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Well, I threw my toys out of the pram yesterday. Nothing like a Spurs loss to really bring the emotions out. Today, we get back to the mission… which is like, you know, a win or something.

Things aren’t great for Arteta. He can’t hide behind many excuses, though clearly, there are some. I think the theme that has come via the interesting criticism is that the biggest mistake of his tenure thus far has been enablement.

He came into a mess, he knew the stories, but he still backed the bums who always let the managers down.

He also threw his name on the strategy deck of short-term fixes, one he should have recognised was tainted badly by history.

His biggest mistake was to stand by ideas that have failed since 2014.

Is he a bad coach? No.

Is he finished at Arsenal? No.

Can we turn things around? Yes.

The journey was always going to be rough, maybe I didn’t expect it to be this rough, but still… this is a big job that requires more than one man to contribute value if it’s to be completed on time and in full.

Something has to change though, and I think there’s a pretty clear consensus amongst fans, explayers, and pundits on what that needs to be.


The season is more than likely over in the Premier League. We’re not competing for top 4 now. We’re playing for a respectful finish and some improvements in January. Arteta needs to front up about the season and he needs to look to the future. He tempted us with top 4 knowing we were 6 players short of what was needed. That’s quite the porky to tell the fans, now he has to rectify the lie, be honest, and tell us what IS possible. Get it out the way, no bullshit or protecting feelings.

One of the biggest things you learn in management is that it does not matter how likable someone is, if they are shite, they will ALWAYS let you down.

Now, I’m not talking about kids. I’m talking about experienced people that have entrenched behaviours and clear patterns in the way they operate when the pressure is on. Mental weakness never turns to strength. Laziness can shift into a blip of good behaviour, but always, the bad self waits in the wings. Character… well, that is set in stone. It’s even worse if a collection of bad characters form the backbone of a culture at a football club.

That is where Arteta is with this project right now. He thought he had fixed it with his cup win. He was wrong.

He has been burned for enabling. Now he has to draw insights from the wounds, formulate a simple plan forward, then implement it with brute force.


We have spent 7 years watching the club shuffle in ‘experience’ that just doesn’t have what it takes to deliver over the course of a season. The biggest letdowns are the big names. Most of them aren’t on Arteta. They are the responsibility of past managers, CEOs, and sporting directors. Two of them, Auba and Willian are on Arteta, but there is still hope there.

Xhaka, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz and Lacazette aren’t cutting it and there needs to be consequences. It’s time to move on them. Make a statement. It’s time to accept that these guys will always, always, always let you down in the end.

Arteta came in like a fireball of logic and pragmatism… he played those that deserved it, dropped those that were shite. So simple. Where did that approach go? How can you soil your own non-negotiables so badly?

It needs to change. The big names need to be treated the same as the smaller names. Bad performances on and off the pitch must have consquences.


On paper, they aren’t up to the level. We know that. However, they work hard, they are all athletes, and on a good day, they make the system look like a system.

Arteta doesn’t like using them because they make mistakes. Well Mikel, so do the senior player that have us sitting in 15th.

AMN is the legs in midfield we don’t have. Reiss Nelson has the power and pace we don’t have out wide and he’s at the very least hungry. Eddie will doggedly press, he surpassed Shearer’s record for the U21s. Maybe ESR could offer more mobility to that #10 role we put Lacazette into. Could Balogun be any less interesting than what we have going on right now? If we like lobbing long balls into the box, Moller just landed player of the month for the U23s. At least he’s big.

If Arteta is honest with the fans, then the Hale-Enders approach is easier to implement. Fans know that we’re shit now. Our season went with Thomas Partey hobbling off. I think we’d all prefer to see the kids have a crack at doing something interesting. At least they’d care. At least they’d improve.


Arteta needs to do what works with players that give a fuck. He doesn’t need to play Pep-lite football. He doesn’t need to appease our every whim (irony of me listing three ways he can fix the football is not lost on me). He does need to give us footballers that look like they care.

If 4 at the back doesn’t work, then play 3 and ignore the whinging.

If Auba is best out wide, leave him there, the player wasn’t complaining.

If 10 games in a row will make one of the kids ready for the league, let’s do it and enjoy watching a team grow together.

The current approach of rolling out a transition system that the senior players aren’t interested in playing is really, really not clever.

