Sacking Arteta for a b-lister would be the move. It’s not worth it

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Well, here we go again, friends. Another week of ‘oh please god make it stop’ is heading our way. Manchester City in the EFL followed by Chelsea in the Premier League. Not ideal opponents, but when you are utterly shite, who is it good to play against?

The strategy for the week should probably be focused on giving it our all in the Premier League. Give the cup game to the footballing gods as a sacrificial lamb. Spend time coaching. A big performance and a win against Chelsea sets you up nicely for an ‘easy’ run of games. That is what we need.

Back to the grim story that is the manager’s future.

It’s pretty clear the plan as it stands is to back Mikel Arteta.

If he loses the next 5 games, I’m not sure they’ll be sticking with that idea, but hopefully it won’t get that bad. Not that there are any positives to really point to outside an uptick in xG.

Here’s the reality though. What do you think can be done right now that will give Arsenal the bounce they need?

Firstly, it’s obvious that the entire leadership team is badly off-key. We have three first jobbers trying to resurrect a club that has suffered a decade of failure. We have no footballing expertise on the board. KSE is addicted to bad decisions and staying loyal to the perpetrators. I’ll say it again for those in the back of the room in Delaware… how can you trust anyone that signed off on 32-year-old Willian for 3 years at £250k a week IN A PANDEMIC AFTER GIVING PEOPLE MANDATORY PAYCUTS. That’s a career-ending decision in most lines of work, not at Arsenal.

That last paragraph is there to drive home the reality: You don’t have good people making decisions at Arsenal. Sacking Mikel Arteta right now won’t bring us the joy or solace we need. Why? Because the only managers that are available are the b-listers who can’t get jobs.

Eddie Howe? Get the fuck out of my office.

Roberto Martinez? Red card for the commenter about to type ‘I’ve actually watched a lot of Belgium annnd’

Max Allegri? There’s a reason he hasn’t found a job in over two years. He’s a discipline merchant, supremely arrogant, and he doesn’t have any Premier League experience. He’ll cost a fortune, come with 10 of his staff, and there’s a very slim chance his brand of management will click with this group of players. You can say ‘THAT IS WHAT THEY NEED’… well, look at how the discipline thing is going down with Arteta. Look at how it worked under Emery. I also think the fans would detest his football.

The A-listers aren’t jumping onto this burning fire of a job. Julian Nagelsmann isn’t going to take it. Pochettino is still being paid by Spurs, he won’t take a pay cut to join us, and he’s not going to soil his Spurs legacy to join a club with no infrastructure. Brendan Rodgers ain’t stupid, the job is attractive, but is he going to want to work with this squad with Edu as the guy supporting him? No chance. Even a manager like Hassenhutl (not sure he’s an a-lister), who has always worked with Sporting Directors, might pass on moving midseason if we had the finance to do it.

If you can’t get an A-lister, which is what a club without leadership needs, then all you’ll be left with are managers that will have tools downed on them within 3 months. I am not even sure the idea of a rockstar manager works in 2020… I think all great managers are supported by great teams. The idea that Arteta could do it alone was naive. Now we know that, let’s not think a b-lister is going to turn this around.

Most new managers go through a shitty patch like this in their careers, it’s just usually way out of sight of an elite club. Ralph H had it at Southampton last season, but no one remembers that now he’s fixed it. Jose Mourinho did this at Chelsea in 2015, he lost 9 games, he was fired by December 17th, Rafa took over, then Conte won the league the season after. Top football clubs bin underperforming managers… but we ain’t a top football club.

The power move is a football CEO. You could be PC about it and shift Edu to the side, but it’s clear, he ain’t it by a long shot. Willian on a 3-year deal. Luiz given another year despite dreck performances. Soares on a 4-year deal. Pabo Mari on a perm deal despite keeping Luiz. Announcing signings at his super agents house. At best it’s an extreme conflict of interest, at worst, it’s the decisions of a Techincal Director that has zero creativity or plan to move the club forward. How could he rationalise any of those decisions if you sat down with him at a table? He’d be laughed out of west and north London pubs. You cannot keep faith with that sort of football taste.

We need a ‘been there, done that’ football CEO who can come in and take on the project.

Give whoever it is a remit.

Bonus the fuck out of them.

Tell them they’ll be given 5 years to do things properly with no pressure on them.

If you bring them in at Christmas, let them work with Arteta and Edu until the end of the season. Let them make the decision on their futures. Put the big footballing decisions in the hands of a person that knows the game. That has a track record. That has experience with all the shit we are dealing with.

Vinai should be taking away Mikel’s managerial role right now whatever the path forward is. It has not worked. If he complains, he can always quit. If Edu can’t pick up all of the job, why the fuck are we paying him to be here? Simple fact is Arteta was promoted to pick up the slack of Edu. That is shocking leadership from Vinai. Edu should have gone with Raul.

Arsenal are in a uniquely messy situation right now. Lots of fans will see sacking Arteta as the move to make, I don’t see that as a viable option unless there’s an A-lister lined up. A December hire is not something we should indulge in. I don’t want the top 8 version of Sam Allardyce for the next 3 years. These players need to claw back to midtable so we can make a proper decision in the summer.

I think that’ll be the plan… I’m just not entirely sure Arteta has it in him to move this squad of players into a satisfactory place in the league table. He’s still talking about fine margins. They truly seem to believe a couple of loan moves fix this mess… and hey, maybe an Isco turns it around for us.  I’m just not sure I’m buying it. Feels like a movie I’ve seen before. I feel deeply uncomfortable about Arsenal making more short term signings to prop up a manager that has shown us next to nothing this season.

