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Listen, we have to talk.

You’ve all been ‘ooooh, Mesut has to go’, now he ‘might’ be going you are crying into your keyboard sharing 2016 GOALS AND ASSISTS comps?

Grow up.

If Mesut is leaving, it’s because it suits his back account (at last).

Chris Wheatley said there have been talks between DC United and Fenerbache. It seems like the lean is more towards Turkey.

I suspect if he goes this month, Arsenal will still carry a portion of his wedge until Maybe, but any help is better than nothing.

The rumblings I am hearing are that there are three major priorities at the club right now.


The squad is badly bloated. That hits the bank account, but it also affects the training camp. Big names, dropped for kids, feeling very embarrassed is not how you create a high performance culture.

Our squad needs a dramatic trimming. Losing Mesut would be a HUGE win, hopefully he’ll take the toxic fanboys with him. The next highest priority on the list has to be Sokratis, who is taking the fancy of Genoa. Then we have to pray someone can pick up Mustafi, who can be difficult.

David Luiz will take care of himself within 5 months and the kids seem to like him, but we still have big issues. Xhaka, Mo and Willian need to be shipped as well, but I think that seems less likely.


This is an absolute necessity. The most dangerous miss in our squad. The club knows this. We’re about to move Matt Macey to Hibernian, but we’ll still be lumbered with the wholly unsuitable Runarsson.

Expect a loan deal here. It goes without saying, but the goalkeeping coach should be absolutely nowhere near this decision. Leave it with the analysts to pick the options. We need someone a bit older, that’s played at a top flight club in Europe, and ideally in the Premier League. Experience is absolutely key… no chances on the mates of someone at the club. Data driven, with an eye test as the confirmation.

At a basic level, look at keepers with 6 months on their deals: Fabianski, Sergio Romero, Gigi Buffon, Marko Dmitrovic, Tomáš Vaclík, Rui Silva, Begovic, Donnaruma and John bloody Ruddy. Nearly all of those names have extensive top level experience. None of them would crash us if the worst happened to Leno. They’d all be cut price right now.


The final priority is creativity, but this will only happen if there’s a really sexy opportunity. It seems fairly clear now that Arsenal has stumbled on a way forward. The obsession with short term fixes needs to end and we need to move forward. The biggest concern for the next 5 months is ESR and his fitness. Arteta went from ‘CANNOT COACH ATTACK’ to ‘THIS IS INTERESTING’ and most of that was because we added a competent #10. If we lose him to a hamstring, we’ll go back to being painfully bland again.

The rebuild now and in the summer needs to be heavily skewed in favour of fast players with the hunger to press for 90 minutes. The shape of the creative midfielder we find has to match that. There’s no use bringing in Eriksen… I’d even say that praying Isco wants to run of his gut seems a risk. I don’t know if Buendia is the answer, but at the very least, he matches the profile of player we should be taking a chance on.

So… an interesting month ahead. The right move is cull the squad before we grow. If we grow, let’s pray that we do it with a future facing mindset.

Right, I’m off to watch William Saliba run the defence over in Nice, a start right away, you love to see it.

See you in the comments. x


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  1. Dissenter

    There’s tabloid talk that Balogun is being linked to 15 clubs but so long as Arteta doesn’t play him, he’s crap.
    His agent is probably whipping up a storm but it’s evident that there’s something about him.

  2. Andy1886

    Wilko, he clearly states that may not have signed him, for a man paid millions to win football matches that’s not acceptable. As I said previously if he didn’t realise the amount of abuse that would result then he’s plain stupid. He’s using the situation to make headlines and sell his crappy book. Not much empathy there.

  3. Karsa

    So the bottom line, we are 4pts worse off than we should be. Extrapolate that over a full season and you have 8pts worse off. 8pts is the difference between getting 4th and finishing 8th outside the European places.

    Absolute nonsense.

    Speculation at best. No-one knows what the remainder of the season holds. Using your logic Sheffield Utd will end the season with 2 points. And what about the points gained via wonder saves?

    I get it. You don’t rate Leno. That’s fine.

  4. Tee

    “So according to some Arteta is not trying to clear the squad at the expense of Willock, Nelson, Balogun…”

    Where was is it written in the link you posted that edu objected to the sales of those players mentioned in the article?

    It’s clearly known that our incomings depends on outgoings which means we need to trim the squad to accommodate new players. The clearing could be loan moves or outright sales which was not stated in the link you shared.

    The names mentioned are nelson, willock, eleny, papa, ozil mustafi, Balogun.

    But you made it sound like Arteta is willing to dispose all our youngsters which isn’t the case according to the link. Balogun was included because he isn’t ready to out one to paper so we will rather get a small fee for him than allow him to go for free.

    I’m still awaiting your response on where it’s written in that link that Arteta wants to sell all our youngstars but edu objected

  5. Graham62


    Hypothetical question.

    If Martinez was still our #1, which he should be, do you think we’d have more points than we currently have?

    Based on team focus and disruption, what do you think?

