Arteta Enters The Death Spiral®

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It’s hard to know where the bottom is for this squad of players. It’s tough to fathom whether the manager can arrest the decline. You wonder if the exec team has the knowledge to intervene and support. We’ve not seen a run this bad since the 80s. We’re rudderless top to bottom. The process is fucked. We are back to being a banter club.

Arteta is in big trouble. This is going the way of David Moyes at Manchester United. Listening to him insist 44 crosses to nobody was some sort of success for the future was painful listening. If you don’t have a striker like Robin, Ade, or Giroud, why would an entire coaching staff go out of their way to ramp up crosses per game by 11.3 since November (James Benge stat)? Last time we came close to yesterday’s number of crosses we at least had Danny Welbeck to aim for (Leicester 2016).

Steve Round said in one of his Youtube videos that in the end, not winning enough games cost him the United gig. Now we’re following that regime’s legendary path to the bottom… literally.

Cross numbers were the least of our problems yesterday.

Arteta is stubborn. He is trying to will a flawed plan into points. Everyone looked at that starting 11 and worried we lacked legs and character. We gave Willian another game to bomb. We started Granit Xhaka despite his terrible form, his lack of physicality, and the absolute nothingness he offers to the squad. We gave Auba another game. The guy is a disgrace. shouldn’t have run that interview with him in the week where he looked like he was a hostage on day 57 after being asked to denounce his religion, family, and love for nice things. He is not behaving like a captain. Everyone at Arsenal knows this. If your charismatic leader can barely crack a smile, how are the rest of the squad meant to pick themselves up? Leadership is turning up when things are hard, he’s not doing that right now.

The Thomas Partey decision delighted us. He was really solid for the minutes he played. Then something popped, he rolled off the pitch as a counter-attack started, and Arteta tried to shove him back on. It reminded me of that time Denilson dropped to the floor against United and didn’t smother the ball… except Wenger didn’t run on the pitch to pick the player up and kick him towards goal. If Partey has the same injury, we’re deeply fucked. It’ll take longer, there might be all sorts of complications. We’d have just killed our escape plan. We took a risk on our best player and broke him in the busiest month. Unbelievable banter. The worst of short term decisions. We were always a long shot to beat Spurs away. Now we’re a longshot to beat Burnley next week.

That starting 11 showed that Arteta is not learning his lessons. He saw what athleticism offered to the starting 11 in the week and he ignored it. He continues to opt for senior players that can’t play his system. His system might be fucking magnificent in his head or at City, but if the expensive experienced players he has can’t play it, it’s total shit. We thought we were hiring in a manager that could rearrange a motley squad of players to be better than the sum of its parts… it now looks like we’ve hired someone that is wedded to something he can’t do. At least when we shithoused we were competitive.

Arsenal won’t change the manager. The players will go long before he does, but that might be predicated on Arsenal not being in the relegation zone come the end of the month. We are shite. Our players have a long history of pundits bemoaning their meekness. But Mikel doubled down on them, no one asked him to. He gave out the deals, he extended the stay of execution for about 8 players, and he insisted that the things they do at training was the stuff of top 4 teams. Things went to shit in the first 10 games and he excused it by saying he needed 6 players to get back to the top. GREAT, we needed that actioned in the summer, not now.

Hector Bellerin was leaving. He was convinced by the project. We thought he had changed. Yesterday, he dropped his 6th foul throw of the season. HE IS A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER AND HE FOUL THROWS. Let that sink in.

The opening 3 minutes of the game was beyond parody. Lacazette was so slow from kickoff he was clattered as he passed the ball out for a throw. Granit Xhaka’s first instinct when Harry Kane burned him for pace was to rugby tackle. Hector gave possession away from a throw. 3 of our most experienced players dropping amateur moments like that, how can you progress with players doing things like this?

It might start with retiring the season and playing the system with players that can do it, even if it’s not at the ‘technical’ level Arteta wants. At the moment, the principles we set out with look like they’re being soiled every week by senior players that don’t give a fuck. How can Mikel be so ruthless jettisoning the ‘bad’ players to the far reaches of nowhere (right decision), but so accommodating for the absolute bums he rolls out every week?

Here’s an idea he should have adopted this summer. Play the young players instead. Just like Frank Lampard did at Chelsea. The guys that are attached to the club. The guys that want careers beyond current contracts. The kids that have ceilings. If we’d written off this season and binned the idea of yet more short-term fixes, the fans wouldn’t be as angry as they are right now. He promised Willian a Champions League final in 3 years. He can’t even get an accurate cross from the Brazilian.

Can anyone honestly tell me AMN, Reiss, and Eddie could have put in a drossier performance than what we saw against Spurs? I suspect Möller might have been better suited to a system built for Giroud like target practice and he’s never played a first-team game. Would he have bottled challenges? Would he have cowered aerial balls? Would he have been so half-arsed?

Leeds United cause everyone problems because they have a system built to accommodate subpar players. Worse players than we have. Jurgen Klopp said a good gegenpress is better than a number 10. Time to get real, the current players can’t play City football. ‘What can they do?’ is a must-find answer.

That answer should be geared around power, pace, and one-touch passing. We need to get back to the aggressive pressing, it’s shocking that Arteta let it slide like Wenger used to. We need to have actual athletes in the middle of the park. We need to find a modern take on creativity because we’re not getting it with the players we have right now and lobbing the ball into the box will not work without big players who love to rough it with slaggy defenders. If there is a vision of what the football could be, let’s play it, even if it’s only at 80%… because at least we could see where this process could take us.

Cedric has a final ball and he’s fast, I doubt he makes foul throws. Why did we sign him for four years if he can’t play?

AMN marked Mahrez and Traore out of two games. He moves the ball fast, he’s aggressive, he has some flair in his passing. Give him games. Hold him accountable. Make him better.

