Arteta squirms over press quotes + TIME FOR HALE-ENDERS TO SHINE!

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What’s that you can hear? It’s Arsenal’s Safe Space Thursday™ brought to you in association with Europa League.


We head to Ireland for a game against Dundalk. I can’t wait. We’re going to see free-flowing football, intricate goals, shots on target, balls into the final third, the passes will be on the ground all game. It’ll be a feast of football and I can’t wait.

Mikel said he’s going to take some of the kids over.

Will Balogun land a start? I hope so.

We’ll certainly see AMN, Eddie, and ESR. We MIGHT even see Miguel Azeez. Might be too early for Patino, but you never know what sort of madness the gaffer might drop after he’s been well and truly told by the fans this week (just kidding).

Tonight won’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but you know what, who fucking cares? Just give me a 4-0 win to keep me breathing until Burnley smash us at the weekend.

What are we looking for? Signs of life. A clear plan. A little bit of joy.

My hope is that the Hale-Enders smell blood in the water. They need to sense their chance is coming soon, and they need to be extra motivated to put the dossers in the first team to bed. I’ve spoken about that AMN interview all week, because it said to me the young players gossip about the senior players not putting in a shift. Water cooler gossip about how much better you are than the person above you only matters if you eat the chance when it arrives.

We need the kids to show us the way. Arteta needs to prove out what a future with young creative players with athletic profiles could look like. He needs to take every opportunity he can to put a bit of confidence back in the project. Dundalk away is probably the best place to start.

I’ve watched all of Arteta’s press conferences since he joined and the show he put on yesterday was very interesting. He was grilled a little bit and put in situations he struggled to fight his way out of. There were two notable moments he tried to back out of.

The first was being asked about his DAZN Spain statement regarding the need for 5-6 new players to get to a 4-3-3. He really squirmed because he knew he’d fucked up there. He tried to make out he needed some sort of specificity, but he poorly tried to insinuate he could evolve players and he might have some of them in reserve. Super awkward. Everyone knows he needs new players, but you can’t really say that at the start of December if you want a turn out of the bums you’re currently trying to motivate to put their boots on.

He was then asked if the senior players in the league were letting him down. Again, you know he wanted to say OF COURSE THEY ARE, but he tried to smooth his way out by saying he wouldn’t pick the seniors if they were letting him down, and, by the way, he wanted everyone to be reminded he gives the kids games in cup finals and important games.

Not his finest performance. He looked very uncomfortable, usually, he’s very chipper. It’s all getting a bit twitchy. I’d imagine he’s very hurt by how quickly the fans turned this month and how fast the players he pumped have gone down the shitter. Still, no time to feel sorry for yourself, time to get this show BACK on the road.

10 good games in a row and all is forgotten.

He needs that 10 games to start from now. A huge ask, but all the good managers have the stardust to make it happen. Does Mikel? I hope so. I want to go back into the comments section on my own site this year. SO FFS MIKEL PULL IT TOGETHER MAN.

A short one today, but before I go…

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718 Responses to “Arteta squirms over press quotes + TIME FOR HALE-ENDERS TO SHINE!”

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  1. Marc


    Whilst I’ve disagreed with quite a bit of what Pedro has pushed the last few years what he did have correct was the concept of a robust management team that would deal with transfers rather than a single person controlling it all.

    Where the due diligence was done on the Runarsson deal escapes me.

  2. Marc


    There’s a world of difference between trolling – CG or Pierre on occasions for example and taking the piss out of Pedro or giving him the bitch slapping he so desperately deserves.

  3. Tom

    I was for extending Auba’s but I’m not gonna pretend he isn’t a fair weather striker who only thrives in a well, or semi-well functioning attack.
    When the club is struggling for identity like we are now, he’s pretty much a passenger.
    I can think of half a dozen PL strikers on half the money he is who can create more for themselves out of nothing.

  4. Marc


    Easy solution to that – get the team functioning better.

    Arsenal can be called out on all sorts of issues but right now only one matters – the manager has to go.

