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Arsenal capped off a very odd year with a win.

Do I care how it happened? No.

Am I happy? Yes.

Should you be? Yes.

If you thought the path back to midtable was going to be Chelsea performances week in, week out, you were mistaken. Arsenal’s pivot in football strategy landed with a warning label: It’ll be non-linear.

Arteta did exactly what we the people asked for. He binned two senior players that have been problematic. He stuck with the kids that saved his career in the last game. He was rewarded handsomely with a very sound win against a Brighton that are tough opponents.

The only change from the last game was the intro of Auba for Lacazette, who had a back issue. Our start was painfully bland. We reverted to playing out the back, revisiting the over-rehearsed slow football we’ve seen all season. Xhaka and Mo were crabs, they looked more interested in their pass completion stats than moving the ball with the pace they had done for the whole game against Chelsea.

Our front 4 were barely involved. Auba looked isolated. ESR wasn’t involved. Gabriel and Saka barely touched the ball.


The second half saw a HUGE change in attitude and belief. We came out roaring. The players reverted to the Chelsea game plan. ESR dropped deeper and started to control the game. Gabriel, Saka and Auba all livened up.

The break came when Lacazette came on for a very tired Gabriel. Saka turned on the halfway line, powered into the box, cut Laca in, the Frenchman took his time and curled a shot near post to perfection. A wonderful goal, but most of the credit went to Saka who did so, so well in the build-up.

We stopped pressuring after that. It was a bit grim at times. We started time-wasting in their corner flag area like it was a cup final and we were Yeovil Town. But that was the pressure of the day. Brighton didn’t really have much to offer. We took the three points. Neil Maupay cried (I can’t prove this).

So what did we learn?

The blueprint for the future is youth. Two games, two wins. What we lacked in quality, we more than makeup for with passion and hunger. There cannot be a return to the seniors that have let us down so badly. The fans don’t want it. It hasn’t worked, and it won’t work.

Willian can go in the bin. David Luiz too. Play those that want to be a part of the project, fuck the rest.

We just have to accept that there will be days like today. Kids are inconsistent. Teams like Brighton will be tough. The upside is that we’re working with players that’ll grow and get better. That is the path forward.

The future of our attack is ESR, Saka, and Martinelli. It wasn’t quite the Chelsea game, but it was still brilliant in its own way.

ESR is just so impressive. He fast, he’s strong, and he moves like a #10. His first half was slow, but he listened at half time and he made an impact in the second half. He takes passes on the half-turn and seamlessly moves the ball at speed. I love how hungry he is, his late-game defensive work, his movement for throw-ins, his confidence to put his hand-up for freekicks. I love it.

Saka is our best player now. Let’s not continue to debate this. There’s no one more consequential in our squad. The maturity to own the game in the second-half belied his age. HIs run for the goal incredibly powerful, the pass was so composed, he’s a fucking hero. What’s more, he likes playing with ESR and Gabriel.

Talking of the Brazilian. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. He is all you want from a forward in 2020. He does not stop, what a fucking terror that boy is. The goals will come, no doubt. The most difficult thing the club is going to have to deal with is how hard he runs himself. We need him fresh. A cult hero before he’s twenty, we are very lucky.

Our midfield needs an upgrade. Arteta said after the game certain senior players make the younger players better. He needs to understand that long-term, that’s not Xhaka or Mo. The two of them work hard, but honestly, together, it’s painful to watch. The return of Partey can’t come soon enough. There was a very incorrect rumour before the game yesterday that he was in the squad, it was wrong. I’m reliably told the hope is Partey will actually be about for the Newcastle cup game. He’ll help, but we still need to add speed to our midfield play.

If you don’t move the ball fast, there’s no point in the attackers we have. Arteta needs to give more time to AMN in midfield. He offers ambitious passing, he’s an elite athlete, he has swagger, and he’ll grow in value if he’s given time. Why isn’t he offered more minutes? Maybe it was hard to drop GX and ME because of Chelsea. For West Brom, we have to start AMN and give him what he deserves.

The defence returned to solid. The jury is still out on Pablo Mari. He’s looked a little shaky, but he’s barely played. Holdinho, to be fair, has been absolutely excellent. He’s just really solid. His passing isn’t always that sexy, but you can’t knock his leadership skills, aerial ability, and reliability. Hector is a tough one for me, he looked a mess in the first half, but he was sharp in the second. There was one point where he broke in the second in spectacular fashion, no one followed, I couldn’t work out if that was discipline or people knowing he’d not land a final ball.