Reiss Nelson can move. He is fucking rapid. His career depends on making it at Arsenal. Give him minutes because he cannot be worse for the system than a player who complained he didn’t really understand what Arteta wants from him after taking a £250k a week deal.

Would ESR offer as little movement between the lines as Lacazette. Would he give you 4 pass attempts into the penalty box as a #10? Alex was one of our better players and he didn’t do much bar run around with some aggression. There was a moment in the first half when Thomas Partey broke the lines and none of our forwards gave him the movement he needed. Painful viewing.

Auba is droppable. Willian is droppable. Xhaka should be left off the January squad list. If you are not doing it, you should not play.

I know fans think they know best. We mostly don’t. But we do know that a chunk of our players will always let Arsenal down because we’ve been watching the patterns for years. I have said it time and time again, I’d rather watch kids fail who can get better, than watch older players stink out the place because they don’t care.

Arteta was hired as a rookie. We were told to take a chance on his coaching and promise. He should take a chance on players that want to be there. Kicking on with the seniors that have a history of mentally collapsing at every opportunity is unacceptable leadership regardless of how old you are.

Give the Hale-Enders a go. They have a culture, a shared belief, and drive. The understandable mistake Arteta made was being conned by bums, the unforgivable one is continuing with them despite their utter tripe performances.

Ainsley had it right. Get some legs in the setup. Get ‘a little bit of dynamics’ going. Find a way, because that’s the job. The stubborn approach is not yielding results. Big names are taking the piss. It’s time to get a grip. It’s time for shock and awe. It’s time to resuscitate the season because it is about to need an ICU bed, the nurse is revving up the ventilator and we all know that means it’s 50/50 prognosis in the worst of ways.

There are plenty of managers that have turned dire situations around, but most of them have admitted mistakes and made changes. We need that and we need it fast. Arteta looks like he’s unraveling and that’s not good for anyone. Let’s hope the soul searching this week is a little deeper than ‘just do the same thing.’

Fingers crossed.

Listen to our podcast from Friday. It’s evergreen. Most of it holds true today.

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  1. Victorious

    I sincerely hope the fans start to boo Arteta the moment he trots out with a line up including Xhaka and Willian against Burnley

    Let him have all of it the stubborn wanker.

  2. Snowkid

    Like ozil or not, , arteta fucked it big time by not including him in the squad.

    Surely he has to be better than Xhaka.

    Sorry but a club that is meant to be skint, you don’t put your highest paid players in the reserves.

  3. Danny+S

    Yup Pierre. What players we had.

    If only the manager knew how to use them. Glad we agree.

    With me Pierre it’s patterns. If you see the same pattern over and over and things arnt improving, and at the same time no one is trying to do anything different then it becomes apparent what the outcome will be.

  4. Pierre

    “If only the manager knew how to use them. Glad we agree.”

    So you think Wenger didn’t know how to use rvp and fabregas etc….clueless.

    Will guarantee you that wenger would get the team we have now playing the Arsenal way and would be up near the top as per usual.

  5. andy1886

    “Buy buy buy and look where it has got us…15th in the league.”

    Never mend, it’ll be bye, bye, bye come the summer when we rid the club of over grown egos and bloated wage packets sanctioned by your idol.

  6. WengerEagle

    This terminal decline started with Wenger, we were literally deteriorating by the year and he brought in player after player and filled the squad with overpaid junk that would be next to impossible to move on and cripple future manager efforts.

    Also signed up the likes of Ozil to unsellable contracts on par with the best players in the world when he was already on the wane and close to 30.

    Ozil has also been absolutely useless for close to 3 years now.

    But yes, with Ozil and Wenger still at the helm we would be very competitive I am sure.

  7. Danny+S


    If you can’t see that the game was changing and Wenger was not, then there is no helping you.

    Wengerball was dead, we were and still are a laughing stock in European comps. All attack, high line and no press was suicide.

    Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey playing in the same midfield.

    Wenger was done. He would be doing no better now.

  8. Mr Serge

    Pierre I didn’t mean to be rude but it is jarring ozil is not the player he was 7 years ago he is a spent force
    We need new talent not 30 something been there done that and no need to get again types

  9. Montana Gooner

    Willian (the old man version), Laca (old, forgot how to score until his belter which might have been saved by a real keeper), Auba (shite since he signed his contract), Xhaka (no comment)…this is not a top four squad with Chelsea, Pool, City, Sp*rs, Everton, Leicester, and United.

  10. Major_Jeneral

    I justtt saw freddie’s first away game in charge of arsenal last season on skysports. I am beginning to think we should have given him till the end of the season .

  11. Montana Gooner

    Weagle, saying the rot started with Wenger when it started at almost the same time as Kronke’s takeover is unfair to Wenger. Yes, he was clearly past it and many of us disagree as to when that exact moment occurred. I really think there has been no clear distinct leadership from the top. The club has been in a downward spiral ever since and many, many people said so when the takeover was completed.

  12. Pierre

    “Pierre I didn’t mean to be rude but it is jarring ozil is not the player he was 7 years ago he is a spent force”

    My point is that until we find someone better then he should play for the good of the team .

    Of course he is not at the level he was but definitely not a spent force .

  13. Pierre

    “I justtt saw freddie’s first away game in charge of arsenal last season on skysports. I am beginning to think we should have given him till the end of the season .”

    I made that point a few weeks back, i think the kids would be 6 months further on in their development , i think he would have discarded senior playersike Aubameyang, Xhaka and Lacazette and he would have blooded the kids and even brought through a few more like Balogun and Azeez .

    Watching the brief highlights from the west ham game it was apparent how dominant Torreria was on the ball.

