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WOW, I leave you for a day and everything goes crazy.

Arsenal borrowed £120m for a special covid loan to tide them over until the TV money drops. It’s not a shock. We built our future on having fans in the stadium. There are no fans in the stadium. £93m down the drain with many huge outlays.

This money is for cashflow. It’s not there so we can put in a cheeky January bid in for Haaland. What it does remind you is that we’re really not in great shape as a club. Kind of maddening that we dropped such huge wages on certain names if this was what was going to happen… but here we are. Also odd that KSE doesn’t put the cash up. Tells you all you need to know about the idea they’d bail the squad out this summer.

So, as I said in my last post. The priority is going to be clearing people off the wage bill this month.

We moved on Saliba to Nice. He had a mixed bag first game, not surprising considering how little football he’s played, let’s see where he is after 10 games. Because the French media can’t stop crying over this whole debacle, we keep getting drips of information. This is from the player himself.

“I couldn’t train outside, couldn’t play. I arrived there as they were finishing the league season, so I was training alone.

“As soon as they came back from holidays, we quickly had the first friendly matches where I lacked rhythm and was a bit insufficient physically.

“The coach immediately told me that I was not ready. I would have at least liked to have a chance to rediscover my rhythm, but this is football, it’s like that.”

Errr… didn’t the French media run stories that he was totally kept in the dark? They did. Arteta gave more weight to the reasons and they’re basically the same as they were before: At 19, he’s not ready…

“I’ve always been very conscious that when he came back [to London] he hadn’t done the step he needed to do before joining us.

“I want to protect the player that we signed and the future that we have alongside him.

“That’s why we made that decision. I know sometimes it’s difficult to explain or understand after the money the club has spent trying to bring him in only to send him on loan, but a lot of things have happened to him.”

This is logical. What is tough to digest is that Arteta played Runarson in the League Cup knowing he was shite. It’s also hard to piece together the Europa League omission. If you’re good enough for the Nice first team, you are good enough to play against Dundalk. That was the baffling bit and it looked vindictive. The club shouldn’t have allowed Arteta to do that, especially as he kept people like Mustafi in that squad, a player we all knew was leaving.

Talking of vindictive. Mesut Ozil looks ever more likely to move to Fenerbache for the rest of the season. Quite unbelievable listening to his adult fanboys defend something the have ZERO insight into.

If you want a little insight into what people behind the scenes tell you about the player, go to 1.45 on this Keown interview. These are the things that bothered Arsenal. The injuries, the illnesses, a whole manner of things that said he didn’t really give a fuck. That was Keown speaking at the end of the Wenger reign, did it get better? No. Emery dropped him, Freddie dropped him, Arteta binned him for good. If you need to find a conspiracy with evidence like that, you have deep problems. Weird that there’s literally a Qanon like group that follow some of our players.

If the player is moving now, it’s because it suits him, and I’ll make a £10 bet with you… he’s not going to lose a penny from his final 5 months. Let’s also see where he goes next, his fans are hoping it’s an elite club, myself suspicion is the clubs he’s being linked to are the level he’ll find. A real shame for someone of his age and talent.

Anyway, we move, it’s 2021, I have no time for toxicity.

The Arteta presser was a whole different mood. He seemed upbeat, positive about how the form had changed, and happy that things are moving in the transfer market.

He’ll be taking the game against Newcastle seriously this weekend. The FA Cup is a backdoor into Europe. One that we’ll likely need if our inconsistency continues this season. I’d also be looking at this game as a good way to bring players back into full fitness.

As I correctly reported, Thomas Partey should be available. I hope they put sensors on that knee and massage it with horse placenta. We need it strong for the remainder.

I haven’t checked, but I’d assume we’ll have Gabriel (defender) back in the mixer again. It looks like we’re starting to get some choice back in the team. I think Pablo Mari has done an excellent job. They like him at Arsenal because he’s a hugely positive influence behind the scenes. It’s a minor thing, but our squad has quite a few Debbie downers, positivity helps, especially when you’re looking to bring kids through.

