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There are many things Mikel needs right now, but oddly, the most important staffer he lacks might be a PR person


  • Event: The Carling Cup. Not important.
  • The moment: Very important.
  • The strategy: Do something different.
  • Things to understand: Arsenal play Chelsea on Sunday.
  • The Execution: Use a trophy no one cares about to focus attention on something the fans care about.

The DON’T DO list:

  • Play the bums that let you down over and over
  • Ignore Saliba
  • Put the most promising kids on the bench
  • Play outrageously average players and pray they do some good

Mikel Arteta absolutely fucked a huge moment in his career by leaning into players that have shamed the club consistently over the last 8 years.

The obvious approach to the City game was: Accept you will lose. Play the kids. Focus fan attention on the Chelsea game.

He didn’t do that. He invested in a shite starting 11. He leaned on bums that have 6 months on their deals. He ignored Saliba, again. He raised a middle finger to the kids.

I have been a big fan of Mikel.

Ignore everything else you read. The Spaniard has a tremendous rep in the Premier League. Dave from Thurrock might have an opinion on his coaching merits, but the reality is, you need to ignore his proclamations of what ‘elite’ is because let’s be real, Dave has struggled to do anything in his life that comes close to the word…

Problem is, Mikel is letting these people own him. They are right about his shitty season. As it stands. Mikel and Edu should lose their jobs. That is not extremism. That’s just straight up facts.

Reality is, Vinai should also be fired. The only reason he’s not getting shit-canned is he has one more chance to make a better decision.


There’s only one move that matters right now: Arsenal hire Ralf Rangnick

Ignore the fact this view is coming from me. I have made a bet that went wrong. But I’m just a writer. I suggested a coach that would change Arsenal. That coach came in, won a trophy, then landed a promotion. It went to shit for a number of reasons. I would not have supported the decisions that fucked him.

However, I accept it’s probably gone too far to save now.

Ralf is my suggestion because he makes sense on too many levels.

Firstly, I know people in the game that tell me he’s desperate to bring his vision to the Premier League.

Secondly, he has a soft spot for Arsenal.

Sometimes the most obvious decisions seem like the weakest.

Not in this one.

Ralf Rangnick is the most qualified person in the world the take on the Arsenal mess.

Edu is a joke. All the leakers Arteta is trying to destroy have been telling me that Edu is AVG since he joined. He’s too focused on things he’s not good at. He hides. He’s just a pretty man in a very white shirt. There’s no fucking plan.

Vinai believes in him.

What does he know?

Let’s look at Edu and some of the decisions he’s been part of:

David Luiz: £200k p.w THEN 1 more year after being shite

Pablo Mari: We barely use him. He was signed on a perm deal after we offered David Luiz a year two.

Cedric Soares: Southampton thought he was going to a lower div club. We gave him about £90k a week for 4 years. He’s nearly 30. He is 3rd choice. How did this happen?

Willian: Chelsea made him an offer of £120k p.w. Player said he didn’t want to leave England. He was captive. We offered to double his salary. We added an extra year to his deal. WINGERS ARE ABOUT PACE. THEY DECLINE AFTER 29. Who sanctioned this? Footballistically, how? Business-wise, how? The BACK DROP WAS OZIL in his final year.

What did all these players have in common?

The same super-agent Edu has… Kia.

Conflict of interest? Yes.

Lack of creativity from Edu? Yes.


Endorsed by Mikel? Yes.

Edu has terrible taste… Mikel seems to be on the same page.

Why am I bringing this up right now?

Well, Rúnarsson is a byproduct of having a shite Technical Director.

Emi Martinez was a standout player last season. He commanded his box. He was an elite shot-stopper. He was a fucking beast. We bombed him off. Mikel and his staff didn’t want to keep a player that didn’t have a data-set larger than 15 games.

Who did they sign to replace him?

The worst shot-stopper in Ligue 1. The worst keeping xG in France. BUT, he could kick.

Le Grove had reports in week one of Rúnarsson being at the club that he was utterly shite. The keeping coach, who I hear many struggle with, endorsed him.

Arteta knew he was shite. Why did he play him against City? He was a disaster. Leno didn’t need a rest. There was no reason to start a player the coaching staff knew was a joke.

It was a SHOCKING decision, again.

