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I tweeted this in the heat of the moment.

‘Any other manager would be gone after this’

I deleted it. Weird thing is about 15 people messaged me the same thing. Every single one of them was right.

Mikel Arteta’s fall from grace has been stunning. Only at Arsenal. I can forgive another loss, but not the way he delivered it. The mix of arrogance, stubborn behaviour, and poor delivery was something else.

Xhaka. Willian. Auba. Lacazette. Hector. All in the starting 11. A show of defiance from a manager that ignores history, performance, merit, and behaviour to play his favourites with the biggest contracts… getting punished deservedly by the bums the fans KNEW would fail him? It is NOT unbelievable. It was the easiest script to write. Too obvious to be a plot worth exploring.

I don’t want to bag on Granit, he’s a good guy in the grand scheme of the total bums we have at Arsenal… but he ended Wenger, he ended Emery, and now he’s close to ending Mikel Arteta. Well, at least under normal circumstances he would.

Arsenal weren’t totally shite, let’s be straight on this one. We came out for the second half strong. Granit then moved on the game like deviant that gets off on negative attention, the way he always does, and landed a red card for violent conduct. It wasn’t even retaliation to an attack, it was a reaction to one of his classic slow late tackles.

We went on to lose from there.

It wasn’t a downed tools game, though you might remember it that way. We had 18 shots, 6 on target. That’s a powerful 90 for us in the Premier League (lol). But once again, it was ruined by a senior player that’s been ruining managers for what feels like a decade.

Arteta had choices. He chose not to take them. He wants to die on the same hill as Emery and Wenger. It is clown-like behaviour. It lacks maturity. It is bereft of managerial EQ. It is the move of a suicidal deer actively moving towards the headlights.

He’s not going anywhere though.

I kind of get it as well. How many managers can this group of players down before you start taking action? Problem with this line of defence is Arteta picked the bums despite having better options. He’s trying the same thing we’ve seen 100 times before. An innovator, a man of ideas, principles, and energy… slotting Granit back into his starting 11.

I don’t really read too much into the gossip, but Chris Wheatley reckons Mikel has fallen out with David Luiz. I mean, colour me fucking shocked. I wrote when he signed that he was a player that has downed big managers in the past and as soon as things aren’t going his way, he strops out. You saw it for the City game, he was dropped, then he played like a sulky child. Arteta approved that move. Inexcusable.

Willian, he’s just gassed man. No pace, no hunger… I cannot understand how a whole team of coaches thought £250k a week made sense. It was a sackable decision. What makes it worse is that Arteta can’t admit defeat, it’s December and he’s still flogging an old horse like it has something to give. Couldn’t he just call Petr Cech and ask what he thought of the two Chelsea rejects?

Here’s the thing, bag on Mikel all you want, but any technical director worth his salt would not have allowed those moves. They were traps. Set by a dirty super-agent. Arteta is a capable coach who should not be allowed near transfers. But we let him anyway because we are addicted to making bad decisions.

If the manager isn’t going anywhere, which he’s not, then we need to make changes elsewhere. Ralph Rangnick is without a job at the moment. Is there anyone better in Europe at setting a vision, building infrastructure, and looking after young managers than him? No. There’s not. Arteta should have his power taken. He’s not a rockstar, he’s a talented kid in the garage learning the guitar, someone at Arsenal needs to find him the support he needs and stop shirking the big decision… Edu is not it. Own it.

We’re now at the stage where an incredibly opinionated blogger is looking at another Arsenal wreckage without much of an idea where we go. I don’t even have a bad opinion to give. We are relegation fodder. The fans are out of belief. The squad is a wreck. The manager is out of his depth. No one at Arsenal has the guts or know-how on how to make the project better.

My suggestion? Back to basics. Prioritise hunger, effort, and suitability to the system.

Fans will forgive young kids faster than they’ll forgive the bums. We’ll happily wait 3 years for a better Arsenal if the plan is exciting. We just need to see a proper plan and some action fast.

My worry? No one has the ability to control this mess. It’s really sad and incredibly disappointing to watch on a personal level. This hurts, deeply. 10 years of weak leadership came at us pretty fucking fast, right?


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  1. Pierre

    In all honesty, the luck has deserted Arteta.

    Partey injury
    Pepe sending off
    Xhaka sending off
    Strikers losing form.
    Own goals

    I know wenger used to cope well with adversities but he was a special manager, only the best can survive for so long

  2. Rich


    Why don’t you apply for the job if it comes available?

    You could tell them about your failed trial at McDonald’s, getting sacked from the wank bank in Amsterdam, and your vast experience on the Le Grove comments section.

    I reckon they’ll offer you a 5yr contract, and £20,000,000 p/a on the spot,

  3. Dissenter

    Don’t you love the way everyone keeps saying that Arteta “needs help”, like he’s some intern on chump change
    This is the big league, you can’t cut it then you’re out the door.
    He has help, the Kroenke’s pay for a cash of assistant managers and technical staff around him- most were brought in by Arteta. It’s not the club’s fault that he’s surrounded himself with yes-men.