It bears repeating again. Luis Campos and Ralph Rangnick are both free agents. Both have performed incredible feats of leadership in their careers. Both are still at the elite end of the game. Both would do a great job with this Arsenal mess.

We’ll pass though, won’t we?

See you in the comments.

P.S. Podcast coming later + a striker review you’re gonna love from Mike McDonald.

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  1. Anonymous Commentator

    why isn’t the club moving to sack this guy?
    do they want to stick it to us and prove that they’re smarter than Joe Public?

  2. Tony

    KSE are in it for the long term so won’t mind if we get relegated their UK property assets won’t be affected.

    Outgoings will be less as will recruitment costs as elite players don’t play in the championship.

    Relegation is win win for Stan other than a drop in sponsors money. The Emirates is empty now and for the foreseeable future maybe all of next year with Covid mutating all the time.

  3. Marco

    The reason they don’t sack Arteta and hire an A lister Elite likes of ALLEGRI is because the current ruling mafia cannot continue sucking Arsenal dry !!!
    Get these guys out of here now
    Arteta is a total novice with no plan , no personality , no intelligence , terrible decision making and zero charisma
    Record speaks for itself

  4. Guns of SF

    Sounds like Mike and Edu have planned the next 2 transfer windows.
    Guess he is sticking around until summer.
    Lord help us.

  5. gunnerman

    I don’t get it. Why did Pedro revert to defending Arteta now? Interim coaches exist if you aren’t sure of a B-lister. Any B-lister would also be better than someone who has NEVER had experience as a head coach and is therefore tanking the team.

    Also firing Arteta, hiring an interim coach and bringing in a proven football director are mutually exclusive. You can do all three, it needn’t be one or the other. It’s just not an acceptable excuse.

  6. Tony

    Pedro is appeasing his inside info people and toeing the Arsenal hierarchy line so he can get his next insider fix.

    Maybe Pedro is harboring deep desires to one day run the Arsenal spin PR dept?

    Well on track I’d say with his ‘save Arteta’ endangered species posts.

    Arteta will likely be the next David Attenborough show.

  7. Tony

    Funny how Pedro never shares his insider knowledge always claiming it’s top secret and he’d get into trouble.if repeated.

  8. Marco

    Seems like this blog is becoming The Loyal Opposition
    Big important clubs sack their managers when results are not delivered .. simple !!!

    There is absolutely not a single good reason on earth to persist with a Rookie who has not delivered .

    Get him out now and save us from relegation
    Just bring Harry Redknapp short term if you can’t bring on an elite manager

  9. Tony

    ‘Big important clubs sack their managers when results are not delivered’

    We ceased to become a big important club when they hired Edu and more importantly Arteta.

    No longer a big 6 club but a small 19 club under the football terrorist known as Arteta the football imposter

  10. Tony

    “There is absolutely not a single good reason on earth to persist with a Rookie who has not delivered”

    Other than Vinai & Edu scrambling to keep their jobs and being a plaything for fat-cat agents to toy with?

    You’re probably right

  11. Tony

    As we’re the early birds due to our timeline anyone fancy seeing the mood of Le-Grove where hopefully it goes through all the timelines win Legrover’s input:

    For me:
    Arteta Out
    Edu Out
    Vinai demoted to head the sponsors’ account management

  12. Guns of SF

    I expect Isco on loan in Jan.
    Seems like we are so broke that loan is the way to go.
    We seem to be getting madrid rejects along with chelsea

    I guess this is as good Edu can do?

    He needs to be fired if he cannot obtain players outside of old washed up loanees

  13. gunnerman

    Anyone saw stuff mentioning the Arsenal board getting ready for relegation? Something about the club being financially prepared.

    Fucking joke if it’s real and the club is preparing for relegation instead of proactively trying to fight it.

  14. Guns of SF

    No one half good would come to this “project”
    Arteta has assured us that no one worth their salt will come to Arsenal.
    We need to find youngsters on the up and up to get in….
    Cheap to buy and cheap on wages.
    This is the only way moving forward….

    Problem is we fired all scouts.

    Boneheads think youtube is all you need nowdays

  15. Guns of SF

    Arteta must have some dirt on the higher ups.
    How is he not fired by now?

    This fella has more power than just a manager apparently…

    This club needs a complete overhaul ….
    Dreaming of new ownership

  16. SP

    //Bin Willian to Shakhtar or Besiktas for godssake .//

    Willian joined Arsenal because he wanted a fat salary in London. No way he is going to any other club.

  17. MD-Gunner

    “Relegation is win win for Stan other than a drop in sponsors money. The Emirates is empty now and for the foreseeable future maybe all of next year with Covid mutating all the time.”

    Do you really believe so? As you mentioned I can see less income from sponsors, Season Ticket holders, match day attendance, lower TV revenue, less money from Arsenal Store sales. In addition I am sure there are clauses in the big players contracts that in case of relegation Arsenal will be forced to sell or release them.

    Combine this with a decent offer,will KSE really take on the headache of fighting for promotion which is by n o means guaranteed after 1 year. With the type of club management it certainly is a real possibility to stay down some time.

  18. Guns of SF

    well on the brighter side!

    we lose
    Chambers or Holding

    That is quite a few players. our team will have a very different look next season.
    I can only hope that we replace half of those ( do not need all of them) with some young and up and coming talent….

    If Edu’s son needs to get a piece of the action, then by all means! We need to find young players not has beens…..

