Christian Eriksen rumours won’t go away

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I don’t know why it’s getting to me, but I keep seeing these rumours of Christian Eriksen being pushed around, and it really isn’t a pleasant vibe.

There are a few reasons this move would feel a bit off. Firstly, he’s having a rough time in a slow league, working for a manager that demands a lot defensively. Secondly, he’d cost a small fortune. Thirdly, he seems like a very Ozil-ish player. I’m not sure defensive rigour was ever something you thought about with him. Fourthly, if that is a word, he’s a bear-trap of a player. He looks like Willian, Cech, Lichtsteiner, Gallas, and Silvestre all over again.

On paper, you’re like, ooohhh, that’s sexy, but it just feels like another one of those deals you’d have fancied 5 years ago, but not right now.

Still, if it happens, you’d have to say that his creativity could probably be additive to 7.5 hours without a goal in open play. I swear our best creative player this season is ‘defensive mistake.’

There are some clear issues Arsenal are dealing with at the moment. Creativity is certainly one of them. Having a midfield that can’t deal with a press is another. Players like Eriksen and Szobozlai would both help with that.

I also think a major issue Arteta needs to solve for is passing speed. We move the ball in such a painfully slow and mechanical way. During the Leeds game, we had players running with the ball and slowing the pace further. It’s a basic, but if you don’t have the players to thread a well-organised block, maybe you focus more energy on moving the ball up the pitch faster. Our wide players pick the ball up so deep, it’s no wonder they aren’t causing problems in the final third.

On paper, our players are much better than those at Leeds. They are blitzing teams with shots. I’m not saying we have to go that far, but we can’t be so far the other way we’re barely registering a shot on target.

We have Molde tomorrow, I’m not sure we’ll see anything too wild, though I would be happy if the manager decided to blood a few of the kids we have no idea about yet. The next-gen, as ever, looks more exciting than the generation struggling to break into the first team right now. Ayeez, ESR, Balo, and Cottrell all look like the sort of players we could use in the first team, but I guess it’s going to take a while to find out of that’s true.

Right, short post today because there’s not a lot of news going on. See you in the comments!


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  1. Hitman49


    I can not believe the love in for a player who cheated not once or twice but probably a large chunk of his playing career ..?.?
    Like another little Argentine player……….steroids for growth..? Yeah right do me a favour…..

    The lack of understanding or knowledge in drugs use and the effects on players is amazing..

    some of the comments on this cheat are very eye opening.

    I’ll be honest and say those posters I generally ignore anyway as they have a sense of self importance and an inflated view of their own options as if they are law on here…

    He’s is dead good rest his soul………

    but no loss for drug cheats are after all are just cheats and if you have to cheat to achieve anything who are you cheating in the end ?

  2. Guns of SF

    what were the other times he cheated aside from the hand of god fiasco?

    A drug addict is exactly that, an addict who needs help….

    He never had the proper support around him to get the help he needed. it is a sad story…
    He could have been great (er)

    Anyhow, Hand of God was a fluke, England are still butt hurt… they need to get over it already

  3. Sid

    ‘Anyhow, Hand of God was a fluke, England are still butt hurt… they need to get over it already’

    This kind of wisdom should not be for free!

  4. Graham62

    First saw Maradona on TV as a 17 year old playing for Argentina against Scotland at Hampden Park in 1978. Watch the highlights on YouTube.

    Just brilliant. His skill, his pace, his touch, his power, his desire.

    For me the greatest footballer I’ve ever seen play the game.

    Yes he cheated with the HOG goal, but I blame Peter Shilton.

    Jumped for the ball like a granny.

  5. Terraloon

    The discussion around 2nd/3rd choice players from squads is something that will become more focused as the season continues.

    We saw last night that scratch below the surface at Liverpool and you expose some very average players. That said the lack of sensible rotation or should I say the coaches confidence in squad players will impact performances as the season progresses

    Of an additional concern is the numbers of players currently unavailable

    Horrendous indicator from both an Arsenal and Liverpool perspective

    So which clubs have the depth of quality within their squads ?

