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WOW, I leave you for a day and everything goes crazy.

Arsenal borrowed £120m for a special covid loan to tide them over until the TV money drops. It’s not a shock. We built our future on having fans in the stadium. There are no fans in the stadium. £93m down the drain with many huge outlays.

This money is for cashflow. It’s not there so we can put in a cheeky January bid in for Haaland. What it does remind you is that we’re really not in great shape as a club. Kind of maddening that we dropped such huge wages on certain names if this was what was going to happen… but here we are. Also odd that KSE doesn’t put the cash up. Tells you all you need to know about the idea they’d bail the squad out this summer.

So, as I said in my last post. The priority is going to be clearing people off the wage bill this month.

We moved on Saliba to Nice. He had a mixed bag first game, not surprising considering how little football he’s played, let’s see where he is after 10 games. Because the French media can’t stop crying over this whole debacle, we keep getting drips of information. This is from the player himself.

“I couldn’t train outside, couldn’t play. I arrived there as they were finishing the league season, so I was training alone.

“As soon as they came back from holidays, we quickly had the first friendly matches where I lacked rhythm and was a bit insufficient physically.

“The coach immediately told me that I was not ready. I would have at least liked to have a chance to rediscover my rhythm, but this is football, it’s like that.”

Errr… didn’t the French media run stories that he was totally kept in the dark? They did. Arteta gave more weight to the reasons and they’re basically the same as they were before: At 19, he’s not ready…

“I’ve always been very conscious that when he came back [to London] he hadn’t done the step he needed to do before joining us.

“I want to protect the player that we signed and the future that we have alongside him.

“That’s why we made that decision. I know sometimes it’s difficult to explain or understand after the money the club has spent trying to bring him in only to send him on loan, but a lot of things have happened to him.”

This is logical. What is tough to digest is that Arteta played Runarson in the League Cup knowing he was shite. It’s also hard to piece together the Europa League omission. If you’re good enough for the Nice first team, you are good enough to play against Dundalk. That was the baffling bit and it looked vindictive. The club shouldn’t have allowed Arteta to do that, especially as he kept people like Mustafi in that squad, a player we all knew was leaving.

Talking of vindictive. Mesut Ozil looks ever more likely to move to Fenerbache for the rest of the season. Quite unbelievable listening to his adult fanboys defend something the have ZERO insight into.

If you want a little insight into what people behind the scenes tell you about the player, go to 1.45 on this Keown interview. These are the things that bothered Arsenal. The injuries, the illnesses, a whole manner of things that said he didn’t really give a fuck. That was Keown speaking at the end of the Wenger reign, did it get better? No. Emery dropped him, Freddie dropped him, Arteta binned him for good. If you need to find a conspiracy with evidence like that, you have deep problems. Weird that there’s literally a Qanon like group that follow some of our players.

If the player is moving now, it’s because it suits him, and I’ll make a £10 bet with you… he’s not going to lose a penny from his final 5 months. Let’s also see where he goes next, his fans are hoping it’s an elite club, myself suspicion is the clubs he’s being linked to are the level he’ll find. A real shame for someone of his age and talent.

Anyway, we move, it’s 2021, I have no time for toxicity.

The Arteta presser was a whole different mood. He seemed upbeat, positive about how the form had changed, and happy that things are moving in the transfer market.

He’ll be taking the game against Newcastle seriously this weekend. The FA Cup is a backdoor into Europe. One that we’ll likely need if our inconsistency continues this season. I’d also be looking at this game as a good way to bring players back into full fitness.

As I correctly reported, Thomas Partey should be available. I hope they put sensors on that knee and massage it with horse placenta. We need it strong for the remainder.

I haven’t checked, but I’d assume we’ll have Gabriel (defender) back in the mixer again. It looks like we’re starting to get some choice back in the team. I think Pablo Mari has done an excellent job. They like him at Arsenal because he’s a hugely positive influence behind the scenes. It’s a minor thing, but our squad has quite a few Debbie downers, positivity helps, especially when you’re looking to bring kids through.

Will we see some game time given to Pepe, Willian or Luiz? Maybe. They’ve all been showed up by the Hale-Enders. Our run over the next couple of weeks isn’t shocking. We have 4 days recovery after the FA Cup game before we play Palace. Then it’s 3 days until we welcome Newcastle again.

There will have to be rotation. I’d prefer it to happen in the FA Cup. Newcastle will have one thing on their mind this season: Survival. They aren’t going to win a cup this season. They might stay up. They have a HUGE 6 pointer against Sheffield United on Tuesday at their gaff, so I expect efforts and minds to be there.

3 games has changed the mood around the club, the players, and the manager. That could all change over the next 10 days. If Arteta slips back into old habits again, we could find ourselves in trouble again. These next three fixtures are all about momentum. Arguably, the two most important games of the season are at the end of the month. Southampton is gunning for the top 4 and United, as it stands, are title contenders. Bring home 4 points there and we will be right where we needed to be heading into February. The run-in becomes a cup run. This team is built for that.