Before Mikel took the job at Arsenal I was told he was a bit of a shit as a person. Very vindictive apparently. I assumed that was because he struggled with fitness in the last year of his career. I assumed he would become a better person.

The dismissal of William Saliba from the squad looks like he’s just being mean.

Mike Arteta is happy to give the 17th worst shot-stopper in Ligue 1 a chance in another game, but he won’t play Saliba over the mistake terrorist that is Mustafi.

Saliba might be shit. He might be broken physically. But can you really tell me he’s less likely than Musfafi to make mistakes? A player who has been criming on the football pitch for 10 years? A guy who is out of Arsenal in 6 months.

Another story? Apparently, Kola, a player on 120k a week, is meek. He’s a known bottle-job. The club know he can’t play big games because he’s scared. How is he landing minutes?

Why is Balogun on the bench when we are trying to woo him? He ran the channels when he came on. He looked… a threat.

Why is ESR not starting when he looks better than Laca even against City? He created a chance immediately. He has energy, legs, and movement. Wouldn’t you prefer to see him over Lacazette?

How do we have a young manager willing to die on the same hill Emery and Wenger did?

Vinai thinks his strength comes from ignoring reality. He truly believes his shitty Deloitte three-phased approach will save him. It won’t.

True power is realising you are in a hole.

Making monster decisions when your back is against the wall is what defines proper leadership. Recognising the big move is hiring the person most suited in world football to solve your massive problems might seem basic, but that’s the job.

Vinai, is about to show himself up as an amateur by pretending the right decision is to back someone he knows is shite.

He promoted Arteta because, in my opinion, he doesn’t believe in Edu. However, he’s backing what is most comfortable for him personally because he learned under a self-preservationist who had Wenger to hide behind for 10 years. Wenger was different. He could be average and survive in a league of 4. Edu and Mikel won’t.

What he should do? Hire Ralf Rangnick.

This move works on two levels.

Firstly, I hear Ralf is desperate to try his brand of football in the Premier League. Not only that, I hear he very much likes Arsenal.

He is available.

He would take the job.

We need to move fast because the Fenway Group is setting up a company called RedBall. Billy B is joining. They are trying to be the first floated sports entity that finds value in sport. My assumption is they are offering him a big deal.

How to use Ralf

The beauty of hiring him is as #1 is you can fire Mikel and let Ralf coach.

Mikel deserves to be sacked right now. However, he’s potentially a great long-term. Ralf raised Hassenhutl and Nagelsmann. If he thinks Mikel is shite, he’ll fire him and bring in someone elite when he understands what is going on.

What we avoid

If you bring in Ralf, what you avoid is hiring a bum like Roberto Martinez. You get a Sporting Director that can be a manager. You hire a visionary. You get some ‘been there, done that.’

Whatever happens, you move forward.

The problem we have right now is we’re running hard with Vinai, who doesn’t have a clue.

He doesn’t see the opportunity with Rangnick, because he doesn’t see the failure of Edu.

He’s a Deloitte Consultant that knows Big Oil better than football.

We need someone in charge who recognizes when an idea has failed…

Arteta, right now, has failed.

It is very rare you can escape a poor decision with a visionary.

There are three on the market.

  • Luis Campos.
  • Paul Mitchell.
  • Ralf Rangnick.

The German has always been my preferred choice. He’s a football CEO. He’s done it over and over again. We need to move fast, otherwise, he’ll be snapped up.

Edu is a bum. Fire him. He’ll never be elite. Vinai, ask your staff if you don’t believe me, OR, look at the shocking decisions Raul’s guy has made with our money.

Beating Chelsea 5-0 on Sunday won’t change anything. 10 wins in a row won’t make Edu the right choice. We are in bad shape however the short-term shapes up.

I read a thing I liked.

‘When is the best time to plant a tree?’

’20 years ago’

Same could be said of football.

‘The best time to hire a football CEO?’

‘2 seasons ago.’

We need to be bold, we need to hire the best in the business, that’s Ralf. I hope we don’t blow it.


What, you want MORE content? Check out the podcast I recorded with Alex and @iJohnnyCochrane (his How’s Your Father podcast is here). We had a tough chat about the ramifications of moving on Mikel Arteta. It’s a tussle of strong opinions in a difficult episode. ENJOY!