  6. SpanishDave

    So we are loaning money from the Bank of England , Stans a bit short at the moment he’s down to his last 7 billion.
    Can’t make it up.
    Badly run, from top to bottom.

  7. Karsa

    Based on team focus and disruption, what do you think?

    I think there’s every chance that we would have more points with Martinez.

    Doesn’t mean I think Leno errors will cost us a European place which was the claim I disputed.

  8. Kris

    Arteta on Saliba: “He is going to a really strong league…”

    Pedro on the same league: “the overall standard of the league is very low”

    Oh oh, do I hear a first lovers’ spat?

  9. Tee

    “Hypothetical question.If Martinez was still our #1, which he should be, do you think we’d have more points than we currently have?Based on team focus and disruption, what do you think?”

    We will be where we are. Our run of bad performances wasn’t due to bad goalkeeping but unrest in the dressing room, players underperformance, imbalance in the team which is why we lack the cutting edge in these matches. We did more of defending than attacking because we lack creativity along our front line. Players had grudges against the manager because they felt he had favourites.

    Our midfield was nonexistent, teams passed through it like there were no midfielders.

    The number of times leno saved our asses are there to be seen.

    Villa are where they are not because of martinez alone but because of their attacking prowess.

  10. Samir

    Leno is one of the last players we need to replace in the squad. Not even worth discussing until we’ve replace: CM, LW, ST, RB, RCB.

  11. Tee


    Exactly my point. Leno isn’t our problem and no one can say what the table will look like at the end of the season.

    Can remember everton been touted as title challenger. Even chelsea turned from title challenger to fighting for top 4 within two weeks. Sheffield were moving mountains last season but are now on the brink of relegation.

  12. Karsa

    Exactly my point. Leno isn’t our problem and no one can say what the table will look like at the end of the season.

    Yes. Leno is the least of our problems.

    He may cost us points or he may win us points. Same can be said of any player.

  13. Tee

    With the present form of man city, they can go ahead and win the league. Liverpool can also win it even without their defense marshall, Van Dyke

  14. Northbanker

    Leno IS a problem and we did have the solution which we let go without a fight. Nevertheless there are far worse problems and I agree we need to get back up rather than upgrade. That ship has sailed for the time being.

    There are far more urgent outfield issues to fix.

  15. Tee


    Leno isn’t a problem as far as am concerned. As bad as were during the bad run of matches, leno wasn’t pummeled as bad as some goalkeepers better than him in a single match.

  16. Graham62


    Sorry my friend but that’s a very naive of you.

    Do you not think that Martinez leaving disrupted team confidence?

    Do you think it was just coincidental that we started underperforming when Leno came back into the fold?

    Yes we have visible frailties but losing Martinez had a massive affect on team moral and team cohesion

    If I was a multibillionaire owner of the club and had a basic understanding of the game( which Kroenke doesn’t), I would not have sanctioned the move..

    Buy the way making flashy saves doesn’t make you a top keeper.

  17. Graham62


    This has nothing to do with Runarsson because we all know now just how shite he is.

    Who’s to blame if it is all down to Runarsson?

    I wonder.

  18. Chris

    Leno has kept 5 clean sheets away from home which is only equalled by Martinez funnily enough.

    Personally I find the goalkeeping debate tiresome. I would have preferred Martinez given a choice but we have Leno and he is a very good goalkeeper.

    The upgrade needs to be the back up keeper which we all know.

  19. Tee

    “Sorry my friend but that’s a very naive of you.”

    I know it will degenerative to name calling which isn’t a surprise for me. You said you wanted people’s opinions but you can’t stand other’s opinions which goes to show how irritating you are.

    We did badly not because of leno and for you to say our martinez leaving disrupted team confidence shows you lack football knowledge.

    Leno wasn’t responsible for our toothless performance. He wasn’t responsible for laca and Auba firing blank. He wasn’t responsible for our players’ indiscipline

    I have made up my mind.not to go that lane with anyone like you again. Leno is ours while martinez is Villa’s, live with it or better follow him to Villa

  20. Black Snake

    Why does the club need to take out a £120m loan when they have a wiggy moustachioed billionaire twat for an owner?!

  21. Sid

    Arteta on Saliba: “He is going to a really strong league…”Pedro on the same league: “the overall standard of the league is very low”Oh oh, do I hear a first lovers’ spat?

    The Mrs is always right, enjoy the couch supreme leader!

  22. SpanishDave

    Just spoken to my MP
    He thinks it’s ok for people to hire taxis to get to a vaccine centre that is in the middle of nowhere.There are no buses.
    A lot of people do not earn his wages to afford to hire a taxi.
    They just live in a bubble.

  23. Ivan

    This Leno/Martinez debate is both tiresome and mostly uninformed. Martinez demanded assurances that he will be no1.

    Arteta refused and said he will fight for position with Leno as every outfield player has to fight for his.

    Martinez had no1 for the time being but no promises were made. When Villa came for him, Arsenal let him go on merit for being a good servant (Villa did guarantee no1 spot to him).

    To be honest, I did felt sorry for him leaving, but as Arsenal fan that remebers Arsenal being classy club i find that decision fair.

