Christian Eriksen rumours won’t go away

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I don’t know why it’s getting to me, but I keep seeing these rumours of Christian Eriksen being pushed around, and it really isn’t a pleasant vibe.

There are a few reasons this move would feel a bit off. Firstly, he’s having a rough time in a slow league, working for a manager that demands a lot defensively. Secondly, he’d cost a small fortune. Thirdly, he seems like a very Ozil-ish player. I’m not sure defensive rigour was ever something you thought about with him. Fourthly, if that is a word, he’s a bear-trap of a player. He looks like Willian, Cech, Lichtsteiner, Gallas, and Silvestre all over again.

On paper, you’re like, ooohhh, that’s sexy, but it just feels like another one of those deals you’d have fancied 5 years ago, but not right now.

Still, if it happens, you’d have to say that his creativity could probably be additive to 7.5 hours without a goal in open play. I swear our best creative player this season is ‘defensive mistake.’

There are some clear issues Arsenal are dealing with at the moment. Creativity is certainly one of them. Having a midfield that can’t deal with a press is another. Players like Eriksen and Szobozlai would both help with that.

I also think a major issue Arteta needs to solve for is passing speed. We move the ball in such a painfully slow and mechanical way. During the Leeds game, we had players running with the ball and slowing the pace further. It’s a basic, but if you don’t have the players to thread a well-organised block, maybe you focus more energy on moving the ball up the pitch faster. Our wide players pick the ball up so deep, it’s no wonder they aren’t causing problems in the final third.

On paper, our players are much better than those at Leeds. They are blitzing teams with shots. I’m not saying we have to go that far, but we can’t be so far the other way we’re barely registering a shot on target.

We have Molde tomorrow, I’m not sure we’ll see anything too wild, though I would be happy if the manager decided to blood a few of the kids we have no idea about yet. The next-gen, as ever, looks more exciting than the generation struggling to break into the first team right now. Ayeez, ESR, Balo, and Cottrell all look like the sort of players we could use in the first team, but I guess it’s going to take a while to find out of that’s true.

Right, short post today because there’s not a lot of news going on. See you in the comments!


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  1. Ustyno

    Can we ignore Eriksen,I’m still struggling to remember any player that came from another team to us and was great,I know he’s in Inter now but everything I remember about him is the Spurs

  2. Trap

    Good one

    Our past teams used the ball better we found spaces with quick passing sequences .
    We’ve scored great goals under this management almost a travesty how we play .

  3. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Eriksen would definitely be a backward step, it was great nicking Campbell when Arsenal were a force to be reckoned with, signing him would consign us to being regarded as the SAGA Club, all cruises and elasticated waistbands when what we want is full on Ibiza and threads to match.

  4. Elmo

    “It’s a basic, but if you don’t have the players to thread a well-organised block, maybe you focus more energy on moving the ball up the pitch faster”

    Does that mean target man for Auba to play off to get behind the defence?

    At least as a Plan B it’s a shame we don’t have any forward in the squad that can offer that.

  5. Paulinho

    “Players like Eriksen and Szobozlai would both help with that.”

    Erikson isn’t good against the press though. It’s an trait too readily attributed to any midfielder known for providing spark in the final third, but only a few (Hleb, Grealish) are actually capable of dealing with a press and using it to their advantage by punishing the opposition for attempting it. Eriksen hasn’t got that agility or burst of pace and goes completely missing if teams are well-drilled in that regard and just passes backwards Xhaka style.

    He’s superb technically though and would give us some threat when teams drop off because he can leather it with either foot and create pressure with his directness against low blocks.

  6. shad

    If we are signing Eriksen then we might as well unfreeze Özil and while at it Arteta reward himself with a player-coach-manager deal.
    Oh, and sign Pires and Henry while at it too, God knows we need their guile.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    Oh man. Getting another washed up has-been on a monster ‘see out his career contract’…yes. Yes, this sounds exactly the sort of bullshit Arsenal are into.

    Give him £250,000 pw and watch him go!

    Looks like Arteta is doubling down on his flaws and going balls deep. Joker.

  8. Demetrios

    Doesn’t matter who you add at the moment. The team is too focused on defensive structure rather than offensive creativity.
    Until the handbrake is released, doesn’t matter who we bring in.