The January window needs more than one signing. The major move is for creativity. There’s a lot of buzz around Isco. Outside everyone fat-shaming a guy who is depressed over his lack of game time, you’d be hard-pressed to tell me he wouldn’t give us something in quality an experience. I like the idea because he has something to play for. 1) A final contract because he’s old. 2) He probably wants to play for Spain this summer. 3) HE’S NOT ERIKSEN.

It’s clear we need more than just an Isco type. We need to shift on the deadwood. There simply MUST be a back-up keeper. I think we need more than one creative midfielder. BUT WE HAVE NO MONEY. So not sure what we’ll do this month.

Football might also be in the shitter. Covid seems to be going pretty wild again. I am half expecting the suspension of the season again. We’ll see though. I can’t work out if it’d be good or bad for us, but at least we could get everyone fit. BUT YOU, READING THIS, MUST STAY SAFE. I need those clicks. x


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  1. Valentin


    It all come down to personal judgment.
    Do you judge on ability alone, on longevity, on goal scored, on cultural impact, on impact on the team, on quality and quantity of trophies won?

    I loved Ronaldinho, in term of ability and joy he brought to spectators IMHO he was the best. I admire Messi, but he never brought me the same joy.

  2. Chris

    Ronaldinho in his pomp for me also one of my very favourites. Still remember the way he destroyed Ashley Cole in the 2002 World Cup.

    Also the ‘toe poke’ goal against Chelsea in the CL, loved that when it went in.

  3. WengerEagle

    Zidane imo was the better individual player pound for pound but Iniesta gets my vote based on their career body of work.

    Dominated for club and country. 4 CL titles, 9 La Ligas, World Cup and 2 Euros.

    While Zidane won all the top honours, you can’t say that Juventus or Real Madrid were dominant with him at the heart of those sides.

    Always remember Rooney’s quote on Iniesta after the CL Final in 2009, chasing shadows so they were.

    And that was an elite Man United side.

  4. SAGG

    PL maybe get suspended if that happens, well, say goodbye to Arsenal momentum. It wpuld be devastating for. us to. stop the league now.

  5. Tom

    Unless a player plays for my team I judge them all on what kinda entertainment and excitement they can provide while I watch them play, that’s it.

    Unles we so sign Haaland or Mbappe and they help us to a treble while scoring a hat trick in the CL final against the Spurs at Wembley, Bernabeu, or another cathedral of football, they will always fall below Ronaldinho in the pecking order for me.

  6. WengerEagle

    ‘Adriano is the classic example of the player who stopped trying once he achieve fame and money’

    Think it was more to do with him becoming an alcoholic in the aftermath of his Dad’s death in 2004 according to team mates like Zanetti, Ibrahimovic and the Inter president.

    Shame because like Ronaldo Lima he was a freak of nature. Not quite as exciting but would have been elite with his head screwed on.

  7. Tom

    Yes, but ask any neutral who Iniesta played with and nine out of ten will immediately say Xavi, Messi, and Busquets.
    Ask the same about Zidane and apart from e few voices you’ll get a longer pause.

  8. Rich

    Zidane is on an entirely different level to Iniesta, it’s not even close.

    Zidane is by far the greatest midfielder I’ve had the pleasure of watching.

    He had the balance and poise of a ballerina, ambidextrous, brilliant in the air, unbelievable technique, and the aggression of a hungry predator who could smell blood

    He also showed up in the two biggest games on the football calendar, with match winning performances

  9. Time Up

    “I was the biggest Cesc Fabregas fan going when he was here but to put Iniesta in the same tier as him is bonkers.“

    Iniesta didn’t break into Barca first team until he was 25/26. Fabergas at 18 was bossing the CL final while Iniesta was 22 warming the bench.

    I agree Iniesta ended up the better all rounded player, but he benefited from warming the bench until mid 20s.. Don’t make it as Fab was some kind of middle of the road footballer.

  10. TR7

    ‘loved Ronaldinho, in term of ability and joy he brought to spectators IMHO he was the best. I admire Messi, but he never brought me the same joy.’

    It is easy for a genius to go all guns blazing and lose the sense of proportion in flaunting his skills/artistry but it is incredibly difficult for a genius to flaunt his skills/artistry and still be precise and controlled while doing it. This is why even in terms of sheer joy, Messi trumps Ronaldinho for me.

