Can the kids deliver something fresh to the Premier League?

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We’re at that stage of the Europa League when even banter can’t disguise how pointless the group stages are. The level of competition is so low, it drags all quality of football down to a level that makes it hard to analyse what’s going on and whether it means anything.

We beat Dundalk 4-2. We qualified with absolute ease. We blooded some kids that caught the attention of fans desperate for a better Arsenal on Premier League days. Cottrell and Azeez made their debuts.

The big performance of yesterday that mattered to the league was seeing AMN put in another clever performance. It’s very simple, he’s extremely talented. He moves like a Premier League footballer, his passing is ambitious, and he brings a bit of flair to a midfield that we don’t really have. His game is really simple, his passing is one touch, he can do the dirty work no one else we have can (bar Thomas Partey). Notable that Dani Ceballos was getting stick from Arteta for the quality of his passing, which has been problematic all season.

We are now at the stage where it’ll be a criminal act if we continue to see Granit starting in Premier League games. Sure, Ainsley can switch off sometimes, his focus needs to improve, but how are you countering that Xhaka is the person that is better suited when it comes to concentration? It’s a dead argument. He might be a really good guy behind the scenes, but this is elite level sport, if you can’t cut it physically, goodwill isn’t going to save you.

The other player that had Yannick Bollasie and the fans purring was Balogun. He’s quite the talent, we all know this, he has a presence in that #9 role. He wills the game on, he’s extremely hungry, and he truly believes he has the right to be playing at this level. I think he has the self-confidence of Bukayo Saka. I love the way he hunts the ball out, his touch is really dreamy, and he has that sharp turn of pace combined with quick feet that make small spaces seem large. He gave Willock his goal with a short pass and he made the right run for Pepe to feed him, his swept first-time finish was very mature. Another big game.

You also can’t forget about Eddie. He scored another goal (now our top scorer). It came from a one-touch flick from Willock, the pass didn’t quite hit, but Eddie was on hand the take from the defender and dink his shot past their keeper. He’s dogged as a forward and he’s trying to be more a part of the build-up play. He’s also the most physically impressive of our strikers. The main issue is he needs service and we don’t have that.

ESR landed his first start. He was vibrant on the pitch. He’s powerful, he looks to play between the lines, and he is an actual creative player. His assist was a backwards pass to Mo, but it was still an assist. I like him, it’s a shame he isn’t a bit more experienced, but he certainly looks like he could be value additive at some point.

There’s no point in labouring the rest of the game analysis too much. It doesn’t mean a lot. What we do know is that additional speed in an Arteta system makes us more dangerous. We also know that a lot of these players aren’t at the level we need to move forward as a club… but honestly, we’re 15th playing with the so-called better players. Is it not time to take a chance on legs? Dynamics? Hunger?

The biggest challenge Arteta has going into the fixture crunch is two-fold.

Our older players aren’t elite competitors at this stage of their careers. They don’t really care about the club, they’re thinking about what is next, so they don’t give their all. They’re 75%ers. They do an impression of commitment. They’ll listen to the coaching, but don’t really care about improvement. They’ll do the minimum but won’t die on the field. The idea of seniority being better is a mirage at this point. Our level is 15th based on the current model.

The second problem – our younger players aren’t the level of Chelsea’s. They’re not taking us to the top 4 this season. Some might grow into serious talents, but I doubt many of them will. We know that as fans. Arteta probably knows that as a coach. They have mistakes in them. They’ll drop stinkers. It could be messy.

However, the upsides are in the multiples if we accept top 4 is dead. Firstly, young kids give a fuck about their careers. Reiss Nelson knows it’s Palace if he fails here. He wants Arsenal. He’s taking extra one-on-ones with the coaches. He’ll be 100% focused on the project because survival is on his mind.

The best young players at Arsenal only care about Arsenal. The rest is noise. You will never doubt the committment on the pitch.

Additionally, young players get better. Sure, we’ll get battered every now and then, but we’ll also have players that can show off the system at its best. The players coming through have the athletic profile we need, they can do the things the seniors can do, but maybe not to perfection… but at this point, we need to see there’s a promised land so we can get behind the project.

There’s also the other consideration. There’s no value in most of our senior players you’d want rid of. Damaged reputations, huge contracts, or expiring deals. We do not have a talent harvesting machine like other clubs are. If you give 5 players a run in the side, you pump their value, because most clubs want young players, especially those from Britain.