Will we see some game time given to Pepe, Willian or Luiz? Maybe. They’ve all been showed up by the Hale-Enders. Our run over the next couple of weeks isn’t shocking. We have 4 days recovery after the FA Cup game before we play Palace. Then it’s 3 days until we welcome Newcastle again.

There will have to be rotation. I’d prefer it to happen in the FA Cup. Newcastle will have one thing on their mind this season: Survival. They aren’t going to win a cup this season. They might stay up. They have a HUGE 6 pointer against Sheffield United on Tuesday at their gaff, so I expect efforts and minds to be there.

3 games has changed the mood around the club, the players, and the manager. That could all change over the next 10 days. If Arteta slips back into old habits again, we could find ourselves in trouble again. These next three fixtures are all about momentum. Arguably, the two most important games of the season are at the end of the month. Southampton is gunning for the top 4 and United, as it stands, are title contenders. Bring home 4 points there and we will be right where we needed to be heading into February. The run-in becomes a cup run. This team is built for that.

However, 4 points against United and Southampton will mean fuck all if we botch the next three games. Arteta needs to show us he can defy our low expectations. He’s had his shocking run. We can brush it off as a horrible blip. What he needs to do now is show he can take this squad to greater heights using the ingredients that helped him escape his nightmare.

Let’s see what he has.


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  1. Foxy

    Feel sorry for the Newcastle players having Steve Bruce as manager. They could have won if they had pressed us in the first 60 mins.

  2. S Asoa

    Arteta prejudices preclude him from learning things until desperate circumstances force a solution on him. Tierney and a core of Saka,ESR , Martinelli / Ballogan on top with Laca as their catalyy. This has been said on this Blog ages ago. Amateurs can figure it but beyond ArtetaOut

  3. Pierre

    “We gained control of midfield after Willock was subbed off.”

    If gaining control means letting the opposition have the 3 best chances of the match then of course jamie , you would be correct.

  4. Pierre

    What this match has shown is that Arteta needs to keep a settled side until he has to change it.

    The front 4 pick themselves now , saka right , Aubameyang left, Lacazette up top and Smith Rowe in the hole..

    Mari looked accomplished again, very tidy performance, Xhaka did well when he came on and Leno made the all important saves plus Carrol missed a sitter when apparently we had control of the game …

  5. Northbanker

    Hate to say it but Xhaka has looked pretty good these last few games. My biggest issue by far is Willian – how could anyone who played for Chelsea regularly be this bad? The guy is dreadful and we play badly whenever he’s on the pitch..

  6. Northbanker

    Mari looks to be a decent CB. I know he’s left footed but I’d like to see him and Gabriel as the first choice pairing.

  7. Habesha Gooner

    Martinelli might be out for a while. I would invest a lot in Martinelli if I was Arsenal. Get him the same strength and core training that messi got when he had some injuries. So far his body is letting him down. He also goes all in like wilshere used to do all the time. He needs to time it. But the main thing should be to build his muscles below the belt like an iron.

  8. Jamie

    “If gaining control means letting the opposition have the 3 best chances of the match then of course jamie , you would be correct.”

    It means scoring two goals and conceding zero. Keep up, lad.

  9. Words on a Blog

    These last four games show how important ESR and Saka are to Arsenal’s attacking play. They work hard defensively too. They bring a lot more invention, fluidity, quick interchanges and forward momentum than Willian and Pepe. Pepe played ok, but things are a lot more stop-start with him, and a little bit aimless sometimes. Willian was better than normal, but that’s not saying much.

    Probably too early to come to a definitive conclusion, but I do rate Saka, ESR and Martinelli much much more highly than Willock, Nketiah or Nelson.

    I’d be pretty relaxed if Willock, Nketiah and Nelson ere loaned out or sold to raise cash, but would be devastated if Saka, ESR or Martinelli were sold.

    They are the future.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Watching tonight’s game there are four or five players in starting lineup who need to be shifted out of the club in next two transfer windows.

    These are:

    WILLIAN whose recruitment has been disastrous. I thought his performance was dreadful.