  11. salparadisenyc

    Zidane gets my vote he did it all for club but its country where he really shined. Taking Brazil out in 98 running the show with serious style has to godown as top drawer as it gets. Then somehow single handedly resuscitating the 2006 side at his end, seeing off future World champions Spain, owning Brazil, edging Portugal in the semi then throwing it all away on a cunting Matterazzi in the finale.

    The drama.

    Add in the 2000 Euro a match they were so out of then pulled it back in stoppage to equalize then win it in extra with a ZZ ball to Trezeguet.

    The king.

  12. London gunner

    Ronaldinho went on coke binges before games he in fact never stopped partying all week.

    if Ronaldinho had has the work ethic of ronaldo or messi he’d be the best player of all time.

    For me he holds the title of most naturally talented

  13. gambon

    Love Ronaldinho but he’s not in Messis league.

    The only player I’ve seen that I would put in that talent bracket is Ronaldo.

    Couldve been the best ever with luck and a few less doughnuts.

  14. Rich

    The Ronaldinho toe poke at Stamford Bridge was outrageous, one of my all time favourite goals,

    For 2 years he was unstoppable

  15. TR7

    Yes Zidane trumps Iniesta for me too, he was absolutely incredible. He was a one man army, a juggernaut. Almost single handedly did a Maradona in 2006, in fact if not for the infamous headbutt he would have surely won it for France.

  16. Thorough

    I’m shocked we’re mentioning classic play makers and Noone has mentioned ‘Maradona of the Carpatians’ George Hagi. Plays like the ball is glued to his left peg.

  17. Tom

    I don’t think anyone is saying Ronaldinho was the Messi level footballer and everything this should encompass. I’m merely suggesting he was one of a kind and pound for pound the most entertaining footballer around.

    You don’t risk injury doing three consecutive sombreros without gaining a single yard on the pitch while your teammates are standing around scratching their balls, if you are a serious team player.
    But if you’re an artist and the showman that’s what you do.

    If all you want is longevity , professionalism and a great scoring record ( with a mix of alcoholism perfectly suitable to the era) how about Gerd Muller, the Bomber, 487 goals in 555 matches.
    He won’t make any all time great charts around here I bet.

  18. Tom

    Hagi was another one for sure.
    You know when a player is special when you need three replays to figure out what the hell kinda move it was he just put on the defender.

  19. Thorough

    Absolutely. I’m suppose to hate him and that Galatasaray team who gave us a runaround in uefa cup final. That was an amazing Arsenal team they made look poor. Bulent even played us with his arm bandaged to his trunk. Football was war those days. Now we just have dramatists.

  20. Rich

    Arsenal are apparently close to signing Omar Rekik for €600,000 from Hamburg

    Apparently he’s another centre half, who’ll train with the first team, but play with the under 23s

    This is beyond ridiculous now

    Luiz, Mustafi, Chambers, Holding, Saliba, Gabriel, Mari, Sokratis

    Mavropanos, Medley, McGuiness, Ballard, Olowu, Clarke,, Rekik?

    How many centre half’s do we need?

  21. JJ

    Great job by the kids. Bellerin is garbage and has been for a long time. Not sure why Pedro is still on the fence.

    Mo and GX are just as painful to watch. Sideways and backwards from the three of them. It is safe and lazy. Auber does the same now. He needs to turn and run at the opposition, not just pass it back to who have it to him. He needs more front post runs too. He seems so darn lazy these days.

  22. WengerEagle

    Ronaldinho was the nost skilful and inventive footballer I have ever seen and it isn’t even close.

    But don’t make me laugh comparing him to Messi.

    The hardest thing to do in football is stick the ball in the back of the net and Messi at his peak was scoring 60-70 goals a season.

    A different planet to Ronny who never even cracked 30 at his peak.

  23. Time Up

    If the league stopped because of COVID for more than couple of weeks it will be suspended and we will go to point per game calculation as agreed by the PL and the clubs. Arsenal might end up with 47.5 in 13th.

    Thanks to the generational manager.

  24. gambon

    To put it anther way…

    Ronaldinhos best season was 26 goals.

    Messi has bettered that 12 seasons in a row, topping out at 73.

    He has simultaneously been the best finisher, best dribbler, and most creative player in the world for over a decade.

  25. Tom

    Time Up
    If that were to happen Pedro would decry the injustice and proclaim, based on the two game winning record ,Arsenal would’ve gone undefeated the rest of the season and even possibly without losing any points.

  26. MidwestGun

    Oh damn I leave for just a couple hours and Le Grove goes off the rails.. Full Dariano power ratings and everything..

