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Well, here we are, the last blog post of 2020. A really, really, really shitty year for everyone.

From a football perspective, we’ve had it all.

We picked up a young coach who arrested the rot that had set in under Unai.

That new coach changed a lot of things. We looked better structured on and off the ball. The players fought like dogs. We binned the melts. Arsenal were far more competitive against big clubs. We won another FA Cup, beating City and Chelsea on the way.

Off the pitch, we had a huge win. The disgusting leadership of Raul S, which a few of us relentlessly pursued, came to a very satisfying conclusion. He was binned after about a month of Tim Lewis joining the board. Good riddance.

That didn’t exactly make our summer, but at least it meant the incompetence could be blamed on actual bad judgment versus something more insidious.

Our transfer window was a bit of a mess because we had to work on compact timelines because of covid. Still, we managed to sign two really great players in Gabriel and Thomas Partey. We also managed to stay true to form by signing Willian on an outrageous deal from a grim super-agent. We did some good business on renewals, tying down Saka and Martinelli. We did some bad business, giving Luiz another deal. We did some ‘errrr… not sure’ work by keeping Auba tied to us until he’s 34.

Arteta the ‘rookie coach lucky to land the job’ at Arsenal was given a big promotion to rockstar manager. Edu was sat down in a fancy garden and told to tell the world he was happy that his relationship with him had gone from subordinate to equal.

Everything went to shit from there.

Arteta had a big hand in every shit decision we made over the summer. His non-negotiables became negotiable. The stars that promised to be with him ditched the project fast and hard. Form plummetted. The football became incoherent. All the discipline went in a storm of redcards. We went coach > manager > politician. It looked like the same end scene from the Emery era.

… but then Christmas brought a special gift: Light at the end of the tunnel.

We beat Chelsea by shifting some things around.

David Luiz and Willian were dropped for ‘sickness’ that wasn’t covid related.

Emile Smith Rowe was introduced with Gabriel and Saka to the front 4.

Lacazette finally found a role that suited his ailing physical traits.

The football sped up as the coaching handbrake loosened.

We moved to mid-table.

Now, the story is far from over. We could easily lose 2-0 to WBA on Jan 2. The blip could be the moment of serenity before a big Arteta induced football heart attack.

… but football is about hope.

January is a big opportunity for the club to right some wrongs.

Dani Ceballos might be moved on by Madrid. They don’t like that he’s not playing. Italy is seen as an option for him to land some game time. Good. He started a fight with Eddie and he was at fault for getting his nose smacked by David Luiz in a training ground ruck. He’s been shit. Cut him loose.

Kola might be finally heading back to Schalke. They hired in Christian Gross and want to kill the fans by subjecting them to the Bosnian knife fighter. Good luck to them.

I suspect Ben Knapper will be busy with other loan moves. Mustafi and Sokratis are both internationals of pedigree that could do a 5-month job at most places. Their wages are high, but not disgustingly so if you are club plugging a gap. Both need game time if they want the next move to be sexy. What will he do with Cal Chambers? Joe Willock? Reiss Nelson? Eddie Nkeitiah? William Saliba? Can any of them be used as bargaining chips for players we need?

No doubt there will be a lot of fumbling around to bring in a creative player. No one seems to like Isco. 95% of fans telling me he’s a fat ponce. A bit mean if I’m honest. The club want a piece of Julian Brandt, but I’d be shocked to see Dortmund move him in January. Jack Grealish has been all up in the Arsenal players gramz over the last week, clearly he is DESPERATE for the big move the North London, but be real people, the £75m we spent on Pepe is not coming back. A player like Jack is not going to end up in our squad, so stop dreaming. There’s talk about Sabitzer of RB. I really like the player, he always impresses me. He hit double figures for goals and assists last season, but my worry is that at 26, he’s a finished product. Shouldn’t we be looking for the next big thing after the learnings of this summer? Buendia has great numbers, but according to Tim Stillman, his attitude stinks, not sure we should be going there if that’s the case.

The good news is that we’re heading into the window a little calmer than we might have been. We’re not going to make a shocking error by panic signing Eriksen on a 5-year deal. I also think Arteta has gone to a very dark place over the decisions he made this summer… he has to know he fucked up very badly. I am sure he’ll not be begging Edu to sign anymore Kia bums, because he knows that at any other club, he’d be on the bonfire right now, looking at the next job at Bournemouth if he were lucky.

