NLD DAY: A back to basics sh*thousing is in order

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The banter on the group chat is firing up. The nerves are starting to jangle. There is a LOT of pride on the line.

Spurs look like title contenders. Jose has made them nasty. They’re well organised, they have the special sauce in Kane and Son that keeps you in contention if you keep them fit, they look very strong.

Arsenal is a mess. Our form has been shocking. Big players have shrunk. Young players have struggled to make headway. Our rookie manager is overseeing a bonfire. Can he tame it? Can he do what the big managers do when the chips are down? Can he shift the narrative on the pitch like he has done off it this week?

As Janan said in the latest podcast, most other managers have a history you can point to, with Mikel, it’s faith-based. North London derbies are about faith. Form is rarely a factor. It’s a crazy moment in time when a concoction of wild elements are slammed together in a Büchner flask, and you hope the end product works to your hypothesis.

Mikel Arteta has a job on his hands. I tried to eke out some good news from Arsenal in the week and there wasn’t much to be had. There have been lots of problems to deal with. Stories leaking from the camp seems to suggest a 1997 style come to jesus meeting. Reporters are saying it was constructive and the path forward was clear.

Thursday night might have been against a nothing team, but for me, those are usually the games you worry about. The fact we landed a dominant performance can only be a positive. The players were aggressive, they were bold, they took chances. We need that vibe to flow into Sunday.

Can that carry through to Sunday? That’s the test. I think it’s amusing reading people demanding we play the same way against Spurs. This is why fans aren’t coaches. We’re going to The Lane to shithouse the master of shithousery and I am ok with that because it’s the only option we have. If City can’t blast Spurs away, we’re not going to. If Chelsea can’t score against them, we’re not going to hit them with a blitz. Setting up to lose to satisfy aesthetics junkies would be the rookiest of errors.

The good news is there’s a high probability we’ll see Thomas Partey. That’s huge for Arsenal. We have lacked a press resistant midfielder with his class. Put him next to Mo Elneny and we speed everything up to the level we need. There’s also a shout for AMN to start after his ripping performance against Rapid. Imagine that, 3 midfielders with legs? Game-changing stuff right there.

I don’t know how we’ll play, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Lacazette pick up that link-up role against a team he likes to produce again. I think we need an athletic midfield that can pick up the movement of Kane, Son and some of the creators. Højbjerg has been a key player for them this season, it’ll be interesting to see how we deal with him.

This 90 minutes is all about closing the widening gap at the top. It’s a moment for the squad to show there’s a way forward. It’s a game that big teams would eat up. Are we going to be a big team this season? There’s no better moment to find out.

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  1. China1

    Guen isn’t that special is the problem. He’s not bad but no stand out qualities. He’s young and might kick on, but if you’re going to have kids in and around the first team it should be because they’re quality and banging on the door like saka and martinelli. Guen was only playing because our other midfielders were mostly poor and/or injured. He has to improve a lot to be a player who we need

    That said if he has a good loan spell we can hopefully cash in in the summer. I may be wrong but I’d be surprised if he made it as an elite CM. Mid table top division player, sure, but regardless of where we are now, we’re supposed to be aiming higher than that

  2. bacaryisgod


    Just did some research on Hertha Berlin and it looks like their owner is in investment mode and pumping money into the team. If Ornstein is right and Arsenal have absolute faith in Arteta then Hertha will probably scoop him up for 20m plus add-ons this summer.

    Funnily enough I saw Hertha play in Berlin in 2012 against FC Koln. I got my ticket at the stadium ticket booth about 20 minutes before kick-off and watched a 3-0 victory with a 60,000 crowd.. Incredible atmosphere and they dominated Koln whose centre-forward was invisible the entire game. Of course, we signed Podolski that summer to be our left-winger.

  3. Gonsterous

    Mikel had one job, play to the squads strengths, but no, he had to tinker and ask players to play in a way they were not comfortable in. This has led to us conceding stupid goals and now not being able to create anything for the strikers, who are playing in the hole that the midfield creates because there are only two of them and they cant be everywhere at once.

  4. Guns of SF

    I think I recall Poch saying he could not coach arsenal….somewhere I read that

    Not sure about now,… I also wonder what coach would come to this poorly run club….

    Would love to see him or Rodgers but until we sort out our poor player recruitment and contracts we will continue to suffer

  5. Tony

    I didn’t christians were allowed to cast scorn on others falsely or otherwise. Isn’t trolling a sin?

    Perhaps you were in the desert for 40 nights when many here were denigrating the mere mention of hiring Arteta.

    Do something useful go find a rib or something.

    Clearly football is too demanding for you.