    You have interviews of both Arteta and Martinez on Youtube bassicly confirming this.

    On another note there is allso option of reading Sun or another source of similar quality and belive rubbish they write.

  24. Dissenter

    “Businesses borrow money when there is no other means.”

    Actually that’s not true
    Sometimes the loan is just working capital to cover operating expenses. The cost of borrowing is very low at the moment.
    Kroenke never presented himself a a sugar daddy owner like Abramovic.

  25. MGooner

    @ Dissenter

    Kroenke never presented himself a a sugar daddy owner like Abramovic

    But he told us that we would be competing at the highest level. You need money for that.

  26. Hitman

    Business that borrow tend to go out of business.
    So poorly run they have to borrow from the devil. Slipperly slope. AFC must be one of the most wasteful businesses out there.
    350k pw to a player who doesn’t play. And 250k to a retiree. Goodness me.

  27. Dissenter

    You don’t need to spend massively to compete at the highest level.
    You need to spend sensibly
    We have 19 yr old defender that cost 29 million that was demoted to U-23s, a 72 million transfer fee winger that’s good enough every five games and midfielder who earns 350k weekly that’s home playing fortnite for one year.

  28. Pepesuave

    Punt on Matt Ryan as our new backup goalie? Brighton are willing to let him leave now that Sanchez has emerged as #1. He is borderline shit and struggles with passing out from back but anything is better than Runnarsaurus

  29. TR7

    NYT and Washington Post instigated and incited violence and protests against Trump for 4 years and yet it’s Donald Trump whose account is blocked by Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. Not so long ago the mainstream media and social media was cheering the violent BLM protests and what transpired in Capitol Hill in the last two days was basically a mini reaction to violence and harakiri perpetrated through BLM. Facebook and Twitter are not social media platforms anymore but active state players. They are meddling in internal affairs of several countries and using their might and reach to tarnish the right wing. Time for great sovereign nations to take a cue from China and develop alternative social media platforms.

  30. Dissenter

    “what transpired in Capitol Hill in the last two days was basically a mini reaction to violence and harakiri perpetrated through BLM”

    mini reaction? a bunch of goons breaking into a parliament filled with elected representatives carrying out their lawful duties.
    Are you aware that four people died?

    I subscribe to the WP and read it at least 5 times weekly.. That notion that the WP has been promoting violence is a blatant lie from the dregs of Q

  31. Dissenter

    Let him be
    That’s the type of conspiracy theories that lead to mayhem.
    People just fabricate stuff and pass it off as facts

    Twitter and Facebook are private entities who have come to realize that the guy is a psychopathic narcissist who will burn everything down to save himself.
    Did you see how he turned on his his vice president?

  32. Jamie

    In a free market, if there is a need for a right wing leaning social media platform, one will be deployed.

    The fact that there isn’t tells its own story.

  33. Nelson

    Arteta better doesn’t register the 19-year-old Omar Rekik in the Europa Cup competition if he doesn’t want to excite his critics. .

  34. Guns of SF


    He has turned on his right hand man, pressuring him to do something he has no legal right to do.

    Good for Pence to do what is right. Not bow down.

    Trump is so desperate in his last days, he will take anything down.

    People took to the streets in protest of the killing of innocent African Americans.

    I fail to see how any of that has anything to do with what happened yesterday, not how did any major newspaper incite violence…


  35. Pepesuave

    In a free market, if there is a need for a right wing leaning social media platform, one will be deployed.The fact that there isn’t tells its own story.

  36. SAGG


    Sociial networks are PRIVATE BUSINESSES They can do as they wish. If they want to add to your profile that you are a Man U fan they CAN do it, because when you accepted the terms and. conditions of. the platform you agreed with that.

    You are not happy? Well then create your own product and move your own agenda, you are free to do it.

    Madrid and barza has a newspaper to move their agenda and bend the facts as they wish.

    That is how the world works.

    You said China, well how. do you think they move they agenda? It is obvious dont you think.

  37. Northbanker

    Nelson – if Rekik is that good then I will be quite happy if he does. Guendouzi was playing regularly for us at 19. Youth players have different rates of development and Saliba has lost a critical 18 months of development.

    Fingers crossed Saliba will be a huge player for us but we cant just sit around waiting to see if it happens. We continually attempt to raise the bar and the competition for players. The current surplus of CBs wont last for much longer as we ship out the crud.

    Wouldn’t it be great if by next season both Rekik and Saliba were pushing heavily for first team places?

  38. Northbanker

    TR7 – I think you’ve mssed the point. You might even be right in part – those papers may have incited violence. BUT 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    If i was American I probably would have voted Trump in 2016. Probably even in 2020 given the weakness of Biden. But his behaviour since losing has been deplorable and yesterday was unforgivable and outright criminal incitation. He should be impeached and imprisoned for his fascist behaviour. There are some parallels with Hitler’s bully tactics in the 1933 elections when the National Socialists won power with a minority vote in Germany..

