The Hottest Strikers In Europe Scouting Report (long read)

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Buckle-up kids, Mike McDonald is about to race you around the world with his stunning take on the best strikers going. Enjoy and give him a follow on Twitter @mike_mmcdonald 

Replacing Lacazette

Do Arsenal need a center-forward? Yes.

Lacazette isn’t the answer, that’s obvious. He’s the one that needs replacing.

There are multiple options already at the club but all have doubts attached.

Aubameyang hasn’t convinced but does he simply need a creative player to give him slot passes?

What about the kids?

An inside left whose game looks more like a proper striker is Martinelli.

An off the shoulder, lightning-fast, two-footed goalscorer is Balogun.

The ultimate 6-yard box striker is Nketiah.

A player on loan that many say could be the best ‘footballer’ of them all is John-Jules.

A target man who has started fast for the U-23’s is Moller.

However you cut the fantasy ‘maybe’ talents, the reality is, we don’t have anyone ready to solve our problems right now.

When Arsenal decides to make a permanent decision on who their long-term center-forward will be, the talk is that he will be playing in a 4-3-3.

What this doesn’t inform however is what type we will settle on. The models out there show a variety. Liverpool use Firmino as a false nine and Salah and Mane play as inside forwards.

Arteta will know well that City use their center-forward as a penalty box striker with the creativity coming out wide.

Then you have the latest and greatest, Erling Braut-Haaland, who can hold it up, play and have the power to be in the box and on the end too.

With Arsenal’s current crop of forwards and Arteta’s inclination to prefer hybrid players, it is likely that we will go for a player that could be a rotational forward.

In this scouting report there are long-term, short-term, and loan options as Arsenal might throw what money they have at a creative player.

The next big thing

Darwin Nunez (Benfica) 21

We start with arguably the most exciting new opportunity. As much as I wanted to think that Arsenal could prove to be challengers this season and pay the release clause for Haaland, he will either stay or go bigger. I mention EBH because Darwin Nuñez is the closest to a replica.

Signed for a club-record fee in September, he has made an immediate impression. He has been linked to Barcelona, Juventus, and City already, yet only played a handful of games. I wonder why? Seems too soon. I go back to Haaland. Everyone has green eyes and wishes they could have signed him. They can’t so they look for similar. Nuñez is similar. Physical size, fast, strong, powerful, skillful, two-footed and without an obvious weaknesses.

Nuñez would give Arsenal the flexibility to bring him to the ball or play him high and in the box. With the accurate crossing ability of Saka and Tierney, Arsenal could really take advantage of a player like this.

Interestingly, he has more assists than goals so far this season yet it’s the goal scoring potential that is the main attraction.

Brenner (São Paulo) 20

I was in line for a ride at Disney last week and a Brazilian chap saw my Arsenal shirt. He asked me if I knew about Brenner being of interest to us. He was a São Paulo fan and told me that he was the next best thing in the league.

Brenner is a fast, super athlete. An eye-catching dribbler and a scorer of a variety of types of goals.
Arsenal could play him as a CF, LF or as a second striker as he’s played in all these positions. He offers a similar profile to Eddie as an athlete but more positional options and ability outside the box. This is the gamble on Nketiah. Do we keep him and play to his strengths as a box striker, play him as a super-sub or find a player who can do more, like Brenner?

At some point, Arsenal will go back to the Brazilian league to find another gem due to the success of Martinelli and the knowledge that Edu has of the league. I also wonder if they want to find a young Brazilian to encourage Martinelli to stay. I have a feeling that Arsenal is interested in Brenner if Balogun leaves.

Patson Daka (Red Bull Salzburg) 22

It’s always good to pay attention to those clubs that keep producing talent and more importantly see that talent flourish at a higher level.

After Haaland left RBS, Patson Daka took over.

The Zambian striker blossomed last season and has a goal per game ratio this season with 12 in all competitions.

At 22 years old he offers a perfect age profile and his attributes shine too. He is as quick as any of Europe’s quickest strikers.

What has big appeal too is that he has trodden a similar path to Aubameyang. From a small African country, he started with a smaller European club and has a very similar skill-set. Same celebration, more two-footed and far less fearful in the air than Auba. He could be mentored.

Although he has played both wide left and right, he is a striker and quite a frightening one too. At Arsenal he could offer the pace behind that Aubameyang does with a more rounded game than Eddie. If Arteta truly wants Auba on the left he’d have as close to a replica down the middle too.