  6. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly I think Guendouzi will be a top deep lying midfielder. He can absolutely become a Busquets or a Jorginho. He needs to work on his positioning but he has all the tools to do that. Right now he is just a good to average midfielder though. But what is infuriating about his exit is that we have crap midfielders. They aren’t even average. Elneny ranges from crap to average, Ceballos also the same. Although Elneny has been decent since he came back. I don’t even know what Xhaka brings to the table. I wouldnt mind selling guendouzi but first I hope we sell these players first then after that is when I would want him gone.

    No amount of professionalism xhaka shows is worth the pain of watching him play. I feel like we can be a Bruno Fernandez alike player way from competing. This considering partey is back. Get buendia and some one like Morgan Sanson and we can go from there. We have numbers but we desperately need quality.

  7. Buzzy

    I keep repeating this and I’ll say it again. The only reason Arteta is still here is because of one and only one match- the FA cup win against Chelsea. Take away that and he would have probably been sacked yesterday.

  8. Ishola70


    “He can absolutely become a Busquets or a Jorginho”

    With all due respect can we fuck off with these type of players.

    Xhaka was advertised as this and was/is shit and now Jorginho is being fazed out of the Chelsea team for the overall betterment of that side.

    If you look everywhere else around the EPL there isn’t any of these deep lying ball players.

    Want you want from deep is to cycle the ball quickly and efficiently to get the team moving on the front foot. Not aethestics.

    I think overtime Guendouzi could do a job in central midfield but I certainly am not interested in him dribbling or looking fancy from deep even if he ends up there. Just efficient.

  9. Gonsterous

    When we saw the 3-4-3 formation, everyone predicted the outcome. Lmao, clubs crashing quicker than a drunk Sheila at the night club.

  10. Ishola70

    I don’t want a reincarnation of Jorginho in the side.

    Since Lampard has dumped him and only plays him in european ties now Chelsea have looked much better defensively and more secure overall as a team as well as getting in that new keeper from France.

    The Italian previously fucked up that Chelsea side by having Jorginho as the last midfielder before the centre backs and having Kante ridiculously further up in midfield.

    Arsenal unfortunately are still giving playing time to Xhaka another silly “regista”

  11. raptora

    Poch is not coming. He said he’ll never coach Barcelona and Arsenal.

    I would pick Conte if I could but it’s not going to happen right now.

    I can’t stand that Nagelsmann prick, barely 33 yo but smug and unbearable similar to mouninho. Just look at his face

    Rangnick is a good one but he will not leave his cozy Chief Director of Global Football of all the Red Bull global football initiatives.

    I’d ask Benitez to join as a caretaker manager and finish the season as good as he can, then see who is available in the Summer. Allegri and Poch are 99% not coming but another class manager might become available.

  12. Guns of SF

    Did Guen run afoul of Emery? I am trying to remember…

    anyhow, I ask bc I wonder how much Arteta does to irritate and poke and prod and just basically be a dick to his players….

    Still cant get over the push on the injured partey… just wrong man so wrong

  13. Guns of SF

    Id take one of those Red Bull scouts over the coach.
    Dortmund too

    As someone said, just bid on their prospects at the last minute.
    Their scouting and networks is superior.

  14. bacaryisgod


    Winning the F.A Cup is an achievement. It shouldn’t be minimized but if repeated F.A Cup successes didn’t save Wenger near the end then it shouldn’t save Arteta either if our league position doesn’t improve.

  15. Receding Hairline

    Calm down guys …calm down

    Its bad I know but is it unexpected? Hell no !!

    Anyone not wedded to an agenda could see something like this coming since last season, we lost more points from wining positions in the league than any other team, this was excused as focusing on the FA cup.

    We have been below average in the league since his time here but FA cup wins were converted into league points and an imaginary table had us finishing top four if he started the season. We as fans are our own problem, everyone running his own agenda, stating problems everyone can see but ending it with *I believe in Arteta* this isn’t a religion, this is football. Your own eyes can never lie to you.

  16. raptora

    Emery: “”Matteo is improving a lot and I think after last year, tactically he’s improving a lot in defensive moments, and also with the ball. We need him.””

    Emery: “But, look, I was happy at Arsenal and I remember the good things. The first year was magnificent, I gave opportunities to young players: Bukayo [Saka] played eight minutes (also 112 minutes in Europa) and never touched the ball but that was a first step for a 17-year-old who’s going to be great. Bernd Leno has grown. [Joe] Willock, Reiss Nelson, [Eddie] Nketiah, [Gabriel] Martinelli. Mattéo Guendouzi did very well, Lucas [Torreira]. It’s rewarding seeing them grow. And [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang got 31 goals and was top scorer, [Alexandre] Lacazette scored 19 and gave 13 assists.”