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  1. Peckobill

    Both great players why not just all agree with that . Cesc the precocious talent dominating midfield at such a young age , Santi who could dribble past 4 players inside a phone box , the smallest player on the pitch but the biggest heart

  2. WengerEagle

    Fabregas’ medal cabinet:

    x2 Premier League titles (2014/15, 2016/17)
    La Liga title (2012/13)
    x2 FA Cups (2004/05, 2017/18)
    Copa Del Rey (2011/12)

    Champions League Runner Up (2005/06)

    World Cup (2010)
    Euro Championships (2008, 2012)


    x2 FA Cups (2013/14, 2014/15)
    Euro Championships (2008, 2012)

    And Santi was much more bit-part for Spain than Cesc was.

  3. WengerEagle


    Both were phenomenal and light years ahead of anything that we have had for quite some time in CM.

    Unbelievable how we used to collect the very type of player now that we are screaming out for.

    Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin, Cazorla, Ozil (2013-2017), Wilshere, Ramsey.

    Flair for days.

  4. Peckobill

    You can’t be naming those players man , your making me cry for some of them and knowing I’m going to see xhaka being a clumsy cumbersome oaf on the weekend . Jeez how standards have dropped

  5. Peckobill

    Talking about those players and the magic we witnessed with them can anyone with a straight face honestly see arteta producing football of the like ? Honestly ?

  6. HerbsArmy


    I thought Eduardo was technically gifted, his FA Cup goal against Burnley was top draw. The
    horrific injury at St.Andrews practically killed his fledgling career with us.

  7. WengerEagle


    He was, very gifted finisher. He’ll always be a what-if unfortunately but he did look pure class at times during that season with us.

    Still remember well his brace at Goodison Park, winner vs Blackburn in the Cup, overhead effort vs Man City away, brilliant finish vs Sevilla in the CL and a banger away at Sheffield United [I think] in the Cup.

    It wasn’t so much his absence cost us the title from a playing POV, I think that the psychological impact was more severe. Some of the players looked mentally scarred from it. Really was a horrendous challenge.

  8. WengerEagle


    I know, cruel bringing them up in this day and age.

    Scary thing is that besides Hleb, Ozil and Santi I just named our side from only bang on a decade ago, not exactly ancient history we’re talking.

    Shame that Rosicky was never the same after his injuries.

  9. Peckobill

    I’m with you all the way on arteta but Rangnick is different gravy .
    Klopps philosophy is all Rangnick , the guy knows his onions
    He’s an expert on sorting out a mess , had multiple great protégés, doesn’t need oil money , a master of turning big profits on young players , elite contacts and it’s no exaggeration he could do both edu’s and arteta’s job until he got the right coach in of his choice . He’s probably our best bet to sort the mess out we’re in

  10. HerbsArmy

    I think a fully fit Eduardo and RvP would have been a game changer for us at that time, but you’re right WE, horrible injury on a horrible day at St.Andrews, with William Gallas’ meltdown that drained our momentum.
    Very unlucky not to win the PL 2008.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly there are more important issues than football and for that matter Arsenal’s shite performance at the moment.

    This season is frankly a write-off as I have acknowledged on many occasions, but hopefully
    the club will be able to sort out the mess and start winning some games.

    I have maintained for several weeks over turmoil that the solution is less about the manager
    and more about the crap players and what appears to be factionalism in our squad.

    The club needs to start shifting out unwanted players in the next two transfer windows and
    and complete process in next couple of seasons. Arsenal need to be ruthless in sorting out
    the mess.

    Watching Runarsson perform on Tuesday highlighted just how bad our recruitment process
    has been. Okay the player cost only £1 million but it beggars belief that we bring in a player
    who would struggle to play on HACKNEY MARSHES let alone in a key position in our squad.
    He should never play again for the club and I include both U23s and Academy as well.

    Arsenal do not need a new PR man. What is urgently needed at moment is an “honest and
    competent” Football Director who can reset the rudder both in handling toxic players and
    our recruitment policy. Edu is clearly not that man.

  12. Moray

    We would turn Rangnick into Peter Risdale within one season. His first window with us he would be offering double your money deals to cripples and old men.

  13. Moray

    well put, Stroller. Completely agree.