  14. Biggles

    Pierre, in all seriousness, how do you think Ozil helps when we get overrun in midfield? He never did the tracking back or defensive stuff. And who do you drop for him? I really dislike Xhaka, but he plays a different position.

    The only way I can see to even get Ozil in the team is a totally different formation, probably a midfield diamond.

  15. Pierre

    “have watched him live a lot of times he is not even 10 percent of the player he was”

    10% is better than what we are showing on the pitch without him.

    Will just add that it isn’t a coincidence that our creativity has dropped to an all time low since Ozil was omitted from the team ..

  16. salparadisenyc


    Really is zero question this decline started with Wenger. Given a free reign for far too long to keep it sustainable with warning signals emanating, the hiring of Gazidas who enabled him along that ride who had the poor judgement to bring in Raul, Emery and Mislintat post Wenger. They clearly got along likes snakes on a plane as Gazidas quietly exited the building and they ate each other in his wake.

    Only to be repeated with Arteta upgraded to managerial level by Raul’s replacement Vinnai.

    It’s actually hard to write this kind of stuff and keep it convincing, we’ve found farcical.

  17. Pierre

    “Pierre, in all seriousness, how do you think Ozil helps when we get overrun in midfield?”

    I made the point yesterday that against wolves and Tottenham we dominated the midfield and the one player who we needed was Ozil to feed the ball to the strikers and put the wide players in with balls inside the full backs ..

    Instead we resigned ourselves to putting aimless crosses into the box.

  18. WengerEagle


    Kroenke for sure deserves plenty of the blame especially during the years that he wouldn’t dust off the wallet but you have to wonder how much of that was because of Wenger.

    Where I blame Kroenke is for being an aloof and football-disinterested owner that is only in this game for the profit and giving Wenger complete carte blanche over every facet of running the club for a long time.

    Recent seasons indicate that he hasn’t deprived the club of funds with us spending 400 million pounds on players in the past 3 years.

    That summer that we were literally the only club in any top 5 league in Europe not to sign an outfield player with just the Cech signing, that down to Kroenke?

    All of the really questionable signings and wages that have been issued out in Wenger’s last coulple of seasons on dross that we are stuck with to this day, is that Kroenke’s fault?

    It is cheap to exonerate AW and fall back on Kroenke when only one of the two was actively involved in all aspects of running the club and driving us into decline.

  19. Pierre

    “Really is zero question this decline started with Wenger”

    When you take the team to the pinnacle there is only one way to go so of course there was a slight decline but it has to be put into perspective.

    But if you look at where we are and the quality of football we are playing ….the decline over the last 2 and half seasons has been dramatic .

  20. Biggles

    But who do you drop Pierre? You think we still dominate if we drop Partey for Ozil? Do we drop Xhaka and tell Partey to hold back more? Leave Saka on the bench? Maybe try sneak on a 12th man?

    When we did play Ozil in days of yore, we didn’t dominate the midfield.

  21. WengerEagle



    AW brought the vast majority of this side to the club and all of the players that are our worst offenders.

    Stuck the likes of Xhaka, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ozil on monster wages rendering them next to impossible to offload.

    We were a crashing train going off the rails in his last season here, finished on 63 points and lost every PL away game that we played after Christmas besides Huddersfield in May.

    We were literally getting worse in every sense of the word year after year under him. So bad that Spurs took over as the North London big dogs in 2016 and have held that position since.

    Thierry Henry never lost a single match to Spurs in his 8 years at the club. That’s the club that we once were.

  22. Snowkid

    Keeping Freddie until the end of the season Would have been the wise choice.

    Then see who was available.

    Arteta was probably the worst possible choice to hire as manager

  23. Pierre


    It’s not difficult is it , Lacazette is being used as a CAM, so he’s the favourite.

    Arteta won’t admit his mistake anyway i doubt but i like to point out the folly of Le Grove complaining about our lack of creativity whilst celebrating the binning of Ozil

  24. WengerEagle

    Slight decline?

    We went from winning titles playing amazing football to competing for a CL/PL title playing great football to being an ever-present CL team still playing great football to being a mediocre side that played poor football but still qualified for the CL to being a poor side playing terrible football and finished 12 points off of a CL place in his last seasom where we lost every PL away game in the new calendar year besides Huddersfield (1-0).

    We went from an XI with a core of Henry, Pires, Vieira, Campbell, Cole to an XI with Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, Adebayor, RVP to an XI with Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, RVP, Koscielny to an XI with Giroud, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil (pre-decline), Koscielny, Monreal to finally an XI with Lacazette, Aubameyang, Ramsey, Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac, declined Ozil on 350k a week.

    ‘Slight’ regression?

  25. salparadisenyc

    “Thierry Henry never lost a single match to Spurs in his 8 years at the club. That’s the club that we once were.”

    It was fucking glorious even peak banter years we had Silvestre scoring in that 4-4 where Bentley whipped in a late equalizer. A rare draw.

    The real indictment has to be building the Emirates the years of austerity all the while Levy slowly build them up, got the stadium done and they’ve only gotten more competitive with a few key asset sells pushing them along the way.

    Meanwhile Wenger and Gaz are turning £60m down for Sanchez only to buckle in January and eventually loosing a Ramsay on bossman. Its mental and makes me wanna beer hard.

  26. MD-Gunner

    From Duncan Alexander citing OptaJoe stats: “Football is a game of two halves but Arsenal have had the fewest second half shots of any of the 92 teams in the PL/EFL”.

    Do you get the impact of that? League 2 Crawley has more second half shots than Arsenal! Let that sink in for a moment and don’t tell me there is no need to clean out the personnel that tells Arsenal squad how to play games.