  4. Ernest Reed

    “This is the biggest test ownership has faced. ”

    I believe you will find that Wenger was the biggest test ownership has ever faced, Dani. How do you finally make such a decision and then move forward, especially considering the amount of time involved? Everything that follows would be invariably easier by comparison, supposedly.

  5. Kaz


    I don’t know who you think you’re describing but it ain’t me. Keep your projections to yourself.

    And I if were an average professional player I absolutely would.

    Kind of impossible to do it without a previous playing career.

    Lol, you’re touchy af. Must be hard batting so hard for Xhaka and Arteta.

  6. Dissenter

    ‘Partey injury
    Pepe sending off
    Xhaka sending off
    Strikers losing form.
    Own goals”

    Mostly self-induced problems
    Our disciplinary record is utter dross, lots of pent up anger there
    He made Partey’s injury worse.

  7. Rich

    It’s a giant mess.

    Arteta essentially got a job promotion, where he now outranks the guy who’s supposed to be running the football side of things.

    Vinai sounds like a complete drip.

    There’s no leadership, we need a couple of snarling Rottweilers in the boardroom

    And a snarling pit bull as our director of football.

  8. Ernest Reed

    “I reckon they’ll offer you a 5yr contract, and £20,000,000 p/a on the spot,”

    I’ll take it Rich! I have no Mikki D’s experience, but the money sounds pretty okay.

  9. Rich


    You’re the only one who’s acting like it’s their time of the month.

    I get enough agro from the Mrs, without you playing up as well.

    If you think you have all the answers? If you truly believe you could get this group of players, playing fast, aggressive attractive football?

    Put your application in…..

  10. Northbanker

    I’m not sure we’re any better off separating a director of football from the coaching role

    We need someone to take control Imf the lazy shites, ship out as many as possible and start to sign new stars of tomorrow

    That isn’t any better by having that role divided unless you know you’re getting someone exceptional in each role

  11. Kaz


    I said we have options to play better football but Arteta is too obtuse to see it, and then you respond like I just insulted your wife lmao. The irony, of saying I’m on my period, christ you’re a sensitive one 😂😂😂

    Anyway, you seemed to have missed it so I’ll paste it below again. No wonder you think Arteta is decent if you miss obvious things like this.

    “And I if were an average professional player I absolutely would. Kind of impossible to do it without a previous playing career.”

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    “Somewhere over the rainbow (armband) is RELEGATION!

    It’s time the overpaid, under achieving people of The Arsenal ‘Woke’ up. It’s happening on their watch & it’s a disgrace.

  13. Ishola70

    We can turn to Ozil as a last measure in such dire circumstances.

    Throw him in and say look waster you have been stealing a living here for so many years but just before you fuck off try to do something useful at the end time here.

    He does well then good. But there won’t be any celebration of the waster.

    Just an ok and now fuck off.

  14. andy1886

    Ishola, wouldn’t it be ironic is Ozil got a game and then picked up an injury making him unable to find a new club in the summer. Maybe he’s better off where he is, he’s hardly going to throw himself into it even if he does get reinstated.

  15. Ishola70

    “wouldn’t it be ironic is Ozil got a game and then picked up an injury making him unable to find a new club in the summer”

    Did he ever pick up an injury during a match here? I can’t recall it.

    He’s too much of a sloth on the field to pick up injuries on the field of play.

    Our biggest danger is if he picks up another of his cold/flu bouts during a match.

  16. Ernest Reed

    “We can turn to Ozil as a last measure in such dire circumstances.”

    Lets not kid ourselves, Ol’ Pomegranate Eyes is only loyal to himself and you just know he’s been laughing himself to sleep watching his pals throw the Manager under the bus repeatedly.

    I will always say it, when all has been said and done, the one thing that I will always admire most about Arteta was his ostracizing of Ozil because it was so deserved and the right thing to do.

  17. Ishola70


    It’s a win-win though.

    If he comes in and is useful he has aided the team when they were in a bad way.. Any self respecting fans are not going to celebrate him though because they realise he has been stealing a living here for too long.

    If he comes in and flops it will shut up his fanboys who still pine for him.

  18. Ishola70

    tbf the ostracisation process of Ozil had already begun before Arteta walked in the door.

    He just continued it and sealed it.

    If you really don’t like Ozil as a player the one you should be thanking more is Emery who was the first to really tackle Ozil after all those years of mollycoddling of him by Wenger.

  19. Ernest Reed

    He wont chance it Ishola, it could potentially ruin his chances with another club should he, heaven forbid, actually pick up an injury for real.

    As it stands, I’m hard pressed to believe that there would really be any team that would take a punt on such a lazy arse.