Get back to what worked last season. Hungry players putting on a show even if it was disgusting to watch. A death spiral can be arrested. Miserable players can be brought back to life. You can get a 10 game run out of this squad. This can be better.

We need some magic and a lot of hard work. Let’s see what Mikel has because he’s not going anywhere.


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  1. Tony

    When Willian broke the NN going to Dubai the club should have cancelled his contract or at the very least reduced it to one year.

    Arteta fully believes he’s dogmatically right with all his decisions.

    If however, he does use youth, it will probably be detrimental to any youth player’s psyche and development because of the tactics Arteta employs them to use.

    Burnley will be up for Sunday’s game more than ever having witnessed Arteta’s poor managerial performances.

    When you read LG with most posters rightly calling Arteta out for his inexperience and shortcomings I have to ask WTF Tim Lewis is doing?

    Does Tim explain the immediate and long term problems to Stan & Josh?

    If so, do Tim’s concerns just seem a trifle inconvenience in the Kroenke’s eyes?

    It’ll be banner plane time soon enough for Arteta……….

  2. China1

    Like I say I can forgive mistakes. They will happen, nobody is perfect and hindsight is easy. But if you make loads of mistakes and don’t learn a lesson fast then you shouldn’t be in charge at a major institution.

    Arteta hoarded players who were some way off good enough, convinced a few of the worst culprits to stay and now we are paying a very predictable price. Don’t get me wrong maybe one or two of those players could’ve surprised us. Maybe Willian could’ve worked out. David Luiz has been awful at times but also been on paper one of our better players since arteta came in. But arteta just hoards the lot of them. It’s really frustrating

    To hear him say he needs 6 players is ludicrous when he’s trying so hard to keep the players he’s got. It’s a lame excuse for a poor run of form

  3. China1

    Yeah the Willian trip to Dubai was a pretty remarkable thing to let slide.

    You do wonder if we had any legal chance to do anything as a punishment, but the fact is arteta didn’t want to punish him at all. Not even a light reprimand in public. Ofc the club won’t do anything ruthless about it. The club is soft as hell

  4. China1

    ET who do you really think got Xhaka to stay? I seriously doubt it was Edu, why would he be vested in him? Arteta is the one who liked and wanted him. Most fans would’ve driven him to their airport themselves if it could get him out. Arteta wanted him here and he got his wish. Is anyone honestly surprised at how it’s turning out?

  5. China1

    Yeah Freddie if he’s on 90k that’s a million pounds this season to play for the u23s. That also assumes we don’t get any transfer fee at all, when we may have been able to get a couple of mil.

    It’s as if every season on bonfire night arsenal just show up with a few trucks full of sterling and just dumps them on the heap. Gotta keep warm eh

  6. Sid

    Its now clear the puppeteer is Josh Kroenke, join the dots.
    I know a number of rich kids that have misused their fathers trust and sunk business/republics built over many years.
    Supreme leader is the court jester
    Arsenal is in BIG trouble.

    You heard it here 1st!

  7. Marco

    We might, just might beat Burnley but regardless Arteta must be fired and an Elite Manager likes of Allegri must take over ASAP which will result in an immediate overhaul . I believe Allegri will bring Ozil back keep Gabriel , Auba and Saka , the rest are expendable !!!

  8. Guns of SF

    South American football is somewhat crazy.
    I am watching Palmeiras v Libertad and the amount of fouls, non calls, and general violent play is remarkable….

    Is no wonder south american players have that grit and toughness.
    This shit is unreal..

  9. izzo

    Ozil will never play for Arsenal again and is on his way to DC United so can you all stop talking about him already. Fucking idiots.

  10. Guns of SF

    Copa Liberatadores – I will be following… I think they are down to their last 8 right now…. some good teams left.

    Of course, Boca and River Plate, Racing club etc….

    I think Edu needs to watch this too, can find some gems playing here…

  11. bacaryisgod

    I would honestly consider getting rid of Edu before Arteta.

    Kia Joorbachian is such a malignant figure for the club and the fact that he represents Edu just scares the hell out of me. I actually believe him that Arteta made a strong push to get Willian and Luiz for this season so he has to bear a lot of the responsibility. But when you have your technical director also repped by the same agent that’s pushing these players to the club you can see why we’re also overpaying and overcommitting on contracts.

