Arteta fumbles around for the lighter fluid

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What sort of a week am I having? Well, I hadn’t eaten all day yesterday because I was under some extreme pressure at work. At about 8pm I thought, you know what, I’ll treat myself to something exciting. I ordered a really shameful local burger thing… I was excited. It was basically a FUCK YOU HEART burger monstrosity only America can nail. Jeff was delivering to me. I tracked him all the way. Walked out to greet him like a fat kid greets the Ice Cream van. I could not see Jeff. I called. The address was right. He was in Miami. The same exact address. Except he was in Oklahoma. There’s a Miami in Oklahoma? Are you fucking kidding me? A $100billion app can’t say ‘DON’T CLICK YES TO THIS IT IS WRONG.’ No good times for me last night. I ate a pot of ice cubes instead.

Arsenal feels a little like that at the moment. We clicked ‘YES PLEASE’ to the delivery of progressive football to The Arsenal, but the guy who welcomed us at the door didn’t come with the right ingredients, and it’s unclear if his home chef-ing transfers into the restaurant game

I’m being harsh there of course, but not really. Currently, Arsenal is living off the joy fumes of a trophy that outside the main prize (Champions League football), is a fucking waste of ‘sitting on my arse’ time. The Premier League has been grim all year. The games we’ve won, outside United, have been very drossy. When the drossy football looked like a strategy, I could accept it, but increasingly, it just looks like we’ve been getting lucky in football purgatory. Even the United game, which was our best performance, was won by a penalty… and the manager said we played better against Spurs when we were cleanly taught a Jose lesson.

Well, it’s time for Arteta to show something new. We can’t perform badly all year and tomorrow, a home game against a pretty bad Burnley side, is where he has to do some catching up. I keep on saying it, but, we need a performance.

How he gets there, I’m not sure. Even the Dundalk game was quite a way off ‘performance’ levels and they were a pub team. Arteta needs to work out what his basics are again, because we’ve gone on a bit of a wild ride as to what he’s looking for. It’s generally the sign of a young manager, that when a crisis hits, you try 10 things instead of focusing on one. Different tactics, players, in game strategies… it’s a mess.

The shift from 11 at the back, to something more interesting, has been a painful journey. The top-level overview is this squad can shithouse 1-0s when we are ultra-cautious and in form, but when the senior players dip, that’s not possible.

Also, it’s not possible to shift up to an attacking offering when the senior players are giving us 70%. We have no creative outlets and by going for something sexier, we open ourselves up like the bad old days.

So the mega challenge is this: How does Arteta give some attacking juice to a depressed team without completely botching the defensive principles?

Now, we’ve all seen the Vinnai V Interview with Henry Winter in The Times.

‘You’ve got a guy who is absolutely driven to succeed and be successful on the pitch, but doing it in a way that respects our history and traditions. So I think with him we have got a really, really powerful individual.’

Vinnai speaks like the Deloitte consultant he was, but it’s clear, they are backing him because they can’t not do that right now.

This interview, for me, gives cover for Mikel to reconsider how he tackles this season. If the fans are told the manager is going nowhere and the manager tells the fans he’s going to do something different that speaks to the betterment of Arsenal over the long-term, then you have yourself a platform to build, which gives you time.

Arteta obviously can’t put out 11 kids against a very rough and experienced Burnley side. But he can restart the process of rewarding good performances with games. He should start prioritising his future vision for Arsenal by giving players minutes who fit the system, even if that fit is far from perfect… because the alternative, which has been to put unsuitable senior players, who can’t be arsed, into a system they don’t like, has us 15th.

Jurgen Klopp said a good gegenpress is better than a good #10. The whole idea of pressing, which originated in basketball (I think) as a full court press, is the notion that aggression and relentless closing down of opposition can overpower technique and talent if you do it well enough. Well, what has our system lacked with the seniors at 70%? Pressing. What do young kids that want careers do? Run. Do what they are told. Never stop.

Despite Arteta claiming otherwise, there are certain players that are likely undroppable. Leno, Gabriel, Tierney, Saka, and Auba. You have to play Auba out of his funk because his form will return. The rest of the positions are up for grabs.