Arsenal would have to move quickly as Spurs and Liverpool have serious interest. He may be more available than he was prior to his recent injury as Koita, his replacement, has excelled too.

If you were to computer design the perfect striker, it might spit out Patson Daka.

Other options: Alexander Isak (Real Sociedad) 21, Karim Adeyemi (Red Bull Salzburg) 18, Myron Boadu (AZ Alkmaar) 19

The False Nine

Liverpool is one of the best teams in Europe. Their main creative cog pre-Thiago has been Firmino checking back between the lines. Kane also has a lot of success with this type of system. There is a strong argument that this sort of striker would suit Aubameyang and Pepe in particular as they are best as inside forwards and closer to goal. A false nine would allow them to play in this way.

Mikel Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad) 23

A player with a growing reputation. Oyarzabal is a regular member of the Spanish squad and as I write his club team are top of LaLiga. They’ve made him captain at such a young age to try and retain his services.

He has played as more of a left inside forward but recently moved to a false nine. His main assets are his vision, finishing, and a delightful left foot.

If Arsenal were to acquire Oryarzabal I believe they would play him as a false nine. He would be the perfect age and skill set to unlock Pepe, Martinelli, and Aubameyang as his vision in central areas would be exactly what Arsenal need. His versatility would also appeal to our manager who seems to favour hybrid players.

Memphis Depay (Lyon) 26

In many ways, Memphis Depay is perfect for Arsenal. Approaching his peak, something to prove to English fans, versatility, and a technical level that we haven’t seen in central spaces at Arsenal.
I’ve never really been totally convinced by him. Maybe it’s his part-time rap career or perhaps it’s just the ‘look at me!’ vibes I get.

Depay could play in a variety of positions which might appeal to Arteta. Inside left forward, false nine or even a wandering ‘10.’ His inclusion would offer Arteta the flexibility to become unpredictable in his line ups… a facet I think he strives for. With the French league in trouble, he would be cheaper too. With his contract up in June, I’d say they’d sell to at least get something. Would he risk the Premier League again?

Paulo Dybala (Juventus) 27

Arsenal has been here before. Rescue the out of favour elite player. It would be a loan of course as he’d be £60M + and Utd are circling and have offered Pogba in a straight swap.

It seems like Dybala is waiting for Ronaldo to get bored of Turin as Juve hasn’t played both together much, but that doesn’t look like it’ll happening any time soon. I can’t quite believe that he is 27 and I’m unconvinced that the PL is for him.

Arsenal could use Dybala as a ‘10’ in a 4-2-3-1, a lone striker, or one of two, as he’s played in a 3-5-2 often at Juventus and Argentina. It’s the false nine option that intrigues though as it suits our other attackers. Arsenal would sell lots of merchandise which always appeals to teams in financial need.

Euro’s motivated

Odsonne Edouard (Celtic) 22

Some might say that Edouard would be the perfect striker. No discernible weakness. Strong, fast, powerful, technical, hard to read, and a consistent goalscorer. I’ve always been a fan of having a tall, strong striker. There are so many moments in the game that you need one for. Hold up, aerial ability, strength, often occupies both CB’s, defending set-pieces etc.

The issue becomes whether they are as technical or nimble enough compared to someone like Depay, as there is a need for this too. Thankfully, Odsonne Edouard has very good feet.

There are two issues, however. He would be coming from a weak league and he hasn’t played at a level close to the PL yet. You might remember Arsenal rejecting Van Dijk who was in a similar position (yes, we had the chance to buy him before Southampton).

Every transfer is a gamble. All of them. This one would only excite me especially at the age of 22.

You could use him in many ways. High, off the shoulder or between the lines like Kane. I’d use him in all the above. That’s the joy of having someone who can do everything. Arsenal would offer such unpredictability which is always a defender’s biggest nightmare. Arsenal’s lack of power and aerial threat is painful. We play around this meekness. Arsenal signing Edouard unlocks multiple doors. I’d imagine that he has a big motivation to get noticed before the Euro’s. I think he knows that he will have to prove to Deschamps that he can do it at a higher level.

Luca Waldschmidt (Benfica) 24

This one is unlikely as Waldschmidt has just signed for Benfica and Portuguese clubs normally want above market value to sell. The interesting piece though is that much like Edouard, does Waldschmidt only get a Euro’s spot with Germany if he is playing in a stronger league?