  9. Biggles

    Maybe Eriksen would be a bad idea, but he’s 28, not 32 like both Ozil and Willian. And if it were a swap deal for Xhaka, that would get him off our books and let’s be honest, he’s still one of our biggest problems. As for the financial side of the deal, he’s believed to be on £125k pre-tax. That’s not much more than Xhaka is on, and to be honest, I bet we could drive that down. If not, I’d still take the guy I think to be the better player for a slight net increase in wages. Over the course of a year, an extra £25k a week is “only” £1.3m which is only a fraction of what we pay Ozil, who remember DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the club at all.

  10. WengerEagle


    Agree re Eriksen.

    Said on the last post though that if it really was for 15m and on a 2 year deal rather than a 4 year one like Ozil had us hostage on, it wouldnt be a bad idea.

    He wouldnt be on crazy money and he would make a difference against teams that sit deep at the Emirates and let us endlessly and aimlessly pass it around in front of them.

    Can keep those sorts of teams honest with his distance shooting threat, ability to slip through a forward pass and set piece delivery.

  11. Marc


    There are all sorts of rumours about Eriksen’s salary going up to £230k per week. Some of them are after tax figures as well.

    Don’t think we’d be getting someone on the same sort of money as Xhaka’s £100k per week

  12. Pierre

    28 is the peak age for a footballer ,

    12 million for a player of Eriksen’s quality and end product is a bargain….

    If we are prepared to let players sit on their arses doing nothing for half million a week then paying a player who would help solve our creativity issues is not even a discussion.

    Eriksen is 4 years younger than Aubameyang, Ozil and Willian so age should not be a comparison.

  13. Biggles

    I don’t think there is any truth to the crazy figures of £260k a week etc that I’ve seen. I think these kind of figures were predicated on Inter signing him on a Bosman as opposed to signing him. As Inter *paid* £17m for Eriksen, the chances of them tripling his salary as well paying are very slim. A 50% raise on top of a transfer fee? Sounds much more reasonable.

  14. Guns of SF

    RIP Maradona

    Wow, he seemed indestructible with all these health issues but alas, he is human.

    years of coke, drinking and other debauchery has finally taken its toll.

    What he could have been..

  15. NJ Gooner

    Why wouldn’t Inter pay part of Eriksen’s salary as part of a loan-to-sell deal for six months? I certainly wouldn’t mind if MA took a punt on that for the rest of the season. His stats at Spurs were outstanding until Maureen sidelined him. Actually better than KDB. Not a bad option unless we’ve got a better one.

    Any better, feasible, ones out there Pedro, except maybe the Hungarian wunderkind whom we probably don’t have the straight up cash to buy at the moment?

  16. Kaz

    I’d bite your hand off for a Xhaka – Eriksen swap.

    Willian is a good player, just obvious he is being set up to fail.

    A better manager with Willian, Eriksen and Partey in the team turns it into a quality midfield.

    Mad how some of you people would rather accept continuing with mediocrity.

  17. Marc


    I don’t think anyone’s saying that we shouldn’t get Eriksen because our current options are so good – I think people are saying they’d prefer a better option.

  18. shad

    RIP Maradona. What a left foot. What a character. Will never forget his crazy celebration of Messi’s goal at the World Cup in South Africa.

  19. redbro14

    Apparently Szoboszlai‘s contract release clause allows it to be paid in three instalments. If that is the case we should go in for this player in January. And as other have suggested, Granit / Eriksen swap could possibly at least make a functioning midfield that should see us start to create more in the middle of the park.

  20. redbro14

    Can’t wait for Martinelli’s return. We have missed his quality this season. Power, pace, technique, enthusiasm for the game lifts everybody up. Can’t come too soon….

  21. Ernest Reed

    What I enjoy most about this blog are some of the most ridiculous transfer possibilities that any otherwise sane person would never dare report or speak of.

    Case in point, talk of a Xhaka/Erikson exchange? Ask yourself an obvious, why would Arsenal want their has-been scraps and why would Inter want our has been scraps? Neither would because they already have what they don’t want.

    Sometimes some of the things that i read on here are so bombastically ridiculous, they actually are quite entertaining.

  22. 5am

    Somethings dawned on me what Gazidis with proper planning should’ve done when Klopp was available before Liverpool…. he should’ve given him the technical director role and thereby ready and waiting for when it was either best for Wenger to move on or swap roles – perhaps after his last fa cup. Things would then have been far more streamlined and politically au fait. Mane and Van Dyke would then have been first team members as the fans were calling for them at the time instead of keeping Walcott and not replacing Koscielny properly, whilst Klopp has already shown his interest in Saka as a protege 👌🏼

  23. Tom

    Unless my memory is all fucked it was Eriksen who got fed up with the Spurs and not the other way around.
    Levy overplayed his hand floating Eriksen to RM for mega fee ,and Mourinho decided his Spurs fortunes were better served without a player who wasn’t committed to the cause.