On a me, me, me note. The year was rough as a blogger! Traffic nose-dived. I had nothing to write about. BUT, I want to thank the loyalists who checked in regardless. You are the real heroes.

I also want to send my love to all the readers that were impacted by covid. The Arsenal should be escapist, I try and keep it upbeat here (or REALLY FUCKING INTENSE), but I am fully aware of the heartache this virus has caused. I know many of you have lost loved ones or suffered health problems personally. I truly wish you and your families all the best and hope to see you back to full fitness in the new year!

So we end the year on hope.

Hope that Arteta has grown up and can see what he needs to do to make it at the top with this basketcase club.

Hope that the club has finally seen the error of its ways and has the guts to pivot towards a better path.

Hope that we have some exceptional young players that will play out the rest of the season with passion and pride. #HaleEnders

Hope we’ll all be having a pint together at the start of next season as the vaccine is rolled out.

Thank you for reading and listening for another year. This site brings me so much joy. I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have such a rabid community of lunatics that come to chat football every day. It means the world that you spend your valuable time here and occasionally take the time out to call me a c*nt in the comments.

On that note, I’ll raise a glass to you, thanks for being awesome.

Stay safe tonight, be merry, and let’s have a much better 2021! xxx

P.S. I want to say a huge thanks to the heroes that have helped me create elite content this year. Matt, Alex, Aash, Johnny, Dom, Jonathan, Mike McDonald, Janan, Lee… THANK YOU.

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  1. TheBayingMob

    Good will is not about knowing someone personally, it’s about wishing good for anyone regardless of their situation. A lot of people have had a shit year for one reason or another, it’s about wishing for better than this pseudo police state we are currently living in. If you can’t wish that to stangers, you truly are a cunt.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Willian and Luiz back in full training after their illness, let’s see how quickly they’re back in the team.

    Gabriel and Partey available next game or the one after hopefully, back in full training next week. Can we try and not breaking Partey now by playing him next to Pointy Swiss cunt so he has to do the work of 2? That would be great.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10

    Happy New Year 2021 to all of you fellow Gooners and Grovers!! It has been a very tough year btw this crap virus and the shit that MA has pulled off so far.

    I really hope to see us improve. I have no trust in MA as for someone who is supposedly intelligent to not be able to see the crap players that we have and to then persist with them at the expense of the youth who are going to be naturally more willing to fight.

    This should have been the plan all along. Not surprised that this was not done as their mandate is to finish in the top 4 and MA et al. decided to take shortcuts.

    Like we all say: Onwards and Upwards The Arsenal!!!

  4. Wingdings

    DaveB666December 31, 2020 19:12:39
    Kola off to Schalke on loan – has been confirmed on BBC


    This club really is hopeless. You’re supposed to get rid of him permanently. Always these useless loan deals.

  5. Tom

    “On a me, me, me note. The year was rough as a blogger! Traffic nose-dived. I had nothing to write about. BUT, I want to thank the loyalists who checked in regardless.”

    I thought traffic was supposed to be up when in crisis, was told that repeatedly.

    As for who’s the real hero on here……..there can be no doubt Pedro, no other blogger would take this much abuse and brush it off like a speck of lint on one of Arteta’s black jackets.

    Happy New Year everyone !

  6. Habesha Gooner

    Happy new year everyone.

    “Buendia has great numbers, but according to Tim Stillman, his attitude stinks, not sure we should be going there if that’s the case.”

    Well from what I have seen his attitude is spot on. he tracks back and he fights for his team. I read he was in the top 10 for defensive actions of a forward last season.

    What I would actually question is his temperament. He has seen some red cards in the past. he is a bit of a hot head. Other than that he is the perfect player for us.

    What would be great though is if we offload Mustafi, Sokratis, Ozil and Chambers. The first three for no money (may be pay part of ozils wages) and chambers for 10 to 15 mil. Luiz can stay till the end of the season and go to benfica. Then in the summer sell Elneny, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Lacazette, Torreira and Guendouzi ( I know he isnt staying with arteta in charge). Sign one attacking midfielder in january and go for two good midfielders in the summer. That is what a big club would do.

  7. Aaron


    Serious question, if Rodgers and Pott each got 3+ years with their respective clubs and won f*ck all, both of their records were around 51-54% winning percentages, why does Arteta, who has won 1 FA cup and another piece of silver, get 1 year in covid era, with a 53.7% winning percentage?