Arsenal will meet Waldschmidt in February and they will likely find him an elusive character. He plays more as a second striker, much like how we have recently been using Lacazette. He is a technical dribbling forward with great balance and an eye for goal and a pass.

Arsenal could use him behind Aubameyang or in Pepe’s role as he’s played there too. He is an interesting prospect as he can create and score which are Arsenal’s two greatest needs.

The perfect age

Boulaye Dia (Reims) 24

One of the qualities that I’m sure the club wants in a center-forward is the ability to create goals for themselves. This is something that we’ve never really had with Lacazette. This is a lack for Eddie also who relies on service.

Boulaye Dia is different. If you watch his video you will see a player who has a tendency to rely on himself more than others. Perhaps this is due to playing for a small French team. There are many examples of great scouting, players we’ve never heard of before that I think of in N’golo Kanté and others. I get a sense when I watch Dia that he could be a top player. Powerful, extremely fast and a natural goal scorer who surely has a future beyond Reims. There have been rumours of Arsenal’s interest and the fact that he currently wears a similar jersey to Arsenal is appealing too! Although he would be a gamble due to levels, if it worked out he could solve the physical, aerial and speed issues at Arsenal and the need for a level of individualism at center-forward.

Serhou Guirassy (Rennes) 24

Another 24 year old. Another at a lower Ligue 1 team. Another that would offer us physical presence (see Weghorst) that is much needed. A player linked to Arsenal likely because of price and age. Fast, powerful and clever, Guirassy might be an interesting option.

The most impressive qualities I see though are his willingness to take on defenders with his pace especially when playing as a lone striker. This is a quality we do not currently have and one that all teams need as link play and passing options are not always available. I can see Arsenal wanting this profile as a bench option at the least and therefore a cheaper player would be needed. He’d have to convince that he is a better talent than the quickly progressing Moller in our U-23’s though.

Arsenal could however use a player like Dia or Guirassy as first choice CF and trust their eyes and take a risk. With many other attacking options this might work. Playing for Rennes maybe he could convince Camivinga to join him at Arsenal? Cheeky.

Other options: Angel Correa (A. Madrid) 25, Maxi Gomez (Valencia) 24

Proven abroad

Wout Weghorst (Wolfsburg) 28

What a name, huh!

What a presence though. Weghorst is the Vardy of the Bundesliga. Broke into top-flight football at 24 and 4 years later he has an impressive ratio of 1 goal in every 2 games in the Bundesliga.

Weghorst is the kind of player that I feel every club needs. Much like Giroud it is hard to argue that a huge target player doesn’t have value in your squad. Not only is he a target man but he’s 6 ft 6. A player with an advantage in any league at that height.

Beyond his aerial ability and goal-scoring record, Weghorst is a defensive menace as well as an obvious asset. His pressing is a feature of his game and his tackle success rate is number one in the Bundesliga, beyond Lewandowski. Arsenal could use him as an obvious upgrade on Lacazette in that AL’s biggest weakness is his one-dimensional movement whereas Weghorst has this as a strength. Big players often get a bad rap in regards to technical proficiency but like Peter Crouch did for many years, he averages 10 assists per season. Perhaps his most impressive quality is his shot to goal ratio which comes at an astonishing 72%.

The Dutch international may come to prominence at the Euros but is what seems an ideal foil for our current strikers offer value at 28?

Arkadiusz Milik (Napoli) 26

Milik is an interesting option. He has been a mix of good and very good for over 5 years and was available in the summer but nobody picked him up. I assumed that this was because he was too old and Napoli were asking too much, but he’s not. He is 26 and approaching his prime which makes me wonder why he lacks a big club? He always impresses.

In many ways, he is perfect for Arsenal as he is a mobile target player. There are so many reasons why our physically meek forward line could use some physicality and so Milik could bring this. He offers a dribble and shot and a compilation full of spectacular goals, most with his left foot. All this is good and needed but I can’t get past why Napoli put him on the market and he’s still there. At best I’d see a short-term loan.

Andrea Belotti (Torino) 26

A bulldog. A warrior. Would be a fan favourite. The thing is though… he plays in Italy. Is it just me that winces when we are linked with Italians? For some reason, I struggle with Italians because they rarely travel well.