  20. Ernest Reed

    “you should be thanking more is Emery who was the first to really tackle Ozil ”

    Not really Ishola, Emery was spineless and caved in to the guy when he should have held his ground as Arteta has now done.

  21. Ishola70

    Poor old Emery eh.

    He was trying to help us.

    He exposed Xhaka to such an extent that by the time of him leaving Xhaka was virtually out of the door to Hertha Berlin and believe me Emery wasn’t going to block that move.

    And he got into Ozil as well to try to start to get him out of the side.

    He tried poor old Emery to rid us of one waster player and one pretender player.

  22. Chris

    Chewing Rh fat about football with colleagues at work today and none of them, from Oxford United fans to Tottenham fans, can see anything of note that Xhaka offers or brings to the table as a footballer, or a ‘good guy’.

    I would rather have David Hillier playing in midfield, in 2020.

  23. Ishola70


    “Not really Ishola, Emery was spineless and caved in to the guy when he should have held his ground as Arteta has now done.”

    No Emery was the first to call Ozil out and publically to the media.

    But because Ozil and Xhaka had dressing room influence Emery had to take a slower route to get rid of them.

    He basically laid the groundwork for Arteta when he came in. Arteta nodded to the Ozil situation but stupidly reneged on the Xhaka situation.

  24. The BFB (Berk From Berkshire)

    If we’re seriously looking for a young attacking midfielder, look no further than 50 miles down the M4. His name is Michael Olise and he should be on Arsenal’s radar now!

  25. PhD2020

    Just managed to log back on…

    Pure comedy bantz on Le-Grove…Le-Grove never disappoints..

    Pedro has yet to pop his head above the parapet, yet the blog runs itself..

    Great work Peds-busy trolling your loyal minions…lol

    Anyway,having quickly scrolled through the posts this evening.Must say,some really good insights and arguments made for why Arteta should be jettisoned with immediate effect..

    The main highlights for me today from some of the more astute observers of the game is from Receding Hairline…Seeing the stats he posted of Arteta’s time in charge is quite damning..How Peds managed to spin the Arteta sauce is quite baffling to be honest..

    But here goes..

    Receding HairlineDecember 14, 2020    16:20:27

    Premier League Record Mikel Arteta
    Matches 32
    Wins 13
    Draws 7
    Losses 12
    Goals For 42
    Goals Against 36

    Would you even consider someone with the above premier league record for an interview as Arsenal let alone a job?

    That’s what Mikel Arteta has produced in the premier league since his appointment.Forget about the FA cup just for one minute
    Brutal stats but damning…

    How anyone can spin this-defies belief..An atrocious record for someone perceived to have special sauce,especially proclaiming Diet Pep as the next coming.

    Thank you receding.It shocked me to the core to see those stats..

    Rapture was another blogger -been making some awesome comments about Arteta.Need to find them as he made so many relevant and pertinent points,I found myself acknowledging in agreement even before I finished reading his posts..

    Wenger Eagle always coming through as so many others…
    Marc, being Marc-love his gallow humour…

    But a reserved mention for my nemesis-Dissenter..He takes being a b*tch to new heights.He can’t be outdone in that regard or costume department..He owns that territory..
    But his posts today did make me laugh and were on point,though laced with the usual melodrama and scratch your eyes, pull your hair and bite your hand catty moments…His below comment had me in stitches…

    DissenterDecember 14, 2020    16:18:43
    Right now, I just see Arteta has the biggest bull shitter around.
    He applied for this same Arsenal job in 2018 and threw a fit when Gazidis changed his mind.
    How do you keep applying for a job that exceeds your capacities. He should be managing the likes of St Mirren in Scotland or Boavista in Porto to gain experience.
    Instead he stayed at Pep’s side to use the media to run errands for him to fan the flame of super-wonder manager.

    Eff him
    Arteta out.

    Meow..Dissenter never disappoints..

    Got to love Le-Grove..Best football blog by far…

    TR7 saw your reply just now,will eventually reply back.Late night..

  26. Ishola70

    Of course Edu wants stability.

    He keeps saying in that interview that it’s not about him and Arteta. Nice platitudes but we know that in reality these people are looking after their own backs.

    Overall you can’t take much out of these interviews but one thing that does stand out is that Edu seems to be in denial about the current situation just like Arteta. It’s a very common human response to adverse situations. The denial one.

  27. Words on a Blog


    Reading the Edu interview which you linked to makes for profoundly depressing but entirely predictable reading.

    So, after a period of tumultuous changes, what Arsenal need now apparently is a “period of stability.”

    Very handy for Edu and Mikel.

    what’s likely to happen in that case is that Arteta will grind out a few results, perhaps our performances eventually modestly recover,and we’ll shamefacedly creep up the table, perhaps up to tenth or twelfth place.

