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Well hello my darlings.

A huge game for Arsenal this weekend. Everton could very well give us a total spanking and make this the end to 2020 we didn’t deserve.

I’ve been doing the rounds with people this week. Things are not good for Arteta. He’s lost a lot of goodwill over the last three months and palming it off on being a new project simply doesn’t jive with most.

It’s bad decisions.

We’ve put too much faith in players that always fail us.

We made a horrendous decision on the contracts of David Luiz and Willian. The rumours about those two canvassing Edu to bin Mikel are probably untrue, but they perfecty capture the disgusting deal with the devil we did when we invited Kia to be our real Technical Director. Average people on big money trying to sway the direction of the club, this is what happens.

We are making poor decisions on the pitch. There was a clear vision for how we’d play the game last year. Now we’re shape-shifting every week and it’s all looking a little bit Emery. Arteta needs to work out what the fuck he wants to do.

We also have a discipline problem. Our red cards have been shit. Getting mugged by Theo is hardly trying to rip Neil Ruddock’s head off. Dumb mistakes by players that should know better. The most notable bit that many aren’t talking about is the junior players all apologised to the fans, but Granit Xhaka still hasn’t. Fuck him. Get him out in January and put his career at Arsenal in the waste disposal. He shouldn’t play for us again.

I’m also thinking about other mistakes, like letting Emi Martinez go. One of my good friends messaged and said we’ve stopped playing out the back. Emi was better with his feet, he was better at shot-stopping, and he dealt with setpieces better. He was on fire. Based on merit, he should have remained our #1.  We sold the wrong keeper… who is now sympathizing with Meust in the press right now. You reap what you sow.

We are in hell. Arteta should be gone. He has one chance to make this right. He has one chance to show he can do the coaching thing without City tools. If he doesn’t shape us up by the end of the month, why would you let him and Edu shape the January window?

Some people are accusing me of losing faith. Well, it’s been shaken since he landed the big promotion. He lost his way. He’s let his ego take over. He didn’t do what we had hoped in the summer. He tried to shortcut Arsenal to the top after seeing us fail doing that over the last 10 years. Those stupid mistakes our Technical Director let him make have sent this season careening off the road.

He can bring us back from the brink, I’m just not sure he’s shown enough this season to do it. How many more times can you write: ‘Today could be the turning point.’

It’s now on Arteta to restore confidence. The time for excuses is over. Let’s see some action.

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  1. G8

    Everything is influenced by social media this day and age
    Politics, sports, economy you name it
    Arsenal fans should just continue calling for Arteta sacking and it should happen soon
    After they should go for the upper hierarchy

  2. Gladwin

    For some on here looks like the way out of this mess is firing Arteta then we’ll be all good. We dug out way into this for a decade and then want to get out of it in 10 months. Edu was a bad choice with the type of decisions in the summer(indulging Kia).

    The movement in the last two games have been pretty decent. End product is creativity and confidence linked. We still will come away from December strong. Win the next 3 games in the prem and we will be in top 10 for sure.