Beyond this tainted thought, reality is, Belotti is a superhero of a player. He has continued at Torino when others would’ve taken their ego to a bigger club. Belotti can do everything. He is a two-footed, hard-working, aerial monster and Sanchez-like dribbler. A penalty kick expert with a bizarre celebration.

Arsenal could use him in multiple ways but all in central areas. Coming towards the ball, as a pivot or simply between the posts.

The question remains though as to whether he is a superhero who could superhero on any team or a big fish in a small pond? This video is worth watching as who watches Torino right? You’ll have to persist as it starts to show Belotti’s qualities halfway through.

Other options: Luka Jovic (Real Madrid) 22, Mauro Icardi (PSG) 27, Mariano Diaz (Real Madrid) 27, Duvan Zapata (Atalanta) 29

Inside Forwards

Raphael Leao (AC Milan) 21

If I was overly excited, I’d tell you that Raphael Leao will be an elite player. My sensible head tells me that there have been many with such devastating talent that haven’t taken it where it should so I’ll relax.

Raphael Leao is very good.

Not at the level or the achievements of Thierry but similar profile and skill set. Fast, quick, multiple ways of beating a player, perfect physical frame, and has potential in front of goal.

Leao plays on the left for AC Milan but much like Thierry (and possibly Martinelli), he looks more like a striker.

Arsenal could use him wide, moving a current player inside or take a risk and purchase him with view to making him a CF. The main issue he would solve at Arsenal is taking attention away from Aubameyang. A player who is so direct, fast, and skillful will always attract at least two defenders.

Marcus Thuram (Moenchengladbach (23)

Thuram is a very interesting player. He looks like a center forward playing out of position, yet is very efficient as an inside forward. Maybe this is because aesthetically he doesn’t glide like most wide players. It could also be that he is a striker playing wide as that is the modern trend on the left. He is a dribbler but somewhat of a reactive one. A strong player who would likely adapt to this aspect of the Premier League and has 15 goals a season in him. He would bring a goal threat that is much needed to Arsenal and more experience than Martinelli. Much like Rafael Leao he could play where he ordinarily does as a left inside forward or be converted centrally. Alternatively, he could be a hybrid player that switches in a rotational formation.

The biggest compliment I could pay to Marcus Thuram is simply that he has recently made the French squad which is arguably the hardest squad in world football to become a part of.

I wonder if Granit Xhaka would be interested in a swap deal and a return to Germany? That idea makes me smile very much!

Other options: Adama Traore (Wolves) 24, Richarlison (Everton) 23

Short term experience on loan

There are 3 players that you know that may well be available on a 5 month loan. All are 34 year olds but with most of Europe’s top scorers over the last few seasons being 29 plus, I think there is value to this. All three would add a physical presence that Arsenal need especially if they persist with aerial crosses.

Hulk (Shanghai SIPG) 34, Olivier Giroud (Chelsea) 34, Mario Mandzukic (Al Duhali) 34

A Premier League Summer

Will Arsenal wait until the summer and go big for Dominic Calvert-Lewin or take a chance on Danny Ings?

My conclusion

It’s so hard to spend all this time researching and writing this and come to the conclusion that I would not initially buy any of them.

Everybody loves a Christmas present but we have lots of strikers that haven’t had the service they need to truly judge them. We invested massively in Aubameyang and he will and should play. In the short and long-term, we have three players that could be the solution > Martinelli, Nketiah and Balogun.

If our in-house options fail, I’d wrestle between signing Oryarzabal as a false nine as he compliments our current attackers and Edouard as I know we need physicality too.

Before we buy a long-term solution however, surely it’s smarter to see if the solution is already here?

What will Arsenal do?

In my last post on creative options, I mentioned that reliable journalist, Fabrizio Romano, was talking about Arsenal doing something ‘special’ in the January transfer window. It could be that we get both Buendia and Aouar which would be special or it could be a special player. I have a hunch that we might be looking to see if we can get Paulo Dybala on loan in January to play as a Firmino type. Just a hunch. He is struggling to impact at Juventus and they may want to interest parties for the summer by cashing in as they are financially struggling somewhat.

With forwards like Aubameyang and Pepe who are far better at finishing than playing on the wing, it makes sense that Arsenal would have this type of center forward so as to bring the best out of two of our major investments. If by the end of the season it becomes obvious that we need a center forward next season the four players that I think Arsenal will have on a shortlist are Dia, Brenner, Odsonne Edouard and Mikel Oryarzabal.