    Eriksen would be an upgrade on what we have in mid.
    Just because he flopped at Inter doesn’t mean he’s washed up.
    Conte is notorious for his way or highway.

  24. TheBayingMob

    “ Real shame about Diego, real shame. Eternal rest and peace be with you.”

    He was a fat cheating cunt. Great day for me, raising a glass this evening.

  25. Radio Raheem

    Eriksen would be an upgrade on what we have in mid.
    Just because he flopped at Inter doesn’t mean he’s washed up.
    Conte is notorious for his way or highway.

    And so it begins…by January Eriksen will be hailed as the Danish Maradona 😂😂

    Oh just need someone to post YouTube clips of Erikson’s assists to get the wheels rolling.

  26. Pierre

    “I don’t think anyone’s saying that we shouldn’t get Eriksen because our current options are so good – I think people are saying they’d prefer a better option.”

    Name one better option for that price or a xhaka swap..

    Of course we could always do the sensible thing and bring Ozil back and that would cost us nothing in fee and nothing in wages ….imagine that.

  27. Champagne charlie

    Eriksen would be a huge waste of time and money, and yet another opportunistic punt on a player that doesn’t wholly suit what’s needed.

    Being better than the nothing we have ISN’T a good enough approach to take.

    Hungry Dom is available, Calhanoglu is 26 and free to sign a pre-contract before the summer, Aouar is still Aouar, Carlos Soler is still at Valencia who love a sale. There’s another dozen more impressive players than a guy being shoved out of a pretty average Inter Milan team.

    If the best we’ve got up our sleeves is Christian Eriksen then my optimism for Edu and Arteta is going to take a massive plunge.

  28. Tom

    Eriksen in his last three full Spurs seasons clocked 36 goals and 53 assists , Xhaka in the same three seasons for Arsenal managed 11 goals and 16 assists.
    Call me crazy for calling that an upgrade lol

  29. Dissenter

    Imagine if Spuds pick up Dominik in January and Arsenal settle for Eriksen
    That will be so fitting
    One club on the up, the other becoming a geriatric day center

  30. Kaz

    I’d take Erikson over Xhaka and over Auoar.

    Szoboszlai should be purchased in addition. (if the player has any wish to come here that is)

  31. Guns of SF

    Diego was a story of what happens when you let temptation get the best of you….
    talent just slowly wasted away…

    His life is a warning to others… about excess. It will kill you.

    time to wrap Pele in cotton wool. These living legends are slowly dying off…..

  32. WengerEagle


    Calhanoglu is playing for a team competing for the title in Serie A. Milan are also a massive club with prestige so not like we have that pull over them.

    No chance of Aouar, especially in Jan after he just penned a new deal.

    Soler is another deep sitting midfielder, very similar to Ceballos and not an upgrade.

    Dom definitely a real possibility and worth exploring.

    I am not even an Eriksen fan and think that he’s a soft character but if he was available for a bargain fee in Jan you would have to be tempted. Just make sure you dont sign away your future with him like we did with Ozil and offer 1-2 year deal max.

  33. TR7

    RIP Diego Maradona. …..what a life and what a footballer !!

    As for Erickson, a.firm no. Really never understood the fuss about him. A steady player with decent output when he is at his best and a very ineffectual player if the opposition is of good quality. I honestly don’t remember any big game against a top class opposition in which Erickson stamped his authority. He is already on a decline. All these rival over the hill players that we signed have turned out to be below par for us. We should learn from our past mistakes. Sign Buendia for a similar money and who knows he could turn out to be a top top player in future.

  34. Champagne charlie


    You’re talking like they’re the only options, they’re but some of the numerous options better than Christian Eriksen. Also, nothing deep lying about Soler, he spends half his appearances as a wide man.

    Who signs 2 year contracts at 28? If he moves it’ll be on a 4 year deal and we’d have simply replaced Ozil with a shittier version. Nothing penetrating about Eriksen, nothing athletic about Eriksen. The ‘but that price’ rationale is why we’ve still not built a squad since Wenger left.

    Loan? Yea sure. But they can keep him long term.

  35. englandsbest

    Lately, it’s become a habit for Arsenal to sign players who are past their best. Sometimes it comes off, mostly it doesn’t. I’d have to go back to Pat Jennings to find one who came off long term. There was a time when other clubs took our past-the-best players. Now we take theirs.