    Here’s what we would have lost if we had ignored Kia: Luiz, Cedric and Willian. That’s it. There’s really no need for him. Maybe both Arteta and Edu wanted all three but it was their agent that manipulated them into giving both Cedirc and Willian unnecessary long-term deals.

    Other than Joorbachian, only one other agency reps as many players and that’s Stellar Football Ltd. However, the players repped by them are Holding (signed in 2016), Tierney (2019) and Runarrson (2020). None of the deals seemed questionable and we’re getting great value on Tierney and might still see a healthy profit on Holding.

    From the rest of the squad it seems only other players share the same agent and that’s Nketiah and Nelson with Elite Project Group. Nothing to worry about there.

    The board’s first step is to remove Edu and Kia from the picture then figure out what to do with Arteta.

  12. Moray

    I imagine the axe will fall on Edu before it does on Arteta.

    We can call out the Partey signing as a success, but really it wasn’t a negotiating success. Buying out his contract is the most expensive approach and one that is a last resort when all else fails. Plus, we obviously failed down to the wire on Aouar, hence the last day of the window scramble.

    He must also be the guy who managed to double the offer for Willian in what was essentially a one party negotiation.

    Outside of that, we’re lookign at a massive contract for Soares, who is old and a player Southampton were preparing to leave on a free.

    He also sanctioned an offer to extend the execrable Mustafi’s contract. And for Luiz, the penalty king.

    It’s not a great list of deals. Where is the governance in the club?

  13. bacaryisgod

    Is it racist to call someone Snowkid, Snowkid? Just asking!

    If you’re talking about the Romanian linesman, I can imagine there’s a possibility of confusion. The Romanian word for black is negru so there still exists some doubt but hopefully the investigation will determine exactly what he said. Not sure if negru can easily be misinterpreted for the n word but it could be misinterpreted for ‘negro’ which is also offensive.

  14. Guns of SF

    Moray and Bac

    Good work, I have also wondered about the conflict of interest in having Kia and Edu… also Raul who fancied contacts based approaches to getting players.

    That trio has not really helped.

    Edu has his one gem in Martinelli.

    Outside of that, what else?
    He is quiet as a mouse, never speaks to the media and seems utterly lost.

    the Partey deal was exactly that, a last minute throw all the egss into one basket approach.

    Negotiations is non existent with Edu. Terrible!

    It hurts to stay that as he is an Invincible, but he downright sucks… we can be doing a lot better than this.

    I feel he fleeced the Kroenkes too, knowing that he could use his position to his gain. ( invincible and all)… after all what do the Kroenkes know?

  15. Guns of SF

    Please no Aouar… I think we will be making a costly mistake with him.
    Arteta should not be allowed to have any say in players…. his track records is a shit storm

    Losing our scouts was a huge mistake…

  16. bacaryisgod


    I don’t think Josh Kroenke is the main issue. The underlying problem is that the KSE is overstretched and they have no internal expertise in football. I suppose the same could be said about Liverpool’s Fenway Group but they were able to delegate more effectively. It also helps landing Klopp when they did. Perfect timing for both club and manager.

    Josh Kroenke is a pretty capable executive. Both the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets are in good shape. and both are top teams in their respective sports. The real problem for him is that 1) football is just not his area of expertise or real interest and 2) he can’t effectively manage the team from Colorado with all the distractions he has going on.

  17. bacaryisgod

    Guns of SF

    Agreed-I have a bad feeling about Aouar. And it has nothing to do with the first four letters of his name being vowels. Too expensive-seems to be a bit sulky. It’s just so disappointing when you have players like Grealish floating around that are now totally out of reach after our terrible run of spending

  18. China1

    Izzo you seem irate?

    Mourning the loss of our glorious n10 already? I wouldn’t bank on him leaving in Jan. He was willing to turn down an offer or two in the Summer to rinse his contract here, it’s very possible he’ll do so again

  19. bacaryisgod

    Moray-glad we’re aligned on this.

    You make a good point on Partey but at least we were decisive when crunch time came. I don’t think anyone on here questions his quality but let’s hope he doesn’t start an injury streak of Welbeckian proportions.