  8. raptora

    Poch’s Tottenham overtook us with on a smaller budget and in a smaller club. Say what you want, they did overtake us and we are going to finish behind them for yet another season many, many points behind them. Is that Arteta’s good work?

    Leicester same thing. Rodgers has them playing entertaining football. Their club, stadium, wages, everything is in a much smaller scale. The whole situation of us finishing behind a team like Leicester is pathetic. Courtesy of Arteta again.

    If you think that FA Cups are enough to count us for a big club, it isn’t. Manure, Man City sack managers after winning the FA Cup.

    FAC is a nice bonus, don’t get me wrong. But Arteta is well, well, well on his way of guiding us to a downgrade of a pathetic 8th place finish last season.

    If you think he should be given more time, and watching his garbage football, then you are free to have your opinion. I don’t agree with it. At all. I don’t understand it. At all.

  9. Guns of SF

    I dont know about all this Buendia news Pedro is dropping…
    I guess if you are with Norwich you are irritated most everyday.
    He is probably wanting to leave that sinking ship, hence his attitude? LOL

  10. Guns of SF


    I wish everyone a great year of happiness and health and $$$

    Also, a wish that Mike leaves and we get back into the top 6 fight this year!

  11. Sly

    Happy new year Gooners
    Thanks Pedro for your great effort with the blog
    Here’s to smashing brom on Saturday and a spanking great new coach in January !

  12. Nelson

    Edu said that he had an open discussion with Ozil and his team and has made a few suggestions to correct the situation. I would like the reporters to ask Edu to detail what has been proposed to the Ozil’s team. I would think that the club should make it clear that Ozil will not be playing for Arsenal again but the club is willing to cover a percentage of his wages when he plays for another team.

    If Ozil still doesn’t want to listen and insists to cash in until the 30th of June, then he becomes an enemy of the club. The fans should demonstrate in front of his home and also use the socisl media to attack him. We’ll make his life as uncomfortable as possible for the remaining 6 months.

  13. Bojangles

    ”People that are willing to support him after every decision he managed to fuck up, cannot be fans of the club. End of.”

    People disagreeing with you is not a criteria for being a fan or otherwise. Wishing Arsenal lose a game is certainly one of them though.

  14. Spudnik


    I know fuck all people listen to your podcast – BUT – You say BUMteta needs 5 months to turn it around – wow. That’s some serious cock you’re chowing down on.

  15. Valentin

    Etienne Capoue was available on 2~3 years deal for £7 millions last summer and we dithered…
    He is now available for £4.5 millions for 2 years. If we really are skint, that the kind of no brainer deal that give time to the head coach to improve on Xhaka/Elneny while still giving an opportunity to Azeez and other youngster to showcase what they can do.

  16. Bojangles

    Sal would be my commenter of the year at LG. He’s always fair minded, often humorous and gives intelligent responses (most of the time.)

    WE has a good knowledge of players, in Europe in particular. Don’t always agree with him but his take on players is worth listening to.

    CC is the most intelligent poster here with the best take downs. Again didn’t always agree with him but his absence from the blog is missed.

  17. David Smith

    Thanks for for the blog Pedro, and for keeping going at times when it’ must be painful to write about this club, hope you , and Arsenal have a happy 2021
    It’s going to be better Next year …..isn’t it?

  18. Nelson

    Bob N16
    December 31, 2020 23:32:38

    Wing nut, Kola’s got 6 months left of his contract- do the maths!

    Wing Nut is correct. Kola’s contract lasts until Jun 2022.

  19. Pendrey

    Arsenal, specialists in wasting money. Leicester, Wolves, Villa, Spurs all operate with much smaller budgets. Gunners buy rejects , and expect results.

    The kids are showing up the so called stars keep it up.

  20. georgia boy

    Happy New Year all from the ATL. Started watching The Arsenal in 2004. Get the fuck in.

    Come on Arteta

    Come on You Gunners

    Pedro thanks for the blog it’s my fave cheers fella

  21. Tony

    Happy New Year Pedro.

    Your hard work is much appreciated even if not agreed with much at this time.

    Happy New Year grovers – wishing you all Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2021

  22. TheLegendaryDB10

    Happy New Year 2021 Pedro!!!