  5. Valentin

    Whatever his salary Runnarsson currently fall way short of the level required for a No2 at a premiership club, even more for one with aspiration to top 4.
    However he may be a long term project by the goalkeeper coach who recommended him having worked with him previously. On the other hand, he may also just be a favour done to a friend.
    The issue is that if Leno gets a long term injury we are in big trouble. Matt Macey may be a giant, but he is a truly terrible goalkeeper. We may have to delve into the youth team to get some quality. At least Hein and Okonkwo have shown promises and Hein already has some experience of senior football with 6 appearances with Estonia.

  6. Pierre

    ‘Pierre already mentioned this ofc being smug about it, it’s his 2nd man crush”

    What you mean is that it’s a man crush if you dont like the player but if it’s a player you rate then it’s being a supporter…

  7. South African Gooner

    Jens Lehmann the Invincible.

    ******The position right now is the worst in decades. For a club like Arsenal that is not acceptable.
    All of us old players would try to help and make the Arsenal brand strong and big. We are very disappointed because the brand name is deteriorating, and you simply cannot let that happen.******

    I guess he is trolling too – or just stating the truth….?

  8. Leftside

    Athletici Madrid knew something about Partey

    They wanted him to stay and were unhappy we triggered his clause..but carry on..

  9. Valentin

    Funny how the invincibles want to help, but Arteta is doing his level best to keep them out of the club:

    Freddie exiled into the stand as far as possible from the players.
    DB10 snubbed despite his offer to act as striker coach.
    Mad Jens not welcome
    Martin Keown not welcome as an on demand/part time defensive coach

  10. Leftside

    No surprises there Valentin.

    Arteta comes across like a micro managing, narcissistic control freak who is set in his ways already. His management career is in it’s infancy thats where it becomes baffling.

  11. Nelson


    Here is my thought on Belo and Eddie. First of all, they are not like Willian or Laca. They are young and they will improve.

    – Regarding Belo, most of us say that he has a better chance to succeed because he plays the traditional style of an EPL striker. He can hold up play against a CB, He has speed and he can shoot.

    – As for Eddie, I can see why Arteta likes him. He is mobile and has a nose for a goal. If Arsenal can sign two players like David Silva and Sterling, Eddie can copy Agüero’s game. Yesterday, although we played a farm team, I would guess that Arteta wanted to exercise his future tactical plan. He wants quick passing to break through the defense. Eddie could still fit into Arteta’s plan. But he needs support.

  12. Anonymous Commentator

    Arsenal has no brain trust.
    Retired players being kept away from training, historic coaching staff got moved on. Where is pat rice when you need him honestly.

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    Problem is because everyone got duped into thinking Pep was a WC coach, we assumed some of it would rub off on Arteta . Truth is peps a good manager , nothing else. Apart from a few disciplinary problems at Barca ,which in fairness he did sort out, they were hardly a shabby squad. Then he went to Bayern who’d just one the treble and again had a fantastic squad, before coming to city who had pots of gold to sprinkle on a good squad. I’d take klopp over pep all day long but that’s my opinion

  14. Tom

    How exactly could the invincibles be of any help though?
    I’m struggling with that concept a bit.

    How many ex Liverpool greats working with Klopp, are there any?

    How’s the baby face assassin and United’s best ever holding midfielder getting on with their expertise? Not great.

  15. Olumide

    Voted for Oreo yesterday and it was at 43%. And now, it’s on 55%.

    Pedro, looks like you’re better at getting a win than your boy.

  16. Sid

    They wanted him to stay and were unhappy we triggered his clause..but carry on..

    ‘Remember though, Atleti is in deep shit on the money front. They used one of those fancy lending firms that ‘ease cashflow in football’ to fund a bunch of their deals, now they are drowning in shit. They likely want the £50m because that’ll help ease their €500 million debt burden. ‘
    July 29th, 2020 by Pedro.

    Easier to let go and replace than koke, saul, marcos lorente

    Im telling you for free!