  20. Guns of SF

    Aulas never forgets so I think he does not want to deal with chumps like us anymore with the rookie Edu at the helm

    Need to scour outer Europe and Africa and of course South America more…
    I want players who are proud to be here… want to win and make a name for themselves.

    Buying washed up old champs who are over paid and wanting to live in London is utterly the wrong way to go

    Again, if we need to raid anyone, it should be the scouts from Red Bulls, Dortmunds, Lilles, etc…. OL,,,,, these team find and produce gems all the time…

    We have Edu looking at youtube or calling Kia….


  21. China1

    Lol Bacary

    Yeah I also agree. I mean it’s exciting if we do sign him but his reputation is already a bit suspect. Seems to have a big ego already and getting himself into a little bit of trouble. Then there’s the price tag. He might we’ll go on to be a monster player, it’s very possible. But he’d be an expensive gamble imo. I’d rather we spent 50m on two quality under the radar types than 1 big name player with a slightly edgy reputation.

    If we had cash to burn or were already quality I’d be all for it, but we’re on our knees and don’t have the luxury to afford any more expensive mistakes. For me that risk and fear outweighs the potential upside of him maybe being a great signing

  22. China1

    If Willian doesn’t find some good form until the end of the season you wonder if we could give him away on a free transfer lol

    You’d imagine the MLS or China would be willing to meet his wage demands and give him regular football.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this only a few months after we signed him. I haven’t completely written him off yet and will give him until Feb or so, but based on the first half of the season we should cut our losses

  23. Guns of SF

    we stand to lose a bunch this summer

    Likely Laca,

    A good savings wage wise….
    I think this summer we go after some real talent but then again, its us,…so not crossing my fingers

  24. Guns of SF

    I would also promote ESR to first team…
    Ozil is done, baffling that Arteta is not giving him a chance.

    well, I take it back. its par the course for Arteta I guess

  25. China1

    Guns sounds nice, I’m curious about January tho because our season already needs saving.

    Szoboszlai looks like a genuine possibility (obviously nothing assured tho). If we got him that would be great, if we managed to get anyone else who can improve the midfield it would be a great January

    I know you guys talk about Buendia a lot. What’s his asking price does anyone know?

  26. Guns of SF

    Martinelli played 45 mins today.
    Hoping he does not re injure himself….
    This cursed 2020 needs to end! 23 more days…

    Hoping 2021 picks us up. Picks the entire world up!

  27. Guns of SF


    About 20M I would say in Jan given that prices are raised slightly for mid year sales…
    DS has his buy out but not sure the stipulations about getting him in Jan.

    I read somewhere that HE needs to inform Red Bulls by Tuesday if he wants to leave or something… if I read this correct.

  28. Guns of SF

    According to, Szoboszlai’s performances in the Champions League have certainly certainly not gone unnoticed, to the extent that a number of top European clubs have started contacts with the agency that looks after his interests.

    In the Premier League, north London duo Arsenal and Tottenham are interested, in the Bundesliga there are Leipzig and Bayern Munich, in Spain Real and Atletico Madrid, and Milan are still hovering.

    As David Ornstein of The Athletic revealed yesterday, there are three interested nuances to Szoboszlai’s €25m release clause…

    ➤ The amount must be paid in a lump sum within two weeks of activation.

    ➤ Salzburg will have 20% of the player’s future resale remaining.

    ➤ Szoboszlai must give notice by 15 December, while offers must reach the Austrian club by 31 December.

  29. Guns of SF

    Red Bulls are smart with that 20% sell on fee for future sales. They know he will go for much more than down the road

    Also do we have 25M cash lying around??? Its the only way to get to the front of the line… and of course how much we offer via wages

  30. China1

    Guns why will Buendia be so cheap? If he doesn’t have a release clause then that’s an unusually low price point for a player who has done well for years

    But anyway if I was arteta I’d be going all in for 2 players like that in Jan. Get on your knees to Josh, tell him you will sell any of the experienced players you can to help fund it ASAP etc.

