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The Arsenal loans department is cranking through the gears as they race to move players out of the club so they can free some space for inbound players.

William Saliba has moved to France, picking Nice as his go-to. He’ll certainly land minutes due to their injuries, and hopefully he’ll play well so we can have him in the first-team squad next season, or sell him in the summer. I’ve never known an entire country to get so angry at a 19-year-old centre back not making it in the Premier League. The French media and their pundits have been nothing short of embarrassing when it comes to Big Will. L’Équipe claimed we were looking to sell him this month, untrue. Then, after we loaned him with no options to sell, they’re pushing that we’re maybe, possibly, loaning him the whole of next season. Why would Nice commit to that now? Why would Arsenal? Embarrassing carry-on.

What also has to be put down on the record is the abysmal handling of this. It was almost more boring than the Mesut stuff. Saliba might not be it, and that is fine, we’ve all fallen in love with Youtube super comp videos only to be disappointed. What is outrageous is that we didn’t make a decision on him until very, very late in the day, and it was so late we didn’t have a loan option for him. By price-tag alone, he is a generational talent. That is the message the world needs to know and believe. He should have been sent back to France or given a chance in the Championship so we could build him up to either start or sell. Instead, we soiled his name, and put a big BUYER BEWARE sticker on him. Very, very silly.

It’s also kind of baffling that Mikel Arteta has been sold as a top coach, but he chose not to coach William Saliba? Too rough for our Europa League squad, but Runarsson is our second choice keeper? Stronger technical leadership would not have allowed that to happen. Hopefully, the player takes his chance at Nice and we do get to see him next season.

I think the next big moves out the door will be for Mustafi and Sokratis. Those two need some game time in their legs to ensure the next deals they land are suitable. Liverpool lost last night, they could do with a center-back? There should be plenty of clubs interested in two very seasoned professionals that have both won trophies. That’d be another £180k a week off the wage bill.

There are also some rumblings that Eddie might find himself a loan move to somewhere like Leeds United. Not sure of the veracity, but it’s hard to see him landing minutes in this current moment. There are at least three players you’d rather see in that position, maybe 4 if you LOVE the Balogun hype.

I really hope that we find loans for the youngsters that aren’t finding minutes. What’s the point in keeping Willock if he doesn’t play in the Premier League? Same for Reiss and Cal Chambers. If they aren’t playing here, send them on loan, pump their value, then sell them in the summer.

The inbound rumblings mostly focus on Emi Buendia. The creative midfielder is way better than the Championship, but is, according to reports, happy in Norwich. Come on people, really? I’ve stayed with friends up there and I am simply not having that an Argentinian is buzzing about pints at The Fat Cat, elite as those pints might be.

If Arsenal comes a-knocking, he’d have to take the move. We’d just have to hope that he’s a Jack Grealish over a Saïd Benrahma. He created 83 chances in the league last season, those numbers can’t be ignored. ESR has made a huge impact at 19 years old, if you were a betting man, you’d say that Emi could at the very least offer what he has to the side.

We’ll see though…

Finally, LIVERPOOL lost to Southampton last night. The league is very, very tight this season. 5 wins on the bounce and you can make serious moves up the table. I think we have to accept that Hassenhutl’s side might be top 4 contenders this season. Our clash with them at the end of the month is going to be absolutely huge. We simply cannot afford to drop points against Newcastle or Palace.

Right, listen to the podcast, then, and ONLY then, can you go.

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332 Responses to “LOAN MOVES START TO CHURN”

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  1. Rich


    If you seriously believe Ozil would hang around just to spite that snivelling little worm Piers Morgan?

    Then you must have a lower opinion of Ozil, than I do.

    Ozil is finished at Arsenal, he’s been declining since 2016

    And the majority of sensible fans can’t wait to see the back of him.

    Ozil at Arsenal is finito, whether he leaves this month, or in the summer?

    I’d be amazed if he ever put our shirt on again.

    Sorry to break it to you……

  2. Tom

    “The answer for the record is just two Garcia [Man City] who is full international and Williams [Liverpool].There are two or three more like Fofana [Leicester] in early 20s.“


    When was the last time you heard someone referred to as being in his early twenties less than a month after their twentieth birthday?