    Guendouzi: “Thank you for all that you have done for me, I would never be grateful enough.
    You made me grow up as a football player but also as a man.
    I have progressed enormously and you helped me to take many steps forward.
    If I reached those levels today it’s thanks to you and your huge work you have done for me.
    You are a great man and a great coach.
    I wish you a lot of happiness and success in your future projects.
    Thank you for everything Coach”

    And there was a rumor that Emery wants Guen at Villareal.

    Arteta comes in and suddenly Guendouzi is impossible to manage.
    Hertha Berlin though, are playing him game in game out.

  17. Tony

    Can someone tell me what honours/trophies Poch has won?

    Why would we hire another trophy less manager?

    I actually agree with CC that Rafa could do a job for us in the interim period before we can convince someone like Nagelsmann with Monchi/Overmars as TD or DoF to join us.

    That is assuming the suits are prepared to fire Arteta.

    The Kroenkes should be clearing house for a real new beginning in getting rid of Edu, Arteta and Vinai as well as shaking up the board bringing in directors in their 50s.

    If Tim Lewes isn’t seeing what we are witnessing/pointing outdebating, and then acting on it advising Stan & Josh, then he should go as well.

  18. bacaryisgod

    Here’s the one glimmer of hope, and I mean glimmer.

    We’re 8 points off top 4. That’s obviously a ridiculous aspiration given our recent performances but if we were able to find a groove and gain confidence, there’s still that remote possibility of salvation for Arteta.

    I don’t any salvation coming in the Europa League. There’s already better English teams in the competition with Leicester and Tottenham and they could be joined by Man United if they lose to RB Leipzig (or Leipzig if they don’t beat Man U). There’s also AC Milan, Roma and Villareal already in the 32 and a couple of decent teams dropping from the UCL (possibly even Real Madrid).

    I predict we’ll lose to the first English team we face in the knockout stages.

  19. Receding Hairline

    “We’re 8 points off top 4. That’s obviously a ridiculous aspiration given our recent performances but if we were able to find a groove and gain confidence, there’s still that remote possibility of salvation for Arteta.”

    We were not that far off fourth when he was appointed last season either, we ended up not qualifying for any form of Europe through league placement but like you said there is hope

  20. bacaryisgod

    Guendouzi’s situation is an easy one to explain.

    He was fine until the Brighton game. Acted like an idiot grabbing Maupay by the throat and separately mouthing off about how much he earned compared with Maupay.

    Arteta was angry with the loss of discipline from Guendouzi. A more experienced manager might have put his arm around Guendouzi’s shoulder and guided him to an apology to his teammates but Arteta came down on him like a ton of bricks. Guendouzi is clearly a stubborn character and this resulted in a battle of wills which the new manager was always going to win.

  21. bacaryisgod


    I don’t truly feel that much hope and definitely don’t buy the notion that we have a lot of difficult games out of the way. That’s wishful thinking when we’re getting manhandled by Villa and Leeds.

  22. bacaryisgod

    Last thing-truly great writing from Arseblogger on the 2nd goal.

    For the second goal there’s some slight mitigation in that Thomas Partey gets injured making a tackle and, perhaps out of pain, discomfort, disappointment, or whatever, he looks to get off the pitch just as another over-committed Arsenal attack breaks down in their box. Granit Xhaka isn’t to know that his midfield partner has also broken down, but nor is he aware of the two Sp*rs players he leaves free in midfield as he ambles towards their box in the hope of the ball breaking to him so he can whack it over the bar.

  23. bacaryisgod

    He also quotes the most depressing stat about Arsenal I’ve ever seen.

    ‘Football is a game of two halves but Arsenal have had the fewest second half shots of any of the 92 teams in the PL/EFL this season so yeah maybe not’

  24. Guns of Hackney

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Spurs won the league and Arsenal were relegated? Righting that wrong that Spurs fans had back in the Norris days.

    Everything does come full circle eventually.

    But, believe it or not, there are actually three teams shitter than Arsenal. I think we will finish around 10-14 this season which is about where we are.

    Arteta has to go. Get Rafa Benetiz in for the remainder and see how things go.

  25. Receding Hairline

    I am not in the sack Arteta now camp though

    The job has been given to him, We need to give him reasonable time, we have a couple of games upcoming, some convincing wins should be demanded.

  26. bacaryisgod

    I wouldn’t be opposed to a caretaker Rafa solution but he’s under contract in China. We would need a big buyout to his team and a long contract to secure his services. Won’t happen. Who else?!

  27. Valentin

    At least Benitez used to have a clause where he could leave for free if any Champion’s League club came calling between season. Obviously Arsenal are not a Champion’s League club anymore, but I seem to remember that Benitez also had a clause in his contract that he could leave for a reasonable fee if a premiership club come between season.

    However would he leave for a temporary stint. And in view of his tendency to get into fight with board, I would not recommend to give him a long term contract.