    Based on performance I would promote some from the youth team

    What good is having a youth team if we never promote from within?
    Seems that we have a good system with some good players….

    if our coach opts not to play them then shame on him!

  19. raptora

    gunnermanDecember 22, 2020 02:58:15
    We are slowly becoming the Untold for Arteta..

    The weird of it all is that the author of the blog, Pedro, still defends Arteta and has been finding excuses for him for over 2 months, while literally 95% of the posters want him out asap.

    Not being in tune with your audience is an understatement.

    How did we end up here?

  20. raptora

    Xavi Hernandez, Jan 16, 2020
    “Yes, I received an offer from Barcelona in the presence of [Barca sporting director] Eric Abidal and [Barca chief executive] Oscar Grau here in Doha but I did not accept it, especially because it’s too soon for me to coach Barcelona. But it will continue to be a dream of mine in the future to manage Barca.”

    A person that has his feet firmly on the ground. Not being all over himself. Knowing he needs to face problems in lower clubs before is ready to manage a huge club.

  21. MD-Gunner

    On ESPN-FC the pundits hammered Arteta for going to the press with the stats about Arsenal v Burnley and Arsenal having a 3% chance of loosing and they lost we already laughed about this. Utter stupidity to go to the press with it, he doesn’t believe it, the players don’t believe it and all the pundits have a laugh and tearing it apart.

  22. Goobergooner

    When you have a 3% chance to lose, and then lose you are worse than shit.
    (Though these stats are taken from after the game aren’t they?)

  23. Guns of SF

    The arrogance of coming out in the press and talking shit about Burnley with this 3% shit. Its just not what a professional does.
    Take responsibility and fix the problems.
    Dont blame bad luck
    Dont use stats

    be humble… is it that hard?

  24. Guns of SF

    Iniesta and Xavi were Barca for more than a decade.
    Class professionals….

    Would run rings around Mike…. on and off the pitch

    Xavi will coach Barca some day, and he will be ready.
    He is doing it the right way.

    you cannot take an elevator to success, you need to take the stairs.

  25. Andrew Kiken

    It’s the style of play why arteta should be gone. The appeal to arsenal was how they contain the ball yet attack. Arteta was supposed to be exciting like man city can be. They could have signed American players too at good prices that Barcelona, Chelsea and juventus did.
    No more signing Chelsea players.

  26. Andrew Kiken

    Dominating the game quantum leap isn’t a tie game.
    You aren’t dominating unless up by a few goals and having lots of chances. . Arsenal hasn’t dominated a game in the epl except for Fulham.

  27. Goobergooner

    Thats the difference between dominating a game and dominating possession.

    No team in the league gives a shit if we dominate possession because we lack the balls to actually commit men forward and attack properly.

    Dominating possession in slow backwards and sideways crab football in your own half without taking any risks moving forward is the absolute worst kind of football. Yet we have some fans who don’t think we need a change in team setup (which comes from the manager)

  28. Andrew Kiken

    Using the word sauce to describe a good coach-manger is stupid. Its being a winner with a good philosophy and exciting style of play like pep, Klopp, etc obvious ones. It’s competency to adjust strategies, sign and sell players, choose the right players to play , and man management.
    A good coach manager can turn around a team quickly and the style of play.

  29. Tony

    MD Gunner
    50/50 as to being serious or not.

    If the financials go below what KSE is happy to endure, then they can still sell at a profit, so they win.

    Often investments dip and then rise again where KSE can offset losses against tax of some sort. I’m no accountant or tax specialist for America, but I have investments that my wife and I take advantage of legal tax grey areas. as most savvy investors do, just as KSE did with the refinancing of our loans.

    If the board are preparing for the worst then they are doing something right. Enterprises always need to have a financial plan B in unstable markets and Arteta is creating a very unstable business theatre for the club.

    As for buying players Arteta is just as likely to mess with the incoming payers as he has Saliba, Partey and Pepe.

    It used to be Wengerised and it’s now Artetarised.

    I worry that Arteta will break Saka next and then Tierney – he broke Partey in no time.

    Either KSE is getting extremely bad advice because of their lack of PL knowledge/interest or they have a fiduciary plan for the assets to dip and then rise.

    Terraloon is the guy to share far better knowledge on this subject.

  30. Andrew Kiken

    A few Midfielders need to score goals 5-10 a year. Yes there are exceptions. Ozil isn’t the best player anymore but he can possibly score and have more of an influence on winning than xhaka. Even Defenders need to sometimes score like Gabriel has and Monreal or koselniac could.

  31. Guns of SF

    Ozil could have scored more. He never made himself available to get into scoring positions, ( although he has a decent scoring rate) he would prefer to run to the wing, and put in crosses or find ways to get assists… only assists. He bought into his own hype and became a selfish player…. and one dimensional as a result.

    When he broke into the box on those rare occasions he did well. But he stopped doing that and generally stopped being a footballer too

  32. Guns of SF

    AMN Saliba Gab KT
    Nelson TP Saka


    Try this… its very good and we will be quicker and more attack minded

  33. MD-Gunner

    Looking at the players in the Everton game and how they ambled around no one except Shearer climb all over Pepe’s case. Would that have been Ozil all hell would have broken loose about his jogging. Ozil’s best position is through the middle but he was put on the ride side thus not as effective.

    This will be a most interesting January. If Arsenal loose against Man City and Chelsea, he will not be sacked, but should Arsenal loose against Brighton and West Brom they could be in 17th position. Then be prepared for the sack.

