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Welcome to Monday. I’m back at work. So are you. Life is shit and miserable.

Still, at least we can bask in the mini-glow of a decent run of three wins.

Chelsea fans? They are probably not feeling so good right now. Frank Lampard started the season badly and was called a fraud, then he had his team firing and he was lauded as the real deal, now he’s back on fraud watch because Chelsea lost again.

The hammer normally drops at Chelsea. Their owner has no time for sympathy or feelings of nostalgia. Though I will say, nearly every manager has had fans calling for their head this season. Ole G had United sniffing around Poch, now they’re apparently going to win the league. Jose was the king for a bit, then he dipped and Spurs fans were crying about their savagely bad football, now he’s somewhere in the middle. Carlo has had it. Nuno is getting it. It’s hard to make rash decisions when there are 10 points between 1st and 12th.

Arsenal has a very important three games coming up. We play Newcastle in the FA Cup, which is a back door to Europe, so we need to take it seriously again. Then we have two 6 pointers against Newcastle and Crystal Palace in the league. All three games are at home. Really, it’s essential we win all three.

In the league, Wolves and Everton are playing + Spurs and Villa. Adding three points moves us closer or further past a rival in the first weekend.

The weekend after Villa and Everton play. United and Everton. Leicester and Southampton.

Our Premier League games are on the easier side. We simply have to make them count. Palace have been all over the place this season, we know they can damage us, but if we’re on form, we should have enough. Newcastle are a really bland team, but they are capable of parking the bus and nicking draws. The shit teams are more often than not the problem. We need to find a way.

The two key games that’ll shape our season big-time are at the end of the month. If we can head into the Southampton and United games on wave of confidence, and deliver, then we’ll be in the running for top 4 this season. If we sputter into those games, and our top 4 hopes rest on them, I’m not sure we’ll have enough.

Southampton has a ghastly run of fixtures heading into our game facing Liverpool, Leicester, and Leeds. United has an extra game squeezed in and one less day of rest before we play.

People have been comparing Arteta’s December escape from hell to the sort of thing Wenger used to do. Say what you will, but Emery didn’t stop the rot from Jan 2019 until he was sacked.

The true Wenger signature move wasn’t escaping bad runs, it was looking well and truly out of the #Top4Trophy race, then delivering it against the odds.

I don’t want to start hyping people about the idea, because it feels a bit lost in this terrible season, but we do have some things Wenger had going for him.


An absolute Wenger classic. After he’d crushed his players before December by overplaying his faves, our best players would come back to fitness around the end of January. Those players had a forced break, they were fresh, and they could drive us when others in the race were leggy.

Arteta has his marquee signing from the summer coming back into the side. We’ve had him for 2.5 games. If he comes back ready, he’ll be immense for a side that needs his qualities. Gabriel Martinelli might not be scoring goals yet, but his impact on the backend of this season could be very much like the one Anelka had but on a less grandiose level. We’ve also discovered a young talent in Smith Rowe. He’s fit, he’s hungry and he doesn’t have the weight of half a season in his legs.


Can we really look past Andrey Arshavin as the ultimate #Top4Saviour? The little Russian landed in the Premier League and set it alight until he discovered North London takeaways. He arrived saying ‘I AM GOONER’, we all fell in love with him, and he helped us smash top 4 with 9 assists and 6 goals in 15 or so games.

Arsenal needs to make a smart January signing. We are desperate for a creative solution that fits the profile of what Arteta needs. The signing cannot be a glamour name for the sake of it. It needs to be someone that knows the league, can run, that is looking to shop window themselves. KSE shouldn’t be wasting the little money we have on perm signings that’ll come at a premium and stink of panic.


Wenger always found a way in the end. It might not have been pretty, but he always found a formula that let him scrape by. Whether it was that legendary back 5 that took us to the Champions League final, the discovery that Coquelin and Santi were quite good, or Mikel and Aaron… there was always a way.

Arteta has been mainlining Old Players, the street equivalent of cooking up dishwasher cubes. He’s been slipped something new though, that’s HUNGRY TALENT, the high is hopefully addicting, and maybe he’ll keep doing it now he understands the error of his ways.

The system he has now works. Hunger, energy, with technicians built for the vision. We need to remember how we fell up the stairs and stick with it, even if there are inevitable bumps in the road.


Final one, generally, Wenger would have his nightmare in November, or February. That’d be it then for the season. We had ours through October, November, and December. There’s a chance we might have knocked it out of the system. Sure, we’ll lose games, but the hope is the worst of our bad runs might be over.

All of the above is a big fantasy. We could get done by an Andy Carroll 93rd minute header, followed by Zaha reminding us why he’s the boss in the Ivorian national team. Us Arsenal fans NEVER learn not to touch the extremely painful HOPE button, but fuck it… it’s the first Monday of the year, no one wants to be reading warnings, so have a great day, listen to my podcast RIGHT NOW, then I’ll see you in the comments.

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  1. Victorious

    Don’t see the point of this Buendia transfer honestly

    Norwich would want a record sale for a player who’ll effectively start as a back up to ESR for us, we’ve got bigger issues in CM

    ESR should absolutely be allowed to nail down the position until the summer, manage him properly and I’m sure there will be no injuries

    I’ll leave the money and rather go for a top CM in the summer, Bissouma would be my top target. What a player

  2. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, was probably generous with only cutting 70% off those fantasy numbers. Don’t know how it is with school meals in England though so wanted to play it safe. I didn’t spend £30 a day as an adult on food living in Sweden though, unless I ate out 3 meals in a day, and I think that’s pretty similar in pricing.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    The club has made a decision not to register or play Ozil. There is zero evidence that this decision is going to be reversed.