  28. PhD2020

    NelsonDecember 7, 2020 03:00:40
    Just watched the replay of the 2nd goal. Partey walked over to Arteta signaling he couldn’t continue. Since we were attacking, Arteta ignored him. Laca passed the ball to Bellerin who then tried to pass to Auba. Arteta had time to yell at Bellerin to kick the ball out. When we lost the ball and became a 4 v 2, he then pushed Partey to return to the field. WTF! Why he wanted an injured player to continue to play. In the interview, he blamed Partey for leaving the pitch. Even if Partey sat down on the pitch, I don’t believe Spuds would stop playing.

    Shocking. Absolutely shocking.

    Don’t think I’ve witnessed such a scenario before.If you look closely, Partey limps off, Arteta realises the situation is quite serious and signals to the bench for a player to come on.Then when he sees Spurs launching a counter attack, he proceeds to push the injured Partey back onto the pitch..

    What really grates with me,is that in the post match interview-Arteta literally throws him (Partey)under the bus, saying he should have stayed on the pitch.

    I’m just speechless.For me at this juncture,Arteta is done.Out of his depth.This is the second time,his judgement and managerial skills has been called into question concerning Arsenal players sustaining aggravated and/or serious injuries(David Luiz) during the course of play within a space of circa seven days.

    The man has no man-management skills.He alienates players,throws them under the bus to save himself.For sure,the players have downed tools.

    There is so much you can levy at Arteta at the moment,just by picking apart the stats,which is grim reading.But where do you start and where do you finish.Just some glaring ones that have got the alarm bells ringing,a point in case.

    -Yet to score in open play in circa 11 hours.
    -13 point from 11 games
    -6 losses in 11 games

    And in today’s game:-
    -70% possession
    -11 shots
    -2 shots on target
    -9 corners
    -0 goals

    vs Spurs:-
    -30% possession
    -6 shots
    -3 shots on target
    -3 corners
    -2 goals

    The Partey debacle has left a sour taste in my mouth.The joke surely has to be over now.He’s definitely lost the dressing room,no doubt about that.

    Question remains,how long does the incompetent and joke of a board persist with Arteta,before they pull the plug and put Arteta,the players,the fans and everyone else connected with the club out of their misery?

    Has Arteta found that mole yet?

    I suspect, he’s going to have his hands full in the next coming weeks and months until he’s ceremoniously dumped, playing whack-a-mole.Because,there’s going to be moles leaking information left, right and centre right into the new year.Good luck!!

  29. Gentlebris

    ‘Arteta on the other hand put the cones out for Pep. Complete and utter managerial noob.’

    Nicely rounded, WengeEagle.

    And come to think of it, I don’t remember you singing the Arteta anthem as our team was being thrown at his ‘rookiely’ feet. But honestly, you weren’t loud enough against the madness either.

    Most here are just halfwaves when it comes to how things work in football. So one can easily dismiss their collective error in judgment as an expected but unfortunate occurrence.

    But one that winds me a bit is Chief Pedro, our host. A brilliant writer and a decent analyst. How that same guy could choose the path of mere Jackies in the wake of the Arteta madness is what I can’t figure. I mean, he did it with Ivan G, and one could easily put that down to excited confusion. But to do it again! Science must really have an explanation on how brilliance and horribly poor judgements could sit side by side in a human head.

  30. Valentin

    I was wrong I predicted that within 3 weeks we would hear rumbling of discontent coming from players agents. It has only been two weeks and Aubameyang’s agent has already started his campaign against Arteta.

    His clear the air meeting may hasten his departure. If players are now in agreement that he is the one responsible for the fiasco rather than some bad apples within the camp.

    Also I wonder how they will fee after they saw what he did to Partey and his attempt at blaming him for the second goal. Like somebody wrote earlier, he is exhibiting all the sign of out of his depth, job too big for him,panicky, deer in the headlight that his mentor David Moyes exhibited at ManUtd.

  31. bacaryisgod

    I agreed Receding-he should have until January 16th to turn things round.

    That’s 8 Premier League games (Burnley, Soton, Everton, Chelsea, Brighton, WBA, Crystal Palace and Newcastle), an easy Europa game vs. Dundalk, an EFL QF vs Man City and an F.A Cup 3rd round vs Newcastle.

    10 games that will give us a clearer picture. If we’re still in the bottom third of the table then I could understand the board replacing him. It would give the new manager (or caretaker manager) exactly half a season to climb back up the table.

  32. Thank you and goodnight


    You wait until he finally gets the sack, he’ll blame everyone but himself. As you mentioned earlier even if he sat down on the pitch and proceeded to cry, their is no way spuds would of kicked it out and rightly so. We wouldn’t of. To then blame Partey is quite frankly disgusting. This is a clueless , lying, shithouse of a manager who makes avram grant look world class . He’s pissed off half the team and it’s not even been a year under his dismal management. Arteta. Edu out

  33. TallestTiz

    Having watched the video again, I can understand why Arteta pushed Partey back in.
    It was a desperate attempt to at least have bodies around to quell the attack, but it was too late as Partey couldn’t sprint back.