    For me it certainly isn’t Arsenal nor come to that Spurs

    The majority of top 6 club managers do have greater squad depth than say Brighton but clubs not participating in Europe simply won’t have had to play and set up for as many games and that will aid them certainly over the festive period.

  6. Pierre

    “The next-gen, as ever, looks more exciting than the generation struggling to break into the first team right now. Ayeez, ESR, Balo, and Cottrell all look like the sort of players we could use in the first team, but I guess it’s going to take a while to find out of that’s true.”

    Players like willock, Nketiah, martinelli, nelson , smith rowe, ,saka can only try and perform and win football matches , and that is what they have consistently done over the last 2 seasons .

    Liverpool away twice
    Bournemouth away
    Portsmouth away
    Leicester away
    Frankfurt away
    Olympiakos away
    Guimaraes away
    Leige away.

    All games that our kids have featured heavily over the past 2 seasons and remained unbeaten..

    Saka is the only player to be given a decent run in the side by Arteta.
    Martinelli hardly started last season before he was injured IN TRAINING.
    Nketiah has only started one league game this season
    Willick was given a man marking job in his only start this season.
    Smith Rowe hasn’t started a game, he did injure his shoulder IN TRAINING but has been fit since October , should start tonight.
    Nelson hasn’t started a league game this season , he did injure his knee, reportedly IN TRAINING, should start tonight.
    Why hasn’t Balogun been given game time , if Arteta is true to his word and wants him to sign a contract then the best way to convince him to stay is to play him …
    Saliba has been a total cock up, he could have been given crucial game time to intergrate into the side.

    Molde last week , we started with pepe and willian and Balogun wasn’t even on the bench .

    So yes , apart from saka , they are struggling to make an impact but in all honesty , every offensive player are struggling to make an impact under Arteta.
    if pepe , Aubameyang, Lacazette and Willian are struggling then the kids should be given a run as so far, they have beaten every team put in front of them in the cup comps…..though of course, they get little credit for it.

    And before it is said that these games are a walkover, we lost at home to Olympiakos last season to eliminate us from the competition, with our experienced players starting…no Martinelli, no willock, no smith rowe , no Nketiah , no Guendouzi , no nelson .

  7. The Godfather

    It’s amazing how people forget that Diego embarassed half the English team to score one of the greatest goals in World Cup history but keep harping on a handball goal.

    That’s the genius of Diego Maradona. Quick feet, quick mind and one of the Greatest sports athletes of all time.

    You’ll be forever missed.


  8. HerbsArmy

    Maybe Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ goal was Karma coming back to bite England’s backside, after being gifted the World Cup in ’66 with the dodgy Geoff Hurst ‘goal’. No way that ball crossed the line for England’s third goal, but the match officials were all Russian, and the War had only ended 20 years earlier.
    RIP Diego Maradona, you brought excitement and joy to millions.

  9. Graham62


    I like the way you emphasis getting injured “IN TRAINING”.

    Are you saying Arteta’s training regime is in question?

  10. Habesha Gooner

    Eriksen checked out the minute he started playing a chess game with Pochettino. He went in to the last year of his contract with the mindset he was going to sit out his last season at tottenham. That is what happened to Sanchez too. you cant automatically turn your form on and off as you like. Momentum is part of a players form too. So I dont think he is a sensible signing.

    Dominik szobozlai is a really good young talent but I don’t think he will turn our fortunes around creatively. He is still raw. check out the latest season champions league matches if you want to see how much he needs time. He is an exciting talent for sure though.

    I still think Emi buendia would improve us. He is doing well in the championship now too. Aouar is the first target but after him there isn’t a lot of acquirable talent for modest sums that would improve us. Our creative problems aren’t just down to individual players either. Arteta’s cautious approach to every game needs to be addressed too. Willian didn’t turn from the 7th creative player in the league to nothing over night. Our approach has also something to do with it.

  11. Graham62

    Maradona wanted that ball more than Shilton.

    Our media should have scrutinised his part in not getting to the ball first.

    Irrespective of his hand, look how much higher off the ground DM was.

    Dare I say Shilton was scared?