I also think at some point, when we commit to honesty and the path forward, we’ll go young. It’s cheaper, it gives you assets you can sell, and it matches our finances. Arteta blooding youngsters and making them better this season makes our job of attracting talent in the summer a bit easier. We can become a destination for career betterment just like Dortmund is.

What do fans want to see now we’re in mid-December? Commitment. Power and pace. A clear identity of what we’re working towards.

We’ve tried the senior route. It’s shite. We need to move on a better plan.

Finally, it’s amusing to read some Arsenal fans lose their minds about Arteta being spikey with the press. Honestly, tone is now your issue? Like Mikel has to be polite after a week of being called the Spanish David Moyes? Please. Jose has never been pleasant with the press. Klopp has always been spikey when the chips are down. If tone of the manager is bothering you right now, you’re paying attention to the wrong things. I like that he’s feeling the heat personally because he should be feeling stressed, as we need a reaction. Banter and high fives with the press wouldn’t send the right message, would it?

ALSO, before we go, thank you to all those that helped me with the vote yesterday. The poll went up to 70,000 votes and we won. The Arsenal community came to my rescue. I really, really appreciate the help. YOU ARE STARS xxx

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291 Responses to “Can the kids deliver something fresh to the Premier League?”

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  1. Dissenter

    Kroenke is not the one repeatedly selecting Willian, Xhaka and Bellerin in the league .
    Yes, sacking Arteta doesn’t solve all the evils in the world but it addresses the poor man management, in-game tactics and diabolical squad selection problem that only a manager can dress.

  2. Tony

    Been thinking the same – a score draw but with our PL record of late the odds of us scoring 2 goals are slim.

    Probably no Balogun who should get game time, but we’ll see Eddie because he’s our top scorer never mind against pub teams for most of his tally.

    Wenger to Emery to Arteta sealing the Groundhog Day loop.

  3. Tony

    Wenger post 2008 I hasten to add

    Arteta looking more and more a one hit wonder (FA cup) I don’t count the charity shield as a trophy of any note.

  4. S Asoa

    Arteta feeling upset for being called Spanish David Moyes.
    That is not so truthful. For the type of football and persistently playing people out of position, in spite of a bloated choice , he is more of a shit – on- a- toothpick . Sophisticated turd

  5. Chris

    Where is that van Persie interview from? Is that an excerpt or the whole thing?

    I would be interested (and likely appalled) to see what Gazidis’ fancy numbers were. The man was an incompetent buffoon but the leadership of this club is still rudderless even after his departure.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    I can’t believe reading a report that the club know saliba hasn’t a future at the club while Arteta remains. Fucking hell we’re a comedy club now. Fuck off the Spanish beach bum and put in someone who fucking knows what they’re doing. Bin edu as well. Shit club

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    What annoys me is you have idiots like Nelson saying this is a blog of hate blah blah blah. Come on then Nelson, give us one fucking reason Arteta should stay, what improvements have you seen? Don’t say defensively as that’s bollocks. If half teams had taken their chances we’d have been battered, West Ham and Leeds to name 2 . Has he improved our youngsters? Do we have an identity? Fuck me how fucking dumb and blind do some people have to be to see the guys a fucking joke

  8. Samir

    Is it just me that does not want Aouar? Has anyone actually watched him this season? He’s been terrible.
    Not what we need right now.

  9. Samir

    If Xhaka and William start tomorrow, I will be fully Arteta out.

    Bellerin should not play either.
    Even Auba, why should he start? He’s been just as bad as Willian if not worse…

  10. S Asoa

    ESR has the making of a good attacking midfielder. The argument is that he is inexperienced. How will he get any experience unless played at least some. His passing is intelligent and he intercepts well. Regarding injury record , noticed how he always over commits, which incidentally is a good thing. With his speed of thought and reported frailty he should be in the midfield. ANM is a massive upgrade on the Swiss Tractor.
    But guess we have to factor in the perversity of Arteta.

  11. Marc


    “Makes little difference what the fans at LG think, Arteta’s job is safe,.”

    Do you go to matches often?

    I agree that the comments section won’t have a huge impact but it is reflective of fans views at the moment. The club need to be aware that fans clearly aren’t happy and some would’ve got into the habit of not going to matches. Come late May after a season of piss poor football and piss poor results, no European football etc you just might see a much larger number than normal number of fans decide that they can spend they’re £1,000 – £2,500 plus other costs on something more entertaining.