    However, I maintain we have a very imbalanced squad and brain locked midfielders.
    Our attackers and midfielders to some extent don’t make movements to unsettle opponents. They’re too stagnant.


  34. bacaryisgod

    As poorly as Arteta handled the Partey situation, there’s no way he had time to yell at Bellerin to kick the ball out of play. He was too far away and it happened much too quickly. His panicked shoving of Partey was appalling though.

  35. Valentin


    We may have already pass the anonymous PR briefing stage. Aubameyang’a agent tweet clearly implies that Arteta’s tactics is the main cause of his goal drought.

    Aubameyang will be asked about it and he will have to choose between allegiance to his agent or to Arteta. Once the captain publicly repudiate Arteta, Arteta is as good as gone.

  36. bacaryisgod


    You never push an injured player back onto the field, no matter how worried you are about conceding. It’s even worse considering the heat he just got from the Luiz head injury debacle against Wolves.

  37. TallestTiz

    I agree with you. But pressure has its own way of dealing with mentality and reasoning.

    However, I’m 100% against what he said at the press conference. He should never have blamed Partey.

  38. Gentlebris

    ‘Like somebody wrote earlier, he is exhibiting all the sign of out of his depth, job too big for him,panicky, deer in the headlight that his mentor David Moyes exhibited at ManUtd.’

    Well, David Moyes was a fine manager for Everton and a fine man who wouldn’t ask an injured player who just voluntarily walked off the pitch in extreme pains to run back inside in an abusive attempt to save his own ass from being exposed.

    We knew Mikel was a rookie manager, but now we know he’s a third class human being as well.

    What Mikel Arteta doesn’t realize is that football coaching requires vision and talent, not just desperation.

    He was desperate to become a big coach, he ran around with the idea and did everything to get himself noticed.

    But had he had the vision like Steven G or perhaps fat Frank, he would have known that he needed to start out his ideas in a less intense atmosphere where he could make his mistakes without too much sticks landing on his back. Had he had the talent as well, even though he was arrogant enough to come to a job much bigger than his rookie status, the talent would have seen him faring much better than being a punching bag for all comers.

  39. TallestTiz

    For now, I think the best we can do is to play this team when all available:
    Any of our poor RCBs

  40. Pete the gooner

    I called a 2.0 yesterday with them happy to see the game out and defending deep to break… Our manager hasn’t got a clue….. Kane and son ruin us every fuckin time and it’s boiling my blood…. You know sons goal will be shown 1 million times now to my complete dismay!!!! That cunt kane now the all time record goal scorer in this fixture, again my piss is boiling

  41. Receding Hairline

    “He was desperate to become a big coach, he ran around with the idea and did everything to get himself noticed.”

    After all that desperation and PR campaigns this is what he was going to offer? Endless cross and hope football.

  42. Gentlebris

    Arsenal 15th on the table in mid season.

    And come on people, being 15th is not even the big deal.The big deal is you look at all the 14 teams ahead of us and you know they are not ahead of us by fluke. They can beat us and most have actually beaten us. We then have Brighton behind us who could beat us too.

    Imagine being 15th in a class of 20 when you are suppose to be a brilliant student.

  43. Gonsterous

    The major downside is going to be, when arteta does get sacked and a new manager comes into the fold, the likes of xhaka,kola, and ozil will be handed a clean slate and it will take another 2 transfer Windows for the then manager to decide to sell this dross only for him to be sacked by their poor performance again. And the cYcle continues….

  44. Ishola70

    “I know there is scanty % Ozil love here, but man! This guy has a record of laughing them out of Arsenal!”

    You could say that about quite a few of them Xhaka for example.

    And both of them wouldn’t get into a top EPL team neither Ozil nor Xhaka.

    Xhaka is a Europa League level player and he is laughing all the managers out of the door as well

    Not worth tuppence either of them.

  45. Terraloon

    Ok we know Covid has had an impact all over the place but on 6/12/2019 Arsenal filed their 2018/19 accounts.
    It will be important when the 2019/20 accounts are filed, which they in all probability will be in the next week or so, to remember those accounts won’t record any activity post 31/5/2020 .
    Going into the 19/20 year matters financial we’re looking grim and the continued missing out on CL monies , the loss of match day income along with inevitable financial penalties kicking in with the sponsorship deals lead to me expecting a very grim read.
    What we witnessed yesterday was pathetic and highlights just how far things have slipped and sadly players confidence will be at a low web which will have a further significant impact only that impact will be negative
    I scratch my head when people try and suggest that this Arsenal squad is better than the likes of Villa or say Leicester.
    It’s not its a very weak squad made up of some players with decent skills but far too many of those players lack the footballing brains of many of those supposed inferior footballers.
    Arsenal both on the field and off it are on the slide. Most of the squad are clearly struggling at PL level . It’s sad that a win or two in the EL presents too many false dawns. Let’s face facts the likes of Dundalk are at best EFL Div 1 level.
    Arsenal aren’t going to get relegated, or should I say shouldn’t get relegated but be under no illusion if the current group get dragged into a relegation battle I just can’t see that they would have the stomach or the grit to deal with the pressure that any relegation battle would bring with it