What do the stats say? Well, Mo Elneny is the most efficient midfielder in the league for line breaking passes. He’s also the player with the best ball retention under pressure in the league (players with over 450mins). I don’t care that he’s not perfection, in the system we need to play, he has legs, he does the basics right, we are better with him in the side.

AMN isn’t perfect, but he is young, he has a lot of talent, and he has the athletic profile we need in our midfield. Arteta needs to coach him. Give him a very specific role and tell him to activate against it with all his concentration. A base of midfield with those two gives you a strong platform to build from. You have energy, doggedness, and some pretty decent locomotion. There’s no room for Xhaka, I’m sorry, but regardless of his passing numbers, the eye test fails every single time. His balls into the final third mean very little because we create nothing. His passing is accurate because he is painfully slow at releasing. He is seen as a tactical weakness by other managers because he’s slow. We have to let him drop into right back to protect him from pressure. This madness cannot go on.

How we build ahead of the midfield base is debatable and we’ve got nowhere near an answer this season. For me, it’s Auba on the left. He refuses to press through the middle and he gets eaten alive when he’s asked to hold the ball up. If he plays left, Reiss takes up the right, and you go with Eddie through the middle to set the tempo, you might be in interesting shape. Then the big move… who do you put in that hole? Do you opt to give Saka a go in that position because of his pace and potential ability through the middle? Or do you give Lacazette a run there? I would be inclined to try Saka as a roaming 10 because he is good defensively, and he can stretch teams with his pace. Maybe it’s not a ten and he’s a left sided 8 with AMN taking on the right.

It’s clear I’m not a coach, but I think we really need to start moving in a direction that is about the future, not one that is focused on reengineering the past. Arteta was asked about whether youth was key to his plans. He said this:

“When I feel it is the right moment to do that, I have to bring the players that I have the feeling — or we have the feeling as a coaching staff — that have the best chance for us to win the game,” he said. “So [the answer] has to be a yes.”

That feels like the PC way of saying ‘my senior players aren’t it, right?’

Key point though:

“What I can tell you is that the team will be prepared to battle with a real desire, because we know how important that game [against Burnley] is going to be for us.”

The battle hasn’t been there over the last month. The biggest shift in attitude under Arteta was the fighting spirit. The football might have been pony, but the nasty streak we had, and leaving it all on the battlefield was a joyous spectacle. Mikel needs to get the team back to that. The shortcut to that is to play the guys you don’t need to rally. Play the people who have a future invested in being great at football now. Stop giving game time to the players more interested in planning retirement to Miami, Oklahoma.

So once again I’ll end a post with… over to you Mikel, good luck.


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  1. Guns of SF

    Mike is going to get hammered at SH if he does not drop certain players
    Xhaka- took care of this himself

    Even Mo had a stinker

    AMN and Dani as CM?

    Soares in
    ESR needs to see time as does Martinelli…small minutes building up….

    Mixing it up might be the best and easisest way … cant be harder than it is now.

  2. MD-Gunner

    If the Arsenal fans here are hurting than Pedro is devastated. So please take it easy on him. This blog serves as an outlet of frustration, and as a whipping post. Pedro deserves respect because if he shuts this down than were would we go to vent our frustrations about Shit show Arsenal.

  3. PhD2020

    PhD2020December 14, 2020 06:08:35
    underrated CoqDecember 14, 2020 05:20:2
    Say where is the Champagne charlie? Mr Big bully bollocks.
    Like any bullies, goes to hiding when going gets tough.
    Similarly we have Pedro going to bat for Arteta,even two years before he was awarded the managerial position..And look at where we are now with Arteta.

    Ishola also had his favourite,for the l;ife of me,can’t remember

    In the same breath we had Bumford(Hal) singing Benteke’s talents as the next coming of CR7 or whoever insanely compared him to at the time..

    Point being,we can all get it wrong,we can all be up ourselves sometimes..

    But Champagne Charlie is relatively cool, compared to some posters on here.

    At least,he doesn’t call for banning of posters and/or gives them a mouthful of abuse and then goes crying to Pedro, citing victimhood…

    CC is pretty straight of the bat.You give it,he gives it..And that is where it ends.And you move on.

  4. PhD2020

    CalypsoDecember 14, 2020 06:16:05
    PhDOzil can’t even master the basics like shooting with purpose and accuracy.
    But he can slide a pass.Cut through a defence with a slide rule pass.