  12. englandsbest

    RvP – loved the guy, one of the best the Club ever had. Never doubted him, always blamed Wenger and Gazidis for his sell-off to SAF. Most fans made Robin the scapegoat – I was a kind of lone voice – but I always knew the truth would come out.

    Which brings me back to the ludicrous hounding of Arteta. A similar gross misjudgement by many on here.

  13. Victorious

    Lol folks already going at each other even before watching another potential dogshite performance tomorrow

    Cue the meltdown on here should fcking Burnley come to the Emirates tomorrow and shithouse a win.haha

  14. shad

    The only positive about Arsenal these days is the Women’s team. Little and Miediema can show the men a few things about playing football. Miediema eould easily displace Auba even on last year’s form.

    Oh, also the Adidas ads are cute.

    And gunnersaurus is back.

    Well, we actually have stuff to be grateful to santa for lol

  15. shad


    Arteta will fall on his sword of stubborness just as Wenger did. Only difference is the 3 titles and 6 FA cups between them.

    Arteta will be sacked end of season if we finish in the lower half of the table.

  16. Marc


    The meltdown will start when the team is announced if Xhaka and/ or Willian are selected. You can add Mustafi to that list for me and others will have Bellerin or a few others.

  17. Victorious

    Wonder who’s job it is to sack Arteta seeing as he’s on the same hierarchical level with the tech Dir.

    If anything I think he’s even more likely to influence the dismissal of Edu, lol, modern structure my scrawny ass

    I mean we could drop points tomorrow and nothing will change, this could be the most depressing season yet for arsenal fans

  18. Anonymous Commentator

    No ishola, no one is asking the kids to play at the top level, we’re asking for them to play against Burnley FFS.
    It’s Burnley… Burnley, like come on now. I would understand not wanting to see the kids in the league if this were City on Sunday or something, but it’s Burnley, if we can’t play them here then they’ll never play and we should just let them all go to further their careers cause we are wasting them.

  19. Victorious


    Its a sad state of affairs really, literally anybody that has watch us for 2mins this season will tell you certain folks should be no where near the first team, some coaches have openly claimed they had to target Xhaka because they see him as the weak link in our midfield and yet our generational coach can’t seem to have a clue or the balls to do the needful

    See, a totally finished Wenger destroyed Burnley in his last match 5:0 with a far more inferior squad of players

    Arteta should naturally get the sack if we fail to win tomorrow

  20. Terraloon


    You are way underestimating Burnley and as I pointed out yesterday way overestimating where the majority of the youngsters are in terms of their readiness to play in the PL as a group.

  21. Marc


    The worst thing about Arteta picking Xhaka is that he sat next to Pep for however long – don’t tell me Pep didn’t consider Xhaka as a weak link so he’s had first hand experience of a team doing that.

  22. Pierre

    Actually, I would play all the kids v city in the quarter finals of the league cup next week.

    They keep getting us through the early rounds and group stages in the cup comps so now is the time to let them go all the way in the 3 competitions.

    I would let Saka play with willock, nelson, eddie, Balogun , smith rowe, saliba, Azeez, cockerill and martinelli

    What usually happens is the manager brings in the experienced players in the latter stages…

  23. Victorious


    No evidence whatsoever Arteta learnt anything sitting down with Pep all this years,

    his brand of football and management is the very antithesis to the bald man at Manchester.

  24. South African Gooner


    ***Crossing high into the box will be off the menu tomorrow….

    Should either be the near post cross or the cut back***

    We need to cross correctly tomo- Pope is in goal.
    And he is good.

  25. Marc


    I’ve already asked if Arteta will get any grief from the fans tomorrow. Pretty damning if he does when there’s only 2,000 going to be there.

    It’s also looking likely that London will be moved into Tier 3 soon so we could lose the fans again anyway.

  26. englandsbest

    Okay, another dip into the past. Do we want to be misled the way we were? To be fed lies again? To be strung along once more? Yes, I’m talking about slippery oily Gazidis and weak meek Wenger.

    Or do we want an honest straight-talking tough guy? Yes, I mean Arteta.

  27. Kaz

    *Arsenal get relegated*

    Some Arsenal fans STILL “He needs more time, it’s not his fault.”

    Fucking pathetic.

    He is a huge factor for our current shit.

    If you can’t see it you’ve blinded yourself.

  28. Marc


    More and more of what Arteta is saying is becoming cringe worthy. He’s a shit manager and will be sacked – it’s just when and how much damage will he do to the club in the meantime.