  34. Guns of SF

    Looks like Isco might be coming ….
    not sure what I feel about that…
    His age and another one that Zidane does not fancy

    However anyone that can help our middle attack is welcome…we need goals, assists, and wins… so

    If it is him, fine… I would prefer someone younger, perhaps a Buendia!
    And no, he will leave Norwich… a player like that does not stay in the championship if the big dogs come calling

  35. raptora

    “Even Defenders need to sometimes score like Gabriel has and Monreal or koselniac could.”

    I would guess that Saliba will eventually start scoring goals from set pieces. Lad is 192 cm. Gigantic fellow. Can maybe even grow a cm or 2 still.

    He doesn’t have a goal scored yet but he is 19 yo, with 28 Ligue 1 games for St. Etienne. You would expect this to change soon after he is given a chance.

    Holding, 25 yo, has 0 EPL goals in 50 games. As a matter of fact, this season Holding has already registered more minutes (944′) in the EPL than in any other season before and we are in December. His previous best is 820 mins which is around 9 full games.

    I know he isn’t the problem, but playing him is another Arteta mistake.

    Holding isn’t going to give us more for the now than Luiz who is a superior player and especially offensively where our problems lie with his long passes being an option to open up teams and he has 2 goals and 1 assist in 1 season for us

    And he isn’t going to give us more for the future than Saliba who could become a top class defender. Just take a look at Fofana – another clean sheet, this time vs spuds, 2nd highest rated player in the game after Vardy. He’s doing fantastic.

    Arteta is going to kick a potential top class defender out of team. He’s already done much. Might as well sack him in time so we could talk Saliba into staying with us. And all of that for Holding – an average player as it gets.

  36. Guns of SF

    Its another apparent power play with Mike and Saliba
    A kid needs to play, he wants to play. He lost his parents so what can be his salvation? Playing!
    Sitting around thinking and being depressed is not going to help the kid.
    We have not really seen him play at all, but he was scouted heavily and was all the hype

    Not sure what Mike is doing…. I guess that goes for most things

  37. Guns of SF

    Hoping tomorrow Martinelli gets minutes, gets fitter and then gets some against Chelsea

    I remember this …. just incredible!

  38. Guns of SF

    Ok this is a Martinelli vid but …. this was how we used to attack last year!!
    Like WTF happened?? We were quite good!

  39. China1

    Lol Pedro I admire that you’re finally willing to criticize arteta in your posts tho the insistence that we shouldn’t fire him because edu and co are useless is clearly just trying to excuse why he needs to stay

    Just appoint a caretaker in the mean time and be done with it.

    What on earth do we have to lose from that? Arteta drops points in EVERY match. You could put my grandma in charge of arsenals last 10 games and we’d be maximum a few points worse off. We have dropped 25 of the last 30 available league points. It’s literally reached the point where mathematically it’s literally difficult to do any worse than 5 points in 10 games – we NEVER win and only rarely even draw.

    As someone else said sacking edu is not related and nobody is saying we shouldn’t do both. Also no one said we have to bring in a new long term manager tomorrow. We didn’t do so when we sacked emery just one year ago

    But if we don’t change manager we are going to be in a relegation battle. 100%. Arteta is a fucking awful manager, Pedro. He’s not even bad, he’s absolutely trash right now. I can’t for the life of me fathom why you would hope he stays any longer and does any more lasting damage. He already ruined our league campaign, if he stays longer he will probably fuck our cups as well.

    Club>any individual

    Why do people put individuals over the club? It’s sooo baffling

  40. Aussie+Gooner


    “And all of that for Holding – an average player as it gets.”

    Yes and his contract runs until 2023 but it is said that Arteta values him so highly that they are negotiating a contract extension for him already! Yet Balogun will be allowed to walk for nothing, no doubt followed by Saliba shortly afterwards!

    After Arteta jabbering on like a drunken existentialist at his last press conference, nothing would surprise me!

  41. Aussie+Gooner

    Arteta has allowed Azeez, Moller, Balogun, Saliba, Cirjan and Cottrell to train with the first team yesterday in preparation for our match with City.

    Wow – just how long did it take him to figure this out! I and many others have been crying out to bring these very players into the fold for experience. No doubt they may not see much match time, likely the usual suspects will appear with Musafi, Kola, Willian, Bellerin, Luiz, Nketiah, Holding etc to the fore as Arteta has promised to put out a ‘strong’ team!

  42. raptora

    Let it be known that Arteta used Martinelli in the EPL only while Auba was punished for red card last January.

    His stats are 4 apps, 3 starts, 2 goals vs Sheffield Utd and Chelsea.

    Then out of nothing, he decided to bench him for 4 games in a row. Nketiah started 3 of the games as our CF. Forth game was vs Brighton away, we lost and Martinelli was an unused sub when the score was 1:1 at 75th minute. He made a total of 4 substitutions after the 75th min including Nketiah, Tierney, Willock, Nelson. He got injured 3 days later in training so he was perfectly healthy being on our bench 2 games before, and 2 games after lockdown.

    A guy that scored 2 goals in 3 starts in the EPL under Arteta and was hands down top 3 best player in the team.

    We didn’t need to know more about Arteta.

  43. Useroz


    Arteta Out
    Edu Out
    Vinai demoted to head the sponsors’ account management

    Yea here.