  39. Northbanker

    And Facebook and Twitter are absolutely correct to not let their platforms be further infected with the man’s narcissistic and violent rants.

  40. London gunner

    was a massive fan of trump but he had handled the loss terribly and disgracefully.

    He should have handled the L with dignity and then won the next election in 4 years if Biden failed as president.

    Instead he has destroyed his legacy and all his achievements he could of at least the very least bowed out as a very economically strong president who changed the course of US politics by putting USA first and putting China in their place.

    Instead he will go down as inciting anarchy and anti democracy and be remembered for this instead of his many achievements. His brand and legacy is now tarnished completely his image is toxic.

  41. Dissenter

    I appreciate your candor but you’re still wrong when you write that Trump was an “economically strong president who changed the course of US politics by putting USA first and putting China in their place.”

    We were already in a mild recession in January 2020, just before the pandemic struck
    All China has done is make China greater by ceding the international politics space to them. Don’t confuse isolationism with strength my friend,

  42. Samir

    Rekik was bought for 500K, he’ll play for the U23s…Be loaned out and probably sold for a profit. Just like Mavropanos.

  43. Dissenter

    “Rekik was bought for 500K, he’ll play for the U23s…Be loaned out and probably sold for a profit. Just like Mavropanos.”

    Don’t bet on it
    If the lad is good he will be promoted to the senior team. Holding didn’t cost a lot of money too.

  44. MGooner


    Putting China in their place?

    China is not there yet. It’s GDP used to be something like 70% of the global total 200 years ago. But it should reach close to 15% this decade.

  45. MGooner


    International political space….. Why is there the need/desire to dominate that space? Cant they live quietly within their space 😉

  46. London gunner


    My understanding of American Chinese relations is that under Bush and then Obama american bent over backwards for China and allowed China to take a mammoth piss in trade negotiations and basically paved the way to become a super power. The reason was globalist desire for cheap labour and cheap goods and also perhaps a little fear of the potential of China as a military force better to let them eat at the table then turn it over.

    Trump is a bit of a shark a bully in some ways he reco gised china’s game and it seemed that for the first time America was standing up to China. I think he even signed the biggest most US favourable trade deal with China of all time.

    Anways a new man is in the job Biden. Let’s hope he stays tough on China and doesn’t sell out the American working class for cheap labour/goods.

  47. Northbanker

    Wouldn’t it be great if Rekik was the real deal. Lot of clubs already though. A Mertesacker recommendation. He has apparently also played DM.

  48. Northbanker

    Luteo – they’re separate decisions. If i recall correctly this deal was set up last Summer but too late for the paperwork. Get over Saliba – he will hopefully return a better player. If Rekik is good then it adds to serious cometition. If he isn’t its a small investment and not another 27m burned

  49. Luteo Guenreira

    “was a massive fan of trump”

    The only way it’s possible to have been a massive fan of Trump is if someone believes completely fabricated and/or biased reporting to be true. That, or you might just be an idiot racist that falls easily for propaganda. I guess those things aren’t mutually exclusive though.

  50. MGooner

    The US used to be the country of innovation, not so much now.

    China made the most of WTO. The US corporations grew exponentially during that time but they did not invest back into their country, choosing to keep their cash abroad to pay less taxes if at all they paid.

    So, the issue of the US was one of taxation also.

    The other thing is that when you open up global trade, you have to retrain your labour force as foreign imports change the industrial landscape. Why did the US not retrain them… in fact most countries in the world are in that situation due to political short termism.

    What is happening in the US today is partly a result of that. People dislike their governing institutions as they feel let down.

    When this happens, you might think that you get the right politician to sort out the mess. In fact no, throughout history we see a new breed of politicians coming forward to further exploit the population and this is what Trump did.

  51. Luteo Guenreira

    “Get over Saliba – he will hopefully return a better player.”

    I’m not a fan of things that don’t make any sense on multiple levels, this Saliba thing is one of them. If he plays well in France, the question becomes why didn’t he get his chance here? If he stinks then the question becomes why was he bought at such a hefty price tag in the first place? I’ve got no desire to see Saliba in league matches if he’s not ready but feel like it’s reasonable to be curious as to why things have gone the way they have so far.

  52. Dissenter

    It has nothing to do with Obama or Bush. Trump just used that to scare people.
    It’s what happens when the forces of a capitalist drive economy meets with the opportunities that globalization. China provided excellent cheap labor and industry for American business. The American consumer lover the cheaper made in china goods so it should have been mutually beneficial to both countries.
    It’s the American consumer that has also contributed to the advantage China has obtained. That’s how Walmart and now amazon.com became successful.

    .then you add the impact of automation and robots in industry. Why should 10 US workers be entitled to a well paid job that a robot and one Chinese worker can make cheaper?

  53. Bojangles

    So it would seem.Whatever you and I think It’ll not change the way the incompetents run the club from Arteta upwards.”

    I imagine the worse thing that has happened at Arsenal, for you, the past week was us winning three games in a row. At least you are not alone at LG.

  54. Tee

    “Arteta better doesn’t register the 19-year-old Omar Rekik in the Europa Cup competition if he doesn’t want to excite his critics.”