    But I bet what will happen is two weeks before the transfer window opens we win a couple of games and arteta is like nah I am not willing to make sells after all haha

  31. Guns of SF

    I think the installment idea is BS… why would RB deal with us when others can give them the entire amount in one shot

    I am slowly giving up on DS

    Buendia is doable….
    Promote ESR

    make a big buy in summer with saved wages

  32. China1

    Guns. It I heard his buyout can be paid in 3 installments so to trigger the release clause it might only take less than 10m with just a commitment for the rest in installments

  33. izzo

    @ China1
    You must not know me because I don’t comment often. There is no mourning for Ozil. Only hate and disgust posters keep talking about him being brought back into the team when he is finished. There’s news doing the rounds he’s off to DC United and will be launching his eSports whatever business with them and whatnot. Can’t wait for the cunt to leave as I will celebrate it as much as when Wenger left the building.

    I’m also against signing Aouar. He will just be another Pepe but more sulkier and lightweight. Its like some of you never learn about signing players with shite mentality/personality.

  34. Guns of SF

    Buendia has been around 18M forever…
    Even last year….

    I appreciate most Argentine attacking mids…. quality there.

    I think we will grab him and get Erickson free… in Jan

  35. China1

    Ah I misread your point izzo

    Tbf if he fucks off to America and starts an esports company he can probably be genuinely elite at that for a bit. The guy can be elite at any game that doesn’t place undue physical demands on him and to the extent he can actually be fucked to try. If he’s motivated for that he could do great at it

    Here’s to hoping

  36. bacaryisgod


    It sounds good about moving Willian on but….he wanted to stay in London in the first place. Part of the reason he chose us. He’s getting paid too much to be enticed elsewhere. We’ve got him for the full three years, I’m afraid. Best to now turn him into a Europa and Domestic cup regular and wait until June 2023. On the plus side, imagine if we had paid a transfer fee. However, really curious to see what his signing bonus was…

  37. China1

    Guns yeah South Americans usually have that bite and physicality about their play. Obviously not all of them but you think back to players like Sanchez and Tevez. Mascherano, Suarez etc etc. they’re battlers who will run through walls for the team. In England that counts for a lot. Add actual footballing ability and it’s invaluable

  38. Guns of SF

    IF RB wants more than the 25M in installments, I would do it as long as its not too much more…

    This type of player is really special… and at his age. His build is strong and he is fearless.

    I do fear Arteta would not know what with him. I could see this kid clashing with the dictator…hopefully Arteta is not around too much longer

  39. China1

    Bacary you say that but I’m not so sure. He’s in the twilight of his career and he chose us because we were hands down the best choice at the time. But if he has a choice to spend his final years just collecting a pay cheque in London or to play football for a comparable salary in a low pressure league, he might prefer to enjoy his final years. Not everyone is as cynical as some of our players.

    I think it’s mostly those players who know they have nothing to offer and are finished as top end players who choose to see out contracts without a chance of playing in their mid 30s. Most players who still have any pride of interest in the game will be tempted to leave if they won’t play. You see players like Sol Campbell, Rooney, Cashley etc. none of them chose to ride off into the sunset with a golden handshake. All chose to make compromises to keep playing

  40. Guns of SF

    hopefully we sell Pepe this summer, that price has screwed us up badly.
    take 30M for him…. just need players like that off the team….
    Too much money for too little in return

  41. bacaryisgod


    Let’s hope we can move Kola on this winter or summer but he’s on a fat wage too and his contract runs until June 2022.

    I’m really leaning towards a blowtorch approach to this squad which would include Auba and Laca among all the others. I would strip the captaincy right now from Auba if there was a suitable replacement to give it to. Tierney and Partey have respect but both are on the quiet side. Bellerin is badly out of form and there’s no-one else guaranteed of a first-team place other than Gabriel.

    That’s a really sad commentary on the leaders at the club. We have a miserable, unsmiling captain who should be driving the team forward with a positive attitude despite his goals drying up. It’s truly terrible that we have no logical replacement for the captaincy.

  42. China1

    Like compared with mustafi it’s a totally different story. He is a CB and only about 28 and already knows he’s done at this level. He should be playing for a Stoke or a Norwich or whoever. Brighton. There’s no way he leaves arsenal before his contract ends unless he wins the lottery and Barca hilariously come calling as has been touted

    But Willian I dunno man. He still has quality he’s just playing badly. And he’s over 30 already. I think it’s different.

  43. Guns of SF

    That kid Veron from Palmeiras is awesome…. right winger
    Transfermarket has a number of players from South America doing well for cheap… I had a peak.