    Calling Fofana anything other than a twenty year old smells of agenda to me, not to mention the fact he started for Leicester when he was still nineteen two months before his twentieth birthday.

    There’s three months difference between Saliba and Fofana age-wise so calling one a teenager and the other” in his early twenties” , however technically correct, has no bearing on their actual age/performance related issues.

  3. Tom

    Unless we are talking toddler football where 3 months can be the difference between walking and running, for all intents and purposes Saliba and Fofana are the same age.

  4. Mark

    If Arteta is such a good judge of talent, how come Xhaka is a regular starter for us?? The majority of fans , pundits & AFC Legends are all of the opinion Xhaka’s not of the required level.

    Often questioning what he brings to the side, apart from avoidable fouls, pretending to be doing a job. Fake player!
    I seriously don’t want to see him in an arsenal shirt again . Watch his on pitch mannerisms, he doesn’t often directly engage the person with the ball. Often running past them whilst they attempt to bring the ball under control. Pretending to be getting back in a position to defend. Fake! Just engage the fuckin player instead of letting them set themselves , and watch as they run or pass around you.

    Backwards passing is his first option !
    Receives the ball on his left or right side and very rarely (if ever) pivots and looks to see if anything is on, on the opposite side. Just plays the side he’s facing.
    Bottle job, fake tough guy who ducks fuckin headed balls!! Ugh. Please .

    After Ozil he is the next person I want out of the Club. Hopefully when get another midfielder he will be benched, then sold in the summer. That and Ozil going with Mustafi + Kola will signify the rebirth of this club. Yes, there’s still more to be done ( I expected this clear out to happen when Arteta arrived.) But it will at least be real progress at last. 🤞

    Too many other negatives to mention, far outweighs the positives with this guy for me.

  5. Graham62


    You are 60+ years of age but react to the vast majority of opinions on here, especially in respect to Wenger and Ozil, in a very immature manner.

    Just because we have passionate perceptions that are different to your own, doesn’t make us an obsessive.

    The only obsessive on here is the person who repeatedly highlights the word or phrase.

    That’s right Pierre, you are the only obsessive on LG.

    Suck it up.

  6. Kris

    Saliba starts for Nice 30 minutes from now.

    It’s bizarre. According to LeGrove “experts” he was shit in training and not good enough to play against the likes of Dundalk. Seems the Nice coach must be blind to start him so quickly after Saliba being so useless then…

    Saliba starts alongside Reine-Adelaide – another one that got away.

  7. Mark


    Tariq Lamptey for Brighton has only just turned 20yrs old at the end of September. Maybe he’s one of the’Mid’ twenties defenders you were referring to?
    However I disagree, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.
    You say that playing in defence, experience is required. Well how do you get that experience?
    Nobody said Drop Saliba straight into the 1st team squad! But to not give him any senior minutes???

    I like to try read between the lines, did Mikel double down and not give him any EPL minutes cos he didn’t want to look silly for not including him in the Europa League squad? (Plus the tweets and Video with Laca adding to it)

    The whole situation is such a mystery I don’t even know if Saliba was eligible to play in the Prem? Perhaps someone else can confirm this?

    Any situation that leaves a new recruit feeling isolated (locked up. His words not mine) undervalued and let’s face it , Deemed not good enough to play 1 senior game!
    Has been handled pretty fuckin badly to say the least!

  8. Tee

    Continuous Moaning over a player that has gone on loan is getting a little bit agenda driven. It baffles that some sets here prefer to moan over saliba situation than discuss the cam and second goalkeeper issues at hand.

    I’m more interested in Balogun’s case than a saliba that is out on loan.
    I read that there is a possibility he signs and go on loan or he refused to sign and leaves for free.

  9. MidwestGun

    Piers Morgan might be an over opiniated annoying prick… but he is 100% accurate… there would be a volunteer line of millions to drive Ozil to the airport.

    Have always said we won’t move forward until Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi have moved on.. Maybe finally this will be the year.

    Onwards and Upwards.

  10. Pierre

    I see many , in typical Le Grove fashion, have jumped off the Arteta out bandwagon and are jumping on the Bissouma bandwagon.

    Will just point out, I’ve been posting links of him last year and not one poster responded, not one ..