However, 4 points against United and Southampton will mean fuck all if we botch the next three games. Arteta needs to show us he can defy our low expectations. He’s had his shocking run. We can brush it off as a horrible blip. What he needs to do now is show he can take this squad to greater heights using the ingredients that helped him escape his nightmare.

Let’s see what he has.


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  1. Tee

    Irrespective of the new CAM we are waiting for, Arteta and the team need to show us that they are back for good. Any bleep up can quickly change the positive mood to the opposite and we will be back to watching players practically strolling and not putting in the required effort to win games.

  2. Tee

    “So on the premise that we have had to take a short term
    loan to keep the club fluid.
    Do we see any incoming signing’s.?”

    I read the loan isn’t meant for players’ transfer

  3. Kris

    From goal.com

    “Mesut Ozil’s legacy at Arsenal will not be damaged by the way his time at the club has come to an end.

    That is according to boss Mikel Arteta, who says the German’s record since arriving in north London is “unquestionable”, even if he never plays another game for the club.”

    So Arteta IS a fan of Ozil, just not the 2020/2021 edition…

  4. Nelson

    I believe that Ozil is one of the reason why Sanchez joined us. Too bad Wenger didn’t improve the team further. Martin Keown is perfectly correct. That contract turned Ozil into a selfish brat.

  5. Emiratesstroller

    I made the case early on that Saliba’s performance level when he joined the club was well below the level of expectation and that did not improve when he played in U23s.

    His cause was not helped by the fact that there were six other experienced CBs on the books.
    The club were unable to shift any of these players off the books.

    Some posters were critical of Arteta’s decision not to register Saliba, but why would you gamble with a player who was not up to scratch. Hopefully the player will get regular playing time at Nice and raise his performance level.

    Next summer Arsenal will have shifted out of club at least three CBs most likely Mustafi,
    Sokratis and Luiz. So there will be an opportunity for Saliba to prove once again whether he
    is good enough to play in EPL. If not we will most probably offload him as well and buy a replacement or promote someone else from U23s.

    It remains to be seen whether Ozil leaves this month. Despite some of the assumptions that
    Arsenal will continue to cover his full wages until June I doubt that will be the case.

    It is inconceivable that Arsenal will pay the full wages until June if he moves to Fernabhace
    this month. My guess is that Ozil will take a wage cut if he moves to Turkey and maybe
    Arsenal will make up the difference for remainder of contract. This will save probably £3
    million of wage bill.

  6. Ben+D

    Good post, but no need to go over the top and blame the owners. Tottenham and Nan U have both accessed the same BOE loan facility. Does that mean they are also in really bad shape financially and their owners are not interesting the club?

    Also, you can do transfers after taking that loan, as long as you don’t use that money fir the transfers. Tottenham signed players after taking the loan

  7. Kris

    “Hertha Berlin are eyeing a move for Wolfsburg midfielder Yannick Gerhardt , Bild says.
    The Bundesliga side expect Matteo Guendouzi to be recalled by Arsenal this month despite taking him on loan for the rest of the season.”

    Why does Hertha think we’re recalling Guen in Jan?

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Bird has confirmed that Balogun trained with first team before tomorrow’s FA Cup game.

    If he is selected and plays in that game it may well be an indicator that Arsenal expect Balogun
    to sign a new contract. Negotiations with his agent seem to be going down to the wire in similar fashion to what happened with Saka who is also handled by same agency.

  9. azed

    Pedro is having a balanced view now.


    That happens when you see the picture of a bird with the nice ass and tits but when you meet her in person, you find out they were padded and you become cautious when you see pics in the future.

    Pedro is at that stage right now.

    He blew his load so early with Arteta only to find out it Arteta didn’t come as advertised.

  10. Kris

    If Balogun is smart, he only signs if he’s told he would be given priority over Nketiah.

    No way does he battle his way into the first 11 with Laca and Nketiah both ahead of him.

    Ideally we sell Nketiah and Reiss in the summer because they won’t get enough chances with the competition they’re facing. Loans would be good, too.

  11. DivineSherlock


    We did sign Omar Rekik , another U19 player at CB . We have Ballard who is getting rave reviews at Blackpool on loan. What grates me is what exactly Pedro said if you deem Saliba not ready to play , how the hell do you explain Runarsson then . Cant have it both ways .

  12. Graham62

    Martin Keown was spot on.

    Where was the adaption?

    We were not RM. We were not the German national team.

    His attitude stunk and generally always has.

    It’s all me, me, me. I’m the star, work for me.

    His legacy will be tarnished, no matter what Arteta says.

    Probably the most selfish footballer I’ve ever seen.

  13. Guns of SF

    Mike came out and said he wants to keep Balogun but its kinds up to his agent. I hope they find a deal. Would really like Balogun to get minutes in the league and of course tomorrow

  14. Karsa

    If Balogun is smart, he only signs if he’s told he would be given priority over Nketiah.

    Rumours that West Ham may be interested in Neketiah.