    Our wastage of funds and terrible contractual dealings is of most concern to me. It’s been going on for years and under different regimes, and it accounts for much of the club’s failure over the last 15 years. We’ve sold when others are buying, bought when others are selling, hired players with dodgy passports, serious injury and character flaws. We act like a billionaire when actually we’re a relative pauper. We’ve been so outrageously bad that it’s impossible to believe there hasn’t been corruption taking place on a considerable scale.

    We need proper executives in and around the club, with full accountability and governance.

  14. Moray

    Snowkid, I would accept a run of poor results (within reason) if I saw some progress on the pitch, in terms of our play, teamwork, tactics etc. What we are seeing is the opposite of that. Poor tactics, poor player utilisation, zero teamwork or team spirit…we are fragmenting as a team. If anything, the results flatter us as the draws we’ve had could easily have been losses were it not for the post.

    Arteta isn’t even doing anything different to try to find a winning combination.

  15. Gonsterous

    I love pedro but this was a terrible post. Blaming everything on edu and exempting all blame from Fraudeta. Arteta has one tactic and that is 10 behind the ball and counter attack. The moment he does anything resembling attacking football, we collapse like a deck of cards.

    Edu is to blame but arteta is on equal footing with Edu.
    Partey was an edu signing and arteta broke him. Edu is doing his job (even though it isn’t up to standard) but arteta is failing his.

    Artetas job is on the pitch, which has been terrible. Worst season ever in history and if we don’t do something now, we will be fighting relegation next season.

    There is no shortcut to the top. We Have to go back to being a top 8 team (which we should be), then top 6, then top 4.

    We need to go back to being a place where youngsters come in and showcase their talent and use arsenal as a stepping stone. When we have reached that stage , only then can we add experience and push for the title. (Alas Wenger failed there)

    Wenger was always 2-3 players away from a title, right now we seem to be about 4-5 players away from a top 4 challenge. Get in the right DoF and the right Manager and maybe we can get there.

  16. Steven Berg

    Emiratesstroller December 24, 2020 01:20:53

    you – are the typical Arsenal fuckwit – with fans like you clubs like Arsenal die – you probably believe the moon landings are real – you complete and utter fuckwit

  17. Steven Berg


    fair point – I accept the charge – but remember I’m a polemicist – Im only here for a quick debate – so are you willing to accept the challenge?

  18. TheBayingMob

    “ you probably believe the moon landings are real – you complete and utter fuckwit”

    I feel a flat earth argument is coming … David Icke on coke and 5 pints of Stella …

  19. Goobergooner

    Eddie howe and Arteta do not even come close to being comparable.

    Eddie howe is a football manager.
    Arteta is a fraud who kiss assed his way to the job with no actual experience.

    It really is a joke.

  20. Tony

    Morning Goober Berk, sorry I meant Berg is probably another of Don’s (unai, battle alita etc) multiple personalities.

    He’ll be gone soon enough to reincarnate himself once more shortly after.

  21. Goobergooner

    It’s pretty disheartening that runnarson had to delete his account because his own fans thwarted him with abuse.

    Despite his poor performance, he was brought in by people lacking the required expertise, and beyond that, we would have lost to city anyway, in a cup that means jack shit to our season where the main aim now is to avoid relegation 😂😂😂

    We absolutely suck as a fanbase.

    Content with mediocrity until that mediocrity lead us to this.
    And that is not just believing in Wenger til the very end despite his slow decline.
    It’s literally every decision we have made since his departure.

  22. Tony

    All good here. Xmas isn’t celebrated in Thailand with it being a buddhist nation.

    The wife isn’t shutting her company until 28 for 7 days and my son is at school until the 31st, so we’ll have a Xmas dinner of sorts Saturday.

    New Year is a different story where the country goes nuts for a few days and generally there are around 400 lives lost on the roads mostly drunk Thais on small 50 to 125 cc bikes thinking they can fly everywhere at full throttle.

    Sad but true

  23. Tony

    Thais love a party and celebrate 3 New years:

    Western 31 Jan
    Chinese around 24 Jan
    Thai around 13 April with water parties (worth partaking once)

    Then there are the notorious (The Beach movie) full moon parties at Koh Pang Nang every full moon

  24. Tony

    Gazidis knew what he was doing when he left having set up the management structure to fail.

    Josh being clueless about football and Gazidis flipping him the bird as he left laughing to himself.

    From first hearing their names I didn’t want Raul, Vinai or Edu as well as being vehemently against Arteta. I only relaxed my stance on Arteta because he was going to be hired no matter what.