    This will be sold to us as a triumph in the face of adversity – a few of the older players will be disposed of, a couple of youngers will be promoted to the first team and everybody on here will be focused on the sexy new Hungarian or French or Cameroonian creative midfielder we’re looking to get on the last day of the transfer window.

  28. PhD2020

    Ishola70December 14, 2020 23:04:17
    Of course Edu wants stability.He keeps saying in that interview that it’s not about him and Arteta. Nice platitudes but we know that in reality these people are looking after their own backs.Overall you can’t take much out of these interviews but one thing that does stand out is that Edu seems to be in denial about the current situation just like Arteta. It’s a very common human response to adverse situations. The denial one.

    Not really.It’s about self preservation pure and simple..Denial in that sense.

    They are hardly going to say,it’s a total shit fest,we are out of a depth.And currently have no answers as to how to remedy the situation or turn the oil tanker around bar asking Silent Stan for more millions come January are they?

  29. Ishola70


    I mentioned self-preservation at the beginning as well as denial later.

    But as you say they are all linked up.

    Their words mean nothing anyway if matters don’t improve. They will both be washed away by events both of them eventually.

  30. salparadisenyc


    Very predictable indeed, if I read a bit further into it Edu comes off very Stepford Wife.

    I don’t see Arteta getting relieved any time soon, but nothing’s guaranteed. Literally anything in the Prem can happen and that’s a first for me. Ive been watching this club since 89 pretty intently and were into new territory. Edu’s language may shift a bit if we drop the next two, like sheer fucking panic.

  31. Dissenter

    I’m all for keeping Arteta if we were languishing in 8th-10th in the league.
    I expected a young manager to make mistakes and was prepared to stick with him so long as he is humble, humanizing and able to learn from his mistakes.
    Arteta has none of these qualities aforementioned. He is not even brave and won’t try new things to shake things up.

    This squad is badly coached by a manager who has zero reservoir to tap in when things go belly up. He’s not even mindful enough to surround himself with the right staff, bunch of yes-men that no one else would hire.

  32. MidwestGun

    Yep… I honestly can’t see anyway back for Arteta.. The players read the media .. they know what’s up. All they have to do is coast a bit and it’s all over. They have the power in their hands now, . All that Edu interview sounds like to me… is trying to shift the power back to Arteta by giving him some backing. I don’t see that working at all when results are the overriding factor. Stability isn’t an option when your circling the drain.

  33. China1

    The whole arteta is not going anywhere line is nonsense if he doesn’t turn it around very soon.

    With fans booing, the dressing room lost, probably planes with banners flying soon enough, media criticism and results nowhere to be found his position is already on the brink of untenable for the club. The idea that he’s unsackable carries no merit whatsoever. And edu and chums coming out saying he’s not in trouble is what all clubs do when their manager is on the brink

    There’s zero reason why arteta is insackable Pedro. Keep dreaming!

  34. China1

    Even wenger was sackable. Wenger was the most bullet proof failing manager in history and even a guy with a job for life, top 4 trophies for days, loads of cups, amazing early history and literally cult like adulation from sections of the fan base with daddy issues – even he got sacked

    Arteta is a first time manager with a single good cup run to his name as an achievement. He can and will be sacked as soon as the club accepts he has no idea what he’s doing to stop the rot

  35. China1

    Rich you shit on kaz for thinking he has all the answers and suggest if he knows so much then why not apply for the arsenal job

    But tbh his managerial resume is as colourful as artetas was when he joined us (blank page), he’s managed as many games as arteta had when he joined us, and if he talks bs well so does arteta

    For the above reasons, kaz, I deem you as qualified as arteta and you have my vote to replace him!

  36. China1

    Man Edu is in deep shit now

    Arteta needs to go but at least he won a cup. Edu’s greatest achievement to date is paying a release clause LOL

  37. raptora

    What a bunch of nonsense from Edu.

    He allowed to get dragged in this duo of nightmares and he will have to pay the consequences. When Arteta gets booted out, it’s not going to be long before Edu follows him. Edu accepting to work with Mikel side by side, when he’s supposed to be his boss, speaks volumes.

    I predict we’ll finish the winter transfer window with a new manager and a new technical director/ DoF.

  38. Words+on+a+Blog


    Arsenal spiralling further down the league table is after a few more losses is certainly a possibility, in which case the pressure to sack Arteta will ratchet up.

    But I think the much preferred scenario for the Kroenkes and Edu (not to mention Pedro) after they went caught the Arteta virus and they went balls out for the little
    Basque generational genius is for Arteta to grind out a couple of decent results, and “stability” to be restored.

  39. Guns of SF

    We got Benfica.


    Lets scout them as they take the game to us.
    Im sure they have a mid, winger that we can go after in Jan.

    These are the type of teams and players that we need to raid. Cheaper almost ready to blow up the world stars….

    Portugal has a great track record for wingers and creative types.