    We can criticise the club and senior management for poor decision making, but this is not
    one of them.

    They have sent a clear message to this player and his agent or for that matter any other player who behaves in similar fashion that the club is always bigger than the player.

    Most unwanted players would have reacted differently to Ozil as was demonstrated clearly
    by both Mkhitaryan and Sanchez. Both players took a financial hit and moved clubs to play

  4. Valentin


    I agree with you. I am not convinced that the new GBE will really help the England national team.
    Exceptional natural talent is more likely to emerge in the end, but nurtured talent requires good coaching. That’s why I believe that the best way to improve the pool of talent is to improve the level of coaching that average kids receive.
    The easy one decision the FA should do is increasing the funding for FA coaching badges.
    Make sure that more people have access to it and that it is cheaper for people to complete it.
    England has something like 10 times less qualified coach than Spain, so it is obvious that the coaching would not be on par with them.
    In Germany, France, Spain, Iceland you need the equivalent of a UEFA B coaching badge to coach kids above the age of 10. In England you don’t.
    England has less coaches, but also it is more expensive to get coaching badge.

    That approach is a long term approach with no guarantee of success but their current approach has not really been successful either. France, Germany, Spain put in place system to improve coaching and they reaped the benefit, but here in the UK, the FA is still entrenched in its way.

    Their attempt of copying other countries success without doing the hard work is most likely doomed to failure. Having a state of the art training center should be the final cherry on top of the cake instead of being the cake.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    Of course we need a Cam, can’t hve oly 1 in the whole squad. The oly question i if we buy one now or wait until the summer.

    We also ned at least 2 CM + promoting someone like Azeez.

    Ceballos is leaving, Guen is not coming back, Elneny should probably be sold if we can get decent money for him, fine as backup otherwise. Xhaka should be shot into space with Ozil, with a clown suit on so he can orbit earth in his true form for eternity.

    So yeah, I would only keep Partey and ESR of everyone we have now (would keep Guen too but that’s not likely)

  6. Rich


    I can’t stand Dele Alli, but I’d still quite like us to put in a cheeky £35-£40million bid in for him.

    Because I think he’s the type of player who’d do well in our current system.

    Ozil has had plenty of chances.

    Nobody doubts his talent, and since we’ve been lacking creativity, it suggests Ozil isn’t not playing because he doesn’t tick boxes

    He’s not playing because his attitude stinks.

    Emery gave him plenty of chances, Arteta gave him opportunities

    They both decided to ditch him

    His social media activity has been designed to cause division, his agent openly briefed against the club and manager

    Bringing him back sends a message that you can do these things, without any consequences

    Which sets a bad precedent

  7. salparadisenyc

    Buendia makes much sense to me, i’m definitely in camp that has much love for ESR been begging for him to play all season. But reality is he’s played something like 6 premier league games in his entire career. To think he’s got the stamina to carry us to summer is quite risky for me and potentially damaging to player.

    Buendia can fill that gap if and when needed, either flank along with more centrally as Caz did. Dudes versatile.

  8. China1

    Yeah not saying ozil wasn’t generous about the kids but school meals do NOT cost £10 per meal lol. Where does that number come from???

    As Freddie said it’s probably more like £3

    Regardless, it was a generous move from ozil, but also likely to have been done for highly dubious reasons (PR stunt). Ozil has a history of making bold ‘caring’ gestures when his reputation has taken a hit and they tend to be pretty inconsistent with his ‘values’ (best friends with erdogan but caring about human rights in China????? This makes less than zero sense)

    But I’m still glad he did this charitable act for the kids. It’s a good deed regardless of how cynical it likely was

  9. Graham62

    Apparently the squad is divided in respect to Ozil.

    If this is the case, we are definitely better off without him.

    If 50% of your work force don’t like someone or something, you better get things sorted and pronto.

    It’s like bringing a virus into the camp.



  10. Valentin

    Good luck to anybody who think that it is possible to feed a HEALTHY meal to kids for under £1 per day per meal in North London.
    Even on bulk buying, Just an apple is already about £0.30. Try adding meat three times a week and the £1.00 per meal is rapidly exposed as a myth.
    An apple, a bottle of milk, bread, ham, cheese is likely to cost at a bare minimum £2.50 per kid.

    People don’t go to the food bank for pleasure. Despite what Channel 5 is painting, most single moms on minimum wage do not live a life of luxury.
    My wife’s church distribute food. Some family ration themselves so that a 15kg bag of rice last a full month.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg


    Could have saved yourself some wear on your keyboard if you bothered to read what people are posting.

    He said £10 a meal. I’m saying more like £3 per meal or less. That’s what’s being argued. No one has ever said anything about £3 for 3 meals combined.

    It’s also unlikely to be 3 meals in a day unless that’s what they eat in U.K schools?

  12. Dissenter

    Buendia is a reasonable choice but the question is timing.
    If and when Norwich decline to sell him because they want to come back straight up, aren’t we better off waiting till the summer?
    Then you have the possibility that Bissouma could be on offer when or if Brighton go down

    I just think we are better off clearing out the dross in January then go big in the summer.

  13. Rich


    Agree on Bissouma.

    Besiktas apparently want Elneny for £7mill

    There’s talk Torreira on loan to Italy with an £18million obligation

    There’s £25mill, add £10mill to that, and see if we can force Brighton’s hand..

    If we wait until summer?

    We might miss out.

  14. Graham62

    I don’t know Mesut Ozil and I have no idea, or interest in, what he does with his money but what I do know is that if you’re earning as much as he is, he’ll have the right people in place to ensure that he benefits from any charitable donations.