  27. WengerEagle


    Keeping Sanchez in 2017 was a massive mistake. Was clear that he was never signing an extension and completely lost interest in being here and it showed in 17/18, some of that now in hindsight looks like it could have been the start of his decline but he was coming off of a 30 goal season that year, we could have got great money for him but instead swapped him in Jan after a sulky few months for Mkhitaryan who was crap at United and crap here before finally losing him for next to nothing to Roma where he ironically now is killing it.

    As was giving Mesut 350k a year 3 year deal when he had already started to decline and was 30 that year.

    Theae were Wenger decisions.

  28. Nelson


    Right now, some teams just let us have the ball and defend low. They’ll play counter just like Mou’s Spuds and Rodgers Leicester City did to us. They know that our players can’t break through their defense. For those cases, we have 70% possession. I would think that even a 10% Ozil could still come up with a few through balls. I would play Ozil before I play Xhaka who is a complete waste of space.

  29. Calypso

    ArsenalTruth player ratings v Spurs.

    LENO (6): No chance with either goal and had almost nothing else to do
    BELLERIN (3): Six foul throws in two seasons – how can this not be spotted and dealt with? Lost possession 20 times, only 6 were crosses, hence lowest pass completion at 75%.Tweeting about rainbow laces two hours before the game tells you everything about where his head’s at
    HOLDING (5): Failure to engage Son was criminally naive. If you get beat, take him out
    GABRIEL (5): Sheen is starting to rub off. Passing out of defence needs to seriously improve, stats show he’s way worse than even Holding
    TIERNEY (6): Got a few decent crosses in but they never seem to find their target
    PARTEY (6): Arsenal’s best player before the injury, but Arteta’s desperation to play him backfired
    XHAKA (3): Decision to play him was pure idiocy
    WILLIAN (4): Lost possession 28 times – 16 of which were crosses
    SAKA (5): Going backwards under Arteta
    LACAZETTE (6): Can’t fault the work rate, but end product sadly lacking
    AUBAMEYANG (4): He’s a one-dimensional striker that’s very good at finishing chances – chances he rarely gets anymore. Body language sucks though

  30. RodneyKing

    Since Arteta arrived at Arsenal, it hasn’t really looked like he wants Arsenal to play like City. Maybe he knows he doesn’t have the players to do so or he’s still experimenting, trying to fashion out his own unique style.

    For whatever it’s worth, “player poverty” seems to have taken on a different meaning these days. Everyone who didn’t have an agenda knew that the squad was poor under Emery. So bad was it that Guendouzi was one of its shining lights.

    And we have suddenly forgotten how the occasional good performance from a player like AMN was often followed by a painfully average one. The EL final readily springs to mind. Yet somehow, a player like that is expected to come in and be capable of saving the day for Arsenal?

    I definitely want our young players to step up especially now. But I’m often left wondering how come Chelsea have Mount, James and Abraham and all we have is Saka. I’d like Willock to be as influential for us as Mount is for Chelsea. I’d be delighted if both AMN and Nkethia can step up just like James and Abraham have respectively.

    One can’t blame Arteta for not trusting or playing them enough though. It’s understandable. Right now, he’s at the point where he needs to produce results. And for that reason, he won’t stop counting on his more experienced players.

  31. Montana Gooner

    Weagle, just think there is shared blame and like you said disinterested. Wenger stayed probably five years too long and began making poor decisions and he did nothing. Remember Mourinho’s jibe that if he did what Wenger did he would be fired? I blame both late Wenger and the lack of stopping him. Plus the complete shit show it’s been ever since. That’s not Wenger’s fault. As stagnant as we were we weren’t this awful. Had high hopes for Aretha but he can’t climb out of this with a bunch of incompetents above him and old players who look like they don’t care.

  32. Valentin

    The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result.
    So relying on the same core senior players who have let down every manager before and play the same slow ponderous buildup resulting in facing a compact already in place defense but still expecting to play a vibrant efficient football is the perfect example of insanity.

    Stubbornly keeping faith in the same process, the same personnel, same tactics bar the occasional minor variations of tactics but the same overall football style is not illogical but also doomed to failure.
    The only question is will we have enough time to fix it when the management finally decide to bite the bullet and get rid of Arteta.

  33. Montana Gooner

    Sal I hope we get to beer hard and fish sometime once the ugly Americans are through giving each other the virus.

  34. Moray

    “One can’t blame Arteta for not trusting or playing them enough though. It’s understandable. Right now, he’s at the point where he needs to produce results. And for that reason, he won’t stop counting on his more experienced players.“

    It’s a rookie mistake. And one he may look back on and laugh later in his managerial career. If a player isn’t good enough or isn’t putting in a proper shift then he has to be dropped. What must AMN be thinking if he can’t get a game ahead of Willian?

  35. Pedro

    Valentin, yeah, fire the coach exactly a year after the same thing happened. That feels fresh and not the definition of insanity.

  36. Dissenter

    “Valentin, yeah, fire the coach exactly a year after the same thing happened. That feels fresh and not the definition of insanity.”

    So letes keep him so he can keep on redoing the same nonsense over and over again
    If you were the Dofa and you listened to that press conference about crosses being a measure of progress, would you keep Arteta beyond 24 hours.
    I wouldn’t.

  37. La croqueta

    Remember this

    Have you guys noticed the pattern. Whenever someone tries to tell us the truth about the club (PV4, RVP, Petit, TH14, SVEN..Emery) to name a few. We turn our noses in derision. We scoff and label those people as snakes, traitors, agenda driven, patronising and disrespectful. Fans take it as disrespectful because those people are criticizing the club fans love. But really they are not attacking fans. They are really attacking the people who run the club and enable failure to continue. Ironically they are doing OUR job. Exposing the bulls#*t. But Arsenal fans get very emotional defensive and reject their claims.
    Now here we are. And the things they’ve said seem pretty accurate. Funny how things work out.