    A few days back I talked about women in top jobs in football with Karen Brady and Marina Granovskaia, Director at Chelsea. Would prefer we hired a no nonsense woman CEO who would ruffle the BoD’s geriatric feathers and have someone like Campos or Rangnick running the football show and a decent experienced coach, such as Nagelsmann who I believe built his rep under Rangnick.

  25. Goobergooner

    Ahh yes Tony,
    My apologies forgot if it was you or Graham that was in Thailand.

    But happy holidays none the less my man.

    I’m not into Christmas. But I am into the beer drinking and food that’s about haha.

    Hahaha and I remember as a 17 year old in Thailand, first country I visited outside Australia, and was soooo stoked getting a scooter and fanging around. Was also stoked getting beers on every corner at a 711.

    Let’s just say I was very irresponsible, as I took full advantage of the lackadaisical rules there compared to Australia 😂😂. (Not in a disrespectful way mind you).

    But yeah totally agree with you, pretty much on most things since we have been chatting together on this blog. Just dunno how much a dead horse can be flogged, yet here I am spouting jive once again.

    It’s a weird addiction this blog 😂😂

  26. Tony

    Enjoy the parties Goober my 23 year old daughter’s got her party hat ready for New Year’s eve.

    She’s told RMIT that she’s not studying her 2nd semester online as she needs practical as well as theory. So she’ll wait until Covid restrictions allow her entry to Australia to attend RMIT.

    Thailand’s no so backward now, especially with the army running the country. Gone are the days when if you were stopped by the police at night driving you don’t get questions like:

    ” You drinky drivey? You have 500 THB?”

    Silly days 20 years ago here but now on the face of it there’s no corruption; it’s just better hidden.

    I sold my Harley and cars and now just fly, use taxis or limos, Ubas, grab etc.

    Still go on rides but in the prospect’s service truck.

    Back to football as you say only thing left at the moment is rehashing old news.

    Mind numbing

    Enjoy your hols Goober

  27. Guns of SF

    Not sure how much Vinai should be implicated. He clearly is not a football person and was promoted into a CEO role, not so much a football team role…

    I would think he is trying to secure better deals for us, if he can. At this rate, Adidas will be ditching us in no time. We will be sponsored by New Balance or Li Ning or something worse maybe.

    Its all about results… if Vinai hears we need more $, I think he would try to find it for the transfers. Even ask Stan.

    The issue going back to last summer ( as many have said on here) is the poor recruitment, poor selling, and off the charts wages for dross.

    Its like Wenger days but 100x worse.

    Those 2 need to go… Edu and Mike.

  28. Guns of SF

    By the comments in the media, it sounds like the team is banking on Jan to save our season. The board seems to be in support of Arteta too. That means, no one is getting fired, bar a complete meltdown ( possible)

    IF Mike is saying they have planned the next 2 windows, it is just sheer arrogance and a way to save his bacon, coming out in the media and talking this this.

    He needs to be worried about the next game in front of him and win.

    I cannot remember the last time the first team won a game!

  29. Guns of SF

    Given the amount of players we should be losing, the rebuild should start in jan with adding a CAM, Back up GK

    If our hope is winning the El, then we need to add another few pieces this jan.
    2 CAM’s would be critical.

    We have enough defenders to get through the season…

    If Edu is unable to bring us necessary help in Jan he needs to get fired.

  30. Guns of SF

    Given our free fall, I hope we do go for young up and coming talent versus loans or freebies for late 20 something vets ( ala Erickesn)
    I do have little faith in Edu to find anything outside of what his son shows him on youtube, or Kia.

    Ive said it before, just ask Martinelli who is mates are back in Brazil, get a few more of his mould and we will be set

  31. Moray

    We are already overstocked, with Ozil and Sok not listed. If we add bodies to the first team squad, we really need to send more players out on loan or get rid.

    If we can add a couple of positive players and welcome Partey back we would have a half decent squad on paper next year. Still lacking a leader though, unless Partey can become that for us.

  32. salparadisenyc

    Can’t believe i’m seeing an actual debate between Cesc and Santi.

    Base level Santi was a working mans replacement for Cesc. Serviceable but let’s not pretend he ever touched those levels.

    Cesc ran the show at the highest level aged 21, a season we should of won the title. Mesmerizing football.