    Ever heard of ICT’s?

    Independent Charitable Trusts.

    Enables you to get tax concessions and other fringe benefits.

  15. Nelson

    If those top 5 to 6 teams in the EPL can get their act together, we’ll be out of the top4 chase every soon. The Europa Cup and the FA cup could become our priority. We definitely need another ACM to share the load. Ideally, it should be a younger player that we could integrate into the team for years to come.

  16. Valentin

    No matter the price, I genuinely can’t see why we should even consider Delle Alli. He is not creative, not a No10, not a winger, nor a striker. He is useful to make late run into the penalty box and shoot. Basically a poor Ramsey or an expensive Willock without the ability to play No8.

  17. jwl

    “Us Arsenal fans NEVER learn not to touch the extremely painful HOPE button, but fuck it …”

    I forget who said it first but ‘its always hope that kills you. It is easy to handle despair, but hope is a killer ‘.

    I also remember that in Wenger final seasons, every Feb or March there would be stories about how the players knew there was a problem and they were doing everything they could to fix. Wenger was asked about mentally weak squad, which he would deny, for his last 3 or 4 seasons as manager.

  18. Northbanker

    I would certainly be happy to use Ozil for remaining time – at £350k a week it is a massive waste to do otherwise. That said, I really don’t know just how disruptive he has been . It does seem a shame though that he can’t take on a mentoring role. I’m convinced too many egos at AFC including Arteta being the worst.

    That said, firstly he has largely been terrible in his performances up to time of exile and secondly if we get Buendia we have no use for him (Ozil) in a playing role

  19. Valentin


    You wrote
    “Yeah, was probably generous with only cutting 70% off those fantasy numbers.”

    You were stating that £3 per meal was overestimating the cost of the meal. So you thought that £2 or £1 was a fair amount.
    No need to be upset because I just shown that you were grossly underestimating how much it cost to buy healthy food for kids even on bulk.

    Taking into account the logistics cost and other incidentals, I suspect that the overall cost is closer to £7 than £3.

    You may not like Özil or even doubting his motives for doing charity work, but at least we should acknowledge that he is doing some charity work.

    I would rather have a player does that than hiring a posse of escorts for one of his lockdown private parties.

  20. Freddie Ljungberg


    Like I said, I don’t know the exact cost so made and educated guess of 70% less than £10 per meal. Don’t know where you got 90% from when you yourself stated that it’s probably around 2.50 per meal aka 75% off. That’s a pretty big drop off you made up entirely in your own mind to then go on a rant about.

    You think it costs £4 to transport each meal? Are they fedexed individually to each student? I’m no expert on the U.K school system but they should probably look into some wastage if that’s correct.

  21. Rich

    I don’t care if our players are ordering escorts for giant orgies

    Or feeding other people’s kids for £3 or £10 a pop

    I’m not interested in what they spend their money on.

    Ozil can feed my kids if he wants

    At £10 a meal, he can feed me as well, I’d be well up for some quality meals

    But I still don’t want him given another opportunity, he’s had enough chances

    Is happy to sit around not playing, because he likes were he lives

    Which should tell us everything about where his head is at

    He’s been dropped by our last two managers, not because he lacks talent of ability

    I never want to see him play for us again

  22. Rich


    Beggars can’t be choosers

    If starving kids are turning their nose up at ham + cheese sandwiches, because it doesn’t have any salad?

    Then that’s their choice, they’ll just have to starve…..

    But at £10 a meal, it sounds like they’re eating like kings

  23. Valentin


    A sandwich and an apple does not qualify as a Healthy meal. It is a snack.
    An proper hot healthy meal with meat half the time is likely to around £5~6. Logistics, heating it is would make it about £7.

    In the US, most states have a cost of $3 per meal per prisoner, knowing that it is bottom prices food. You are arguing that a school canteen meal in the UK (food in the UK is usually higher because of higher food standard) should have the same price than the US.
    Let’s get real. That is not going to happen.
    No matter how much you despise Özil, the original estimate is likely to be closer to the truth than yours.

  24. InsideRight

    @ Pierre

    “Anyone with an ounce of sense would think it is wiser to Use Ozil for the benefit of the team instead of spending another 30/40 mil on a CAM who would effectively be a back up”

    It could be argued that anyone with an ounce of sense would think it is wiser not to use Ozil, as too often he has not benefitted the team, bar a run of perhaps 3-4 games after which he disappears without trace for the rest of the season.

    Nothing against the lad personally, but he doesn’t press, doesn’t track back and increases his yardage with lateral runs which don’t offer much of an outlet for players looking to put a ball into the channel. He has skill, undoubtedly. But we’ve seen enough consistently over the years to know he was a panic luxury purchase who didn’t fit into the way we played, still doesn’t, and would just be blocking a place in the lineup for someone will more to offer all round.

  25. Freddie Ljungberg


    See ES post for clarification on what a school meal costs.

    Could also have googled it before going on a rant:,are%20deemed%20'nutritious‘).

    “COST: The average cost of a school meal in 2020 is approx. £2.20 (which is subject to much debate) whereas the average SPEND of a packed lunch is around £1.86 (but still only 1.6% of packed lunches are deemed ‘nutritious’).”

    Thinks that’s that, thanks for playing, better luck next time.

  26. Valentin


    You are confusing the government contribution and the actual cost. The government contribution is only £2.50, but school cost for warm food is higher.

    Ask any parents in UK who send kids to a school with a canteen serving warm food, they are unlikely to pay £2.50 per warm meal.