    Open up a defence,deal with a low block defence..

    What the heck do we have at the moment with that kind of vision and creativity.

    Thought Willian would come close..
    Seems we are a retirement graveyard for Chelsea players seeking a top up on their pensions.

    Don’t blame him to be honest..If you’re offered £200,000 per week to stay in London,with no need to uproot your family, have no pressures and coming towards the end of your career,,you’d be mad to decline it..

    So fair play to Willian and fair play to Ozil taking the £350,000-regardless of whether he’s mastered the basics of shooting with purpose and accuracy.

    Would you turn down £350,000 per week Red or Calyspo,if you had not mastered the basics of shooting with purpose and accuracy(your words)?

  5. China1

    ‘I like ozil from as aesthetic appeal’

    The guy has bug eyes man!!!

    Sorry that bants was free. The rest of your post was solid anywa 😁

  6. Calypso

    How more wrong can you get than Champagne Charlie who supported Wenger, to the bitter end, hailed Xhaka as a talent and now has unbridled passion for Arteta.

  7. Tony

    Agree CC likes nothing more than verbal jousting/in an affectation manner.

    Unusual to see his absence for a long period, so hope it’s nothing more than pressing work matters keeping him away and not Covid.

  8. Tony

    That said CC’s measured words are often wrong in grandiose style, such as his defense of Ozil, which tbf he held his hands up at being wrong in the end.

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    As much as I want Arteta out yesterday this is all on the board and chump owner. As people have noted their are no football people at Arsenal, you just have to look at the football path which is littered with unsuccessful failed coaches stepping up to manage.

  10. China1

    Charlie has taken the apparent demise of xhaka and arteta hard!

    Don’t worry Charlie, xhaka’s going nowhere any time soon. Arteta gets fired. New guy comes in and is impressed by his attitude. Back to square 1 and the spare key master keeps on playing. We all know it’s true!

  11. China1

    Charlie that way you feel now is the same way I felt when Torreira was getting binned off on loan 😁

    If emery and arteta had shown more faith in torreira and kept him as a starter throughout the last 2 years he’d have been a great partner for Partey in a 4-2-3-1

    Never mind…

  12. PhD2020

    And by the way,I think Saka is really an exciting player, whose potential is not being fully utilised.
    I think this guy can go on to be a lightning rod for not only the team,but the EPL,if his talent is harnessed and honed in a right fashion, under the tutelage of a great or talented manager.

    Under this current manager, I can start to see doubt and him being dispirited, slowly creeping in..

    It would be a travesty to lose him in the long run due to the dereliction of duty by AFC management.

  13. PhD2020

    TonyDecember 14, 2020 06:44:38
    Now ES flip flopper extroadinaire is a different matter.

    Tell me about it.. 🙂

    Get’s tiresome doesn’t it.

    With all due respect to him,I just skip his long winded posts.

    One minute he’s done.Then the next minute all is dandy..
    Interspersed with the name dropping, and his association with AFC Directors at resorts/member’s clubs /golf clubs and you’re not a fan because you disagree with his viewpoint,,blah,blah..

    Comical really..

  14. Zfree

    What was Xhaka even doing bringing down McNeil on the sequence that led to the sending off? That was so stupid and unnecessary. No other team in the prem has players that would be so idiotic as to think “right, this is a dangerous moment I need to tactical foul here to stop this danger. Yellow card is fine.” Just so silly and unnecessary, even before you get to the hands going to his neck part…

  15. Thank you and goodnight


    I’m not just blaming board for picking Arteta, I’m blaming them for being the catalyst to what we’re seeing now. When kroenke took over we were a top 3 team who’d just missed out on winning CL. Since they took over it’s been disaster over disaster

  16. Habesha Gooner

    Good morning, What a shit show it was last night. All I saw was the end of Arteta as a manager of Arsenal. When we fired Wenger, I thought it might take a few managers to find the right one. It took a while for liverpool to land on Klopp. Same for spurs on Pochettino. We need to start over. And some one needs to see that we need a clear out in midfield. The kids need a loan. And all the senior players need to be sold.