  33. Guns of SF

    Cesc was around when we went unbeaten but did not play a game in the league.
    He was molded by the stars of the team back then.
    A warrior always, Cesc is a legend …. even the pizza gate thing is worthy of honorable mentions!

    Santi was a genius with the ball. Better than Cesc but Cesc did a whole lot more, for a lot longer. I wish we had a Santi type player… God how we could use that.

    A David Silva type, close control genius….

    IF Edu is getting us 2 CAM, one should be in this mould, the other a strong 8 that can dribble and score as well

  34. Guns of SF

    We could have brought Cesc back and I will not forgive Wenger for that. We got Ozil.
    I would take Cesc right now even, a great influence and mentor for the mids in our team.
    Even now, he is 1000x better than Ozil.

  35. Guns of SF

    anyhow, a healthy Partey and Marinelli along with a new CAM could make a difference…. we have to get out of the drop zone.

    I just worry that if we move up in the table but finish 11-14 that we dont get blinded again,

    Mike still needs to get fired.

    Wasting our season and destroying our morale is more than enough to get the can

  36. Guns of SF

    Good points, if we sent Saliba on loan and another player- ESR or Reiss or someone else, than that is 2 that we can bring in….
    I do think we might sell some dross in Jan if we get some small bids…
    Best we rid ourselves of huge wages anyhow …

  37. Sid

    St Nicholas(santa klaus) was born in Turkey and traveled the countryside helping the poor and sick.
    His descendants Ozil continues the good work.

  38. Dark Hei

    “Can’t believe i’m seeing an actual debate between Cesc and Santi. ”

    That is a stupid debate.

    The obvious answer is to play Santi in the deep lying position, Cesc further forward and have Francis Coquelin patrolling in between.

  39. jwl

    I dont understand why people think edu should be fired – he only been in job since summer. For all we know edu was against all the idiotic signings over past year but Raul Arteta duo overruled him.

    Raul was fired, he was ultimate boss, and Arteta will be gone soon. I would look for experienced CEO from medium to large club in england or europe, edu stays as DoF and Vinai moved back to head of accounts.

    No to Rangnick or anyone like him because we going to have to pay premium for celebrity and its pointless at moment because we are skint, any money has to go on new players, not execs.

    I dont know who they are but i would take ceo of soton or large team in europe or whoever as long as they have experience working with DoF who sets vision and head coaches who come and go.

  40. Goobergooner

    Saliba isn’t listed so will still need another out on loan from the listed squad? If I’m not mistaken?

  41. Guns of SF

    Saliba is def going on loan.
    Hearing teams are quite interested in him….

    I can see one of ESR, Reiss, Chambers, going out on loan…

    We just need to do our deals quickly. This Vieira chap seems ok, but why him? his reels dont really impress that much.

    If we are trying to get our own Fernandes, I am sure there are others in his mould.

    I am hoping Edu shocks us all and gets us some really really good players

  42. Guns of SF

    Any player that we get who is a creative attacker might get nullified and their wings clipped by Mike. Anyone with a personality and cockiness, and confidence. ( kinda like a DS)

    Mike is such a rigid systems-type coach, with poor man management, I can see this unfortunate scenario happening… creativity will get slowly drained away.

    Freedom of creative players is not something I feel he fancies too much

    The opposite of Wenger, who encouraged that style.

  43. Guns of SF

    I know its not been mentioned that much, but if Reiss does not get mins as right wing, we should look at getting someone in there as well.
    I dont trust Willian and Pepe is not cutting it either.
    Who does that leave?

  44. Goobergooner

    Guns I think we would have to offload one of the 3 right wingers in order to bring one in. I don’t think there is a chance in hell that Willian leaves before his deal is up.
    Pepe may be liked and utilised better by a more attacking manager.
    And Reiss should be getting minutes already considering the output of the former 2.

    Nothing Arteta does (or says anymore) makes sense.

    Seriously infuriating

  45. Graham62


    I agree.

    No to someone like Rangnick.

    Why can’t Arsenal and there fans look at reality rather than fantasising all the time.

    I’d be more than happy with someone like Eddie Howe.

    Maybe if his name was Eduardo Jimenez or something similar, we’d be waxing lyrical about him.

    Eddie Howe knows what’s going on at our club and has done for many years.

    It would make my New Year.