  27. Freddie Ljungberg

    I mean it’s possible that Ozil had a chef make up the meals and seasoned them with the sweat from his fortnite sessions to drive up the price to 3 times what a school meal actually costs but that’s unlikely.

    He probably doesn’t break a sweat there either.

  28. Sid

    The UK govt should make plenty of corn flour fortify with soya, oats etc and make gruel for the kids. Highly nutritious and economical

  29. Foxy

    Having just watched the West Brom game for the first time Saka on the right put in his best performance yet and seems all the player we wanted Pepe to be but isn’t. His ability to cut inside or go to the goal line adds an extra dimension to our attack and is going to make him a nightmare to defend against. Please no more Saka as wingback stuff he is front third player period.
    Also Laca has got his legs back, AMN is so smooth on the ball, and Willian is going to be a much better player for us if we stick to Wenger ball rather than Arteta ball. Tierney was great but we need a back up for him asap.

  30. Aussie+Gooner

    Charity central on here now – next we will have Jamie Oliver and his Jamie’s School Dinner program!
    Just to clarify – Arsenal has a Payroll Giving scheme to provide tax relief for employees donating to charitable causes. On Ozil’s wages to donate 1 pound he only pays 55 pence. And gets a positive PR spin!

  31. Elmo

    Any chance crisis-hit Chelsea would have any interest in bringing in some senior leadership to balance out their squad by taking Willian and Luiz this January?

  32. Sid

    1. Having a minimum 2 foward technical players is the bare minimum required. Wenger new this.
    2. Having Athletic midfielders moves the team a notch higher. We have struggled in this area for a long while.

  33. Valentin


    WARM food.

    Packing a sandwich with one fruit and one cereal bar is supposed to the minimum snack meal for somebody who has a warm meal at home on the evening.
    That’s why in the article, they compare it with a packed lunch.

    For somebody who has a proper healthy warm lunch meal, the cost is obviously higher.
    The reason why a lot of schools only offer a sandwich is because the government contribution is not financially enough to serve WARM food. Again £2.50 only give you a sandwich, a fruit and a bar.

    The wife of a former colleague was in charge of meals at a public school in the Tower Hamlets borough. Because a large proportion of kids in the borough only had one meal a day, she was tasked to provide them with 1 warm meal. It was a struggle and that was 7 years ago.
    The logistics of warm food for canteen is also much difficult and expensive than you anticipate. You can’t just microwave food on that quantity.
    Most canteen don’t have massive equipment where they can buy food in huge bulk. Most order on a 3 weeks rota, but have enough space for maybe 3 days on site.

  34. Wilko

    Ozil is trying to do something positive. Who gives a fuck about the cost of school dinners? £1, £2.50 or £10 it doesn’t matter 1400 are getting a school dinner. Ah that’s right there’s certain posters that still find something negative out of a positive story about the arsenal or its players.

  35. Freddie Ljungberg


    Don’t know if you’re new here, I suspect not, more likely a certain someone in his first stage of normal behaviour before losing it and getting banned again, you should know that if someone pulls out a fantasy number out of their ass, no matter what subject, they’re going to be pulled up on it.

    Ozil isn’t spending any 20% of his salary on meals for kids, that’s just ridiculous. He should be spending all of it though, since he hasn’t earnt a penny of his salary since he signed his new contract. That would earn him some respect.

  36. Valentin


    Which link are you referring to. The original article compared the price of home made packed lunch of £1.86 at Lidl with the price of cold canteen sit down food.

    According to Islington budget, the contract for canteen in that borough that was negotiated in 2018 has a cost of £2.15 (paid by the borough) + £2.50 (subsidised by central government) per meal. Specific schools are not obliged to participate to the scheme. Also Some schools are allowed to charge directly to the parent if the cost is higher.
    The overall cost per meal was therefore £4.65.

    Lambeth budget is so opaque, I can’t make sense of what is what, I just pay my council tax.

    So maybe in Surrey, the food is cheaper, or maybe Islington and London borough are not so well managed, but clearly in London it is unlikely you can get Warm healthy food for £2.50.

  37. TheBayingMob

    Why is anyone still talking about Ozil? Are they the same people still pinning of the nose diving Wenger days?

    It’s done, the guy is a waster; obvious talent that didn’t have the application to go with it.

    Move on, there’s nothing left to see here

  38. Rich

    London gunner

    Rashford is nothing but a virtue signalling moron.

    The government has a responsibility to all tax payers.

    If someone chooses to have 5 kids?

    Without the resources necessary to feed and cloth those kids?

    Why should other tax payers essentially pay higher taxes, so people who don’t contribute, can become full time nannies to their own children, curtesy of other tax payers?

    That is the very definition of an unfair system.

    There’s no such thing as government money, there’s just tax payers money, and money the government borrow, that future generations will pay the Bill for

    Either in interest rates, or inflation caused by quantitative easing.

    No responsible government should ever introduce a policy that encourages parasitic behaviour

    No society can thrive, or even survive, whilst those that produce, pay for those that don’t

    Because there’s then no incentive for anybody to try harder

    Try harder? Fund those that don’t

    Don’t try? Get funded by those that do…

    And society collapses, it’s why socialism has never worked.

    Same you and your mate work 06.00-14.00 Mon-Fri , earning £48,500 p/a

    Your boss rings you up on a Monday, asks you both to work double hours for double time?

    You say “yes”

    Your mate says” no”

    £48,500 is where the tax bracket goes from 20% up-to 40%

    Why should you pay 40% on the extra work?

    When your mate is back home with family?