    Vinai can gatekeep the financing side of contracts as the ex CFO

  44. China1

    Martinelli was dropped for Eddie the moment he started getting huge rave reviews in the media

    It’s clearly related. Arteta even started coming out and playing down expectations for him as soon as he got talked up

    I’m fine with him playing down expectations and we should depend on him or play him every week. But he and saka should at least be starting 70% of PL games (can rest in cups) and some sub appearances for the other 30%

    But in reality he played down expectations because he didn’t like the idea of Martinelli going straight into the team as a kid. Probably jealous because he wasn’t a first choice player at a major team until his late 20s. Martinelli has shown more talent at 18 than he had in his career. Bitter much

  45. Goobergooner

    Aussie was about to say the same thing.

    Seriously disturbing if tets believes Eddie is the better player. Martinelli does everything. Eddie does jack shit

  46. China1

    It’s very importabt we don’t beast martinelli and saka. These two are fucking talents like we haven’t had from our academy since wilshere and co.

    But the kids need minutes. Like I say I’d start them in 70% of PL games when fit. They’d also be high on my list to sub off if the results are good (trololol as if we’d have good results).

    Then the other 30% of PL games they can start on the bench and be used just sparingly

    Fuck the cups. Outside of key games like EL late stages or FA cup late stages, they should not even usually be on the bench. Let them recover

  47. raptora

    China, actually stunning stuff. What else reason would he have to bench our top 3 performing player but that? I assume Martinelli didn’t lose any of his parents at the time, bless them and him. It’s gotten to the point where it’s ridiculous.

    If anyone can give me one good reason he’d bench a flying Martinelli? Gabi’s goal Vs Chelsea won Goal of the season for us. He sprinted with the ball from infront of our penalty box to theirs. Stunning goal away at Chelsea. And you bench him for Nketiah??? Then you are chasing a game and you don’t use him when you have 4 substitutions left??? What the fuck??

  48. Aussie+Gooner

    No club is too big for relegation. In my life time the only clubs not to have been relegated from the top flight are Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool (although Liverpool were in Divison 2 when I was born!). That means Man Utd, Man City, Spuds, Chavs, Villa, Leeds et al have all tasted relegation. We are 28 years ahead of our nearest rival Everton for continuous top flight participation – 95 years! Do not let Arteta/Edu/Krankies take that record from us!

  49. raptora

    Arteta: “But remember that Gabi, what he’s done in the Premier League the time that he’s been with us is very limited.”

    How about 2 goals in 3 starts under you Mikel? It would have been more if you didn’t bench him for Nketiah and Nelson. Idiot.

  50. Aussie+Gooner



    My main concern with Martinelli and Saka is that we are putting all our hopes for progress on these young shoulders. They both seem like intelligent players who can handle the adulation but I worry about their physical limitations. If Arteta had been a decent coach the host of other young talent available would be sharing the load, but as we have seen Arteta is far from an elite coach. I can see both getting injured due to overuse in the next few months as Arteta struggles to survive.

  51. Aussie+Gooner


    It seems obvious to everyone except Arteta that Martinelli is a star in the making. He just has the x factor. I am worried that a narcissist like Arteta will see it as his duty to beat it out of him! No doubt good coaches (ie Klopp) will then come sniffing around and lure him off to pastures new. No player wants to see their careers stunned. Unfortunately this is happening at Arsenal with alarming regularity.

  52. raptora

    Age wasn’t a problem for Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi, Cruyff, Best, Cesc etc I can go for days. Each of them at least top 5 if not better in the world in their positions as teenagers.

    If you are old enough you are good enough. You can get an injury like Cazorla or Ramsey even if you are 30 years old.

  53. China1

    We should either be playing martinelli on the left and saka on the right wings (direct, pace, crossing, running, trickery, guile and goals, also would help create for Auba as CF)

    Or we could overload our left by having Tierney as overlapping LB, saka as the left sided player (or a 10) in a midfield 3 and Martinelli LW with Auba CF.

    This would give a ridiculous amount of dangerous to our left and center. It’s probably how I’d do it. Then use Nelson or Pepe as the RW

    ——El Neny——Partey—-Saka

    This lineup actually looks pretty good. Holding, el Neny and Pepe have question marks but the rest are good enough imo. The formation would work and if Pepe fails (very possible) then give the RW to Nelson so he and AMN can pin back opposition defenders with their mad pace and directness

    If Saliba or Mari are up to much either can replace Holding. If you want to rest Any of the MFs, Ceballos followed by Willock and ESR. Or move AMN to CM and put Soares at LB. Eddie or Laca can be back up CF. Willian can piss off ☺️

  54. Kris

    “According to a report from Carlos Forjanes of AS, Real Madrid are still asking for 60 to 70 million euros for Isco.”

    Isco would likely be a bad idea. Even if they reduce the price to 50 M, we’re talking about a luxury player who’s possibly not mobile or tough enough for the EPL and who will be 29 in a few months, and will definitely want an “Arsenal salary” (being overpaid because we’re all about socialism for the moderately rich LOL).

    In the best case scenario we lose 30 M of his value due to age within 3 years…

  55. China1

    Anyway the key point is this whole woe is us the squad are hopeless is nonsense. We absolutely have enough good players to beat most teams and play progressive, fast attacking football.

    All the barriers to us doing this exist in Mikels mind. He just insists on crap team selections, crap formation choices and crap tactics.

  56. Pierre

    Aussie gooner
    “Yes and before his injury Martinelli was axed in favour of Nketiah! Go figure!”

    “How about 2 goals in 3 starts under you Mikel? It would have been more if you didn’t bench him for Nketiah and Nelson. Idiot.”

    “Seriously disturbing if tets believes Eddie is the better player. Martinelli does everything. Eddie does jack shit”

    Will just point out that prior to lockdown Eddie only started 5 games and we won all 5 games(3 goals) , so one would say that to play Eddie was a good decision..