  40. MD-Gunner

    After reading some of the comments I feel for some of you who hurt because Arsenal is atm as palatable as a turd sandwich so you need to vent your disappointment and anger right during or after the game on Pedro because of his Arteta support. By the way Marcotti doesn’t think Arteta should be binned.

    Than thee day after you find a new villain Ozil, he is responsible for the turd sandwich because of his attitude, squad influence and whatever else you can come up with.

    Get a grip on the fact Arsenal is unrecognizable mediocre club that is floundering because there is no direction from Execs or managers. The best you can hope for that Arsenal has hit the bottom after the next 3 games and can survive a relegation battle. Do you see any point from the next 3 games? I don’t not with the division in the club.

  41. Guns of SF

    with how we are doing, the next three seem really unwinnable. I hope we can somehow pull out some strong performances but if Mike keeps picking this shit lineup and is scared like a pussy, forget it.

  42. Tony

    Everyone at the club are clamouring for their life/job preservation/survival positions.

    Including Pedro who is either toeing the company line with instructions from his ITK people at the club or has Wengeritis – lack of reality virus that causes deflection and denial. Either way I never thought I’d see Pedro reduced to the Gazidis level of BS.

    The longer Pedro leaves his 180 option the more his humiliation at the end.

    As I said early yesterday I firmly believe being allowed 5 subs post lock down saved Arteta from being in his current position. With his track record of poor team selection, he was able to correct his own problems and inadequacies using the subs.

    Now he only has 3 subs, he can’t clean up his ineptitude.

    Naturally the press vultures are circling and loving every minute of Arteta’s slow demise allowing them so much click bait to rile the masses who are stupid enough to take in their faux stories as real.

    We have:

    Arsenal are considering bringing Wenger back
    Xhaka fighting for his survival
    Arteta considering bringing back Ozil in January
    Vinai still considers Arteta The Man
    Edu backing Arteta

    I feel sorry for Pierre reading about the potential for his idols to return as his sock drawer will certainly be busy. Hope he has a good supply of benzodiazepines or quaaludes for when his heroes don’t appear.

  43. Receding Hairline

    See what I have been saying?

    Edu says results don’t tally with what he sees on the training ground.

    The buzz words now are togetherness and stability.

    Arteta should not be sacked, I will side with that but for different reasons. The people that run this club need to see that actions and inactions have consequences.

  44. Aussie+Gooner

    Working well in training stands for nothing if it can’t be replicated on the match day pitch with proper opposition players. I have seen the training sessions and yes, they do look good. Unfortunately this is how Arteta picks the match day side with no regard to how the players will perform at EPL speed and with opposition players nipping at your heels!

  45. Receding Hairline

    #AFC Edu: “Arteta is doing a great job. We are in the process to have a beautiful future with Mikel. If you can sign 20 players, which we’re not going to do, that’s not going to work anyway. Why people expect a magician to go ‘Boom! Come here, Messi’? That’s not going to happen”

  46. China1

    But tony arteta was really poor at using his subs for the most part post lockdown. We all used to look on unsure what’s the point was when we’d be drawing a game and he’d bring on a CF in the 86th minute

    Baffling stuff really

    The only manager we’ve had in recent decades who knew how to make early effective subs was Emery in the first half of his first season when he absolutely bossed those early subs. Game changing moves. Even he stopped doing it not long before the wheels came off. It was working a treat – dunno why he’d stop

  47. China1

    Ok kaz you now have two people (me and words) backing you for arsenal managers role. That means you have at least as many supporters as arteta right now. One more should be enough to secure you the job.

    (notice I said manager not coach. I hope you can handle the extra responsibility!)

  48. Aussie+Gooner


    Yes plenty! I have trained some as well. Training 101 – you don’t make selection decisions purely based on training performance. In game performance is much more pertinent.

  49. China1

    Aussie I prefer to select players based on how good they are at collecting fines when the players are late to training

    Works a treat. Never let me down so far

  50. Habesha Gooner

    We are not asking for Messi. We are just asking not to see the likes of Xhaka on the pitch anymore. I won’t read in to the PR ” We support him messages either. As soon as we lose the next few matches due to Arteta’s stubbornness then the management will have no choice but to fire him. I honestly don’t think we can do better than 4 points against Southampton, Everton and Chelsea. That is the best case scenario. We might possibly lose all three too.

  51. China1

    Habesha agree entirely

    I also think 4 points is a best case scenario and I doubt we’re getting more than 2 if I’m honest.

    Why wait for us to lose these games when we could sack him and home for a bump with the caretaker?

  52. Chris

    I agree entirely with DivineSherlock. We SHOULD have played the kids against Burnley……would we have lost? I doubt it and if we don’t play these same kids soon we shall lose them all. Would you stay at Arsenal under this ludicrous situation. You wouldn’t, don’t lie! and they won’t either!
    Guess I am older than most on here? I first went to Highbury in 1948 and have been a Gooner ever since but I am close to ashamed of it now!!
    .I still respect that great shirt…… did any of the clowns who wore that shirt in the last four games, say, respect that shirt? NO.