    In fairness ,in the last month or so , Rich did jump on the bandwagon before many of the others….

  11. Mark

    Arteta set the agenda with how he dealt with Saliba. That people are concerned about how Saliba may view the club and want out should be a concern.
    Cos if Arteta continues in this way the club will ultimately suffer. Not today or tomorrow but it will happen.

    Regarding CAM & Keeper , it’s January we wait to see what Arteta &Edu are going to do and judge once it’s been done. We can all say what we’d like to happen and players we fancy, but it’s a waiting game, windows barely been open.

  12. MidwestGun

    Pierre.. no offense but people post links of this and that player all the time… who gives an F who responded to what and why and who was first.

    For somebody who hates Piers Morgan you sure have a high opinion of yourself. Ever look in the mirror once in awhile?

  13. Rich

    Has anyone considered the possibility we might move for Dybala?

    Or is it too risky going for another established name on astronomical wages?

  14. Tee

    I will still heap more of the blame on those in charge who allowed Balogun to run down his run contract. They ought to have tied him down to a long contract and also loan him out just like nkethia was loaned out.

  15. Mark

    Regarding Balogun, I reckon he’s going. I feel that has been handled badly to. (Hope I’m wrong and he stays)
    Where’s the agenda there?
    If you wanted the lad to stay the odd 8 mins or so is hardly going to convince them. Not even trying him out in the Prem when we were on our Shit run, and couldn’t score for shit , he would have been a viable option to try ,he didn’t even get a sniff! Martinelli’s now fit straight back into the team, and rightly so. Balogun pushed further down the pecking order. Why would he stay??

    Couldn’t this have been handled any better? Or is this just agenda?

  16. Tee

    “Arteta set the agenda with how he dealt with Saliba. That people are concerned about how Saliba may view the club and want out should be a concern.
    Cos if Arteta continues in this way the club will ultimately suffer. Not today or tomorrow but it will happen”

    Most moan because they see the saliba situation as an avenue to launch an attack on Arteta which is why they keep repeating themselves.

    Even pedro, an ardent admirer of Arteta complained about the handling of the saliba situation but in a more rational way. Not all these attacking of Arteta’s persona and name.calling.

    I hope saliba comes back a better player who will marshal our defence for years to come. End of.

  17. Rich


    I’m just wondering who we’d potentially be after?

    Ornstein saying we want a world class attacking midfielder

    Buendia is apparently on our list, but not towards the top, and we’re not prepared to pay £40mill, which probably rules him out

    We’ve apparently gone cold on Aouar

    There’s talk Dybala might be available?


    I’d love either Grealish or Maddison, but unless either have a release clause that can be activated?

    Then both are very unlikely in January.

    I think KSE will back us in the market for the right player, particularly if we can clear the decks a bit.

  18. Tee

    “Couldn’t this have been handled any better? Or is this just agenda?”

    Why allow him to run down his contract in the first place. If those in charge of renewing contracts are that competent then he should have been tied down to a long contract long ago and loaned out like nkethia. It isn’t all about playing him here and there. When a player is allowed to run down his contract then agents will take the opportunity to turn the player’s head for their financial gain.

    He is still a kid who has many years ahead of him in his profession which goes to explain that it’s his agent that is turning his head.

  19. andy1886

    There’s always a ‘flavour of the month’ candidate every transfer window, last time it was Aouar, this time it’s Bissouma. Pretty much every time we don’t sign them and they fade into obscurity rather than go on to be world beaters. Remember Sebastien Frey, Thomas Lemar, and the eternally linked Draxler amongst many others? Okay not exactly crap but none of them really lived up to the hype. Easy to claim to be the oracle on signings when you know it’s 90% certain that they aren’t going to sign and when no-one is going to come back later and tell you that you were talking bollocks when the player ends up at a mid table club in a second rate league.

  20. Tee

    Every saliba steps in the match awaits different kind of comments.

    He makes a spectacular block, Arteta is full of shit.

    He makes mistakes, he is rusty, it’s expected.

    Let the young man breath and stop analyzing every step of his like demons. Lol

  21. Mr Serge

    Saliba nightmare debut for nice he defo needed to go and play maybe he can iron out his deficit before he comes back
    As for ozil fener are paying 90k a week towards his wages which is better than nothing