    Anyhow, with no scouts its going to be that much harder to get the real scoop and inside info on these players, their backgrounds, mentalities, and the other intangibles that scouts get their hands on…

    Dumb to fire our scouting network

  44. bacaryisgod


    I hope you are right about Willian. I just don’t see him moving on particularly while he still is getting plenty of minutes from Arteta.


    Pepe is a tough one. His body language is terrible and I would even hire a French-speaking sports psychologist for the next year to see if we can squeeze anything more out of our investment on him. He has obvious talents and there aren’t many players who can skin an opponent these days. He’s capable of it but there’s a confidence deficit right now. The manager also needs to tell him to enjoy being out there, express himself and work hard with a smile on his face. RIght now, he’s in competition with Aubameyang for most miserable player at the club.

  45. China1

    Bacary that competition has long since been won by Saliba 😂🤣

    Red card for him yesterday and all

    Must be fucking miserable here. Poor kid

  46. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Good Morning

    Just read your earlier posts.

    Arteta arrived at the club at end of last year and most clubs will give their head coaches/managers time and space to assess their squads before making decisions on buying or selling personnel..

    Also there was absolutely no evidence that Arsenal received an offer to buy Xhaka. Please
    don’t confuse so-called newspaper rumours as fact. Most of these turn out to be complete

    During the recent transfer window there were I agree a number of rumours circulating about
    clubs being interested in our players, but in most cases they were either not prepared to meet our valuation or wanted to recruit player on loan with ‘option to buy’ with no obligation
    to do so.

    There is no evidence that we received an offer for Lacazette and sofar as I am aware the
    interest in Sokratis and Kolasinac never resulted in a concrete offer. Indeed Sokratis made
    an attempt allegedly to ask Arsenal to release him on a freebie. Considering we spent over
    £17 million buying him this was unlikely to be accepted by club.

    Even the Ozil situation was not in our hands as you well know. There were allegedly two
    offers made to recruit the player and pay his wages in full, but these were declined by the

    Arsenal have made a lot of poor transfer and contract decisions in recent years but most of
    these are not down to Arteta.

    For a start Raul who was technically in overall charge of the club when most transfer decisions were made last summer. He was certainly at the helm when we offered Luiz a
    new contract and recruited Mari, Soares, Willian and Gabriel.

    So whilst Arteta may have been asked his opinion about these players I doubt that he had much say at that time in the negotiations.

    You can blame Arteta for his coaching, team selections and how we play, but not I would suggest the way that the club made transfer decisions and negotiated contracts.

    Let’s agree that the club is in a mess and the club is going to have to make some very hard
    decisions from now on how to offload players in January and from now on. From my perspective we need to offload at least a dozen players in our squad in next two transfer

    Realistically we are not going to generate much transfer revenue from these departures.
    Ozil, Sokratis, Luiz and Mustafi’s contracts all end this summer and are unlikely to be renewed. We will save on wages.

    Kolasinac and Lacazette will be in final year of contracts. The club will I am sure attempt to
    offload them, but I doubt we will generate much in the way of transfer fees from either of
    these players. I suspect that we will also attempt to offload Chambers as well.

    I think that Arsenal will focus on selling Guendouzi, Torreira, Pepe and Saliba, but I suspect
    that these four players will generate a fraction of what we paid for them. If we are lucky
    it will be half of what they cost with most likely loans with options to buy or an instalment

    If Arsenal fail to qualify for Europe which seems likely at the present time then the best way
    ahead is to devote time and energy offloading unwanted players and reducing size of squad.

    My view is that even if we are successful in offloading the majority of players listed above
    we will still have a full complement of players in the squad without making a single purchase.

  47. Graham62

    Hypothetical I know, but if you were given just one day to go into Arsenal Football Club to waive your magic wand around, what would you do?

    Of course not a real magic wand but you were given unlimited power and scope to do and say what you wanted.

    Wouldn’t that be great?

    Draw up your shopping lists.

    Let’s say a 9am-6pm schedule to try and fix things.

  48. Tom

    Too bad Arteta didn’t have a special game plan in place against Tottenham to neutralize that yellow cunt who’s been on a tear for them.