  29. Anonymous Commentator


    I disagree on how talented you think the kids aren’t, along with how ready you think they are.
    was the same thing said about saka or is he just conveniently the only bright spark in the team and is now undroppable? He’s younger than all his associates from the academy.
    How is it saka was ready to play at 16 but conveniently no one else is ready when at the age of 20-23?

    We’re wasting these players with this fear of them not being PL ready, they’re as ready as they’ll ever be without actually getting PL minutes, it’s time to play them.
    I have no doubts Balogun, ESR, AMN, Reiss and Willock will be well capable of making impressive careers for themselves once they divorce from arsenal, some of them should divorce asap like ESR and Balogun, unreal talents we are wasting.
    Saka might not divorce cause he thinks he owes us something after giving him minutes as a teenager in the league.

    There is no mythical skillgap between our kids and chelski’s from last year, just a cajones gap in managers.
    You gotta have balls to throw the kids on and have faith they’ll do something for you without the hours of career film behind them.
    Arteta doesn’t have that and he’s frankly not made for this job.

    Tammy Abraham of last season and Folarin Balogun currently are literally the same player.
    Mason mount and ESR same player. ESR probably better mind you.
    What’s the trigger that we’re waiting for to start these guys in the league? Injuries? Our collection of geriatrics and not-good-enough’s don’t play hard enough to get injured.

    Is this the same arsenal that was so brazen to go project youth and play mostly teenagers in the league? Same arsenal that developed iwobi?
    The same arsenal that is currently developing saka?
    Why are we so scared of playing the youth now?
    What exactly is it that arteta is seeing in training not to pick them in the league? Literally one game here, a cameo from the bench there. Why can’t that happen anymore?
    Heck I’m sure saka wouldn’t be in the starting lineup if arteta was in charge for those Emery years either cause that’s when he got the game time that put him on the radar.

    Arteta is messing around with very valuable assets, telling them that he wants them to sign new contracts just so that they can be bench warmers like AMN always having to make way for arteta’s adopted son bellerin.
    Does arteta think that these young players don’t have eyes, agents, social media, WhatsApp groups, the lot? They can all see that this is not the club for progressing as a youngster, they’re all no doubt talking about doing a gnabry and going abroad to get minutes.
    what are we waiting for FFS? Another loan spell?
    Bellerin got minutes as a teenager at this club and looked set to become one of the best right backs in the world at the time.
    What the hell are we waiting for with these kids? Youthful enthusiasm is our medicine right now and we’re refusing to take any.

  30. englandsbest


    I make what YOU say as cringe-worthy

    Let me straighten you out: Arteta will still be manager come next season.

    You live in a sort of bubble, you expect a manager to wave a magic wand, and everything becomes sunshine and roses. Most of us are sensible enough to know that returning Arsenal tto the elite is a process that will take a deal of time.

  31. Gonsterous

    The owner is pumping in cash into the club in hope of reaching the CL and that’s where we as a club are failing.
    No short, medium and long term plan at all. Just a trolley dash in the transfer window and hoping we get enough good players to make it back to top4.

    The owner should be sacking the people who hired edu and arteta. Both have no experience and haven’t proven anything, anywhere.
    And the person who thought we would be better off without a scouting network should be taken out back and shot.

    Terrible, terrible football club. We really are going to get relegated soon.

  32. TR7

    Watched a few recent press conferences of Arteta on YT. He has become very fiesty and looks like he is feeling the heat, the early cheerful demeanor and pleasant counteance is all gone. Next 5 games absolutely essential for him and for our season.

  33. Samir

    Martinez gets MOTM. World class keeper.
    I said before and I’ll say it again; we should have sold Leno.

    Auba should have been sold to Barca too.

  34. Marc


    I live in a bubble? You are a clown of a supporter and an embarrassment. Look at the results? Look at the performances? We’ve got a better squad that finished 2 points off third and you are making excuses.

    “Most of us are sensible enough to know that returning Arsenal tto the elite”

    You should be ashamed to say the above – I don’t expect a magic wand I expect the manager to improve the team under Arteta we are regressing.

  35. Anonymous Commentator

    Our club is sinking.
    We need internal solutions now.
    why is everyone in charge just letting it happen?
    Burnley lineup will tell me everything I need to know about the ambitions of this manager.

  36. Gonsterous

    Can anyone explain what the short, medium and long term goals is of the manager and club? What is this process that we are supposed to believe in?

    Fluid football is non existent. Defensive solidarity is non existent. Exciting youths that light up the PL and being talked about as the next best thing is non existent.