    Bournemouth..away 2-1
    Portsmourh away 2-0
    Everton.home 3-2
    Norwich home 4-0
    West ham 1-0

    Will also point out that Eddie is our top scorer this season..

    I do agree that Martinelli could have been given more game time and it’s a pity he’s been injured .
    What i don’t agree with is yet another witch hunt against a young striker who is our top scorer .

    Martinelli showed on Saturday how difficult it is for any striker to come on and make an impact in this present Arsenal team, and if we’re honest , his contribution was zero though he did try hard..

    Let’s hope Martinelli gets some game time in the coming weeks and shows Arteta that he was wrong to not play him last season..

  57. Kris


    Nelson does not have “mad” pace.
    What he has is reasonable pace, mediocre ball control and dribbling, average to decent passing, and precise but weak shooting.
    Could be a championship player in the future, but will need to strengthen his physique and his shots should be stronger.

  58. China1

    Pierre I agree that Eddie is a prospect and I think he actually is going to do really well in the game. I think in his mid to late 20s he will be a very prolific PL goal scorer as he fully adapts to senior PL football. The issue is that so far he looks quite lightweight at this level. In youth games he’s a monster but he can’t bully seasoned vets in the PL most of whom are bigger and stronger. This reduces his impact and means when he does get chances he snatches at them more than at youth level where he’s a big fish in a small pond and oozes confidence

    My issue is that he’s not ready for the arsenal first team. If he played first team football elsewhere for 18 months he might mature into a genuine threat at this level, but as of now, occasional goals aside, he doesn’t really look the part. He’s a very acceptable third choice CF for a team as big as arsenal, but him being in the first team shouts more of poor lineup selection from Arteta than it does of Eddie being genuinely ready

  59. China1

    Kris Nelson is one of our fastest sprinters as well as one of the most direct. You can dislike him or think he’s not good enough, but his pace is not in question. He’s rapid as hell.

    When arteta first came in Nelson was playing and was frequently abusing hit and runs on his man because he could burn through most fullbacks.

  60. Kris

    BTW, Benitez finished 2nd from bottom in the current Chinese League. In the relegation stage they then won 1 and lost 2 and JUST ABOUT avoided relegation.

    So… bring him on LOL

  61. raptora

    Bournemouth..away 2-1
    Portsmourh away 2-0

    ^ FA Cup games ^

    Norwich home 4-0

    ^After lockdown, he didn’t start, he played 14 mins ^

    West ham 1-0

    ^ Goal by Lacazette who substituted Nketiah in the 59th min ^

    Try again Pierre.

  62. Pierre

    The least Arteta should do is allow the kids to play in the latter rounds in the cup competitions to see if they can hack it.

    City always field a strong line up in the league cup and tonight will be no different.
    The back 4 /5 can consist of Cedric chambers mustafi mari and kolasinac.
    After that it should be the kids all the way .

    Play Balogun instead of Eddie
    Play Azeez
    Play Martinelli instead of Pepe
    Play Willock
    Play Nelson
    Play Smith Rowe.

    And have more kids on the bench Saka and Eddie.

    Lets see what they are made of against a top side in a high pressure game.

  63. Kris

    I like Nelson, but I have watched him numerous times and cannot remember him running past his marker a single time. If he would, what would follow would be a mediocre pass or a precise but tame shot.
    He needs to practice all of that away from Arsenal and come back in a year if he’s improved by at least 20%.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    Why do you have to constantly repeat your negative commentary and more importantly
    insult anyone who has a different point of view to yourself.

    Do you really think that the constant messaging is having a positive outcome for the club?

    It is one thing to criticise if it is constructive, but sadly most of your posts are becoming obsessive.

    Le Grove is hardly solving the situation at the moment. Genuine Supporters want the club to
    do well and try and creative a positive outcome.

  65. raptora


    Pierre lied to prove a point but I’m at fault. Okay.

    Stroller, when you wanted Emery gone you were here with your daily posts how he has to be changed. He can’t communicate.

    No word for sacking Arteta when under him, we’re having the worst season in 50 years.


  66. Danny+S

    Eddie will not have a premier league career.

    He’s a very average looking player that basically runs a lot. Sometimes he’s in the right place to knock in a goal but he doesn’t make chances, and he has very little game outside tap ins.

  67. Pierre

    Why would i be biased towards Eddie , his goalscoring record through all levels speaks for itself..

    I have NEVER said he is an amazing talent , all i do know is that this season all our strikers are feeding off scraps and if Martinelli gets the opportunity, he will have thè same problem, as Aubameyang and Lacazette have also had.

    If ozil is reinstated (very doubtful)things may change for our strikers and offensive players or Arteta may just stumble on a winning formula.

    I would love to see balogun and Martinelli play tonight and do well.
    however, knowing Arteta I think they will both be on the bench ..i hope not.

  68. Pierre

    “Pierre lied to prove a point but I’m at fault. Okay.”

    Have a day off from being a prick.

    It was 5 starts , 5 wins .prior to lockdown.
    It was Arsenal 4-0 newcastle ( not 4-0 v Norwich )

  69. Emiratesstroller


    With great respect I did not constantly criticise Emery.

    I made the case when he was first appointed that I thought that he was the wrong person for
    the job.

    However, I made also the case that I would give this manager at least 18 months to prove that I was wrong and I kept to that position. Yes in the last 6 weeks before he was sacked I
    was critical and said that he should go.

    In the case of Arteta I have a different point of view, although I concede that he is likely to
    be sacked if matters do not improve.