  15. DivineSherlock

    We should give him on loan to West Ham with an option to buy . Nketiah if smart should realise he has an easier chance to displace Michail Antonio than Lacazette on current form.

  16. Tom

    Apparently Villa will field their U23 squad against Liverpool in the FA cup today due to mass covid infections to the senior squad.

  17. Karsa

    Apparently Villa will field their U23 squad against Liverpool in the FA cup today due to mass covid infections to the senior squad.

    Derby too.

  18. Rich

    Eddie’s got 18 months left on his deal, Balogun 6 months

    Sell Eddie, renew Balogun?

    Keep Eddie, allow Balogun to walk out the door?

    Allow them both to leave?

    Hopefully the club have an idea of who has the higher ceiling, not just in terms of talent, but also application and desire.

  19. Ernest Reed

    “Emery dropped him, Freddie dropped him, Arteta binned him for good. If you need to find a conspiracy with evidence like that, you have deep problems.”

    That would be a direct shot across the dingy SS Pierre.

    You will likely find that Ozil leaving will have a significant impact on overall morale and attitudes at the club. I would expect the team to actually come together and perform like one as the pure toxicity of him is removed.

    I will never begrudge Ozil for signing such a ridiculous contract, but he absolutely did not live up to the expectations that came with it. I would like to believe that the club actually learned something from the entire experience, but Willian, Auba’s and Luiz’s contracts tell you they remain their own worst enemies and likely always will be.

    This will go down as the most egregious period in club history, one that saw pure stupidity and incompetence rule during what should have been the clubs most financially advantageous period. The repercussions will linger for a very long time and those tagged to it are known.

  20. Habesha Gooner

    Sell Eddie. We always fuck up when we don’t sell players at the right time. We should have sold AMN last summer too. Eddie will get better but not enough to make us regret it. Take 20 mil, add some money and get our No 1 CAM target. Balogun can take his place and in the meantime we can give him get game time to convince him to sign with us.

  21. Ernest Reed

    Totally agree with you AMN, Habesha. The fact that he is so sporadically used tells you he likely never has been in first team planning, but rather better suited as a backup. When someone offers good money for a backup, you take it because backups are exactly that.

  22. Samir

    Apparently Arsenal want 30M for Eddie. Hopefully we can agree something between 20-30m.

    Balogun new contract.
    Loan out Nelson & Willock too would be good.

  23. James wood.

    Tee 16.41
    Yes the 120million is to keep the club ticking over.
    So I don’t see players unless loanee’s coming in.
    As you say it’s not mean’t for any new players.

  24. englandsbest

    Most Clubs are losing money but I reckon Arsenal are losing most of all. The largest gate-money has gone, the expenses are close to highest, the debt-load is probably the greatest. If Ozil was the Club’s biggest money-loser (£150 million in wages and transfer fee) then Arsenal must be Stan’s Ozil.

    The debt is staggering. More than £600 million owed to the German bank, circa £200 million Stadium debt, £120 million to the covid-fund – and probably more known only to people in Delaware. Stan must be reaching the point where, like Ozil, it might be cheaper to give the Club away.

  25. Gazza

    Love MK he says it straight & no sitting on the fence. Also love his sly anti Manure Utd veering when co commentating on their games

  26. Sean Mukiza

    Pete get your facts right mate. I watch the 23’s & 18’s week in and week out. Saliba made two mistakes.

    1. Against Liverpool 23’s when he gave the ball away in a dangerous area and they scored after.
    2. Borderline second yellow card against Wimbledon in the Papa John’s Trophy.

    Aside from those two incidents he was excellent and assured. By far one of the best players!

    When Mari played in thee 23’s to build up his fitness he did not look good at all, ask anyone that watches the youth. But look at what he’s doing in the Prem now. The guy deserved a chance he is way too good Technically & physically for the 23’s. Looked like a man playing with boys. But Arteta has his favourites.

  27. Pedro

    Sean, I didn’t talk about his U23s performances, so maybe you should re-read if you’re going to accuse me of incorrect facts.

  28. Ernest Reed

    “Apparently Arsenal want 30M for Eddie. Hopefully we can agree something between 20-30m.”

    What they want and what they get are two very different things. What the market and climate will bear is how this should play out, but in all honesty Arsenal’s management team are not exactly “gifted” in this particular area.

  29. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly the saliba subject has become tiresome. Arteta tried to play a blinder of a PR. He said all the right things. But he also said Saliva needed to play games while also not giving him a shot on dead rubber Europa league games. He doesn’t rate him. That is the truth. When Slaiba was asked about arteta saying he wanted to protect him, the sarcastic tone of how he answered the questions says a lot. Anyway we don’t need to debate Arteta’s questionable eye for talent any more. It is very frustrating. Now he has gone on loan, We need to focus on things at arsenal now. Like how we should offload some of these players.

  30. Ernest Reed

    Saliba represents essentially the same predicament for management as Pepe. Both were quite expensive investments that, thus far, have not panned out and even even remotely.