    NELSON and WILLOCK are also not of the required level and should be sold. I am sure that
    sales would generate £15-20 million each in transfer fees from less ambitious teams than

    ELNENY is an honest and popular squad player, but he slows the ball down whenever in possession. I am sure that he would do better in leagues in Turkey and Italy than in EPL.

    PEPE has been a huge disappointment. There is always the expectation that he could be better than he performs, but somehow he is underwhelming and I think that his decision making and football intelligence is poor.

    On the positive side I think that MARI is a solid left sided Centre Back and we have now got
    two players in the squad who are good enough to play in that position.It is one position less
    to worry about.

  11. Jamie

    “Stick to politics jamie..football isn’t really your thing is it..”

    Not sure what you should stick to, Pierre. Seems you’re struggling with the concept of needing to score goals to win matches.

    How’s Eddie?

  12. Pierre

    Not looking good for Martinelli , i hope he isn’t as unlucky as jack Wilshere was with injuries , lets hope the minority of fans don’t turn on Martinelli they way they turned on Jack for being so unlucky with injuries.

    Any footballer who has the misfortune to see their career wrecked by injuries, the least one would expect is that they retain the support of their own fans.

    Wishing Martinelli a speedy recovery and better luck in the fortune .

  13. Nelson

    This game tells us that our offense is much weaker with Auba playing the #9 spot. He doesn’t fight for any 50/50 balls. Both his hold up play and his passes are weaker than Laca. He can only be deployed as inside left attacker.

  14. Tee

    “Also looks like it is helping that players are ignoring the background noise and playing without handbrake on.
    So many reasons ethe Fraud Arteta should have been removed”

    Another lie from the pit of hell.
    You weren’t on the field with them to know how things went between the players and manager but you just had to lie to show your toxicity towards Arteta.

    It won’t do you any harm if you can just pretend to cheer the win other than trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Always trying to paint a vague picture

  15. Tee

    “Arteta prejudices preclude him from learning things until desperate circumstances force a solution on him. Tierney and a core of Saka,ESR , Martinelli / Ballogan on top with Laca as their catalyy. This has been said on this Blog ages ago. Amateurs can figure it but beyond ArtetaOut”

    Go and get him out……noise maker

  16. Tee

    “Mari has been very good. Amazing how some wrote him off after two games.”

    It shouldn’t surprise you. It’s there way here. They will always rubbish the guy because Arteta bought him.

  17. Sheldon

    Think Martinelli has a dislocation. There’s a video of him receiving treatment and the doctor sort of twists his ankle back into place like one would with a pooped shoulder.

  18. Nelson

    I heard that Martinelli twisted his angle during warmup. WTF! What kind of exercises are they doing to warm up???

  19. Tee

    “I heard that Martinelli twisted his angle during warmup. WTF! What kind of exercises are they doing to warm up???”

    I’m could happen to anyone. Arteta said he was in his office when a coach came to inform him that martinelli was injured during warm-up. He went to straight to the physio room and met him crying bitterly which means it’s bad.

  20. Tee

    “Like a ghost town when we win”

    They will wait till one of them is able to gather the boldness to say something negative and the rest will be out in full force to lap it up.

  21. Tee


    They had like 8-9 players behind the ball. So, it was always going to be difficult to break them down with such a defensive tactic

  22. Karsa

    They had like 8-9 players behind the ball. So, it was always going to be difficult to break them down with such a defensive tactic

    It’s the only way they play. It will be same in the league game coming up.

  23. Words on a Blog

    ESR is brilliant as a number 10 in a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 formation.

    But if the plan is to have Willian as understudy to ESR then that plan ain’t working. He doesn’t have the understanding with other players or the quick thinking / quick feet of ESR.

    At the moment it’s Willian who looks like the clumsy, over-awed youngster.

  24. Mr Serge

    Words all the ex Chelsea players need to go asap it’s about the vibrant hard working kids and bringing in players that compliment them

    It’s been a while since we have had a bunch of kids come through at once

    Probably 30 plus years since Merse,big tone rocky etc