    Sokratis, Ozil, Mustafi, Luiz, Lacazette, Torreira (need the funds), Xhaka, Elneny ( has been decent this season but needs to go), all need to go on a free or need to move on. I would give Willian a bit of time. I have never seen him play this bad for chelsea. We would also need to loan out ESR, Willock and Nketiah. The rest are closer to the first team in my eyes. I would give Guendouzi another chance next season as a squad player too. I feel like the core of these players is what is letting us down. May be a bit harsh on Torriera and Lacazette but they haven’t been good enough too. If we do that I think we can get ourselves out of the whole we dug in.

  17. China1

    Also even if we as fans supported arteta it doesn’t mean the board get off. It’s literally the boards, owners and senior managements responsibility to ensure the club is well run. We fans have no actual say and no meaningful role in the way it’s run except for arsenal fans being too quiet and tolerating BS for far too long

    But in terms of actual recruitment and hiring, we are completely irrelevant. Whether or not Billy from Livingston likes the idea of hiring Arteta has no baring on the fact the board and co need to be accountable for the hire when it has in fact gone wrong. Old Billy can be accountable for shit he actually has control over in his life!

  18. Habesha Gooner

    This is what the first team would look like if we did the right transfers.
    The front three would be
    Saka/Willian Auba/Martinelli Pepe/Nelson
    Central midfield would be funny
    Guendouzi/New CM, New CM/ Willock, Partey/ New CM.

    Tierney/ AMN , Gabriel/Mari, Saliba/ Holding, Bellerin/ Cedric
    Leno/ Runarsson

    I think we are 3 new central midfielders away from unlocking the real potential of this team. We would need to sell, Kolasinac, Chambers, Torreira, Xhaka, Lacazette and Elneny for some money though. Give them away in a fire sale and get good yping players for up to 30 mil. We also have Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi and Ozil getting off the wage bill. That is nearly a 600k+ weight we are losing. We can actually win if we play it right.

  19. Ishola70

    The Burnley players targeted Xhaka in two instances with that red card.

    The first instance was getting Xhaka to foul the player in the first place which isn’t difficult. The second more telling instance with this red card was that Burnley and McNeil then targeted Xhaka’s temperament. After the foul McNeil gives Xhaka verbals which Xhaka responds to. Likely something along the lines of you fucking donkey to Xhaka. Lacazette is the player first on the scene to try to get Xhaka away from the melee. It is actually a Lacazette push on Xhaka that sees him fall to the ground. Xhaka has completely lost it by then and just grabs at the first Burnley shirt he sees and then grabs that same players neck Westwood. Westwood was doing no more at that point other than trying to split players up.

    Westwood and McNeil then go to the ref and imitate the neck grab. Ref has now been informed. Not long after that you see Tarkovsky give a congratulatory hand slap to McNeil. He is congratulating him for getting Xhaka riled.

    Burnley fully targeted Xhaka and their ploy succeeded. Job done.

  20. PhD2020

    TonyDecember 14, 2020 07:07:43
    Ruling by fear generally depreciates performances in all industries

    For sure,I agree wholeheartedly with this..

    And if you’re a rookie,with no conceivable track record behind your belt.The end game is literally around the corner, awaiting you with a glee and a loud cheer, when you’re ceremoniously guillotined..

    I’ve seen that crap at an investment bank I worked at many moons ago.
    One young guy was somehow fast tracked to senior management.
    And was on some serious power trip.Began to treat his subjects(subordinates) as turds you find floating in the toilet.

    Eventually it all came to a head one day on a Friday,with a few loud schelps in the corner, a few expletives from one of the subjects(subordinates)-bellowing “I’ve had enough of you,you little sh*t.” He then began to undo his cufflinks,rolled up the sleeves of his nicely ironed expensive shirt along with removing his expensive tie,and began to chase this upstart of a manager around the office wanting to kick seven bells out of him..

    I can tell you,half the office was loving it and willing him on.

    Simply because of his man management skills or lack of.
    The way he treated his colleagues or rather in his mind-subjects(sub-ordinates) for a period of time.No one bothered to intervene,as they wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine.Gallows humour I guess.

    Was comical though.Seeing a couple of guys running around a table,one trying to escape a bloodbath and the other trying to throttle him.It was only the intervention of the head of the department that cottoned on to the noise emanating from the open office that put a stop to the machinations and frog marched them into his office.