    By the way Isco picture was from Nov. 1. So 2 months ago… but that is going to take some time to overcome. Or maybe never… ..He looks like Trump after a few buckets of KFC.

  27. London gunner

    ronaldo had a higher ceiling than messi without a terrible knee injury and becoming a fat cunt he’d be number 1.

    Even with his terrible injuries and loss of pace he still managed to play at the top

  28. Valentin

    Omar Rekkik with all of 8 games in the 4th tier of German Football is unlikely to be part of the first team. The strange thing is that even at U23 we have a surplus of CB. The best ones are on loan away.

  29. MidwestGun

    Oh damn I leave for just a couple hours and Le Grove goes off the rails.. Full power ratings and everything..

    By the way Isco picture was from Nov. 1. So 2 months ago… but that is going to take some time to overcome. Or maybe never… .. He needs a fitness intervention.. when your face gets all bloated looking like Trump after a few buckets of KFC.. that is bad … really bad.

  30. Tom

    London gunner
    Everyone’s ceilings should probably be higher than Messi’s.
    You know…….because he’s ……short.
    I’ll get my coat now.

  31. Radio Raheem

    I know this chap in one of South London’s estates. He used to run rings round everyone in the school playground. I reckon he had a higher ceiling than Messi if only he had stayed away from selling weed or was it the injury he suffered in the academy or was it becoming a dad at 19.

    I’m not sure which came first but from what I saw he certainly had a higher ceiling than Messi😜

  32. Batistuta

    Like the look of that Mbueno lad at Brentford. Think i murdered the name but he’s looked very direct each time I’ve watched them

  33. Time Up


    “If that were to happen Pedro would decry the injustice and proclaim, based on the two game winning record ,Arsenal would’ve gone undefeated the rest of the season and even possibly without losing any points.“

    He would be right, this would be a conspiracy by the WHO, the UK gov and PL against our generational manager as had found version 2 formula to go unbeaten for the rest and f the season.

  34. Tom

    Time Up
    Worse still, Villa would probably end up fourth in the table with a better goals for and against than City in fifth.
    Did Emi know something we didn’t?

  35. Time Up


    I think Emery has informed Emi before leaving that, he was going to hire a plane and spray the virus during new year. The problem Is, Edu knew and did nothing or reported Emery as both knew version 2 formula was going to be unleashed after new year.

  36. Samesong

    Copied from Quora.

    PROOF and without the need of detailed goal stats, awards, titles or achievements.

    If I can do what you can do, BUT… You cannot do what I can, Who is better?

    This is why Ronaldo Fenomeno was the MOST FEARED player in history.
    Regardless of which team, league, competition, he turned oppositions into chaos. Rather than fooling his opponents, he purposely made them look like fools.

    * Unmatched in acceleration/change of direction/all out sprint.
    * Control and dribble with the ball at his feet at a total full sprint.
    * At 33 years of age, overweight and two busted knees, he was officially clocked at 36km/h in a sprint during a game!

    * He has created skills which has yet to be done again by any player
    * Nutmeg King with career total: 255 (in just over 500 games!)
    * Double back heeled nutmeg
    * Back heeled nutmeg throughball on 2 players
    * Elastico and nutmeg with the knee all in one move and done while running!!
    * Had already previously megged the entire French line up before the 98 WC final
    * Against 2 defenders, 6 touches, using both feet and a nutmeg in official 1.8 seconds

    * Has no weak side or preferred foot.
    * Shoot with power on both feet, regardless if it a volley/free kick/angled shot.
    * 90+kgs Strong framed body he used to easily muscle off players
    * 6 foot tall and great in the air

    Savage and ruthless. He never cared about playing his best and hated training.
    He got his kicks out of humiliating players rather than just scoring goals.

    FENOMENO vs Messi & CR7:
    From 16, R9 was unstoppable and the reason why he’s called phenomenal.
    He only played 3 professional years and at 19 became the worlds best player?!?

    In contrast, Messi was 18 y/o before he made a spot in the Barca first team.

    The fact that R9 in such a short period and only injury stopping his imposing and inevitable success at being labeled the greatest underpins the effect R9 left on football fans and players alike. The idol of an entire football generation.
    R9’s return to football after a two year absence from injury is incredible.But despite being visibly much slower and not as agile.. his return year saw him AGAIN be awarded with FIFA world best player award, ahead of all the vast talent that his generation had and also won the World Cup with Brazil while setting new goal scoring records along the way.