    Following AFC would make any sane person, fly off the rails and depress even the liveliest of people.

  37. South African Gooner


    ***CG Are you suggesting the ridiculous idea of not playing to your opponents strengths?***

    No, I would not dream of that- he is ‘away with the fairies’ this one. (Waste of time.)

    Anyway – he has the legendary and renowned coaching maestro S. Round and a coterie of adolescent coaches for any suggesting.

    Its a Brain Trust of Smart Arses and serial underachievers.

    I will be buying yellow cards in The ShitHousing Derby.

    Expect a torrid evening.

  38. Dissenter

    ‘ Next 5 games absolutely essential for him and for our season.’

    This interminable “next xxx games” business is cringeworthy.

    People are constantly shifting the goalposts.

  39. Dissenter

    The media are starting to see the Arteta press conferences as a place to have fun.
    They know what.a dead man walking manager smells like, problem is that the entire Arsenal hierarchy is a grave yard.

  40. Dissenter

    The Arsenal organization is a bit disconnected from reality.
    Just reading on Arseblog the remarks Vinai recently made about Arsenal values.
    Just cool off the PR nonsense and do some actual hard work on the squad please.

  41. Samir

    I don’t know. But I would have taken it. Most one dimensional striker we’ve had on crazy wages.


    All players that are past it on big money…

  42. Receding Hairline

    “You live in a sort of bubble, you expect a manager to wave a magic wand, and everything becomes sunshine and roses. Most of us are sensible enough to know that returning Arsenal tto the elite is a process that will take a deal of time”

    That’s another name for failure i guess, returning Arsenal to the elite…lol

  43. Victorious

    Looking at the EPL table and it really serves for a depressing view, the amount of shit teams above us in the table makes me want to puke in the mouth

    I know we’re dogshite but my God, it has never been this worse

    We simply HAVE to win tomorrow! Arteta and this team cant afford to be dragged into a relegation fight ,we both know they don’t have such fight in them team.

    We could go down this season!Jesus

  44. Marc


    Crazy attitude to take – Last season Auba scored 22 PL goals, season before 22 PL goals, season before 10 goals in 13 performances. No striker has outscored him in the PL since his debut. You’d accept a low bid when we had no money to replace him with.

    The problem is not Auba it’s Arteta. If Arteta was sacked on Monday morning Auba will get a hat trick against Southampton on Wednesday.

  45. Receding Hairline

    “I know we’re dogshite but my God, it has never been this worse”

    This team has never been dogshite , don’t promote that narrative run by Arteta apologists. We have a team that if properly coached and setup will finish 5-7th easily, at the rate we are going a 12th place finish looks optimistic

  46. Ernest Reed

    “Most of us are sensible enough to know that returning Arsenal tto the elite is a process that will take a deal of time.”

    You are not going to return to “elite” when you continuously make poor investment over poor investment, speckled with the occasional good signing. Its been painful watching the Ozil saga play out, not to mention expensive as heck. So what did they do about it? Went and spent 2/3 of that on Willian for yet another three years of agony.

    How exactly do you return to elite status when you continually assert your mediocrity over it? And let us not forget, Arsenal are currently being managed by a novice who is still trying to figure it out. So yeah, tons of patience is required because being shit takes patience too!


  47. Marc


    The result tomorrow is neither here nor there in the ultimate scheme of things – Arteta isn’t good enough it doesn’t matter if he wins 3 nil he’ll still fuck up the following match.

  48. Receding Hairline

    “The result tomorrow is neither here nor there in the ultimate scheme of things”

    Who decides a manager is good enough off home games against Burnley? That is a straight forward three point for a team like Arsenal. The fact it is even in doubt is a problem.

  49. Victorious


    At this rate I’ll take a top half finish and Spuds not winning the title as a successful outcome for the season

    Remember giving you some shite for going to endless bat for Emery last season, turns out he’s a better coach than Arteta, never thought I’d ever say that,absolutely shocking that we’re having fears of relegation, Jesus

  50. Samir

    Giving a massive contract to a 31 year old is the real crazy attitude here. It is obvious he is only going to decline further and further. Even with a better manager he will struggle with the dross around him.

  51. Receding Hairline

    “Remember giving you some shite for going to endless bat for Emery last season”

    First off i did not defend Emery last season, he was clueless last season and i guess worn out mentally, the players wanted him gone and played like it so he was gone.