  12. Ustyno

    Diego Amando Maradona RIP

    In 1994 I watched him for the first time after his suspension from drug issue and palyed against Nigeria and was silky with his left foot even though he wasn’t that great as per what I saw before that time probably because of his off field issues but still didn’t take anything from him as one of the very greatest of all time

    A great player rest on

  13. andy1886

    Graham, the press did berate Shilton at the time I recall.

    Again Maradona was a great player, maybe the greatest, but not a great human being. Being a great athlete should never mean you’re excused any more than anyone else for bad behaviour. George Best was a twat too, Gascoigne a complete dick and even Adams was a tosser for drunk driving.

    So nothing to do with the Falklands GoSF, more to do with repeated drugs offences, tax dodging and links to criminal organisations like the Camorra when he was with Napoli.

  14. raptora

    Let’s not pretend like our very own TH14 didn’t have a shameful moment.

    I guess it happens when you really want to win. It might not neccesarily mean that you are a immoral, indecent cheat. Those type of decisions, like not admitting a hand ball, bring sorrow to some and extreme joy to others. I guess in retrospect being adored by millions and hate by millions is a decent trade off when you’ve brought the World Cup to your country. I assume I’d forever regret it if I was in the same situation, but I admit the hand ball and eventually my national team drops out of the World Championship. As a whole I’d rather put the blame on the referees than the player.

  15. raptora

    It’s also why VAR is such a phenomenal addition to the game. Something like the Hand of God will not happen again in a big game. As long as the people behind the screen aren’t corrupted motherfkers. Corruption was and will always be a problem.

  16. HerbsArmy

    We’re only human and none of us perfect, it’s just that the spotlight will follow those with exceptional talent, flaws and all.
    I think we only qualify to judge someone else’s transgressions if they effect us on a personal level.
    We all know football is corrupt at the highest level just as we know people have always cheated to win.
    Just last summer England invented make-it-up-as-you-go rules so they didn’t have to share some Cricket trophy with New Zealand.
    The will to win often gets childish and petty.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal do have a large squad. The real question is how strong it is?

    Our 1st X1 is probably 4 or 5 players short in starting X1 for a team competing for top 4 place
    or to play competitively in Champions League.

    I would assess that we are probably also short of that number + second string goalkeeper in a regular 18-20 player rotation.

    The positions which need urgent strengthening are:

  18. Champagne charlie


    Why would a backup goalkeeper need urgent strengthening?

    We have no creative midfielders, one class CB, one class CM.

    We could quite literally go three seasons without adding a new GK for all I care, the club is desperate for a new attacking unit to be built around Auba.

  19. Emiratesstroller


    Do you consider Runarsson an adequate replacement should Leno get injured?

    I have highlighted Right Centre Back Position. Holding or maybe Saliba are adequate second
    string options. I am sure that Luiz or Mari are adequate second string LCB.

    We need probably two creative central midfielders. I agree that we are short in that department. If we play 3 midfielders in 4-3-3 formation Saka would play LMF.

    I think that Aubameyang will play wide with Martinelli as understudy when returning to

    Therefore we need a Starting X1 CF to replace Lacazette. I suggest that Nketiah will compete
    with Balogun as second string.

  20. Nelson

    I heard that Arteta’s priority for the Jan. TW is a CB. What do you think Saliba is thinking? Now he wants to go on load and will accept a pay cut. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to play for Arteta ever in my life.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Saliba has underperformed in both training and when playing for reserves.

    There have been also issues with his family life and settling in London. He is only 19.

    CB is a critical position in team and you cannot afford to take a risk with underperforming player. At the moment we have 3 options to play RCB in Holding, Mustafi and Luiz. None is
    ideal but they are ahead of Saliba in performance.

    Arteta has not written off the player just suggested that he needs regular football which we
    cannot offer Saliba.

    He made a mistake by not loaning Saliba out in last transfer window. He has acknowledged
    that was probably a mistake.

  22. Champagne charlie


    Look at the number 2 goalkeepers in the league. It’s not a position of significant importance because of the risk associated with long term absence.

    Our needs are vastly, vastly more important elsewhere. It’s not even on the list frankly, let alone in any urgent capacity.