    When you spend £100m on two players and both have yet to be recognized as returns on investment, who cares about the players any longer – question the competence of those that scouted and signed them. Thats the bigger overarching issue and a very concerning one.

  31. London gunner

    words out that arteta wants rid of balogun

    its remarkable that a player who has only looked great in the tiny amount he has been given has been given almost no playing till since

  32. Cheney10

    20M ish for Eddie would be great business in this market… I just do not think he has what it takes to be a regular first team player. From what I have seen of Balogun, I believe he has a higher ceiling than Eddie and should be promoted to the First Team with Eddie leaving to WH (if rumours are true). I also believe Nelson and Willock are in the same boat as Eddie and should bring 10-20M each if sold… As much as we want youngsters in the team, we have to accept that some won’t cut it and getting a return on the investment the club has made in them from the age of 8 is the right thing to do… Eddie, Nelson and Willock fall into the not quite good enough category for me…

  33. Sean Mukiza

    @Pete. Sorry I didn’t clarify. Wasn’t talking about this post alone. I was referring to previous comments on the blog where you said he looked shaky in the 23’s and is definitely not ready for first team action. But that’s not the case at all mate.

  34. rollen

    Saliba is clearly better that anything we have apart from Gabriel. Its just Tets is crap at management and players assessment.

  35. Rich


    If you owe the bank £20,000 and can’t pay them?

    Then you’re in trouble.

    If you owe the bank £1,000,000,000 and can’t pay them?

    Then the banks in trouble.

    Arsenal might be haemorrhaging money, but Walmart stock was up around 22% last year.

    Servicing the interest on a debt of £1 billion, would likely cost someone with capital, £12-15million a year, we’ll need to get our house in order over the next few years, but Arsenal + KSE could eat up that type of expense.

    The PL contributes £7.6billion to UK GDP, and £3.3 billion directly to HMRC, there’s no way the government allows that industry to fold.

    Countries + big corporations are no longer borrowing what they can afford to pay back, they’re borrowing the amount of interest they can afford to service.

    Hopefully Arsenal don’t go that route, but it’s looking ominous.

    But as long as interest rates don’t rise?

    We’re nowhere near panic stations.

  36. Sean Mukiza

    @Graham62 Trust me man, he’s ready for first team football. He just needs some game time. Would’ve been nice to give him the whole Europa group stage & the carling cup (As Pete mentioned). See how he gets on and if Arteta still deems him “unready” then fair enough.

    I’m sure Pete knows something we don’t though…..

    However, Arteta was allowed to make a ridiculous decision by the hierarchy.

  37. Graham

    Maybe we should put the entire team in loan abroad so they get game time as it’s only a matter of time I think before English football is paused

  38. Frost

    “its remarkable that a player who has only looked great in the tiny amount he has been given has been given almost no playing till since”

    Abit like Martinelli before his injury. Crazy when you think about it.

  39. Sean Mukiza

    Balogun hasn’t signed for a couple of reasons. This is how I see it.

    1. Club wasted a whole six months of his time in the 18/19 season. Was literally scoring goals for fun every game. Way too fast and strong for the 18’s. That level was too easy for him and a number of players in that team. Should’ve been promoted to the 23’s after the first half of the season. He’d get the occasional call up/game when/if u23 players were called up to train with the first team or were injured.

    2. Club wasted another 6 months of his time in 19/20 season. Got promoted to the 23’s permanently for this particular season. Was banging in goals (as usual) in a new look Arsenal 23’s. Should’ve been offered a new contract/allowed to train with the first team more often and sent out on loan to league one from Jan till the end of the season. (was the only decent striker though. Eddie and TJJ were out on loan. Maybe could’ve pushed Sam Greenwood to the 23’s)

    3. This season we’ve sent nearly the whole 23’s team from last season out on loan to various clubs in league one & two. Even the ones that didn’t stand out. We kept Flo, given him limited minutes in the first team and have again wasted his time in the 23’s when he should be playing men’s football somewhere. These youth players DO NOT want to play 23’s football anymore. After 1 season they all want to be out there playing men’s football somewhere.

    No one knows how good he will be. But Flo has the potential to be amongst the best, he has all the ingredients. I understand why he hasn’t signed yet.

    All the best to him with whatever he decides!

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It’s bout time ted Rogers came and claimed his dusty bin… Pepe..

    Flog him back to Europe for 50m.

  41. Sean Mukiza

    @pete he got sent off once mate. Against Wimbledon in the EFL trophy. Got booked twice. Second yellow was questionable.
    This is a new look 23’s team though with a lot of new players playing 23’s football for the first time. He hasn’t been world class, but neither has the team. He’s done his job extremely well this season.

    The 23’s have been shocking so far this season. This is a transition season a lot of players coming in from the 18’s, newly signed players & a lot of first team players playing to build up their fitness. In my opinion, he has done well!

  42. G

    “Saliba is clearly better that anything we have apart from Gabriel.”. How’d u know.. Probably haven’t even seen him play

  43. Tee

    “Saliba is clearly better that anything we have apart from Gabriel.”