    I defended Emery in his first season because i knew the limitations we faced in terms of players, losing Ramsey for the run in was a blow, losing both Ramsey and Mkhi(who Emery always played in the big games) was catastrophic, so i was one of those harping on about the limitations of our squad and how expecting expansive entertaining football from them consistently was simply not possible.

  52. Anonymous Commentator

    The same manager who was so adamant about needing xhaka in his team and didn’t sell him in the summer is going to rescue this season.
    The same manager who can’t scout goalkeepers and sold one of the best in the league is going to rescue this season.

  53. Marc


    You’re making excuses for Arteta – Auba hasn’t been declining steadily his performances have gone off a cliff due to Arteta’s stupid tactics. It was only a few months ago that Auba was winning the Cup for us – you’ve got a short memory.

  54. Victorious


    Personally I’d give him the next 4 games regardless of the Burnley result to see how far

    But looking at the table is worrisome, I’m very sure if he doesn’t picture it up starting for tomorrow we could be in real danger

    Far better teams have gone down before

  55. Marc


    I said a few weeks ago I could see Arteta getting 4 points from:

    Spud’s A
    Burnley H
    Southampton H
    Everton A
    Chelsea H

    Right now that’s looking optimistic, even if Arteta springs a surprise and gets 7 points from those matches we’ll still be looking at 11 points from 30. That’s 42 points over a season but it’s OK because it’s getting us back to the Elite!

  56. Mr Serge

    Well said anonymous play the kids sod it
    Reis AMN esr balogan should all play nketiah is better than dead lacca trigger now
    AMN better than xhaka
    Willian can do one
    I would give balogan 6 games in a row see what he does

  57. Victorious

    First off i did not defend Emery last season, he was clueless last season and i guess worn out mentally, the players wanted him gone and played like it so he was gone.”

    Really shouldn’t be ashamed of defending the man honestly, whether last season nor 2 seasons ago, some folks would’ve been playing the ‘i told u so’ card already point is he got sacked with us being in 8th position and now we’re playing route 1 relegation football in 15th.

  58. Marc


    The stupid thing is the ones defending Arteta dismissed the same argument for Emery. The only difference is once Emery lost it everyone agreed it was time for him to go. Any result other than a win tomorrow will make it impossible for Arteta to match the points tally Emery had when he was sacked – and he’s got a better squad.

  59. Victorious


    4points at the end of those games we firmly have us in a relegation battle, i think the board will pull the trigger if that’s all he can offer after those games really

    we’re lucky there’re 3 other worse teams in the league.

  60. Receding Hairline

    “Well said anonymous play the kids sod it”

    Yea sod it until we see ourselves in 19th place. Will the “kids” do well in the championship?

    When we scream play the kids what exactly does it even mean? I just checked the U23 standings and we are 11th on a 13 team log, we have lost 5/10 there, scored 17 and let in 17, in the freaking reserves league. We don’t even have the best reserve team in the country but hey play the kids sod it, anything but sack Arteta i guess

  61. Marc


    Yeah this play the kids? What kids and for whom? If you mean dropping Willian for Nelson I don’t see that as playing one of the kids.

    It’s a combination of frustration from some on here and Pedro / his little band of lap dogs making excuses for Arteta.

  62. Mr Serge

    I mean play those 4 kids not the entire team receding jeez talk about taking a quote out of context

    Take xhaka
    Out and play balogan Nelson and AMN

  63. Victorious

    My preferred lineup for tomorrow :

    Cedric Holding Gabriel Tierney
    AMN Elneny
    Nelson Ceballos Saka

    Expected lineup:

    Bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierney
    Xhaka Laca Ceballos
    Willian Auba Saka

    Take it to the bank.

  64. Marc


    Well Xhaka should never ever get near the team anyway and Elneny should not have played midweek. AMN is 23 I don’t consider him “one of the kids” and Nelson is part of the PL squad so again hardly one of the kids although he is a younger player. He was injured midweek is he available for tomorrow? Balogun looks a great prospect but if Arteta will only give him half an hour in an irrelevant match I can’t see him picking him to start in the PL.

  65. Anonymous Commentator

    Play the kids means play those who are already in the first team and not getting minutes ahead of all of these out of form geriatrics and past it players.

    Xhaka is replaced by AMN
    auba is replaced by Balogun
    Willian is replaced by Reiss
    Pepe/Laca is replaced by ESR

    We have the pieces to make arteta’s idea of football actually work and this guy just won’t do it.