    You can be challenging with your blog and that’s what I like about it.

    This club is a total basket case. And this annoys me.

    As much as I want Arteta out, who is a total novice of the kind you never put at Senior level company, he is a High Potential. And that kinda of person, if put in a structure intelligently set up, could thrive.

    And that’s why I advocate we sack Edu.

    We need someone with a vision to guide him. And Ralf Rangnick is the man for this.

    The reason I am calling for this is that the club has put their entire faith in a novice because no one has any footballing knowledge

    Giving Ralf the opportunity will redress this and give MA a crutch and a structure to work in with the youth.

    They will look commited as we can see with players like Martinelli, ESR and Saka.

    This is the only way to succeed

    Onwards and Upwards The Arsenal!!

  23. Kenyangunner

    “Buendia has great numbers, but according to Tim Stillman, his attitude stinks, not sure we should be going there if that’s the case.”

    Ditto ; Thierry Henry, Alex Sanchez, and Tony Adams had a drinking problem

  24. Useroz

    In some ways, Arteta and Edu stink the place too with their collective poor judgment, decision making and (still) lack of player strategy …

    Media is reporting Arteta being challenged during a squad meeting AFTER the last two wins about his playing favorites. I say about time, not that disharmony is good. It’s way too obvious and concerns integrity.

    Unless and until Arsenal rights the wrong with Saliba, wouldn’t trust these bums with player transfers, both in and out, and the precious funds. Doing it the same ways by the same people wouldn’t give different results……

  25. Useroz

    Not that Balogun will become the next whoever, losing him on a free to any PL rivals is a stackable offense.

    Balogun is Arsenal asset and , charitiable donations aside, when do you hear organizations give away their assets for free?? Vinai should look for a challenge elsewhere. Arsenal is way over his head.

  26. China1

    Happy new year Pedro and everyone else

    At least we’ve won the last 2 games and kola is out

    More of this (winning and binning off the dross) please

  27. Goobergooner

    China 😂
    Winning and binning is the name of this January for arsenal. Hopefully we can do both to the required standard

  28. China1

    Yep goober

    Get out dat big biffa bin

    Chuck in:

    Mustafi, ozil, xhaka, bellerin, sokratis, Willian, Laca, Ceballos

    Load biffa bin onto a Falcon Heavy rocket

    Set coordinates for the sun


    Am I asking for too much?

  29. China1

    The good thing is the rocket will either successfully launch them into the sun or almost as likely something will go wrong and it will blow up on the launch pad/ 20 seconds after takeoff

    Either way arsenal wins

  30. Goobergooner

    Hahaha that sounds reasonable enough for me.
    Though chuck in Gazidis and the crew who gave them the chance to steal a living for Jack shit output too!

  31. Dave Cee

    Winning and binning, yes please. My Xmas wish, cut Mikel some slack and see if he really has learned his lessons and can move the squad forward from here. Why take the pain and bin off the gain? Sure there have been some shockingly bad decisions but there have also been some real reasons for optimism, like Partey and Gabriel.
    Lets get shot of Musti and Sok, Luiz if he is open to it. No need to jettison Chambers yet, I feel there is a good player there if he gets opportunities again. Willian ( and Auba) should be available if the numbers add up, same for Xhaka, Laca and Elneny, but replacements will need to be lined up, we simply don’t have enough depth to cover without them at the moment. Also, hope Balogun gets some opportunities, doubt he will save our season but we should at least have a look at him before he walks out on a free.
    Whatever happens, we absolutely need a #10 (not Ozil) to come into the squad this month. Isco, Buendia, whoever, so long as they have quality and aren’t injured! ESR and Saka can’t carry the team on their own.
    Pedro, and all the podcast contributors, thanks for your efforts. True gooners and honest guys. Appreciate the content, in this year of slim pickings more than ever. Thanks.
    Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s tank the Brom tomo

  32. Goobergooner

    If we didn’t have a hoarder as manager we would certainly have been better off at this point of the season though.

    Rejecting offers for players who haven’t had much play time or been properly effective has had such a negative effect on building this squad properly.

    Imagine getting out Laca and Amn, and buying Aouar (or the 2nd option we had for creativity) as well as Partey.

    Our fortunes surely couldn’t have been as bad by actually utilising Soares and promoting balogun into lacas spot.