    Our midfield and attacking balance is wildly out of order, we simply won’t go very far without making that a priority over the next 18 months.

  23. Useroz

    Let’s celebrate the display Maradona put on for us whatever your teams may be. He’s a football genius.

    Even the hand of god was a stroke of genius, until it’s found out!

  24. Marc

    In theory Arsenal getting a cheap backup keeper who’s adequate should be a relatively cheap option. An older keeper who get’s the chance to appear in EL matches and should get a decent run in the FA Cup.

    I have little to no faith in the current management set up to either sell the players who are surplus to demands or bring in the players we need to improve.

  25. Nelson


    Which part?
    I heard the news from The Chronicles of a Gooner – Arsenal Podcast.
    As for the 2nd part, Saliba has wasted his time here. The career of a football player is short. Arteta is playing around with Saliba’s career.

  26. Nelson


    Saliba was playing in the France 1st division. He was valued at 28 m. Now he is not even good enough to play against Molde. Of course you are not Saliba.

  27. Useroz

    It’d be criminal if Arteta uses any of the ‘regular’ first 11 tonight. Absolutely no need.

    Release the kids. Up to them to showcase what they have Don’t think Arteta has taken ESR though.

    If we didn’t win so be it. So close even Arteta cant fuck it up.

  28. Chris


    I think problems with some that we want to move on is that no clubs are willing to match their wage demands and on the same token, the players are happy to sit on their wages.

    However bringing in the players we need is also a concern of mine, the latest being Eriksen. We have made mistakes constantly over the past few years in the transfer market and it doesn’t seem like we are learning from them.

    Eriksen would be like a kid in a toy shop splashing out their pocket money on the first thing they see rather than looking through the whole shop first.

  29. Useroz

    Arteta has ruined Saliba. Can’t believe he’s that bad to be frank.

    So he’s coming back from a serious injury? What about Bellerin, Holding, and soon Chambers??

    Did they also need a transitional year because they were mediocre defenders before injuries?

  30. Emiratesstroller


    You do not need to spend the earth to secure an experienced second string goalkeeper. You
    can probably buy one for £5-6 million or even on a bosman.

    The second string should be playing in Europa Cup and Caribo Cup. The fact that Runarsson
    was not selected does not fill me with confidence that he is of the right quality.

  31. Emiratesstroller


    I have spoken to a sports journalist who monitors regular Arsenal in training as well as watched the U23s play this season.

    Saliba has been below par, which is why he was not registered for Europa Cup.

    Hopefully this may be short term, but at the moment he is not ready for first team.

  32. Useroz

    Willock dribbling out of control!

    This time, he turned over a reportedly £140k Mercedes on his way to training!

    Hasn’t warmed up enough?

  33. Pierre

    “Our midfield and attacking balance is wildly out of order, we simply won’t go very far without making that a priority over the next 18 months.”

    You are basically saying that Arteta has either failed or is failing.

    Aubameyang Pepe, Ozil, Willian , Saka , Lacazette….wenger would have that lot purring

  34. S Asoa

    “ Saliba has underperformed in both training and when playing for reserves.There have been also issues with his family life and settling in London. He is only 19. “

    Often repeated PR dodges to protect the Manager’s position. Salina played a cameo against MK Dons soon after coming, not having played for several months. To be also factored that he did not know how his mates moved on the ground.
    Then there is also the story of not satisfying Don Sancho Panza on the training ground. Also dictators do not like if somebody points out their flaws in thinking.and try to show some other French tactics.
    Just think

  35. Nelson

    Emirate “Hopefully this may be short term”

    Last year, we were told that Saliba will come and stabilizes the defense. I was hoping that in Jan. he will be included in one of the squad, Europa Cup or EPL. Now Arteta wants to buy another CB in January. It means that the exclusion of Saliba is not short term. What a disappointment.

  36. Useroz

    Willock caught on VAR that his Merc G cut 2 lanes to the left and lost control a few seconds later skidding on the grass and ended up kinda in the ditch!

  37. Useroz

    Media said during pre season that Saliba underwent intensive physical training to ready for the PL etc. So how come all of a sudden he isn’t good enough?!