    All what the critics can is to moan and whinge. He doesn’t even know if they exist

  55. Tom

    “NYT and Washington Post instigated and incited violence and protests against Trump for 4 years…”

    Care to give examples of these instances ?
    I’m assuming they should be fairly easy to find since NYT and WaPo have been doing it for 4 years.

  56. Northbanker

    Tom – does it make ny difference.? TR7 is desperately trying to excuse Trump by finding another antagonist. See my previous post – nothing excuses Trump’s terrorist actions.

  57. Guns of SF

    a number of senators and congresspeople drank from the Q stream.
    in fact, they drank gallons and gallons….

    So did the 5000 people who attempted a coup, with guns, bombs and zip ties to take prisoners.

    The “president” is deranged. Not sure how else to put it… his followers are sadly brainwashed as well. Eerily resembles Nazi Germany…

  58. Dissenter

    Of course you assumed, based on the fetishes you struggle with every day.
    I bet you have calluses all over your hands from all those hand movements.
    When you’re a hammer everything is a nail… when you’re a pervert everything is about fat women.

  59. Tom

    You do realize you have the power to skip past posters who bore you with their content.
    Also, I hate to brake it to you but your football related input isn’t very insightful or interesting, if I’m honest.

    Now, mine might not be of the highest level either but at least I never claimed one should only head the ball with their forehead lol.

  60. Words on a Blog


    Seriously, you had to look it up on Google?

    I thought everybody knew about it.

    Parler is the forum where TR7 chats shit with his Trumpistani mates about nefarious globalists like you.

    That’s when he’s not busy storming The Capitol in the name of freedumb or communicating with Q on 8-Chan about traitors and satanist paedo Democrats.

    The rest of the time (he’s a busy guy) he’s on here.

  61. Nelson

    Just caught up with the events happening in the US. Trump actually asked his followers to march down to the Capitol and to take over the congress so that the election result cannot be officially announced. It is just like chairman Mao Zedong calling on his red army to destroy his opponents or Hittler burnt down the Reichstag after losing the election. Trump is definitely one of the kind.

  62. Tony

    ‘I imagine the worse thing that has happened at Arsenal, for you, the past week was us winning three games in a row. At least you are not alone at LG’

    Too much beer last night or not enough Bojangles or you need new glasses?

    Please feel free to quote any of my posts that says I wanted the team to lose to get rid of Arteta?

    Stick to the truth Bojangles it’s a better optic for you.

  63. Sid

    ‘under the aegis of corporate globalization, the immigrant laborer should have no different status than the worker who moves to Chicago from a rust-belt city like Youngtown looking for employment. Both are engaged in the same endeavor. If the immigrant reveals the machinery of coloniality that still surrounds the US economy, a similar coloniality, interior to the US border, is reflected in the Youngstown worker’s decision to cross state lines. Yet they stand on opposite sides of an ideological boundary, whose many names include “ethnicity” or “national identity.” ‘

  64. China1

    Deplorables will be deplorables

    Trump voters got exactly what was promised and they lapped up every second of it.

    Not one person was surprised it would end this way. That woman who died (it’s a tragedy that it came to that btw) was saying on Facebook that trump was sent by God to do gods work on earth. Like on what planet does someone have to live on to actually believe that a person who has spent *so* much time lying, cheating and behaving in such an ungodly way was doing gods work

    If Obama had been president and done everything trump has for the last 4 years these trump voters would’ve been frothing at the mouth about how ungodly he was. They were already calling him a Muslim lol…

  65. Guns of SF


    I am sure studies have been done on how the masses are easily swayed to follow facist or cult leaders.

    It is remarkable how easily folks can get completely indoctrinated.

    we speak about how Islamic radicals get converted, but in some ways its the same thing,….

    Keep feeding lies over and over and a percentage of folks will believe.

    You keep saying the sky is purple, after time, some will really believe it.

    The election lies have been spouted off so much that about a 100 senators/ congress people drank that kool aid by the gallon

    Its crazy

  66. Aussie+Gooner

    Rekik – maybe we are trying the Chelsea model of buying in cheap youth, training them up in the academy and selling on for a profit (hopefully!) and finding a few keepers amongst the masses!

    What happened in Washington was a disgrace. This is the kind of thing you expect to see in some developing countries. How was security and contingency planning so bad? What if it were a group of terrorists? (well I guess it was!). Trump should be in prison for inciting such violence against democracy. How can there be any Trump supporters left after this????

  67. Tom

    “That woman who died (it’s a tragedy that it came to that btw) was saying on Facebook that trump was sent by God to do gods work on earth.“

    Perhaps she can now personally thank god for sending Trump to do his work when she meets him.
    I guess it all worked out for her then.

  68. Sid

    The social media platforms that have been used by the tyrants should be held accountable just like tv and radio stations used by despots in 3rd world countries have been held accountable.

  69. China1

    How can there be any trump supporters left?