    This isn’t hindsight either. So many people were calling for us to take the moolah on offer.

    Arteta is just too ‘smart’ for his own good.

  33. Graham62

    Happy New Year Pedro and to all fellow bloggers.

    The time and effort you put into making this blog such a success is greatly appreciated.

    Let’s hope for a progressive and healthy 2021.

    Both in life and at AFC.

  34. Goobergooner

    The money for xhaka would have been enough to get a younger up and comer to replace him.

    I cannot for the life of me see why managers love him.

  35. Northbanker

    happy New Year to all – decision making of Edu and Arteta has on the whole been terrible but so too has been what has gone before them. But we know Arteta stopped sales of Xhaka and Laca and promoted the sale of Emi. He has disgracefully dealt with Saliba wrongly and looks to be fucking up over Balogun. Put together with being in 13th place to me we should be lining up a new manager for the year

    problem is who does that? there is no one competent enough at AFC so agree priority is a DoF

    Marc Overmars would be a great choice

  36. Goobergooner

    Northbanker, it’s quite an unreal situation we seem to have got ourselves into isn’t it.

    No one actually has proper football experience in the management positions. It’s seriously bizarre

  37. Goobergooner

    I’d also take Overmars. He should have came instead of edu, but we wanted to play shitty games with agents and leaving any major decision up to Gazidis was quite the disaster.

    Wenger was the last proper footballing person who had a proper semblance of power.

    We’ve had Emery as well as diamond eyes who both had no real say and hence them not being here today (well Emery we all know what was wrong, but why wasn’t he given the leeway Arteta is being given, and I don’t give a shit that he’s an amatuer so that’s not an excuse 😂).

    We need to have higher expectations from edu and vinai. Because the kroenkes don’t give a shit

  38. Northbanker

    I would still say that Arteta is an improvement over Emery who just seemed such a buffoon. The football at the end of Emerys time was even worse than it was pre Chelsea match. That isnt really a compliment though.

    My only reservation right now is that in the last 2 games Arteta may finally have seen some light. IF he can learn from his shitty decisions then maybe just maybe we have a better manager going forward

    The other factor is just hanging fire as well as last 2 games and lack of decision maker is the fact that there is no one obvious to turn to. I dont want an Allegri who can barely speak English Id want someone who has both gravitas to run a big club (so not Eddie Howe) and Prem knowledge.

    That would narrow to someone like Brendan Rodgers

  39. Northbanker

    We need someone who can build for the long term with our Academy and some bargain basement buys. Eventually that will allow us to buy marquee players but until you do this well that is a huge gamble and so often goes wrong. Look at how many flops Barca and RM have bought for big money.

    Something happens to players mental attitudes when they get ridiculous money. Id stay well away and focus on using AFC name to get tomorrows stars. Build a strategy which doesnt rely on getting into ECL to buy and retain players .

    If we can promote players like Saka ESR and Balogun and perhaps later Azeez and find in the market players for 6 -10 m like like Guendouzi ( yes with the right handling he can still play a proper role) and Martinelli, then we can gradually rebuild into a top club.

    someone like Rodgers has a track record for doing this and so does Overmars as a dof at Ajax.

  40. Nelson

    “I cannot for the life of me see why managers love him.”

    I also want Xhaka replaced. He is too slow for EPL. But I understand why managers and players love him. He is a straight arrow. He is dedicated. He always gives 100%. He supports all his teammates. That’s why he was voted as captain. Luiz can be a trouble maker. Auba is obviously down tooling. Watched how he played last game makes me sick. He just went through the motion. Laca looked happy and still wanted to contribute. Hopefully, he can influence Auba to try harder..

  41. Goobergooner


    Agree with that second message’s sentiment.

    We need to become more like Dortmund, but we have (covid is the real kicker here) a bigger income and ability to spend than them so we should I’m theory be able to do it better.

    We have made an absolute hash of majority of big money signings. Either being square peg for round hole (Ozil and to some extent both Auba and Laca. We only needed one of them if we kept giroud) , or just not being good enough (Pepe, xhaka, mustafi).

    What I cannot agree with is that Emery ball was worse than the last few months 😂😂😂 but that’s all subjective anyway.

    I think we made 2 wrong managerial hires since Wenger, and we will be in la la land like man U has been since Fergie, albeit without being able to spend mega bucks when shit goes properly wrong.