  38. Tony

    How about Arteta keeping his misguided tactics to himself & squad instead of telling journos in interviews as per his 50 crosses per game target.

    The rest of the PL managers are thinking thanks for the heads up Arteta and make preparations to nullify the supply route in midfield.

    What does get through their MF defense and ending up with the ball being crossed sees 2 or more 6’2″+ defenders looking down at short arse Lacazette and lightweight Eddie laughing to themselves as they not only clear the cross but mostly start a counterattack.

    Every time 65 minute max per game Marty Feldman’s son is given a reprieve he is rubbish creating nothing (see stats) does no tracking back defensive play keeping well away from opposition players as if they are Covid ridden.

    Arteta was right to exile the googly eyed twitter troll, waste of space but as Pedro said Arteta had no plan to add a creative player instead he added Willian: the unwanted Chelsea reject.

    To bring back Ozil now would see Arteta receive the same fate as Emery.

    Perhaps it could be a blessing in disguise: #Reinstate Ozil now.

    Ozil is a football fossil of yesteryear’s game, simple as that.

    Here’s a radical thought if Arteta wants what he deems quality oldies, then instead of Erikson, Willian and Isco then why not do it properly and get Cristiano Ronaldo & Messi?

    Ronaldo would convert so many of the 50 crosses per game, wouldn’t he?

    Messi would run riot with Partey and Elneny sitting behind him giving him a free role in the channels and around the edge of opponents’ penalty boxes supplying Gabs (who could learn so much from CR) & Auba.

    But it would cost too much I imagine many would say, but nowhere near the losses we’d endure languishing in or close to the relegation zone or god forbid being relegated where we begin to lose all credibility with current and potential sponsors.

    They wouldn’t come to Arsenal would no doubt be many retorts but we have a generational coach the best in His generation we’re told. Surely players of Messi’s and Ronaldo’s ilk would be queuing up to play for such a footballing protege, no?

    “I thought it was Twat”

    Really made me laugh as it conjured up a memory of Ben Elton’s WW1 book (First Casualty?) where a corporal is asked to give an option on an officer. The corporal replied after some thought and encouragement from his commanding officer to answer his question:

    He’s a c*nt sir.

    When you’re on form you’re one of the funniest posters here.

    I would suggest you’re missing your comedic vocation ALA John Sullivan: an alleged beer swilling, Columbian marching powder, pot fiend and writer of Only Fools & Horses.

    Good to see you coming to your senses and finally calling Arteta out for so many of his mistakes and poor managerial skills – if you can call them skills.

    Most of us don’t want a change in manager mid season, but it’s looking like there maybe no choice in the run up before the busy Xmas schedule.

    I’ve championed Bergkamp as a coach for a long time here and with Gooner friends and have often thought Klingsman would be a good striker coach.

    Arteta favors psychophants as Wenger did.

    Any manager from any industry who has the chops to be successful always hires the best staff that will push him/her (manager) to be better, and therefore be able to delegate more freeing time to use to improve his own skills/work.

    Arteta is not this type; therefore, the Steve Round types will never challenge Arteta and Arteta will continue to make repeated mistakes along with new errors.

  39. bacaryisgod

    La croqueta

    Sven’s a tough one because he clearly had pedigree when he came to the club. However, his record with us leaves a lot to be desired. Of course, we don’t know all the internal politics so it’s hard to say how involved he was in each transaction.

    Still, here’s the players brought in during his time: Auba, Mhiki Torreira, Sokratis, Mavrapanos, Lichsteiner, Leno and Guendouzi.

    The only unqualified success (at least until this season) has been Aubu but he wasn’t exactly a hidden gem and we paid handsomely for his services. Leno was decent enough for 22m but we just sold a 20m keeper who many fans rate more highly. Just because we didn’t blow 71m on Kepa like Chelsea did doesn’t mean Leno was a fantastic signing.

    Lichsteiner, Sokratis and Mkhitaryan were all in decline, Torreira failed to settle and Guendouzi clearly had some attitude problems even if Arteta mishandled him. Mavrapanos was a low-cost long-term project who has so far failed to shine but has been unlucky with injuries.

    To be fair to Sven, Arsenal are a tough club to buy for. There’s a massive need for a player to perform right away particularly when we had Champions League expectations.

  40. bacaryisgod

    Tony-Ozil is not in the Premier League or Europa League squad. He’s simply not eligible even if a new manager came in. Part of the reason he was left out was to kill the endless stories about him returning but some people are still thinking it’s possible.

  41. Tony

    I agree with Receding Hairline that beating Burnley is not a sign of team recovery.

    Getting 10+ points from our next 5 games is however a step in the right direction and worthy of keeping Arteta until the end of the season to take stock then.

    Bar the usual suspect trolls here you have the full respect of the majority of the posters here.

    Certainly you have my respect for your blog creation with Geoff and keeping it successful and current with quality writing that’s occasionally is marred by your blind agenda driven posts, such as supporting Arteta regardless of results.

    It can’t be easy writing a blog almost daily while holding down a pressure job and resolutely sticking to your principles and beliefs; the former being somewhat easier than the latter it seems.

    I salute your Die Hard, dogmatic and lack of surrender regarding Arteta; it’s been fun to witness, but with your constant Emery bashing and stale Arteta words, I would implore you to set a targeted amount of games in which to kill or cure your Arteta obsession.

    If Arteta proves you right through all such current adversity, then you can do you Bruce Willisesque Irish jig and the majority here will order and consume large amounts of humble pie – me included.

    However, please don’t ebb away our respect if, as most here seem to feel will happen, that Arteta’s managerial position becomes no longer tenable resulting with his firing. If that is the case Edu should follow Arteta out of the club with Monchi or Rangnick or better replacing Edu and Nagelsmann or Tuchel (both managers I wanted in place of Emery and Arteta) replacing Arteta.