    Another baseless comment from one who doesn’t see anything other than saliba to discuss. It usually ends in name calling and insult due to inability to discuss with fact other than emotion

  44. bacaryisgod

    Getting really tired of this Saliba talk. Like most everyone on here, I’ve been critical of many of Arteta’s actions but I can’t hold him to blame for Saliba.

    If we had sent him on loan at the end of the last transfer window, no-one would have complained. His loan-back to St.Etienne was interrupted due to Covid and personal matters and he’s 19 years old. Sending him back for another season to get more playing time sounded like a smart decision.

    Except our contracts team clearly messed up and it likely was the main reason we fired Huss Fahmy. I just can’t find Arteta at fault here although it did feel like we isolated Saliba. However, we also did the same with Sokratis (granted he’s not expected to be our future at CB). I’m guessing that Arteta still thought Mustafi, who had mostly played well under him, might still have a future at the club when he left Saliba off the roster so I can understand his position even more.

    Not sure whether we can compare Saliba to Runarsson. First, Arteta clearly delegated the signing of Runarsson to his goalkeeping coach (bad mistake) and to be fair Runarsson hadn’t been as calamitous in his previous Arsenal appearances. Still, you don’t play an unproven keeper against Man City in the QF of a domestic cup.

  45. Tee

    “saliba is one of the highest rated French young cbs in the world why are people acting like he can’t get a stop ahead of mustafi who is complete trash.”

    Can you tell us why he should get more minutes than mustafi? All you people keep saying is “he is highly rated”. It’s of no use discussing these so called highly rated kids. We how many of them who later live up to the hype. Not saying saliba is bad but enough of all these baseless comments. It’s tiring. Can’t believe we have had nothing that discuss. Not even the CAM we expect to sign but saliba like he is the next maldini

    When last did mustafi play for us? Your comment was like mustafi was a main stay in the team.

  46. bacaryisgod

    London gunner

    Even Saliba said he wasn’t physically ready. If you look at Mustafi’s performances under Arteta last season, he had cut a lot of the rash mistakes from his game. Arteta clearly believed he was a miracle worker and offered Mustafi a new deal. Now all of us who have suffered through Mustafi can’t be trusted long-term but don’t forget that Arteta was almost walking on water after the cup win. I’m just shocked that Mustafi turned down the new deal. He absolutely saved Arteta there.

    We can now look at three overall trustworthy CBs in Holding, Mari and Gabriel and Saliba still has plenty of potential. We just need one more really strong RCB for a reliable quarted of CBs.

  47. Northbanker

    We’re still on Saliba are we? Look, MA didn’t handle it well but i don’t doubt his assessment he wasn’t ready. How the hell would we know any different?

    He’s gone to Nice – fingers crossed he plays well and strengthens and becomes much fitter and wiser. He then comes back and challenges for a place. Or we sell him.

    Until that point next Summer he isn’t an issue so move on folks.

  48. englandsbest


    We’re in trouble. Or rather, Stan is in trouble. Arsenal is a money-loser. A big money loser.

    Will he carry on or throw in the towel?

    The German Bank have the option of taking over the Club if KSE fail to meet the agreed repayment. Stan may prefer that.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Sean Mukiza

    First of all Saliba has played in six U23 games and a sports journalist who was at the early
    games advised me that he was poor and clearly not match fit in the first three games.

    No-one would argue that in normal circumstances if you invest £28 million in a young player who has great potential you allow him usually a period of grace to adapt. However, Arsenal had currently 8 centre backs on their books and Arteta made the decision that Saliba was not ready to play in first team. Moreover reports suggest that Saliba did not take
    the decision well and that was reflected in his attitude in training and also on pitch in games.

    Second youth players who the club wish to keep are seldom sent out on loan when they are
    in final year of contract UNLESS they sign a new contract.That was probably decision taken with Balogun.

  50. Tom

    “A Villa Academy side and still people rate the FA Cup lol.“

    10 Villa players tested positive so that’s understandable but Crystal Palace rested nine players from their Sheffield game, including their best player Zaha.

  51. Useroz

    However, Arteta was allowed to make a ridiculous decision by the hierarchy.


    Arreta was allowed way too many mistakes and poor decisions.

    Happy for Martinez though.

  52. Valentin

    I don’t know if it is all true,but I could not stop laughing reading it.

    ‘One protester died of a heart attack when he tasered himself

    Another protester got trampled and was found with a Don’t Tread on Me flag

    Another protester died being shot after tweeting “nothing will stop us”

    I’m sad anyone died, but these are the dumbest fucking deaths I’ve ever heard. These people are dumbshits lmao.’