    Suffice to say they were both reprimanded.But the senior manager eventually left(or was let go) as he had lost total respect of the department.

    Just one episode of many..

  21. Tony

    ‘Get’s tiresome doesn’t it.’

    It does and made worse by his pomposity were he seems to consider us his underlings.

    I do the same these days unless he has directed a post to me.

    No need for his serial, lengthy, dogmatic posts really, as he sounds as if he has an interesting family background and done very well for himself and his family.

    He would be more respected – certainly by me, if he toned down the arrogance and stood by his words without constant repetitions.

    As I always said to my sales people or sales people of companies I consulted to: “Telling aint selling”

    ES is always telling!

  22. Pierre

    Nice bit of diving by the 2 Burnley players .
    The backward flip by the 6ft plus Tarkowski when Elneny touched his face was embarrassing..

    Sean Dyche must be proud of his players?

    I suppose it’s just rewards for xhaka .after he faked injury to get kovacic sent off in the cup final ..

    The Arteta out bandwagon is certainly rolling now, i thought we were a little unlucky last night in that we were dominating the 2nd half and yes , even creating chances, however the sending off destroyed the momentum and it was no surprise that they scores from a near post free kick /corner as we had been warned a couple of times earlier and we didn’t heed that warning.

    Having Aubameyang defending the near post was a poor decision, he had already allowed their no.8 to dart in front of him a couple of times and it was 3rd time lucky for Burnley .

    It shows the importance of having a good delivery and good runners in the box to create uncertainty in the defence…

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Arsene Wenger receiving a phone call from the Arsenal hierarchy if this run continues.

  23. PhD2020

    China1December 14, 2020 07:19:20
    Also even if we as fans supported arteta it doesn’t mean the board get off. It’s literally the boards, owners and senior managements responsibility to ensure the club is well run. We fans have no actual say and no meaningful role in the way it’s run except for arsenal fans being too quiet and tolerating BS for far too longBut in terms of actual recruitment and hiring, we are completely irrelevant. Whether or not Billy from Livingston likes the idea of hiring Arteta has no baring on the fact the board and co need to be accountable for the hire when it has in fact gone wrong. Old Billy can be accountable for shit he actually has control over in his life!

    As you rightly say so, if the board and the owners remain and fans have no say-what are you going to do?

    Piss and moan on Le-Grove every day of the week till you depart this world?

    Surely you have a lovely family to consider that loves you unconditionally, that gives you immense joy that adds longevity to your life without much stress..

    In a foreign country,that is not dealing with Brexit and the uncertainty it would bring to you and your family.

    In a country where family is paramount to one’s health and happiness.

    What will you lose,by switching off from Arsenal,since you no longer have a say in the machinations of the club..?

    If anything your criticism or views of the club is just an echo to the absentee billionaire owners.

    I’m sure you can find more meaningful pastimes,hobbies or delights that will add immense value to you and your family without impacting on one’s sanity and health?

  24. Samesong

    People forget that the second time Xhaka been sent off against Burnley.

    I was looking at some news articles on the run up to signing Xhaka and the were Arsenal fans saying he was better than Kante 😂😂😂

  25. Ishola70


    “It wouldn’t surprise me to see Arsene Wenger receiving a phone call from the Arsenal hierarchy if this run continues.”

    Well it would surprise the old windbag himself that’s for sure.

  26. AC

    “If the Arsenal fans here are hurting than Pedro is devastated. So please take it easy on him. This blog serves as an outlet of frustration, and as a whipping post. Pedro deserves respect because if he shuts this down than were would we go to vent our frustrations about Shit show Arsenal.” …..

    Very true. Respect to Pedro in general but hoping no more Arteta support blogs

  27. Leftside

    ‘I was looking at some news articles on the run up to signing Xhaka and the were Arsenal fans saying he was better than Kante 😂😂😂‘

    Unreal right.

    The worst player I’ve seen get so much trust and playing time from what, 4 managers in one club now.

  28. China1

    PHD I already skip half the games because of the awful time zone differences. 2am kick offs and the like are not something I will entertain apart from very occasionally (the spurs one was regretful)

    You also underestimate the therapeutic power of venting.