    Dude trump supporters LOVED what they saw yesterday. In their eyes, this was ‘gods work’

    Trump got a record number of votes that was only surpassed by Biden. This isn’t a fringe thing, a huge fraction of America absolutely loved what trump has done the past 4 years

    They’ve enjoyed the lies. They’ve loved the corruption. They’ve embraced the literal insanity and they hoped we could get 4 more years of it. They also will all gladly vote for trump jr next time.

    I actually think it’s a very simple thing. He passes himself off as a strongman leader and he’s white and racist. The clear fact of the matter is a huge percentage of the American population like the idea of a strongman leader at any cost and they whether openly or privately associate with his racist ideals. We like to believe we live in a more enlightened period of history but make no mistake if trump had managed to successfully overthrow democracy and turn it into an outright dictatorship, a solid portion of America would’ve been more than happy with that. No issue whatsoever

  70. Sid

    We should re evaluate the terms developed countries and developing countries alot can change in the haĺf a centuary we have been using them

  71. China1

    If you offered ted Cruz the chance tomorrow to literally cancel American democracy permanently and install the trump family as a new monarchy with him as a senior member of his politburo he’d be shaking your hand and saying let’s do this before you’d even finished your sentence

  72. Tom

    And people said Republican tent was a small and none inclusive one, when clearly not so.
    It included “patriots “ trying to overturn the stolen election, Neo- Nazis planting swastikas in Pelosis office, and social workers looking to free up the sexually abused kids stashed all over the capitol.

  73. Guns of SF

    Ted Cruz is a dirty filthy rodent covered in garbage piss and shit. He literally will chew your finger off if Trump asked him. A lap dog of epic proportions. A slimy used car salesman ugly ass fat ass mother F-er who hopefully will get voted out of the Senate.

    To your point, Don Jr stands no chance. The republican party will make sure there will be no more Trumps…. that is for sure….

  74. China1

    I don’t see Don Jr winning anything but he and his dad will likely be a spanner in the works for the next presidential elections as he will be dividing the Republican base in half.

    That could make it much harder for them to win next time

  75. Nelson

    Yesterday, Trump rallied his followers in front of the White House. “I have won the election by a landslide and they have stolen it from me. March down to the Capitol and take it back.” His followers were all very proud to follow the president’s order!!!!

  76. Aussie+Gooner

    If the Republicans had any sense they would jetison Trump and family quick smart. He has no history with them – didn’t he only join them just before the first election. Not many other countries would except such a move, let alone go on to vote him into power!

  77. Arben

    I used to love Le Grove but since Marxism and left wing has taken over Le Grove site I have to say goodbye once and forever and shame on Peter for letting all this Rubish happening on here.

  78. Aussie+Gooner

    “……but since Marxism and left wing has taken over Le Grove site….”

    Oh no! I hope Pedro is safe in his bunker – the reds are breaking down the barricades at Le Grove!

  79. China1

    Ah I can’t wait for this fucking pandemic to end

    Just wanna go back to England and visit family and friends

    I’ll probably need to take a Chinese vaccine in order to be allowed back in if I leave but I prefer to wait until the summer first and see how things are looking. I’d prefer to take one of the western vaccines if I get a choice but not sure I’ll have that luxury!

  80. Aussie+Gooner


    You may be able to get to the UK but will you ever get back? I could get a flight back to the UK tomorrow at a reasonable price but getting back into Western Australia would be a whole other thing!

  81. Aussie+Gooner

    Emery on Pepe

    “We signed Pepe,” Emery told The Guardian “He’s a good player but we didn’t know his character and he needs time, patience. “I favoured someone who knew the league and wouldn’t need to adapt. Zaha won games on his own: Tottenham, Manchester City, us. Incredible performances. I told them: ‘This is the player I know and want.’ “I met Zaha and he wanted to come. The club decided Pepe was one for the future. I said: ‘Yes, but we need to win now and this lad wins games.’ He beat us on his own.”

    I know that this has been done to death but do we ever learn as a club?

  82. Danny S

    Pepe for 72m was shambolic.

    I’ve seen nothing of his game to suggest he’s even worth 30m. Could beat an egg some games.

    When you consider players like zayec or whatever his name is we’re going for 30m and Bruno F for 40m you wonder what the fuck we were thinking.

  83. Terraloon

    Returning to matters Arsenal and in particular the drawing down of a £120 million facility isn’t just a concern it’s perhaps the most worrying piece of news in terms of where the club is for many a year.
    We still await the accounts for the 2019/20 trading year, they will show a loss and no doubt the cash reserves will have taken yet another hi5 but it’s what’s happened since June that are the major concern.
    AST published this thread in November
    It’s all well and good talking about it being normal business to borrow but to borrow £120 mill but it’s not for Arsenal save when a major infrastructure project ( the stadium) was undertaken.
    This £120mill isn’t over a 20 or so term it’s re payable in weeks and my guess would be that Arsenal have run out of cash and exhausted the £50 million facility.
    Borrowing has to repaid and that’s the point or perhaps the problem going forward is that it’s how or from will trading generate enough cash to compete and at the same time invest.