    You guys will have to elucidate how it is that other teams can get away with playing youth and being ahead of us at the same time, cause currently arteta has no excuses, and playing the seasoned professionals and veterans only shows him up even more for being either tactically inept or being unable to motivate players who already have a career behind them.

    Play the kids, it is of vital importance now more than ever.
    You know it’s also funny this is the same blog and community that would always insist that Wenger had to play the kids in the league when we were waiting for JRA and iwobi to arrive.
    JRA btw, another talent now getting minutes and getting better for it.

    We have so many of these stories, our youth scouting never went bad, only our coaching did. Across all 3 managers this holds true.

  66. Victorious

    We may see record breaking crosses in this match. Two managers with very similar approach

    Full route 1 relegation tactics to behold. How low have we sunk from witnessing orgasmic football in display which is the true trademark of the club.

  67. Marc


    The only changes I think there might be to your expected line up is maybe Luiz for Holding and Nketiah for Laca. Bar that I’d be shocked if it was any different.

  68. Anonymous Commentator

    Donyell malen was never given minutes and he’s now one of the hottest prospects in Europe.
    At some point the penny just has to drop that we have been scouting well and failing to develop talent.

  69. Victorious


    Having said all that

    Think we’ll get either a point or three from this, more the balance of probability in that eventually a group of professional footballers will manage to score a goal if they try for long enough, rather than us actually improving in any meaningful way.

  70. The Godfather

    Guendo rocks the net for Hertha to give them the lead in the second half. Looks like he is loving life in Germany … they are prolly rejoicing Arteta said No to Chaka moving there

  71. Dissenter

    Every man and his chihuahua knows the tact me Sean Dyche is going to deploy at the Emirates.
    They will play 10 man behind the ball and counter attack to get free kicks or corners . They will try to nick one free kick or corner kick to eke out a win. Burnley are built for these types of relation 6-pointers, I’m not sure we have the bottle for it.

    Evwry manager knows we can’t score to save our lives so who can blame them.

  72. Dissenter

    Arteta has us starving of midfield options in the midst of relative plenty.
    In a way, he created scarcity of options for himself with the shambolic squad decisions he’s made.

  73. Thorough

    Guendozi just scored his first Hertha goal against Gladbach.
    Mavropanos and hisStuttgart teammates are playing Dortmund off the park at Signs Idunna and deservedly leading 2 goals to 1.
    Saliba said he’s not part of the French players in Arsenal because he hasn’t played a minute.

    Ill chose these kids over the sauce man. With Arteta still in I doubt if any of Guen, Saliba and Mavro will ever play for us again.

    To hell with the sauce.

  74. Victorious

    If Arteta finish 15th or lower than 10th end of the season but win Europa League, would you keep him? He’s proven cup winner at least by winning FA Cup so it’s still possible to win EL even if your league position near relegation position.

    I think if he continues with with kids in the Europa and bring in a couple of experience in the latter stages he has a chance there, he seems switch on in the Europa and totally hopeless in the EPL,puzzling.

  75. Dissenter

    Nah, he;s created his ‘bad luck’ with his arrogance and bone-headed squad decisions that he has made.
    He put an outgoing Mustafi ahead of Saliba in the squad so that he can offer him.a contract extension. That’s how crap Arteta;a decision making has been.

  76. Marc


    Arteta’s had a piss easy group to get through and remember he went out in the first knock out stage last season.

    If the current state of play continues the players will completely down tools on him anyway.

  77. Dissenter

    That question is moot because Arteta cannot and will not win the EL
    People used to diss that competition when we had Emery around because acknowledging that it’s competitive would mean agreeing that Emery ‘s record was solid enough.
    If we get drawn with a proper European team like Olympiakos- we are out again in the round of 32.

  78. London gunner

    If arteta wins election and we finish lower than 10th than we should keep him.

    If he doesn’t win el and finishes less than 8th we gotta bin him.

  79. London gunner

    Also as dissenter said I’d be incredibly surprised if we win el too much quality competition in the tournament this year.

  80. Marc


    It’s not even putting Mustafi in in front of Saliba we’ve got 6 that’s SIX keepers in the EL squad.

    I just want to know when the Circus is leaving town.

  81. Dissenter

    We can do some good business next summer
    We have lots of dross coming off the books and lots of good players on loan that can be sold to generate funds.
    I just don’t have faith in Edu or Arteta, I’ve seen enough as it stands.