    Lastly I’m at work, not ignoring my family. Relax dude, lol

  29. Valentin


    Somebody on twitter stated that the out of favours players refer to Arsenal as Alcatraz. That tell you the mood inside the camp. Pepe interjecting in the conversation to tell Saliba not to comment publicly is really a warning that this post will come back to haunt him.
    BTW the carplar is a slang term to say placard. “Placard” in French is a term to describe being ostracised by your boss for no good reason.

    There was a clear the air meeting between Arteta, coaching staff and the players during which Arteta vowed to destroy the mole who leaked the story of the fight between Ceballos and David Luiz. Like I said before the spiteful control freak has bigger problems than the mole.

  30. Tom

    “Nice bit of diving by the 2 Burnley players .
    The backward flip by the 6ft plus Tarkowski when Elneny touched his face was embarrassing.”

    Not as embarrassing as Elneny’s holding his leg in the same incident.
    He must’ve forgotten there are cameras everywhere round the stadium.

    Are you for real Pierre?

  31. Ishola70


    Arteta might be overdoing it with authority but these players at the same time need a bit of authority.

    They have been taking the piss for years.

    Arteta is not good enough, his footballing decisions are not good enough but he isn’t wrong to try to install some authority over them.

    Don’t always back the players Valentin. More than enough of them are not worthy of support.

    What they have shown in recent years is that they are more adept at bringing down managers in comparison to anyting they do on the actual pitch.

  32. Ishola70

    Emery came in as a manager that had worked wonders at a club like Sevilla and then went on to manage PSG who had far more world class players than at Arsenal.

    After iniitially responding to Emery what did more than enough of these players do? They pissed on him.

  33. Samesong

    Ishola man management more of a requirement at Arsenal than Authority. Agreed that Being a strong character is needed but most of these players like interaction. Arm over the shoulder. Etc. When they get out of line you burn them behind closed doors not in front of the media.

  34. Ishola70

    “Ishola man management more of a requirement at Arsenal than Authority. ”

    And where did Emery’s efforts at man management get him? He actually tried group management.

    It got him having these fool players pushing Granit Xhaka to him as one of their leaders in the group.

    When players make decisions like these own their own them fuck them. Keep them in order and make them dance to your tune not the other way around.

  35. Useroz

    ” Not as embarrassing as Elneny’s holding his leg in the same incident.

    He must’ve forgotten there are cameras everywhere round the stadium.”

    It was funny watching live. Thought the broadcast had a second or two delay when Elneny kinda falling in slow mo!

    Lol when seeing the replay. Poor acting really…

  36. TheLegendaryDB10


    December 14, 2020    05:05:20

    It is pretty obvious what needs to be done:

    We need to hound out Kroenke out if The Arsenal. He has no clue as to how to run a football club.

    It starts there as to why there are so many issues at the club.

    The polar opposite of Kroenke is FSG with John Henry.

    He knew whst he wanted and put in place people at Liverpool that could deliver that dream of winning the PL and CL.

  37. Guernsey+Gun

    you know Arteta is totally done when he picks Xhaka, Willian and Bellerin after their display against spurs. Shocking and arrogant from a jumped up little tosser who has managed to wreck everything since the cup win in August. You have to go some to do that, unfortunately the club will drift as there is no leadership, we are in a terrible mess and those who laugh at talk of relegation need to wake up.

  38. Roy

    1. Saliba Situation
    2. Ozil Situation
    3. Socratis, Mustafa, Chambers, Kola, etc – why coolant we sell them ? Did we want to keep them for this year ?
    4. Luiz thing – new gossip about incommunicado with MA
    5. Elneny, Laca, etc, -long term or short term
    6. Who is the AM situation
    7. Youngsters not getting chances
    8. Guendouzi affair
    9. Management situation – who controls what ?
    10. Baggage of senior management leaving – Wenger, Emery, Mislintat, Raul, etc, etc
    11. Pay cut issues
    12. Kia J issue
    13. Cost cutting Lay off issue – or is it agent vs spotters?
    14. Auba’s lack of form
    15. The mess with Willian
    16. The owner issues- is he interested? what’s his objective , etc
    17. Martinez leaving
    18. AMN kept back after good offers, yet not given chances
    19. Ballerin’s form – is it even real?
    20. Cedric – who’s he actually ? Why is he here now?
    21. 8 Central defenders ? !
    22. Partey injury… Martnelli and Mari getting back … when ?
    23. Attacking Midfielder recruitment saga- HA etc
    24. Arteta fielding the same team to same results
    25 Xhaka – oh yeah! of course.