  46. Nelson

    Arsenal attempted 35 crosses against Wolves. After the game, Arteta: ” I’m telling you if we do that more consistently, we’re going to score more goals.” Against the Spuds, we had close to 50 crosses. I am afraid that is his offensive game plan from now on.

  47. bacaryisgod

    Xhaka is actually crying when each manager leaves because the odds increase that a new manager might not actually play him. He’s on an unbelievable run of 4 managers that have rated him.

  48. bacaryisgod

    Unless we drop into the relegation zone, the board is definitely sticking by Arteta until the end of the season at a minimum.

    That means Ozil and Kola will definitely leave at the expiration of their deals. Xhaka is a different story, of course as his deal extends to summer of 2023. I do think that someone will pay something for him but his 100k plus salary might be an issue.I actually don’t mind him being used for Europa League and domestic Cup games as long as he’s kept away from our Premier League matches.

  49. Sid

    Where are the diet Pep fanboys?

    Yeah, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is
    I said, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is
    I said, time, time, time is on my side

  50. Ishola70

    As said before it’s not a case of either or here.

    Yes we have a current manager that looks not to be up to the task but we also have enough cuntish players as well to go along with it.

    I get irked when I hear the players are going to revolt again. Too many of them are pretenders.

  51. Pierre

    I’m telling you, the last 2 games and the next few are made for Ozil.
    High possession against deep lying defences needs a player who will continually feed the ball into feet of the strikers to pose questions for the defence instead of aimlessly crossing the ball to strikers who won’t head the ball..

    These games require patience , 55 or more crosses reeks of desperation. ..

  52. AC

    I once worked for a company taken over by a private equity firm. The PE firm came in with this hypothesis that the company is underperforming because of shit senior management. They replaced every management guy with a new one. The company went out of business in 10 months.

    Learning: If you replace shit with shit, you only get shit

    Wenger is shit, Emery is SHit and Arteta is shit
    Ozil is shit, willian is shit.
    Giroud was shit and Auba is shit
    Arteta (player) is shit and Xhaka is shit
    Guendouzi is shit and so is willock.
    There is not end to this shit housing.

  53. Valentin

    I hope that Edu really grows a pair and start having strong words with Arteta. Between the concussion gate and now the push gate, Arteta has shown to the world that he is more concerned about the results and his own reputation than the well-being of his players.
    If the discussion results in Arteta getting prissy, then sack him. If he can’t admit that he was wrong on both count and if he can’t see why we can’t score, then he is not going to change nor fix the underlying issues.

  54. bacaryisgod

    Agree Ishola.

    If I saw the news that Arsenal had agreed to sell a player in January there’s only 5 names I would be disappointed to hear that about. Our of a 30 player squad, that’s shocking.

  55. AC

    Gentlebris, Spot on with the following. I would like to go ahead and add that if the first experience turns bad then just become a commentator or pundit just like gary neville did. The fools in the arsenal board also deserve blame for appointing a rookie manager immediately after a failure from Unai.

    “But had he had the vision like Steven G or perhaps fat Frank, he would have known that he needed to start out his ideas in a less intense atmosphere where he could make his mistakes without too much sticks landing on his back. Had he had the talent as well, even though he was arrogant enough to come to a job much bigger than his rookie status, the talent would have seen him faring much better than being a punching bag for all comers.”

  56. Aussie+Gooner

    If Brighton win their game in hand we are in 16th place. In 55+ years supporting the club I would have to wrack my brains to think of another time when Arsenal were in such a position (75/76 rings a bell – 17th I think).

    You can bet your life all the agents will be ringing round now (even Xakah’s!!!!!) to try and find alternatives to this sinking hulk of a ship. Trust me, none of them will show any loyalty to the club (perhaps except those on retirement plans who would not get a gig anywhere else – they will just hang around like a bad smell until they or their contracts expire). Everyone else will be looking to jump ship before their careers are irreparably damaged.

    I can honestly say that if you dragged a random person in off the streets who had never watched a football match before and put them in the managers position you would not notice much difference to this debacle. So much for a ‘generational’ manager!

  57. Gonsterous

    The new motto of arsenal football club should be, at least he tried cause that’s the excuse we have to give for our players, everyone was dross (except partey).