  17. Valentin


    I agree with the sentiment that a No2 should be ready to go in case of injury to the No1.
    To Runarsson look like a No3 with a view to a potential No1, hence a long term project. Right now I would bin both goalkeepers.
    Personally I would have kept Martinez and sold Leno. If the cash for Martinez was so enticing (which in my view was not) I would have loan an experienced goalkeeper (Areola for example) for a year and groomed one of the bright youngster goalkeepers for the top job the following year.

  18. Habesha Gooner

    Well Szoboszlai is gone. Aouar and buendia are the ones who are left who are under 25 who would improve us. Aouar won’t be attainable in january from what I heard before though. I still feel Buendia would improve us massively. He is in the championship but I can see so much potential in him. Creative, Two footed, Feisty, Defends like hell, Flicks and tricks, Can see a pass and with mad dribbling skills. The only weaknesses I see in his game are scoring enough and he is a bit of a hot head. He would help in unlocking our attackers. I have a feeling he will another maddison or Grealish. Underrated because he has been playing in a lower league.

    We can always go for Aouar in the summer too. He can play as an 8 too so we would have a great midfield with both and Partey.

  19. Olumide

    Imagine choosing Leipzig over Arsenal. How the mighty have fallen.

    That boy is making a huge mistake. I mean who misses the chance to play for a generational coach?

  20. Olumide

    Arsenal will continue to lose great prospects so far Arteta is the manager.

    I mean, the ones already here are probably looking to leave. Which young prospect will look at Arteta’s treatment of Martinelli and Saliba and decide they want some of that?

  21. Marc

    I said weeks ago we’d struggled to recruit any of the players we were being linking to with the way things were heading.

    If Arteta lasts the next thing will be the players we’d want to keep will be pushing to leave – Gabriel, Tierney, Saka, Martinelli etc.

  22. Matt

    Did someone just mention Nketiah is the same breath as Aguero!? Wow!

    He gets into decent positions but he really isn’t a great finisher. A lot of his goals do not find the corner of the net. I’m fact a lot of them are shot straight at the keeper and probably had no right to go in. The same is true of Willock. Most of his goals in the Europa have come off the keeper first. In a time where we can barley muster a shot on target, you could argue that at least they are having a go. However, at a higher level and against better keepers, those same shots don’t go in. Congrats to Balogun who tucked his goal right into the corner last night. Arguably he didn’t even need to be as clinical as the keepers angle was awful, but it’s an encouraging sign for me.

  23. Elmo

    If Tets were to be binned sometime in the next couple of months, what would be the odds that Arsenal under a new gaffer offered Ozil a new contract (but on Willian money, not 350) after being brought back in and providing a couple of assists?!

    Having seen Mustafi’s offer, I could imagine it happening!

  24. Graham62

    Don’t be concerned with players we don’t have and, based on where we are now, probably will never have.

    What we have is what we have.

    Play the youngsters and ditch the usual suspects and, for Christ’s sake, make Arsenal smile again.

  25. Leftside

    Funny that reports say we may move for Szoboszlai in the future, if we pass him up at this stage its unlikely we will when his transfer value has doubled or tripled

  26. S Asoa

    Dominick Sbozlai has already indicated that he does not want to go to Arsenal. His preference is Leipzig. Looks like Arteta’s idiosyncratic perversities are widely discussed now., and how he enjoys destroying young players .
    Time we ejected the Tinpot

  27. Ernest Reed

    “Funny how the invincibles want to help, but Arteta is doing his level best to keep them out of the club:”

    Put yourself in Arteta’s shoes, Valentin and Leftside. You want to prove to yourself and others that you are up to the task, so why would you bring in others that, quite likely, you know nothing about nor have any sort of relationship with?

    Arteta is either going to succeed or he wont, but he will do so on his own terms. As for those offering to help, perhaps well meaning and intentioned, but equally more telling of their faith in Arteta at the moment.

  28. Ernest Reed

    I find the criticism of Runar interesting. He’s a kid and has time in front of him to learn his craft. The same can absolutely be said of Emi, who took 10 years to come good. If the kid can come good in less time than that then its good business. Funny how people conveniently forget some of the facts as they rush to judge others with the same stick.