  84. Emiratesstroller


    Taking a loan from the Bank of England is I would suggest a very smart piece of business. This will be the “cheapest” form of borrowing currently available and also probably confirms that Arsenal are considered a “good risk”

    Arsenal are taking steps to sort out their finances by cutting costs. That is clear from the measures, which have been taken over the last six months.

    We are now reducing playing staff costs and I suspect that transfer fees paid in future are
    going to be more realistic than in past.

  85. andy1886

    “I used to love Le Grove but since Marxism and left wing has taken over Le Grove site I have to say goodbye once and forever and shame on Peter for letting all this Rubish happening on here.”

    Funniest post of the year to date, I congratuate you sir!

    That said I expect that the average ‘Marxist’ can at least spell ‘rubbish’ correctly.

  86. Vintage Gun

    Most of us preferred Zaha in the 2019 summer window. The only issue was the £70m fee Palace were demanding. We assumed that price not only steep but also prohibitive in regards to our finances.

    Then Raul somehow manifests the money to structure a deal for Pepe for MORE than the cost of Zaha!

    Year later in comes Tim (hitman) Allen and within a month the don is dead.

    Go figure…

  87. Emiratesstroller

    I am not personally keen to engage in political debate, but after what has happened this week I do think that Donald Trump should be impeached even though he will be out of office in 8 days.

    Impeachment would prevent him from standing again to become President and will also `I
    suspect allow action to be taken against him post his Presidency. He should not be afforded
    immunity for some of his transgressions not least what has happened this week.

    I am slightly right of centre in my politics, but Trump’s behaviour has become an embarrassment for Western Democracy.

  88. Pierre

    My take on Pepe is that he’s suffering from a chronic lack of confidence due to having 2 managers who haven’t found a way of getting the best out of his undoubted talents.

    I would look at a player like Salah,who went to chelsea and struggled, moved abroad and regained his confidence, signed for liverpool and is playing under
    a manager who accepts that he will at times be wasteful with the ball , is poor defensively but will create and score goals.for the team..

    I would put Debruyne and Sanchez in that category, in that a player being in the wrong place at the wrong time playing under the wrong manager can be made to look a bad player .

    I’m not sure Pepe will ever make it under Arteta but I’m sure he will prove a lot of people wrong in the future when he is in rhe right place at the right time.

  89. Graham62


    Agree 100%.

    Trump cannot be allowed to get away with things.

    He must be held accountable and suffer the consequences of his atrocious behaviour.

  90. Black Snake

    What I want to understand is why do we seem to be the only club airing our dirty laundry in public? Laying off 50+ members of staff last year, the Goonersaurus debacle and now taking a £120m loan – on the other hand signing Partey and giving old players loads of money. It’s like the club is run by a bunch of amateurs.

  91. Graham62

    Black Snake

    Because we have values.


    I’ve said it on here numerous times over the past few years but we are the worst run club in world football.


  92. DivineSherlock

    Thing about Pepe is , he had a stellar season and Raul and his crony friends at Lille duped us over the rate. That is why he is no longer at Arsenal. Pepe was hitting form before that stupid red card. Now he is rightly behind Saka and ESR. I wouldnt worry about him yet.

  93. Kenyangunner

    ‘My take on Pepe is that he’s suffering from a chronic lack of confidence due to having 2 managers who haven’t found a way of getting the best out of his undoubted talents’

    He hasnt perforemed for his country too. Westham have taken a loss in Haller, there must some French clubs that can take Pepe for 30M

  94. Pierre

    Agree 100%.Too much emphasis on structure has suffocated his strengths.”

    I presume that you have the same sentiments regarding Ozil ..

    As i said , some players are in the wrong place at the wrong time .
    As soon as Emery arrived,the writing was on the wall for Ozil .

    If it wasn’t for the ridiculous contract that the club offered Ozil, he would have left Arsenal football club in 2019..

  95. Time Up

    “I presume that you have the same sentiments regarding Ozil ..“


    Mentioned Pepe to bring up a retired footballer SMH. So easy to read.

  96. Matt


    My take on Pepe is that he’s suffering from a chronic lack of confidence due to having 2 managers who haven’t found a way of getting the best out of his undoubted talents.I would look at a player like Salah,who went to chelsea and struggled, moved abroad and regained his confidence, signed for liverpool and is playing under
    a manager who accepts that he will at times be wasteful with the ball , is poor defensively but will create and score goals.for the team..

    Comparing Pepe and Salah is pretty embarrassing! Pepe is not a victim of anything FFS other than the fact that he was born without a back bone! SO tired of people making excuses for this £72million waste of fucking space!

  97. Valentin


    Pepe may suffer from confidence, but that’s not his main issue. The main issues stopping him from being a success at Arsenal are easy to spot.

    * we have had two head-coaches with very strict gameplay and none of their game play suit him at all. He is a transition and counter-attacking player trying to find his place in a possession team. Combined that with the expectation due his price tag and it is easy for him to lose confidence.