The choice will depend on which system Arsenal want to employ. Over to you Arsenal.

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  1. Guns of SF

    As soon as Chambers is ready he needs to go ahead of Mustafi.
    Runnarson needs to go on loan too. We cannot have him as a back up to Leno
    If he is our EL and FA cup keeper, then God help us. Leno will have to log more minutes in those games, which he should not have to ideally do…

    So in jan, add a second string keeper. In some ways today was a blessing, that we all saw another critical area of need in the team…. sheesh!

  2. Guns of Hackney

    lolz. You lot are priceless. I can see it now…tv remote controls strewn across the floor…dogs and cats cowering in the corner…beer cans crushed into atoms…empty pizza boxes folded into effigies of Arteta.

    It’s a football club. Relax. Enjoy your Christmas or whatever you celebrate and remember: Arsenal don’t care about you, so stop caring about them.

  3. China1

    There’s zero noise about arteta getting the sack because the media were all aboard the hype train and feel embarrassed to come off again. He was generational after he beat Utd. It’s hard to know what to call him now. Better to say nothing

  4. China1

    Nice info from Ornstein that we turned down the chance to bid for szoboslai for 21m because he’s young and might not make a big impact on day 1

    Agreed. Let’s sign Isco and Eriksen on enormous wages instead. Maybe chuck in Jorginho so we can roll with dat double pivot

    What could possibly go wrong guys? Cmon have some faith!!

  5. Habesha Gooner

    Well we must be really stupid if we are pining for eriksen over Szoboszlai. No too Isco too. He might look like an improvement because he is a big name but he hasn’t performed for a few seasons now. Go get Buendia FFS.

    In other news No sauce Unai is 19 games unbeaten at Villareal.

  6. Chris

    Feel sorry for the Runar lad because he clearly shouldn’t even have been out in this situation, I find it hard to believe. It one of our academy keepers isn’t better.

    If the Szlobaslai rumours where we declined to bud for him is true, it still shows we are continuing to make very poor choices in the transfer market. It njsycooonts towards having absolutely no confidence in the current leadership at Arsenal to move the club forward.

  7. gunnersmith

    Guns of SF… Get your head out of Pedro’s backside, you’re starting to come across as a bit of a fan. Pretty sure he can run his own blog, he’s been doing it for a decade

  8. Jim+Lahey

    Racist or homophobic comments, Pedro turns turns a blind eye. Mention Emery and he is right on. What a shit show this place has become. Fitting considering the shit show going on at Arsenal at the moment.

  9. Guns of SF

    Just making the point that the abusive shit needs to stop to Pedro and others, Resorting to racist, sexist, transphobic, attacking posters kids, etc is pretty fucked up.
    Lots of that lately. Not sure folks who come here want to read that or get caught up in it.

  10. jwl

    On twitter, journo at match said Martinelli went on sat on bench for a while when he came off before he went for treatment, so hopefully just bad knock and nothing serious.

  11. Useroz

    Szlobaslai feels the Martinelli type. If we say no becos of his age, Arteta and Edu can fuck off.

    From all of the signs, Arteta has weird fetish over mature males like Luiz, Willian, Mari, Soares, Xhaka, Mustafa ,Auba etc.

    Eddie aside, .most kids aren’t quite his taste apparently,…. Marinelli, Saliba, Balogun, ESR, AMN, Nelson, Szlobaslai, …

    Erikson and Isco wouldn’t be far off Willian! Ffs

    Get this pathetic generational guy outta door please.

  12. Goobergooner

    It’s getting harder and harder to not hate arsenal.

    They hire a manager who was never going to have an immediate impact, but hire Willian because he will and not szobozlai??? I just can’t see any direction or logic.

  13. gunnersmith

    Haven’t posted here in a while its still the same madhouse lool This was the original rant avenue before Twitter and AFTV took over hahahaah

    Whatever happened to the OG posters Pedro? Geoff, Tony Adams is god, Gambon lool Gambon had the best rants

  14. jwl

    Guns of SF – im sorry about your son, i got my niece started on Arsenal about six years ago when she was about eight and its alwaya felt like child abuse making her watch.

    And then two years ago she discovered Arsenal Ladies and she has been happy as larry ever since, it makes me laugh. Im miserable and she telling me we never had it so good.