    A kinda worthy £28m defender just doesn’t become shitty overnight (except. Giroud spending a night at a hotel)!

    He probably is now with the trauma over the last months. Confidence shot to pieces coming from CL and Ligue 1 to U23 or whatever.

    We may have a hard time attracting some young guns going forward

  38. Useroz

    Handbrake it is!

    Willock could be practising drifting or reenacting a Fast & Furious scene…

    Don’t get how he’d lose traction with a Merc G that has permanent 4 wheel drive?? Or did he turn it off?

  39. S Asoa

    Salina shit hitting the fan

    “ As things stand, the Ligue 1 outfit are unable to afford Saliba, but Canal Plus, via Foot-sur7, claims Saliba is so desperate to leave on loan he is willing to sacrifice as much as £90,000 a week to make the transfer happen.

    Arteta has previously hinted that Saliba could leave Arsenal on loan in January.

    He has made it clear he wants the Frenchman to experience a transition year so that he is ready to make the step up to the Premier League.

    Speaking in November, Arteta said: “I’m fed up with the situation because, as you could see, we tried to find a way in the last few days to give him some football. “

  40. Useroz

    “Mikel Arteta suggests Folarin Balogun can take Arsenal to next level“

    Same old internal solution i suppose.

    In this example, Balogun isn’t even staying ffs…

  41. raptora

    I shouldn’t judge someone who got into a car crash. It can happen to anyone.
    But fk me, was it reckless driving?! Going through 3 lanes for a last second left turn at a somewhat high speed is not cool bro. He is so lucky to get away with it without a scratch.

  42. Nelson

    There will be 2000 fans allowed inside the stadium to watch the NLD game. I wonder whether there will be any seat for Arsenal fans.

  43. BacaryisGod

    Most important -what do we think of Arsene’s music choices on Desert Island Discs? I think less adventurous than his managing style.

  44. andy1886

    ‘Winning’ the transfer window last summer is looking worse and worse every week. Hopefully Saliba will eventually come good but so far it’s been a classic example of how not to successfully integrate a talented young player into a new club.

  45. Ashburton

    We’ve been sold another French league dud in William siliba.28 +million spunked AGAIN I’d actually stay well away from that league in future, we haven’t got anything half way decent in years out of it.Is it sad that all I want this season is long term injuries to son and kane? we won’t go forward until we get a proper manager.

  46. BacaryisGod

    Who, Andy?!

    He made one mistake and gave up when he was offered Man U job. She fished by asking if it was when Fergie floated retirement in 2003 and he said he preferred not to say. Then he added that he couldn’t leave b/c David Dein was still at the club which basically confirms the 2003 date.

  47. BacaryisGod

    Andy-Saliba was a contract screw-up and rightly cost Huss Faimy his job. He also might have been the cause of not extending Balogun .

  48. Champagne charlie


    I’ve been critical of recruitment for more than two years that end of the pitch, and I’ve also been critical of our underperforming for what we have available still.

    It’s amazing what actually reading posts will do for you instead of living in a fantasy world where only two apparent views are possible.

    On Willock….

    It was 100% dangerous driving and he’s incredibly lucky to have avoided injury. There’s footage of the crash (assuming legit) caught via dash cam and he’s a complete knob on the evidence.

  49. Tom

    Andy, cmon, we’re talking a different era here. Shit, In the eighties Polish players would show up to the airport for their international flights drunk or hung over and that was when Poland was actually a top team lol.
    Maradona’s ties to organized crime? ……..and what’s FIFA?

  50. TheBayingMob

    Hand of God was great for all the peoples colonized by England.
    Finally the tables turned….
    Falkland Island revenge

    What!? What an absolute cunt of a comment.

  51. Elmo

    So Saliba being reported by the Mirror to be willing to take a £90k pw pay cut to facilitate a loan in January.

    I was thinking: how is he earning comfortably over £90k pw anyway? But other sources from the time of his transfer claimed he would be earning <£40k pw, so predictably all sounds like tabloid bs.