    That’s the definition of an unfair system

    What’s even more unfair, is people who choose to have a load of kids, and expect other tax payers to pick up the bill

    Then have the cheek to bleat on about inequality, the only thing that’s unequal is hard working people, funding kids of parasites

    The whole country has lost the plot.

    Virtue rarely goes far without vanity, if Rashford wants to feed the nations kids?

    He can choose to live on £500 p/w

    And donate the rest of his wages, rather than hit hardworking families with higher tax rates, to fund other people’s kids

    Why should someone who’d love a kid, but waits and is responsible, pay for irresponsible people?

    We need to teach personal responsibility, and for people to be reliant on themselves

    Not to be reliant on the state

    The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen

  39. Northbanker

    It’s not it is Valentin going on a rant about school dinners.

    Kids get free meals anyway if they’re on a low income bracket (which i assume they will be otherwise what’s the fuss?) so thinking about it again probably only breakfast snack that’s relevant – which means Ozil prob forking out bugger all and getting tax relief on the bugger all element

  40. Tee

    “ESR should absolutely be allowed to nail down the position until the summer, manage him properly and I’m sure there will be no injuries”

    We need to purchase a CAM this January because it will be suicidal putting all hopes on esr with the believe he could be managed to avoid injuries.

    Fans must know that injuries sometimes have nothing to do with number of matches played or club’s ability to manage a player. Ramsey/shawcross comes to mind.

  41. Wilko



    You and val apparently. Arguing over the price of a school dinner is a new low. Well done.

    Ozil has done a positive thing. Let’s leave it there.

  42. redbro14

    Seriously i can’t wait for Ozil to leave our club, a waste of space, well described in his recent comments by a legend that is Liam Brady. So many endless conversations that are just tedious now….

  43. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ideally we get in another Cam of starting quality and another CM/DM of starting quality in the next 2 windows. That way we can switch it up depending on the opposition.

    If we got for example Soumare + Buendia * we could play

    Soumare/Partey at DM in easier home games with both ESR and Buendia in front of the DM, away or against top teams we’d play Soumare + Partey with ESR/Buendia in front of them. We only have 2 midfielders at the club worthy of the shirt atm.

    *insert your favourite CM + Cam here

  44. Valentin


    The tax system is an aberation.
    I am not a bleeding liberal, but In my opinion children should not be the victim of a stupid and unfair system.

    We could have a system that states that if you can afford X kids but make the decision to have X+n, then the government will pay for it, but that the extra cost of n children will be substracted to your pension.
    Wants 5 kids but can only afford 2, then work longer to repay the extra cost that the government had to pickup.

    We could have voucher/stamp style payment that could only be used for specific usage. Every Monday by the post office , you see struggling parents but also boozy idiots who clearly smoke and drink their children money.

    In France, a while ago somebody wanted to introduce the law that anybody on the equivalent of universal credit could not could not subscribe to Canal+. Basically if you receive government aid to pay your bill, then you should not be able to get Sky or BT Sports.

    Both sides would shut down such law, because their own voters would not like that. Sky subscriptions would plummets.

  45. Sid

    Theres more than enough for everyone, whatever number of kids the have
    Tyrants have created a situation where a few ‘own’ the land which is the root of the problem
    The same tyrants and their proxies then create tax havens which are, fundamentally, a bandits’ lair.

    Systemic tyranny

  46. Guns of SF

    Morning all,

    I see lots of news.

    Attaining Buendia is a no brainer.
    Why only rely on ESR as the second coming of Christ?

    Buendia right now is the better player and what does it hurt to have 2 creative players in the first team? Seriously!!!

    Perhaps he can partner with TP in the midfield, but to turn a nose at getting him is stupid.

    It also makes sense to loan Willock and Nelson that way. Smart biz….

    We buy Buendia, lose 2 players who are not cutting it.

    SO far Kola is leaving, likely Willock and Nelson, so 3 players already…

    not too bad.

  47. Northbanker

    Buendia and Bissouma would be unbelievable – then we would have options and with 2 players who already have Prem experience

  48. Rich

    Bob N16

    If the government send the message that people aren’t responsible for their own actions?

    The whole country is on a really slippery slope

    One of the biggest problems we have in this country, is the single parent figures

    Putting out a policy that actively encourages people to become full time nannies to their own children, paid for by other tax payers, is complete basket case policy making

    Boys who grow up without a strong male role model in their lives, are significantly more likely to live in poverty, have no qualification or trade, and have criminal records.

    Young people need guidance.

    It’s not for the state to bring up people’s kids, we have to encourage people to take personal responsibility

    People need to know, kids are expensive, time consuming, and you’ll likely be dedicating much of the next 18 years of your life if you choose to have them.

    We also have to make sure that men take an active role in their children’s lives

    The family is the backbone of any functioning society

    Introducing policy that removes the need for a breadwinner, is a recipe for disaster

    Rashford might be well meaning, but the road to hell, really is paved with good intentions

    Once you understand how economics works, you can’t then go back to a place, where you naively believe that the worlds problems can be solved with good intentions and virtue signalling

  49. Chris

    I don’t normally get involved in non footballing matters on here, but the cost of a school meal, round here it is £2.35 for one hot meal a day (these are basically microwave meals). They also get free fruit (no biscuits!) at snack time two times a day.

  50. redbro14

    I don’t think that Norwich will let Buendia go this window. They are chasing promotion, but who knows, perhaps they could be persuaded to let him go. . In my dreams we will get another CM, young, powerful and mobile….Sabitzer or Bisoumma. With Partey back we would enjoy climbing the table. However, I very much doubt any of this will happen….