    Outside of their respective clubs, neither Messi or Ronaldo have replicated the outstanding achievements both men have earned and deserved. This puts a “ ? “ on parameters varying their performance ability

    When the World Cup was on, from TV stations to the schoolyard, it was always all about “How to stop Ronaldo?” and not Brazil.
    With Messi and CR7 it was all about “Can they do it?” or ”Will they do it?”
    “R9 was lucky he had played for Brazil.. A team full of star players”
    ”If Messi or CR7 had been on that team” These are both very valid points.
    However perhaps putting it the other way.. Imagine if R9 played for them.
    How good would Argentina and Portugal be with having a fit R9 ???

    R9 had such an impudent style and game impact that you would always knew there’s horror and comedy coming with whomever his team mates were. R9 holds more value purely for his total range of footballing ability. Regardless of their playing position (Striker/Cent.Mid/Wing/Defence)R9 is the game-changer no one wishes to play against, and all purely for his capabilities which are unpredictable and can’t be contained or controlled by tactical means.

    If Messi was much faster, stronger and taller, would he be advantaged ???

    If CR7 was more naturally skilled and was faster, would he be advantaged ???

    Both Messi and CR7 have massive fan bases who constantly attack trying to belittle the other GOATR9 played for and scored against 4 major rival teams yet was never hated. He was disrespectful and humiliated opponents, BUT everyone showed him love and respect.

    Lastly, If you agree that Quality is greater than quantity,
    then any argument of longevity is invalid.
    “If I can do what you can do… BUT… You can’t do what I can… Who is better? “
    How long you lived means little.. it’s what you did that counts!!!

  37. Goobergooner

    ” think that’s more a sign of our season than quality. Auba has how many goals this season? The whole thing has been a mess, I doubt Saka will have numbers like that back half of the season”

    And that is totally on the manager

  38. Rich

    Messi had Growth Hormone Disorder.

    So he had Human Growth Hormone injections (somatropin), when he was younger,

    Explains a lot, when you look into it.

    If you go in a sauna for 1hr 45mins every day for 7 days, at 176 degrees?

    Your natural growth hormone with spike by x 16 apparently….

    Messi had a medical necessity for taking synthetic injections.

    Benefits include:

    Decreased Body Fat
    Enhanced Ability to Maintain Proper Body Fat Levels
    A Tighter Physique
    Enhanced Metabolic Rate
    Enhanced Sense of Wellbeing
    Healthier Skin
    Improved Sleeping Patterns
    Increased Bone Strength
    Increased Energy
    Increased Joint Strength
    Increased Lean Tissue Growth
    Increased Rate of Physical Recovery
    Increased Tendon Strength

    It makes every organ in your body bigger, including your brain.

    And if taken at an age before your growth plates stop, synthetic injections help you grow to a more normal size.

    Some bodybuilders abuse it, and it grows their stomach,, makes them look pregnant, also makes the heart bigger, which can cause problems later on in life

  39. Rich


    You might be onto something?

    Few stories doing the rounds tonight, we’re looking for a right sided centre back.

    Also Kolasinac on loan to Schalke

  40. Tom

    A right sided CB you say…… how’s about Saliba ?

    Btw, apropos suspending the league …….at the current rate of vaccination it would take the US 10 years to achieve the herd immunity so there’s that. Plus the fine Brits gave us a new strain that has shown up stateside and apparently it is 70% more infectious than the old one.

    I liked the original British Invasion better.

    Of course Trump being Trump exaggerates everything ten fold, said 20 million would be vaccinated by years end. We are at 2 million.
    Happy new year everyone

  41. Grouvillegooner

    Nice to see “Holdinho ” getting a little credit at last. Not the world’s greatest but he is a competitive defender.Liked him even more after he roughed up Diego Costa in that cup final. I would be interested, if anyone can do this, in knowing the Arsenal record in games that he has started. In the years that he has been at the club it seems to me that we have often had a good run when he has been playing.

  42. Guns of SF

    Shame how no one mentioned the great Zico with all this comparison stuff.

    Barring a world cup win, ( so close in 82), his numbers are on par or better than Maradona.

    Yet, still doesn’t get the love like the others do….shame

  43. bacaryisgod

    Absolutely Pedro.

    I think Kola is the anti-Ozil. He always tried but was lacking in talent. He’s prepared to take less money to play more this season whereas Ozil wouldn’t even think of such a thing. Turns out that knife attack video turned out to be a good representation of the two men. Kola should leave with our best wishes. It’s not his fault we signed a not very good player.