  52. SuperRob

    Gunt of sf

    Here’s an idea…keep your mouth shut when it comes to the Falklands and how the english feel about the hand of god cos you don’t have a fucking clue.

    What a surprise another yank mouthing off about something they dont understand.

  53. raptora

    Do you guys think it’s fair that Arteta hasn’t given us the choice to rate Saliba playing pub teams in Europa? To maybe affirm that he will need a bit more time, or that maybe injuries have taken too big of a toll on him, or that he is going through too many things at the moment?

    Anything would have been better than being stuck in the reserves and Arsenal supporters imagining how bad he is if he’s not good enough to play in Europa League.

    We have ex and current St. Etienne coaches and teammates saying how good he is, they even commented how desperate they were to have him on loan again and how Arsenal did them dirty.

    Scouts and specialists saying he is a great prospect, that he was ahead of Fofana, that Spurs were ready to splash big cash for him, he was a wanted man.

    Now Arteta apparently doesn’t rate him at all if he’s behind Gabriel, Luiz, Holding, Mustafi, Mari and Tierney even when we were/are playing with 3 CBs.

    We are basically not allowed to be able to see with our eyes if we have a good player or not. We have to trust Arteta’s judgement. In addition to that he decided to keep a player he doesn’t plan on playing at all, not even once, anywhere but in the reserve team.

    One might say playing in Europa would have made the lad feel better about himself after an emotional and sad 2020 for him and that being stuck in the reserves could take a toll on his confidence.

  54. raptora

    Can we really mindlessly trust Arteta’s judgement?

    He’s made an error or two and it’s not even a full year he’s been here. Mari, Soares, Xhaka, Mustafi, AMN might have been permanently out the door. Willian hasn’t fit in well. Martinelli was benched by Nketiah and Nelson before being injured in training. Guen got loaned after being really high rated in the football world. Partey was a target long before Arteta joined us.

    Literally the only 3 good things he’s done regarding players is Auba’s extension, Gabriel’s signing and trusting Saka to start games. Correct me if I’m missing something.

    I’m not going to include Emi’s transfer because that one was decided entirely by Emi himself.

  55. Captain Tierney


    The only reason Saliba was not included in the Europa squad is because of foreign player rules.

    Mari was preferred ahead of him because he was a natural left footed second string to Gabriel.

    Mustafi had earned Arteta’s trust and thats why he was also picked ahead of Saliba.

    Imo it still was not a good decision. Saliba is a world class prospect and should have been chosen over Mustafi or Mari.
    p.s- Mari is still injured and we are entering December. Saliba would have had a good 4-5 games Europa games under his belt by now.

  56. raptora

    Yeah. Agreed.
    Might be a bad example but it’s not a coincidence that in FIFA and PES the young players become better much faster when you play them in the senior team and in official games. The learning experience for the lads to play for our first team in say Europa is enormous.

    In that regard, playing a Mustafi that has peaked for Arsenal seasons ago, or a Mari who might be seasoned enough to fight for a place in the EPL, ahead of a player who is absolutely desperate to get a chance after a superstar first season in France… It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  57. Champagne charlie

    “Can we really mindlessly trust Arteta’s judgement?“

    No, but instead let’s speculate untold amounts and pretend we have more info on hand than the manager himself who sees these guys daily.

  58. Pierre

    “The only reason Saliba was not included in the Europa squad is because of foreign player rules.”

    I could have sworn the reason was he hadn’t recovered from his injury.
    Or was it lack of fitness
    Or was it he was poor at defending set pieces
    Or was it family problems
    Or was it he needed time to transition.

  59. Marc

    It’s strange how a year ago Saliba was a Mislintat signing who’d he’d been following for years and all of a sudden there’s no mention of that.

  60. Captain Tierney


    Thats a pretty good example and holds true in the real world.
    Senior games are 10x as good for a player’s development than an U23 game.


    Dont get whats your point here ?
    Saliba hasnt been injured since arriving at Arsenal.

  61. Pierre

    Charlie seems to think that Arteta is not to blame for our lack of creativity and our lack of chance creation.
    Blaming recruitment and underperforming players but no criticism of the manager’s use of the players
    One goal( a penalty) in the last 5 games tells me the manager needs to try something different….