  53. China1

    Tbf receding he did single handed to turn sterling from a conference level player to be better than Messi

    It’s all down to him

  54. Receding Hairline

    Burnley didn’t have the players to trouble us in attack, they weren’t even defensively organized, yet we still lost.

    We are going into a game against three teams who can’t even begin to be compared to Burnley and Wolves, it will be interesting to put it mildly. If he somehow gets six points or even four from those I will be impressed.

  55. Sid

    L’il Moyes is clueless, football 101, if you play wingbacks, you need atleast 1 creator in the middle to feed them so that they make cutbacks.
    Relying on crosses is pathetic, after running the length of the touch line.
    Last season we didnt have problems scoring, to help with defensive solidity the pieces needed to replace would be.

    1. Xhakalson
    2. Ozil but replace with a hardworking creative like Buendia, rotate wIth ESR.

  56. izzo

    I’d really love to have some of what some of you are smoking still thinking we can get points against teams better than Burnley. Must be really hard accepting reality so denial is your safe space.

    I told you Arteta will continue to pick the same 11 until he’s sacked. Really also sickening you guys clamoring for the youth to be drafted in when you know he will instruct them to defend and ruin them anyway (PL is not Europa group stage). We’re past wanting and praying Arteta does well and at the stage he needs to get the fuck out before the wound he’s inflicting gets deeper.

    Jesus!!! I can’t with this fanbase. Cursed!

  57. Sid

    A 352 with Auba and Pepe/Martinelli/Nketiah/Balo upfront is good enough,
    as long as theres a good creator behind them to play the ball(it was good enough with Laca and Auba) on the ground not the pathetic aerial bombardment.

  58. Pierre

    “The only manager we’ve had in recent decades who knew how to make early effective subs was Emery in the first half of his first season when he absolutely bossed those early subs. Game changing moves. Even he stopped doing it not long before the wheels came off. It was working a treat – dunno why he’d stop”

    Simple really….he got lucky , but as Arteta has found out , once the luck runs out , you get a true reflection of a manager’s capabilities..

  59. Aussie+Gooner


    “Aussie I prefer to select players based on how good they are at collecting fines when the players are late to training ”

    Without Xhaka to collect the fines they are just going to have to rely on an honesty box – or until someone else steps up to the plate! Perhaps Bellerin or Willian – just to ensure that they are selected week after week!

  60. Graham62

    Let’s say Arsenal lose again tomorrow, which is perfectly feasible.

    Now let’s say it’s a bit of an embarrassment, say 3-0, like the Villa game.

    What would be the outcome?

    Immediate sacking or twiddle our thumbs time.

    Let’s guess.

  61. Receding Hairline

    “Simple really….he got lucky , but as Arteta has found out , once the luck runs out , you get a true reflection of a manager’s capabilities..”

    Two promotions with clubs who no one fancied

    Three EL titles

    Three consecutive top three finishes with a financially handicapped Valencia

    Two points off third in the EPL with an EL final with a squad arguably worse than the one we are now meant to believe can’t do better than 15th

    How’s that for true reflection of a managers capabilities

    Arteta lost your support the minute he dropped Ozil, you hated Emery for daring to replace Arsene Wenger.

    You are a waste of space, you would be defending Arteta to the death if Ozil was playing.

  62. Receding Hairline

    Pierre doesn’t mind the humiliation of losing to midtable teams at home, he has defended that before and will do so again.

    Where you lose him is when you don’t play Ozil. In fact he will accept relegation as long as you have Ozil, Willock and Nketiah prancing about, they represent his last links to Wenger

  63. Tony

    Agreed he was poor but having 5 he was able to cover some of his mistakes and got results often more by luck than judgement.

    Had he only had 3 it would have gone tits up back then.

    That was really my point.

    Edu, however, is say that Arteta was getting great results (no doubt meaning also FA cup) bak then and can do so again.

    Those results were a false positive that we all except Pedro ad the new AKBs saw

  64. Tony

    Good morning graham
    I don’t believe Arteta will be fired until the club is genuinely in fear of relegation.

    Then it really wouldn’t surprise me if Yoda Wenger gets called in to save us but actually ensures we did get relegated. Wenger would come back just to sate his ego and then spin the relegation part.

    When over the past 14 years does Arsenal make educated decisions?

  65. Tony

    Left T

    Why wouldn’t he say that, he doesn’t want to face a new manager bounce.

    Same as we say Manure should keep OGS

  66. Tony

    Banners at the ready chaps, chocks away and tally ho.

    Hope someone does fly banners.

    Wenger said they really hurt him so they hot their mark.