  15. Useroz

    It’s reported Edu is backed to exit TWO in January …

    Well, with Xmas around the corner, most of us wouldn’t mind if Edu and Arteta leave in January … just be sure it’s on 2nd of January 2021.

  16. Useroz

    jwl. Probably not too late for Pedro to turn our attention and discussions over to Arsenal Ladies actually. At least they regularly win things…and most aren’t 30+……hahaha

  17. Chris

    The truth about Saliba may come out one day, but for as it appears now the decision not to play him is inexplicable, especially as we have to suffer the brain dead Mustafi.

    Also have to say I though Ceballos was largely sore last night again, his passing was dreadful on occasions. In truth his pick up in form earlier in the year out him just above average, now he is struggling again. it is clear we are not going to take up the option to pick him up permanently so again, is he worth persevering with at this point?

  18. Markymark

    Not sure where Pedro is going with his anti gilet comments. The London commuter trains were once full of young lads who were earning coin. Thin gilet over tailored shirt slim fit trousers worn slightly short , English style loafers and either a Rolex or Omega Seamaster watch. I’d assume this would be Pedro’s target audience ?
    Never knock the gilet !

  19. Graham62

    I think the Runarsson situation should be taken much much further.

    1. Who sanctioned this deal? Brain dead morons.
    2. I’ve seen better keepers playing on a Sunday morning here in Worthing.
    3. No matter how bad Macy he is, according to some on here, he is a damn site better than Runarsson.
    4. Why the fudge are we giving him £40k a week( reportedly).
    5. In hand with the Martinez/ Leno saga, this whole situation stinks.

    I’ve said countless times on here that the core reason for Arsenal’s demise centred around letting Martinez go.

    Leno is substandard, Runarsson is shite.

    What a joke and it’s raining again.

  20. Tony

    So Martinelli the last player to be broken by Arteta – why was he sent out for the 2nd half?

    As for the game, no more than I expected so not worth writing about.

    Arteta impersonating being a PL manager and Mustafi, Said K, Elneny and Ceballos impersonating PL footballers and failing badly.

    Enough said.

  21. Habesha Gooner

    Some of the players have been crap to average for a while. In my view we need to clear out the following players.

    Ozil, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Xhaka, Sokratis, Lacazette, Elneny and Luiz. There are also some players we need to sell if they dont perform this season to raise money. Bellerin, Holding AMN and Chambers are in this category.

    The problem is some of these crap players are the center piece to Mikel. Anyone can see if there is an improvement on these players, which most of them we wont need to replace, we will become a better squad. I count three midfielders and a RB that we would need to replace out of these players. I dont know if arteta has the stones to do that.

  22. Graham62


    We all know this.

    Sorry but I’m a Lacazette fan and Elneny, imo, does a job. As for the rest, I agree totally.

    Arteta has made us into even more of a laughing stock with his diabolical decisions.

    Again, why the fcuk did he allow Martinelli to go out for the second half?

    He is a total disaster.

  23. Tony

    Good morning Graham

    I’m late to the party today having not long watched the game.

    I said it back when (do I sound like Pierre) it was mumbled that Arteta was thinking about selling Martinez.

    We wait years to get a decent keeper who breeds confidence into his defenders and sell him for peanuts then we buy a pub team keeper as back up who was known to be that poor before buying him.

    Simple for me: Arteta, Edu & Vinai out along with their cronies.

  24. Habesha Gooner

    Lacazette has lost a yard of pace, his numbers have dried up, he is entering his 30s and aslo at the end of the season he will ho in to his last year. I dont think we should renew his contract. He is also on 180k a week. We should give our Martinelli’s and Balogun’s a chance.

  25. Valentin

    Having seen Matt Macey play, I can confirm that he is as bad as Runnarsson. He is so bad that in two separate instances clubs decided to terminate his emergency loan early for being too bad. Including one non-leagie club.
    His reputation is so poor, he will not get any job in the EFL even as a backup keeper.

  26. Habesha Gooner

    And on Elneny, Lets be honest. No top team would have him in their squad. Yes he can be good on ocassion. But we need to stop being average. And Elneny is not bad but he is average.

  27. Valentin

    Watching Martinelli getting kicked, I hope that the kid does not have a broken or cracked fibula. Again I don’t understand the medical team, at least he has severe bruising and that’s not something you can run off. He had no business coming back on the pitch.