    Arteta has admitted that he has failed with Ozil and he is failing with Pepe though he seems happy that he is running around a bit more.

    Willian , Lacazette and Aubameyang

  62. Marc

    If other news it’s been reported that NASA are confident of being able to complete a manned mission to Mars and back without any of the Astronauts missing an Arsenal goal in open play.

  63. Pierre

    My point is , the defenders of Arteta have come up with a number of excuses ( as you have today) as to why he isn’t playing.

    He should just come out and say that he doesn’t fancy him atm otherwise he would have been included in the squad list.

    I made the point back in june/july( and was roundly criticised for saying it) that Saliba has a poor heading technique and may struggle, i also said Gabriel looked the better player.
    So i have no problem with Arteta being honest instead of hiding behind the squad quota being full…

    In the europa group stage , saliba could have taken the place of any of the other 4 centre backs luiz, mustafi, mari , holding , but no he uses the mari injury as an excuse…

  64. Champagne charlie


    I literally answered you an hour ago referencing exactly that, I’ve also said about a dozen times that I don’t like the balance of our attack and want to see Saka, Auba, Nelson as a front three.

    For a guy that troll’s all day everyday you’re pretty shit at it. Selective reading isn’t an older age thing.

  65. Pierre

    Why do you think Arteta has been reluctant to play Aubameyang up top and Saka left wing .

    I made the point yesterday that the vast majority of Aubameyang’s goals have come from one touch finishes…not this season.
    Saka has been misused in my opinion , you are right, he should be played further up the pitch as he is lethal with his final ball…

    Nelson could be a good option though i wouldnt write off Willian yet ( nor pepe) .

    For these wide players to be effective they need a player who can feed them the ball regularly and need good suppport from the full backs to make decoy runs to take defenders away…

    Has partey the awareness , weight of pass and vision to feed our wide players regularly.

  66. Ashburton

    Any opinions on Adrian durum take on Tierney being at best the 8th best left back in the league? He was saying we are going overboard with him just because he showed passion.. Named chigwell, regulion, among others who he thought was streets ahead… Arsenal players should refuse interviews with him!!!

  67. Marc

    Apparently there’s a story doing the rounds that we’re looking to buy Slobby and loan him back – is that really going to help us this season.

  68. Marc


    Durham is a cunt of the highest order who’s made a career out of trolling Arsenal fans who are daft enough to react to his baiting.

  69. Ashburton

    Marc I agree, more fool me for listening to him. Part of me agrees with him as Tierney has holes in his game but I can see past them at times because he’s a say maybe only 5 left backs that are better in the Premier league…. Evertons, spuds, Chelseas, Liverpools, Southamptons

  70. zacharse

    this guy superrob lol
    peep show inspired name guy defending the honor of the british in the falklands-
    basement dwelling tory larping again


  71. China1

    If we buy slobby and loan him back it will be the dumbest piece of business since…. we’ll Willian. Which was the dumbest piece of business since saliba. Which was the dumbest piece of business since Pepe. Which was the dumbest piece of business since ozil

    And that’s saying something!

  72. Captain Tierney

    Who is slobby?


    I do agree that some of Arteta’s decisions has been very poor.
    The Saliba and Ozil debacle top the list. One is the team’s only creative player and the other is a world class prospect whose defensive partner who was widely considered as an inferior player is shining in the same league Saliba is supposedly not robust enough for.

    Other baffling decisions include keeping both Amn and Kolasinac.

    For some extent I do understand offering Mustafi a new contract. This would have meant we don’t lose him for free but the player is smart enough to reject that because he knows he doesn’t have a future with us.

  73. Guns of SF

    Super Stupid and Baying Cunt,

    As you English say “Piss off”


    some of you get butt hurt too easily here! lol

    You folks seem to think the English empire is something you all had anything to do with. Give me a break.

    Anyhow, the linesman and ref got it wrong. 2 people. Shilton was a pussy. Can you all agree to that or is that too much for you all to deal with?

    And yes, plenty of the world was happy with the ” hand of god”. deal with it.