    So, please, no Ericson.

    Pedro, you hit it on the nail: the missing ingredient is speed. If the players did what they do twice as fast, we’d be rattling the Liverpool cage. Another argument against signing the elderly. And, at thirty, you have to classify Auba as late middle-age..

    So, please, some club make an offer for him in Jan that we can’t refuse.

  36. WengerEagle

    Myself I would love Rodrigo de Paul. Very creative, scores goals, can dribble, hard presser/worker off the ball and leader already at Udinese.

    Also like Savanier at Montpellier who has been outstanding for years now.

    Mattheus Cunha another player that would be a huge upgrade although Hertha arent strapped for cash and would likely want hefty money. Not that he wouldnt be worth it.

  37. WengerEagle


    Fair enough, dont disagree. If it were for 3+ years, big fat no.

    I dont have much faith in us pulling anybody of note in January is the only thing and Eriksen will almost certainly move.

  38. Tom

    The fact Arsenal’s negotiating team is bonkers and can’t be trusted with money is a separate issue fro Eriksen making this mid semi functional.

    Quality players failing to make an impression in Italy, well, that’s never happened before I’m sure.
    Three of Arsenal’s best ever didn’t exactly light it up while on spaghetti diet before switching to Highbury’s fish and chips.

  39. Champagne charlie


    I get the temptation given our needs and the desolate nature of most Jan windows, I’m just massively against pissing on our summer plans because we cave on a bang average impulse buy in Jan. Doesn’t fill me with confidence in the overall strategy if that’s how we’re continuing to operate.

    As much as I’d prefer an Aouar over Hungry Dom because he’s more established and likely to impact us mid-season, I’m not in favour of us trying to breathe life into a guy on fat wages offering shit performances – not like he’s a personality that just needs to click. Coutinho is the elite in that bracket, Aouar the elite in the young bracket, Hungry Dom the elite in the teen bracket. Shops there and ignore the Black Friday specials getting shoved in our faces.

    Would rather Buendia in fact, get a guy over performing at a lesser club instead of a guy underperforming at a big club.

  40. Champagne charlie


    Don’t do it, don’t tell tales of Henry and Vieira to add allure. Arsenal need to move away from speculative stuff and get a smart plan in place.

    Pick younger guys doing well, leave the older guys doing poorly alone.

  41. englandsbest

    Clearly Arteta is on a learning curve.

    Lesson 1:
    Never give in to a player’s agent. I make Arteta’s biggest mistake giving Auba a long-term contact on increased wages.

    Lesson 2:
    If you can’t afford the best, don’t spend big money on second best. I think Arteta is on song here

    Lesson 3:
    Treat all the players equally. I think Arteta shows too much respect for the elderly.

    Lesson 4:
    Don’t suffocate gifted players. I think a players like Pepe works better unleashed

    Lesson 5:
    Focus on the young Old dogs don’t learn new tricks

  42. WengerEagle

    Pretty incredible that Real Madrid have never beaten AC Milan or Inter Milan at the San Siro in the CL and we have beaten both there between the crazy 5-1 demolition of Inter in 03′ and our 2-0 Last 16 win over Kaka’s Milan in 08′.

  43. Mb

    No one can convince me we need Eriksen. Instead of the Xhaka swap deal, sell him and invest in Aouar or Szo.

    You can’t buy the trophy unless you are City or Chelsea. Willian, Eriksen are just an attempt to get average to qualify for top4. You are not gonna get that too.

  44. WengerEagle


    Yeah there are other solutions out there. Eriksen move would be obvious but it is a lazy one without any imagination.

    Also brings a sulky personality and we already have one of them in Ozil.

    Genuinely worried that without a move for a creative midfielder in January though we will finish outside of any European spot, forget just top 4.

  45. WengerEagle



    Who were the only team in the CL knockouts to beat Heynckes’ unstoppable Bayern Munich in 2013? Only allowed one guess.

    A Gervinho sitter away from changing the course of football history. Just like Bendtner at the Nou Camp two years earlier.

  46. Batistuta

    Would be monumentally stupid to sign Eriksen, it’s like the club never learn. He’s failed to adapt here and has been a waste of wages.