    Had lost count…. Surely investing our time in fruitful ways !

  39. PhD2020

    Left TesticleDecember 14, 2020 08:41:51
    Pedro will be happy. The poor result and the Arteta slagging off of is generating a lot of traffic.


    Of course..

    All traffic is better than no traffic(bloggers dream).

    Or as they say all publicity, albeit good or bad is better than no publicity(celebrities/actors/musicians/youtubers/wanabees,etc).

  40. raptora

    Ishola: “Who were the people on here that said David Luiz was and is going to be a good influence for Arsenal behind the scenes?”

    He’s doing us a massive favor, getting us rid of Arteta in due time. I’d rather have opinionated, strong personalities like him, than asslickers like Xhaka and co, always there to give the manager a bj in front of him, just to prolong their career at the club and to collect their salary.

  41. Gonsterous

    Burnley winning at arsenal for the first time in 46 years.
    Behind the scenes we are a mess but can we at least sort out the on the pitch mess?

  42. PhD2020

    *Throwing players under the bus gate
    *F*ck knows what I am doing gate(but not a reason to sack me,as I’m Extra Diet Pep Sauce).

  43. Daniel Altos

    “Last season we hung our hats on comebacks, early subs, the 22 game unbeaten run, DRIVE, DETERMINATION, PASSION, PLANNING, all the double sessions, Ozil dropped, Ramsey binned, a manager dancing down the touchline. We willfully ignored what the performances were telling us, because the rhetoric was like nothing we’d seen before, and we wanted to believe in the new dawn.

    This season, we’re looking at the paper metrics, because looking up from the Premier League points totaller to see what’s really happening is too damn unnerving to consider.

    ‘The table doesn’t lie’, yells the blinkered cuck…

    Oh yes she does, you’re at home with her reading Inverting the Pyramid, but as soon as you nod off, she’s fucking the next-door neighbour in the bushes… and his name is F.Shite-Performance. You’ll wake up to it eventually, but it’ll be in March when you’ve caught a nasty bout of Europa-League-itis. Third infection in three years, you might be a carrier.

    Unai Emery isn’t a fraud, he’s just fallen up the stairs since Sevilla and the people hiring him haven’t paid attention to the details. The issues we’re dealing with now were absolutely obvious if you’d undertaken even the most basic of due diligence.

    We hired in someone that failed at PSG because he couldn’t handle the egos of the dressing room. A manager that has no history of being able to organise a robust defence, averaging 49 goals a season at Sevilla, whilst adding 30% to a record-setting PSG defence he inherited. He couldn’t master the French or Russian languages. He has been in England well over a year and his press conferences still sound like he’s a struggling pedicab driver trying to flog you a Halloween tour of his city. He played negatively at Valencia and Sevilla. He was given the most expensively assembled side in world football and the players complained he spent too much time worrying about the opposition.

    He’s now at Arsenal and we’re looking to nick a goal on the counter away at Sheffield United, and he can’t even pull that off.

    The goods we are now critically inspecting are exactly what we purchased. So don’t complain. There will be no refund. This was all in the product description.

    You can’t blame the players.

    You can’t blame Edu.

    You can’t blame the high winds of Sheffield. Mike Riley. The penalty shout.

    It’s all on the manager.”

    Wheres tbis same energy?What a pathetic man arteta is.Should be sacked I have had enough of him….Ooh and shame on you if you have ever defended that cunt granite xhaka on here….absolute idiots….I dont care if guendouzi is a petulant bitch but if you think matteo or torreira needed to be given the boot while at the same time applauded that abomination being given another chance….then you are an idiot of the highest order…absolutely sick of arteta now

  44. Ishola70


    “He’s doing us a massive favor, getting us rid of Arteta in due time”

    Arteta gets sacked without the intervention of David Luiz. When it’s inevitable it’s just that.

    He’s a piece of shit trouble maker that has history of this at other clubs.

    And he’s full of shit as well.

    He was up Arteta’s arse not long ago telling us what a great manager he was.