  29. Kris

    Jesus, some of the comments here.

    Szobo probably knows nothing about Arteta as a manager (hopefully), it’s just that the two RB clubs seem to have a certain arrangement where the Austrian club functions as a kind of a glorified feeder club to the German one.

    Now, if he chose, say, Leicester or Everton over us that would be damning, but this is a non-story.

  30. Ernest Reed

    “Now, if he chose, say, Leicester or Everton over us that would be damning, but this is a non-story.”

    Totally agree, Kris.

    Desperate times call for… some of you need to seriously take a deep breath, or your boredom has engulfed your senses!

  31. Ernest Reed

    “They’re criticising Edu/Arteta for ending up in a position where an inexperienced kid is our backup keeper”

    Considering their current financial situation? I cant speak to the pure and unadulterated way they so foolishly spend funds, but you have to recognize that this is just a continuation of more of the same. I would love to say that the past has come back to bite them, but it really never went away as evidenced with some of their recent dealings (Salt Bae’s buddy).

    Guess what I’m trying to say is thats its pretty screwed up, but i wont get down on the kid for it.

  32. Ernest Reed

    Concerning again that Pepe was pretty much anonymous yesterday and against a team that he should be thriving against. I remain hopeful that he does not revert back to the £72 player instead of the £72M pound player he’s been billed as.

  33. raptora

    You guys don’t get it. If it was so obvious that the plan was for Dom S to move to RB Leipzig, it would have been settled so, so, so long ago. According to reports Arsenal have been in contact with him for years. It all went to this moment where HE had the option to pick his next team from the teams that want him.

    I think that if Arsenal was doing much better, and was a more attractive club to be at, he’d have chosen us. He will 100% agree the RB Leipzig offer on less money than he would have received with us. So it’s a 100% footballing decision. Neither our manager, or our club scream stability or ambition and he’s getting both at Leipzig.

    The organization couldn’t force him to do anything. I repeat again. It was HIS decision.

    We aren’t as attractive of a football destination as Leipzig.

    They sit 2 pts behind the leader in Germany and just kicked Manure out of the Champions League and finished with even points as PSG with a win over them.

    We are 15h in the league, 11 pts behind the leader, have scored less goals than games played, the manager sent our 27m CB super talent to play in the reserves for half a year, benched Martinelli, and brought a star in Willian so he doesn’t play our 72m record transfer Pepe.

    It’s a mess and he knows it, so he’s playing it safe. Things were far different 2 months ago when Partey joined us. And some might say he did it entirely for the money as he’d be winning La Liga at Atleti.

  34. Anonymous Commentator

    Runarson and Martinez cannot be compared.
    Emi was at the club since he was 18, he’s now 28.
    Runarson is with us now at 25, he isn’t going to get any better.
    give him 3 years? at least people were asking for Martinez to start games at the end of sczezny’s time with the club when Martinez was still 24.

  35. raptora

    I know I wouldn’t have picked current Arsenal to RB Leipzig. Looking at Saliba, Pepe, Martinelli, and all the youngsters that were supposed to be progressing and developing but aren’t. Even when you look at Balogun, he could have played many games in the Europa League. Saliba could have started every single game. Instead we watched Mustafi, Luiz, Chambers, Mari and all the other seniors.

  36. Ernest Reed

    Anonymous Commentator

    Geez, my bad as i was not aware that the “kid” is not a kid at 25! Still not going to get down on him because quite honestly, this one is totally on the Lunkheaded Management team, who seemingly cant help themselves.

  37. Snowkid

    raptoraDecember 11, 2020 13:39:20
    Imagine preferring to play for Nagelsmann to Arteta. He’s even going to make far less money. Shocking.

    What is so attractive to play for arteta?

  38. Snowkid

    They are 3rd in the bundesliga. 2 points back

    Into the knockout stages for CL

    An exciting manager that we would love to have at arsenal

    And youre questioning why naglesmann over arteta.