    Eradicating the pandemic would still be #1 on my list though,

  46. Goobergooner

    Arteta was literally the highest risk we could have taken in forms of getting a new manager (apart from hiring someone that has no knowledge of the game, but you get what I mean)

    When did arsenal become so ballsy 😂😂😂😂

  47. jwl

    Graham62 – i hope we go back to head coach title when Arteta fired soon.

    Overhaul of our squad is three year project, at least, and we need experience manager who understands the situation and is keen on project. Who the fcuk that is i dont know but i hope we figure it out soon.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal will offload Macey, Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis and Ozil whose contracts expire this summer. Ceballos loan also expires.

    So the next question who else can the club offload in the next two transfer windows? This
    will depend also on whether Edu/Arteta are still at the club and perhaps whether we are still
    in EPL.

    My view is that we need to shift out at least 6 more players including some who can and will
    generate a transfer budget.

    The recruitment priorities for me are a quality creative midfielder, right flank player and
    striker plus second string goalkeeper.


  49. jwl

    Goobergooner – i remember commenting that i thought it was embarrassing that Arsenal hired Arteta.

    Other than one or two charmed ones, novice managers start their careers at lesser teams and work their way up. Arsenal execs perceive our club as middling so why not hire rookie arteta while i think Arsenal shouldve aim higher than that.

  50. Goobergooner

    Jwl agree completely. It’s quite the spectacle though. Arsenal management doing everything to appease rival fans it seems 😂

  51. Goobergooner


    I was saying the other day despite needing to keep our talented youngsters, they are the ones with the highest transfer value (I could be wrong);
    and we aren’t going to get a coutinho fee, especially because of covid;
    but we need one player sold to cover at least 2 quality incoming players.
    That is the only way we can speed this process up.

  52. Left Testicle

    Pedro wants to put Rangnick on $$$ per year to install the following rules, when a ‘Redknapp type’ would do the same for a fraction of the cost? But that wouldn’t be hipster enough for Pedro.


    Event: The Carling Cup. Not important.
    The moment: Very important.
    The strategy: Do something different.
    Things to understand: Arsenal play Chelsea on Sunday.
    The Execution: Use a trophy no one cares about to focus attention on something the fans care about.
    The DON’T DO list:

    Play the bums that let you down over and over
    Ignore Saliba
    Put the most promising kids on the bench
    Play outrageously average players and pray they do some good

  53. Left Testicle

    Arsenal will offload Macey, Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis and Ozil whose contracts expire this summer. Ceballos loan also expires.
    That’s great but with Arteta at the helm you can’t trust him not to add the likes of Eriksen and extend deals for the likes of Bellerin and Elneny? While the likes of Balogun slip through our fingers.

  54. Left Testicle

    The first line of Pedros post should start alarm bells ringing.
    There are many things Mikel needs right now, but oddly, the most important staffer he lacks might be a PR person.
    Yes, lets waste more money on a spin doctor for Arteta!

  55. Bojangles

    We haven’t beeñ the club you think we shoud be, feel we should be or want us to be since Dien left us in the not so capable hands of Wenger and the Kroenke’s. There has been a steady decline since then.

  56. Bertfish

    “So the next question who else can the club offload in the next two transfer windows?”

    It’s easier to list the players we should try to keep! We need a proper clear out,

    If we now include Balogun, Guen, & LT we have a squad of 34. 6 go this summer so that’s 28.

    Should listen to offers for all of these LT, Guen (if the bridges have been burned), Laca, Xhaka, Eddie, Mari, Soares, Willian, Pepe, Nelson, Rúnarsson, Kolasinac, Bellerin & Elneny.

    I now some of these have just come in but we need to be ruthless. Not all will go but if we shift on 10 that leaves us a squad of 18 so then bring in 6 new players. Right back, creative mid x2, right winger, goalkeeper, & a striker.

  57. Goobergooner

    “tbf, I will stay out of the next manager hire.
    You tell me
    .But get fucked on Dyche, Howe, and Martinez”

    Hahahaha I love this. Keep up the good work mate, no one actually cares you back Tets, heck even I want him to win every game from now on and prove me totally wrong.
    No one is guaranteed to fail or succeed unless you don’t give it a crack at all.

  58. Graham62

    So let me get this right.

    The reason Arteta is utter shite is because he doesn’t have the right PR team around him.

    Bloody ridiculous.