    The facts are we have accumulated a bloated squad with a lot of dross over many years. Those players are clearly very difficult to shift out of the club and it is clearly having a
    detrimental impact on our performance.

    Most sane people understand the problem. It is frankly not going to change unless or until
    we are shifting many of these players out of the club. That has to be the priority and not
    offloading a decent coach who yes has made some mistakes but has been saddled with a
    poison chalice.

    Frankly no half decent manager will come in to sort out this mess until and unless we have
    shifted out some of the bad eggs and dross. That is not just my opinion but has been expressed by an awful lot of football experts and journalists.

  70. Dissenter

    What ‘bad eggs’ do some posters keep yammering about ?
    Other than Xhaka, I can’t think of any other incurable player habits that can’t be remedied by a decent manager.
    Poor player quality, certainly yes but we ought to still be safely bracketed in the top half of the table.

    This Arsenal team has suddenly become the horrible team that only Rookie Arteta and his stupid stats can fix.

    Emery must have been a miracle worker to get a poorer Arsenal team to 5th place on the table. We had to rely on players who are far worse than what we have now in Emery’s first season.

  71. China1

    I don’t think Eddie will be a championship player in his prime

    I think he will be a player with a similar but more consistent profile than Defoe when he’s in his mid 20s. Not world class but one of those dangerous PL proven strikers who is banked on to score a good share of goals every year

    Tho Defoe used to be wildly inconsistent and be unable to hit a barn door for 5 games in a row, then score 4 goals in two games which padded his stats. Did that his whole career. But I honestly have a feeling Eddie is going to be a good PL striker.

    Good PL striker and first choice arsenal striker are obviously some ways from being the same thing however. That I’m less sure about

    But yeah right now he struggles imo mainly because he hasn’t yet physically adapted to the PL to go toe to toe with defenders and I also think mentally he hasn’t worked out how to be smart with his inferior physicality to benefit himself

    Not every quality player needs to go toe to toe in the PL and be a warrior. If you’re smart enough you can use smarter movement, release the ball earlier, pray on opposition weaknesses such as balance etc to get an advantage – Auba is a perfect example of this because he’s crap in the air and physically irrelevant despite being tall enough – but he is normally a scoring machine just because he plays smarter than the defense

  72. China1

    And if you look at what Eddie does at youth level, he does demonstrate that killer intelligence for positioning and poaching like Auba. But he seems physically overawed in the PL and this impacts his confidence and effectiveness.

    Either overcome the physical disadvantage or learn to calm down and try to outsmart his man (or both) and be can be a prolific PL striker I’ve no doubt.

  73. underrated Coq

    “Most sane people understand the problem. It is frankly not going to change unless or until
    we are shifting many of these players out of the club. That has to be the priority and not
    offloading a decent coach who yes has made some mistakes but has been saddled with a
    poison chalice.”

    What an absolutely ridiculous take.

    Especially considering your everyday posts not too long ago that detailed out our ‘decent’ squad shape.

    But now these players are the bad weight that is drowning a decent coach?

    The only poisoned chalice in the club are supporters such as yourself. You are not alone in this. And its why I hope Arsenal do get relegated. You deserve that.

    Anyway should not impact you. What does it matter for true Supporters of the Club, if its a Championship one or a Premier League one. Right?

  74. Graham62


    I beg to differ.

    Emery was never going to work.

    Arteta, on the other hand, had a wonderful opportunity to move us forward and, initially, things looked very promising.

    Unfortunately, he became too big for his own boots and started to complicate things and, significantly, make some horrendous decisions that unsettled the harmony of the squad.

    On top of this, he has persisted with an approach that makes us slow, predictable and easy fodder for the opposition.

    If you include the Xhaka, Bellerin, Willian, Leno scenarios, he hasn’t a leg to stand on.

    He is not, imo, “a decent coach” and although behind the scenes is a disaster area, it’s his inabilities to do the basics that concern me.

    He has to go.

  75. China1

    ET you’re going in circles

    You criticized Emery for doing more with a worse squad

    Now you’re not criticizing Arteta because it’s all the players fault – even tho we have better players now?

    Lest we forget, Emery’s first season he got fifth with ZERO wingers in the squad. Emery would’ve loved to have Gabriel might I add…

  76. China1

    Tbh if it wasn’t for emery letting Saka and Martinelli get minutes I doubt Arteta would’ve promoted them to this day. Such is his disliking of playing kids (apart from Eddie)

  77. Useroz

    Raptors. Very true. Now, we may know why…

    Marinelli stepped up in lieu of Auba counted nothing because it happened during *real PL matches*, rather than the daily Mikel Mouse ganes on the Colney training ground! Presumably that’s another unspoken non-negotiable too…

    Move the wannabe on please

  78. China1

    Seriously it never crossed my mind before but when you stop to think, there’s little chance Saka or Martinelli would’ve even been anywhere near the first team if emery hadn’t already bedded them in. Saka would be a league cup player at best. Martinelli would be a u23 player

  79. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning i dont even think i have the energy for this, but here goes.

    Pedro, pick a side, this flip flopping is getting ridiculous.
    we arent sitting in 8th 12 points of the top four.
    were in 15th Burnley win the game in hand we’re 16th about to play the chavs and Brighton who if they beat us send us into 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    were getting our pants pulled down every game, yes weve played OK in a few games but were not scoring let alone picking up points.
    any other manager at a big or medium sized club would be gone by now.

    fat Sams come in, probably wont keep up WBA unless they throw a ton of cash at it, but you never know.