  58. Guns of Hackney

    The good news is…we’re going to be giving a combined £24,000,000 a season for Willian and Auba. Or £72,000,000 over three years.

    There is not a single thing right at the club and perhaps it would be better for us to be relegated and go bust.

    Fuck Arsenal.

  59. Valentin

    I don’t think that Steve G or Fat Franck would have made the same mistakes than Arteta has been. Their willingness to start at a lower echelon of the game just show more self awareness of their limitations. That self awareness and better judgement is the reason why they are able and willing to modify their tactics, personnel selection and behaviour when things don’t go their way.

    More than bad tactics, what is sinking Arteta is his strict disciplinarian regime and refusal to countenance that maybe his way is not working. Self belief turns into stubbornness.

    added with a complete lack of humility. When Steve G made a tactical error that cost them the games, he has had no qualm to own it and admit it. I am still awaiting Arteta acknowledging that he has ever made a mistake. Every defeats was either bad luck, a bad referee decision, or player’s fault.

  60. Danny+S


    Add on the signing on fees and agent fees and that’s 100m easy. Maybe more.

    All that money for a mid table club.

  61. bacaryisgod

    Btw, I wonder how the new contract negotiations are going with Balogun? I have no idea if he’ll turn out to be a great striker but what motivation does he have to extend his stay with us right now? He doesn’t even know who’ll be his manager next season.

  62. NORG

    Sid – you are repeating your song extracts – yesterdays debacle with Partey should now lead to ‘Look at the Fool’ – Tim Buckley.

  63. Guns of Hackney


    I know people don’t think we could go down but if our players stop playing (it appears they have)…we will obviously start losing all our games. Those players will either sit on their contracts (why not) or leave.

    Personally I don’t care. Arsenal are like any business that believes it’s above itself. Our delusions have got us here.

  64. Danny+S


    At this point, if it meant the kronks got fed up and sold us, maybe relegation would be a blessing. Factory reset.

    Someone like dangote then picks us up and off we go.

  65. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are in a mess, but it is simplistic to blame the Manager and certain individual players as far too many who post on here are habitually doing.

    Our problems and decline have been ongoing now for more than a decade and to pin the blame every time we lose a match on Arteta is ridiculous.

    The current situation is a collective of owners who sit in their ivory tower in US. A board of
    directors who were until now not involved in decision making and past their sell by date.
    Senior Management who were exceedingly poor, a coaching and scouting system which was stale and finally a dysfunctional and unbalanced squad of players who are grossly overpaid and now difficult to shift.

    Okay Arteta has made some poor decisions and will no doubt take the can for the current
    poor form. It is always easier to shift out a manager or coach than the playing staff. Frankly
    bringing in a new manager is not the solution to our current problems.

    I made the case last season that Arsenal should not play in Europe and focus on their EPL
    games. One or two seasons out of Europe is not in my view a bad thing so long as the time
    used is devoted to rebuilding a solid squad which is fit for purpose.

    What I have seen for a long time is a “sticking plaster” approach to the problem recruiting
    players such as Sokratis, Luiz and Willian and also paying grossly inflated wages which in
    most cases are completely without merit.

    Our first choice forwards of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Willian are or will be this season
    all aged 30+ and their collective wage bill is around £600K pw. That is obscene for the level
    of performance we have seen from them this season and I am not just taking about goals
    and assists.

    We have on the books also no fewer than EIGHT Centre Backs including Sokratis who is not
    even registered to play this season.

    Finally our midfield is and has been for three seasons piss poor and well below the standards demanded. Apart from Partey who is once again injured none of the others would
    make the starting lineup of any major team in Europe.

    We have and keep on squandering money primarily because those who run the club are
    clueless. Let’s be clear Arteta was not responsible for recruitment before the last transfer
    window and I doubt that bringing in Willian was down to him.

    Aubameyang is now becoming also a major concern. We have agreed a new contract and
    a huge financial package. This was frankly the consequence of poor contract planning plus
    also the fact that buying an equivalent standard centre forward would cost at least £60-80
    million even if you could find one.

    From my perspective I see no solution under the current ownership of the club. They are
    involved in far too many sports franchises and I doubt that Arsenal is their priority. They
    are not going to spend money on short term solutions.

    The only way out of this mess is to find an owner who will devote time and effort in similar
    fashion to those who run Liverpool and focus on bringing in top quality management both
    on and off field and rebuilding the squad in a methodical and balanced fashion.

    In the short term no player’s contract should be renewed unless they are performing to level
    of expectation. The top priority now is a culling of the current squad.

  66. Captain Tierney

    Of course the result was dismal and seeing Arsenal of all teams struggling to create chances is a new low.
    But lets not forget the same Spuds side beat City 2-0 last week with the exact same game plan. All of their players are in excellent form and playing with a lot of confidence. Even Dier is putting in good performances.