  82. Dissenter

    I think the club has made one of the biggest blunders in club football management when they elevated Arteta to manger with co-equal powers on all footballing activities with the technical director.
    In essence they made Edu his errand boy because Edu doesn’t have the visibility that Arteta has.
    It’s going to get really ugly because there’s no one in the club to call the manager to task as it stands.
    Hopefully Sheffield, Westbrom and Fulham don’t get their acts together to start winning games soon.

  83. SUGA3

    Arteta to win EL 😆

    Not in a million years. There are some good sides to play against once you go to KO stages and they actually give a shit, unlike the CL clubs playing in the FA Cup and not needing additional fixtures. Behave.

  84. Marc


    Arteta will be sacked long before we’re relegated – the Kroenke’s aren’t going to sit back and watch a $2 billion asset get sucked into a death spiral.

    What I want to know if where the fuck is this Tim Lewis who was supposed to come on board and stop all these fuck ups from happening?

  85. Ernest Reed

    “Arteta has us starving of midfield options in the midst of relative plenty.
    In a way, he created scarcity of options for himself with the shambolic squad decisions he’s made.”

    You mean like starting your best Midfielder when he was clearly not 100%, for reasons only really known to the Manager, because well, said Midfielder is now out for a prolonged spell – meaning you now will continuously play King Molasses, the Human Slo Motion Machine?

    I assume you mean that, right Dissenter?

  86. Dissenter

    Yes, that and ostracizing decent talent that parked away in other clubs for the season.
    Don’t you love the way Arteta blames the player eagerness to play through injury.
    On Nov 29, Arteta was saying Partey still had a few weeks out, the following week they were testing him thrice to see if he was fit enough for the NLD.

  87. Thorough

    And BTW the Stuttgart team has been overseen for two years by our good friend Sven Muslinstat.
    In those two seasons, they’ve gained promotion to the Bundesliga, spent a whooping 11 million on transfer and are now sitting pretty at 6th place in the Bundesliga.

  88. Sid

    Anyone but Xhakalson can form a decent pairing with Partey,
    Guen, AMN, Torr, Elneny, Willock.

    Elneny wth either Willock or AMN can do a better job than Xhakalson with anyone else.

    ‘In a way, he created scarcity of options for himself with the shambolic squad decisions he’s made.’

  89. SUGA3


    Arteta is making all the mistakes Wenger was (playing through red zone, rushing players back from injuries), just that he is not as likeable as Le Prof. Objectively speaking, I was never one of Wenger fanboys.

  90. Ernest Reed

    For a club bereft of decent midfield choices, Arteta’s logic escapes common sense, Dissenter.

    This much i know, Arteta is not above critiquing or criticism from anyone. To be honest, his performance to date demands nothing less.

  91. Dissenter

    I’m feeling better about the chances that Spuds will win the title.
    For a while Liverpool, looked like they were severely wounded defensively after VVD got injured but the seem to have found a new balance.
    There’s no way that Spuds will beat Liverpool to the title over the remaining 27 games left in the season. Spuds will push them hard because they have two world class strikers/finishers and Mourhino knows how to win titles. Ultimately class will carry ‘pool over the line.

  92. Valentin

    Newspapers are now publicly reporting that according to internal sources Saliba has no future at Arsenal as long as Arteta is in charge.

    Arteta made clear that he wants to purchase another right footed CB. Unfortunately all his preferred options are either too expensive or so bad Edu is vetoing them.

    Remember when in September, people were actually posting that Arteta just did not fancy Saliba and were laughed at. The only one still laughing at now are fans of other clubs.

    Arteta is now actively trying to destroy the career of a young player, because he has had the audacity to question his tactical vision. Saliba was known in France for his risky but effective passing. Arteta does not want his CB to attempt risky passes deep into midfield and would rather have them make lateral passes to the fulback or long ball over the top to an attacker which give time for our midfield to reset if the ball is intercepted.

    Anybody who genuinely argue that Mustafi, Holding or David Luiz should play ahead of Saliba should not be managing Arsenal.
    Anybody who make Xhaka the lynchpin of their tactical system deserve the sack.
    I only hope that when the Kroenke wake up and send Arteta packing, they don’t go after a worse manager. Alan Pardew has just taken the lucrative role of DoF at Zenith, but Josh may decide to contact another experienced premier League manager such as Fat Sam, Harry Redknapp…

  93. roaaary

    Good news…..bellerin and xhaka won’t feature in the next game.

    Hector has actually become our worst player. Just doesn’t look like a footballer.

    On the ball he turns back every time and takes the easy route. In defence he allows people to cross and doesn’t close down. Absolute disgrace