    Sheffield united look down already, but theres still a small chance that we end up in the drop zone.
    at the moment its a small chance, but as the weeks go on we keep dropping like a stone.

    i said a week ago theres always a team that starts off ok then plummets every year.
    well guess what this year its us.

    how many more times can you keep saying we can win the next 3-4 games and climb up the table.

    we were supposed to do that after the city game. that was two months ago. and we lost to leicester.

    we beat an appalling united side with a penalty, and this was going to be our turning point, and got battered by villa with our ex keeper who should never have been sold!
    leeds is the turning point (no it wasnt)
    wolves is the turning point (no it wasnt)
    the spuds, burnley, southampton, everton (guess what, it wasnt)

    we arent beating city in the cup tonight and the chavs will tear us a new one on saturday, i bet giroooood has the game of his life if hes picked.

    Brighton away? a team where our record in the last five games is two draws and three losses.
    that turning point is getting further away with less and less games.
    could we go down yes, do i think we will, probably not. but its possible.

    Arteta needs to change the system and pick players on merit.
    the fans are turning, the media are as well and he’s starting to quote random stats like emery or wenger and you would have crucified him for that.

    when is your tipping point pedro we all keep asking you but you refuse to say.

  80. Useroz

    Martinelli is a generational talent Eddie could aspire to in many areas of his development, noting the age gap , time in the UK and Arsenal as well.

    Goals aside in his first and breakout year, some of the mayhem Martinelli has caused the opposition speaks volume. When was the last time you’d recall Eddie doing it?

  81. Useroz

    how many more times can you keep saying we can win the next 3-4 games and climb up the table.

    Also, that ,could apply to any teams?! It’s weak argument where we are in the table this time of the season.

    The club (or the Board, KSE rather) must act swiftly before it’s too late.

    With our reported financial challenges, these clowns must not be allowed to manage the January transfer window.

  82. China1

    Arteta said we’ve already planned our business for Jan and Summer

    What odds on it involving extortionately high fees and or salaries to players in their late 20s. If we don’t sign any such players I will be honestly shocked

  83. Kesses+gunner

    What arteta did to martinelli against olympiakos is shocking kept the boy on the bench for so long but when he came on provided auba wonder goal assist the kid has received plaudits from klopp and ronaldinho but to arteta he only turns to him when he is in crisis but now we shouldn’t take him as a saviour 6months injury is no joke

  84. Up 4 grabs now

    Arteta said we’ve already planned our business for Jan and Summer

    china, its jack & shit and jacks left town!

    they might have planned it but doesnt mean they can get it done.
    lets sign partey with 20 minutes to spare thats not planning.

    if on february 1st after buying a 12 year old goat herder from some small outer hebrides kids side for the future, that they turn around and say there was no super qualideee available i might go mad

  85. Aussie+Gooner


    “Frankly no half decent manager will come in to sort out this mess until and unless we have
    shifted out some of the bad eggs and dross.”

    Ah! The Pedro argument! Because ‘no half decent’ manager will come in, then no change at the top!
    It is a good job you do not run a large multi-national company!

  86. Mee

    Arteta has to go. He is one of the most shit players to wear an Arsenal jersey, right next to Xhaka. He has done nothing for us as a player or a manager. i would be inclined to give a PV4 or Henry more time were they on a rot just because they bled for the club once, but Mikel-shit player-Arteta? Imagine Xhaka or Sanogo became Arsenal manager in the future, some would absolutely love them and defend them to the end of the earth.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    I am not going round in circles. I have been consistent throughout the debate over the last 15

    1. Wenger overstayed his welcome and his decision making was a major factor in our decline.

    2. I was never a fan of the Kroenkes’ controlling the club as distant landlords, although since
    they became 100% owners they have at least attempted to sort out the mess albeit they lack a
    football background.

    3. The Board of Directors was too old and rudderless in recent times. The introduction of Tim
    Lewis is a step in right direction as he is by all accounts a tough corporate lawyer, negotiator
    and expert on governance. However the club needs to appoint a director with football background to sit on Board. My preference would be Liam Brady.

    4. The club needs to appoint a Football Director. I agree 100% with Pedro on this. Arteta needs
    an experienced pair of hands to support him. I am not sure that Edu is the right man for the

    5. Arteta has made mistakes but he is not unique in that respect. What he needs is the support of a FD who can offer wisdom.

    6. Arsenal’s team/squad is a mess. That has been obvious for a very long time. I have made the case for at least three years that the core problem is in midfield. It is weak in both defence and attack and until arrival of Partey who has been out injured we lacked control.
    Last season the midfield contributed in EPL games virtually no goals or assists. The situation is even worse this season.

    7. The forward line does have goal scoring potential, but there is growing evidence that some of the players there are not pulling their weight in team and morale is low.

    8. Arsenal’s youth programme was also stale and very stereotype in its recruitment. Mertesacker has been appointed to manage programme and it remains to be seen if he can
    and will stem the rot.

    To summarise I am not part of the tribe who post on here and believe that sacking Arteta is
    the solution, although sadly that may well happen. It will change nothing until and unless
    we make wholesale changes to our squad and recruit players fit for purpose and fight for the
    cause, which is completely lacking at the moment.

    Personally I hope that we will survive in EPL, but not qualify for Europe as I expressed last season.

  88. London gunner


    eddie is complete gash can’t dribble has no technical skill weak shot and poor finishing.

    plenty of players have done it at under 21 and amounted to nothing. defoe shits all over him and I dont even rate defoe.