  39. Anonymous Commentator

    I put it on the management too ER. Whoever thought it was the winning play to let Martinez go is the real fool now.

  40. Zacharse

    Playing at the emirates is attractive
    Playing for a global club is attractive
    Getting paid more is attractive
    Arteta was good enough for pep, certainly that qualifies him as desirable for young players. Most of the kids watched him play.
    Just cuz hes got a shit squad and is a struggling rookie manager doesnt mean hes not a star.
    All the rage directed at him should be redirected towards the men who created the worst squad ive ever seen play for afc

  41. raptora

    “All the rage directed at him should be redirected towards the men who created the worst squad ive ever seen play for afc”

    No comment. Just a bit deluded. Tiny bit.

  42. Anonymous Commentator

    Go play with Dani olmo and friends, or go play with a seemingly depleted aubamayang.
    I’m gonna go play with olmo and friends who were champions League semi finalists a few months ago.

  43. Eduardo


    What elite footballer is going to give two shits about Arteta winning the league with Rangers or passing sideways as a DLM in banter era Arsenal? smh

  44. izzo

    Arteta was no star. never played for Spain. Because he’s pals with Pep you think he’s a star? Lol. Average player when he came to us and left crocked and retired. He’s now spreading his averageness into the club. Won’t be long now he’ll get the sack.

  45. Left Testicle

    Arteta played ESR on the left flank a la Aubameyang and AMN at left back. Balogun only got 30 minutes in a meaningless game. At this rate the youth will want to leave to play in their proper positions or to even get a game.

  46. london gunner

    some compared eddie to aguero most laughable comment ever.

    Aguero has immense low body strength, can hold off a striker and then spin and turn them, has good dribbling skills and the ability to turn a shoulder and create space to get the shot off and finally has wc finishing.

    Eddie is a tap in merchant who can’t do anything outside the box (Aguero can link play outside of the box when he needs to)

    Eddie has to add more to his game we can’t carry a player who just hovers in the box. None of the great finisher strikers do this not lewa, not aguero, not even ronaldo.

  47. South African Gooner

    x2 players,
    x2 buy out clauses,

    one creative,
    one destructive,

    Partey at 28/32 @ £50 million( and 200k a week)
    Sbsboski at 20 @ £25 million

    I know who ,I would have chosen
    But The Dopes, they think differently…
    they have a process to follow.

  48. izzo

    Nketiah is clearly Arteta’s pet. No real experienced manager would entertain to likes of him starting games or even being on the bench for that matter. He would’ve been sold already. We’re ready to sell Laca and Eddie is just as bad as him. All his goals are tap ins and scrappy he would do well playing in the championship. Definitely not an Hale Ender to keep.

  49. Zacharse


    I dunno i dont care. Doesnt change the issue.
    There were certainly some players who rejected a contract w leicester when ranieri arrived and probably made some smart ass quips in the spirit of yours. Wonder whatbtheywere thinking 9 months later.
    Football is cruel and the winds change fast.
    Easy to kick someone when they are down and make up an excuse after the fact

  50. Max

    “Playing at the emirates is attractive” – Not when the club wastes young talent, is currently 15th, cant score, and keeps losing at emirates to teams like Wolves.

    Playing for a global club is attractive – Not when the club wastes young talent, is currently 15th, cant score, and keeps losing at emirates to teams like Wolves.

    Getting paid more is attractive – Not when the club wastes young talent, is currently 15th, cant score, and keeps losing at emirates to teams like Wolves.

    Arteta was good enough for pep (A= TO PUT OUT HIS CONES) certainly that qualifies him as desirable for young players. – Considering (A), really??

  51. Zacharse

    As for szobolo choosing another redbull team instead of any other destination

    Wonder if the logic has to do w a payday 10x this one 4 yrs down the road etc

  52. Tom

    I don’t know if Szaboszlai ever watched Arteta play but he and his agent definitely watched Arteta coach and at 20, the money Arsenal could’ve offered him should never outweigh the need for playing in a system which could further his development.