  44. Rich

    I think we’ll spend, it’s a buyers market.

    Not sure I trust Edu + Arteta to get it right though.

    Have a horrible feeling we’ll go for Isco, and the noise around Brandt for around €30mill seems to have some legs.

    Bissouma + Zinchenko would be my top picks.

    Decent competition for Tierney with Kolasinac on the way out, and a midfield pairing of Partey + Bissouma would give us the type of athleticism we’ve long lacked in the centre of the pitch.

  45. MLC

    Ronaldo Fenomeno played for my brazilian team (Corinthians) at the end of his career, I watched him live a couple times, my favorite player of all time, in fact as commented by José, I watched live the day he reached the speed of 36 km / h with two rotten knees.
    Enjoy goal he scored against Santos in the final

  46. bacaryisgod

    Rich-I keep banging on about this but I really think that our #1 objective (apart from a new #2 keeper) is a ball-carrying, leader at RCB. Assume that we’ll need the standard 6 CBs in the squad for next season.

    At LCB we have the option of the more physical Gabriel or the more experienced Mari. We could add Medley to the squad as the 3rd choice LCB.

    At RCB we have the old-fashioned Holding and hopefully Saliba will be ready for next season but we’re lacking a skillful, mobile RCB .

    This player should be our big signing next summer. Not quite sure who it would be but I’m sure there are some good candidates out there.

  47. Dissenter

    You’re going to be utterly disappointed with this “buyer’s market” stuff

    Arsenal, like most other clubs have to sell to buy. There isn’t going to be enough movements in January to sell in volumes necessary to buy.
    All we will do will to trim our squad and prepare for the summer window.

    Expect a loan move for a midfielder and probably a reserve keeper…along with academy talent- young prospects with high ceilings. We are set to sign a 19 year old right footed central defender from the reserve team of Hertha Berlin.

  48. WengerEagle

    ‘Did I just read that Iniesta > Zidane. Lord have mercy. Time to log off the internet for the day.’

    Said I rate Zidane as the better player but that Iniesta has had the better career.

    Wouldn’t have thought that is a particularly controversial statement given Iniesta’s trophy cabinet.

  49. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    Why did you drop the “bay area gunner” moniker?

    Anyway the only “B” you want to hear is “Buendia” but Brandt is a good shout too. I just fear Dortmund will want a big fee for him and they can be difficult customers. .

  50. Rich


    Is Brandt any good?

    He’s only been at Dortmund 18 months, already reduced to a bit part player, who rarely seems to last 90 minutes.

    A fee of €25_€30mill being mooted.

  51. Guns of SF


    Good memory,
    I changed it as the Bay Area is way too big, and there are some places in the SF Bay Area I am not a fan of…

    I changed it and narrowed it down to Guns of SF, which is where i lived when I first go onto LG about 10 plus years ago.

    SF seemed more fitting…

    And yes Buendia… I am partial to players from the “Americas”

  52. Valentin


    Arsenal need warriors not another player who shines in good times but hide when it rains. Especially not in midfield.
    At the price suggested, the player must be near the finished article and a real warrior. I don’t believe that the Bundesliga is the best Ligue to buy that type of players. My fear is that we ‘ll buy at great cost a nearly man end up with another Kolasinac or Xhaka. Not bad but unsuited to the EPL.

  53. gunnerram

    Strange season this one — teams dropping points left right and the center…

    If we make some shred buys in Jan and manage to keep the team fit — we have a good chance to do better than last time…With most of England now in Tier-4 football will take a break for a couple of months easily and resume in March. If we manage to keep the players fit in those 2 months then we will be read for the 2nd phase for sure..

  54. salparadisenyc

    Really is looking like a war of attrition last team standing scenario this season, about 5 sides that could press on to the title at this stage. But Liverpool still have to be the favourites.

  55. Dissenter

    Liverpool do have to be worried a bit looking over their shoulder because they just can’t break away for the chasing pack.
    Liverpool do have VVD coming back pretty soon.

  56. Dissenter

    It makes no sense to stop football because the pandemic isn’t going to just disappear in two months.
    The premier league has a good system that is largely working. They have to just power through it.

    The problem is going to be the FA cup because lower divisions don’t have a good testing and surveillance process. What’s going to happen a premier league club has to play a league 2 team away that only tests once monthly?
    The FA cup needs to be deferred for the year. That’s the competition that is problematic.