  42. Goobergooner

    I do understand that.

    But a captain doesnt dawdle off the field and then tell fans to fuck off, he was binned then and rightfully so.

    But then he comes back under arteta, has a few decent games (for him anyway) and is now the mainstay, then goes and gets a fucking incredibly daft red card.

    I can’t believe he supports all his team mates after seeing a raging Tierney (who shows proper heart and desire) be pushed away by xhaka for him to only go and put his arm around the bloke who got Pepe sent off.

    Xhaka doesn’t give a shit about the fans and he shouldn’t have ever worn the shirt again after the first fuck up. Let alone the red the other day.

    On top of all that. He’s just not good enough.

    Haha sorry for the drunken rant. Xhaka riles me that’s for sure. The most dislikable Arsenal player I have come across

  43. Goobergooner

    If I was Tierney in that situation I would have had a few words to xhaka after that.
    He should have put his arm around Tierney and been that leader he says he’s been since holding onto his house keys as a kid.

    What an absolute melon of a bloke.

  44. Chris

    Our next 2 games are West Brom and Palace. With the bounce we are on we can grab 2 wins.

    Chelsea’s next 2 are Leicester and Man City, could easily lose both given how they are currently.

    Imagine the scenes if we are level on points with Chelsea, who have spent £250 million, in 2 games time.

    Just a light hearted thought!

  45. Moray

    If Xhaka is giving 100% every game then he’s a much, much worse player than I ever thought he was. For me, he’s a caricature or maybe a parody- a parody of a midfielder, a parody of a regista, a parody of a captain and a parody of a tough guy.

  46. Nelson


    I don’t want to sound like I am defending Xhaka. I was trying to explain why all managers including the Switzerland NT and his former German team all selected him as captain. He had a bad relationship with the fans. If by chance he comes across Le Grove, he’ll find out how the fans hate him. As for the event with Tierney, I heard that the “bloke” is his friend and countryman. It had nothing to do with football. Anyway, Partey will definitely replace Xhaka in the starting 11.

  47. Moray

    Nelson, sounds like you have a man crush on the great Swiss hope. No shame, he’s not bad lookign if you like the gypsy thing he has going on.

  48. Goobergooner

    Nelson, my bad didn’t mean it to sound like I was having a go at you for defending him haha.

    And I do get it. He’s a dressing shed personality.

    Haha and yeah I used bloke as I couldn’t think of his name 😂😂.

    And I’m sure there would have been heaps of time to have had a chat to old mate, but at that point in time Tierney should have been his main concern. He just lost a match that should have been won any other season, and he’s going off being chumps with the literal enemy of the day. Not a good look at all, for me.

  49. Goobergooner

    Moray not calling you out here, but it has been a random theme (not sure if it’s just here) that people love how suave tets is and want a team full of models. Stems back to the giroud era.

    Give me some absolute trolls that can play some bloody football all day every day 🤣🤣

  50. Aussie+Gooner

    Happy New Year to all on LG and thank you Pedro for making it work during a very difficult period. I suspect that worse is to come.

    Fortunately we were able to celebrate NYE in normal fashion here in Western Australia although the crowds were down on last year. I went to an 80’s disco night! I bet some on here wern’t even born then!

    My hopes for this year:

    See the back of COVID
    Arteta to wake up and smell the coffee or move on
    I like the look of the following players were are supposed to be interested in:
    Emiliano Buendia
    Tariq Lamptey
    Riqui Puig
    Yves Bissouma

    Most available at a reaonable price – worth the gamble.

    I don’t like the look of :
    Houssem Aouar
    Julian Brandt

    All would be too expensive and not worth the risk.

  51. Goobergooner

    You’re right Aussie. I was born not long after the 80s haha but not quite.

    I agree with that list though. We need excitement and potential rather than has been early retirees

  52. Nelson

    Reports from Turkey linking Sokratis to Fenerbahce in recent days, Turkish outlet Takvim add that the club now have an agreement with the defender. However, the 32-year-old is delaying on making it official, as he also has interest from Napoli.

  53. Sean Mukiza

    Thank you for the great content that you have produced for us over 2020 don Pedro! Don’t always see eye to eye with you. But I read everyday. Love the blog. Keep well and safe my guy! Only way is up in 2021. Lots of love to you !

    p.s (please give us more Pods in 21′ thanks xx)