    Szaboszlai’s joining Arsenal in its present state would’ve constituted the agent’s abandoning the fiduciary duty to his client.

    No one should be surprised by this whatsoever.

  53. Rich

    Looks like Szoboszlai has chosen RB Leipzig.

    There’s talk we might go for Nkunku, Emery was keen on us making a move when he left PSG.

    €40 million price being mooted, he’s just turned 23.

  54. Zacharse

    Your points are temporary. They may apply for another 6 months-3 years. My points are not.
    Arteta will definitely have a long career regardless of whether hes sacked or not. The emirates will only get bigger, it will not get smaller. The pay packets are still above and beyond what mid table teams can offer.

    Were not great but were not watford/palace/west ham. We do have potential unlike clubs who struggle year i year out to compete financially.
    Our biggest problem is our ownership. End of.

  55. Nelson

    I guess I have written something that has confused some readers. When I wrote that Eddie Nketiah can copy Aguero, what I meant is that Eddie can learn from how Aguero plays. Eddie is born May 30, 1999 (age 21 years). He still has to develop his game further. He can select Aguero as his role model.

  56. Rich

    Not sure if we’ll get Aouar now, like Upamecano, I think those ships have sailed.

    Both will have their picks of top clubs this summer.

    The big question is, do KSE trust Edu armed with tens of millions of their cash?

    We really can’t afford to get another transfer decision wrong, our squad is already overflowing with overpaid dross.

    Ligue 1 is in a bit of trouble, hopefully we can identify some top talent, and pick it off cheaply

  57. Luteo Guenreira

    Wow it’s pretty depressing around here. Arteta hard to defend nowadays so I get the comments skewing negative but you guys sound like a bunch of sad sacks, some Spurs fan is reading this and loving it. At least there’s a bit of a consensus though, at least moreso than when politics comes up. Has steak conceded yet though? America may be fat as all hell and Oreos are great but still think it’s an upset for sugar to be getting past meat in this country. Well played Pedro, well played Nabisco.

  58. Anonymous Commentator

    We just have to win against burnley, there is no possible way we should be losing that.
    Last game against them it was a draw. The regression is complete if they win.

  59. raptora

    “The emirates will only get bigger, it will not get smaller.
    Were not great but were not watford/palace/west ham. We do have potential unlike clubs who struggle year i year out to compete financially.”

    We went from winning titles in 2004, to top 4 trophy 2005-2016, to top half of the table 2017-2020. In the last 4 seasons we’ve finished 5th, 6th, 5th, 8th. We are currently 15th. The downward spiral is obvious and clear. We cannot be certain that we won’t become a 8-12 place team now and in the near future.

    This season things are looking worse than in 40 years time. Why would Dom S or any other top talent sign for us if he has offers from teams in far greater shape?

    We are in turmoil, crisis.

    Anyone but the likes of Willian, Ozil even Auba and Partey that are here for their big pay day would stay away. Not until we become a relevant team again. One of the ways was to play super talented young players who come here to develop their skills and be certain that they are going to be taken care of. Now that path looks dead courtesy of Arteta and his million excuses.

  60. andy1886

    Not sure why the confidence that Arteta will have a long managerial career, no evidence, just hype so far.

    I’m sure people thought that about Tim Sherwood and Garry Monk but where are they now?

  61. Anonymous Commentator

    We really need things to turn around and now, there is no more time to be waiting for arteta to figure out how to work this team.

  62. Major_Jeneral

    Major_Jeneral’s thoughts

    If I have some over the top fantasy options for Arsenal it will be to see Arsenal’s ownership changes. It is isn’t just about the management and strategy alone. I feel that the Kroenke don’t see the problem as critics see them. Just changing coaches or management may not resolve the issues we have at the moment.
    Also I think Arsenal need to resort to the head coach role for MA. That is less power and pressure than we currently have now.