    Mentioned Chanaloglu on here back in the summer and then there’s Rodrigo de Paul who I’m sure would jump at the opportunity to upgrade from Udinese to Arsenal. Better output, better age profile too or the Hungarian kid Freddie has a boner for but God no Eriksen. I mean Mikhitrayn is having a belter here and he was pants in England

  47. Upstate Gooner

    Xhaka-Eriksen swap is a no brainer. After all, anything or anyone in this case is better than a huge pile of poo. However, that’s the only way I’d be willing to make this Eriksen deal happen. Even a loan doesn’t make much sense since we’ll be just adding to our wage bill.

  48. Champagne charlie


    Ask yourself this, if Eriksen wasn’t being driven to the airport by Conte would he be topping any list for potential incomings? Absolutely not, which says it all.

    All for any of the guys you mention instead who are:
    a) performing well at their respective clubs
    b) younger/keener to prove themselves on a bigger stage
    c) much better suited to a futuristic Arsenal football

    Can apply that to anyone being flogged in Europe frankly, would rather we identify guys at clubs that we can pressure financially – like Norwich, Valencia, Marseille.

  49. Batistuta


    He’s be stalling on that new contract for a while now, there’s talk he’s looking for a new challenge elsewhere. Money always motivates really, he’ll pack up and leave if we offer enough money

  50. MD-Gunner

    WTF, is Arsenal now becoming the dumping ground of players not wanted by other clubs?

    This either is driven by agents, media for the sake of stories, or some idiot execs. If this happens than there is only one reason for it, to cover up the disastrous mistake of not registering Ozil or not wanting to face the media after the TW why did you not register Ozil. You know this will be a talking point as the media loves these kind of stories. Club with PR disaster moves (55 fired, Gunnersaurus) verses player with media savvy PR group and large following. It is a win win for the media.

  51. Tom

    ‘“ Real shame about Diego, real shame. Eternal rest and peace be with you.”He was a fat cheating cunt. Great day for me, raising a glass this evening‘

    Lol , What was it , the hand of god, that got you so riled up?

    Maradona used to get fouled 20 + times a game and half of those were potential leg breakers.
    In the 82 World Cup the Italians fouled him 23 times but he was the cheat, Lol.
    Today Messi draws 10 fouls and everyone screams rotational fouling.

  52. Ishola70


    “I also think a major issue Arteta needs to solve for is passing speed. We move the ball in such a painfully slow and mechanical way”

    This has been a problem for a long time.

    The midfielder who picks up the ball from the goalie or the CBs in a deeper position sets the tone for the whole side. Sets the tempo. Unfortunately for several seasons we have had the slow Xhaka doing this for Arsenal. We have to hope that Partey may be able to do this.

    Ceballos can give some impetus from deeper but he tends to dribble too much on the ball from deep.

    Watch Toni Kroos from Real Madrid to see how it should be done. He sprints many times towards his own keeper to receive the ball in deep and plays passes on the half turn to receiving players first time. He keeps that ball moving and moving quickly. No pondering on the ball. He sets the tone for the side.

  53. Pierre

    So that’s sorted then ..

    Stick with Xhaka
    Ignore the premier league’s top creator , top assist , top goals from free kicks and top goalscorer from outside the box.even though he is available for peanuts.

    Makes sense.

  54. Valentin

    Tom is right.

    When DB10 joined Arsenal in 1994, many considered him as a washed up player who could not make it in Italy. Both Vieira and Henry were considered as not good enough in Italy.
    Players failing in Italy because of managers refusing to see beyond their own tactical restrictions does not necessarily mean that a player is bad.

    For Ericksen my main concern is that I am not convinced that he would fit in Arteta current system. Like Özil he is a passer who needs willing runners ahead of him to shine. What Arteta wants is a dribbler who can play an hybrid between a 6 and a 8. I fear that Ericksen will just be as ineffective as Ceballos in our current system.

    On the other hand with Ericksen, there is no doubt that he would adapt to the EPL. The second issue then is ROI (Return On Investment). For the money spend on the player could we get better or cheaper?
    If we could get him on a loan, then he is definitely a good move assuming that he could fit into Arteta vision. Get him on a fat salary for 3 years even on a reduced fee, then it becomes debatable that it is a good move.

  55. Dissenter

    I tried ignoring that mean spirited and stupendously stupid post about Maradona.
    Talk about a lack of class; dissing another human being who’s not even in the ground yet.

    Maradona is probably the most fouled footballer of all time, maybe Marco Van Basten comes second.
    When he moved to Barca for a world record fee, his career was almost ended by the butcher of Bilbao in one of the most callous displays on the field. It’s on YouTube
    The Bilbao fans built a shrine forAndoni Goikoetxea afterwards. That’s the era that Maradona had to dominate.
    For me, he’s the greatest ever. Messi benefitted from the cultural change that followed the wanton fouling of geniuses like Diego.