  51. Dissenter

    “Buendia or Bissouma make way too much sense, which means we’ll probably get Fat Isco on an overpriced loan instead.”

    Neither is attainable in January imo
    Norwich need Buendia to get promotion which is more valuable than whatever we offer to pay for him in January.
    Brighton need Bissouma to try to beat relegation which is more valuable than whatever we offer to pay for him in January.

  52. Chris

    Buendia is apparently prepared to let Norwich know he wants to leave should we show solid interest.

    Norwich will not lay down though, it would be at least £25 million, although perhaps he was a release clause in his contract.

  53. Samir

    They sold Godfrey to Everton for 25M. No way they’d let Buendia leave in Janurary, when they’re top of the Championship for the same price.

  54. Samir

    Agreed. Best we can do is get someone in on loan. Then go for proper players in the summer.
    Doesn’t really bother me either way, this season should be all about the kids and finishing top half of the table.

  55. Bob N16

    Rich, I don’t believe you think that children should suffer because their mothers were either unable to establish a lasting relationship with the fathers of their children or for that matter are motivated to have children as a single parent ‘comfortable’ in the knowledge that the state will provide food so that their offspring will not go hungry.

    A society should be judged by how well the more well off, look out for the least advantaged.

    Extrapolating Rashford’s actions in the way you have is missing the essential’goodness’ of his actions. This is a man who was brought up with very little but had the advantage of a great Mum, not all children have that fortune.

  56. Sid

    The system is stacked against men of a particular demographic since he is full of vigour and prolific alpha this scares the tyrant and his clueless pawns.

  57. Guns of SF

    Money speaks, so lets tempt Norwich, we might be able to turn Buendia’s head.

    For him, it makes more sense to move now to a top team in EPL. What guarantee is it that Norwich makes promotion and then gets relegated again the following year? These championship teams do this flip flop business often… going up, going down

    He is 24, so now or never…

    Send a good offer and lets see

  58. SpanishDave

    Good points, the tax system should ease gradually upwards to stop the disincentive leap upwards.
    Boris the other day was on about more government employees, so less people employed privately to pay for non producing government.
    It doesn’t work.
    Football and politics doesn’t work

  59. Chris


    That’s why I said at least £25 million, however there may be a clause in his contract we don’t know of, or if Buendia himself tells Norwich he wants the move.

  60. Valentin

    Guns of SF,

    Yes a loan for both Willock and Nelson who clearly will not be used and the purchase of another player would be beneficial to both as long as they are semi-guaranteed game time.
    Personally right now, I would prioritise a strong No8 over another creative player. Somebody who could act as part of part of double pivot with Partey.
    That would mean no Xhaka and Elneny, the Axis of slowness and backward passes.

  61. GoonerDave

    Rashford is an elite multi millionaire, regardless of how he grew up. I am fed up of being lectured on morality by super rich celebrities.
    Stronger family units would negate the need for so much welfare but you don’t hear too many celebrities promoting that. However, they all seem to be in favour of socialist types of governments distributing free stuff to people who make lousy decisions in life.

  62. Rich

    Bob N16

    It’s a tightrope

    If the state are feeding people’s kids?

    Then we should scrap the child benefits of the people who aren’t using those benefits to feed their kids.

    I agree we can’t have kids starving, but we should never introduce policy, that actively encourages or rewards parasitic behaviour.

    If someone chooses to have 5 kids, with no qualifications, trade, or the necessary resources to fund those kids, without the help from other tax payers.

    Without giving other tax payers a second thought, then that’s selfish, unfair and irresponsible

    Then why should other tax payers have a higher rate of tax, to fund that persons irresponsible decisions?

    You can’t have people bleating on about inequality, if they’re not willing to take personal responsibility for their own actions

    Having 5 kids without the necessary resources to provide for those kids, then expecting other to pick up the tab, is the very definition of an unfair system.

    At what point do we start teaching personal responsibility?

  63. Northbanker

    If clueless because I’m not a Marxist then happy to be in that space Sid. Your cynicism and warped politics have never worked since the dawn of time. It also ends up being a real career killer too.

  64. Bob N16

    The very wealthy, the top 1% should be sharing their wealth to help the support the least well off. Sorry got political, will stop now. Just think the target of people’s anger and frustration should be directed at the obscenely rich and the status quo that protects them from sufficient scrutiny, not a well-intentioned, altruistic young man who happens to be an outstanding footballer.

  65. Mb

    “He should be spending all of it though, since he hasn’t earnt a penny of his salary since he signed his new contract. That would earn him some respect.”

    Take a bow, Freddie 🙌🏻

  66. Northbanker

    One of the problems with this otherwise great country is the way that success is despised by those who haven’t worked hard enough and invested carefully enough

  67. Rich


    Completely agree,

    You can only have a public sector, if you have a large enough private sector to pay for it.

    We need to put a metaphorical bomb fire to huge sections of the civil service.

    The private sector is nature’s change agent, it wipes away inefficiency, and provides progress and innovation, through destroying what’s bad, and creating way for what’s better

    The public sector rewards failure, gives you no meaningful way to measure progress against stagnation, and is all about self preservation

    The left want to destroy private schools, because it makes them look bad, and they get paid the same anyway

    Instead of trying to learn from the private sector, and get public schools up to the same level and beyond, they rather just destroy what’s good, because it’s easier, and it preserves their monopoly

    The whole of western civilisation is on the verge of collapsing, because we’ve taught a whole generation of people that being offended, is some type of legitimate argument

    We used to be a nation of pragmatists, we’re now a nation of virtue signalling morons

    We’re now running the country based on virtue, rather than sound economics

    Bob N16

    If you took the top 1% money?