    On the other hand our best player is in his worst form in 5 years.
    Partey played with an injury and we all know we cant create to save our lives.

    Of course this doesn’t and shouldn’t hide the fact that Arteta has made some glaringly wrong decisions. Freezing out Ozil, not replacing Ozil, sticking with Holding and not even giving Saliba a chance, Not selling Xhaka, Laca, Amn/Kola, Re-signing Luiz, some horrendous on pitch management, etc etc.

    But this still doesn’t mean Arteta should be sacket (yet). I believe every manager should get at least 18 months of time to completely make the squad his own and implement his ideas. The same time should be given to Arteta because after all our project is ARTETA himself. The club have put all their eggs in ome basket which is again a wrong decision but now Arteta is our basket and we have to back him.

  67. Sid

    To supreme leader courtesy of @NORG

    Look at the fool that love made me
    Look at the fool that love made me
    Look at the fool that love made me

  68. Crabregas

    Why is there all this negativity? Are we forgetting that Fulham, West Brom and Sheffield United all lost this weekend as well

  69. Matt


    Why don’t you go easy on calling everyone cunts. Everyone has an opinion. Why do you think you’re entitled to call people cunts if their opinion doesn’t match yours. Whether you believe it or not, everyone on this board is an Arsenal fan. You might think other people aren’t because they don’t follow the club in the same way that you do but that doesn’t make them any less of a fan. You struggle to understand why people are kicking off and moaning so much, but other people find it just as difficult to understand your perspective on it. Opinions vary, always have and always will.

  70. Ishola70


    “The only way out of this mess is to find an owner who will devote time and effort in similar fashion to those who run Liverpool”

    Or like the Spurs owner?

  71. NORG


    Of course we could go back to the Stones – Arteta singing from the touch line

    ‘I cant get no – Satisfaction

  72. Ishola70

    Captain Tierney

    “The same time should be given to Arteta because after all our project is ARTETA himself.”

    That sounds creepy.

    And is also probably wrong as well. Wrong thing to do.

  73. Ishola70

    There is no way you put a rookie manager before Arsenal FC itself.

    Or imply that Arteta is Arsenal FC.

    It was bad enough when people were kept saying Arsene Wenger was Arsenal FC let alone a rookie manager.

  74. Matt


    I disagree with a lot of peoples opinions and comments on here, but I don’t doubt that they are an Arsenal fan. Nobody is that sad to spend hours on a blog ranting and raving and arguing with people if they aren’t a fan. Not everyone follows the club in the same way but the one thing everyone has in common is that we want arsenal to succeed. Of course people have their agendas and a lot of people want rid of Arteta now, but if by some miracle he got on in to top 4 this season, I struggle to believe anyone on here would not be able to celebrate that.

  75. Danny+S


    I mentioned relegation as possibly the only way we can get rid of the kronks and start fresh. I don’t really think we will be relegated as before that happens they will sack Arteta and bring in someone to keep us up.

    The situation at the club is dire. We controlled the game yesterday because we were allowed to. We put 50 crosses in, mourinho could see we were never going to score against them with crosses. He knew there was no plan b also.

    We won’t get a positive run of results with our current manager unless radical changes are made. Not a single goal from open play in 11 hours is shocking.

    It would be lovely to have your blind optimism and just call everyone cunts and think for the best but some people on here have an IQ higher than a potato so they tend to look a little bit deeper than that.

    The fact is, in his entire tenure so far Artetas league form has been pretty poor. He’s shown us nothing to say he can lead this club forward and upward other than talk.

  76. Bojangles

    We do not have a player in the squad that can take a defence on (no, Özil isn’t that player). We have players that can put in a cross but nobody outside of Laca that can get a head to it anyway. We are now suffering from a lack of confidence both as as a team and with individual players but next game that could, hopefully change. The confidence thing is in Arteta’s hands, he has to find a way of firing up the players

    Although in here the large majority of posters are Arteta out, that is not the case on many other Arsenal blogs, LG is by far the most negative Arsenal fan blog on the Internet, at least those I visit so the opinions stated here are no surprise.

  77. TR7

    I was not expecting any points against Spurs before the game so honestly the fact that we lost to them doesn’t bother me much. On the contrary I think we played much better in comparison to our recent performances against the likes of Villa, Leicester, Wolves etc. Sure Mourinho allowed us to have more of the ball as part of his ‘tactics’ but still we played with more purpose. The two goals conceded by us were scored by easily two of the best 5 players in the league and overall Spurs had just 3 shots on target. I have always had an issue with managers picking Xhaka in our 11 and I simply don’t understand what managers see in him to pick him but apart from Xhaka selection, we were ok. Nothing great but not a bad performance overall.