  56. Ishola70

    I remember footage of Maradona in the World Cup against Belgium which stood out and he was bypassing players and riding tackles en masse like he was a surfer mastering the waves with the ball stuck to his foot.


    If the guy wanted a big party on and off the field then no-one can hold that against him after originating from the slums with not two pennies to rub together. He enjoyed himself.

  57. Nelson

    I am confused. I was told that Arteta wants players who can do high pressing. That’s why there is no place for Ozil in Arteta’s team. Why suddenly they want Eriken who is just another Ozil.

  58. Guns of SF

    He sure did live it up!

    Nightly 5 course dinners, a different blonde every night, lines of coke whenever, fame, money, status,

    Hard to say no to all of those things… especially in the 70s and 80s where debauchery was the norm.
    Players/coaches smoking on the sidelines, in the locker room. a different era…machismo was the rule

    A gifted dribbler like him was going to be targeted by these so called hard men…
    Terrible tackle…. surprised his leg did not snap in half

  59. Pierre

    “When DB10 joined Arsenal in 1994, many considered him as a washed up player who could not make it in Italy. Both Vieira and Henry were considered as not good enough in Italy.
    Players failing in Italy because of managers refusing to see beyond their own tactical restrictions does not necessarily mean that a player is bad.”

    Very well put

  60. Pierre

    “I am confused. I was told that Arteta wants players who can do high pressing. That’s why there is no place for Ozil in Arteta’s team. Why suddenly they want Eriken who is just another Ozil.”

    What makes you think he wants high pressing when he has just given Aubameyang and Willian 3 year contracts..

    Impossible to high press without high energy players who have the hunger and desire to press.

  61. bacaryisgod

    The Eriksen rumours aren’t going away because it’s click bait heaven. There’s next to no chance Arsenal are going to sign him. You can’t freeze out Ozil and then bring in a player that has similar flaws. I’m sure his pay packet is extremely high too.

    Having said that, I dismissed our chances of signing Partey too, so…..

  62. Nelson


    That’s not what I think. That’s what I was told by those Ozil haters what this “footballing reason”. is all about.

  63. Pierre

    The only way any foreign player can be signed is if we offload a foreign player as our quota is full ….so with regard to Eriksen it would have to be a swap with xhaka or nothing unless we sell off Lacazette or similar.

    Buying mari and cedric has messed us up big time in that regard…..pointless signings.

  64. Marc

    When are you all going to realise that Arteta wants to buy all the players. He’s never going to let any leave and will keep adding player after player after player.

  65. Freddie Ljungberg

    Watching Bayern v Salzburg and even Salzburg looks better than us, young energetic players that moves the ball quickly, my boy Dom has been at the heart of Salzburgs most dangerous chances, missed a one on one with Neuer that he should have scored though and it’s now Bayern in the lead 1-0.

    We’re so far away from playing in the CL it’s not even funny, we would get demolished by most teams as it stands, need to seriously up the recruitment from now on and get rid of the wasters. Luckily most of them leaves by default this summer.

  66. bacaryisgod

    Several months ago I suggested a rather brutal but simple plan.

    Get rid of any non-goalkeeping player over the age of 25 from last season’s squad by any means necessary, with the logic being that if you really want to rebuild under a young manager then you have to go through a painful transition because otherwise you’ll be swimming in mediocrity and overpaying for some of the older players. Once the clean-up has happened we can buy the leaders we want as we’ll not be weighed down by lengthy overpriced contracts for ageing players.

    The flaws in the argument was that you’ll be throwing quality out with the dross and that the team will be shorn of leaders Added to that, an unlucky season could lead a young, inexperienced team to flirt with relegation and we could find no-one wants some of our older players (which turned out to be correct). Finally, the age of 25 is arbitrary as different positions peak at different ages.

    Well, fast forward to today and I’m not so sure it would have worked out so badly.

    Under the ’25’ plan we would have sold, loaned, released or not signed the following: (Mustafi, Mari, Sokratis ,Luiz, Kolasinac, Cedric, Xhaka, Ozil, Willian, Aubameyang and Lacazette). The only two players who have done well for us over the age of 25 are Elneny and Partey. Under the plan Elneny would have been sold but as good as he’s been, he’s releasable. Partey on the other hand, is the perfect leader that we could have signed to drive a young group forward and as he was the age of 26 this summer he could have been the exception that proved the rule.