    I’m sorry if that’s offensive to anyone but that’s how I would describe Son if Police asked me who scored their first goal.

  49. Tom

    “Win tomorrow night and Arsenal is the only club to win all group games in European competitions…“

    Would that mean a promotion for Arteta?
    A contract extension, perhaps.

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    Topmost problem at Arsenal for more than a decade is scouting. It has been pathetic. few months back the entire scouting team was sacked. But for what? was some new team brought in? If not, why? Has scouting gone OOF in London?

    Just to prove my point, may i point out Greenwood, Yousoufa, Bellingham, Mason Mount, Tariq Lamptey. Compare those with Arsenal’s including Martinelli and Guendouzzi. Include others like Willock, Nelson, ESR at your own risk.

  51. Terraloon

    Football contracts in football aren’t just gold plated they are written in stone.

    You can’t just say to a player we will alter the terms or unilaterally end the agreement

    Players at Arsenal with time still left on their deals are only going to leave if a bigger club knocking on the door or the buying club and Arsenal come to some sort of agreement whereby the player ends up well compensated

    Had Arsenal deemed Willians trip to Dubai gross misconduct , because that’s the only grounds to sack a player, then it’s highly likely that decision would be overturned either at club, FA, FIFA or even CAS level but here’s the rub the likelihood would then be that Willian would walk for free but Arsenal would have to fork out the sums still outstanding under the terms of the original contract.
    I pointed out from day one the signing of Willian was a huge error. Others including Pedro talked about the players quality at Chelsea I never saw that quality his set piece delivery had one purple patch a few years ago but as my brother pointed out Willians corners for instance rarely miss the front man and it’s no coincidence that since him leaving Chelsea it’s no coincidence that they have scored far more from corners and Zouma, their CD has scored more in the PL from headers that any Arsenal player has scored in total.
    I can’t find any positives from matters Arsenal at this point in time. The club is in a mess of and on the pitch and culling the current squad as attractive it may well seem will only be successful if that cull isn’t practical if an huge injection of funds isn’t forthcoming and that from current income streams is highly highly unlikely

  52. Tom

    Mr Serge, I suggest we all get our story straight for the police since sure as shit there should be an investigation about the smash and grab these cunts pulled on us on Sunday.
    Arteta said it himself we dominated and should’ve won or at least scored some from our 144 crosses, or something.

  53. Tony

    Seems the general opinion here is sack Arteta., Pedro

    You’re pushing the truck up hill wearing roller skates.

    We know Arteta is your current muse but you’re becoming Pierre MKII in the obsessive league.

    Join us on the dark side Pedders it’s less painful and better than standing on your own.

    I bet had you have been around at the time of video players you would have staunchly proclaimed the Sony Beta version was the best where the others were cheap imitations.

    Arteta is a cheap imitation of a football manager: time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  54. James wood.

    Sell SAKA he is not the player everyone thinks he is.
    If he is he needs to improve his heading ,tracking back
    and shot stats.
    Sell Pepe and whoever recommended him sack.

  55. Left Testicle

    Hypothetical I know, but if you were given just one day to go into Arsenal Football Club to waive your magic wand around, what would you do?

    I’m disappointed that you haven’t responded to this comment! 🙂

  56. Sid

    I’m disappointed that you haven’t responded to this comment! 🙂’

    Lady Nina bracewell Smith sold her shares thats why😎

  57. James wood.

    One good shout for me is Kalvin Phillips ( LEEDS)
    Shows really well for the ball and is strong in possession
    has a really good long ball and won’t be intimidated.
    Money wise this is the sort of player who would improve

  58. Kris

    It’s kind of funny:
    Any time a French player calls someone black – ‘noir’, it’s fine, no eruption of righteous rage from the English speaking world.
    Ditto most other languages.

    But every time it’s someone whose mother tongue is Spanish or Portuguese or (now) Romanian we get all sorts of extreme reactions because the word – negro/negru sounds more than familiar.

    It was amusing when numerous scholars of South American cultures explained that the term negrito is not disparaging at all in most of Latin America, but when Cavani used it recently there was another ignorant reaction, even though the context was friendly and more importantly – no one was offended. You just cannot educate these dumb fuck social justice warriors.

    How are we so dumb that we cannot differentiate between racism and political incorrectness?