  67. SpanishDave

    Edu keeps saying we need to be patient everything in fine at the club.
    We hav’nt challenged for the title for 14 years or more, but he forgets that.
    He set targets of top 4 , brought in players and that has so far failed miserably.
    He like Arteta has no experience in the job he is trying to do. What other world top ten club has two rookies in charge?

  68. Chris

    Edu’s comments are to be expected as a way of rallying the players, but together with Vinai’s comments the other day, it just comes across as hollow words that can’t be backed up.

    This squad is sorely lacking in quality and character. The good players we do possess cannot make up the shortfall in these areas by themselves.

    What Edu is saying is similar to Wenger when he said about buying players and going to a supermarket analogy. Nobody is calling for Lionel Messi, but just dynamic players who could have a long term future (more Gabriel’s, less Willian’s).

    It’ just seems like a lazy, baseless comment full of hot air that has no substance from Edu, not very impressive to be honest.

  69. Chris

    If Arteta is going nowhere, then immediate actions to take are the removal of the senior players from the team who have constantly let down the manager, and his predecessors.

    Bring in SOME of the youngsters who have earned their chance to play regular games in the PL. It is still important to strike a balance between experience and youthful exuberance that could help extricate us out of this mess. It isn’t fair to drop a whole team of kids into what we are currently facing, and could even make things worse.

    However some of the ‘bums’ have no more part to play in this mess. I never agree with Evra usually, however Xhaka shouldn’t play another game for this club and his agent should be instructed to find him a new club as early as January.

    Bellerin should be dropped, as should Willian.

    Introduce 2 or 3 of the youngsters to the starting 11 for the next 10 games and see how they do, as it cannot get too much worse with some of these senior ‘pros’.

  70. Buzzy

    By the way, has anyone looked at the URL of this post? This original title was – Arteta Chooses to die on the same hill as wenger and emery embarrassing stuff.

    Pedro watered it down which means he’s still shy of admitting his mistake!

  71. Trap

    what i can deduce from Edu and Vinais press release

    Mikel Arteta is in no danger of the sack,most may not agree but i do not think the call for a little patience is off,what happened to giving the manager 2 or 3 windows to shape the squad ?

    The Squad has always been in need of proper surgery with or without Arteta .personally my grouse with him is that the soundbites and Pr bull isnt consistent with performances on the pitch but i believe we will not be relegated but end with a top 10 finish (not exactly the initial plan)

    hopefully the current predicament can.force the Kse to commit more funds and support to the rebuild of the club. Smarter decisons need to be made and everyone should be held accountable .

    Sign better and younger players in needed postions who will improve performances no matter who is at the helm .

  72. Trap

    bellerin,Sokratis,Mustafi,Luiz,chambers ,holding,kolasinac
    All deserve to be flushed out over the next 2-3 windows
    even if it means we take losses but whatever we generate should be wisely and judiciously used to re-engineer the squad ,wages and all.

    2 years from now will tell

  73. Le Sauce

    Clearly Arteta isn’t the only bullshitter we have at the club. We just have a bunch of fancy looking boys who are so out of touch with reality in our club. How can Edu preach stability when we’re in deep shite
    We’re fucked with the type of decision makers we have at the club.

  74. Markymark

    I’m not so sure he isn’t at risk of the sack. Panic mode will creep in if the run continues. Players and their agent s start making noises and next thing you know it’s a caretaker manger in. I suspect results will improve pretty rapidly as well as it’s not a situation with very limited players far more a situation of a team not buying into ideas

  75. Pierre

    Ha ha jamie..have a day off from being a prick..

    Anyone who reads this blog on a dailly basis knows that i called it right from day one on Emery and Arteta and then the know nothings jumped on the bandwagon…

    Oh , and i nearly forgot , I called it spot on with the osteacising of Ozil, .. 13 hours without a goal from open play is confirmation of that….

  76. Valentin

    Edu did not survive and thrive in the Game of Throne like corridor of the Brazilian FA, by being dim and naive. Publicly he may say that we are progressing but clearly he can see that we are in a shit storm.
    The call for stability is just to save his bacon. However the fact that there are leaks that Arsenal is looking at Allegri, could mean that he is already preparing the after Arteta. Vinay and him don’t want to attach themselves to a sinking ship and they can spot that Arteta is just the latest Titanic captain.

  77. Danny S

    Excellent answer Pierre, but it doesn’t quite explain anything does it.

    Can you explain it?

    Just to add context, Bellerin has nearly equaled that heady number of assists in 12 games of our worst season in a billion years.

  78. WengerEagle

    The best players are always the ones that don’t play.

    Ozil was an absolute disgrace to the badge and an embarrassment for 2 full years up until his exclusion.

    4 total assists in 2 seasons of PL football, and Pierre shamelessly brings his name up on here everyday as a means of gloating about forecasting this disaster.