    First of all that’s theft,

    Secondly, it wouldn’t touch the sides.

    If Jeff Bezos had his wealth in cash?

    He could stimulate the American economy for maybe 2-3 weeks.

    Pumping money into the economy only creates inflation.

    The only way to kill inflation + deflation, is to stop governments borrowing and printing money, to bribe the electorate at general elections,

    Then something is only worth what someone can afford to pay, and is willing to pay.

    Every time the government offers you “free” stuff, remember there’s no such thing as free, and you can definitely spend your own money, better than bureaucrats can spend it for you

    You can definitely donate your own money to better causes, than the government can donate your money for you.

    The only people who benefit from big centralised bureaucracies, are the bureaucrats themselves

  68. Valentin


    See the point that I made earlier.

    The issue is not the Rashford of this world who have their heart in the right place. The issue is the system that reward parasitic behaviour.

    That happen at every level of society.
    The difference is when it is done at the lowest level it is frown upon whilst it is down at the top level it is viewed as smart business.

    Use somebody else money to raise your kids and you are a sponge, do the same thing to pay for your yacht and you are a smart business person.

    Look at Philip Green, here is a man and his wife who legally stole from the pension fund of their employees to live a life of luxury in UK while pretending to be domiciled in Monaco. A few years ago, there was an article about the fact that Philip Green hardly set foot in Monaco. Yet compare the amount of vitriol he received with the amount of hate and abuse the so called mythical single mom sponge receives on TV and tabloid.

    Looking at my own experience in the city, most of the so called financial engineering is just done to help people cheating the system. The sub prime crisis stems that mortgage resellers were mixing delinquent loans with prime bond to make it look great. Lipstick on a pig. Selling shit mixed with caviar for the price of caviar.

    How many people have been send to jail for such delinquent behaviour? Try to do the same at a much lower scale and see how fast you end up in jail.

  69. Sid

    ‘Your cynicism and warped politics have never worked since the dawn of time’

    Lol, incase you havent noticed the current system has failed. It is feudalism repackaged and it will continue failing. Get out of your box learn about the Nordic model(and many more concepts) and where they are coming from..

  70. Mb

    I don’t know why people hate Jeff Bezos or Bill gates? They have created job opportunities and probably feeding about a million families (3£ or 10£, doesn’t matter).

    What’s frustrating is, when a middle class pays 40% tax, works for 6 more years to buy a ‘enough’ home for his wife and 2 kids…and the billionaire companies pay pennies in taxes and claim a moral highness in the name of charities and humanitarian work.

    We need another civil war to get rid of the ‘democracy’ and ‘taxation’.

  71. Tom

    I think the government should euthanize all hungry kids of poor ( lazy) parents who can’t afford to feed, clothe and educate them.
    Call it the very late term abortion.

    The abortion contracts should be awarded to wealthy companies that have supported politicians with hefty financial donations as a thank you gesture ,which is only fair considering they are the job creators deserving
    of every brake coming their way for putting up with the minimum wage losers.
    Btw, the minimum wage is a scam perpetuated by the greedy masses so they then can go and spend lavishly on big screen tv’s and booze instead of their children.

  72. MGooner


    Its systemic functionality. You need a system to maintain a society and rules and these change over cycles. Democracies have a capitalistic system at their base.

    The Western systems have peaked and need to be reinvented, But in general, these tend to fail and are then replaced by new systems after wars. These changes take time to happen, it might take more than a generation for the West.

  73. London gunner


    I’d say increase taxes on billionaires/millionaires and corporations that avoid taxes and give some of that money to school meals for kids going hungry.

    My point isn’t that these parents who aren’t providing meals for their kids are good or bad as I cant comment on every case. My main priority is the kids who weren’t asked to be born and can’t work themselves to provide themselves food. Kids shouldn’t be the ones who get the punishment of going hungry when they have done nothing wrong.

    also IQ and educational performance have been linked to malnutrition so having poor kids who can’t focus and learn just leads to a further spiral of poverty and negativity.

  74. London gunner

    I think people living off benefits are scumbags

    the thing is that both and England and America forget is the social wealthfare queens aren’t just the ones in the council estate or trailer parks it’s also the ones in wallstreet and mainstreet.

    it’s amazing how these guys who take the most off the tax payer are forgotten about instead the clueless masses focus on the single mother when behind their backs billion of taxes are going unpaid and these businesses are the first to get huge bail outs.

    also my point isn’t that we shouldn’t have big companies and socialism my point is that these big companies should pay their way just like the us middle class do.

  75. Sid

    ‘They have created job opportunities and probably feeding about a million families’

    Amazon told investors it paid a federal income tax rate of 1.2% last year — that’s about 13 percentage points lower than the average American’s tax rate paid in 2019

    multibillionaires see tax savings of at least 40 percent—which, for Bill Gates, would amount to $14 billion—when you factor in the tax benefits that charity offers to the superrich: avoidance of capital gains taxes (normally 15 percent) and estate taxes (40 percent on everything over $11.58 million, which in Gates’s case is a lot).

    For all the pawns im telling you for free!

  76. MGooner

    @ LG

    I doubt that would do it.

    The issue is with the distribution of capital. Over the past 5 decades there has been an erosion of wealth from labour to big capital. Small businesses have suffered as a result.

    The backbone of an economy has to be small businesses as it has a better effect on the velocity of money. The amount of debt required to produce a unit of GDP has kept growing at unsustainable levels in the West and the distribution of wealth has been impacted as a result.

    It is easy for capitalists to fool what we call the masses, essentially regular people living their lives normally, most of them honestly within society.