    A small request could you release Marko from the bin if indeed you placed him there?

    Seems you’ve let others back under different monikers, so what’s the harm? You can bin him if he’s naughty again. Marko is one of many posters who brings this blog to life and gives CC a run for his money in a good way.

    So many good posters missing these days, such as N5, Cesc Appeal et al.

  42. bacaryisgod

    This is really beginning to feel like a 1988-89 opportunity. In the summer of 1988 George Graham sold or released veterans like Sansom, Steve Williams and Rix and brought in 24 year old Lee Dixon and 26 year old Steve Bould (although he looked 50 even then)

    We had young,,talented Arsenal-trained youngsters who were first-team regulars like Rocastle (21 yrs), Thomas (21 yrs), Merson (20yrs) and Adams. (22yrs) and even the more experienced players were all 28 r under (Winterburn, Alan Smith, Marwood and Richardson). Let’s not forget the supersubs Perry Groves (23) and Martin Hayes (22). The only regular player who was 30 or older was David O’Leary.

    If we were a well-run club, we would be looking at our squad and seeing the same opportunity to build a similar squad. Our under 25 group includes Tierney, Gabriel, Saka and Martinelli We should be giving serious first-team opportunities to Maitland-Niles, Willock, Nelson and Smith-Rowe right now. Our senior members should be players like Partey and Elneny not headcases like Xhaka, Mustafi and Willian.

    This should also be the time Auba decides if he wants to be a leader or a malcontent. If it’s the latter then fine, let him pick up his goals in the cup competitions.

    There’s no doubt that this could be a painful experience but the fans can at least get behind a youthful team that will use their pace and effort to compensate for their inexperience.

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    This was bound to happen. For Arsenal fans who don’t get carried away with flashes in the pan, this was waiting to happen.
    If Xhaka is retained at the end of another pathetic season (FY 19-20) where he hasn’t taken more than one SOT, then its a no-brainer this was bound to happen.
    there were at least half a dozen players wh could have been brought in to replace Laca – Jotta, Metheus DaCunha……. But Arteta simply sits on it. Why? Is Laca unsellable? if so, why not close his contract and let him go?

    Saliba? How shit is he? Is he shittier than Holding? If so, then why was he bought?

  44. Tony

    “Tony-Ozil is not in the Premier League or Europa League squad.”

    I know but would it surprise you if Ozil was reinstated to the squa, EL and PL lists in January if we can’t find a creative MF?

    Right now nothing Arteta does would surprise me.

    Arteta is in the Emery downward journey heading towards the unemployments lines.

    Funny thing for all the Emery bashing Emery was quick to find work with Valencia and seems to be doing ok there.

    Who would employ Arteta so quickly if he is fired?

  45. bacaryisgod

    Tony-I don’t think there’s any way Arteta brings him back in January. I also think there’s no way Arsenal sack Arteta before the end of the season.

    Also, what is really the point of playing Ozil in January? It will be about a year since he last played and he’s not part of our future. I would much rather he give Smith-Rowe and Willock more playing time.

  46. bacaryisgod

    Tony-I think Emery might just be better suited to La Liga and Spanish players. It really didn’t work out at PSG for him either and it seems to be more of a communication problem for him in both France and England.

  47. Tony

    Re your Ancelotti remarks what will you say if we lose to Ancelotti’s Everton?

    I still say that directly post Wenger Ancelotti or Rafa would have been a safe hands option in steadying the ship that was all but sunk by Wenger.

  48. Tony

    “I would much rather he give Smith-Rowe and Willock more playing time.”

    Wholeheartedly agree with you and would add Balogun to that list instead of persisting with Eddie.

  49. Guns of SF

    My question is a bit of a detour from the normal Arteta out, ive been spouting on here since Sunday.

    The question is how do we get our scouting network back and more importantly, can we pry a few away from Red Bull teams, Ajax, Dortmund ( again), Monaco, Seville and other teams that constantly seem to find gems that turn into world beaters?

    We have no one but Edu look at youtube videos or asking Kia what to do.

    Another bone head move to fire all our scouts including head scout Francis Cagigao

    We really cannot find these gems anymore. It is a damning implication for Edu… now he does not have Raul to blame so its time to shit or get off the pot for him.

    Jan better be good or fire Edu as well.

  50. Nelson

    I thought that Arteta was sending his command from the sideline to the players. For the first goal, Son was running all free and Bellerin was so out of position. How come he didn’t order Bellerin to track Son.
    For the 2nd goal, it was even more absurd. Not only he ignored Partey’s request, he was watching four players, Xhaka, Laca, Tierney and Saka tackling one Spuds player who sent the ball out to start the 4 v 2 counter. Why didn’t he jell at his players to prevent this from happening. Why did he allow Xhaka to advance so deep into the enemy territory?

  51. Dream10

    Guns of SF

    The club sacked over 50 scouts to save a few quid.
    If they were interested in the methods of those teams you listed above, they would not have gone down the route they are in now

  52. Aussie+Gooner


    “Why did he allow Xhaka to advance so deep into the enemy territory?”

    Xhaka does what Xhaka does – he knows he is the first name on Arteta’s team sheet. When he is hopelessly committed up field it takes him 3 days to get back to ‘help’ in defence. His ‘help’ in defence consists of pulling players back who are way to quick for him (ie every player in the EPL), fouling them and getting his obligatory yellow card.

    Allowing Xhaka to wear an Arsenal shirt – this is just one reason why Arteta is finished at Arsenal.

  53. bacaryisgod

    I just came across some information that I had never heard about before: Here’s some players from the 2001-2002 Paris St.Germain side. How did I not know this?!!!

    Ronaldinho, Pochettino, Heinze, Okicha, Anelka and Arteta.