  57. MLC

    Guns of SF, Socrates is the greatest player in the history of Corinthians, in addition to being a magical player, his history is very interesting, he studied medicine at one of the most traditional colleges in the country (USP). My father-in-law studied at USP at the same time as Socrates, but they were not in the same class, if I’m not mistaken Socrates entered medicine before. Anyway, he says that even playing drunk football at college, it was enough to slaughter the opposing teams

  58. JP


    Keep seeing you post about Zinchenko…..where would you want him to play?

    He’s generally played LB for City but was a midfielder before. Not sure where he fits in our team

  59. Freddie Ljungberg

    If Real Madrid recalls Ceballos we have to buy a CM, can’t get through half a season with only Partey, Elneny and Pointy Swiss cunt.

    Too bad Azeez isn’t a year along in his development, looks promising but can’t throw him in now.

    Would say that a Partey partner is more urgent than a Cam right now. Elneny and Xhaka are both not good enough, Xhaka shouldn’t even be backup. At least in Cam we have ESR now and Saka can play there too. Ideal would be to fill both positions of course.

  60. Rich


    I think Arteta’s final vision will be similar to Poch’s at Spurs.

    Bellerin + Tierney are starting to take up some really aggressive positions, and we’re beginning to see plenty of crosses into the box,

    Full back is probably the most physically demanding position on the pitch.

    I’d bring Zinchenko in as competition to Tierney, it’s a bonus he can play centre mid, and Tierney can play as a left sided centre back in a 3.

    Providing we have European football, there’s plenty of games to go around

    Zinchenko is a player I like a lot, I think he’s a really good footballer.

  61. bacaryisgod

    Just a quick question. Where is this talk of Ceballos returning to Madrid coming from? I can’t seem to find any credible source mentioning it. It doesn’t even make any sense. Zidane is apparently not a fan of Dani and I’m not sure Arsenal would agree to a recall clause in the deal.

  62. Guns of SF

    Brazil 1982 was one of my favorite teams. I can watch their highlights all day.
    Zico, Eder, Socrates, Serginho,

    All action team, what a joy to watch!

    Loved how they made Argentina looks like chumps, Maradona blew a gasket and got a red card against them. LOL that ended his world cup but in 86 he took the world by storm..

  63. Guns of SF

    interesting take on the midfield.

    If we use TP as a B2B, which he is capable of doing ( look at Ghana)

    Getting cover – a pure DM might help… our attack! If TP is allowed to roam, and move the ball through the middle like he does…..


  64. Freddie Ljungberg


    I wouldn’t mind someone like Anguissa or Bissouma to free up Partey a bit more, CM is our biggest limiting factor right now, Xhaka and Elneny are playing like extra CBs and don’t have a forward facing bone in their bodies, no wonder our attack is disjointed.

    Think both of those goes for more than we can spend in January though if they’re leaving at all. I’m still all aboard the Soumare train. 18m is a bargain, not a pure DM but can alternate with Partey going forwards or sitting back. Would give our team a whole new dynamic with another player like that.

  65. China1

    Yeah guns agreed

    It’s not that im assuming ESR is the answer to all our troubles, but at least we know he has a great foundation to work with and a high ceiling, combined with work rate and attitude

    We should either get a quality DM and set Partey loose as b2b, or we should get a quality b2b who can alternate with partey as petit and vieira used to. In either case we improve both defensively and offensively and only need one player. We also let ESR get more chances to play and prove himself. If esr doesn’t look like this is his level by the end of the season we can consider getting an AM in the summer and send him on loan or put him as a rotation option. If he does look the part then we’ve just saved ourselves a lot of money.

    But the point is we KNOW xhaka is trash. We KNOW mo should only be a squad player. Why delay replacing them for a new signing if we think ESR might be able to do a job?

    In the very least we can assume ESR is a better 10 than xhaka and el Neny are DMs. We should replace the known chaff before the fledgling wheat!

  66. China1

    As well it’s now reached this point where if we buy a 10 and don’t have money to bin off xhaka then you just know he’s still going to be in the starting 11 most games. How long can this seriously go on for? Surely the club needs to just kill this awful experiment and prioritise replacing the players who are wank

    With Willian already dropped, AM is no longer our biggest weakness

  67. Guns of SF

    China and Fred

    Good points
    I think that getting a proper DM / B2B combo player is what we need.

    The Xhaka Mo thing is like putting your car in reverse at a car race.

    The real question is, does Mike know and will he do anything about it?
    Mo and Xhaka dont care, they are happy to play I am sure.

    WHo is going to be the Jefe who says no more.

    Should be mike right?