  63. Zacharse

    I dont pretend to think artetas blameless but fuck he did a great job picking up the pieces last season regardless of where we are now. To say hes got no track record isnt correct but to say hes young and imperfect thats fine.
    He wants to evolve us into an attacking team as fast as possible but our squad isnt capable.were on a downward spiral yes, but cutting him loose andletting per take over for a month before countless “world class” managers (w zero experience in england) realize theres not enough money to buy the players they want…
    Who do we end up w? viera? Adams? Hows that a solution?


  64. Tom

    You need a good slogan to win in politics and advertising, the stake people should’ve gone with something like :” looking good Sugar, but check out my meat”

  65. Valentin

    I think that KSE see the same problems than we so. But Maybe because the business model of their original business is based on long term asset appreciation, KSE tends to react much more slowly than most our competitors.
    Chelsea is pretty much the extreme case where the managerial job is Game of thrones: You are play to win or you are getting sacked.
    Still at Liverpool, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish were shown the door as soon as it was clear they were not the right man for the long term.

  66. Zacharse


    U hit the nail on the head bro. KSE cant yet understand the difference between sport in america and in britain and it isnt tough to see the difference
    In america sport is a socialist endeavor

  67. Pierre

    Listen to you all , slagging Arteta off after a few defeats.
    a couple of months ago you were all lauding him after he left Ozil out of the squad ..
    All i hear now is how shit Arteta is , what a bullshitter he is, there’s no creativity , he doesn’t play the kids, no one will sign for us due to his treatment of players..

    Exactly what i was telling you a few months back…and now here you all are , agreeing with me …mugs.

    I wrote this on the day the premier league squad was announced by Arteta when Ozil was omitted…..never seen Le Grove so happy …Le Groaners are not laughing now are they.

    “PierreOctober 21, 2020 18:11:54
    Today on Le Grove reminds me of the day it was announced Wenger was leaving .

    The usual very chidiish reaction and disrespect to someone who brought trophies and enjoyment to Arsenal fans the world over.
    Wenger leaving didn’t turn out how the obsessives expected it to did it.

    I have reminded the know nothings on here a few times that the football they are watching is what they deserve.Turgid , boring and very difficult to watch….it’s what you asked for so don’t complain.

    It will not give me any pleasure to again remind them in a couple of months time , that the lack of creativity they are witnessing is what they asked for and what they deserve.

    Let’s hope that Arteta finds the magic key to open the door to our creativity and then we can all enjoy the wonderful , expansive football on offer..

    I just hope you all haven’t got it wrong again and the celebrations we are seeing today are not a little premature”

  68. Anonymous Commentator

    It’s not about buying players right now, we have talent in house that should be getting minutes and helping the team climb the table.
    We need a manager that is willing to work with the youth and who will only go into the market to get what we don’t have in house.

    We are no longer looking for one piece to complete the puzzle, we are waiting for our pieces to be picked and organised first.
    Organisation is lacking.
    And our puzzle solver won’t even give himself a chance to find a piece from the academy.

    He’s only playing saka cause saka would have progressed under any coach.
    He’s only playing Eddie cause laca can’t be trusted and auba is absent in the middle while we lack creativity.
    He only plays anyone else out of necessity because injuries caught up with the squad or something else.

    ESR answers a lot of holes in our current puzzle, same with AMN, why can’t they get League minutes?
    ESR was bossing the championship and had to be reigned in by his coach cause he was too good for the rest of the team to keep up with, AMN is either ready to play regularly now or will just never play and should force a move to any club he likes, he will be respected there at least.

    Lineup for Burnley assuming we are playing 3-4-3

    Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney
    AMN, Willock, Elneny, Saka
    Reiss, Balogun, ESR

    Play that team and it cannot possibly be worse than what we’re currently getting week after week from these pension footballers.
    Replace luiz with saliba if arteta gets out his reading glasses and goes over the registration rules.

  69. Anonymous Commentator

    Getting rid of Wenger was meant to be followed up with an actual world class manager.
    No doubt jardim was available at the time.

  70. S Asoa

    Arteta on ESR

    Smith Rowe’s interplay with Ainsley Maitland-Niles was especially strong and Arteta liked what he saw.