  45. Roy

    Absolutely PhD2020
    Tough to keep track
    The irony is clubs (especially like Arsenal and Barca) are built by fans and we suffer the most … more dramatically the last few years. At the same time when fans’ spent has increased significantly – money, time, social media, reach, et all.

  46. Ishola70


    “Add gimp jacket to that list.”

    It was always going to be the end for him whe fans start to mock his appearance.

    Last week it was werewolf of london.

    Last night some Arsenal forum had the game down as night fever hair v the ginger cum gargler.

  47. RGG

    Arteta makes Emery look like Klopp.

    Time for him to continue his apprenticeship somewhere else….good luck Mikel….

    Tott sacked Pott and now Maureen is reap’n the benefits……Spurs fucked you Pott……., cone sort us out and fuck them back!!

  48. PhD2020

    TheLegendaryDB10December 14, 2020 09:10:45
    This in SSN from Arteta:“We were on top from the beginning to the moment of the sending off,” Arteta told Sky Sports. “We threw the game away.”He is well and truly deluded.
    No more deluded than Donald Trump still ranting and raving till today that he won the elections..

    When to any rational informed human being,knows that he not only lost the popular vote by almost 8 million,but more importantly lost the electorate vote by 306 vs 232.
    A landslide victory for Biden.Is that not the same number of electorate votes Trump won by in 2016,in which he proudly declared it a landslide,of which in 2020 he is now citing electoral fraud?

    The same Donald Trump,that has filed almost 60 lawsuits and failed circa 59-1,and still insisting to date he won the 2020 elections.With each state(battleground/swing states) in which he is contesting the lawsuits rejecting or throwing his cases out,even to the point of taking it to the supreme court and they too are throwing his case,given that some of the justices were his appointees.Taking into account that the justices were heavily tilted towards the republicans-6(R)-3(D).

    Point being,even with damning evidence that highlights that they have failed,lost or are not equipped for the job,they will always spin, obfuscate, deny that they have lost the battle or/and lost the war.That they are best equipped for the job,irrespective of the outcome.

    They see life and reality through a different lens. A lens of narcissism, self-aggrandisement, delusions of grandeur, entitlement and a f**k you attitude to anyone that dares to contradict their viewpoint or cross paths with them..

    So,in short-Arteta’s pronouncements is not surprising.Seems to tick all the relevant boxes of the aforementioned traits of a man facing the gallows..Just a question of when not if,they will put the poor sod out of his misery.At least we know with Diaper Donald the due date is the 20th Jan 2021.Curious to know when Diet Pep’s due date is?

    Pity he’s not ticking the right relevant boxes though…

    Oh well,let’s hope AFC management gets the next appointment right-here’s hoping with lashings of hope,prayer and some luck(doubt it though)… Sigh!!!

  49. China1

    Of all the bants I think throw in gate is going to last as one of the more comical and bizarre ones we’ve been treated to. It’s stil not signing a player with a broken back levels but it is extremely funny

  50. Valentin


    I am not saying that the players are blameless. I have talked at length about the lack of quality of the players. When we purchased Pepe, I was advocating that we should have purchased NDombele (who after a first tough year is now winning Mourinho) and Soumare for the same amount. Our central midfield would have been sorted for the next 5 years with room for academy players such as Azeez to grow.
    I also slated the extension of David Luiz and the contract given to Willian.
    I got into a beef with CC, because of my view on Xhaka. He may not as bad as some make him to be, but his limitation makes him unsuited for the Premier League and an hindrance for any progressive football.
    I genuinely can’t see why we persisted with Ceballos as a No8, when it is obvious he lack the speed to consistently break the opposition lines.

    However the role of a manager is to build an environment in which people can thrive. Arteta and his abysmal man management and tactics are doing the exact opposite and building resentment. Most of our issues on the pitch stem from bad decisions that Arteta made. The worse is that he does not even recognise that those were wrong decisions. You can’t fix something until you acknowledge that it is broken.
    He still think that Arsenal played well and that sending crosses after crosses is the way forward.

  51. James wood.

    Walcott who I never rated seems to have found that yard of
    pace again playing with an enthusiasm but still running into
    congested pockets like Pepe does.
    He will cause us problems if he finds to gaps behind.?