    This would leave us with a lot more flexibility financially for the future and Arteta would have less pressure on him to develop the team.

    Here’s the team we would be left with:

    Leno, Bellerin, Tierney, Holding, Gabriel, Partey, Ceballos, Willock, Saka, Pepe, Edouard (new signing)

    Quite simply, the club blew an opportunity to revolutionize the squad and put us in a healthy position moving forward. We would even have had the excuse of Covid to make these changes instead of angering the fan base by laying off 55 staff and then signing Willian.

  67. G8

    Mikel Arteta: “I will give Nico my full support. We all know his qualities. I have a lot of responsibility, which is to get the best out of him… I cannot fault his effort at all.”

    Amen to that

  68. Tom

    Wholesale changes rarely work out against quality European competition.
    Liverpool’s second and third stringers aren’t much better than ours.
    Atalanta totally deserved it today.

  69. Ishola70

    Bayern were playing within themselves.

    They looked like they had several gears to step up if they really needed to.

    Bit concerning that second Bayern goal in relation to Szobz. He got mugged off cental and looked a bit weak being disposessed.

    We already have one player in Pepe that looks suspect with the physical play.

    I was impressed with the Sbobz goal in that international game the other week but then again he had loads of space to run into for that goal. A little doubt now that Szobz will like the physical aspect of the EPL with players up close not giving him space.

  70. Ishola70


    “Liverpool’s second and third stringers aren’t much better than ours.
    Atalanta totally deserved it today.”

    Klopp obviously thought he could chance a game in the group games scenario.

    Makes it a little tighter now the group.

  71. Ishola70

    Well Weagle we all know the physical aspect of the EPL don’t we and that second goal for Bayern really stood out I’m afraid in relation to Szobz looking weak and being disposessed that led to their goal.

  72. WengerEagle

    Dont be so sensitive Ishola.

    Just think that you’re pulling a bit of a Dissenter knee-jerk special considering he is a 20 year old kid playing the best team in Europe that bully everyone.

  73. WengerEagle

    Who knows if Dom will even go on to be anything special but he has looked good from the bit I have watched of him this season and is getting rave reviews from Austria.

    Not a dribbler though, we still need one of those line breakers.

    Look at the outstanding job that Papu Gomez did for Atalanta tonight. Such a smooth baller, can dribble and weave his ways through tight spaces to find that yard of space for the final pass/shot.

  74. Ishola70


    It was an isolated piece of play where he looked weak which could be repeated.

    Why you so protective of him? because Arsenal are linked to him?

    He looks a nice boy footballer. Looks like he will like to operate in space but don’t they all especially 10 type players.

  75. WengerEagle


    Im not, have been on record here as being sceptical on him in fact.

    Just think your example is pretty silly considering Bayern steamroller everyone and he is 20.

    He played well against them in October.

  76. Marc


    Don’t be ridiculous – are you seriously telling me a young player is going to turn down the opportunity to work under the best young coach in the world? A generational coach? A coach who knows precisely how Pep likes the cones laid out? A coach who got Pep’s morning coffee order bang on every morning?

  77. Ishola70

    I’m not sure Arteta will go in for Szobz anyway in January.

    Look at Arteta’s management style so far. It’s been very pragmatic.

    Will this pragmatism see him taking a punt albeit a relatively cheap one on a youngster where there could be seen question marks over him being able to adapt to the physicality of the league.

    Lothar Mathhaus has been making the biggest noises about Szobz. He’s got talent for sure but not sure about him adapting quickly to the physical nature of the EPL.

  78. Ishola70


    “Just think your example is pretty silly considering Bayern steamroller everyone and he is 20.”

    Just to repeat it was an isolated piece of play and his weakness regarding the goal was very noticeable.

    It’s a talking point. Has Sbobz got the necessary right now to stand up to the physical demands of the EPL?

    I mean I could have kept quiet about his obvious weak play there just because he is linked to Arsenal.

  79. Dissenter

    “He’s got talent for sure but not sure about him adapting quickly to the physical nature of the EPL.”

    That’s hogwash and you know it.
    Smaller players like Bernado Silva and Madison cope with the premier league.

  80. Marc


    If you had to make a choice on who’s performance has been better between Arteta the last 11 odd months and Trump the last 4 years could you come up with anything other than awful and worse?

  81. Ishola70

    Doesn’t matter about stature Dissenter.