  53. Mark


    Let’s offer this guy an extension even after years of rash piss poor defensive play.🤔

    I don’t care if he’s not been as bad lately, he should have only got minutes to then be sold.
    Please, let’s hope he goes this month as well.🙏

  54. Goobergooner

    “Bring home 4 points there and we will be right where we needed to be heading into February. The run-in becomes a cup run. This team is built for that”

    Loving the positivity Pedro. But I can’t agree with this. An fa cup run is a lot different to just under half the season that’s left in EPL at the start of Feb and considering how this squad has let down its last managers in the run in, I’m not hopeful we will put in a great end to the season.
    Though if Arteta is the sauce and can pull off a turnaround of epic proportions, then I’ll humbly eat my words.

    This isn’t about Arteta or myself, it’s about the club. And as much as I support Arteta as our manager, I still don’t think he’s the right hire, especially considering the hole we have dug ourselves into over the last 5 or so seasons.

  55. Goobergooner

    And all you little skirt wearing bitches, yes I have been very critical of Arteta, but when it comes to kick off I’m right behind him and the team.

    Spouting my opinion on here only negatively affects people who like to get offended on here or don’t agree, not the club in any way.

  56. underrated Coq

    The Arteta fan girls on patrol to diminish Saliba. The same way they ‘insisted’ that selling Martinez was not a mistake, that he’s not that good anyway etc etc

  57. MidwestGun

    Good post Pedro… How fresh will the Club look if we could bin off the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Sok, Xhak, Luiz… Willian in the very near future..? Would feel like a fresh breeze… blowing through the Emirates.

    Anyhow… yep.. need to keep it going.. if we revert back to losing ways.. it won’t mean much. Although I’m not sure the Fa Cup game matters as much after already winning it last season but it’s never good to lose a match you should win… like versus Newcastle. Basically any kind of win without injuries tomorrow and I’m happy. Scoreline I don’t care, but would be good to see us keep up shooting. Never though I’d be so excited by more then 1 shot on goal per half. You know like real teams do.

  58. Tony

    ‘He blew his load so early with Arteta only to find out it Arteta didn’t come as advertised.”

    So Pedro was ‘Catfished’ by Arteta?

  59. Tony

    ‘Tired of this autocorrect’

    Tired of everything it appears, especially if Saliba is the subject.

    Except the sound of your own voice and opinions where you deem others are continually wrong.

    Keep on your high horse running your baseless and boring contrarian opinions telling all they are wrong while intimating they are stupid.

    You come across as a trainee CC with training wheels, but you will never hit Charlie’s lofty heights who’s in a completely different league to you both with the written word and sharp application of his debating/arguments.

    I won’t bother you again Tee as I’ll skip your redundant and futile posts in the future.

    Charlie, Marc & Marko
    Hope you’re well and that we’ll see you back here in the not too distant future to liven things up in your inevitable humorous and likable contrarian (at times Charlie) ways.

  60. Gladwin


    What are you on man?

    These people died and you are finding reasons to laugh?? Regardless of whether they were dumb or smart, these people have died.

  61. Captain Tierney

    If there is real interest in Eddie then sell him for 20-25 mil.
    Insert a buy back at 40-50 mil and a 15-20 % sell on clause.

    Dont know how West Ham managed to get 25 mil for a player who has been one of the biggest flops since arriving in the Prem.

  62. Graham62

    Sean’s excellent appraisal of Balogun shows just how poorly run our club is.

    I was ridiculed by some on here the other day for highlighting the fact that I thought Balogun had the relevant qualities based on only seeing him play for a few minutes here and there.

    I hope he’s given a full run out today.

    Sean, you should apply for a scouting job at the club.

  63. Tony

    Thanks it’s interesting to read your agenda less posts on youth players.

    I believe, in the next few games, Saliba is going to show rookie/poor man manager Arteta just how badly he was handled by Arteta and the club.

    At 38 Arteta isn’t mature enough to manage our youth players.

    Agree with you regarding Bolagun. Seen enough of Eddie for the foreseeable future; he’s not right for our play being a tap in merchant – albeit a decent one but not something we currently need.

    Sell Eddie to West Ham and give Bolagun more game time, so He can be properly assessed by the club and fans. At least the same amount of game time and Eddie’s had.

    As you, and others have eluded to (myself included) Bolagun offers the team far more than Eddie and is better suited to our style of play.

    Considering our dire financials, we need to keep all the talent we can, especially those who fit our style of play.

    Hope Bolagun gets a full 90 minutes today.

  64. Graham62

    Learning the ropes as a manager or coach.


    It’s absolute poppycock to think that Arteta is not experienced enough to see and feel things. He’s 38 and has been involved in the game since he was knee high to a frigging grasshopper.

    At 10, yes 10!, you are aware of who are the good players around you. At 15, you have a pretty good understanding of those players that can make it because of their skill set and mental aptitude. By 20, if you’ve made at, as Arteta did, you know most things in respect to player talent and who you can and cannot trust. By the age of 25, as a professional footballer, playing at the top level, your perceptions of the game are pretty rounded. You know who can do things and from a coaching perspective, who you can perform their duties to the highest level.

    Arteta is 38 for Christ’s sake. If he can’t see things that someone sitting at home watching on the TV can see then, I’m sorry, he hasn’t got a genuine feel for the game.

