.

    AMN is probably being shifted/moving on by himself, can also see one or 2 of Nelson, Willock or Eddie move on to make way for the next batch of youngsters.


    Thanks for bringing me back to reality/shitting on my parade.
    That is more likely.

    We’re in a better position now than the last couple of windows though, I get why we had to fill the squad with stop gaps and loans, we just had too many holes to fill, we did it badly, but still, it had to be done. Now is different, we only need a couple of positions, Partey and Gabriel are the benchmarks, more like that is needed now, less Willians.

  96. Freddie Ljungberg


    You never know, he’s PL proven, and he’s a gooner and would push for a move if we made a move, according to reports at least. He’s also friends with Gabriel and Pepe since their time at Lille. Hopefully Arteta isn’t too involved in player recruitment and then we’ve got a real shot at really improving the team, don’t trust his eye for talent.

  97. AFC Forever


    You’ve nailed the Man Utd game. Someone will fall over and win a penalty.

    Burnley starting 11 cost: 41m
    Man Utd starting 11 cost: £463m

    *Excluding match official back handers.

  98. Victorious

    Except Arsenal never seems to make the most sensible and obviously straight forward decision on player transfers though, I mean just watching the player for 5minutes and you could tell from a mile he would come in and absolutely cement the CM positions along with Partey for us for years

    Its simply a no brainer for us and I hope you’re right that he’ll favor a move to us for the reasons you’ve stated because I also see fcking dippers sniffing already?

    Can you see us signing a CM and CAM in the summer? If I’m given a choice I’ll go all out for Bissouma and just allow ESR cement the CAM spot

  99. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah that’s the worry with us, always missing the obvious. However there’s a completely new team in place that’s only had 1 window so far and the Gabriel and Partey signing were good so there’s some hope.

    I can’t see us not signing a Cam, we can’t rely a whole season on 1 player in that position, ESR has a history with injuries too so no way we should overplay him, there’s plenty of games to go around if we sign another Cam.

    We also have to add a midfield partner to Partey, that’s one of the most obvious significant upgrades we can do to improve the team. Ceballos is leaving so someone would be needed anyway, better make that a starter.