    More about mentally.

    Hleb wasn’t the biggest player but he loved dribbling in and amongst players. Not bothered taking on players in tight areas.

  82. Dissenter

    For all Trump’s character flaws, he did get somethings done and knew how to cut through a lot of red tape.

    I’ll give him credit for the FA cup and understand that he needs time as head coach to work how his shot since he’s a rookie manager.
    However his handprint on the squad has been particularly bad. Almost every squad decision he’s made has been pretty poor, from Mari through Cedric and Willian. From reducing an exciting talent like Saliba to a wreck and offering Mustafi an extension.
    He’s not improving anyone this season in my opinion.

  83. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s transfer budget was very limited and the bulk was spent on Partey and Gabriel both of whom are considered good value acquisitions.

    Soares and Mari cost very little money and are squad fillers.

    Saliba’s performance level despite high expectations and a transfer fee of £28 million has
    been sofar underwhelming. The player is struggling to adapt. You can hardly blame the
    manager for that recruitment decision.

  84. Dissenter

    “Arsenal’s transfer budget was very limited ”

    The more reason why we shouldn’t have wasted it on squad fillers.
    We signed Mari …and they were seeking another left footed center back soon afterwards
    AMN was the squad filler already so what was the need for Cedric
    Saliba was good enough for St Etienne to raise a storm over him missing their cup final. he is rated the same level as Fofana, Dagba, Ibrahima Konate and the other players in the French U-21 set-up
    …at least until Arteta got hold of him. Now he’s the “orphan” who is still learning the basics.

  85. Gonsterous

    What is with arsenal and having useless captains?
    Auba is a great player but he’s not captain material. Does he look like he can get this team to outperform or get out of this drought?
    Miss the days when we had hard men as captains. Now we have a player who loves to joke and dance around when he converts a penalty. How is he going to get tough on the players and youngsters when they don’t perform to a certain standard?
    What message does it send to the rest of the dressing room? Atm, the only captain material in the team are KT, Gabriel (Hard man), TP. (Full stop) the rest are pansies.

    Having a clown in the dressing room is good, but it can’t be the captain, the captain has to be feared and respected. How can a captain strike the balance between being a joker and a hard man?

    The club is in a right shambles. Don’t see us improving at all. Even arteta can’t get us into Europe, don’t see how he’s any better than emery.

  86. Tony

    “Wow Maradona has died. RIP. What a player and character he was”

    Yes a cheat and complete coke head, Luteo, but he probably had a good core, though.

    Another player who ruined his legacy.


    No thanks for all the ‘no’ reasons listed above.

  87. Tom

    “For all Trump’s character flaws, he did get somethings done and knew how to cut through a lot of red tape”

    Dissenter, what things are you talking about?

  88. Tom

    It’s a lot easier to “cut through the red tape” when half the electorate blindly support every whim of the dear leader, and anything the other side decries as unconstitutional or unlawful can be dismissed as fake news and whining of triggered pinkos.

  89. Sid

    Hand of God was more joyful because it was against the stiff upper lipers who are the most deceptive characters.

    Im telling you for free!

  90. Tony

    Hmmm could you give a break down of the stiff upper lipped ES type of people that were part of the millions of English who were bitterly disappointed and heart broken because of the hand of god moment?

  91. The Godfather

    Eriksen on a season long loan with a deal to buy next season is a low risk investment. He is incredible on a dead ball delivery and maybe could help jolt Auba and Willian into life

  92. Dissenter

    The godfather
    Another season long loan with deal to buy?

    Didn’t you back the Willian deal as well?
    When are you going to draw a line on us signing these high wage earners who have nothing to prove?

  93. Tom

    “I was just trying to make Marc happy“

    Dissenter, that’s easy enough………just yell at a homeless person for being lazy or something.

  94. DivineSherlock

    Maradona is a footballing Icon . Very few who can transcend the game and inspire people. R.I.P. Never saw him play live but the passion he showed during 2010 WC as the manager, tells me he absolutely loved the game.

  95. Guns of SF

    Hand of God was great for all the peoples colonized by England.
    Finally the tables turned….
    Falkland Island revenge

    Anyhow, the hand of god, was a bit of a fluke. His eyes are closed… how on earth is he seeing the ball?
    England feels cheated and I can understand but look at all photos. It was just pure luck

  96. Guns of SF

    Maradona was the Tony Montana of football.

    It hard to imagine him being clean and having a career like that. its just not him… he would not be Maradona if he was not football’s bad boy