    Fuck it, spend the 20-30m on a proper DM/B2b

    Get rid of the Xhaka and Mo thing… its just insane- our attackers are playing basically 4 vs 6 all the time

  68. bacaryisgod

    Thanks Sal and Freddie

    I guess there’s logic to it but I just can’t imagine that Arsenal would agree to a recall as losing a player mid-season would be really disruptive. Then again, we’ve made dumber decisions. Of course, in the case of Ceballos, I’m fine with sending him back.

  69. Goobergooner

    “Nah I like donkeys” 😂😂😂😂😂

    But yeah pointy faced Swiss bitch is hilarious.

    It’s such a shame, he is the epitome of the disconnect between fans and club.

  70. Goobergooner

    China, Freddie, SF.

    It’s such a hard one, but going off this season and how it’s now a write off for top 4, the only logical thing to do would be to properly blood the you haters coming through to see who sinks or swims for next season.

    I also agree either a more defensive minded DM next to Partey or preferably a ball playing cm in Santi mould next to him will go a long way to opening up our play and having actual control of a game not just passing along the backline getting those possession stats up.

    But we do need someone who is going to properly show esr the ropes. And to lift our game in that attacking transition from Mf to attack. ESR has the potential to be great, but we still need that player to actually get results shorter term too.

    If we got that AM in now (not Isco but someone with longer term thinking in mind), rotating him and esr for the rest of the season allowing them both to be ready for the start of next season will be so beneficial.

    So it’s a massive decision if we are only going to get one player.

    I think I’d go the creative 8 to play beside Partey first and foremost.

  71. Guns of SF

    Goober, no worries
    I think ESR has had 2 good games, and lots of potential but an injury to him nixes our plans for him to be our new creative player.

    Id take the DM or creative B2B/8 right now…

    We need to unhinge the xhaka and Mo midfield. Our entire game will improve…

    the key is to get them out….

  72. Habesha Gooner

    Fabrizio Romano




    Sead Kolasinac is finally close to leave Arsenal after deal collapsed because of personal terms with Bayer Leverkusen last summer.

    Schalke are in advanced talks to sign Kolasinac on loan, as per

    . His salary would be shared with Arsenal this time.

    Well it is still on loan but we have started the clear out. Sokratis will probably leave too. If Ozil had any pride he might go too. I think we should sell chambers this january. we can get some money to work with if we do it right.

  73. Moray

    I read a story which claimed Kola was prepared to accept a lower salary. If both things are true then it seems we are halving a smaller fee. Let’s hope so.

  74. Habesha Gooner

    There is also a rumor from an ITK leeds and us along with some unconfirmed premier league team are in for buendia. Norwich want 25 mil for him. He is still a bargain at that price. Maddison went to Leicester for the same price and he has been a bargain. Buendia is at least a same level of player. And his wages are very small. we could pay him 50k and it would be a huge upgrade in his wages from his norwich wages. I am glad we are not blind to him.

  75. Gonsterous

    I’m still arteta out, because I’m all in for project youth and being a feeder club. He doesn’t have an eye for talent sadly and keeps requesting 50m players. Pure diet pep, we need a diet Wenger, pre 2010

  76. Useroz

    Knowing where the club was/js, stopping propobable transactions in the last TW that would have cleared some dross was unforgivable. Call it tactical or whatever. Arteta and to an extent Eduardo were either naive or self serving, rather than putting Arsenal interest first. However you cut it, both need to go asap.

    The Kolac rumor is only about a loan. That’s bad for arsenal. Kolac running down the contract while we still pay for part of his wages…ending up another Bosman or collect next to nothing. How is the club even keeping its financial let alone growing it.

    If nothing else, Raul was right about one thing. When a contract enters the last 2 years, either it’s extended or the player gets sold. It’s an absolutely poor reflection on Vinai and his cohorts the way things are.

    No proper companies would tolerate even half of it …

  77. Useroz

    £20m and 50k pw for Buendia would sound reasonable for a Jan transfer. Lower the better of course. Alternatives aren’t apparent due to state of our scouting other than media clickbaits.

    Whats obvious since beginning of 2020 is the lack of creativity, ball carrying or not. £20/30m price level should be acceptable risk.

    ESR did well in his PL debut but not wow enough like say a Favreau, and his has been injury prone. Still too lightweight for a proper MF. He needs time assuming current development trajectory. Playing say 20 games a season until he’s like Sara today…. So an appreciably better MF such as Buendua would be ideal. And they’d grow together.