    * from a purely technical aspect, he is an excellent dribbler but limited player. Being so one footed limits the range of passes that he can make. Despite his age he is still very raw and at the price, people expect the finished article.

    * From a tactical pov, the reality is that he can’t play off his teammates. In order to fix that problem, coaches have devised system around him. So teammates play off and for him. Anything outside of pre established game play and he is confused. Against WestBrom Tierney lost it with him, because he did not make the simple inside run.

    So with different coaching technique, tactics and better man management he should produce better number. But the extraordinary number he produced at Lille were a fluke. A season wonder that he is unlikely to repeat unless he find another coach willing to build a team around him.

  98. Vintage Gun

    “He hasnt perforemed for his country too. Westham have taken a loss in Haller, there must some French clubs that can take Pepe for 30M”

    Bar PSG theres no chance of that my friend, It’s China or bust

  99. Pierre

    “Comparing Pepe and Salah is pretty embarrassing”

    As you are being deliberately thick, I will spell it our for you .

    Firstly , I was not comparing them as players , i was comparing their situations in that they hadn’t settled at a club and a move away may benefit them.

    There have been many very good players that have suffered the same fate recently due to change of manager’s or through joining the wrong club at the wrong time.

    James Rodriguez
    And Pepe.

    All excellent players who have struggled at some time in their career and have had the accusation ssimilar to

    “the fact that he was born without a back bone! SO tired of people making excuses for this £72million waste of fucking space!”
    thrown at them repeatedly.

    Players like Salah, Debruyne and James made the move and have benefitted; my advice to players like Pepe, Eriksen , Ozil or coutinho is leave the club and play for a manager who understands how to get the best out of you.

  100. Matt

    Ha ha

    I’m being deliberately thick?? I think you have sown time and time again with your inability to post anything without mentioning Ozil despite the fact that nobody is even slightly interested anymore shows who is being thick!!

    Pepe is fucking shit. Worst pound for pound signing the club has ever made, or does that title belong to Ozil!? Either way, your contrary opinions are fucking annoying and I should have stuck to what I usually do and skip right on past them! Fucking pleb!

  101. Raulishuss

    Pierre I know you know a good technical player when you see one. The fact that you think pepe is in the class of those players technical is where you get it wrong imo. Pepe is at best a maverick that doesn’t fully implement yet the basics of the game. He’s too raw and is 25? Pepe is like Jeff schlupp withou the work rate for me, arsenal is too big for him yet he’ll do well to be a squad player for a big team with his talent

  102. Pierre

    Time up
    “Mentioned Pepe to bring up a retired footballer SMH. So easy to read.”

    So easy to read that Graham didn’t read it….

  103. Pierre


    I haven’t said Pepe is in the same class as Salah , Debruyne, Sanchez , Ozil etc .

    His situation is similar and he needs to move to a club and play under a manager who plays to his strengths.

    When Pepe first came to Arsenal he took olayers on and bamboozled defenders with his dribbling skills…..not any more…

    He rarely attempts to take a player on now and when he does it is half hearted with no conviction.

    I would put Pepe in the same situation as where Arsenal were 3 games ago .

    Lacking in confidence.
    Scared to make a mistake.
    Too many touches .
    Too many backward and sideway passes.
    Poor body language ..

    Arsenal as a team have pulled through the dodgy spell and maybe Arsenal as a club improving may rub off on players such as Pepe….if not , then he should leave to rebuild hiss confidence.

  104. DivineSherlock

    Agree with Pierre on Pepe . However I would like to add that how successful a winger can get also depends how defensively solid the defender at RB/LB is . Bellerin just likes to bomb forward at every opportunity , we are left wide open , there is just no chemistry with those two. Like Monreal and Sanchez had . Sanchez lost lot of possesion but he had Monreal behind him who had the intelligence of when to attack and defend well.

  105. Tee

    So, bellerin is now at fault for woeful performance of pepe but the same bellerin’s style of bombing forward isn’t affecting saka.

    Also Wondering why too much emphasis on structural play isn’t affecting saka.

  106. Pierre

    It’s a difficult one with Bellerin .
    He has looked a liability behind Pepe and Willian , but with Saka on the right Bellerin has looked decent.

    It is all about on field partnerships and Saka/Bellerin looks better than Bellerin /Willian or Pepe.

    Maybe thats due to the quality of Saka as he would make any full back look a better player.

  107. Pierre

    What it all boils down to is that Saka is our first choice now on the right and willian , Pepe and Nelson wil have to accept that .

    Obviously we have too many right midfielders now which makes the signings of Willian even more senseless

  108. Graham62


    Ozil? Not in a million years.

    Pepe entered an environment that was self destructing under Emery. He has then had to endure a manager whose priorities eroded his confidence even further.

    Imo, he has been handled poorly. When you see how shite Willian has been you have to feel for the guy.

    As for Ozil, he’s a serial dick. On many occasions, even under Wenger, he was an embarrassment. His attitude, generally, is appalling and his work ethic as a whole just beggars belief. With Ozil, it’s all about Ozil.

    You’re obsessed with him, which is clear to us all, hence, nothing more to add.