    Are they that incompetent or scared of Arteta and refuse to contradict him forcing players to make their own decision?

  28. Tony

    ‘Arteta is coming across as an arrogant control freak.’

    No! He’s always been one.

    Not a popular captain for us; a sycophant to Wenger & Gazidis.

    Watch his body language it speaks volumes

  29. Tony

    Anyone see the pre game Pep – Arteta fist bump and back slap – very frosty from Pep who’s normally all smiles with other managers.

    I looked for their post game love in but it wasn’t shown on my Thai morning app I use.

    Arteta is like a punch drunk boxer still on his feet with guard down while still taking punches and no idea what to do, but just won’t go down.

  30. Tony

    I was going to say Arteta is finished as a manager, but he never got started.

    Starting to wonder if he really has any coaching sense?

    Certainly knows how to break players.

    Saka will be the next to go – been saying that for a couple of weeks.

  31. Tony

    It was only a pony cup game the game against Chelsea is the one that matter, right Pedro?

    Will that be your next Arteta PR spin?

    Sadly I’ll miss it as I generally read posters’ posts I trust first before venturing/deciding to read your post., which is a shame because I appreciate your time and intentional brand of affectations blended with humour and refreshing reality as per your Wenger days.

    What happened to you the literature maestro of Arsenal blogs?

    Oat milk?
    Too many gummies?
    You current muse loves Arteta, so you need to love Him more?

    Am I close?

    GOH probably has a better handle on this.

    On a more serious note Gooners in heavy infected Covid areas be safe and well.

  32. Graham62


    Good morning.

    How’s life with you?

    You are right.

    There is a dark side to his personality, that’s for sure.

    What a shite club we are.

    Arsenal for life though.

  33. SpanishDave

    Arteta is desperate.
    That’s why he let Martinelli stay on the pitch hoping he would run it off.
    The guy is not match fit and he should have been off.
    The same with Partey,pushing him back on , and now he is cracked ti mid January.
    Arteta simply hasn’t got it, the cup wins are not enough, he should drop his sights and manage a La Logan mid table team and educate himself.
    But he’s a typical arrogant Spanish fraud, way in over his head

  34. Claver

    I feel for Pedro.

    It is bad enough having to come up with content every single day. But with the worst run of results in 600 years, a failing manager that he (hell for leather by the way) backed and defended, and the inevitable abuse he’ll keep getting for it, it is a miracle he still churns these out.


  35. Left Testicle

    Take out the results against the Europa minnows of Molde, Vienna and Dundalk and our season reads:


    …and he is still here stinking the place out.

  36. Freddie Ljungberg

    For the AMN fanboys, this is we he doesn’t get more playing
    time. Shouldhave taken the money for him in the summer and strengthened the team.

    “As per Sofascore, he lost possession an incredible 20 times over the course of the night, the most of any Arsenal player on the pitch. He also made no successful dribbles, sent no accurate crosses, made just 20 total successful passes, and lost seven of his nine duels too.”

  37. Cheney10

    I may be clutching at straws, but I actually saw some positives last night, we moved the ball quicker, pressed from the front etc. I also thought ANM in a midfield 3 worked well and added legs to the midfield… A returning (eventually) Partey will up the class in there too. Martinelli was full of energy, put Saka on the opposite flank and we may have something… I may be in the minority right now, but I feel we will turn this corner in the next 4/5 games prob starting after Chelsea… If we do not then I will have to concede and join the masses calling for the managers head.

  38. Ishola70

    Freddie Ljungberg
    “For the AMN fanboys, this is we he doesn’t get more playing
    time. Shouldhave taken the money for him in the summer and strengthened the team.”

    Said before you are not going to get any consistency at all from Maitland and he will throw in absolute stinkers as well for good measure.

  39. Left Testicle

    A team with potential? Arteta wouldn’t have the balls.
    I would rather not have Aubameyang – hopefully Balogun will step up.

    NEW RB_Saliba_Gabriel_Tierney
    ___Saka_NEW AM_Martinelli

  40. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, never got the hype, he’s had a handful of good matches as wing back, that’s it, don’t know why people think he’s our saviour in midfield. He’s not a kid anymore either so can’t blame his inconsistent lay on that.

    Reports that Soumare is available for under 20m because Lille, along with a lot of french clubs, are in financial trouble. Would rather we go that route for a partner for Partey.