    “He hasn’t played many games and he’s playing in a position that doesn’t suit him perfectly with his qualities,” noted the manager.
    That last part is disconcerting. Hope Mikel is thinkiy of a place where ESR will feel lost.

  71. raptora

    Wow Pierre, October 21. Hardly visionary stuff is it? It was obvious at the time. The signs were worrying for a while. You saw it, true. But many of us did. The ones that had no idea where this was going to at the time, are the ones that still refuse to open their eyes.

    And it’s clearly got nothing to do with Ozil. It’s Arteta that lead us to this horrifying place.

  72. Tom

    Arteta transforming Sterling into greatness at City is an interesting argument.
    The 19 year old Sterling was scoring and assisting in double figures at Liverpool two years running before his $70m City transfer.
    Is it possible he was destined for stardom at the mega talented City under Pep even without Arteta’s input, whatever that might’ve been?

    Can he sprinkle some of that magic dust on Pepe then?

  73. Pierre

    I see you all want the kids to start now .

    Will just remind you that i made the point many times that it is impossible to play high intensity, pressing football with Aubameyang Lacazette willian and pepe up top and Arteta should bring in the kids if he wwants to play with high intensity….of course , you’ve all jumped on the bandwagon now as per usual.

    Eddie showed how it’s done last night when he scored the first goal and received little credut for it from Le groaners .

  74. Terraloon


    Sadly I think you are rating some of the younger players, at this point in time far higher than the level they are at.

    Play the team you suggest and Burnley’s experience and organisation will in all likelihood be far too much.

    It’s all well and good wanting youngsters to graduate but ultimately experience will trump youth .
    Burnley aren’t Dundalk they are a hardened , organised and competent group of PL players

  75. Major_Jeneral

    Anonymous Commentator

    That is a youthful and brave line-up. If Freddie was the helms I won’t be surprised with that line-up but With MA he isn’t going to take such risks.

  76. Jamie

    Imagine trying to establish yourself as the first person here to suggest the youth players get more minutes.

    The desperation for validation from strangers on the internet is unhealthy. Listing shit you think you were right about from a couple months back. What an embarrassing carry-on.

    Project Youth 2.0 – Pedro 2019, over a year earlier than when Pierre claims he started the movement.

  77. Ernest Reed

    “Eddie showed how it’s done last night when he scored the first goal and received little credut for it from Le groaners .”

    Really Pierre? And against a Pub Team no less!

  78. Anonymous Commentator


    I don’t believe I’m rating the kids too highly, and if I am then it begs the question of just how bad are our senior players? Cause on current form the kids do in fact look better.
    Yes yes it’s against Dundalk, and molde and some other anonymous teams that were never going to threaten anyone with a hiding, but at some point the manager has to be brave enough to see what any of these kids will do in the league.

    Willock made some 26 appearances last year in the league for us, is our current worse League position due to him being out the side?
    Same with AMN, these guys have been at the club for years already, they’ve played some pretty big parts in recent seasons, I don’t understand why they’re being binned for League football if we haven’t upgraded on the positions they were playing.

    Plus, at the end of it all, we’ll just lose these kids and they’ll go become the rave of some other team.
    I would have no problem with that if we got commensurate value for them and we don’t have to see another gnabry situation.
    And yes it did take gnabry a few years to become the heir to robben, but when he was at arsenal he was clearly better on the wing than either Walcott or Oxlade and got no minutes for his efforts.

    These kids are good, they are good right now, be it youthful enthusiasm or actual talent. Either of those is a boon to us right now.
    Meanwhile we got the fanbase week on week hoping that saka, a teenager, can kick the team into gear.
    It’s not gonna happen, none of them are gonna tell auba to make runs like he means it, none of our key creators can present a standard to their seniors, what more are we waiting to see?

    Let the youth play with the youth and let’s see what happens.
    Do it for 2 games, we’ve got Burnley and Southampton, it is the perfect time to see just what we have in the tank.
    If the tank is empty then so be it it’s empty.