    Based on the past few months and the amount of man-management cock ups made by Arteta, I’d say that he hasn’t got what it takes to progress this club. Before anyone hits back by saying “ We’ve won 3 on the spin” ask yourself one simple question.

    Was that because of Arteta’s natural feel for the game or was it because it was taken out of his hands by fate?

    Think about it.

  65. Bojangles


    Yes, I accept your last comment, you was not one of those calling for a loss.

    I will respond to your previous comment in which you stated: seem. Whatever you and I think It’ll not change the way the incompetents run the club from Arteta upwards.

    I think more realistically, it is better stated that no matter what you or I think, Arteta is at the club until the owners of AFC think otherwise.

  66. Tee

    “A Villa Academy side and still people rate the FA Cup lol.”

    The more noise you make in here the more you show how uninformed you are.

    You should have asked yourself if Villa is bigger than Liverpool that FA cup will now be treated as nothing by them. Hope you know Salah and Mane played for pool?

    You are toxic in thought which can only be the reason why you are quick to rubbish our achievement due to your hatred of Arteta but you ended up showing that if the “know nothing” brigade are to appoint leaders, then you should be either no. 1 or 2 in hierarchy.

  67. I hate Green Bay

    The logical path, surely, is to

    Loan out Eddie

    Sign Balogun,

    Closely monitor Eddie

    Bring back Eddie

    Sell Lacazette

    Make decision on Eddie

  68. Tee

    “You come across as a trainee CC with training wheels, but you will never hit Charlie’s lofty heights who’s in a completely different league to you both with the written word and sharp application of his debating/arguments.I won’t bother you again Tee as I’ll skip your redundant and futile posts in the future.”

    More like your low IQ felt threatened because you couldn’t keep up.

    Besides, I’m not trying to be nobody here. I am me. So, stop trying to project your mission on me.

    English isn’t my first language, so, complaining about my write-up speaks more about your insecureness than my shabby English.

    If you must know, I don’t give a shit about your problem – low self esteem..

  69. Aussie+Gooner

    Average age of Villas starting 11 – 18 years and 294 days. Let that sink in! And they didn’t do too bad until they run out of steam and got rolled – Thiago had to come on for Henderson at half time to bolster Liverpool when it was 1-1. Not a bad showing from the kids. And yes it is very funny that Trump supporters met their demise while trying to over throw the lawfully elected government! Sorry but ‘stupid is as stupid does’ etc.

  70. Pierre

    The no.10,/CAM / playmaker is a dying art and has no part in the modern game according to many on Le Grove.

    I believe they are wrong in making that assumption, I personally believe the playmaker role was, is and will prove to be in the future , the most important player in a football team..

    2 clubs have been transformed on the pitch with the introduction of a playmaker …Manchester United and Arsenal.

    Fernandez and to a lesser extent Smith Rowe , as it’s early days, have transformed United and Arsenal from being dull, uninspiring , boring teams that were lacking in creativity, to teams that now excite the fans and the introduction of a playmaker has lifted their team mates and is making them better players.

    To ignore the influence of a playmaker is another case of fans jumping on a bandwagon just because a team like liverpool have won the title without a recognised playmaker .

    In their minds, Liverpool won the league without a playmaker so we don’t need a playmaker…

    Yet who have Liverpool bought , Thiago who is not a playmaker ( no.10) in the true sense of the word but he is a playermaker from a deeper position and is not just a worker like Milner , Henderson, Wijnaldum, he is a player who can dictate the play, bring others into the game , a superb reader of the game and can produce the killer ball…

    All I have read on Le Grove for the last 2/3 years is players need work and and run and track back with no mention of the need forcreativity..

    Maybe the recent dismal run will prove to be a blessing in disguise as it may offer some education to those fans who celebrated the omission of a playmaker from the Arsenal team, they should now recognise the importance of having a quality playmaker in the side…

    The emergence of Smith Rowe , through luck or design , has opened the eyes of the supporters that believed the CAM was a dying art.
    His sharp football brain and superb technique allows him to bring his team mates into the game earlier and in better positions.
    His old fashioned pass and move style of football shows us that there is a place in the modern game for a player of Smith Rowe’s style of play.

    Players with superb technique is the way forward in my view and the Arsenal academy are producing this type of player and they should be introduced to first team football at the earliest opportunity as Saka , Smith Rowe , Nketiah, Willock , Nelson , Balogun are already showing.
    Azeez is another player with superb technique who will be knocking on the door pretty soon. .

  71. Tee

    “The logical path, surely, is toLoan out EddieSign Balogun, Closely monitor EddieBring back EddieSell Lacazette Make decision on Eddie”

    Except the fact that laca can’t be sold this January. It will have to be next summer.

  72. Freddie Ljungberg

    Someone tell Pierre the difference between a no 10 that scores and assists as well as does his part defensively and whatever the hell it is Ozil does nowadays.

    Can’t stop harping on about it even if he does it in a roundabout way. Just a couple of days left now until the waster is gone.