  41. James wood.

    Surely the clubs hierarchy must see the massive
    underlying damage that’s being inflicted on the
    Season ticket sales/bums on seats will be hugely
    Sponsorship a huge worry.?
    No European football in any form.?
    The nine year old lad who does not want to wear his
    warm Arsenal hat deep deep damage to the hugely
    Impressionable youth supporters of the future.
    Not one ⭐️Player in the whole squad( please don’t mention AUBA)
    There is deep very worrying repercussions coming.
    The KROENKES will see this will they dig deep or Bail out.????????

  42. Useroz

    Left T

    NEW RB_Saliba_Gabriel_Tierney
    ___Saka_NEW AM_Martinelli

    Arteta wouldn’t dare 😤 sending this team out for the Carling Cup…or dead rubbers

  43. Valentin


    If I remember correct, you were cheering when Pepe arrived and were aghast when I suggested that for the same outlet we would have been better off buying NDombele and Soumare.
    Now NDombele is on Barcelona wish list (even Mourinho is on his side now) while Pepe is still not lighting up the place against Molde or ManCity reserve.
    I am glad that you have seen the light, but if you expect Edu and Arteta to see the light, I am sorry but you are seriously mistaken. We are not going after Soumare but after a list of past-it creative players on high wage rather than an hungry young tackler.

  44. Freddie Ljungberg


    Go fuck yourself, I’m not bothering giving you a proper response.


    Think you have confused me with someone else, sure I was happy when we signed Pepe, but I’ve never said anything about Ndombele ever and been advocating for us signing Soumare for a while.

  45. Valentin

    I said at the time that it was madness and counterproductive trying to extract a fee for Sokratis, and now six months too late Edu has finally agreed. Arsenal are ready to grant a free release to Sokratis this January if he find a club willing to hire him. So unless they think that six months tutelage to the CB reserve was worth it, Arsenal have squandered six month of Sokratis wage.
    You can complain of being skint and in the same time make stupid avoidable mistakes like that one.

  46. Useroz

    What is happening at Arsenal can only happen at Arsenal.

    Rot to the core.

    With practicality no means to oust the owner, it’d be, again, up to fans and supporters to send the messages to ‘management’ and the Board and put them in the spotlights.

    BTW, the latest comments from Arteta borderline nonsense and are, to me, infuriating.

    What crap is that Pete is upset and he’s trying his best:; he (Arteta) has no regrets selling Martinez, etc. when we all can see what Pete tries and how good his Eunna boy performs.

    Arteta is becoming a disgrace to Arsenal. Sell him before the dross.

    BTW, Pep is telling Arsenal not to sack Pep Zero!! With such 1 – 4 etc esults, all other PL managers probably petition to keep Arteta here until he’s 70…

  47. Vintage Gun

    “Also have to say I though Ceballos was largely sore last night again, his passing was dreadful on occasions. In truth his pick up in form earlier in the year out him just above average, now he is struggling again. it is clear we are not going to take up the option to pick him up permanently so again, is he worth persevering with at this point?”

    He tries and is by no means our worst player but honestly, i would be looking to terminate his loan in January. Nothing personal but he’s just too weak and slow on the ball.

    I’d replace him with Bisouma or as Freddie mentioned Soumare from Lille as the French league sin a dire financial situation right now.

    I’d also loan out Willock and bring in Emi Buendia. And i would loan out Eddie and promote Balogun.

    £50/60m this window could get us a partner for Partey with pace and power (Bisouma /Soumare). And also much needed creativity in Buendia and start giving ESR more run outs.

    Realistic signings even in the current situation we are in.

  48. Tony

    ”How’s life with you?

    Good here thanks.

    It’s winter where the temperatures are just perfect for us westerners.

    ‘Arsenal for life though’

    Even thought the toughest times, Graham, although I have to say these are the hardest I’ve had to face in my 50+ years as a gooner.

    Just on a detached autopilot at the moment, especially the watching games.

    Seems apt.

  49. Sid

    The only changes needed are diet Pep out and Buendia in,
    This team will be top 4.
    Dont fall for the 6 player narrative.

    Im telling you for free!

  50. Sid

    A combination of partey, AMN, Willock, Guend, Elneny with Buendia can do what Henderson, Widjnaldum, Fabinho do for liverpool as long as diet Pep is out of the picture.