    Also has the cheek to bang on about how thick everyone on here are outside of him while blowing smoke up Eddie Nketiah’s arse of all people on a daily basis, same with Willock.

    Has as sharp an eye for a player as Ed Woodward.

  79. WengerEagle

    It must have been the key lasses Danny, you tit.

    Averaged a whopping 1.5 per match, on par with many fullbacks that I will have you know.

    Except he is a CAM that becomes a statue off the ball… Lol oh dearie dear…

  80. Jamie

    Pierre, take the day off from begging strangers on the internet for validation. Try to find some genuine meaning in your life.

    The “I was right about”’ crew here is an embarrassment.

  81. Pierre

    Danny s
    “Excellent answer Pierre, but it doesn’t quite explain anything does it.Can you explain it?”

    Not too difficult

    Below are 2 links , one from season 2017/18 showing Ozil to be the 3rd most creative player in europe .
    The 2nd link shows Ozil creating the most chances per 90 minutes in the 2018 world cup.

    And then Emery arrived..

    It all points to a misuse of a creative talent , first by Emery then by Arteta..

  82. Big beevh

    Everything said in the arteta dying in the xhaka hil,is absolutely spot on,
    Resl gooners understand the problems behind the team,no one’s saying sack arteta,but finally get rid of the dead wood and give him the tools ,ie better players to do the job.

  83. Graham62

    Wenger Eagle

    Try explaining this to Pierre.

    Yes, “Ozil was an absolute disgrace to the badge”.

    Consistently he has shamed the club, both on and off the pitch.

    His attitude sucked. His demeanour sucked. Everything about him just sucked.

    According to Pierre though he is a hero.


    If you are going to congratulate yourself, bear in mind no one gives a toss.

    You called it wrong for 8 years or more, so be careful with your self gratification rhetoric on Emery and Arteta.

    The rot had set in long before they arrived at the club.

  84. Danny S

    Does it point to miss use? Or does it point to

    1. The fact the game has changed in the last couple of years where more teams press aggressively.

    2. When you have a player like Ozil as your lynchpin it’s easy to cut his lines of supply
    Simply by marking him.

    3. As has been explained to you numerous times, Ozil is not the player he was. He has looked completely detached and disinterested for a long time.

    But then I must be talking crap because I’m a know nothing.

  85. Pierre

    “Also has the cheek to bang on about how thick everyone on here are outside of him while blowing smoke up Eddie Nketiah’s arse of all people on a daily basis, same with Willock.”

    Willock 3 goals and 3 assists
    Eddie top scorer .

    Say no more….when they get a chance , a real chance in the prem , they will take it.

  86. Pierre

    For me, it’s all about the team , and we are a better football team with Ozil in the side.

    Until we are a better team without Ozil , then we should play him …it’s that simple .

  87. HerbsArmy

    For me, Ozil was another of Wenger’s panic buy.
    The Summer he arrived, Arsenal desperately needed a striker, but as par for the course during Wenger’s time at the Emirates, he made us a laughing stock with his insulting offer for Luis Suarez. After Liverpool laughed us out of town, Wenger didn’t look at anyone else.
    He was forced into action because Arsenal lost their opening home game, but instead of the much needed striker, he trumpeted the signing of Ozil, even though no-one else wanted him, and Real had replaced Ozil with Bale.
    How did the season pan out?
    Arsenal were top of the table throughout the January transfer-window, but the need for a striker had become a matter of urgency as Walcott had been stretchered off against Spurs in the FA Cup, and of our two recognised strikers, Giroud picked up a knock, leaving us with Yaya Sanogo (who Wenger played against Bayern Munich in CL!).
    As everyone predicted, we tanked. Arsenal were not only the only Top 6 rival not to beat Moyes’ MU that season, they couldn’t even score against them. We took thrashings from Liverpool, an embarrassing schooling at Chelsea, and even Everton (didn’t Arteta get an o.g.?). Meanwhile, Real prospered having dumped Ozil on us, and won the CL.
    Wenger took us from a league-winning position to his new comfort-zone of fourth because he refused to buy what Arsenal needed, and then used beating Hull in extra-time of the FA Cup final to weasel himself an undeserved new contract.
    So Ozil was very underwhelming throughout, and even when Alexis Sanchez was added the following summer Ozil failed to step up in the litmus-test games.
    I have hated Ozil from the moment he became an Arsenal player because he epitomises everything that’s wrong at the club.
    A lazy mercenary prick who saved his best for Germany, and even that was horribly exposed in 2018.

  88. China1

    Edu talks a whole lot of shit. Read his interview today about Willian and see if you can make any sense of it

    The most telling part is when he signed edu explicitly said he was the most important signing because he would make a huge difference on day 1. See his words today. Laughing off the silly idea that he could make an impact immediately when he needs much more time to adapt

    Edu you were a legend. Don’t soil yourself with this nonsense