  73. Tee


    Yes every team need a playmaker but I think it’s better if the whole Frontline is creative like man city Frontline

    Liverpool have workaholic midfielders and creative forwards in Mane and Salah.

  74. Tony

    ‘ I think more realistically, it is better stated that no matter what you or I think, Arteta is at the club until the owners of AFC think otherwise.’

    I’ll stick with my version until the club including Arteta stop making incompetent decisions regarding the club’s most important assets: the players.

  75. Tee

    “Villa could have postponed the game but instead chose to write off the FA Cup by playing kids”

    I don’t know but I will like to ask the house if it’s possible for a team to postpone a match. I think the decision is for the FA to take.

    I could remember liverpool were made to go ahead with their EFL match against villa when they were participating in the club world cup. They had to field kids in that EFL match and they were defeated.

  76. China1

    The FA cup is a second class competition but we are a second class club. It is absolutely important that we try to win it. It’s the only reason we even have European football this season after all.

    Reports of west ham wanting Eddie for 15-20m. I’ve absolutely not ruled out Eddie going on to have a really good career but right now I’d be sorely tempted to take 15+m and promote Balogun (if this will be enough to convince him to sign a new contract).

    I don’t really want us to sell Eddie but at this moment and all things considered I would take that money if it’s offered.

    Also Eurosport are saying Arsenal want to pay 15m for Buendia but they are asking for 25m. If they really are asking for 25m I’d say that’s still really cheap and not haggle that too hard. Or we could offer 20m + a player to sweeten the deal. I hope that figure is true because that’s surely well within our realistic budget

  77. Tee

    “Man City didn’t play kids when they postponed their Premier league game”

    Man city didn’t postpone the match but the Football Association did.
    This is what I was trying to say. I think the decision belongs to the FA not the club.

  78. Tee

    “The FA cup is a second class competition but we are a second class club. It is absolutely important that we try to win it. It’s the only reason we even have European football this season after all.”

    Yes I know. My comment was a reply to Henry19 who earlier mock the competition to downgrade Arteta only for him to now comment it’s a must we win today’s cup game

  79. Pierre

    “Liverpool have workaholic midfielders and creative forwards in Mane and Salah.”

    The creativity in the liverpool attack stems from Firmino, he is the link man who brings others into the game.

  80. Tee

    “It’s not a must win game for me but it should be for those who cheered Arsenal after winning the dud tournament last season.”

    Lol. Even man city fans cheered EFL cup whenever they win it.

    Your tolerance for failure must be zero.

  81. Graham62

    My son put it very well last night.

    “Ozil is a lazy luxury that nobody wants”

    My 22 year old daughter has also started to take an interest in things again, mainly because of Ollie Watkins at Villa and DCL at Everton.

    Her objective when watching any game is to give the players marks out of ten………. for looks!

  82. Tee

    “Let’s get this straight, the only reason Man City are winning trophies is because of the Sheikh.”

    I don’t agree with this. The brand of football they under pep differs from under mancini.

    Yes they have the finance but they also hired a good manager.
    If it’s all about money then psg should be walking the CL

  83. Tee

    “The creativity in the liverpool attack stems from Firmino, he is the link man who brings others into the game.”

    Agreed but it doesn’t take away the fact that Mane and Salah are creative and can make things happen on their own – referring to individual brilliance

  84. Graham62

    There are 6 main trophies up for grabs each season..

    Premier league.
    Europa League.
    Top 4.
    FA Cup.
    Kangaroo cup.

    All in that order.

    The FA Cup is, regrettably, not what it was but it is a trophy that can guarantee European football, therefore winning it is a huge bonus for the club.

    Now I know some of you will highlight Wenger’s record in the competition, which was second to none but, during the period 2006=2018, it was a minimum requirement based on, where we were, where we’d been and the comprehensive infrastructure and resources available at the club.

    Now, because we regressed so much in that period, winning the FA Cup should be seen as a major achievement.

    I’ll go for 4-2 win today.

  85. Pierre

    All forwards are creative in their own way but a playmaker is selfless , he is there to make other players look better and gets his enjoyment of the game through seeing others benefit from his play ..

  86. Dennis+the+Menace

    Brilliant analysis by Keown. He says a lot that resonates about Arsenal. That kind of character and experience has been missing from the dressing room for some time. Our current players “with experience” just aren’t capable of that kind of analysis of a problem, even if they had the weight to do something about it.

  87. Pierre

    So you are saying 4th place is a trophy and putting finance above the achievement of winning a trophy.

    I never thought i would see the day when you agree with wenger.

    Europa above the FA cup …are you sure ? … not even close.

  88. Receding Hairline

    So we have to hope Arteta doesn’t go back to his old habits Pedro, old habits that delivered 8 league losses before December. So basically what he has now is forced upon him because his initial vision was a disaster, and you don’t find that concerning.

  89. Sid

    Its not about ‘if’ its when Eddie starts banging them in for Westham. Diet Pep has grossly misused him.

    You heard it here 1st!