  54. peanuts&monkeys

    Even the stupidest of Arsenal fans must have noticed Arsenal isn’t scoring from headers for last 3 years now. Has heading in a goal suddenly gone out of fashion in London? If not, why not get a striker with a smart head?

    this was waiting to happen

    Arteta Out

  55. Guns of SF

    Xhaka retreating against Traore was so classic they put it on their official Tik Tok

    As soon as he gets the ball, Xhaka retreats, not even trying to stop him…. just get back and pray mentality.

    This fella needs to go to Italy or some slower league… or just leave our team!
    F me!

  56. peanuts&monkeys

    “Guns of SFDecember 8, 2020 06:37:23

    Xhaka this. Xhaka that.”

    It took you Arsenal fans FIVE YEARS to find out what a donkey Xhaka is. This is one vital reason Arsenal is where it is today.

  57. Graham62


    Good morning.

    I agree.

    After Wenger, either Ancelotti( in particular) or Rafa would have been a good fit.

    Just to steady the ship and significantly to get all the behind the scenes in order.

  58. peanuts&monkeys

    Guns of SF: you are right. Certainly two, if not one more. Either heading in or with his left foot.

    Wnger was a bigger donkey. When Olly was around, he did not have wingers to cross. Check the number of crosses Arsenal made in last 3 years of Wenger – has to be a fourth of what Arsenal had ben doing after Olly left.

  59. Graham62


    We’ve known for 5 years.

    It’s just that Wenger, Emery and Arteta didn’t.

    It just goes to show that some managers are not as good as they think they are.

    More specifically, our managers.

  60. bacaryisgod

    To be fair, it’s a no-win for managers sometimes. When Giroud was our CF everyone complained about his lack of pace and it limited our playing style. Now everyone wants a strong player in the air.

  61. Sid

    Giroud as plan A was the problem, every team would defend with a high line,
    With Auba teams defend deep, what fans call for is having plan A and B. If we had between lines creators Auba would still score like Vardy at Leicester.
    Or have the strong player in the air like Edourd if the style is crossing.

  62. Graham62


    It’s all based on the belief and confidence of the players.

    You could have Bryan Flynn playing up top but if the players have bought into the system and structure set up the manager and believe 100% in what they are doing, chances can be created and goals scored.

    If they don’t buy into it……………….

  63. moray

    When we had Giroud, we were trying to pass the ball into the net along the floor.

    Now we have 5’9” Lacazette we’re bunging everything in to the middle, often from deep.

    Giroud was wasteful anyway. IT’s only because we’ve sunk so low that we’re pining for him.

  64. moray

    I always found Giroud to be a bit of an annoying cunt. Having said that, I would rather have him that the Invisible Willian any day of the week

  65. Danny+S


    I’m pretty sure the only thing GX brings to the table are pictures of Stan Kroenke at Epsteins island because that’s the only way I can fathom that manages to get played week in week out through 4 managers.

  66. Mr Serge

    Graham Xhaka offers us nothing he should be bombed out immediately useless players no pace nothing
    What have we become
    We need investment to the magnitude Chelsea have just done to even get into top 4

  67. Tony

    Good morning Graham
    Over the years on LG it seems as though we agree on most points each has raised.

    Maybe it’s our similar age or that our spending so much time as expats adds to our agreements.

    Hope the freezing fog isn’t in your area.

  68. moray

    We were in a situation this summer where we finally had some light at the end of the tunnel with regard to lightening our heavy, CL wage bill. Then we added Soares, Mari, Willian, extended the awful Luiz and an ageing Auba. We sacked our backroom staff and Gunnersaurus.

    In a buyers market we managed to pay top dollar for Partey and sell barely anyone except our best keeper, despite rumoured offers for AMN and Lacazette. We now have a whole set of players who look likely to sit out the expiry of their contracts and leave on a free (who would buy them otherwise?). We also added last year a guy on 80m who is worth maybe a third of that. We have a history of this, if you think about a similar some being offered for Lemar, who is now being hawked around for a transfer.

    A couple of games into to his Arsenal career we’ve managed to break Partey.

    We also offered Mustafi a new contract, which he turned down. Mustafi, who is one of the worst CBs I’ve seen play for us, and that’s up against some very stiff competition (many of which are still at the club).

    The club is run by three guys, the oldest of which is 42. And owned by someone who has barely seen a game and for whom “football” is guys in heavy padding throwing a rugby ball at each other.

    We’ve just removed a CE who for years seemed to be handing out oversized contracts to his agent friends and treating Arsenal like his plaything. And a manager who was in obvious decline for a decade.

    We are a top-down mess of a club. Arteta has made some awful decisions and is not learning from his mistakes. But, until the rot is cleared out elsewhere, I don;t see how things can improve. Where are our responsible adults? Where is our Dein?

  69. Pierre

    Jumping on the bandwagon i call it, it’s a typical Le Grove trait.

    Months ago, myself and CG were warning you of what was coming and it didn’t go down well with all the typical groaners on here who were fooled by Arteta’s rhetoric .

    I called the bullshit months ago and i said the non negotiables would come back to haunt him…

    Now here you all are jumping on the bandwagon, you’re not fooled by Arteta’s bullshit anymore and realise the non negotiables is a ridiculous policy…

    I was slaughtered for saying the binning of Ozil would be disastrous for the team ….look at us now…

    The thing is, whilst you all are jumping on the #artetaout bandwagon , i can see light at the end of the tunnel, i believe Arteta will turn things around, i see a change in his demeanour….the events of the last few weeks have made him realise that he is not this footballing genius who knows it all.

    The footballs not great but results will come i believe.

    He needs to drop willian and Bellerin and put AMN and Pepe or nelson on the right and he needs to start bringing in the kids .