  77. Tom

    Who said kids can’t work to support themselves?
    Purchased any Nike’s lately?

    I say put all those poor kids on job programs to relieve the anguish of people like Rich making hard choices whether or not to work overtime.

  78. Northbanker

    I will let the Trotskyites debate among themselves. Usually they comprise people who haven’t worked or invested enough and are now bitter at those who have

    Let’s get back to football asap

  79. John G

    Think we need some Arteta haters back on here so we can change the conversation back to about Arsenal
    All this politics is making my eyes burn.
    Where’s Marc 🙄

  80. MGooner


    Good point but if you increase taxes, it would be difficult to create asset price inflation/reflation to fight off recessions.

    The issue is also that many countries have been expending much more than they can afford. The fact that they have lost their innovative edge does not help.

  81. Sid

    Bitter at those who have?
    Dont want to sound like Tony, but i live a comfortable life with many choices of residence though i do not like it in the city, filthy places, and thats without having to report to anyone.

  82. MidwestGun

    Pedro needs to bin off the politics talk… Christ. Don’t y’all get enough of that in your life?

    Anyhow… Probably need Pool to win today to help us out. And as I say that they give up a goal in about 60 secs.

  83. Lacaqualidie

    If Ozil had been picked to play #10 against WBA he’d have taken one look at the weather and pulled his hamstring before getting off the coach.

    I don’t care how many kids he supposedly feeds, he’s not up to it and hasn’t been for a couple of years.

  84. Valentin


    I remember reading a book when I was a teenager about a society where every 5 years, your career/prospect were re-established based on the need of society, your ability, the benefit to society at large but also with a random element.

    The random element was added to force people to act with altruism. If you know that you could end up garbage man, you end up treating garbage people with more respect.

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Loaning out saliba looking to rid off Nelson n wilock ..
    Whilst retaining musrafi. Luiz. N xhara
    John for you
    Art the beach bum out.

  86. CaliGooner

    I think the government should euthanize all hungry kids of poor ( lazy) parents who can’t afford to feed, clothe and educate them.
    Call it the very late term abortion.

    WTF???? This is the stupidest and most wrong thing I’ve ever seen. I teach in low income neighborhoods asshole. Punishing kids because their parents suck is the stupidest logic ever. Fuck you.

  87. Pierre

    “Dont want to sound like Tony, but i live a comfortable life with many choices of residence though”

    Park benches?

  88. MidwestGun

    Yep Ozil Talk is pointless.. he hasn’t played as a traditional number 10 anyhow for years.. All his managers shunt him out to the wing. He likes to flit about and try and create overloads and he doesn’t like to get the ball under pressure. in the center of the pitch. Hence why people say he disappears in matches. and wasn’t favored in away matches. . ESR has done more in 2 games then Ozil in 2 years.

    Plus the idea he is somehow going to come back and light the place on fire after sitting out a year and knowing he will be leaving soon is laughable. He doesn’t care about “the process” I keep hearing about.. and especially not after being not even registered. I know he doesn’t give 2 fucks about the future of Arsenal FC.

    I’m sure Pierre probably was trolling the notion earlier so it was a topic on here again for like 200 days running from him.

    So Ozil… NO
    Fat Isco… No

    Buendia yes please.

  89. Pierre

    “I’m sure Pierre probably was trolling the notion earlier so it was a topic on here again for like 200 days running from him.”

    Not guilty…

  90. MGooner


    Society has changed. It would be interesting to compare the consumption of alcohol and use of illicit drugs for both periods.

  91. CaliGooner

    Sarcasm makes more sense then that asinine bullshit. Sarcasm is a tone of voice doesn’t always translate on a message board where all sorts of awful things are written. Especially in the era of social media where everyone spews all sorts of shit on the regular.

  92. MGooner

    On a separate note, I hope the UK does not import its toilet rolls from the EU

    On a more serious note, I hope that tier 5 has no restrictions in case we want to move Mustafi and o. That would be cruel

  93. Tom

    Obviously you are new to this forum so I’ll explain myself. My comment was a tongue in cheek to another poster’s self responsibility rant.’

    Making it so over the top should’ve been a dead giveaway even for a new guy.

    I’m guessing your views probably align closer with mine than you think.

  94. John G

    Mgooner that’s given me a cunning plan. We can say bacause of Brexit all EU player contracts are null and void. Though this may leave us with having to field a few under elevens.

  95. Nelson

    I am still confused. How can the so called the next Raphaël Varane and we have valued him at closed to £30m for a defender be so bad???

  96. Mb

    As if we didn’t have enough reasons to cry for (Mustafi, Xhaka, Auba’s poor form, Runnarson, Ozil), this 2020 covid crap has entered to 2021.

    Tier 5. 60k cases/day. Stay safe guys..

    Football and Le-grove are helping in tough times.

  97. CaliGooner

    Tom I’m sure you are a fine person.

    I’m over it. Seeing underprivileged kids blamed for shit is something I run into a lot in my line of work. It’s a trigger.

    Onwards and upwards.

  98. MidwestGun

    I just assume everyone on here is being a sarcastic dick… 9 out of 10 times they are. I do hope Marc comes back… The epic battle between Marc and Pedro makes for good reading. Bit like Batman and the Joker or Superman and Lex Luthor.

  99. CaliGooner

    If Saliba does well on his loan and isn’t a complete tire fire then there will be plenty of opportunities for him next season as we are going to clear out half of our central defenders this month and in the summer.

    I’m still hopeful that he and Gabriel are the future of that position for us. I’m enjoying the form of holding and Mari in the meantime though. That is a good foursome for next year is my hope.