    Taking Aubameyang and Lacazette out of the starting line up will not be a bad thing, put them on the bench and let them earn the right to play.

    Partey will be a big loss, he is the business..

    A couple of decent results will change the mood and start to build confidence..

  70. Jamie

    “I was slaughtered”

    Ever the victim. You, Val, and Diss the three resident snowflakes always whining about your treatment on the internet.

    Bamford back now too under his 12th moniker to complete the band of pathetic cry babies. Hard to believe you’re all adult males.

  71. Leftside

    Pierre would probably file for divorce if his other half agreed that Ozil was no longer fit for purpose in 2020.

    Everytime I log on here, it’s woe is me, Ozil wah wah wah crying from Pierre.

    Isn’t there a golf stick you can accidentally smack yourself with?

  72. Leftside

    If your gonna bat for someone, someone like Pepe may do. He has a good game (with every manager he’s played under here) and he’s right out of the starting line up, then publically criticised for not being consistent.

    Yet, the usual suspects are consistently shit and will walk back into the starting line up. It’s that bad for me that whenever I see a Xhaka (Willian is getting to this stage) in the starting 11 I won’t even bother to tune in.

  73. Le Sauce

    Pierre, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel based on what? …Arteta has realized he’s not the footballing genius? (you won’t be saying this if you watched his last few press conferences)..
    Can you kindly share you thoughts..

  74. Pierre

    I have a habit of calling it right…some people just know whats coming and most on here jump on the band wagon after it all goes tits up ..

    That’s how it is.

  75. Leftside

    Pierre you have selective memory, there were lots of Arteta detractors on here with good reason. When he was finally appointed, most had hope that he could surprise us and get us competitive and now we are where we are.

    And most jumping on the bandwagon as you say? Get over yourself. When a manager isn’t performing fans will want change, thats just how it works in sports.

  76. Gonsterous

    Who’s even on the board at arsenal? It feels like there’s no clear person taking charge of things.
    If we fire arteta, we have to fire the people who thought he was a great fit in the first place. The club top to bottom is a laughing stock.

  77. Graham62


    Yes it is. Pea soup down here on the south coast.

    Oh the joys.

    Yes, spending 18 years working overseas gives you a slightly different perspective on things.

    I’ll be entering my 60th year pretty soon.

    Those on here who think they know it all at 40, ain’t seen nothing yet.

    How’s like in the Far East?

  78. Graham62



    What you fail to realise(as always) is that because your master overstayed his welcome by approximately 3650 days, every nook and cranny of the club became infested.

    Our owner and board would have been given a kick up the backside by a top manager, who would have jumped at the chance to come to Arsenal back then.

    Because Wenger jumped ship, I mean was pushed, when it was far too late, it was always going to be a monumental struggle to move forward.

    What you also fail to realise, as you contemplate the correct grip on that golf club of yours, is that Arsene Wenger sunk the club into unimaginable depths of regression. Systems and structures, methods and principles, were all infested by his insistence of not acting on the obvious problems for over a decade.

    Come on here and gloat if you like, but everyone with half a brain would know the reasons as to why we have dug a massive hole for ourselves.

    Our present predicaments have only materialised because of his weakness to put the club first.

    It’s all very simple.

  79. Tony

    Thailand life is generally good and especially suits retirement. No country is perfect, though, Thailand is no exception in that respect.

    Winter has just started – my preferred time of year with cooler breezes and temperatures around 25*C to 33*C.

    I find my wife, son and daughter’s daily complaints about early morning temperatures of 12 to 19*C funny, as I find such cool mornings refreshing.

    The Thai government sensibly closed all borders with the Thais obeying lockdowns and restrictions that left us with only some 58 Covid deaths in total.

    The only real bane in my life is the continuation of The Arsenal’s choice of unsuitable managers for the past 14 years.

    Will it change in my lifetime?

    One lives in hope.

  80. Valentin


    “Valentin, yeah, fire the coach exactly a year after the same thing happened. That feels fresh and not the definition of insanity.”

    Fixing things until you get it right is not insanity. In fact it is the opposite of Insanity. It is the only logical thing to do.

    Lots of successful clubs fire their unsuccessful managers until they get it right. Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern do it all the time. ManCity used to do it.

    Spurs kept firing managers until they got Pochetino appointment right. And when he started to floundered, they gave him a chance to fix it, when they realised he was not going to, They then sacked him and got Mourinho in. And now they sit at the top of the league.

    Meanwhile we are sliding toward the bottom of the league, but we should trust the process and not sack Arteta before we rightfully sack his unsuccessful predecessor. According to your logic, we should have kept Emery because we had already sacked Wenger before.

    Hoping that the currently unsuccessful one is going to turn things around when he is clearly drowning is not a strategy. Praying that Arteta will see the errors of his ways is not a strategy. Josh and Vinay need to wake up and make the only rational decision before it is too late.

    We all know that they won’t until it is too late. Vinay because he will defer to Josh by fear of looking like the idiot who recommend Arteta. Josh has no idea how to manage a club like Arsenal in a complete different environment than US Sport Franchise.

    Josh only claim to his current position is nepotism. “I am in charge because my dad owns the company” is one of most common reason why small business fails. If he is not up to the task, then maybe he should do what smart people do when they are facing a problem they don’t know how to resolve. They get help! Hire a professional football club CEO or at least hire a profession DoF with a clear vision.

  81. Anonymous Commentator

    What is arteta’s current mission objective at arsenal?

    is he rebuilding the squad?
    reimplementing our core philosophies?
    bringing us a certain brand or vision of football?

    I would love it if arteta was reinventing the wheel but it’s turned into a square and can’t get rolling.
    No matter what it is he is actually doing it is none of the above listed cause I haven’t seen evidence of it.